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Re: Chapter 01: Incendiary Prospects [ Day 01 | 1130 hrs. ]

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[ Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 |  USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan

Elro wondered whether he should have remained silent in heed of offering his own tactical advice, but his pondering did no good in the grand scheme of things. He’d made his point, but equally understood why Commander Hathev had failed to do the same. It seemed that having a whole bridge of people, some of whom he had never met, and others whom he’d only met the prior night at Commander Stark’s drinks, all offering opinions, was bound to be volatile.

One woman, one he’d never before met, countered his argument by agreeing with it, which perplexed the man enough that he almost missed her mental disparagement, instructing him to ‘stay in sickbay’. The Doctor would have been very weak willed indeed to have taken offence at the jibe; so few species could control their thoughts, and even less so during times of heightened anxiety. But it was enough for the Betazoid to withdraw from the continuing escalation of the conversation.

Some seemed to agree with him, their new diplomatic officer Commander Rutherford particularly so, but plenty of the others did not. Ultimately though, the conversation continued until every member of the room seemed to have provided a slightly different take on what plan was the best to proceed… Hardly the most efficient way of broaching tactics, but at least those making the decisions would have all of the data from their crew. Had there been more time, an official meeting would have been far more appropriate, but alas, time seemed critical.

And that became all the more apparent when the Klingon Chancellor appeared upon their viewscreen with a rather dour expression. Elro couldn’t say that he liked the man much after their previous encounter in the arena he’d tried to bisect one of their crewmen in, but that was more down to his being a Klingon than anything else. The news he brought this time was not much better…

It seemed that someone had revealed their location, revealing their hiding place and no doubt setting into motion a series of events that would prove rather unfortunate for their vessel. There was some stubborn deliberation, but Elro was already buried in his PADD, double checking medical inventories and ensuring that their early departure from Aldea would not pose any health concerns to the crew. It seemed unlikely.

As he worked, he remained aware of the plans, that the Captain had invited the Klingon Chancellor and his possé aboard in order to expedite their return to Qo’noS, something that would no doubt prove to be problematic in more ways than one. His immediate concern was that the Chancellor was under the belief that he had slaughtered Lieutenant Hi’Jak, and that the man was, in fact, still alive and well… Cosmetic alteration was hardly his area of expertise, but his Klingon appearance could easily be modified to resemble another species.

Perhaps a Ktarian, the twin hemispheres of their foreheads would easily disguise any ridges, and replicated eye-lenses would disguise his pupil and synthetic eyes…

His name was mentioned as he pondered, cutting him from his ideas, his head tilting up at the captain’s instruction that he and Kaeris would be given all available knowledge on thalaron radiation. If he was deemed fit to develop some sort of inoculation, then he would give it his best attempt. His background in toxicology had led him to do the same thing with numerous toxic and viral agents, and he believed he understood the theory behind radiation inhibitors… It was a desperate plan, but perhaps the Savi technology would be beneficial in the endeavour.

“This is Doctor Kobol  to all available medical staff, please report to your duty stations and standby for potential injuries.” The Doctor advised, aware that any Klingon’s coming aboard might not be in the best of health if they had just discovered some form of betrayal; they were a violent species and anger was not well handled. “Thea please transfer all available data on radiation-inhibitors to my office.” He concluded, before making his way from the bridge and towards the turbolift. 

Lieutenant Hi’Jak was obviously a concern playing on his mind, but Elro would leave that detail to the Captain; the Doctor had plenty of responsibilities to attend to in sickbay, briefing his staff on the situation and finalising any last minute checks of their equipment and resources.

He could only assume that the welcome respite from critical trauma and three crowded sickbays would be gravely disrupted in the near future…
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Re: Chapter 01: Incendiary Prospects [ Day 01 | 1130 hrs. ]

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[ Captain Ives | Main Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Jien had almost reached the door to his ready room together with Commander Hathev when he heard Dewitt's voice from Ducote's combadge. [Aye, sir. On my way.]

But it was his Chief of Operations who made Jien stop in his tracks, the sliding doors already having parted for him and the Vulcan at his side. Natalie Stark revealed that they had a source on Gorka aboard already. Jien hadn't known that Khorin Douglar - the former Lone Wolf that had chosen to work in Security - was the half-brother of this rival to Martok. "Excellent, get on it," he said to both Stark and Fisher with a faint smile, because good news were rare and well liked in times like theirs.

Zyrao Natauna spoke up next, and raised valid concerns in regard to the former Imperial Intelligence operative that they had saved. Jien sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. The traitor remained a nuisance, and for a moment, Jien considered just having the man left behind at Aldea, but since he hadn't even recovered from his injuries just yet, that wouldn't be very ethical. Less so if discovered by the Klingons there, in which saving his life would just have been a temporary delay of his demise, and word of his survival could reach Martok via back channels and even compromise the alliance. Jien had meant to speak with Martok about Hi'Jak still being alive, but the opportunity had yet to come.

"Confer with Doctor Kobol , and perhaps our Savi android can help with cosmetic surgery," he told Zyrao, knowing that it was in her best interest that Hi'Jak was kept away from the Klingons as well. Speaking of 'keeping away'... "As for the Savi delegation, they are housed on Vector 03, close to Main Engineering. Arrange it with the Quartermaster so that Martok's people will all housed on Vector 01. I'll prepare an official statement concerning our technology and our strange guests aboard, and quell any further Klingon curiosity. Good thinking, Natauna."

Orders dealt, Jien entered his ready room with Hathev. "Let's hope the Aldeans don't turn on us before we leave the shipyards."

[ Transporter Room | 1,5 hours later | 1250 hrs. ]

Finally, the High Chancellor had signalled that he was ready to depart Aldea, and Jien stepped into the transporter room in her female form, accompanied by Commander Ducote and Zyrao Natauna.

"The IKS Vor'nak says they are ready for the transport, Captain," said the present Ops officer, Lt. JG Grade Yvette Conway, manning the controls.

"Energise," said Jien and folded her hands behind her back, reassured that the anyonic particle swep embedded in the transporter protocol would protect them from any infested coming aboard together with Martok. A sudden yet momentary fear about Martok being one of them crossed her mind, but when the shimmering light before her presented a number of Klingons that didn't die form their insides being fused with parasites, those fears were allayed. At the forefront of the small group of Klingons stood the High Chancellor.

"Martok," she said as the Klingon stepped down from the platform, and she glanced towards the others on the platform. "I had thought you wished to bring more of your own with you."

"Ives! Aye, I mean to. I have two hundred more Klingon officers waiting for transport on the Vor'nak." Martok rolled his shoulders and glared towards those behind him. "Make room, you witless Targs! Don't just stand there."

"Two hundred?" asked Ives with her eyebrows raised a little bit.

"Aye. I don't know what the situation will be when we reach Qo'noS, and for all I know, I might have to fight my way into the High Council chamber. If that's the case, I can't rely on having enough allies on site. This is a big ship, so you have room, I hope?"

"If not, we'll make room," said Jien, schooling her features and her tone to make it appear like she took it in stride, and glanced towards Natauna, whom would have to have sort it out together with their Quartermaster. "Until then, I suggest our Spearhead lounge, at the fore of the ship. If you'll excuse me, however, I will head to the bridge and give the order to depart from Aldea once your people are aboard. Number One, I leave our guests to you for the time being."

"Just a moment, Ives. When do you estimate we'll reach Qo'noS?"

"Sooner than you think," she said as she headed for the doors, "if our new engines actually work." She turned back, facing Martok and the others in the room before she left. The expression on Martok's grizzled face was one of consternation.

"You likely recall the white ship at the heart of the Azure Nebula, when we fought the Borg together? The aliens who assisted us both in that battle aides us now as well, yet they wish to remain anonymous. Out of respect for their wishes, I cannot tell you more, but it is in thanks to their technology and our alliance with them that we survived that battle, and also, that you will now be able to reach Qo'noS ahead of Gorka. I trust that would be advantageous?"

Martok was silent at first, now it being him that had to accept something in stride. "Aye, it would."

"Then I hope you will honour our wish that you will not seek to disclose more about our common beneficiaries, for they are already in deep disapproval of your songs, already spreading through the Empire, mentioning their ship and involvement in halting the Borg invasion. In short, they loath attention, but we all share an enemy in the Infested, so consider them a hidden ally. We would have mentioned them sooner, but in honouring our agreement with them, we avoided having their involvement noticed at all during our time here at Aldea."

"I see," said the High Chancellor, giving it a moment of thought. In the end, it was a matter of honour, which Ives had hinted at in her word-choice, so Martok nodded. The white ship's involvement when fighting the Borg, and the key role it play, likely settled the matter. "I can respect that."

"Thank you, and we can speak more later. Welcome aboard the Theurgy," said Jien, and left the High Chancellor and his arriving delegation to Ducote and Natauna.

[ Main Bridge | 1300 hrs. ]

When Jien arrived on the Main Bridge, she gestured for the one that was announcing her arrival to be seated. "Are we ready to depart, and have you got word from the Erudite?"

"Yes, Captain. The Klingons have come aboard, we've picked up the last stragglers of our own crew, and the Voice is waiting, shall I patch him through now?"

After Jien nodded, the viewscreen was filled with the dim light prevalent on the bridge of the Erudite, and the white face of Echtand qi Versant. The rebel leader of the Savi's black eyes met Jien, and the contralto voice filled the bridge. [Aspect-Maker, we were contacted by Commanders Tiran and Rutherford, where they asked of our passive assistance in preventing the development in the Alpha Quadrant. I have an answer for you.]

"Yes?" Jien put her hands on her hips, knowing that quite a lot rode on what she'd hear next.

[Since your Doctor's condition can be mitigated now, using this transphasic light device you've developed, I assume he will also be able to speak of the Scion High Council, correct? Then, we wish that you honour your agreement with us, both in keeping Nicander ignorant of our involvement, and yet having him aid the Flotilla. We look forward to learning what the High Council is planning, and demand that we are kept informed continually. If we have an accord in that... we will deploy the Allegiant and your warp fighters in the manner you need.]

"Very well, then Nicander stays on the Theurgy so that he is kept ignorant of the Savi and whom he's actually aiding, and I trust you will make sure that we can retain subspace communication, since it's in your own best interest as well?"

If there was any indication that the Voice had wished to keep Nicander on the Erudite, Ives couldn't tell from his face - alien as it was. It seemed Echtand gave the suggestion a moment of thought... but acquiesced the request. [I understand the Theurgy is leaving the Epsilon Mynos system now, yet I estimate we need six hours to ensure our vessels can remain in contact. The Savi delegation aboard your ship can arrange for it. Until then, the Erudite will follow you.]

That means we can attempt slipstream flight after the communication systems have been upgraded. Six hours to prepare the Allegiant for its mission, and for Nicander and the Intelligence team to decide on the first coordinates for the Erudite.

"Agreed, and we have that much time to discuss further details. Theurgy out." Jien gave the Voice a faint smile, as much she could muster, and then took a seat. "Helm, take us out. Set a course for Qo'noS, maximum warp."

"Aye, releasing docking clamps. Firing up manoeuvring thrusters. Clearing the shipyards now." Outside the viewscreen, the ochre surface of Aldea slowly slid out of view. Soon enough, they were clear. "Course laid in, ma'am."



OOC: Chapter ended, but it's open to post more Supplemental threads for Chapter 01, where your characters carry out orders in one-on-one threads of even group threads with other writers. :)

Again, the limitation of the IC time-span for these Supplemental threads will not only span to 1300 hrs. on Day 01 (above), where Martok comes aboard and the Theurgy will depart from Aldea. You can also post threads leading up to the Allegiant leaving the the Theurgy, which will be at 1900 hrs.. The naming convention for these one-on-one Supplemental threads that belonging to Chapter 01 is: CH01: S [D01|YYYY] Insert Title (YYYY marking the time before 1900 hrs.).

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