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Topic: Day 04 [1400hrs] Bones To Pick (Read 37 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 04 [1400hrs] Bones To Pick
Stardate: 57566.59
Day 04
14 March 2381

[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Observation Lounge > Corridors Outside Upper Shuttle Bay (Top Level) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Isel Nix sat perched on one of the benches in the Observation Lounge in her Vulcine form, cradling a hot mug of coffee in her hands as she gazed out of the viewports that dominated one wall of the lounge. Since she was technically off duty at the moment, she's chosen to spike the drink with a human liqueur called Kahlua, the alcoholic addition relaxing her and causing a warm sensation to spread through her as she sipped the beverage. The Vulpinian pilot was dressed in a pair of loose-fitting black slacks with a small hole in the seat to accommodate her tail, the fabric stretchy enough to remain comfortable should she change to her Natural form. Above the pants she had on a black tank top of the same stretchy material, over which she wore a Lone Wolves hoodie half-zipped up. She sat on the bench closest to the viewports, her legs folded under her and her tail curled around to rest on her lap, the planet beyond reflected in green and blue as her mismatched eyes gazed at the view outside.

Isel had just raised her cup and was taking a sip, feeling t he warmth of the alcohol-laced coffee radiate through her, when she caught a glimpse of movement on the edge of her vision. Green and Blue orbs flicked to the left, jumping back and forth ever so slightly as they searched for the source of the movement. A moment later, they'd found it, settling on the familiar form of a Starfleet shuttle on approach form the planet below.

She watched the shuttle as it approached, her lines becoming clearer as she drew nearer. She was sleeker than a standard shuttle, obviously Starfleet in design though not one that was in regular service. Looking on, Isel's eyes narrowed as she recognized the vessel, having only seen such a craft once before. The Vulpinian unfolded her legs from beneath her, rose form the bench she had been seated on and made her way to the viewport to get a closer look at the shuttle in question. As the shuttle set in on an approach vector, Isel knew it for a certainty.

The Sabine...

Isel's tail twitched as she recognized the craft, her grip tightening on the cup she still cradled in her hands. From it's angle of approach, it would be docking in the shuttle bay, the u top level of which was on this same deck. Deciding she'd like to have a word with the pilot of the shuttle that had tried to blow her to pieces, Isel drained the last of her cup's contents and moved off, leaving the empty cup sitting on the ledge of the viewport as she strode purposefully from the lounge. She moved along the corridor with quick strides, her arms swinging at her sides in a way that gave the impression of a sense of purpose.

She had a bone to pick with the Sabine's pilot.

The doors to the top level of the Upper Shuttle Bay hissed open ahead of her, and as she strode through the doors she saw the Sabine on approach beyond the environmental containment field. Isel hung a left and kicked off her shoes before shifting to her Natural form as she strode along the top level of the shuttle bay towards the stairs which would take her down to the level the Sabine would be landing on, her werefox-like Natural form better suiting her mood. She reached the stairs and slid her hand along the rail as she descended, taking the steps two at a time. Once on Deck 11, the lower portion of the shuttle bay, she made her way around a Type 11 Shuttle just as the Sabine entered the bay, her tail end swinging about to bring her into position to set down on the deck. The Sabine hovered for a moment before finally setting down, the shuttle's engines powering down as Isel approached the starboard airlock.

Isel pulled up a short ways away from the Sabine, standing with feet apart and arms crossed over her chest, her tail swishing back and forth behind her impatiently. Her multicolored eyes narrowed as the watched the Sabine's airlock begin to open, and the end of her muzzle twitched as she fought the urge to bare her teeth. She wanted to give the pilot a piece of her mind, not start a actual fight.

Diplomacy, however, had never been Isel's strong suit. This was made readily apparent to all the deck crew working in the immediate vicinity as, once the airlock was halfway open, Isel bark out to the pilot within.

"Oi! Jerkbag! I've got a bone to pick with you!" She called, her ears laying back along her head in an obvious display of displeasure. As the airlock continued to open, Isle stepped forward, unfolding her arms as a red exosuit helmet came into view. "Yeah, you!" Isel barked as she approached, though she slowed as the pilot's body came into view, the curves of the red exosuit unmistakably feminine.

Right... Isel thought, her mind flashing back to the chaos of her and Donna's defection to the Theurgy. The Sabine's pilot was the one with the sexy voice... and the apparent obsession with fire...

Isel pulled up short at the foot of the Sabine's ramp, crossing her arms and cocking one hip to the side. "You almost fragged my fighter a few days ago, flame-brain!" Isel called up the ramp, trying to ignore the curves of the exosuit as she kept her eyes locked on the pilot. "She was brand fucking new, too!"

Ok, that might have been a bit of a stretch...

"Sorta..." Isel uncrossed her arms, her voice having lost a bit of it's heat as she continued. "Ok, so, yeah. It was a bit of a shitbox. But still, that's not the point here!"

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Re: Day 04 [1400hrs] Bones To Pick
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[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Upper Shuttle Bay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS TheurgyAttn: @Fife
With her trading done for the day - having managed to find a buyer for two of her scavenged artefacts - Sera vers Aldnoah had thought she'd enjoy herself in the Beyond. Being Câroon, extreme conditions felt like home, so she'd braved one of the southern coastlines on the continent, far away from Aldea Prime. The conditions of Aldea were akin to the Fire Region, where Sera hailed from, which also had a thin-to-none layer of ozone. She knew that the ozone layer prevented harmful wavelengths of ultraviolet light from passing through the atmosphere, and that these wavelengths caused skin cancer for some species, along with sunburns and cataracts, as well as harming plants and animals.

Câroon had evolved under these extreme conditions, so when she landed with the Sabine at a beautiful, sprawling beach, she had stripped off entirely and gone swimming in the sea. She'd sunbathed on top of her ship after that, letting the sun dry her skin, and she couldn't have been happier.

A shadow had passed over her, however, which had made her raise her tattooed hand to shield her yellow eyes. A ship? she'd thought, wondering who... Pirates!

In a mere few seconds, she'd rolled off the top of the Sabine and landed in the sand. The pirate ship was landing next to her ship, and she had to power it up before she could use any of the weapons on it. Once inside the airlock, she'd shouted for to the Sabine's computer to start the engines, while she hastily pulled on her red exosuit. Once she had her arms through the sleeves, the pirates had begun to fire on her ship already, making her fall on her side. Cursing vehemently, she'd hit the button that would seal and tighten the exosuit, and she felt the inner layers contract around her body, moulding itself to her frame. She had managed to find a black market seller the day before that could offer her a selection of weaponry, and she'd bought a Romulan disruptor rifle. Luckily, she hadn't stowed it away in a storage compartment yet.

"Arm weapons and raise shields, burn you!" she'd called to the computer as she put her hair up in a hasty bun, just so that she could don her helmet. [Take off as soon as the engines are online!] she had added through the microphone on her helmet as she stepped out into the opening of her airlock with her rifle. There had been ten pirates running for her, in mismatched pieces of armour and weapons. She was down on one knee and firing against them the next second, making them topple into the sand or disintegrating them. They had been too many, however, and the pirate ship was still firing against her shields.

[Deploy the pulse phaser and fire! Target all movements on the starboard side!] she had called, and at her command, the turret beneath the Sabine's nosecone lowered and swivelled towards the pirates and their ship. The Sabine's shields had faltered and faded, making Sera take a glancing hit against her shoulder, but the Sabine laid waste to the pirates on foot, clouds of sand drifting away on the ocean breeze. The shootout between the two ships continued, however, both taking damage, until the Sabine had finally lifted from the beach, elevating while Sera fired with her disruptor rifle through the open airlock. [Seal airlock and set a course to the shipyards, full impulse!]

The pirate ship hadn't followed her, but she had no idea if it was by choice or if the ship was too damaged to pursue her. Cursing, she'd read the damage report, and knew that she'd have to return to the Theurgy and kindly ask for repairs, hoping that the Starfleeters would take her in again. Angry, with sand in her exosuit, she'd been in a foul mood when she'd docked with the Theurgy, and her mood hadn't been helped when someone verbally attacked her before she'd even set a foot on the deck. Through her visor, she'd seen that it was a Vulpinian - at least she thought so - that had confronted her. Fortunately enough for the white werefox out there, she'd stowed away her disruptor rifle when she descended the ramp from her slightly damaged ship.

[Why are you hauling my ashes over fickle flames of the past?] she said through her helmet, and then pulled the blasted thing off, making her long dark hair fall out over her shoulder - yellow eyes ablaze. "I fired against your warp fighter is it? Was this when I ran a flaming decoy route to save the Theurgy? Then you know as well as I that I had no reason to trust your intentions, burn you. You were with the Archeron!"

At least the foxy creature was mollified over the estimated losses, admitting that the Gryphon was a scorched piece of metal anyway.

Sera took a deep breath, still irritable over having been attacked down on the planet. The alien in front of her might be intimidating enough, but since she was a Starfleeter, Sera wasn't overly concerned. They had their code of honour, making them less prone to attack out of turn. "Let's start over. I'm Sera vers Aldnoah. You are...?"
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Re: Day 04 [1400hrs] Bones To Pick
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Observation Lounge > Corridors Outside Upper Shuttle Bay (Top Level) | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
The Sabine's pilot seemed less than impressed at Isel's outburst as she made her way down the ramp, judging by the tone of voice which was projected through the helmet of the red exosuit. The language was in the pilot's characteristic fire-centric speech, all ashes and flames, though Isel was pretty sure the exosuited pilot was asking what Isel's fucking problem was. The red-suited pilot paused her angry fire jargon to remove her helmet, letting her dark hair fall free over her shoulders. She regarded Isel with eyes blaze with a yellow glow.

Fuck, why can't I make an entrance like that? Isel thought to herself, When I take off my helmet I'm just sweaty and smell like wet dog...

Flame-brain continued, asking how she should have been expected to trust them given the situation. Especially given that they were with the Archeron. The speech was peppered with more fire references, and Isel hated to admit it, but the other pilot did have a point. The Sabine's pilot took a deep breath, seeming to gather herself, then suggested they start over, introducing herself as Sera vers Aldnoah before asking Isel's name.

"Huh? Me?" Isel blinked, her furry head cocking to one side and her ears coming up away from her skull, each cocked out at a different angle as she looked up at the taller woman. The effect was a very confused looking Vulpinian. "Oh, uh, I'm Isel. Isel Nix." The Vulpinian shifted her feet on the deck, looking almost abashed as her ears moved out to the sides. She seemed to recover herself quickly, however, peering up at the pilot who stood before her. Deciding that she had definitely started off on the wrong foot, Isel sighed and shifted back to her Vulcine form, the thick white fur disappearing and her snout retracting to return to a Human-like appearance. She directed an almost embarrassed grin up at Sera for a moment before her face took on an expression of alarm.

"Oh fuck!" Isel exclaimed, the words sounding like something between a gasp and a yelp as she give a little hop. "That deck is fucking cold!" So maybe kicking her shoes off and changing forms hadn't been the greatest idea she'd ever had. She might have been an Artie, and had been born in the colder region of Inari Prime, but her Vulcine form was much less tolerant of lower temperatures, lacking the thick white fur of her Natural form. Isel quickly shifted back to her Natural form, the fur returning and the changing of her feet relieving the cold sensation. "Ok, not making that mistake again..."

Isel recovered from the shock of the deck plating's temperature against the bare skin of her feet, returning her gaze to Sera as a shiver ran up her spine. "But yeah, you can just call me Isel. So, uh, do I have to call you Sera vors Aldea nom sexyhair, or whatever you just said? Or can I just call you Sera?" Isel gave Sera a toothy grin, the smile on her werefox face showing off her predominant canine teeth. "Your name is a bit of a mouthful..." Isel held out a furry paw to offer a handshake. "Sorry for, uh, before. I'm not really known for being level-headed... I uh..." The smile vanished from Isel's features and her words trailed off, the Vulpinian finally noticing the scorched shoulder of the exosuit. A quick glance at the Sabine revealed more scorching and damage to the unique-looking shuttle. Isel returned her gaze to Sera, her mismatched eyes twinkling with a mixture of curiosity and mischief. "The Sabine's looking a bit rough there, Red!" Isel mused, eyeing up the other pilot. "And you're looking a little rough yourself, hair excluded. You just make friends wherever you go, huh?"
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