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Topic: Day 03 [0930 hrs.] Wolves Reunited (Read 199 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: Day 03 [0930 hrs.] Wolves Reunited
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[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia - "Angel"  | Alessia's Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Vox

Alessia smiled and nodded "Of course not, although I have thought about shooting you often enough." she replied and nodded when he apologised for not getting to talk to her before he was called away. Not that he had anything to apologise for of course, it was a briefing and then shit happened, had no control over any of that and they had work to do.

When Logan started talking when she had found him in the fighter bay, the memory of seeing him out cold and bleeding in his Valravn flew through her mind, causing her to shudder. Feeling him give her a gentle squeeze, she leaned into it and nodded at his thanks. "You're welcome." she whispered softly as she tried to push that memory down deep and out of her head.

Hearing him joke about not being easy to kill, he turned to look up at him, seeing that smirk on his face and gave a wry smile back. "Everybody's luck runs out eventually Logan, even yours." she countered and it was true. Logan had earned his callsign Wraith after cheating certain death during the War, Alessia knew that but even Wraith's could be vanquished in the stories and this one had already come close to suffering that fate.

"How's Zeke doing? I'l need to go and see him at some point." she asked, wanting to move away from Logan's near fatal accident, even though switching to his RIO wasn't exactly a happier topic and of course knowing that at some point Logan was going to ask how she was coping with Leon's death. That wasn't something she was looking forward to talking about but she wouldn't be able to avoid it forever, no matter how much she might want to.

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Re: Day 03 [0930 hrs.] Wolves Reunited
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[Lt. JG Logan Hale - "Wraith"  | Alessia's Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Revan

"Well I certainly hope I at least deserved it, and it wasn't some random impulse." he grinned but nodded at her understanding as to why he hadn't talked to her at the briefing, not that he had expected otherwise, they were both pilots after all, they both understood that things happen but still it was nice to know regardless.

After thanking her for catching him and getting him help, he felt Alessia's body shudder against him and gave her a comforting squeeze as she said her your welcome and understood where she was coming from. If he had found her in the same state, he'd feel the same. The two had a very sibling like relationship, which having heard tales about her brother was something that he understood the importance of and valued deeply. The fact that he'd gotten pretty badly messed up and she'd almost lost him too though...he'd hated that she'd gone through that, even more so that it also meant that he hadn't been around when she'd gotten the news about Leon either.

Still he found himself smirking when she said that everybody's luck runs out eventually, even his and it was true, it did. God knows he'd cheated death often enough that he didn't think he had much left, if anything. Maybe he was borrowing Zeke's luck by this point, but he'd approach that part of their conversation with the same cockiness that he usually did. "Maybe but not yet, I've got plenty left. Besides it's not always luck with me Alessia, it's skill mostly with the odd pinch of luck in there."

That cockiness however was soon replaced with a serious, sombre tone when she asked about Zeke and Logan found himself letting out a deep breath. "He's doing okay I think, he had it rough from what I heard and saw, much worse than me in some respects as hard as that is to believe considering... he said before motioning to his new head accessory.

"How about you? How are you really doing?" he asked, not mentioning any names because he knew that she knew what he meant. Of course if she didn't want to say anything then he would respect that and they would just sit in silence or something if that was what she wanted.

Logan Hale - "Wraith"

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Re: Day 03 [0930 hrs.] Wolves Reunited
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[Lt. JG Alessia Garcia - "Angel"  | Alessia's Quarters | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Vox

Alessia laughed and nodded "Oh you definitely deserved it." she said with a nod and looked up at him, the two always had an understand and it was that understanding which had always let them know the other without having to go into to many words about it.

It was that understanding that had led to their friendship and that friendship had eventually drew them closer than that, to the point that they were pretty much siblings. At first Alessia had been taken off guard and uncomfortable with that, having lost her own brother but she soon came to the realisation that not only was this relationship something she needed and had a positive impact on her but that she wasn't replacing her brother just gaining a new one, something that she was sure her brother wouldn't mind. It also came to her that Logan too had needed a similar relationship too and that made her feel even more comfortable with it.

Her nice thoughts however were distracted when he spot again, the hotshot pilot needless to say making a bit of a light moment out of it but at least with a somewhat serious demeanour this time, which only became even more serious when he started speaking about Big Zee. She knew the two had been friends for a long time so id didn't surprise her, the two really were brothers, practically family from what she knew and the guy had become a really good friend of her's too, his loss would have been devastating to both of them, but obviously much more to Logan.

["I'm glad he's going to be okay, thanks to you, I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you in that cockpit, but you did it. You saved him, and yourself." she smiled and gave him a hug.

Then it was the question she knew had been coming and took a deep breath. She knew she couldn't avoid it any longer and truth be told, she realised she didn't want to. When she had first gotten the news about Leon, her immediate thought was that Logan would be the person she would have quite literally run too to talk to and seek comfort in and while he hadn't been there then, he was now.

"I am...not doing okay." she said, letting out a shaky breath. "I knew Leon for a long time as you know but when I got on the Theurgy we talked and decided we were going to give a relationship a try, there was always something kinda there you know? We'd never really explored it before but now we had the chance, but nothing really happened and then the battle started..." Alessia said, her voice occasionally cracking as she spoke before she stopped, or more accurately her throat closed up as she thought back to the battle and the aftermath, when she had found out. Lost in her memory she didn't even realise at first that she had started speaking again.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye." she choked out in a whisper and with those words the dam that had been holding all her pain and grief inside broke, completely shattered and collapsed as first she sobbed as the tears started leaking out of her eyes and then just started flowing. As she started getting lost in her grief, she felt herself being lightly pulled across the couch and into Logan's lap, his arms wrapping around her as she pressed her head into his chest, her own arms wrapping around him and holding on tight as she finally allowed all the things she had been bottling up inside out.

"I lost Leon a...and I nearly lost you, I had nobody Logan. Nobody to turn to so I tried to just bury it and fight it out in the Gym but..." she paused and sniffed, her fingers gripping Logan's shirt tightly, ashamed and embarrassed to confess to the next part, especially since Logan knew about her past issues at the academy. "I got drunk." she whispered, another sob escaping her throat. "Some of the Pack had gathered in our lounge and were celebrating the victory and I went since I'd told Rawley I'd show up, that was before I heard the news about Leon though. I didn't even think about it as I ordered the bottle but about two glasses in I realised but I didn't care, I was heartbroken, sad, lonely and scared that you weren't ever going to come out of that stasis pod again. I just wanted it all to stop, all the pain and anger and sadness and fear I just wanted it all gone, just for a little while. Drink would do that."

Alessia paused and decided to skip the rest of that night as she sniffed, wiped the tears from her eyes and shook her head "I hated myself the next day. Everything from the Academy, quitting drinking, straightening myself out all of it, out the airlock because I was too weak to handle my grief, just like when I lost Jonas..." she paused again and felt her throat close up slightly as she nearly broke down again. "He would be so disappointed in me." she whispered and sobbed again, turned her head to bury it in Logan's chest, her body shaking as she started to cry again.