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CH04: S [D05|1900] Rebellious Respite

Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1900 hrs.] Rebellious Respite

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Covington's Office | NCO Office |  Vector 02 | Deck 16]
@Auctor Lucan

Ji was hungry. 

Her stomach rumbled with the hunger that she hadn't sated.  Breakfast, had been great and fine and eaten with Liam but this was something else all together.  They had been working on shift, non-stop and she was dying for something to eat and a small break.  She could already feel a sheen of sweat that had worked it's way to cover her olive skin while she had been working.  For a while she had slid out of the top half of her jump suit so that it hung around her waist tied securely so as not to get in the way.  Completing more of her tasks in just her sports bra and pants than anything else. 

It was days like today she often wished she could ask Sten if she could just cut the top of the damn thing off and go with just the pants.  Surely, it would be safer, and more secure.  She could always have a jacket as an upper piece when she needed it.  Uniform, reforms could be handy around here, as she hardly saw Liam in his top half either.  But, that was a question to bring up at some point when they weren't about to jump into battle.

She knew that she was probably asking for trouble, but then, when wasn't she.  She had stopped caring about Sten and what he thought the minute that Liam assured her he would not repeat history.  She was just so glad to have him in her life, and it was worse too because now they were about to face this horrendous battle and who knew how they would come out on the other side.  It was hard to know.  They might live, they might not.  They had only just barely survived the Asaurians and she had the memory of the wound to remind herself of it.  But, what she remembered more than any of that was Liam at her side kneeling beside her and telling her that she would be all right.  His was the first face she had seen other than the medics and it had been nice to have him there beside her.

Ji picked up her PADD now that she had all the food replicated and ready.  It was a surprise for Liam, and she knew that Sten would be out for a little while because she had sneaked a peak at his schedule.  Now, she just wanted to enjoy a little time with him, with Liam, without the threat of them dying.  That would probably come later, but right now, the very tired woman was eager to eat and probably down her weight in coffee.  She thumbed through the various tabs on her screen until she came across the name that she was looking for.  Liam Herrold.

[Sten's Office, meeting, quick.]

She grinned knowing that he would likely double time it back over to the office just because she had mentioned exactly where she was meeting.  Likely, he would assume that Sten was here and waiting on him to arrive and it was exactly the response that she needed from him.  Quick, no excuses, no one more thing, no more work just get in here and help a woman out.  She had replicated some of the food she had always enjoyed from home.  Two steaming bowls of ramen with boiled egg on top.  She even replicated some kimchi and steamed sweat potatoes which were fantastic to eat together.  She hoped that he wouldn't mind trying a little bit of her fare, she left out the soju this time though, she knew that neither of them could afford to get drunk.  And she didn't want to, so she replicated coffee for herself and some water for him since she didn't know what he would want to drink.  She had cleared off Sten's desk a little bit to make room for their meal and waited for the arrival of the tall and blue eyed handsome boyfriend that she called her very own.

When the door to the office slid open, Ji was there, the top of her jump suit was on the upper half of her body again but it was left unzipped to the navel.  It was nothing Liam hadn't seen before and she often worked without the upper half just because it was more comfortable.  So she was in no further state of undress as she would have been with a wrench in one hand and a gun of industrial lube in the other.  She was always working and always pushing herself to the max.  She hardly ever took time for herself, and she knew that Liam had a hard time at it as well.  Thus, she was going to force him to sit down and have some lunch with her.

“Surprise!  It's a picnic, this.. thing on Earth where you sit around and eat together, though usually there is a whole plain of grass, a river or stream or something, and there's like.. being outside in the fresh air.  But you'll have to settle for recycled air, on a desk that doesn't belong to us, in an office that is probably wrong to eat in, and with company you adore.”

She winked playfully at him and gave a shrug. 

“I made ramen and sweat potatoes with Kimchi.” she smiled.  “I got you some water because I wasn't sure what you wanted to drink but I know that soju is off the table as we're on duty but … how about a lunch with the best girl on deck?” she grinned and waited for his response.  “Oh and don't worry about the Old Bastard, he's busy, I checked.”

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
The troublesome starboard phaser emitter on Terror's Valravn hadn't given Liam any kind of rest, and he was waist-deep inside the emitter housing, trying to figure out where the root cause of the scans was. He'd long since shed his undershirt and had the upper part of his jumpsuit hung from his hips. Why the hell is the heat-buildup of this particular housing above the tolerance levels? Did she crack her wing against one of the Savi fighters? Is there some kind of bloody fissure in-

There was a chirp from his PADD, and he closed his eyes, groaning since he heard that it was a priority one. Sighing in resignation, he climbed back out of the starboard wing and dropped down to the deck. He landed in a crouching position and then raked back his hair from his sweaty face, taking a deep breath of air. His whole upper body was beaded with sweat from spending time in the confines of the Valravn's wing, his skin rubescent from the heat and lack of air. He picked up a water bottle from the trolley parked next to the fighter, and poured the entire contents of the bottle over himself to cool himself down. He was still in a sour mood, with his hair plastered to his head, when he picked up the PADD and read the message.

Evidently, there was some kind of emergency... and it was from Ji. Frowning, he looked in the direction of the office, seeing the wide one-way-mirror that allowed the occupants of the office to see out into the fighter bay, but kept the deck crew from looking inside. Whatever was happening, he couldn't see any of it lest he answered the summons and entered the office. Momentarily, he wondered why Sten was seeing Chief Ji. Did he know about him and Ji already? No, Ji would have written something more then.

"Carlsson," he said, talking to one of his weapon technicians, "could you make another scan of this emitter housing and try to figure out what the problem is? I will be back shortly."

"Sure, Chief."

Liam picked up his undershirt from the trolley and walked towards the office, dripping water on the deck, and brushed his calloused hand across his head a couple of time to try and get the water out and his hair in order. He had yet to don his shirt when he stepped into the office, the combadge on his jumpsuit permitting him entry. Once inside, his eyes widened, and slowly, so did his lips twist in a smile. He listened to Ji in silence, hearing how he'd planned this and made sure they would be undisturbed.

"Oh, this couldn't have been better timed," he said ruefully and walked up to Ji, dropping his undershirt over the back of a chair and reached for her. With one hand behind the small of her back, he took a moment to appreciate the sight of her state of semi-undress, before he kissed her fully - slanting his lips across hers. The taste of her mouth was far better than the meal looked, even if the contents of the plates seemed delicious. He couldn't help the small sound of contentment that escaped him, before he finally parted from her a little.

"Are you sure this is okay, though?" he asked, lifting his eyebrows at her with a smile, "I mean, this is Sten's and Ravon's shared office, and they could walk in any moment. You've known him longer than I, but I get the feeling that he'd not be too impressed with us if caught where we shouldn't be."

There was also the fact of the past between Sten and Ji, which he needn't mention. It hung over the situation like an eagle circling its prey, and Liam wasn't keen on that kind of situation just before an important battle. Then again, this might also be the last time he got some private time with Ji, and he wouldn't say no to that. He glanced towards the food she'd set out. "Nevermind, I'm starving."

Saying this, he sat down in his chair, but pulled Eun Sae Ji with him, so that she sat in his lap. He grinned mischievously at her, and fed her a bite.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | NCO Office | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

For a moment, seeing his face, she feared that he would be angry.  He was technically her boss, sorta.. kinda.  Yeah.  He was her boss.  She knew that but she knew that she had also never felt like he was her boss.  Probably because instead of treating her as a lesser he always treated her as an equal.  She found herself rather enjoying their chemistry and all the fun times they spent together.  He was a good man, as good as they came, and she honestly could not wait to see what the future brought for them.  He didn't have to date her he could have found himself someone else, left himself free, but she was glad he had chosen her.  She hoped to be worthy of whatever time he could give to her.  They lived very hectic lives and tomorrow was never guaranteed but that only made every moment that much more sweet.

His words were a fantastic reward.  When he mentioned that she could not have picked a better time to pull him off his duty and make him come eat lunch with her.  Her answering smile said it all.  While they were very new, in their honeymoon stage of their relationship she was just honestly glad that she was able to do things like this for him.  She hadn't picked this office for any other reason, really, than privacy.  She also knew that Sten would be out for a while and there was no worry of them being caught.


He reached for her, pulling her into his arms, and she went willingly.  A smile crossing her face, as it relaxed with their stolen moments.  They were heading towards battle.  The Borg weren't to be trifled with and who knew who was going to survive.  Moments like this, they were important.  It was everything that they had.  He pulled her in, his hand on her lower back and he tilted his head slightly as he kissed her soundly.  Her own sounds echoed his, the contentment in her tone with his lips on hers.  The entire fighter deck fell away as they kissed, her hands sliding up his bare back to just take in the musculature right underneath her hands.  She wanted to remember every bump, every groove, every scar, ever plane.  They were all important to her.

“Well I know Ravon, and I doubt he'll care.  As for Sten, he's busy and I don't care if he cares or not.  What is he going to do?  Fire us for eating lunch?” she asked curiously as she looked up at him with those soft brown eyes of hers.  The ones that could go from soft to serious to hard in moments.  It just depended on what she wanted, an what she was doing.  Not everyone got to see this Ji, it was reserved for Liam and she was glad that was the case.  He deserved greatness and she was glad to be the bearer of it.

Before she could put too much on it he sat down in one of the chairs and pulled her down with him.  She sat in his lap with a grin on her face as he pulled her close.  This was the kind of Liam she didn't get to see in public and that was fine.  While she wouldn't mind the occasional touch or something, she didn't really want to be making out on deck especially on duty.  They both had heavy stressful jobs but more than that a lot counted on them doing their jobs.  And doing it well, they couldn't afford to get distracted for no reason.  For any reason, actually.

He reached over and fed her a bite of kimchi, which was a spicy fermented raddish that had been cut and some of it was stringy.  It was good and a staple at the table of her youth.  Grabbing a sweet potato she peeled the skin off of it and wrapped some kimchi around it before she fed him a bite all at once. The sweet complimented the spicy rather well and she grinned taking a bite of the potato herself.  Laying herself fully against his body  Her head resting on his shoulder and his neck while they fed each other lunch in the quiet of Sten's office. 

“I was thinking, if we ever get leave again... I'm hoping for a beach.” she said honestly because it felt good to have dreams.  Despite the hell hole they were currently flying towards she didn't want to give up her dreams, and she wanted to make plans with Liam because it made her feel like they were more likely to achieve them.  “I want to swim in the water, and run in the sand.  I want to make castles and spend the whole day in the bright sunshine with not a care in the world.  Would you come to a beach with me?” she asked her dark eyes looking up at him as she leaned over real quick and grabbed a bowl of ramen bringing it over.  She assumed that Liam wasn't well versed in chopsticks and to be fair noodles wasn't an easy feat anyway, but she got some up for her and held a bite up for him.

“What do you hope for during next leave?” she asked.  “Tell me your dreams.” 

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Taking Ji's word for it, Liam decided to put his reservations about Sten Covington and Thomas Ravon aside, trusting that she'd made sure that they'd likely be completely undisturbed if she was to set up an arrangement like the one before him. Still, why here, instead of anywhere else? He couldn't entirely shake the idea that there was more to this than met the eye.

Feeding Ji when she sat in his lap was a delight, just as it was nice to be fed by her as well. It was a relaxed yet intimate setting, with Ji leaning close to him. She spoke of the beach, and her wish to be there, if they made it through their current ordeals. Liam couldn't help but consider how well they fit together. He found that the frustrations he'd had with the emitter housing on Terror's fighter made him a bit on edge, but that frustration was turning into something entirely else, when feeling, Ji's bare skin against his torso - her having her jumpsuit open in he fashion she had. He found himself looking down at her a lot more than the meal, his viewpoint quite fortunate in how he could see deep into the opening of her attire.

"I'd love to go to the beach," he said, smiling as he fed her another bite, and finding himself watching her lips as they closed around it, seeing her tongue briefly in the process. "I couldn't think of any better way to spend a day at the beach than with you there, the finest company I can think of. Problem is that for all the beauty of the setting, it would be nothing compared to you in a bikini."

As cheesy as his compliment was, he made it in stride, accepting another bite from her chopsticks. As he chewed, he considered his reply on her question, but couldn't - nonetheless - keep himself from looking at the fine view. "Honestly," he said ruefully, running the back of his fingers against the side of her neck, and making a trail down to her collarbone, "the location is secondary to the company, regardless were we might go, for I fully intend to share my next shoreleave with you, regardless where we end up."

Of course, he wouldn't dodge the question, but he'd already told her that he wanted to return to Mars when they had their first dinner together, since he'd been away on the Resolve for three years and wanted to return home. This, however, was a question of respite, and where to find it. "I hear Risa is good," he suggested, and he leaned down to kiss the side of her neck, taking a break from the eating to taste her skin on his lips and the tip of his tongue, unable to keep himself to just eating. "I also hear there is something called... Jamaharon... that I'd like to try out with you, be it on the actual beach or elsewhere in Suraya Bay."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

He was interested in the beach.

She had only been once when she was young, back in Korea, and it was something she still remembered and wanted to return to.  Especially, with someone she cared about.  Liam and she were still new but she also knew that the high pressure situations that they constantly lived in were likely to bring them closer together more quickly than if they had the luxury of living a normal life.  Ji wouldn't give up anything for her life though, it was for one, how she had met Liam but her passions were here.  The fighters, the mechanics, the people that surrounded her.  She didn't want a different job, even if it meant that it would be quiet.  Though sometimes, it would be nice to be surrounded with a whole lot less dead people and hey, it'd be nice to occasionally run into a race of aliens that didn't want to kill them.  Because, you know, that was probably a thing, right?

He told her that the beauty of the beach would have nothing compared to her in a bikini, which caused her to raise her brows.  “Really now?  What if I wear one of those ancient suits that covers me from top to bottom and has a floor length skirt to boot?” she teased with a grin on her face, she would never wear such a thing but she enjoyed teasing him when she could.  Mostly because teasing between the two of them was as flirty as they could get on duty but also because his smile was one of the things she loved the most about him.  His smile, those eyes, his voice.  So many things, but that smile was one of the top.

His fingers, rough from the years of tools and working with his hands, toyed with her neck and her collarbone nearly turning her into putty.  It was likely a good thing he wasn't empathic or anything or he would know all her weaknesses and likely use them against her.  Still, she found herself leaning into his touch and chewing a whole lot slower a bit distracted.  His words helped keep her focused though as her dark eyes shifted to his blue ones.  “I think I shall be spending every minute of my shore leave with this hot blonde guy I work with.  He has killer eyes, a killer body, and random chest tattoos.” she winked up at him.  “But he's really.. really good with his hands.” she winked at him playfully from her spot.

He mentioned Risa, and leaned in, instead of taking a bite he began to tease her neck.  She closed her eyes and leaned back giving him all the skin he wanted to play with for the time being.  Softly she put the bowl and the left over food to the side, to free up her hand so that it could rake up through his blonde hair and hold him tighter.  He mentioned some... word she had never heard of and she didn't even imagine what it meant, but she could look it up later.  Her mind was fading from the logical to the illogical desire to find out just how sturdy of a desk Starfleet had thought to give to Covington. 

“Whatever you want to try, I'm game.” she said, without really thinking about it, she had some definite nos when it came to things that she would do or wouldn't.  But, right now, she couldn't come up with any of them with just the two of them in the office together.  Swallowing heavily she used his hair to pull him back off her neck and then she forced their lips together.  Kissing him passionately.  They had hours, hours before who knew what would happen and she sure as fuck wasn't going to spend those hours gazing into his eyes and planning vacations they might never actually get to go on.  Instead, she was kissing him hungrily and her hands found his chest enjoying the feel of his muscles and the way that every breath defined them a little bit before he let it out again.

Shifting her body, she got up on her knees and straddled his waist now so that she could better reach him and both her hands could be busy at the same time.  Pressing the flat of her stomach against his, so that they were touching as much as possible, she ducked down and began to suck on the skin underneath and behind his ear.  Drawing out his moans and the excited pleasurable sounds that she could feel reverberating beneath the skin of his neck.  This didn't cause her to stop, but instead, to redouble her efforts into making him want her very badly right here and now.  Their own private little get away for the time being.  Yes, it was the boss's office, but that was so far out of her mind right now she couldn't think of anything except her want for Liam.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | NCO Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Having been thinking that a dinner on top of Covington's and Ravon's desk was bold enough, Liam would learn how that was merely the appetizer.

True, he might have taken advantage of the close proximity to Ji's neck, begun to tease it with his fingers and his lips, and he wasn't sure what he'd expected it might lead to. Evidently, however, Ji had enjoyed it a great deal, and merely stopped him so that she could attack him with a deep kiss that obliterated anything Liam might have been thinking about. She had teased him, but he'd returned the favour. Now, things had escalated beyond both of their control.

He let out some kind of sound, he supposed, but everything but her fell away. The fork he had been using - since he didn't know how to use chopsticks very well - ended up on the floor when she moved to straddle him. Her hands were all over him, and she moulded her body flush to his own. Somewhere, he was aware of where they were, and he kept glancing out the one-way mirror that faced the fighter bay, seeing everyone outside. They couldn't see them, and when Ji began to use her little trick - having found the area below his ear before - Liam closed his eyes and forgot about the risk.

It was obvious what she wanted, and should he really care about her reasons? Did it even matter that she might be wanting him right there to spite Covington for what he'd done to her?

Perhaps, any other sane moment, but Liam couldn't resist her. He found that he was already tugging her jumpsuit off her shoulders, her clothes parting like water by his hands. The struggle that ensued was split between the need to touch and kiss her, and to undress her just enough for their mutual desires. In the end, he had Ji on her back on Covington's desk, and with a quick glance out the window...

...all worries about the battle to come were shed from thought.


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