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[ Captain's Quarters ]

Embraced from behind, Jien is forestalled from activating the faucet in the bathroom - the bath yet to be filled when Nicole persuades her to revisit an unfinished chapter. That bathroom. Her female form against Nicole's. Hunger for food had stopped them last. Now, there was naught but the next shift, so they had to hurry, lest Nicole would be missed by her subordinates in Main Engineering. Yet the expectations on them as superior officers had to compete with their private expectations on each other for a few minutes - the latter to hard to suppress right then. They could make it in time without raising suspicion. Without the rumours igniting about them.

Nicole's hands upon her abdomen, that warm mouth upon her neck, it made Jien let out a low sound from her throat - a lop-sided smile touch her full lips. "Perchance..." she murmured in a somewhat throaty voice, having come to a stop - leaning back a little against the fabric of the engineer's uniform. She reached behind herself. Cupped Nicole's bottom with her calloused hands. "If we hurry..."

Hurry, hurry, take your clothes off. I need you... Her thoughts unspoken made her shift her form, ridding herself from the mesh of her black panties and bra. She felt sweaty after her training, yet her blood was already warm - pumping through her mimicked veins. The rush was already there. The idea already planted. The suggestion of the bath already made. I need forgiveness for all that I've done. All the people I've killed. All the times I called 'fire'.

After lingering in the embrace, Jien's body moulding and moving against Nicole's, her own hands groping lightly around her lover's derriere and the back of her thighs, she let the engineer touch whatever she wished for as long as she could bear. Then, she turned around in their embrace, her brown eyes big and unblinking as she sought Nicole's gaze. Never did she break it, breath heavy and lips pursed, while she opened that uniform - shed the jacket and then the shirt, the bra and the belt... one item at the time.

It was as long as she could keep herself away from the redemption Nicole offered, and found it in the fiery touch of their lips meeting.

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[Lin Kae - Hololab]

Of all the ways he thought their work today might go, this wasn't one of them.  Never could he have imagined a naked Thea, on her knees, hand pressed against his lower half with only the thin material of his underwear between them.  As the underwear left, and it was his bareness that she was able to touch, Kae could feel his breath shorten, oxygen barely making it into his lungs anymore.  Her hands felt more real too, not just for her but for others.  Skin texture could often be limited in holographic projections, but he had rendered Thea's skin as realistically as possible, with pores and the softness attained by a woman who took excellent care of herself.  It was like silk touching him when her fingers brushed against him

To watch her perform her detailed analysis, it felt like she was losing her innocence.  As far as he knew, Thea had never engaged in any form of sexual act, the very concept a foreign one to her.  A part of him might feel proud later, thinking he was the one who made her feel that way, unknowing of the Vulpinian Lieutenant Commander who made Thea into a woman first.  Her experiments still held that innocence, however, as she touched and looked like it was all something she had never seen before.  All powerful Thea, avatar of the Theurgy, capable of scanning spacial phenomena at a microscopic level, now focusing her attention upon a single man, a single part of his body.

"This is for your observations," he said innocently, trying to resist the overwhelming urge to ask for more of her touch, her caress.  This was about giving Thea an opportunity to test her hands, and that journey had led her to his manhood, gripping his length and massaging the bulbous head.  Any man would have wanted her to continue that, to bring some pleasure to him, but it was more about what Thea wanted from this.  "We can move on to test in other aspects.  Temperature testing, pain receptors . . . or you can keep doing this for a while."

He certainly wouldn't have objected to that either.]

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[ Holographic Laboratory ]

Listening to Kae's words, Thea switched between looking up into his eyes and looking upon what she did. "Temperature sensory range does have need to be tested..." Yet it was a test that seemed quite boring to her, if she was able to make that judgement.

What she was doing was something she had not been able to last time. Because now, she had access to all kinds of factual references in her database for as to how she might use her hands correctly in this kind of situation. Soft gliding technique: Slowly and lightly move your hand up and down the erection. Combination: Squeezing technique. Gently squeeze the base and middle of the penis in a pulsing motion during the stimulation. At increased arousal, increase the pressure. With he assistance of her easily accessible database, she made the experience as pleasant as possible for her Holographic Specialist.

"In regard to my pain receptors," she said and tilted her head, looking upon the male genetalia she was handling while feeling it in the way it was meant to be felt. Hard and warm. Pulsing. "There is no factual reason for me to constantly have that part of my sensory range activated. For while an organic humanoid have pain receptors in order to not hurt themselves - reflexes allowing them to remove their hand if burned etc. - that reason does not hold true for me as much as it does for them. Moreover, I might be captured if I am away from the ship with your new invention, so it would be welcome if it could not be used as an advantage by my captors."

New technique: Stroking in a hand-over-hand rhythm. As one hand has been raised to caresses the head of his penis, the next one is already making its way up. Repeat with increased rhythm. It seemed easy in the database, so she followed through as best as she might - Kae's arousal seeming to increase even further by the techniques she switched between.

"Do you think you can make the deactivation and activation of my new sensory system as easy for me to control," she asked and looked up into his eyes, "as you made it to enter passive mode for my projection?"

Wrapping: Wrap all of your fingers around the erection and stroke up and down. Every time you reach the head of the penis, swipe thumb to one side of the head and then the other. Alternate with the reversed grip: Turning your hand upside down and applying the same pressure. The subject will be experiencing it differently. Statistics show that such minor differences have a positive effect.

"Another thing that I have considered... I wonder, is there is a way for me to possess a working sense of smell?" she said and tilted her head the other way - eyes roaming the Engineer's impressive length as she tried a new technique with great interest. The Ring: With the tips of your thumb and forefinger touching, Move your fingers along the erection so that the subject only feels these two fingers against his skin. Combination: Twisting. Transition between twisting the former grip as you're gliding it along the subject's erection and moving straight up and down. Second combination: Perineum Stimulation. Located between the subject's scrotum and anus. Rub it with your free hand.

"From my time as an organic," Thea said and sighed minutely before looking up at him, "it is perhaps the thing I now miss the most. Smell is another thing than odour detection and oxygen testing. Do you think there is a way for it to work?"

Technique: The Tongue Twirl. Oral sex combination, he database said, and while she had not had her oral cavity remapped with the new sensory system, she had decided to make this enjoyable for her Saviour. Therefore, she did as her database taught her. Squeeze the subject's erection while accommodating the head inside your mouth. Twirl your tongue in a circular fashion around the head of the subject's penis. Auxiliary stage of combination: Utilise your oral cavity as an extension of your moving hand - movements made in tandem with each other.

Looking up at Kae, she did all she could for him. Not just because he deserved her gratitude for what he had done, but because she wanted to stimulate him. As numb as her mouth might feel by comparison to her hand, he felt vibrant and alive to her now. This, regardless of his intellect and ambition, which also fascinated her on another level. She smiled to him around his erection, to show him she enjoyed the testing phase of their session. Because she did. To be intimate in the ways an organic could made her feel more alive as well. She closed her eyes and increased the pressure of her movements, enjoying the sex because it was new and fun to her.

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Miles smiled softly as he felt the kiss Edena gave him. as she did so he just held her close as his tail very gently wrapped around her body as he relaxed with her for their brief moment together knowing Illya probably had presented the idea as something much less innocent.

After it was over he forced himself to hide the slight disappointment of being  in essence rejected now twice in the same brief amount of time.  He knew that the kiss meant.  It was that subtle statement he was all too used to within the Federation,  'Let's just be friends,'  Oh how he hated that statement and even more hated when the statement was merely implied.  He knew the cultural divide was something he always would have to adjust to but it didn't make it any easier.  The fact of the matter was he didn't come here because he wanted to sleep with his Commander though the possibility had crossed his mind multiple times as a pleasant potential outcome.

He had requested this time for another reason, It was because of her previous role he knew her for.  He knew she wasn't the counselor anymore but she was the only one he had ever been comfortable with.  And after what had occurred he knew what he needed above all was someone that he was comfortable talking to.

"Commander, as much as I wish I had no other business to discuss with you there is something I wished to talk about.  Though I guess you no longer can fulfill the role once saw you as.  If you were still the ship's counselor I would just schedule an appointment and spill my head to you."  he said as emotions seemed to spin through his head as he fought every one of them back to maintain that officer's calm he had forced upon himself as it as what was ,expected, of someone in his role.

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Nicole felt engulfed by the passion of their kiss, not just of their lips but of their bodies, womanly and warm.  Full, firm breasts pressed to equally soft counterparts, legs, lithe and long entwining, as hands roamed freely, touching everything within reach and permission.  She felt as though she could hardly breath and found it didn't matter if she could or not.  Right here, right now, only Jien mattered.  Despite having engaged in coitus before, now was different and not just in that it was the female Jien and not the male.  She enjoyed sex with men for the hardness of it, the thrusting and hungry meeting of bodies, but with women, in her experience, it was different.  It was in the more gentle caresses over less hardened bodies, in the way lips met lips and fingers explored heated crevices.  It was no less passionate, only more relaxed.  Each had its appeal and she rather enjoyed the fact she wouldn't have to decide when she was with Jien.

As she stepped out of her boots, then her pants and stood equally naked, she remembered why she'd come to Jien in the first place, wanting to purge the foggy memories of Niga and realized it had been a few days since she'd even thought about what happened, at least deliberately.  Of course, there was still the unease she felt around Kingston and that particular table in Engineering where he'd first forced himself on her.  Most of the time, though, she was more easily able to push the thoughts away and Jien was the cause, she knew.  She smiled at Jien, "Captain's permission to be a little late, if need be?"

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[ Captain's Quarters ]

Chuckling, Jien's lips close to Nicole's ear as the engineer had leaned down to remove her boots, she replied. "Request denied, please hurry..." she said and burrowed her tongue behind the woman's collarbone - knowing the cluster of nerve endings there on a biological level. Jien's hand brushed across Nicole's breasts, teasing them to react, and she then lay her hand against her lower back - holding her close. It was with great frustration that she tore herself away to activate the faucet - the water filling the bathtub. Such an instalment was luxury aboard a starship, and while Jien seldom used it, she could think of no better moment than this.

While the tub filled up for them, the warm water making the air humid and their skin cool, Jien had turned back to Nicole with full attention - focus that made the act of standing upright rather precarious. Heads moving in perfect rhythm, hands roaming, the length of their bodies meeting and pressing together. Oh, they had kissed like this before, yet that sweetness that came with a woman's kiss - shared by another woman - it was a sweetness that came from more than just taste.

Pure desire came flooding through Jien, their mouths opened and tongues playing. The wetness, the biological, primal wetness of lust became part of the upright dance, since Jien felt it on her fingers when they came to brush between Nicole's legs momentarily. She felt her own wetness too, and Jien moaned into Nicole's mouth. She picked up a sponge, dipped it in the water, and wrapped her arms were around Nicole's neck, resting them on her shoulders - their breasts and lips firmly joined again. Once Jien parted a bit, she playfully pressed the sponge against Nicole's chest, splattering the floor with water and making it poor down between their bodies. Jien mightn't have laughed, yet there was an ease to the mirth that came close to it.

"Let's step in," she said afterwards and tugged at her lover, meaning to continue the washing where it was meant to be done.

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[Skye - Hangar Bay]

Skye bolted upright in her bed and reached for the space next to her ... which was empty.  "Damn," she grumbled.  Yesterday had been enough to wig out anyone and everyone but at the end of it all she was back to her own body.  Even as she thought about it, she touched her breasts and groaned with relief.  Yes, the sisters were still there and no danglies elsewhere.  And yet she'd slept quite soundly with no one next to her, something that disappointed her.

She'd ended up patrolling with Miles and Razor and when all seemed clear, she'd found everyone she knew well enough to want to share some time had cleared out and were all probably asleep.  Stalking into her small bathroom, she leaned with her palms against the wall as the shower cleansed her body.  She gave up trying to make sense of it all and once she was in her uniform decided to go work on Kestrel, to at least give her something to do.

Walking through the halls continued her regaining her sense of self, hips swaying and no pain when she stepped with her legs too close together feeling a bit strange at first but most comforting.  She smiled as she thought about Kae, the warm feeling of true friendship she felt with him now bubbling inside of her.  The doors drew open to the hangar bay and she stepped inside, noticing she wasn't the only one up and about needing something to do.  "Razor ... Scosche," she acknowledged both with a nod and half-smile.  "Looks like none of us are worse for the wear after yesterday."

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While Thomas was still talking to Scosche, he heard the familiar sound of the door sliding open and he looked over to see who it was. He wasn't all so surprised to see Carver walking in and he turned hismself halfly towards her. "Carver..." he replied and nodded towards the pilot "Nothing a good night sleep couldn't shake off I guess." He answered her and he couldn't hide a smirk "So how does it feel for you to be back in... Well, you..?" He asked with a wink. He hadn't forgotten her remark on the bridge yesterday. Seemed like she had found some interesting things about the male body when she was stuck in Kae's body.

He waited for her to answer before asking what brought her to the Hangar bay herself. He presumed working on her bird yet once could never be sure with Skye. He also informed her of Scosche's interest in the Valkyries.

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"Oh, no.  Personally, I have little interest in actually being a pilot, such as yourself.  Nothing against pilots or flying, but I've always considered myself a mostly non-aggressive person," Scosche picked at his uniform.  "If Security hadn't been the only option, I might have asked for something else.  I'm not professionally trained in anything, though I do have a moderate amount of scientific knowledge.  Hard to be around my Mom without picking up at least the basics."

His face lit up at the sight of Skye and he returned her smile.  He hadn't asked her about her own experiences and Thomas's remark hyped his curiosity, but he would wait until they were alone.  For the moment, he shook his head, "I never seem to end up involved in any of the interesting situations around here.  Not that I'm complaining, given some of them.  Yesterday was just plain exhausting for me."

He was happy to see her, not having done so for a day or two.  He'd been confined to the brig then and he hadn't been able to do more than talk with her through the force field.  Still, it made him feel better having someone to talk to every day.  Nearly a week locked away without anyone to talk to would likely have driven him crazy.  He'd thought about going to find her yesterday, but after everything Marija had drilled into him and knocked into him, as well, then the odd... whatever it had been, he had had little recourse but to go find a bed.  If he hadn't been ordered to find his quarters, he likely would have returned to the brig and slept there.  He'd missed seeing her, though.

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[Lin Kae - Hololab]

The most powerful AI in the known galaxy, with access to the depth of the Federation's library, and all that knowledge was now being applied to him in the form of manual and oral stimulation.  It was impossible to calm himself, not when she was so easily able to shift between different techniques.  He had been with holographic women before, but never one programmed with this level of experience.  It was simply impossible for anyone to achieve, and Kae had always strove for realism, even in that.  For Thea, however, this was but the tip of the iceberg of what she was truly capable of.  Trying to answer questions when she was making him feel so good was a task, but he did his best. 

"P-pain is part of the organic experience.  You want it all, right?"  That was why he had been specific in programming her new hands with pain receptors equal to that of an average human, considering that Thea's physical avatar was based on a human design.  "You . . . you'll have the option to shut it off when it's inconvenient, but i-it should be a part of you."

The question about a sense of smell did make him think, which was a blessing, considering it took his mind off what she was doing, prolonged it so that he could enjoy the sensation longer, like a human male going over baseball statistics for the same reason.  With a cortical monitor, Kae could map the regions of the brain activated by scent and even taste, allowing him to map how those signals interacted with the sinus and the tongue, granting Thea not only a sense of smell but also taste.  It would be another large project, and would likely come after they finished with mapping all her new flesh to match that of her hands.  He would simply answer with, "it's possible," for the time being.  He could write up a more detailed report later for her to overlook.

He couldn't take it anymore.  His hand reached out and pressed against the back of her head, ending any polite conversation for the moment and making sure her mouth stayed where it was until she finished.  With a tense eruption, he felt his climax, breaths panting as he slowly descended from that mountain and pulled back from Thea's lips, hardly able to believe that just happened.  She was the ship's conscious mind, and she had just orally pleasured him.  She was a holographic being who once only thought of duty.  Now, her nude figure knelt before him as he worked on fixing his uniform.  "S-sorry," he said, referring to both his action of grabbing her head and in his orgasm.

[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

"As you should be aware, I do not have the proper credentials to serve as a ship's counselor, thus I cannot submit a report or refer to this as a formal session without the approval of the Captain to act in that position.  Any counseling we do would be unofficial."  If it was just for his own peace of mind, she could do that, but he could not get a medical report stating he was cleared by her as fit for duty, thus he would still need to see the ship's official counselor whenever his psych report came around, unless he got permission from the Captain for Edena to serve as his therapist.  She sat back behind her desk, leaving it up to Miles if he wished for an unofficial session or if it did him no good if there was no report to be submitted.

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Miles nodded, "I was hoping for a more of an unofficial session.  To be honest, I just need to talk to someone I feel comfortable 'bearing my soul to'.  Of course if I do mention anything you feel the Captain should be made aware of revealing what I tell you is your prerogative though I would prefer if what i tell you were to remain private.   Well Prviate as 'Between you, me, and Thea's audio recording sensors' can be."  he said looking around the room for a moment.  "Do you mind if I take a seat, Commander?"

OOC: **Didn't realize "pre"rogative was spelled and pronounced that way till just now... I always thought the word was "Per"ogative

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Feeling the water splash down her back, hot and wet, made her tremble and she pressed into Jien more tightly because of it.  She wanted to keep kissing and tasting, to keep letting her fingers roam and delight in her captain's body, but Jien pulled back and she couldn't help the disappointed groan that escaped her lips, until she realized to where Jien was directing her.  She eagerly stepped into the basin, hissing at the just slightly overly warm water, then sank down into it, the temperature of the tub nearly the same as her own aroused body.  As she came to a rest, she pulled Jien down with her, wanting to position her captain with Jien's back to her own front, to give herself easy reach of all of Jien's body.

She honestly hoped Jien wasn't serious about not being late, when she felt like she wanted to do nothing more than spend the entire day feeding the lustful hungers within herself.  It wasn't about the sex, which she had little doubt would be excellent, but the shared intimacy, something she'd had very little of in recent years.  She spent most of her time apart, alone and isolated, mostly because she liked it that way, and the rest of the time because she'd found it difficult to be around her fellow shipmates when they seemed to buy into the Starfleet mentality.  There was only so much government toadying she could stand.  It was certainly an oddity to her, how she could be on the side of those who would save the Federation, when she'd considered it nearly an abomination.  Personally, she didn't care one way for the collection of systems or its government, but Jien made her want to help, to make things better, even if it meant reinstating the Federation.

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[ Holographic Laboratory ]

Relieved to hear that she had the option to shut down her pain receptors if she felt so inclined, Thea smiled and continued what she did with her new hands. Well, she smiled and spoke until the point where her lips became otherwise preoccupied around Lin Kae's girth.

Her digital sense of tactile touch told her that her saviour's erection was warm, pulsing, hard, yet her senses were now not as they had briefly been before - able to tell her the taste of him. The friction of his foreskin against her tongue. The premonition of his ejac-

Kae seized her head and expanded inside her oral cavity. Her eyes widened just before the warm, molten feeling of his semen filled the back of her throat. There was no taste, but the warmth was there, brimming her mouth. She continued the motions of her hand and mouth whilst it lasted, and she closed her eyes in relief that she had managed to perform the techniques on a satisfactory level.

When Kae retreated, momentary strings of semen extended between her lips and his pulsing member. He was apologising and tucking it back from her sight almost immediately, as if he had dome something wrong.

"No need to apologise," she said with a smile and rose to her feet in a fluid movement, folding her hands behind her back and squaring her shoulders in her normal stance once more. Since Lin Kae had moved to preserve his modesty, she did too - her yellow chameleon bodysuit reappearing. Inside her projection she kept his ejaculated seed, not about to enter passive mode and letting it splatter against the floor just yet. She would take care of that in her quarters when they were done. "I am glad you enjoyed the test... perhaps as much as I did."

She realised that they had just changed their social relationship, and it was something she was unfamiliar with how to address. Perhaps her analysis would be the most fair to speak of. "Since we both enjoyed this kind of test, I am not adverse to conducting more tests like these as we continue to map up my new sensors. That is, when said tests are applicable to the area of my body that has been updated. Would you concur with that suggestion, Lieutenant Kae?"

She said it as she most often did, without a shred of the expected social stigma that came with such a topic,

[ Captain's Quarters ]

Letting herself be guided to the luxurious seat of having a lover behind herself in her bath, Jien Ives smiled faintly and leaned her head back against Nicole's shoulder - reaching back to brush her fingers into her lover's hair. Thus, she exposed herself fully for Nicole's hands, her breasts just above the surface - wisps rising and dancing over the warm water around them. She turned her head to Nicole's ear, nibbling the earlobe. Teeth brushing against her neck lightly. "Please, hurry..."

She grasped Nicole's hand and guided it across her firm and roused breasts - her nipples hard against the palm. Then, as she made sharp intake of breath, she guided that hand down between her own legs, which spread to accommodate the Engineer's fingers in her most intimate place. There was no desire to cuddle, not then, but to engage in intimacy that would make up for the lack of it between them since their argument. Jien had revelled in being this intimate with Nicole again, and there was appetite for more... along with the need to make haste lest the crew might suspect anything.

Jien was not prepared to let this be common knowledge aboard the ship, yet the forbidden aspect did entice her at a base level - a level she would never even admit to possess. She moved against Nicole in the bath, letting her desires for her be as plain as she could make them, her lips and mouth brushing skin and seeking lips. Her own hand reached behind herself - seeking the place between Nicole's already spread legs - circling fingertips pressed against the slickness found in the water. The difference between the engineer's nectar and the water plainly felt, she slid her fingertips across the pearl of Nicole's clitoris.

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Nicole hissed as Jien's fingers found her center and probed, her nether lips flexing tightly around Jien's digits.  Even as Jien caressed her, Nicole's own hands were far from lazy, her left cupping Jien's full breast, fingers teasing a hard nipple, while she followed Jien's direction and slid her right between her captain's thighs.  Her fingers stroked along heated, swollen labia, feeling for the nerve clusters she knew were beneath, applying pressure as only a woman ever truly knew how.  Her thumb moved to circle Jien's pulsing clitoris.  The water had automatically shut off after the tub was mostly full and Nicole reached down to cup some water, splashing the heated fluids across Jien's womanly bosom, rinsing simulated sweat from her lover's body.  Slowly, she began working her fingers between Jien's nether lips, driving them as deep as she could before drawing them back out.  It was easy work, making love to Jien, Nicole had found, pleasure to be had just from the act of giving pleasure, even as she took pleasure from Jien's own ministrations.  She kissed Jien's neck, sucking the water from her skin, tasting the salty sweat, her tongue licking along silken skin until it was her own turn to take Jien's earlobe between her lips, teasing it even as her fingers between Jien's legs began to move faster.

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[Lin Kae - Hololab]
Thea had enjoyed that act?  He hadn't expected her to say that.  Though he knew she made a conscious choice to engage in that act, he would have thought it was just an experiment for her, not an act she might truly take pleasure in.  That she did, however, brought him some sense of comfort, satisfaction even.  The most powerful Ai in the known Galaxy, and he had been good enough to meet her expectations as a lover, even with all the knowledge she had of that in her databanks.  When she made the suggestion that they use that method as a way of testing her continuing mapping, her sensors would have little trouble picking up the minute changes in him.  The tinge of redness in his cheeks, the quickening of his pulse.  Shy, maybe a bit embarrassed, but also stricken with some feeling of validation.  She was accepting him as a proper subject for such experimentation.

"S-sure," he stammered out, trying not to sound to enthusiastic about it.  He didn't want to appear like some oversexed academy student.  "If it's alright with you, I think we could make this process go faster if we recruit a female officer.  With a cortical monitor, I could map how her brain responds to physical sensation, and use that data to create those same responses in your positronic network.  Essentially, the subject would be a template for your mapping.  I would like to ask Ensign Carver to assist.  She is a human female, like your avatar, is in excellent health, and there is a  . . . comfort level between her and I that would allow me to ask this of her."  Thea had access to reports, and Kae's would have mentioned that he had been inside of Skye's body during the last incident, giving him some first-hand insight into the workings of the female body.  The report didn't mention that he and Skye had sex while switched, but that had done a great deal towards making them more free with each other.  Mapping a body's responses would be an intimate process, making certain that every bit of skin was stimulated in many ways to create appropriate responses.  It was best done with someone Kae could trust.  For Thea, it would mean the most realistic body possible, because it would be based on an actual human being.

[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

"Just keep in mind that, as I am not an actual doctor, I am not bound by doctor/patient confidentiality.  What we say will remain private, unless I feel there is cause for concern that what we speak of might inhibit your ability to function as an officer."  It was a final warning for him.  He didn't have to be forthcoming with anything that she felt might cause that sort of problem, so Edena's warning gave him a chance to revise anything he might say.  Even as she awaited Miles to speak, she could feel Illya creeping up, listening just as intently.  Illya knew that her host might have need of her knowledge, if what Miles asked was too far out of her range.  She welcomed the woman's input if it could be of help to the Vulpinian ready to bare his soul to her.  Edena invited him to take a seat and to begin whenever he felt ready.

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[ Holographic Laboratory ]

Listening, Thea was glad to hear Kae acquiesce to her request of continuing the tests in the fashion they had just conducted them. She nodded once in settlement on that part and smiled where she stood.

It appeared to her that she had managed to handle the difficult social conventions of their situation well enough to not insult Kae, and even managed to make him hold the suggestion in positive regard. Her sensors showed evident signs of embarrassment in his organic frame, but the likelihood for that to happen in their current conversation had the high odds of 92,756 % based on Lin Kae's psychological profile. There had been many imprecise factors that could have upset the odds, one being that he did not find her projection attractive enough. A calculated risk, since he had already admitted attraction when he had saved her from the Infected. The unknown element had rather been the level of honesty in that confession.

Then came the suggestion to utilise Ensign Carver to effectively map the rest of her body, and it took her basically no time at all to understand the motivation behind the idea. It was obvious that he, as a programmer, would achieve results far greater than otherwise possible if he knew the way the subject's intimate physical responses worked - cortical monitors or not. The potential in Kae's suggestion was indisputable, and the likelihood for a quicker mapping of her entire body exponentially higher with the rate of experience Kae held about wearing Ensign Carver's body.

"I concur with your judgement in regard to using Wolf-03 as a subject to monitor during the mapping procedure," she said, eyes unmoving while she looked at Kae, her background processes analysing the likelihood that Kae had sexual experience with the Valkyrie pilot. "Provided that she agrees, of course, since she might have objections to being a test subject for the sake of my software update. In order to gauge her nervous system's reactions and applying them upon my sensory sub-routines, she will have to be subjected to the different kinds of stimuli. A procedure that might be painful, pleasant and awkward to her, if she is to provide us the full range of tactile input."

She paused there, battling some strange data from her emotional chip. It was something about what they had just done together, the fellatio, and how Kae had alluded a 'comfort level' between him and the Ensign. She held not the social experience to process the input, so she buffered it for later, when experience would tell her what to do with that data. Her face betrayed nothing but a momentary, confused frown before her smile returned.

"I would surmise you acquired the necessary parts from the industrial replicator on Nimbus III in order to actually assemble a physical prototype, with all the pasitronic components and processors. While small, they are not listed in regular replicator databases, so I thank you again for thinking of this solution while still down there. As the report from Dr. Nicander stated, you had to 'utilise unorthodox negotiation techniques' in order to acquire the spare parts and supplies from the civilian engineer you encountered, so I am especially grateful that you went out of your way to get the items for the emitter as well."

Unsure how to proceed, yet the emotional chip feeding her with several ideas, Thea stepped up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "My thanks for everything so far, my saviour."

[ Captain's Quarters ]

Their breaths mingling across Jien's shoulder, the noises of their shared passion a duet of throaty sounds and air hissed through teeth, the Captain thrust her hips against those questing fingers embedded inside her - rolling her body to get the full amount of blissful friction. Meanwhile, she tried to do the same for Nicole, her hand stroking across the swollen outer lips and slipping inside the engineer despite the awkward angle of her arm between their bodies.

When Nicole increased the rhythm of her hand, Jien could never hope to keep up the pace with her hips and was thus reduced to a helpless instrument at the mercy of her lover. She ended up played with an expert hand. She was strung for this kind of nocturne, that was evident, and she groaned hard when the frantic motions began. Thrust her breasts against the warm squall of water. Bit her lip with a throaty whimper and tried to give Nicole as much as she could in turn. She was so close, and yet she needed more of the halfblood Bajoran -  beside herself with pending release.

Not able to stand it any more, she turned around in the bath and hooked one leg below and the other above Nicole's spread legs - scissoring her lover underneath the surface of the warm water. Breathless, Jien sought her gaze, and braced herself with her hands on the edges of the bath tub - chest heaving and breasts pointing accusingly at the Chief Engineer. Shuddering with the touch, she brought herself against Nicole - their nether lips kissing for the first time - making them grind together slowly.

Even if Nicole would chose to not move at all, Jien still made water slop over the sides of the tub - head tilting back and a cry building in her throat with each second. The air available was not enough, and yet she used her arms on the edges to thwart the weightlessness of the water - the intimacy of the moment stealing the incentive for coarse words. When their eyes met, it was enough... Then again, Nicole might...

"Do y-you want me inside you when..." She swallowed, the offer plain already - the change of form a thought away.

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"Of course,"  He said with a soft nod as he walked over and took a seat before relaxing back into it and closing his eyes with a slight sigh as he relaxed.  "Also I was not assuming there would be any doctor patient privilege; besides If there is something I say that you feel would be prudent to share with the captain I fully expect you to report it.  It would be shirking your duty to the ship if you did not share in that circumstance."  He smiled for a moment as he put his hands behind his head and sunk back into the chair.

"Now where to start about whats on my mind.  Well first off lets start with the Ishtar entity we encountered.  As you may be familiar with the predominant faith of my species we believe that we were guided out of our animal darkness by a female deity that shares characteristics most similar to the Greek Prometheus legend.  The thing is unlike Many other species there appears to be a lot of paleontological data to support a sudden emergence of my race from its animal ancestors lending credence to my people's faith that our evolution was not fully natural and was a sudden intervention by some form of deity.  As you know I have had a interest in mythologies of multiple species and their parallels to my peoples Matron deity.  As a result my familiarity with the Myths associated with this being came in handy when were were suddenly teleported to her realm.  He looked down as He became deep in thought.  "What I am getting at is what I witnessed of her fate.  Can you imagine the being that you at least symbolically revere as the origin of everything good in your culture being proven to be the being that the culture at the heart of Starfleet views as a symbol of the greatest evil imaginable.  for me i don't have to imagine that.  It happened right before my eyes. Do you can see why I needed someone comforting to talk to?"

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[Skye - Hangar Bay]

Skye's smile had softened a little and she rubbed Scoche's back in a warm and friendly manner.  "I've been meaning to catch up with you but I sorta crashed and burned after all the mess yesterday," she chuckled and grinned at Thomas.  "Honestly Razor, it feels damn good to be me," she replied with a wink right back at him.

Though she'd teased Razor, she'd been in a male body at the time so any little tricks she could have shown him were rather impossible now that she was back in her own form.  "I gotta give you guys credit.  You learn to tuck those things out of the way somehow and not always hurt yourself.  First thing I did was rack myself trying to get out of bed.  Going to the bathroom was fun though," she snickered.

"So you were going to give Scosche a tour maybe?" she asked Razor.  "I wouldn't mind taggin' along.  Otherwise I'm just going to try to do some fine tuning on Kestrel and maybe get something to eat in a little bit.  Just doing something mundane ... normal ... I think is the best thing right now.  The experience was eye opening to say the least but I'm just glad to have the girls back and try to be normal."

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[Lin Kae - Hololab]

"Unorthodox negotiation techniques" was certainly one way of putting it.  Rihen had been helpful, so long as he was scratching an itch of hers.  It was funny that Thea called him her savior, because it was the same thing that Rihen used to describe him.  Maybe Kae was starting to develop a messiah complex, had a need to save people wherever he could.  Either way, he was pleased that Thea wanted to use the parts he acquired to build that emitter.

"Ensign carver had been the one to inspire me with the idea for this device.  It was why I acquired the parts when I had a chance.  She most certainly deserves some of the credit for it."  Kae programmed a final bit of sequencing for Thea, allowing her to rest6ore the default functionality to her hands in the event the ship needed that processing power.  As the brain of Theurgy, there was no one better suited to decide when her hands were okay to use.  "I'm sure I have taken up enough of your computing time already.  Why don't you return to your duties and I'll try to get in contact with Ensign Carver?" It would take some time before he was able to perform her next upgrade anyway.  Best Thea get back to her regular duties until then.

Once Thea had said her goodbyes and shimmered out of the Hololab, Kae left the room as well, activating his combadge as he did so.  "Lieutenant Lin to Ensign Carver," he said, creating the connection between them.  "I'm working on a project right now that I could use your help on.  It's a sensitive subject, so it's best we discuss it in person.  When would you be available?"

[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

Edena was somewhat familiar with the mystery behind Vulpinian development.  The sudden advancement of Miles' species was looked upon by Federation anthropologists for several years.  One of Edena's elective courses back at the academy had covered it.  It was used as a theoretical example of violating the Prime Directive.  Some species more powerful, maybe even god-like in power, had altered the Vulpinian evolution to make them what they were.  Those it had worked out well enough, it could have easy gone horribly awry as well.  It could have resulted in a shift in the balance of power in their solar system, even the entire quadrant.  It was a controversial case among the Vulpinians, who boycotted the class as an insult to their religious beliefs.

"There is no certainty that the entity we encountered is the exact one who might have uplifted your people.  Even if it was . . . "  Edena searched for the right words to explain it.  "Think about yourself ten years ago.  Are you the same man now that you were then?  The one behind your people's evolution could be eons old, so we can only imagine how they were affected by time.  Even if that being weren't one of pure virtue, I believe that your people were uplifted with good intentions, Miles.  I believe this based on your morals and code.  The Vulpinians are not conquerors or murderers.  Your people learned their nature from someone, and it was most likely the ones who made you.  The Vorta were uplifted by the Changelings and they were subservient to the whims of their creators as a result.  You, however, are a good and honorable man, one who puts his life second to that of others.  That nature came from those who raised you, as it was given to them by those who raised them.  It all started with your first ancestors, who learned it from their creator."

((Note: "Uplifting" is actually a term from the Mass Effect game series referring to taking a more primitive species and raising their technology or functional level.  Within that series, the Krogan were uplifted by the Salarians in order for them to serve as soldiers during the war with the Rachni.))

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[Skye - Hangar Deck]

Before either Thomas or Scosche could say anything, Skye's combadge chirped and Kae's quite voice was heard.  An affectionate grin, rather like a proud friend, formed as she tapped it to respond.  "Heya Buddy," she said and thought for a moment, a curious expression forming.  "I've got a little downtime right now if you do.  Just in the hangar to piddle around with Kestrel but tell me where to meet you and I'll be right there," she informed him.  While she waited for a response, she gave the guys an apologetic look.

OOC:  Know it's short but it's no doubt leading to a bigger post.

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He smiled softly, "The funny thing is the symbolism was all there in her angelic form. So I still choose to believe that this being was the one I saw as my matron. Funny thing based on my understanding of terran mythology I knew it was her destiny to be cast into that pit.  You see I like to describe myself as a philosophical pantheist.  Not in the I believe in many gods but in I believe in the concept of in they eyes of a civilization any significantly further advanced civilization will be deified.   As such i always took an interest in religious parallels, Federation encounters with the Q, and James Kirk's run in with that being that claimed to be Apollo.  As such i always thought in its own way all religions were both right and wrong my own included. 

As for the boycott my people made on the prime directive class that mentions our unique evolution many misunderstand the reason for the protest.  It isn't the view that we were changed by an advanced visitor that offends us but the idea that in the eyes of the Federation my species existence is a mistake like some form cosmic unwanted child.  Yes from a purely prime directive point of view it is one of the few examples of a mostly good outcome from a gross violation of a similar directive.  Heck her punishment that she seems to have been initially given indicates those beings have a prime directive similar to our own that she violated, multiple times correct?  As it seems this prime directive violation may be the origin of sentience among biological life forms.  Still , as a result she was punished, exiled to be separated from what gave her power and exiled from her family.  AS a result of that punishment she grasped at straws to get back home she pulled us in.  And as a result she was cast into a pit.  Hen you look at it it is no story of punishment but a "Divine Tragedy." is it not."

**Miles is hoping she picks up on divine tragedy as a reference to Dante's "Divine Comedy" (Inferno, Purgitorio, and Paridisio) and thus a cloaked reference to Milton's "Paradise Lost" where Lucifer is refereed to as the Morning Star. 

*The morning star is a term used for The planet Venus which the Romans believed to be in fact the corporeal form of their Goddess of beauty Venus.  Going back further Mesopotanians version of this was Inanna picked up by the babalonians and worshipped as Ishtar.  Her symbol was an 8 pointed star. (the wings of the entities angelic form and her feet head and arms made an 8 pointed star shape btw.)  this was their symbol for you guessed it.  The Morning Star, Venus.  Soon as he heard her call herself Ishtar, and when he heard his Peoples godess's name in the winds he knew her fate was going to be what Saint john wrote as the book of revelations.  He knew when he saw her that her fate would be the pit.  He just hoped he wouldn't have to witness it.

Basicially his philosophical quandry is more along the lines of, "is it so wrong to see the so called root of evil as more a tragically misguided hero."

Also I knew i had seen that term before.  Just wasnt sure where.  Shoulda known Mass Effect. 

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[Lin Kae- Enroute to Quarters]

"Why don't you meet me at your quarters? That should be private enough." It also gave Skye a comfortable place before he asked her for what could be a very intimate question. Ten minutes later, they were both inside of her quarters, where Kae was able to broach the subject.  "In the 20th Century on earth, there was a woman suffering seizures of unknown cause.  A doctor operated on her brain while she was still awake, and was able to trigger responses by stimulating her brain.  It was considering the first true mapping of the human brain.  I'm looking for your help in doing something similar Skye.  If we're successful, not only would you probably have your name in the history books, but you'd be the woman who gave the ability of touch to Holograms all over the quadrant.  I want you to be the woman that reshapes the way intelligent holograms like Thea feel."

It was flattering in a way. Kae was an artist of sorts when it came to holography. Him choosing her for this would be like a plastic surgeon deciding to make Skye's face the standard by which women's faces were reshaped.  "You know how a cortical monitor works right? It reads how your brain reacts to stimuli. All I need you to do is wear one and just . . . touch stuff really. How your brain fires neurons when your fingers touch something soft, hard, hot or cold can be replicated in a positronic brain to give those same feelings to photonic lifeforms We would also take a scan of your skin in order to replicate how it connects to your brain by your nervous system."  He hoped he was explaining it clear enough for her.  Skye wasn't a Science officer, thus why he had used his analogy at the start.  Maybe she was wondering why her, or maybe she already knew it was because he trusted her the most of any organic woman he had ever known.  There was no other person he would ask.

[Edena Rez - XO Ready Room]

Miles was a much deeper theologian then she would have imagined.  She felt ill equipped to answer his question, but Illya was there, supporting her with her own thoughts on the matter.

He understands the subject matter far better then you do. It's not about trying to match him, but just hearing him out, helping him to draw the conclusion he already knows.  You can help him much more by helping him see the light then guiding him all the way there.

Armed with that knowledge, Edena proceeded with their informal counseling session."The Divine Tragedy saw a being cast into the pit to share eternity with those with the sins of betrayal. Do you think Ishtar qualifies as this?  I do not believe so.  She never betrayed your people.  Uplifting the Vulpinians was an act of love.  She could have left you as you were, but saw something more in you, something worth that helping hand towards enlightenment.  To be having this talk with you, about subjects that are quite frankly beyond me, I think she was right to see it in your kind, Miles. What you, what your people are now, you owe to yourselves.  We owe it to our parents for bringing us into the world, but what we accomplish in that life belongs to us."

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He smiled hearing her words. "You know i just recalled a few things."  The things that were said by the Metatron being and my recollection of the myths about the goddess Ishtar.   There are possibilities not only of her non permanent punishment.  Or even her escape.  Perhaps this punishment of hell is something that she will grow from whether my view of it is true or not.  As for what the Metatron being said I cant help but be amazed at the level of blessing he gave us.  That statement that we have grown.  To think that if they are the "true gods"  if they really are the ones who created intelligent life, that their greatest wish would be for a day when we creations reached a point where we no longer needed them."  he smiled again as he looked to her. "You know, i think the real reason i wanted to talk to you like this wasn't so much wanting guidance.  I just wanted to bounce my thoughts off of about this.  Thank you for being such a good listener."

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[Skye's Quarters with Lin Kae]

They met right outside her quarters, her just a minute behind him and when he turned to her she smiled brightly.  "Hey there," she said and gave him a big hug and walked into her quarters with her arm around his shoulders.  It was a comfortable sort of thing, intimate and friendly all in one.  She was completely comfortable with him and hoped he felt that way with her now as well.

It seemed he did as he started speaking of a woman's surgery.  She looked a bit horrified that someone was having their skull opened and brain poked and prodded while they were still conscious but considering the overall benefits she guessed it wasn't a totally bad thing.  Though she didn't know what his point was just yet, she trusted him and was patient enough to listen without interrupting.

Skye sat there for a moment, a light crease in her brow as she thought about it all and there was actually a blush starting to flood her cheeks.  "You know I never really cared about fame, just wanted to fly and be myself," she said slowly.  While she was rough and ready and wild with her friends, she was basically never one to make herself seem more important than anyone else and his proposal that she would be famous was a tad bit daunting.

Standing up and pacing a little, she reached up with both hands to rub the back of her neck.  "You know Thea saved my ass when I finally found my way back," she said.  "I was so close to being space dust and at the last possible minute she pulled through for me.  You know I can't say no to her for that and I definitely can't say no to you."  Sitting down next to him, she kissed his cheek.  "You're the very best friend I have and I'd do anything for you ... you know that don't you?"

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It occurred to Nicole to ask why Jien would want to do that, but she decided it was simply enough to shake her head and enjoy the sensations as they washed over her.  There were times for one and times for the other, and right now she wanted Jien just as she was  It was enough to feel Jien's coarse pubic hair grinding into her own, wet, swollen labia sliding against her equally aroused nether lips.  Reaching a hand between them, she did her best to keep her fingers in contact with Jien's clitoris, a difficult task with how much her captain was moving and the slickness of the water.  Keeping her lusty nether lips against Jien's she stretched and cupped a breast, teasing Jien's turgid nipple between her skilled fingers.  She was almost there, could feel the peak as it approached and wanted Jien to join her.  So close...


Almost there...

And, with a final deliberate thrust of her hips, stars exploded within her, every muscle seeming to vibrate as her pleasure filled her, washed over her like a flood.  It seemed an eternity while her lover brought her such exquisiteness, but it ended slowly and she sank back into the water, her head resting on the edge of the water, her eyes closed as she breathed heavily and deeply.  It was next to impossible for her to decide which she had enjoyed better: sex with Jien as a man or as a woman.  She was glad she didn't have to.

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