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Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Jien Ives x 2 / Kiya & Thomas)

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

The first hint that this was not such an easy thing as a serum or poison - for Jien's shape-shifting - combined with an insane holo-program was when Kiya Rez described a white light. The second was the medical scan of his morphogenic matrix, which he could glimpse on a monitor and verify that Kiya spke truthfully of. However, if the program was created by the captor, both things could easily have been premeditated. Yet... while reason said that the alternative was less likely than the obvious, Jien's gut told him otherwise.

He did not even want to believe that they were at the mercy of something so powerful that it could create and alter life and individuals on a whim, but Jien did not think the Trill was a holo-character any more either. The main reason was motive. There was none. There could not be. Not beyond entertainment. While still sceptic, Jien was worried.

There was a long pause before she touched him. He felt her hand ghost over him, leaving an tingling sensation before he looked down upon it - how she caressed the skin of his pulsating member and eventually took a hold around him. While not fully hardened, it responded to her gloved touch - making Jien feel shame for the ease in which his body could be affected during circumstances as theirs. He turned his head away before she made her half-hearted joke about meeting her husband, a joke which he did not share in either. The laughter lost in the scenario that they had been placed in.

"I could collect the . . . sperm sample doing this.  Do you think you can climax from this in three minutes?"

To tell the truth, Jien had no idea but since she was such a trooper about this and tried to take a pragmatical approach, Jien looked back to her and answered as best as he might - this being one of the most awkward questions posed to him in a great while. She had managed to harden him somewhat, so perhaps there was hope to meet the requirements despite the nature of their meeting. "Honestly, I do not think so given the situation, regardless how attractive you are and how familiar you are with this..." Jien had to swallow, the aching feeling her grip around his arousal watering his mouth. "The conditions stated 'a minimum duration of three minutes' for each examination, so if I do not make it, we are still in the clear. Yet... in order to minimise the total time spent in this program... Perhaps even combining the two examinations, should you wish to do so. I do not know if that meets the Starfleet Medical practice criteria, though."

Was this really happening? Was the former host of Edena's symbiont going to carry through with this? Or was this merely a program someone had stuck him in?

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

During the last moments of their first go, the pilot had made sure they were allowed a first release. As Jien had come, so did he, and she now felt the molten warmth of his seed inside her after she'd collapsed with her back against his chest.

Oh, there were benefits with young men, and perhaps it had been an advantageous thing to share this trap with Thomas Ravon in particular. For while she shivered in the aftermath, he continued to move - to push himself inside until the point where he had become fully erect again. Shudders passed through her since she was very sensitive an he was so relentless in his will to carry out his order. Furthermore, he seemed eager and not repulsed by the idea to do this with his Captain. A faint smile touched upon Jien's lips when he made his request, and despite how worried she might be about what they had gotten themselves into, she tried to keep the young man willing and interested. Otherwise they'd never make it in time.

"Like this?" she asked in a husky voice and turned her upper body to face him, shifting her legs so that she straddled him again. In the movement of her changing her seat, the Wolf's cock escaped her, and she nudged him forward in his seat with a hand behind his neck just so that she might wrap her legs around his waist. Thus, she was so close to him their flat bellies touched and her breasts brushed the planes of his chest. Her arms were around his neck now, fingers coursing through his hair. Her breath was close, and the sensitive heat of her pussy searching for its lost friend.

"Why do you want me to face you?" she asked in a hoarse voice as she shifted her hips against his - feeling him close but yet to re-enter her. The movements of her searching made her nipples rub against him, and she soon decided to reach down and help him get inside her - her slender fingers wrapping around his meaty length and letting it find its mark. She sank down upon him again, and she pulled his mouth to her breasts as she threw her head back in a deep sigh.

Thus began the dance anew, a dance as old as man - Jien rocking against the pilot in his lap. By then, their efforts to meet the conditions set forth had fogged up the glass of the cockpit - the environmental systems struggling to compensate even though it was meant for one person and the pilot was never supposed to be this winded.

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"Attractive?  I'm sure you say that to every woman who had you quite literally by the balls."  Kiya's hand had worked from the tip to the base, realizing quite quickly that this was no medical examination.  If she was going to get a sample, this was going to be a sexual act, regardless of her feelings.  In her mind, she was still a married woman, but that was something she had to put on.  From a temporal standpoint, her grandchildren were long dead of old age by now, to say nothing of her husband.

The suggestion of combining examinations broke her away from thoughts of her family, brought her back to the present, where she was touching someone she wasn't married to.  The instant of recognition brought a blush across her face before she managed to rein her feelings back in.  He was right to suggest it.  She had a free hand, and another examination to perform.  Besides, combining the two might help push Jien along on his path towards climax, allowing the sample to be collected.  She released him long enough to grab a sample container and place it in arm's reached before she was back to stroking the fully erect member, making certain it didn't have to much time to soften back up on her.  Somehow, she had to get her glove properly lubricated for the prostate exam.

"Ever had your prostate checked before?"  She had to ask, to know if he knew what to expect, at least to some degree.  It was common in men over forty to be checked, though not all of them followed that particular rule of thumb.  Again, she had to let him go long enough to grab lubricant, to rub it along the gloved fingers that would soon be delving in.  Maybe Jien wouldn't take as badly to it as most men did.  With his shape-shifting abilities, he had played the role of a female.  That already prepared him for the idea of being penetrated in at least one way.  "Alright, just try and relax and we can try and get this over as quick as possible."

Just three minutes of it.  That's all he had to tolerate.  All she had to tolerate, Kiya slipped a finger in as her other hand went back to his member.  She was now fulfilling two of the requirements, and enough of both of them should have generated the sperm sample, and probably got enough sweat coming from Jien in the process.  It would leave only a single condition to be met, the most difficult one for her to fathom.

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Thomas was still breathing heavily after he had come inside of his captain. He didn't want to waste too much time though as they were on a tight schedule. However, he didn't feel all that repulsed by having to carry out this particular order. He quite enjoyed the feeling to feel himself satisfying the loins of a woman again and he had forgotten how good it felt for him aswell.

He did bring himself to a fully erect state again, but he knew that the woman would be rather sensitive at this point as she had just reached her climax. He regained his breath now and waited for her to comply to his request and he got a bit bolder as he bucked his hips a bit forward as she didn't comply fast enough to his desires. 

As she repositioned herself he let out a moan as he felt his shaft escape the warm sanctuary it had been residing in. A shudder went across his body now and he let her take her desired position now as she placed her legs around his waist. He felt her flat abdomen against his and the heated yet wet groin of her was looking for something. He felt his own member look for company aswell but it only whipped up now and then, as if it was batting against the tight ass of his captain. He enjoyedthe feeling of her nipples brushing against his sweaty yet cooled down chest and he has looking at the curvy breasts before her replied her. "Perfect.." He brought out with a raw voice and he looked up at her, looking her straight in the eye.

He hadn't expected her to ask why he wanted her like this and he shook his head "To keep things..." He searched for his words now as he kept gazing into her eyes, he licked his lips a bit to get them a bit more moist and he continued "To keep things mor-" he broke off his sentence now as he felt her slender hands on his erection again. He closed his eyes now and as he felt how she guided him back to the spot he thrusted forward, just as she sank herself down on him. A soft moan escpaed from his hips and he eagerly complied as she brought his mouth to her breasts. He ravished them with kisses and licks, searching for her nipples. Once he found one he licked it and sucked on it hard.

As they started to work their way again to a new climax, Thomas had little attention to the surrounding. He was focussed on one thing and one thing alone, making his captain feel as much pleasure as she could possibly imagine. 

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

When Kiya blushed after Jien suggested to combine the examinations, a faint smile touched his face at the thought of what she might be thinking. She was very pleasant to look upon, this Trill physician yanked from the history books, and unlike what she had claimed, it had nothing to do with the circumstances. No, rather the raw circumstances served to mar the image of her - as if the bride of a wedding had chosen to partake in mud wrestling.

Then again, that mental image spoke to him at a base level. Just like she now had made him breath a bit hard and thrust a little with his hips to meet her hand's movements. When she asked if he'd had a prostate examination before, he had to swallow and wet his lips before answering. She clearly had done... what she was doing three hundred years ago.

"No," he said calmly, eyes moving between her hand and her face when she spoke to him, "but I am familiar with the p-procedure. A finger is inserted in an angle as if pointing towards the patients abdomen. The finger should stir in a circular motion in order to identify the lobes and groove of the prostate gland. A human-sized prostate g... gland is around 2-4 cm long and triangular in shape. Mh... It should feel firm. Rubbery."

He had spoken to have something to focus upon, but once the little he knew had been spoken. He leaned his head back against the examination table once more, eyes blinking heavily towards the ceiling. Still, his hips surged a little in rhythm to her hand's movements, and his turgid member kept swelling in girth in her gloved hand. She may have told him to relax and that she would try to get this over with as quickly as possible, but once she penetrated him with her lubricated finger and started to rub his prostate gland, his entire body flexed in response - a gasp shuddering out of his throat. Regardless of the circumstances, his cock became as hard as it had ever been in her fingers.

There was no use in pretending any more. Beads of sweat had even begun to form on his muscled bodily frame.

"I do not mind the procedure," he said in earnest, and he swallowed again, locking eyes with her, "and if you'll permit me, I will try to... I will try to make the next step as pleasant for y-you as I possibly can - restraints and all. If we have to do this... and we have no other recourse... why not make the best we can of it?" It needed not be said that if the captor was set on humiliating them and derived pleasure from control, then Jien supposed that was the best thing they could do to thwart the scheme.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

The young pilot made it obvious that he liked her breasts, and Jien gave him a faint and playful smile. Their survival hanged upon them being able to go through with this, so the Captain did as best as she might to keep the Junior Lieutenant interested. It was gratifying, though, that she had to do nothing more than let him see her body for him to react so strongly. And 'Perfect' was a word that a Chameloid - whom spent years to capture a Chosen Form that he/she was satisfied with - enjoyed to hear in such intimate circumstances.

"You like them then?" she asked and ran her fingers through his hair in their intimate embrace, letting him suckle, lick and scrape his teeth against them. For oh, there was no secret she enjoy the attention too.  Not just his mouth, but the way his male organ had risen to attention so soon after having spent himself once already. Now was the time to get the minutes that they needed, and Jien made sure to shift against him as slowly and sensually as possible - drawing out their 'copulation' as best as she might. She kissed him in turn with him kissing her skin, raked her fingers over his body, kept him aroused and interested as best she might without making him cum... since they had yet conditions to meet.

Yet she had to admit, she was not altogether in it just to meet the parameters of the holographic program. She would be a hypocrite if she claimed she did not enjoy the pilot between her legs. Even if he just followed her orders, he had made her enjoy this. For honestly? That was the only ultimate outcome of the program's design: that they were to have enjoyment together.

But whom would merit from that?

Oh... She felt...

"Wait... Don't cum, pull out... You need to pull o-out so that you d-" she tried to say, but it all felt too good, and she came once more, throwing her head back and fogging up the canopy with her convulsing cry of rapture. They still had minutes to go, and they could not afford him to spend himself completely just yet.

Before she managed to say to him to conserve herself, she was beyond words.

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Thomas was curious though if Jien actually enjoyed this, it was an odd idea to come to mind while he was trying to pleasure her breasts and while he was rocking his hips against hers, but the thought nestled itself in his mind. He wouldn't ask her now though as it might jeopordize their objective, but it's not like he could ask her after it either.

His train of thoughts got brought to a halt as she asked him if he liked them. He looked up at her now and let go with a pop of her nipples "I do actually... They're firm, yet soft enough to smother yourself in. I like these things the most to be fair..." He said and he moved his fingers against her hardened nipples. "What about you? Do you enjoy this?" he asked her now and he had noticed how she had slowed down, making every thrust into her more sensual and rewarding. He waited for her answer and continued to stimulate her nipples again and he bit gently into them now, looking up at her.

"Wait... Don't cum, pull out... You need to pull o-out so that you d-

He disobeyed the order as he felt he wasn't near another climax yet, but he realised she was. He smirked a bit and in fact added more thrust now as he felt her walls tighten up around his shaft. He hadn't expected her to cry out like this and he moved his hands over her back now to keep her from falling over. He stopped moving for a while to let her recover now, though his cock twitched now and than inside of her. Gaining a bit more of his confidence he mused "What was that captain?" It sounded teasing, almost taunting as he slowly startedto move again after a few seconds.

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"You're quite knowledgeable of the procedure, though I suppose it is something of a moot point for a Chameloid.  If your body were to develop any sort of poor health, you could just alter your physiology to be back within standard form."  Appendix about to burst?  Shape-shift it out entirely.  Tumor forming?  Make it vanish.  Not being able to make use of his inherent abilities must have left Jien feeling quite vulnerable.  He was trapped in one form, no different then any human being.  Kiya's fellow hosts must have felt the same, not being able to call upon the knowledge of the others when they needed it, an issue she never had.  She was the first Rez, was always on her own.  In some ways, that Symbiont felt like a child to her as well, one that she had passed on so much of herself to.  Even the woman standing before Captain Ives was just a recreation of the real Kiya, made from the memories inside the Symbiont.  She was like a grandchild of the original in that way, not bound to her marital status.

"I want you to know, captain . . . this isn't something I would do in just any case."  Illya probably would have gotten a laugh out of this, but Kiya was not so free with her body.  She saw herself more as a romantic, a woman who would commit to a single man and not stray from that.  It was why she had been so resistant before.  This was about them needing to escape, that was their true motivation in playing along with whatever game they were put in.

The timer was counting down in her head, trying to keep track of how long she had been performing each act for.  The examination of his organ was at two minutes, while the prostate exam just passed it's first.  Sperm sample not yet collect, though he had more then enough sweat on his body for that sample.  She briefly considered that if she didn't get the sperm sample from the organ examination, there was always the possibility of getting it during copulation, though she hoped that he would be done by then, so there wouldn't be so much risk of him releasing inside her.  She didn't know if the body she now possessed was capable of being impregnated, but she knew that in her past life she never used any means of contraception.  If that remained true, she wasn't sure how to feel about what would happen if things got out of hand.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

Hearing the doctor's admission, Jien did not know how to phrase his sympathies for her. That she would not do... this... on a whim was something he'd realised early on. "I understand," he said between ragged breaths - even if they had subsided a little after the initial penetration of his rectum. "While I have only met you now, I deem myself a pretty good judge of character, and I did not take you for the kind of woman who might, either."

A judge of character... That the current Rez symbiont managed to fool.

The examination wore on, a few seconds more, and while aroused, this admission of hers made his mind less inclined to surrender to the pleasure. That she felt dirty in having to commit to sexual stimulation was not exactly helping Jien, whom despite his austere and iron countenance was a chivalrous man when it came to relationships. While pleasurable, and the other examination assisting in the task, Kiya's feelings about this had made his arousal less attentive to her hand's mechanical movements. His hips had come to lessen in their minute thrusts. His member was thick with blood, but not as hard as it had been a minute earlier.

For now, three minutes had passed for the organ examination, with some time left for the other one. For the sake of their task at hand, the conditions to be fulfilled, Jien made the awkward observation. "Had I been able to shift my form, I would have been able to accelerate this... Yet now I am at your mercy."

He tried to think of things that might arouse him enough to spill his seed, and while he had been able to find a few lovers aboard and found enjoyment despite his ship being hunted by the Federation, a memory was not the same as the physical present. He came to look upon Kiya's lips, wanting them upon him - be it his lips or in direct assistance to her task. He tried to imagine her without that blue summer dress, and it served to help - at least a little.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

When asked whether or not she enjoyed this, Jien had to give him a faint chuckle. Was it not obvious she did, even though they had a serious cause for motivation - even forceful conditions? Before her orgasm claimed her, she admitted what ought to have been obvious. "I might have d-done this regardless of the program's parameters..."

Well, they had been set up together, without clothes, but that was beside the point. She had no way to explain this though, since she was shaken by the climax that rolled through her lithe frame. Lieutenant Ravon seemed able to handle himself well, and even made sure she got the proper attention from him and his cock while the spasms rocked her body. When he stilled and let her recover her breath where she sat in his lap, he shoved her a mischievous side with his comment.

"Belay that... As you were, Lieutenant," answered Jien ruefully and leaned forward to kiss him - one of her hands raking through his hair while she shivered in the aftermath. His arousal made itself evident inside her from time to time - throbbing with need for more. His body was honest in its impatience for her to continue, so she did not rest for more than a minute; the recovery easy and the will to continue still present. It was another minute of kissing to meet another of their conditions.

"If the Romulans detect us," she said eventually against his lips, hips only stirring every so little to keep him attentive and hard, "you will have to try and use the weapon systems despite our set course. By then, we will not be able to meet the other two conditions of ours. Yet like this... you can still reach past me and use the controls. So... mmhh.."

She lifted herself off his cock, the feeling of loss inevitable. Again, she climbed around so that she faced the controls, offering her womanhood to his face with her knees on the armrests. Only she thrust herself closer to his mouth now... that she might wrap her hand and mouth around him down in his lap. She twirled her tongue around his head, and then sucked hard on it - her full lips tight around him. Like this, they could meet two conditions at once, only she had to be careful not to make him cum prematurely... since they still had a couple of minutes left of copulation.

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She could notice the change in him, how he took her to her less since she had gone into specifics.  Perhaps she was a mood killer.  So much of sexual satisfaction was tied to a person's emotional state, and she hadn't been the most accommodating to Jien.  It wasn't his fault they were in that situation.  Hell, he was worse off then her, restrained and naked on a surgical bed.  She was a doctor, which meant she should have a good bedside manner, even if she wasn't acting the part of a proper doctor in that moment.  "You know Captain, back when I said I was interested in studying your physiology, I hadn't quite meant in this way.  You were a fascinating subject for my unoccupied mind, thinking about how your shape-shifting function actually worked."  She could at least admit she was interested, even if it was in a purely scientific manner.  It helped bridge a gap between the, bring them from trapped strangers to at least on a friendlier basis.

She saw something in his eyes as the prostate exam was finished.  Something she had seen in the past.  She might have been over 300 years old, but she was still a woman, and she still had her intuition.  "Why, Captain Ives . . . are you picturing me naked?"  She grinned a little more easily, not so uptight as she had been at the start of their "examination."  Removing the glove she had used for his prostate, she picked up a small swab, used it to collect the sweat beading down his brow, satisfying another of the requires placed upon them.  It left only two others to complete.  The sperm sample and the copulation.

"Perhaps this can help with your stimulation," she offered, pulling the sundress up over her head, revealing the white lace underwear that covered her most intimate region.  Her breasts, on the other hand, were uncovered.  She was light in that particular area, only having a B Cup size.  She had swelled up a bit during her time as a breastfeeding mother, nearing C-cup but never quite reaching it.  Now, that perky chest of hers was on display, the faintness of her  skin tone making the pinkness of her areola stand out all the more, not to mention the blush that covered her cheeks.  She was watching for some physical sign from his body that what he saw was at least as good as he had been imagining before that point.  Maybe, depending on his response, she would feel more motivated to complete their objectives.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

While he was thick and turgid in Kiya's hand, Jien had still not brought his mind to a point where he might ejaculate - despite how she stroked him and swirled her fingertip around the edges of his prostate gland. When she spoke, it was apparent that she had noticed the futility of their current endeavour to meet the parameters of the program, and Jien met her gaze - smiling to her faintly.

"Ironic," he said and swallowed, his hips still moving slightly to meet her hand's movements, "that when you now get the chance, my ability to change form has been taken from me... and you still cannot examine it the way you want to. Then again... nngg... you now have intimate familiarity with how... convincing our Chosen Forms are. If we get out of here, I will... make sure that you get to read my journal, at the very least."

Be it as you are now, in a body reborn to the world, or as a facet of my XO. Given the situation, there was no room to dwell on what might become of them after this. For would he really let Edena do a physical evaluation? He was, regardless, certain that whatever Kiya was, she was no hologram, despite how well proportioned she seemed. She was easy to fantasise about, the situation notwithstanding, so generous to the mind as he still tri-

"Why, Captain Ives . . . are you picturing me naked?"

Eyes widening a little, Jien realised that he had, and that he had been caught. Before he began apologising, he noticed the look in her face, and it seemed some warmth had finally developed between them, for she smiled as she retracted her finger from him and came closer. As she leaned over him to swab a sample of sweat from his brow, he returned her smile with pursed lips - breath leaden by her ministrations. Her mere smile had made his body react - his manhood twitching to wakefulness in her milking hand.

"Can you blame me?" he asked, almost ruefully and out of his character, "I told you I found you attractive - even if you did not believe me."

Then, even if she released him with her hand, she goaded him on by her casual hypothesis - made his heart skip a beat when she pulled her dress over her head. His brown eyes had been famished, yet now they feasted upon her feminine frame. The artificial light caressed her fair skin and the swell of her curves. Being that a Chameloid took great care when it came to physical display, Jien found her perfectly distributed in mass and mesh - so very fitting what he had come to learn about her persona. Even though the light blush made her seem embarrassed, she did not appear to be in discomfort any more. No, she seemed to watch him intently for approval, and he gazed back at her - no words uttered. With the dress removed, he was just about to compliment her, when Thea's voice interjected itself.

[Auxiliary condition met: Physician's clothing removed. Subject released.]

And just like that, the restraints that had seemed seamless opened, and Jien wrists and ankles were released. Almost immediately, he sat up on the edge of the examination table - his feet touching the floor. He set his hands on the edge as well and looked around, decided that there was no reason for him to search for control panels or hatches since Kiya had not found them.

His eyes returned to her, and he could not help but look at Kiya's body once more. He was a bit light-headed from sitting up too quickly, but it might just be it had to do with what she had been doing to him. Either way, his manhood was not semi-erect any more. No, it was rigid - such evident honesty in approval.

Now, he had come to tower a bit over her with his carved bronze-coloured frame. Frowning and ignoring the many difficulties of their situation, he aimed to calm her now that he had been released: to try and not scare her when he was not completely at her mercy any more. To reach out and touch her, even if to just stroke her hair, might frighten her or just make her shy back.

"Whether you serve to entice me is not the question," he said hoarsely, aching for her approval to soothe her qualms with his hands. His primal side wanted to lay his mouth upon her as well. For oh, it was now achingly evident that she did stimulate him with her mere appearance. "Rather... what you will permit me."

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The young lieutenant had smiled as she told him that regardless of the program that she might have done this either way. His efforts to drive her to the point where she would climax again had been fruitful to say the least. While he granted her a slight delay of continuing he started to think again for now. Which was as some might say hard enough when most of your blood got pumped to a certain organ.

His thoughts were interrupted however by the order he recieved by his commanding officer. He continued to move inside of her again as he enjoyed the touch of her raking hands through his hair. It had been a small thing, just like a touch or a hug that he missed the most. Life on the ship was harsh at some times but after the Niga incident he had no clue of what had happened to him. His body however seemed to be craving for touches and physical contact in general.

In the meantime he answered the seemingly hungry kisses of Jien as he felt herself grining his groing again. He enjoyed every last bit of it though.

"If the Romulans detect us,you will have to try and use the weapon systems despite our set course. By then, we will not be able to meet the other two conditions of ours. Yet like this..."

He moaned as he felt how his throbbing thick member got removed from the nice and warm environment. However he got presented with something more juicy it seemed as the captain turned around and repositioned herself. He knew what she was going for and he didn't waste any more of their precious time before they would enter Romulan space.

He moved his face closer to her womanhood and caught her scent, it didn't repulse him any way nor did it stop him from what he was about to do next. He brought his mouth closer now and slowly but teasingly slide his tongue over the length of her womanhood. Thomas hadn't even tried to check if he could reach the controls of the weapon systems yet as he was too eager to please the woman.

However while he had done this he felt something else in his lap. The firm grip of Jien her hands and her lips that were pressed around his member now made his gasp now and he had to resist to buck his hips upwards now. "Fuck..." he hissed now and planted his mouth on her womanhood now, sucking equally as hard or even harder as she did. It was as if the lieutenant was trying to make a competition out of this.

However he felt how the change of position and new tactic of the captain was brining him rather close to his new climax. He wanted to warn her, but found his mouth to occupied with other matters.

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When Ives was free of his restraints, able to once again stand and take a proper look at her body, she found herself getting subconscious again.  He had a better view now, would be able to see the imperfections that were present upon her.  Being the body of a mother, kiya had stretch marks around her stomach and sides, which she covered by clasping her hands together in front of her, her arms blocking her sides while her stomach was veiled by her hands.  The freckles that spotted her face and shoulders were much more faint then the ones which lined her body, in accordance with Trill physiology, but she was self-conscious about them in her younger years, which suddenly came flowing back.

One part of her she was happy with was her hips.  She had always been told she was meant to be a mother, thanking to her wide birthing hips.  The way they curved was sensual, added so much to the curvature of her buttocks.  In her late teens, she had received so much attention for her cute butt, something which helped to make up for the lacking breast size compared to so many other women she associated herself with.  She hoped those were what would catch Jien's eye, that they might mask her imperfections and allow her to feel confident again.  She hadn't been a shy girl in a long time, since her wedding night.  Since then, the captain of the Theurgy was the first man to see her body other then the one she had sworn to love, honor and cherish as long as they both should live.

It was only when her heart started thumping less that her mind finally started to work again.  She finally replayed in her head what Thea had said, realized it wasn't a listed parameter from earlier.  It had been activated by the removal of her dress, leaving her clad in nothing but her lacy white panties  "Computer," she called out, hearing the chime that indicated it was ready to listen to her request and to respond in kind.  "State any additional Auxiliary Conditions which remain unfulfilled and what fulfilling these conditions would provide."  If there was one hidden parameter, there might have been others, and if the first one had resulted in the captain being freed from his restraints, it was worth finding out what the others might do for them.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

Despite the doubts of the physician, Jien Ives found no fault in whatever imperfections her form might have had. A permanent form so well preserved and aesthetically pleasing might not have been the abnormally perfected shape of someone who can alter themselves, but it was just that: A permanent form was - to Jien - something exotic. How it naturally changed, progressed, in a cycle that he had been bereft of, and developed on its own into something that they had to dedicate their whole lives to achieve - when he merely had do it over the course of a second or two. In that sense, scars was something entirely exotic: that they told a story and had a permanent presence unless removed with surgery.

Furthermore, no reason for dieting or exercising for the sake of maintaining a physical form. No, for him, it was for the development of skill and for the sake of being as close as he now was to them. Solids, as his supposed remote cousins - the Changelings - called them... in all their beauty.

As to his query about that he was allowed to do if they were to proceed, he received no answer from Kiya, as though she had paused in her slight embarrassment. A pause during which he got the opportunity to admire her form, those breasts that pointed towards him accusingly - as if they wanted to feel his palms upon them. He knew it was a product of his imagination, yet what might he do since she had come to entice him so: both with her hands as well as her bareness.

Just as he was to act; to take them out of their state of indecision, to reach forward and wrap his muscle-roped arms about her lower back and bring his lips down upon one of those pink crests. To rub his thumbs along her spots and... It was then she came to ask for the auxiliary conditions, and perhaps it made things better... or worse. Depended on how you saw things.

[Auxiliary condition: Fellatio. Result: Subject released. Auxiliary condition: Cunnilingus. Result: Subject released. Auxiliary condition: Subject ejaculation. Result: Subject released. Auxiliary condition: Vaginal penetration through copulation. Result: Subject released. Auxiliary condition: Anal penetration through copulation. Result: Subject released. Auxiliary condition: Ten minute delay before copulation is initiated. Result: The USS Augustus is attacked. Auxiliary condition: Twenty minute delay before copulation is initiated. Result: The USS Augustus is destroyed. Physician and subject both terminated. The writer of the program has made the following note: Copulation is strongly advised.]

Frowning where he sat on the edge of the table, Jien asked, "Who is the writer?"

[Identity unknown. Person not listed as a member of this crew.]

"Is this person aboard the ship?"

[Unable to comply. The request returned corrupted data. Please rephrase the question.]

"That is odd. Some form of sensor cloaking?" Yet given the strange nature of the phenomenon that had split up both his morphogenic matrix and Edena Rez's former hosts, the answer could not be so simple. Jien shook his head, and came to lookup to Kiya again. It seemed pretty obvious that they had little choice any more. He, for one, wanted to get out and go to the bottom of what was going on aboard his ship. Therefore, he decided to act, however respectfully he would have to proceed.

"Close your eyes," he said quietly, and reached for her, "imagine it is someone you know. Someone dear to you."

He said this, and he lay his hand behind the small of her back, and did what he had thought he would do. He lay his lips around her left areola, and he framed the breast in his hand - his tongue toying with the bud inside his warm mouth.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

Eyes fluttering with the electrical touch of the Lieutenant tongue upon her, Jien had gripped the base of his member and begun to take it into her mouth - sucking hard on it when she pulled up from his lap.

Positioned like she was, she could survey the controls, casting an eye upon the navigational display now and then whilst she worked to keep the pilot interested and able to perform - securing that they could (hopefully) end the program in time before they were shot down. It was a delicate balance, to fulfil the condition of performing the fellatio without him spending himself just yet.

Gasping, she felt the pilot suck upon her sensitive folds. "Easy, easy," she said and bit her lower lip before returning to his arousal with her mouth - falling into rhythm with his thrusts. She realised that there was competitiveness at play in that they did, given what the Lieutenant was doing, but she would have none of it. She released him to speak again. "Focus on what we need to do... The time... Ah!"

He came, managing to rope a string across her cheek before she could wrap both hands around him and take him into her mouth. No, no, no... she thought as she milked him with her hands and swallowed the cum down her throat, sucking down the taste of him. When there was no semen left to swallow, she turned to look at him. "You have better be able to get it up again for the last condition, else you have doomed us both."

Then again, she was part to blame too. There was, however, several minutes left to continue what they had been doing, so with that admonition, she returned to her task - performing the fellatio as best as she might and trying to keep the pilot eager and willing despite the demands they had to meet.

Such a strange ordeal, so bizarre that this happened so close of a time-point with the Niga Incident. Perhaps, it was related? Yet how could it be?

As they progressed, the minutes ticked by, and eventually, it was time to change position...

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Thomas was moaning, but it was muffled by his actions on her womanhood. the warmth of Jien her mouth was just amazing to Thomas and he kept his eyes closed tight.

Thomas now and then pulled back to catch some air. And he did so again as she told him to easen up, he took the time to check some of the controls, mainly the weapons systems to see if they had any more weapons loaded on the hardpoints. It didn't seem to be the case, but it wasn't easy to pay attention as they captain was sucking pretty hard on his member.

He started to course his tongue through her womanhood again as he felt the sudden pressure build up in his balls and rise all the way through the length of his rod. He couldn't warn her in time and he felt the semen escape. He moaned out louder into her folds as he came. He wanted to hold it back, but she just continued to milk the rest out of him.

As she shot him a look he pulled back out of her and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked at her now and he reacted rather heated about it "I better? Why he hell did you milk every last bit out of me, I was trying to hold it back!"  he bit her back now and he grunted something else she couldn't hear anymore now and he waited for a second before wiping the string from her cheek now.

He continued again with his task at hand and due to his annoyance he was having a harder time to get it up again. He wasn't focussing anymore on pleasing Jien anymore now and he kept his eyes towards the controls on one of his sides now, trying to arm the weapons as he knew they had to figure out something if they ran into trouble.

As the minutes trickled by and it was time to change he somehow tried to override the systems so they could at least have power to their main weapons or some of the counter measures.

OOC: Lucan, leaving you the choice wether or not he manages to get one of the systems or both online, not sure how powerful the God is.

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All the conditions listed shared a common thread; all of them were meant to assure that they were already giving into the conditions of the scenario before Jien would have been freed.  On top of that, there were the last two conditions, meant to encourage they not waste time.  Ten minutes without copulation and the ship would be under attack?  God, how much time had been wasted already?  She had spent a good two, maybe three minutes searching around the room, using the Tricorder and voicing her hesitance to follow through.  After that, there might have been about four minutes since they started, the prostate exam finishing around that four minute mark.  That left them with about three minutes to begin copulation before they were under attack.  Anyone disturbed enough to place them in a situation like this surely turned off safety protocols.  If the holographic ship was destroyed, they would be too.

With the need to hurry along that which Kiya had been stalling too long, she closed her eyes as instructed, allowed Jien's hands, his mouth, to work their way along her chest.  Her mouth fell open as she released her first ragged breath of air.  It felt good, she couldn't deny.  Years without a body had left her all the more sensitive to touch, especially in a place like her breasts.  She was brought back to the memory of how much more sensitive they became after she had her first child.  She thought it was due to their new role as a food supply at first, but after that had passed, they were still so easily aroused by a touch, by a kiss.  More then once, she had been given to orgasm just through playing with her breasts alone.

"We don't . . . have much time," she said, struggled out really.  All she wanted to do was keep breathing, keep control, but just trying to talk that little bit left her moaning softly, her hand pressing to Jien's head, keeping his face against her chest, treating her like only a lover could.  This wasn't copulation.  Ciopulation would only officially begin when he was inside her.  If they didn't start soon, the Augustus would be under attack, making any attempts from there much more difficult.

Of course, she couldn't lie that a piece of her wanted this.  Though she had resisted at first, now she wanted that decadence.  She wanted to be treated as a woman.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

The reminder about what Thea's voice had said did not pass by unheard, yet nor did the appreciation in Kiya's sounds when Captain Ives finally got to touch her. To kiss her.

He passed his warm mouth and tongue over to her other breast, and the hand that did not hold her to him slid inside her white panties - knowing her feelings about this from the heated wetness that his fingers met down there. He was a little bit surprised by it, pleasantly so, and he raised his face to look into her face - closed eyes or not. Without a word, he pulled her further forward, her breasts brushing against the hard planes of his chest while his fingers gently stroked along her dewy crevice. He pulled her forward so that he could cover her mouth with his own; to let her remember whatever lovers she'd had in her real life - or whatever she might be imagining happened to her while they indulged in their captor's game.

For it was obvious that Jien was already committed; in how his rigid manhood brushed against her when she stood so close. What she had done to him had made him so aroused he doubted he needed much before they had the required sperm sample. He was still kissing her as he turned them around... so that her bottom was against the edge of the examination table. He still swirled his tongue around hers when he pulled down her panties over her curvaceous hips. She was wet enough, and he was ready enough. It was all a matter of taking that last step.

"I will be gentle," he rasped against her lips and lifted her up on the edge of the table with his strong arms. He supported her with one arm behind her back, and gripped the base of his member in order to brush it along her outer labia - exposed to him as she was propped up where she was on the table. His mouth had already resumed kissing her, and as soon as he felt the crown of himself nestle into her heated opening, his free hand came up to caress her breasts - his rough thumb stroking over a hardened nipple.

With minute movements, he began to work himself inside her - the head entering first. Then the rest of him - inches gained with each small surge of his hips. Her slick inner walls expanding for him, and his thickness swelling at the feeling of her swallowing him up. His breath heavy against her, he knew it would not be ten minutes until they had the sample they needed.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

It was true, in retrospect, that Jien might have quenched Lieutenant Ravon's semen from escaping him. Alas, she had thought it too late since he had ejaculated in her face already.

The language he used in his objection, however, did not merit any kind of apology form her side - rather the reversed. "Remember whom you're fucking with, Lieutenant," she said and squeezed his penis in her hand, the admonition lighter than the first, yet nonetheless sharp. They would have to deal with it if they were to survive; to complete the parameters as effectively as possible. She hoped his mumbling were an apology back there, but either way, he did her the courtesy to clean her chin while she continued.

Though he was not as hard as before when Jien resumed her ministrations in his lap, not to mention her surveillance on the controls, she could still perform the fellatio adequately. The pilot's cock was thick with blood even if it was not hard, and therefore easier to take into her mouth. As for the cunnilingus, her sex was not as sensitive any more, and she enjoyed it on a detached level - him not too focused either - since the both of them were rather stressed out about the fact that they were about to enter Romulan space. Still, he had her wet and ready for him - her thighs trembling with her bodily response.

Just as their oral tasks were completed and Jien raised herself up with straight arms upon his knees, the controls chirped negatively in response to Thomas Ravon's attempts to override some locked systems. Thea's voice, however, gave them some good news.

[Auxiliary conditions met: Fellatio and cunnilingus. Result: Weapon systems activated.]

A measure of relief came to Jien's mind and she turned around in in Thomas' lap again. Facing him, she pressed her body to his, now eager to get him excited anew so that they could meet their last condition. She kissed him hard, her tongue searching his, and she rubbed herself against the base of his thick cock. "Show me what you are made of, Lieutenant," she whispered against his ear, taking his earlobe into her mouth and biting it lightly. She goaded him on. "I know you want more. You can make it before the Romulans find us. Come now, fill me up again, I know how big and hard you can become. You have me all wet and hot, so please, do it - take me. Take me now. We have four or five minutes left, then we are safe... I want you inside me now, Lieutenant..."

She had wrapped her lithe frame around him, legs about his waist and her arms around his neck - grinding down and rubbing her breasts against his chest. It was true that she was wet, and her nipples were scraping against his skin. Her breath against his ear was warm, and she let him keep an eye on the controls across her shoulder.

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As Jien squeezed onto his penis, the lieutenant let out a gasp and he closed his eyes. It was true, he had forgotten, for a split second, that she was still his commanding offcier, regardless. He wasn't apologising either way to her as he was thickheaded like that.

Thomas closed his eyes for a second as the captain started he work again on his member. though Thomas liked it, he didn't enjoy it to the fullest. The shaft just drained empty of any seed left in it, he had to givee it some rest before he could get it up again completely. Slowly but surely though, more blood started to course through it again and it slowly erected a bit, but not to his previous level.

In retrospect he probably was doing a sloppy job to please Jien her womanhood as he was trying to focus on the controls, he kept up a steady yet repetetive motion of licks and every now and then he sucked up her wetness as it started to drip off his chin. He cursed as the control chirped negatively to his efforts but he lsitened and brightened up a bit as he heard Thea. Weapons active, at least that was something...

Thomas was convinced that he could take out a couple of Romulan ships if the situation would present itself. It could buy them some more time to finish their copulation. He looked how the captain changed position again and installed herself again in his lap. Wondering if she was still angry at him for the earlier dispute, Thomas looked her straight in the eye and he welcomed her lips and pushed his tongue against hers as she kissed him hard and deep.

He listened to the motivations of the captain and even while it was rather pleasent and arousing, he wasn't really motivated enough to get hismelf compltely up. It all felt like she was trying to push things now. Eventhough she turned him on though, he had a bad feeling about it. He placed his hands on her butt now and he squeezed gnetly into the soft skin and he felt how his shaft stayed mildly erected as she grined her loins against it. He remained silent and tried to focus, he wanted to survive. He looked at the controls and checked slowly what weapons they had.

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"No need to be too gentle.  I'm not some little innocent girl," Kiya replied.  She was a woman who had three kids.  She was no stranger to sex, even if it had been a while since she had taken part in it.  He was vaguely aware of Illya and Jona's sexual exploits, but not like she was with Edena, perhaps because her mind was fragmented, not some blend of who she was with someone new.  Edena's sexual activity had been few and far between, and when she had acted, Kiya kept herself separate, tuned it out so she was not aware, even if she didn't actually feel it. 

Now, she was feeling it.  The attention to her breasts was thorough, as though they were some separate being that Jien had to take care of just as well as he was taking care of what laid beneath her underwear.  The feel of his hand brushing over the neatly groomed pubic zone, towards her womanly entrance, was such an utterly arousing experience.  Her eyes opened, saw him and some some imaginary lover she kept in her mind.  "When a man is attentive to a woman, he deserves to have that attention repaid," she told him, assured that she would not escape from reality, but acknowledge who her lover was at that moment.

Kiya had felt her backside press to the examination table, as well as the strong arms that wrapped her up and lifted her onto it.  She supported herself with arms behind her, bracing her just as much as Jien's arm around her.  In a show of willingness, she spread her thighs, her feet against the edge of the table, giving him a full, uncensored look at what laid between her legs.  It was the kind of pose an innocent couldn't give.  Kiya was an experienced woman, not ashamed of her womanhood.  As Jien began to penetrate her, she started drawing in a slow, deep breath, one that arched her back and pushed out her breasts.  Not until he was fully sheathed did her breath begin to exhale, a smoldering look in her eyes as he feet raised, legs wrapped around his waist, inviting him to ravish her.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

Hers was a look of invitation if Jien had ever seen one.

His eyes met her stare and he began to thrust, rigidly, harshly, tensing his shaft as it slid through her. One of Jien's hands came to rest on her breast, the other still pushing her against their joining. His lip was caught between his teeth to muffle the groan that came in response to the sudden maddeningly tight, wet heat that enveloped him. Wordlessly, he had begun to move, his hips surging and falling in a slow, steady, hard rhythm at first. Withholding a loud groan, he tipped his head back, revelling in the contraction of her muscles around him.

He barely kept himself from ejaculating - loosing the sample they needed.

Trying to focus, he stared in fascination as her body rolled against his, her nether lips rubbing against his pelvis repeatedly in their movements. The chilly air in the surgical suite contrasting with her hot flesh as she squeezed him against her with her legs - her breasts jumping with the force of it. His head was reeling; his whole body on edge as he rolled his hips firmly into her, his nerves jerking each time the movement between them caused friction. He leaned down over her, unable o keep his mouth away from her body. He licked and sucked at her breasts and the skin of he neck, kissed her, seeking her tongue with his own.

Two minutes, at the very most, then he felt the pressure building in the base of his shaft yet held on as long as he could - thrusting mechanically, straight in and out of her, a tiny gasp escaping his lips every time. She had enticed him long enough whilst he had been in restraints. He could bear it no longer and before he came inside her...

...he fumbled for the container on the table, his phallus throbbing as his juice rushed through it. He was pulling out and trying to grip around his base in time to stop it from gushing all over her...

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

She tried to entice the Lieutenant, though as she had suspected, they were challenged in their undertaking since he had come twice already.

"Fuck me, that's an order, Lieutenant Ravon," she growled, the lop-sided grin she gave him as she smothered her breasts against him a fierce encouragement and not meant as the strict order it sounded like. She kissed him then, splitting his lips open with her own and taking his attention away from the controls. The forceful way in which she kissed him pushed his head back into the seat, and she raked her nails into his hair.

Eventually, with his swaying member glistening wet from the way she had grounded against him, she reached down with one hand and seized the base of him - coaxing him against her warm opening. "Come here now... here is where you belong," she whispered against his lips, leaning forward to lick at his ear just as she helped his semi-erection enter her anew.

Once safely inside, she lowered herself down against him - pushing down and down until she was certain he could go no deeper. She then rocked against him, pushing herself against his pubic bone, making his shaft jump inside her. Only when securely inside her did she rock her hips back and forth against him, rubbing her clit on his body, yet surrendering not an inch of his shaft from herself. Not yet, for she would make sure he was hard enough before she ever let up on the closeness of their actions.

Even as the navigational controls chirped from sensor contact, Jien did not cease in what she did. She only looked over her shoulder, glaring at the ETA of the three dots on the screen. "We have three minutes... nnnhh... then we have to defend ourselves too."

She turned back to him, and kissed him anew. She liked his lips, this young pilot, almost as much as her lithe body fitted against his in the pilot seat.

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They had completed the required sample, checking one more thing off their list.  Kiya wasn't exactly counting, lost in the moment with Jien, but she did know for sure that it was no way in hell past ten minutes of copulation.  Once the sample had been sealed, her legs wrapped around him like a lasso, pulling the captain back to her, not because it was required of her anymore, but because she truly desired to see it through.  Her body was awake now, famished from so many years of abstinence that she couldn't let the act end until she had gotten her fill, until both of them got their fill.

"We need to keep going," she said, not clarifying to her partner if it was because of the requirements or her own wishes.  She would let him choose to believe whichever option he preferred.  Either way, she reached down and grabbed the base of his erection, guided it back to her entrance and slipped him inside.  She didn't do so with care, but with haste, needing to feel whole again.  It wasn't until she had a man inside her again that she realized how empty she felt without it.  God, I must be starting to think like Illya now . . . but I need this.  If I am to go back to being a ghost inside Edena's mind after this is over, I at least want this body to have a fond farewell!

Kiya motioned her own hips, gyrating little circles to make certain her partner stuck every sensitive zone she could find for him.  Her breathing was getting deeper, more desperate, like she could see a finish line somewhere in the distance and was doing everything she could to reach it.  She reached up and pulled him down, pressing her face against her breasts.  His mouth tending to them had felt so good.  She wanted that feeling again.  It had been too long since they served a use other then nursing.  She had probably been in the late twenties the last time a man had given her moderate endowments that kind of attention.

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Too preoccupied with the targetting system and weapons controls, the lieutenant had lost most of his attention to doing the clear task at hand. He stopped fiddling with the controls though when he got the order and he diverted his eyes to Jien. She had this grin on her face. He felt her soft warm breasts against his face again now and he bit playfully in one of them before he looked back at her. He didn't get much time to respond as she started to kiss him and he fought her way into his mouth with her tongue. He was strapped back by her and he moved his hands over her side and gripped her by the waiste.

Thomas let out a moan as she planted the semihard erection into her and he closed his eyes a bit tighter now. 'Is it really?' he questioned himself now but the warmth and tight hugging walls welcomed him. He felt his cock rise up again by it and after a few seconds he had grown back to full length inside of her. The fact that she had pulled him as deep as she could when he was semi hard only made it more tighter for the lieutenant to grow to full erection. He grinned a bit and started to move his hips deep inside of her now and it was as if he was like an old diesel engine from the 20th centure, slowly starting to get into action, but probably unstaoppable once it ran. As she rubbed her clit against his body, thomas made sure she wouldn't get to move away from it anymore, he wanted her to use her clit on him the entire time for their last fuck.

Thomas looked over her shoulder aswell as he heard the sensors chirp and he knew this was going to be a close call. He picked up the pace and sucked on the collarbone of the captain as he kept looking at the controls. He diverted his eyes and gave her breasts the attention that they fully needed after she kissed him. He moved one hand away from her wiste now and grabbed her other breast, rubbing it roughly and tugging at her nipple.

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[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 01 | USS Augustus ]

Kiya's voice came through the haze of Jien's climax, and she pulled at him as he stood by the table with the filled container in hand.

"We need to keep going."

Jien made no argument as he was brought back to her with her legs around his waist - realising that she was very insistent by the way she commandeered him and settled him inside her anew. Before he realised what had happened, much less that his cock would come to a notion that the excitement was over, she had his whole length inside and was gyrating her hips to stroke his sensitive length. He shuddered in pleasure all up his spine as her love channel stroked him so soon after he had ejaculated. How could any man not respond to that? It took merely seconds before Jien had embraced her, kissed her, and settled his warm lips upon one of her hardened crests.

With an increased rhythm, the Captain ground himself into the physician of yore - his legs pushing against her with the thrusts. The examination table would not budge from the ground, and that made Jien all he more able to make his movements more insistent - more firm than the careful and moderated pace he'd kept before to gain precious seconds of copulation before he spent his seed. His calloused palms ran over her body where she lay on the table, and his mouth wandered between hers and her nipples - both pointing at him demandingly. He found himself pinching one of them lightly, and to scrape his teeth against the other.

Minutes wore on in a haze of detached pleasure, until one of Jien's hands came to her hip and pulled her closer to him - making her bottom almost lean over the edge of the table. That way, he came to brush against her clit more roughly at the end of his surging movements against her. He supported her with his arms underneath her thighs, and both hands ran up her sides to cup over her breasts. He looked down into her eyes, and he changed the tune to the ancient dance they partook in - his arousal restored fully to its former glory and going deeper into her. He kneaded her breasts slowly, breath heavy as he looked deep into her eyes, and focused on the here and now instead of the game they were forced to play.

He focused on her instead, and what he might do to repay her for the pleasure she had given him - devoting himself fully to her contentment.

[ Holodeck 01 | Partition 02 | Flight Simulation ]

When the pilot seemed to respond to her at last, Jien let out a throaty chuckle of gratification. To feel him stiffen and rise to the challenge made her oddly pleased, more so because it felt good to have him hard and ready when she rocked her hips back and forth in his lap. She came to find herself oddly pleased with the way he paid attention to her breasts again, forgetting the ETA and their predicament for the sake of enjoying his teeth and his hands upon her body.

"Mmhh, that's right, Lieutenant, that's right..." she rasped to him when he began to move his hips in response to her own movements, and their pace resumed its febrile and frantic rhythm in the pilot-seat. Sweat coated their bodies, the glass canopy fogged up from their excitement, and the temperature of the tight confines had made Jien's throat raw. She raked her fingernails across his shoulders and down his chest as they fucked each other like animals in heat.

"L-Let me turn around, so that... Nnhh..." No breath or reason to explain. It was evident why she wanted to face the controls in due time - to see and to assist however she might. "We need the helmets too..."

She raised her hips and his glistening length popped free from her sheath for a couple of seconds while she hurriedly turned around. Once she had, she grabbed him as she leaned forward and brought him back where he belonged. Her other hand fished up her own helmet from the floor of the cockpit, and as she leaned back against his chest and rolled her hips against him, she struggled to get her helmet on again. She was no expert, but she knew that the Valkyrie-issue head gear held features that might come in handy. No more had she managed to push the button that lowered her visor than she felt another orgasm form at the base of her womb - spreading out in violent contractions through her whole pelvic area.

"Ah! Ahh!! Ahhh!" She threw her head back against his shoulder. Her sounds were screeching static across the comm system, yet she hardly cared at that point, instead reaching down to stroke the area of their joining with her fingers while it lasted. She rubbed her clitoris and the base of his piston with one hand, the other grabbing a frantic hold upon the arm rest as the climax passed through her body. She felt her sheath spasm around his hardness as she rolled her body against his in the seat - brutally extorting every minute friction he might give her. "Ahhhh!"

The time of reckoning was almost upon them.

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Thankfully it didn't take much to coax the captain into resuming, Kiya's voice releasing small whimpers, not of pain, but contained pleasure.  It had been a long time since she was free with her voice, choosing to stifle it over the years to allow herself to still enjoy her marriage bed even with sleeping children in the other rooms.  Old habits died hard, but those controlled whimpers spoke just as much as the loudest, most satisfied moans of pleasure.  She was enjoying herself, and at that point no longer cared about fulfilling a time limit.  She just wanted them both to come to completion, to be fully satisfied by one another.  Kiya never had another lover but her husband, no one to compare the act of love making to, but Jien was living up to expectations. 

Even as she was repositioned, her rear no longer having any support other then her partner's arms firmly upon her thighs.  The change brought deeper pleasures, ones she hadn't known in her quiet, rather content marriage.  She had kept her love making to a bed, and all that the bed pertained.  This was new, unexpected, and quite wonderful.  Her hands came over his, pressing them deeper against her flesh, wanting to feel their presence.  Kiya had always been quite submissive in the bedroom, and the feel of strong hands made her feel safe, secure.  She followed the direction of her lovers well, picking up on their subtle cues to know just what she had to do.  Whenever Jien changed his motions, he would find Kiya did the same, becoming a perfect compliment each time.

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Even though Jien might have been able to continue in the same position he had them in, he soon let her set one foot down to the floor - pulling her up against his chest with one arm behind her back.

"You feel wonderful," he rasped to her and kissed her lips - still holding one of her legs up in the hook of his arm and a hand upon her hip. He had pulled her up to grind into her at a rising angle, and so that he might lay his warm mouth against hers as well as her breasts - those modest yet firm and responsive mounds that wanted so much more from him. So he hugged her close and held her up right with her bottom on the edge of the table. His sweaty skin against hers, his cock grinding itself to the hilt as he moved, and his mouth seeking whatever came in its way. "You are wonderful."

Fierce became their lovemaking, grunting and needful, carnal desperation for fulfilment yet unknown. To spare her the strain of the upright position, Jien soon retreated for a moment to turn her around, insistently yet gently bending her forward over the examination table. His hands raked up her sides and gabbed a hold before pushing himself inside her once again. Yet despite how he fucked her from behind, it was not with the lack of bodily contact that you might expect from such a position. No, Jien leaned over her frame and reached around her - cupping her breasts in his fingers, pinching at them as he moved against her. He brushed his teeth against her back, and he nibbled her ear, whispering. "I wish I would have you as my physician from this point on... no matter what happens next."

And he did not stop, still thrusting deep into her as he had spoken to her - smouldering kisses coming to trail across her shoulders. What he said made little sense, just as their current situation. No matter what strangeness it would mean if implemented upon the real world outside the surgical suite, he meant what he said, in the fashion of his words being a brutal honesty. The attraction might be base in nature, without real romance, yet nonetheless real and making the charade they were in become something more than a mere game.

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She felt wonderful, no doubt partly in thanks to his encouraging words.  Sure, her husband never had any complaints in the years they were married, but that was the opinion of one man.  Having someone new to confirm it was a bit of a relief, though it actually made her stifle a small laugh.  Seeking approval as a lover.  Sounds more like a thing for the young, Kiya.  It was hard to feel like an old woman when she was in her youthful body, though.  The years had melted away and left a woman in her sexual prime, and to be entwined with another, she finally saw how true a blessing that was.

"I suppose you'd want me as a full time physician if this is what you plan to do.  I have a feeling Lieutenant Commander Nicander wouldn't be bending over for you like this," she teased.  The bending over was even something new.  God, had her sex life truly been so mundane that even just having her back turned to her lover was something new and exciting?  But it was.  It truly was.  Motions felt deeper, sensations stronger now that she couldn't see much of what was going on.  Jien's strong hands grasping her breasts felt so incredible.  It felt like it took everything in her not to . . .

"Mmmmph!"  It was happening anyways, despite her desire to prolong herself.  Her climax was starting, tingling all the way from the tips of her toes up to places she didn't even know she could feel it in.  Around the time her split ends started to calm down from their own micro-orgasms, her body fell limp, breathing heavily but so suddenly drained of life.  If she were a starship, she had just depleted all her power surviving the surge of energy that burst through her shields and rocked her like nothing before.  "My legs," she said, as they started to show signs of buckling.  She was about to collapse into the floor from sexual exhaustion.  Damn, she wasn't prepared for this.  She was out of practice.

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Her breathless, urgent gasps goaded Jien Ives on, kissing her bare back - the burning silky nakedness of her splayed out across the examination table before him.

As for the mentioning of the Chief Medical Officer, she gave him the errant thought that he believed Dr. Nicander to be bisexual and that it was nor such an alien idea as the Trill thought. Not like Jien entertained that idea, as exotically attractive as his Câroon CMO might be. Especially not now. Now, when she was warm like honey in his hands. His fingers charted her - cupped a breast in each hand and gently kneaded them. Stroked her aching rosy tips. He rolled the aroused peaks in his calloused palms until he gave her a belated answer. "Full time... any time... many times..."

Oh, how she answered his thrusting hips, bucking and arching and colliding in perfect rhythm. He felt her beginning to climax before she made the sounds, and she came with soul-shattering intensity, convulsed into a chain of spasms around him. He knew he could not pause then, giving her non-ceasing thrusts throughout her climax. Even as she shuddered in the aftermath, he ground himself into her - the whole of the sensation making him utter a harsh groan of masculine satisfaction.

She protested that her legs were giving out, and he felt them do. Yet Jien helped as best as he might - straightening to his full length behind her. He was a wall of hard contours, muscle and sinew, and as he seized her hips, he supported her legs where she lay across the examination table. His thrusts started again, since they could not loose time, and he felt the shivers of her sheath all the way up the tightness of his abdomen and to the muscles of his chest.

He was a sculpted creature, being a Chameloid, with muscles that rippled down his arms, his flat stomach and strong legs while he moved against her. A strength preserved by his abilities in defiance of his age, and as he thrust his bronze length into her while holding her hips, he forced the breath from her lungs each time.

Now, upright as he was, he could admire the landscape of her back, the twain rivers of her spots going down her sides, and her eye-fetching bottom. He saw his shaft driving into the petal-soft folds of her womanhood. They were beautifully swollen, soft and flushed pink with arousal. It was where his male strength thrust into her heated, wet sheath, and it was mesmerizing to watch - to the point where he felt himself almost coming again. Something they could not afford. It would be a dire thing given the time they had left.

So he pulled out, gasping, and turned her around in his arms. Meeting her eye, he seated himself upon the floor, pulling her down to him by the hand. "Come here," he said, jaw hard in restraint. He wanted her to straddle his hips, and even though he wanted release, he knew that the position - with her facing him - made for less depth of penetration. Perchance, also less chance that he might come prematurely.

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