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Topic: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Beginning - Ante Meridiem] (Read 17445 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Ante Meridiem]

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His body on top of hers, Lucan surged against her - grinding his viral meat into her forcefully whilst holding her in his chiselled arms. Each surge smothered her breasts against his chest - feeling her hardened nipples upon his skin as they moved. She had lifted her legs and given him deeper means for penetration, which he slowly came to exploit in full. Their bodies sweaty in the humid air, the heat between them making their skin damp with perspiration, it was as if their infected - nay, blessed - selves were one individual. One of equal intent, and equal need for more. For neither of them would be satisfied with them alone. No, this was merely the beginning - savoured in full.

For the time, though, they had each other in their common needs - enjoying each other to the fullest extent without inhibitions or complicated emotions to it. What they resorted to in the grass and dirt was pure, unbridled and free. Yes, sexual freedom to spread as far as they could, because the rest lived in ignorance.

With fiery kisses and tattooed hands roaming the skin of her body as best as he might, the last few inches of his thrusts allowed him to sheath himself fully - pressing against her sensitive clit each time. His swollen sack slapped against her too at the end of the movements. Never had the man formerly known as the Chief Medical Officer hoped to bury himself in this particular sheath, and yet here he was - riding the breakers of their common passion all the way to the hilt. She even cried his name, moaning for more.

"Come on then, m'dear," he said and smiled against her nipping teeth before he sat back - pulling her into an upright position in his lap without letting his cock escape her tight confines. He was breathing heavily, mouth dry, yet he still wrapped his arms around her waist and assisted her in riding up and down his meat - now straddling his lap. With his arms around her, he let her bodily weight  assist in bringing her down unto himself. He had freedom to kiss, lick and nip at her breasts when she was in his lap, so that he did greedily - feeling that her nigh virgin vaginal passage was going to make him cum from the friction.

His increased amount of infected semen would soon brim her insides - filling her to the point of overflowing. Arms wrapped around her, he ground her down upon their joining mercilessly - their glistening and dirt-stained bodies moving as one. His pale grey eyes sought hers at long last, and it was time - his eruption seconds away.

And then it came with the force of his cry - the molten feeling of his seed spilling inside and out of her as they continued to dance in their pagan rhythm - abject of restraints.

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