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Skye liked being pushed to the point of pain and his grip in her hair and literal slamming into her with his meaty cock was enough to bring her quickly to that point with him.  There was no thought spared for the guards outside, no thought of anything but this man with her.

When he bared his teeth at her, she mirrored him with a feral growl and sank her nails into his shoulder she was holding to keep from sliding across the table.  Hearing a bit of a cracking sound, there was a momentary worry it would break and they would fall to the floor but then he arrived.

His bellow was joined with her own as she leaned forward and bit his chest, the blood on her tongue tasting sweet as he ground and pumped her full of his seed.  When finally she was able to see again, she pulled back and licked her ilps clean.  "I can hardly wait to build back your stamina," she grinned wickedly.

Keeping him firmly buried within her, she embraced him in a more loving fashion.  "Whether Betazoid or Klingon, you are always most welcome," she purred and nuzzled his neck.  "Think you can carry me to bed ... let us rest a bit?" she chuckled lustily.  She wouldn't wear him out this time at least.

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Almost immediately, he seemed to come again, as her teeth sank into his flesh.  He barely felt any of the pain and only the pleasure, but even so he could tell it was probably deeper than any other bite he'd ever received while having sex.  She very obviously was stronger than most women her size, with the way she'd taken him and her methods.  That she'd enjoyed the pain as much as he had was incredible to him, but there was no doubt she had, not with the way he touched her confirming his desires.  He managed to pick up the sound of cracking a moment before he rested his wait on her and pulled away, his glistening erection sliding out of her with an audible pop.  He closed his eyes for a moment, catching his breath and when she spoke, he opened them again and gazed down at her, "I'm starting to wonder if you might actually be able to handle all of me when I do.  There are very few females outside of Klingon space who can."

Moving to her right side, he slid one arm beneath her legs and the other along her upper back, easily lifting her, though he knew he wouldn't be able to for long.  Already he could feel exhaustion sinking in and was relieved it was only a few short feet to the bed.  Laying her down, he pulled the blanket back and wrapped it around her before laying at her side, "Can I assume by the always welcome part that you wouldn't mind me sharing your... well, your quarters again?  I would say your bed, but we really didn't make it that far."

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Gazing up at him, there was amusement in her expression though still a bit of a lustful haze.  "If I pop something out of joint, just snap it back in place.  If it breaks, there's always the doc.  Old Earth expression ... no pain, no gain," she replied.

There was a moment of concern when he lifted her easily but seemed to sag a little halfway to the bed.  As they lay there, she placed her hand on his chest and looked down at him.  "You need to rest and I promise I won't molest you," she said with a grin but he would be able to sense her real concern for him.

A tender expression took over when he asked if he could join with her again.  "You are welcome here, whether it's the bed or table or floor, yes.  Who knows though, you will probably get better quarters and I hope I can visit with you there too."

Brushing the hair off his forehead, her fingertips caressed along the brow ridges.  "I will never hold you back or imprison you in any way.  As soon as the captain clears you, I hope you'll get out and meet people so you won't feel so alone like you did before.  You're too special to keep hidden away,' she said with a sweet kiss.

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It horrified him just a bit when she mentioned popping things and breaking bones.  He'd never wanted to hurt anyone in his life... well, at least, most of the time.  He'd spent a lot of time working through his Klingon need for blood, or so he thought.  But... he couldn't deny there was a part of him that growled hungrily to explore sex as a Klingon would, with the biting and fighting and as rough as they both could be.  It appealed to him in a way that surprised him, never having previously met a woman, human or otherwise, who was willing to even try.  As her words sank in, followed by her kiss, he met it gently for a few moments, then slid his hand into her hair once more, pressing her lips tighter against his own, as his once-dwindling erection grew back to full.  He wondered if he had the strength for anything exhausting and doubted it, so it'd have to wait, but he could certainly please her, and himself, at least once more.

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Though she didn't have his Betazoid abilities, she could pretty much tell what he was thinking just by his expressions.  That look of shock when she'd spoken of dislocations and breaking of bones turning into one of possibilities brought a hint of a smirk.  Perhaps the holodeck would be an appropriate place for them so they could break things without worry.

When he returned the kiss, she was surprised but pleasantly so when he deepened it and stirred erect again.  "Now how did you know I love seconds?" she teased lustily and before he could blink she was straddling him, her fingertips pressing firmly into his chest as she leaned forward to lip his earlobe.  "You did all the work last time so now it's my turn," she purred and nipped at his neck.

Her body teased his, lips and tongue dancing along his and hands roaming his torso.  His member was being teased as well, that firm backside rubbing its length as she worked her hips up and down.  She wasn't cruel though, eventually easing herself up and then essentially dropping herself down on him.  He was buried completely within her and she shimmied with pleasure, a feral growl flowing past pursed lips.

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"Who doesn't," Scosche answered, grinning boyishly up at her, delighted that she shared his growing passion.  He wouldn't have pressed on for a second go, being too much of a gentleman for that, but her own desires matched his own and, after a moment's thoughts, perhaps exceeded them.  She was certainly unlike most women he'd met and well above them, just from understanding the needs of his Klingon side.  He'd only experimented with one other woman and had never seen or heard from her again, not that he blamed her.  When she'd left, she'd born the wounds of the hardest sex he, and she, had ever had.

For the moment, he was content to let her lead, to take charge, but knew he would want to be male.  Still, he groined at the feel of her, and his breath stopped for a moment as she seated him deep within.  Her tightness was exquisite and everything he could hope for in a lover, and judging from her mental responses, she felt the same of him, the fact of which made him groan again with increased pleasure.  He'd always felt more masculine knowing the pleasure he brought to those he shared a bed with.

Fully seated, he quivered in reaction to her movements and thrust up with his hips, knowing he couldn't get any deeper, but it allowed him room to withdraw enough to thrust again.  His growl matched hers as he slid into her once more.  His hands slid up her thighs and grasped her hips, pulling her down as he pushed up, the action setting the entire bed beneath them to thudding into the wall.

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"Only those who don't enjoy the firsts," Skye chuckled richly and gave him a saucy wink.  "I did promise not to molest you but I seem to be breaking that promise.  Better be careful or there'll be thirds and midnight snacks, waking early for breakfast ..." she teased him lustily.

Apparently he had just enough breather to give some back and her nails dug into his sides along his ribs when he thrust up into her.  She should have known he'd need to still take charge a little and sent a little mental thank you for going to look for that material in the cargo hold.

Whether she was on top or bottom, there was just something about a man taking her by the hips and slamming into her.  With his guidance, she rose until he nearly popped out of her and then dropped back down as he thrust up into her.  Along with the thuds of the bed, her voice could be heard in soft growls of pleasure.

Over and over she moved along him, rising up to fully impale herself on him.  Every slam jarred her breasts until she took hold of them, squeezing them and tugging at her engorged nipples.  Her strong thighs continued to ripple with motion as she let go completely, intent to please the man below her.

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So many sensations filled him, everything driving him to thrust harder and pull her down with all his strength.  More than just being alone all those months made him want to please her.  With every determined push of his hips upward, he sought to fill her with his length.  Groaning, he sat up, taking a nipple between his teeth and biting down, trying to temper his desire to draw blood with her pleasure.  He desired to see her come again, to feel her tight sheath ripple orgasmically around his plunging staff, her skin grow rosy as her blood rushed through her.  That moment would come, he knew, when everything faded to nothingness, when all that mattered was the explosions of ecstasy drove away all thought and circumstance.  What she would allow and wouldn't. could wait until he was better able to assess them, and right now, it was enough to be with her.

Soon enough, his motions became erratic, his hips hunching and his breath hitching as he felt his release approaching rapidly.  Pulling back from her breast, he leaned his head back and growled, doing his best to hold off until he felt her readiness.  If he had to be stuck on this ship, being with this woman would make it worthwhile and he could only hope she would feel the same, especially if they tried to utilize his more ferocious side during sex.

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Things were getting a bit wild and Skye could feel her hair flinging about with every impact but there was only a lusty chuckle as he sat up and sucked hard on her nipple.  "Ooooo that's nice," she growled and sank her nails into his shoulders as she dropped herself down hard on his shaft.

He could sense her definite pleasure, taking the bit of pain as simply part and parcel then reveling in all the sensations.  Over and over she felt herself slammed upward and the grinding of their bodies bringing her rapidly to that end they both desired.  "Harder," she 'commanded' and then felt the tightening.

Soon his motions became less focused but no less wonderful and she leaned her head back, unabashedly moaning in ecstasy though the sound was almost like hiccups as her hips slammed down repeatedly before finally a low snarl issued as she ground herself against him for that last little extra as he filled her again.

Holding him close with his cheek against her breast, Skye caught her breath and then kissed the top of his head before pushing him to lay back on the bed.  "You are entirely too delicious for your own good," she murmured and appealed to his Betazoid side as her lips lightly danced around his chest, shoulders, and neck.

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"And you are more woman than most," he answered, his voice soft as he stirred beneath her kisses.  Even as he grew soft within her, he knew, if she wanted to, he could probably get it up once more, despite the rest of him groaning at the exertion he knew it would be.  Worth it?  Definitely, but sleep beckoned to him.  As her lips danced across his skin, his hands brushed up and down her back, fingers deftly kneading her flesh.  There was more to her than great sex, though and, although tired, he wanted to know that, as well.  With a sudden roll, he lay atop her, one leg between hers as he looked down at her, "Do you ever just talk to your lovers?  Not that there should be much of it, given how good you are at it, but I've only known you a short time and there's so much about you I don't know, while you know probably everything about me... at least what's been publicized, which leaves little else."

Interspersed with his words were occasional kisses, his turn to enjoy the taste of her flesh as his lips touched her clavicle, then traced along her neck.  His right hand massaged her side, moving up to cup a breast and tease a nipple between his slender fingers, before traveling down her arm and entwining his fingers with hers.

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Skye was prepared for him to sleep soon, was deliberately trying to do soothing things to him so he would get the rest he needed so desperately.  He surprised her though by rolling her over and actually wanting to talk.  A rueful expression crept up and she actually chuckled.  "I do like to talk actually but I was more worried about you getting some sleep."

This was something she did enjoy, the soft touches that didn't have to lead to anything yet comforted both lovers.  "I have to admit I didn't read everything, just mostly watched your performances for the simple enjoyment.  Every dismount would have me holding my breath and then I'd cheer when you nailed the landings.  I know that you're part Betazoid and Klingon but other than that I didn't worry about so you don't have to worry about a creepy stalker gal who knows every tidbit of your life," she said as her palms smoothed up and down his back.

"As for me, I'm a pilot from Earth .. Colorado to be precise.  My mother does some survival training and a lot of mountain climbing, taking groups up for guided tours.  Dad ..."  she paused then and he could sense some hurt and worry.  "Dad was a pilot, one of the best in Starfleet.  He and Mom didn't marry because she didn't want to be a Starfleet wife.  He'd come for visits when I was little but then he was too busy or we couldn't work our schedules out together ... then a few years ago he just disappeared.  No one knows anything."

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"I lost my Dad, too, when I was young.  Though, it wasn't a disappearance that took him, so much as his desire for blood and battle," Scosche admitted, taking a moment here and there to nip lightly at her skin, sucking the sweat from her with pursed lips.  He enjoyed her fit body lying beneath his, savored the feel of contentment his actions brought her.  He tried to keep the emotion out of his voice, the pain of a little boy losing his father, and was mostly successful, "He wanted to fight, prove his loyalty to the Klingon Empire, as though there was honor in taking the life of another simply because it is there to take."

He sighed, "I grew up with my mother, who encouraged me to compete, but not become violent about it.  That's why my events are always ones where there's only me in the arena at the time.  I tried track once but... let's just say it didn't end well for anyone.  The rings, though... now, there's something I can excel at, without having to worry about someone being across from me, someone to focus my emotions on, my anger.  There's only me."

As he imagined being suspended in mid-air, his blood pumping, emotions raging, released from the cage within, his fingers entwined with hers, squeezing tighter.  He closed his eyes and recalled how it was to challenge himself up there, to feel wholly alive, without restraint on the half of himself he usually denied.  He growled in his chest at the animalistic emotions, "Things seem easier up there.  No worries, no concerns, nothing but me and those rings or that bar."

His father would have understood his words, would have recognized that, even though Scosche didn't want to be Klingon, that he was one nonetheless.  The way he moved and swung and twirled, each movement a mimic of a battle move, something never learned, but instinctively acted out.  Even without meaning to, Scosche had honed his body to a razor's edge and only a lack of training made him less than a warrior.

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The woman in her ached seeing him trying to hide that pain and the hand he wasn't already holding lift to his face, the backs of her fingers drawing softly along his jawline in a sweet way.  "Duty and honor," she breathed and nuzzled into his hair even as he nuzzled against her collar bone.  "Things to believe in and do your best to uphold but there's always a price isn't there?" she murmured.

"It kept my father away though admittedly it was mostly my mother's fault as she could have gone with him.  I love them both deeply ... but resent them both too.  They kept to their own honor and duty but it left me sort of stranded, hanging in limbo," she admitted.  "Mom did all she could though to try to make up for it and she taught me a lot, gave me her time and support."

As he spoke of being on the rings and started to clench her hand, a soft smile formed when he spoke of things being easier.  "It's like me and flying.  There's a sense of freedom you don't get anywhere else, where you and you alone can do anything and the rush of speed is like good sex," she chuckled and pressed her lips to his browridges.  "We'll get you a proper set of rings and bar, I promise," she whispered.

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"That would be nice," he replied, sighing as he slid to her side and settled in against her, his cheek resting on her upper breast.  It had been an eventful day, to say the least and came as a culmination to an even more stressful time in his life.  While never stress free, his life had certainly never had the anxieties of the last few months.  And, tomorrow promised nothing better, aside from Skye's company; after all, he still had to face the captain of the ship and explain his presence. 

And, what of the woman who had smuggled him aboard?  Did he give her up?  Certainly, he had no reason to be loyal to her, given they'd barely known each other and his isolation was due to her actions.  Still, it would mean trouble for her and he'd never been one to turn someone over, just to save his own skin.

Turning his head, he looked up at Skye sleepily, despite how his mind raced, "What would you do to someone if they'd basically trapped you somewhere for months on end, with no end in sight?  Minimal food, water, very limited access to bathroom facilities.  No other point of contact or reference with the outside world.  No night or day, just get up when you're awake and sleep when you're tired.  I guess I should be thankful I at least had control over the lights.  Let me tell you, though, it took me a few days to navigate back to my pallet to go to sleep.  Left me with a few stubbed toes, too."

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Scooting over to allow him room, Skye kept him in her embrace as he rested his head on her breast.  Her fingertips continued to caress along his back and arm, the gesture sensual but geared more toward soothing.  It brought back the memory of Andrus doing the same to her, holding her as she faced some of her own demons.

He was quiet for a while and she was content to lay there snuggled up together but she could tell his mind was working, trying to come to terms with a lot of shit that happened in such a short time.  He was vulnerable, probably more vulnerable right now than he had ever been which brought out the protector in Skye.

Glancing down into his face as he shifted, the look on his face as he asked what she would do in his position melted her heart.  "Oh Scosche," she whispered with deep emotion and leaned in to kiss him tenderly and then held him tightly.  "I know what that isolation feels like but I have no name to put to my torment."

Her hand rested on his cheek and her eyes closed a moment.  "I can be a real bitch sometimes but what that woman did to you makes my blood boil, want to find her and leave her somewhere hellish ... after I beat her half to death.  She was selfish and abusive beyond redemption and deserves to be punished for her crimes."

There was a moment she was silent and then she shook her head.  "From what I've heard, there were a few casualties over the infection so she might be in stasis or even dead which might account for her not coming back but the fact remains she imprisoned you, went against everything Starfleet teaches."

"People deserve respect until they prove otherwise and even then we are not to treat them with cruelty.  You are not only talented but you're one of the nicest people I've ever met and there's no excuse for what she did to you.  I believe you should tell the captain everything, including this woman's name so justice can be served."

Skye knew she wasn't perfect, that she didn't always show the proper respect at times but she was horrified knowing what had happened to this incredible man who was the perfect blend of Betazoid and Klingon even if he didn't let the latter loose too much yet.  "You deserve so much better," she murmured and stuffed a certain feeling in her chest back, knowing he would find better elsewhere.

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He listened to her speak and felt the pangs of pain at certain points, knew better than to mention or ask about them, especially from someone he'd really only met a few hours ago.  Not that they hadn't just been incredibly intimate for near strangers, but emotions were tricky, something he'd found out growing up.  It made them harder to deal with, not being a full Betazoid, since he didn't know the accompanying thoughts and how they interacted in her mind.  He could guess at some, possibly the loss of a lover leaving her feeling alone, hence the sympathy for his own enforced isolation, but that was her secret, her own pain to bear and not one he could just come out and ask about, not that feeling her own pain didn't hurt him some.  And, while, the future between them might be different, given the way she seemed to understand him, but for now they were still mostly strangers.  Still, sometimes, it amazed him that the most beautiful of people could be the ones who were hurt the most.

Turning his head, he kissed the line of her jaw, his hands moving to match hers in their intent, comfort with just a touch of sensuality, feeling better for having spoken and been heard and wanting to return the feeling.  He felt something, just a tiny thing, but it was gone to quickly for him to be sure and he blinked up at her for a moment, uncertainly.  He decided it was another secret and something he shouldn't pry into, not now.  In the meantime, he nodded, "I will, then.  If she's dead, then so be it, but she needs to know what she did, how she behaved, was not how civilized people should."

Meeting her eyes, he gave her a serious look, "And, I think I found better already."

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Skye found herself completely lost in Scosche's eyes, not just for lustful reasons though.  She admired his thoughts and caring demeanor, how he listened and seemed to really understand.  They had just met but already she knew she was in trouble with this one.  She'd always kept things light and casual, some of her lovers even still a friend.  Andrus had brought her a sense of peace and she could have stayed with him but ultimately she knew he was too peaceful.  Scoshe somehow melded war and peace and he drew her like no other ever had.

Those kisses and touches continued, warming her all the way to her toes.  Yeah, she was in trouble for sure though this was the kind of trouble she liked.  When he said he would tell the captain the name of his captor, he could see and feel the relief flood through her and no small amount of pride in him.  It was a huge step for him to do so but one she knew was important for him to start taking back what was rightfully his ... pride and good sense of self.  She felt honored to be with him, to be able to help him with all this and not just because he was a celebrity.  She embraced all of him.

As she continued to swim in his gaze, she could see the seriousness rise and when he spoke again she thought she'd never breathe again and that would be okay.  In those seven words, she felt something inside of her crack and gape open.  Now she was in more trouble than she could get out of and yet she couldn't trust herself just yet.  It was too soon for these kind of feelings ... wasn't it?  Her lips pressed against his, tender and loving.  Her promise had been made to not trap him and she would keep her word.  He was free to choose but she would never tell him no.

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He returned her kiss and held her close, finally starting to drift off to sleep, awash in his own contentment, as well as the intensity of her feelings.  He enjoyed them, wanted them more than he could say, but a part of him held back, kept himself separate.  What if she turned out to be like the last one, imprisoning him and locking him away?  He doubted she was like that, but the thought still lingered.  Her eyes, though, there was a depth to them, an honor in them, that almost made him hate himself just for thinking like that about her, as though she might become dirty just from the thought. 

He sighed as he curled up against her, one leg thrown over hers, he softened member pressed against her hip and remembered how she'd looked as she came, flushed skin and strained muscles, possibly the most erotic image he could recall.  It brought a gentle smile to his lips and he touched his lips lightly to the upper slope of her breast.  For the moment, he wanted nothing more than to luxuriate here with her, to push off the thoughts about tomorrow and what it would bring. 

Imaginably, the captain would not be happy to see him, and, though he didn't think it likely, knew the captain would certainly have the authority to force him into an airlock and off his ship.  There was a certain fear, though, a reminder of what he'd already been through, the lack of choices, of being in control, and that didn't seem likely to change any time soon, unfortunately.  This ship had trapped him, as surely as it had everyone else aboard.

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Skye lay there for quite a while, listening to Scosche's breathing and knew when he'd drifted asleep.  Though he was an adult and she knew he could take care of himself, she felt protective of him and felt those stirrings like she'd had with Andrus.  It seemed something within her was wanting more, needing to be more than just an occasional bedmate.

This life wasn't suited to that though, especially not a fighter pilot.  She couldn't dare to dream the dream of settling down with someone and having children.  The birth control would have to continue because there was no way they'd let a pregnant woman do what she did and that would trap her even worse than she already was now in their current situation.

For now all she could do was be there for Scoche, be his friend and prove to him that not everyone was like that horrid woman who had duped him.  Somehow she had to restore his faith in people, even when she herself didn't have a lot in people in general.  One thing she knew though was usually if you were a true and stalwart friend to someone, they reciprocated equally.

And really, a good friend was a treasure as much as a lover.  Taking those desires for more, she buried them deeper and hoped they wouldn't rear up at her again.  The stars knew her path better than she did and she would just have to follow it, accepting whatever came along and hope she could reconcile her feelings better at a later date.

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