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Day 29 [0900 hrs.] Back to Reality
[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
It had been a very interesting journey. To say it had gone by slowly would have been an understatement. For the task driven former Assistant Chief Engineer of the USS Magellan, to sit and wait, and sit, and wait, was abject misery. 'That's all over now though' thought Frank as he stepped through the door, and off the turbolift, into Main Engineering.

Taking the briefest moment to steal a deep breath of dry starship air, Frank made a B-Line towards the class 9 reactor, patently ignoring all else until he could stand chest to casing with it. "Hello beautiful" he'd utter as he ran a single finger across the transparent aluminium plasma housing, a proverbial child at the zoo. His eyes traced the Tritanium braces and belly bands that spanned the warp core, his hand slowly trailing over the polished surfaces he could reach, without standing on his tip toes. Whatever face he'd been wearing upon entry, it was now replaced with the jolly smile of a Klingon after a kill; something he'd become intimately familiar with aboard the Vor'nak; the only enjoyable pass-time being the trading of war tales over a warm cup of bloodwine.

Following this mere moment of worship, Frank made a swift pirouette, and paced about the central cylinder of the warp core to face the master situation table. Just like that, the worship was concluded, and he was patently aware of all manner of officers and enlisted personnel buzzing about Main Engineering, acting the bees they appeared to be. 'It's good to be home' he thought cheekily, the gentle thrum of the starship a welcome feeling in his bones, painfully aware in the back of his mind that the Chief Engineer may have no interest in him, and he could be de-carbing compressors until the cows came home. It wasn't as though he could just go back to the Magellan. Steeled by one more deep breath, Frank would approach the nearest member of Engineering, a round and rosy cheeked Second Class Petty Officer, and would inquire plainly, "I'm looking for the Chief Engineer."

With a light puff of laughter, the young man would reply, "Well Lieutenant, I do hope you brought your best sweets, else I'd recommend you just tuck tail and run while you still can." A similar puff of laughter would echo out of Frank, followed by a light, "Ah yes, I was advised the Chief Engineer quite enjoys a Twinkie now and again." He'd reach into a pocket, and produce an individually wrapped sponge cake, "It's not just Ferengi that come equipped for negotiations." He'd point towards the nearby door, adjacent the turbolift he'd arrived upon, and offer lightly, "Is that her office?" With eyes turned to the sky as if looking for a bird, an act quite confusing to Frank, the man replied with a "I'm not so sure you'll find her there but yes." Frank 'hmm'd' and offered, "I believe she should be expecting me" as he gave the man a pat on the back mid stride, and proceeded to the door. He took one final deep breath accompanied by the thought 'the best things do come in threes', and then keyed the entry button, waiting to be invited in, haunted by an almost unheard voice in the background, "Yeah I wouldn't count on it."

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[LCdr Blue Tiran-Ducote | Bribery is Always Welcome | Welcome Party Forgotten | Fresh Blood]

The slipstream drive installation was going well enough.  It wasn't going to be something that would really be able to test run it as much as she would like to.  Ultimately, she would prefer to do some fucking test runs in increasing distance with mechanical assistance ships pot-marked along the way should they encounter any sort of malfunctions.  She would start with slip-streaming across to the other side of Aldea, and then further out, perhaps the Klingon fuckers would be able to help.  However, it seemed that it would be less likely that it would be possible.  Who knew when they were going to have to leave.  Blue had not been here long enough to know how Ives ran a ship when it was on mission.  She had come in right before the Borg Battle, that she would not really ever forget, and then it had been Aldea and leave.  Now working side-by-side with the Savi was it's own struggle.  There was a lot of prejudice still where they were concerned with what they had done with many officers on board the ship, Blue included.

However, Blue liked to think she set precedent for how to treat the Savi.  She had been one of those that had suffered the most at the hands of the Savi.  Though she had not been corrected, as many officers had been, she had been forced to watch a co-worker be "recycled" and others to be corrected.  Furthermore, as she lived alone on the ship in the belief that her fiance was dead, she had worked to create weapons, continue living, witnessed unspeakable things perpetrated against her own officers, and then finally, gotten caught and created an alliance with the Voice of the Savi.  As much as she had suffered she had decided not to let the presence of the Savi on her ship bother her, and thus, she had told every fucker on her deck that if they could not stomach the Savi on their deck for a few days, then to let her know honestly and she would assign them to things off-deck.  No one would lose their jobs, no one would be judged, but things had to be done and she refused to let her people attack the Savi.  Everyone was under threat of being spaced (and she totally wasn't kidding) if they lay a unkind hand on a Savi envoy.

Blue was currently looking at the screen which contained the readouts for the slipstream drive and it's functionality.  Everything was still coming together, merging with Thea would not be easy, but she was willing to accommodate this new and unknown technology.  With the help of the Savi they would get it up and running that much more quickly. 

[Miss Blue, you do realize you have a scheduled meeting of your new Assistant Chief?]

"Mmmm."  Blue wasn't paying attention, even though Albert was sitting, clasped to a small wall mounted charging port somewhat close to the location of the slipstream engine, she was fully engrossed in the readouts that were scrolling quickly across her screen.  She could not read Savi, of course, but with Thea's help and Albert's help they could at least find any issues, and it was running concurrently with the main Standard Starfleet protocol which would spell it out in normal-person speak for those that didn't speak in hieroglyphs. 

[Miss Blue] Albert began again, as someone had pushed the bell on her door.  [You have a visitor, I would assume it is your Assistant Chief.]


[Commander Blue Tiran Ducote.]  he said in a louder voice which caused her to actually look up at the use of Albert's full formal tone, and her full and formal name.

"Excuse me, fucker, did you just use your fucking mom-voice on me?" she asked incredulously.

[I am neither one nor the other, I am an advanced AI mechanic.] he stated firmly.

"Your fucking name is Albert." she reminded him getting him off track, it was a gift.

[You created my designation, not I.]

"Oh and you would prefer to be called what?  Fucking Ally?" she shot back with a grin.

[Heavens no, I should think that I could find another designation if I should desire however I had grown rather fond of Albert before I was awakened to my full po-]  The mechanical owl's eyes lit up a vibrant blue color as he computed what had just been done to him.  [Commander Tiran, you have a visitor at your office door, it would not bode well should you delay your arrival.]

"Oh well, why the fuck didn't you say so?" she said as she put her PADD into her pocket and started across the deck. 

[I- you cannot continuously lay the blame of your short comings at my talons.] he reminded her as he used his anti-grav thrusters and alighted on her shoulder.  A neat metallic mechanical lock on her right shoulder was created into her uniform allowing his talons a place to lock in while she walked across the deck. 

Blue was a sight, she was young, only 28 years old.  Her skin was pale enough that with her shirt sleeves pushed up you could easily see the blue of her veins underneath her nearly transparent skin in some spots.  She had hair that had a mind of it's own.  Black as night, with vibrant bright blue highlights, all in curls that moved around her and refused to be tame.  She was a bit taller than most women, but not overly so.  Slight but muscular and it was easily seen with her hands being as scarred as they were that she did not shy away from the job she had chosen even with the title of Chief.  As she moved her way across the deck, light ice blue eyes surveyed the surroundings.  People scurried about their work, those that noticed her coming started getting down to business instead of slacking off, and conversations ended quickly as people were reminded with her mere presence that they weren't doing their jobs.  She didn't mind conversation, not really, she just wanted those fuckers to work while they were chatting. 

Sure enough, there was an older man standing outside of her closed office.  Blue made a bee line for the man, her eyes sizing him up as she went.  She supposed that other Chief Engineers would have looked up his file, and found out about him, and what not.  But, Blue had a fuck ton of other shit to do and didn't have time to be leisurely reading someone's file.  He'd tell her what she wanted to know.

"You must be Arnold." she stated as she came up on him and the door to her office opened. 

Inside, it looked more like a lab, than an office.  Parts of all sorts lay on her desk, a stack of padds waiting for approval for this shit and that shit, twinkie wrappers in a not-so-neat pile on the side, the trash needed to be taken out, and it was clear that Blue was no neat freak.  She pointed into her office, where two black leather seats flanked her desk as she stepped in after him so that he could sit and she could figure the fuck out what she was supposed to do with a Assistant Chief.  She sure as fuck had been doing just fucking fine without one.  This is going to be Ranaan's reason to tell me not to work double shifts, you just watch, that fucker is behind this. she thought to herself.  Using his boosters again, Albert flew to the charging port above her desk embedded into the wall and settled into place.  While most would think it should have an explanation that wasn't the case with Blue, it was so normal for her she didn't think much of it as she moved her black leather chair out, the wheels moving smoothly on the deck plating.  She took off her Chief jacket and slid it over the back of her chair.  Leaving Blue in her black Starfleet issued tank top, and her pale muscular arms on display. 

"Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran, Chief Engineer." she said holding out her strong hand for a shake.  "Welcome to the Dungeon."

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ

Frank had pushed the call button, and now he waited, and waited some more. With a scrunched brow, he took a moment and thought to himself, 'Maybe that lad was right, maybe she's not in'. With a shrug, he decided to give it one more go, as he guided a finger towards the call button again, he was stopped a micron short of an impatient press by the soft sliding hiss that seemed endemic to every Starfleet vessel ever made. He supposed after all, if the door works, don't re-design it, and doors were far older than starships.

As he looked up from the door panel, he saw a muss of black and blue hair, and as he looked down, he saw the slight frame and pale face of a young woman, younger than him for certain, headed for him, with a cybernetic bird of prey perched atop her lithe shoulders. Immediately he was hit with several thoughts, the first of which was shamefully, 'she has lovely eyes' and the second of which was 'she's young'. He took the first few moments, to do exactly as she had, and looked her head to heel. 'Either she's highly qualified, or well connected' he thought, as he considered her age and position, and decided that either way, she'd be good to work for. He'd been taught a long time ago, to not be ruled by preconceived notions, and that any man who could do their share of the work, was worth their share of the respect. Even if that man was a black and blue haired woman with decidedly striking features.

Frank presented as a broad chested man, with arms that were thick enough to threaten considerable strength, brown haired and bearded, with a natural gray starting in the middle of his facial hair. Not one for vanity, he'd never thought of dyeing it. Frank looked well weathered, with clear lines that spanned his forehead, gentle crows feet about the corners of his eyes and mouth, and the telltale signs of a thousand days work upon his hands and knuckles. If Blue were one for details, she might find on display for her two very large hands pockmarked with a hundred little scars, from being pinched, burned, scratched, and his knuckles were even slightly swelled from uncounted rounds in the ring or otherwise; this would be the first commonality between the pair it seemed. Frank was indeed well muscled and broad chested, and were this the nineteenth century, Blue might think him a dockworker. But here clad in Starfleet Engineering yellow, he looked the part of an assistant chief engineer.

His back straightened, and he waited for her to draw close enough to him, that he needn't raise his voice to be heard. "I am in fact the very same Arnold. Lieutenant Frank Arnold, reporting." With that offered he relaxed ever so slightly, and peered past her into her office that was masquerading as a race-pit. At this, he smiled, and would offer as he pointed towards the mess of wrappers and parts, "A woman after my own heart, if you're single and looking I'll take you." He laughed gently, and would move as indicated, into the office, towards the two chairs. Before he sat, he'd make sure she sat, and that he'd shook her offered hand. As he did so, she might feel the telltale callouses of a hands-on kind of worker, and like as not, his unusually large hands probably dwarfed her own.

With her jacket shed, and her owl taking up its perch, he'd look her over one more time, noting how absolutely pale she was, a feature he appreciated privately. Once Frank had taken his seat he reached into his pocket, and would say, "I'm told you have a certain proclivity for confectioneries of the Twinkie variety." He gave a nod, and would produce an individually wrapped specimen, "I'm more of a lemon bar man myself, but I am loathe to meet anyone empty handed, and I reckon I'd rather meet you with a gift I know you're going to like." He set the thing down upon her desk, where he could find the space, and offered lightly, "Pleased to meet you Chief." He gave a nod, "I'm not much for flattery, but I tell it like I see it, you've got some of the nicest eyes I've seen in a long time. I haven't a clue what I expect you to do with that information, but as I said."

He paused a moment longer, and then said plainly, "I'm happy to speak on my experience and areas of expertise if you'd like, although I don't want to waste your time or mine hashing out details if you've already read them and you've got a duty assignment for me." He gave a low nod and a smile while he waited for her to answer him, clearly a plain spoken and pragmatic man through and through.

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[LCdr Blue Tiran-Ducote | Newbies | Holy Hulk, Batman | Who Has Time to Read Files?]

He was a giant.  His hands were easily twice as big as her own delicate, but equally scarred and calloused ones, for certain.  She looked up at him, something that she was used to.  While she wasn't short, by any means, many of the male engineers towered over her.  But, her personality and ego by far made up for all that shit.  His shoulders were massive boulders and he had a large enough chest she was pretty sure she could toss latinum across it and hit the other wall.  Strength was a strong suit, but not a necessity on Blue's deck.  There were plenty of wimpy computer fuckers that could do things with a console that could blow the minds of the lesser inclined.  Blue was a mix of both.  She preferred to be hands on in every way, but her skill set lay in many other things. 

Arnold looked into her office, which was every Engineer like Blue's wet dream.  She supposed that she could be more organized, but then she would spend more time looking for the shit she needed than actually using it.  He told her she was a woman after his own heart.  Her sable brow rose on her pale face as he said this, and then followed it up with, if she was single, he'd take her. 

[I'll have you kno-]

"Can it pigeon." she grumbled.

[But, protocol dictates, Ms. Blue]

"Protocol can get the fuck bent."  she said as she headed into her office waiting for the Hulk to come in after her. 

The shaking of hands commenced and Blue headed into her office to take a seat behind her desk.  It was clear enough that she could still use the read out screens, and it wasn't just the desk that was littered in various parts.  There was a wall mounted shelving unit that had various projects on it, some of which would be extra things added to Albert.  There were various states of a prosthetic hand that covered the top shelf, though they hadn't been worked on in a few weeks since she had given the final result to Cross already.  As he lumbering man took his seat, Blue brushed a few things off of her console and pulled her personal PADD out of the pocket on her uniform to thumb through the file that she probably should have read earlier.  But, the slip-stream was more important.  Any fucker that didn't understand that, need to take a long walk out a short airlock.

He reached into his pocket and Blue's sharp eyed gaze flickered to him as he told her that he had heard she liked a certain kind of sweet.  Her brow rose as he placed the cellophane wrapped concoction on her desk like a little bribery.  Flattery would get him no fucking where, bribery however, was the key to success.  He told her that he preferred lemon bars and she wondered why someone would waste their time with something lemon.  "It's okay to make a mistake under estimating twinkies." she stated as she snatched the snack up from her desk and opened up the packaging.  It was fresh, just the right amount of squish, the scent alone was heaven but.. when she bit into it.. it was even better.  She almost visibly relaxed as she chewed the twinkie and looked down at his file, now loaded on her PADD.

He stated he wasn't much for flattery.  "Famous last words." she said quickly as Blue could sometimes be a bit witty.  And then he went on to state that her eyes were the nicest he had seen in a long time. Those eyes, bore through him and into the wall behind him without her saying a word, she hadn't received innumerable nicknames for no reason.  There was a reason behind each and every one of them though the Engineers on her deck were starting to learn that underneath all of the curse words and the dislike of idiocy, she had a heart.  It was just buried deep in there somewhere.

He told her that he was happy to give her his details, if she hadn't already read them.  She could appreciate someone that understood she didn't need someone to just fucking spill out shit she already knew.  He was earning points he didn't even fucking know about.  Blue looked down at the PADD in front of her before she turned the screen off and leveled her blue gaze at the man.

"I don't have fucking time to read and do fucking paperwork.  I do what I have to not to get my ass on the fire with Ives.  So, why don't you tell me what your Engineering strengths and weaknesses are.  Then I'll give you a few insights on the fuckers on this deck and the shit we are going through at the moment to catch you up to speed."

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Main Engineering (Chief's Office) | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
Perhaps to her he was a giant. Really, he was just a middle aged thirty five year old, that learned to like to work out at a fairly young age and could by now grow a fairly fantastic beard. But Frank was slowly starting to cotton onto the notion that, despite their differences in stature and complexion, he was going to like Blue. Young as she was, she'd make most miner's blush with her tongue.

Rapidly his head turned towards the bird that started talking, and he was about to ask a question about it, when the pigeon was told to can it, quite firmly at that. He would however see the raised eyebrow, and offered a light explanation. "I was raised by miners. Dad always said, anyone who has time to organize their workshop until it's spic and span, either doesn't know how to use the tools in there, or isn't spending enough time working." He nodded following that, and the slightest upturn of the corner of his mouth appeared. He looked around from his seated place across from Blue, and offered, "And it looks as though you spend more than enough time working, if you ask this knuckle-dragger anyhow." He shrugged then, and would lean back in his chair, taking a moment to relax, and just enjoy where he was.

He shook his head slowly, and offered with a chuckle as she snatched the sweet, "I'm sure I'll be made to come around to the twinkie, but I'll try to bend your ear on lemon bars all the same. I'm nothing if not persistent." He just watched now, to see if the rumors were exaggerated or not, and it was almost as though he could see the sugar entering her bloodstream, a minute but present change in her demeanor and posture told Frank, he'd done the right thing for certain.

As she offered him 'famous last words' he laughed gently, and intoned, "Perhaps, but some set of words is going to be your last, and I reckon in our line of work, they're typically, 'Ensign that doesn't look right, did you attach the manifold corr...BOOM Pssssh!" He laughed at the end of that even if she didn't, and gave a hearty slap to a meaty right thigh.

As she said she didn't have time to read, or do paperwork, fucking paperwork in particular, he gave a nod, and looked around the office again, "Yes, I can see that Chief." He smirked just a tad at that, and then at her question would return to a more businesslike demeanor. "I'm a metallurgist by training, and spent most of my education focusing on composites and hulls. I'd like to think some of my work is likely responsible for the duranium-tritanium composition of the Theurgy. I was a Structural Integrity specialist, and Damage Control Chief before I was the Assistant Chief aboard the Magellan. My warp theory is perfectly adequate, but I'm no propulsion chief. Interior and exterior structure, and damage control are where I do most of my strongest work. Blasts, buckles, and breaches are where I'll serve you best, and I'm no stranger to combat or leading a team. I served on the Cortez during the Dominion War." He gave a stroke of his beard as he thought of weaknesses, "I've been accused of being abrasive, my hands aren't suited to delicate or intricate work, and I'm a known micromanager." In fact on more than one occasion, he'd been chided for hucking a hydrospanner and a 'fuck you I'll do it myself' across a work bay.

Frank continued after a moment, "If it's not overstepping my bounds, I'd already thought up a first duty for myself Chief. It's my intention to have a shuttle take me out, so that I can perform a Corzon-Gamma Wave Scan of the hull. From my reading I understand the Theurgy took considerable damage and has underwent significant repairs in this dock. I have no doubt in the thoroughness of the repairs, but I'd like to put my own eyes on it so to speak, salve a few concerns surrounding ancillary fatigue, and de-lamination, unless you object." He waited for her reaction, and her reply, both to his answer to her question, and his proposal.

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Finally, A Gifted Fucker | I Can Use You | Prep to Work Your Ass Off]

Lemon bars were the fucking devil.

Firstly, there was the fact that they were a wee bit bitter.  On top of the bitter, was the sweet sugar on the top.  The sugar was a fucking lie.  Anyone that said differently was a fucking liar, and she could not imagine how the grey bearded fellow across her desk was going to sway her otherwise.  You couldn't eat a lie covered in sugar.  No, that was for fucking pansy as mother fuckers that wished that could hold a candle to the sheer amazingness of Blue fucking Tiran.  He could keep his little wet dream about lemon bars, and wooing her to the bitter side of pastries, but she would stay firmly planeted in her world where fried everything was worth eating and if it wasn't full of sugar, covered in sugar, and dipped in liquid sugar, it wasn't worth it's weight in wrapping.  No, Blue had some serious issues when it came to food, mainly because she spent a large part of her childhood taking care of herself.  Instant mac and cheese, twinkies, and all manner of ready-to-eat shit foods was what she had lived on.  Ranaan said her metabolism must be enormously high to not be as round as she was tall.  But, perhaps it was because she could also go days on end without eating anything and then gorge when Ranaan forced her to sit down to a meal of her favorites.

His little joke took her out of her hatred for all things that pretended to be a sweet and brought her back to the present.  If an ensign were to say those words to her, she would like to think she could punch his teeth down his mother fucking throat and still save the fucking ship.  Whether that was true, she didn't know, but at the same time she tried to keep on top of her people.  Now she would have back up.  She liked backup, it was nice to have some other mother fucker going out there to make sure these lazy mother fuckers were doing their fucking jobs.  It was important as fuck that this shit be done right and the less bitching the more work got done.  Now, she could share in the act of 'big bad guy' that or she could forever remain the resident Blue Bitch and he could be the nice one that people came to when they wanted a strong shoulder to fucking cry on because the big blue meanie yelled at them again.  Fucking pussies.

He was a trained metallurgist, and spent most of his time focusing on composites and hulls.  Blue sat back in her seat and regarded him with those eyes of hers that some said could look into your soul.  There had been a rumor during her first week, after people forgot that she was engaged to the First Officer, that she could smell weakness.  Maybe she could, because she could just see it in the weak mother fuckers that quaked every time she came around the corner.  She was one of those that felt if you weren't doing anything wrong then there was nothing to fucking hide. 

Frankie boy liked to think that he was partly responsible for the duranium-tritanium compositon of the TheurgyThat caught Blue's attention, and she thought about that for a moment.  If he was, then there was no one better to have on the ship that needed a fuck ton of care, than the man that understood her metal better than anyone else.  He had been a Structural Integrity specialist, a Damage Control Chief, and then Assistant Chief on board the Magellan.  "Well at least you dodged the Savi bullet." she said with a roll of her eyes as he went on talking about warp theory and other sorts of things. 

"You had my fucking heart at Structural Integrity Specialist and Damage Control Chief." she admitted as she brushed some of her unruly curls out of her face, where they lay for the moment but they were already twisting as if they were going to fall back down.  They would, they always did.  "You see the Theurgy has a fucking problem of running head fucking long into shit that likes to blow fucking holes the size of other smaller ships in it's hull.  Because, why not have fun with polka dots on your hull, or some stupid mother fucking ship.  I came on this boat a fucking month ago and have worked my ass, and those asses out there.." she pointed out towards the Engineering deck.. "To the brink of fucking insanity to get this shit show back ready to go for the next round of Kaboom action that Ives decides we need to throw our fucking hat into.  So be prepared to be really. Fucking. Busy."

He then went on to say that he had his first job set out, if she didn't mind.  "This ought to be really fucking great, go ahead, tell me what stellar idea, that you have." she waved her hand and waited as he began to tell her that he wanted to perform a Corzon-Gamma Wave Scan of the hull.  Her brows rose as he told her about the damage he had heard it took and the repairs in the dock.  But, he wanted to make sure that everything was tiptop shape before they decided to test the fucking vaccum of space against the Klingon, Aldean, and Starfleet handy work. 

Blue was impressed. 

Fuck.  Don't impress me, we're not going to be friends.

"I'm down, I want to see your report, or we can have a little chit chat pow wow whatever the fuck you call it when you're done.  I want to know how well it's done too.  This fucking deck is my life, I live here more than I live in my Quarters.  Now, one thing.  Since you didn't draw the lucky lottery number, and get to meet the Savi first hand, here is a little bit of what the fuck is going on with the bulbuous white headed mother fuckers on the deck working by the slipstream engine."

"A month ago, a large portion of this ship, my ship, and others, were taken by a race known as the Savi.  See: bulbous white headed mother fuckers, for referrence.  Now, these fuckers took it upon themselves to genetically correct any hybrid genomes.  Meaning if you were half Romulan, you were either all or none.  You had to pick, and you had ten seconds.  Those that were taken, who were already corrected, were killed.  With the help of some of the Starfleet officers on the Savi ship, they created an alliance with the lower class of the race, and created an uprising.  They won, and the Savi ship and their research into correction ceased.  Those fuckers, then showed up a few days ago with an offering.  We helped them get some shit done on their ship and they wanted to give us a pretty present.  That slipstream drive.  We accepted, and it's glorious and it's really going to help us the fuck out.  However, because there is such animosity against the Savi, I have told the officers that refuse to be close to them, they are voluntarily allowed to chose to work somewhere else on this fucking ship.  There is no shortage of shit for them to do, so if someone asks you for an off deck position, give it, no questions asked."

She looked over at the man.  "When the Savi go, we can change that back, but those fuckers did a number on people, and they aren't to just be forgiven.  Even when they bring really cool presents."

Re: Day 29 [0900 Hours] - Back to Reality
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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 (Chief's Office) | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
Frank simply didn't understand the depth of Blue's...enthusiasm for sugar. He'd heard the rumors of course, the jokes and japes over the last couple days after people found out where he was being posted. He'd assumed they were light jabs, he had no clue that he had walked into the office of the Roger Ebert of confectioneries. Either way he'd forgotten almost as quickly as he'd offered lemon bars as an alternative, perhaps one day he'd have the harsh realization of just how much of a slut for the saccharine his new boss was.

If she was looking for weakness, she'd not find it, certainly not at the surface. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of this man, hid private insecurities shared only after a half bottle of scotch, and a round of thorough fucking; but if those admissions could be read from his face alone, he had much bigger problems. So for now, and hopefully forever, he was safe from Blue's prying eyes. As she offered the bullet that he had dodged, he grunted and piped after another moment resigned to fruitless thoughts, "That's what they're called then. I'll admit my limited preparation time has been directed towards the technical specifications of this vessel, Xenobiology never interested me." He gave a slow shrug, "I suppose when you're out running on the edge of relevance, you work with who'll work with you."

On the backup front, Blue now certainly had that. Taste in pastries aside, Frank was an exceedingly hard worker, and his file reflected that, if she ever got around to reading it. 'She never will' he thought. Idle musings evaporated in an instant as Blue spoke, and he looked back to her, from whatever far off place he was finding with his eyes mid-thought. "Your fucking heart, that must be some strange Japanese model I've never heard of, Fu Qin heart." He laughed gently again at his own joke, and would listen to her lay a path of profanity that spanned from his expertise, to a Swiss cheesed ship, to eventual insanity, "I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm some kind of miracle worker that'll solve all of those problems, but I can promise you a couple things. I'll be here every day for my shift, likely long before, and long after. I'll work hard, I'll make sure the engineers working for me work hard, and I'll take responsibility for their fuck ups. So they won't fuck up. I like to win, but I fucking hate losing." He held a pregnant pause for a moment before he blew out a breath of air and continued plainly, "I'll speak my mind when I think it's relevant, and when you ask, and even if I disagree with you, but that last bit will always be in private, I won't stand for undermining you, especially from my own lips. A ship needs order."

He gave a nod, "Until you get sick of me, or I get blown out of a hull breach, I'll do my damn best job to keep the Theurgy in fighting shape, I'll show up when I'm needed, and likely plenty of times when I'm not because I can't sleep." He nodded again, as if to punctuate his point, "My only ask in return is, if I'm not meeting your expectations, you do me the decorum of telling me in a setting such as this, which I don't reckon will be a problem. You don't seem overly concerned about hurting what feelings I have left." He smirked, "And I guess if you debase me in front of my own Engineers, I'll just have to whack you with a big fucking spanner." Frank was nothing if not frank, and he'd dealt with enough back biting officers in his day, to be up front about his relationship expectations, Blue didn't seem the type he was going to have this issue with. "I think we're going to do well together. I'll have to meet the other Assistant Chief in the next couple days."

He rolled his shoulders as she accepted his idea, wearing a soft smile at that, "Of course, I'll have it on your desk....actually I'll send it to you digital." He chuckled as he scanned the midden piles that dotted the desktop, and then listened to her love for the deck, saying lightly, "I'd say show me where to put my cot, but to be honest I enjoy the brisk walk from my quarters to the bay. I think you'll find I might mirror your love for this bucket, with just a teenth of time, after all, I left my posting for her, because I was told that's what needed to be done. You say keep 'er flying, I say I'm your man."
He left it at that, because any more would constitute arse licking, and he only did that to special friends.

He gave a nod, "The Savi." He knew nothing about them, so he made like a good schoolboy and shut his yap. As she explained, his eyebrows would match the pace of the story, and he offered a hissing sigh, "I understand Chief. I could understand how some of your crew might want to start cracking grey skulls, and I understand why that can't be allowed to happen, because we're Starfleet, any other reason is irrelevant." He nodded, "If anyone comes to me for an off-deck position, I can think of plenty of diagnostics in the shuttle bay that need done."

He finally intoned an idea upon presents from the Savi, "You can bring a thousand flowers to a grave, it's still a grave."

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Dependable - At a Glance | Knowledgeable - Yet to be Proven | Capable - Possible]

He claimed he could not promise he was a miracle worker.  That would lost him a lot of fucking points if he had.  The one thing Blue preferred above all other things in most of her life was honesty.  If you gave it to her straight, even if it was bad shit, she was much calmer than when she figured out what a fuck-wit you were in mid problem solving moment.It was intriguing how similar they were, the fact that they would both probably work well over shift, meant their shifts would probably coincide often and she saw that as a boon rather than anything else.  Especially, since they would be able to team up on some things when it was necessary.  Which would be the case often when they were on mission because the Theurgy was a fucking magnet for shit that wouldn't happen on a lesser ship.  He went on to describe that he would tell it like it was, and take his fuck ups like a man.

Shit fuck piss fuck cocksucking.. mother fucker... Ranaan you sent me a fucking good one.

He also stated that he wouldn't undermine her in front of others.  She gave a nod.  "A few things to note.  If you hold up to all the fucking smoke you just shoved up my ass, we'll be good.  I value honest above all fucking else.  I fucking hate liars.  You fuck up, own it, they fuck up, I want to know about it.  I am a hard task mistress, I know, I've heard.  But this ship and this fucking department has to run smoothly or the rest of the ship suffers.  I won't undermine you in public either, we have to be a team.  This deck runs itself for the most part but you give them too much freedom and shit starts falling down.  I don't handle that well.  I work until I can't, and I tend to work more."

He told her that if she had any complaints or if she wasn't having her needs met or the needs of the deck met to let him know.  A smirk crossed her face, the right side of her lips lifting slightly.  "Don't worry, you'll know."

She nodded at his commentary on the Savi.  "We need them, you don't look a fucking ally in the face and bitch slap it when they come bearing gifts that we fucking need.  To be here, on the run from the Federation is an oddity.  It goes against my fucking fiber, but I'm sure you've already heard about the mother fucking ass worms that are infecting our Federation and this fucking ship is trying to shop that shit.  So whatever fucking shit gives us a boost, is the shit I'm going to go with.  It may not be the popular opinion, but it's the one that was decided on by the people with the fucking pip collection."

Blue sighed and brushed that damn curl out of her face again.  Her wedding ring, blue steel with meteorite ring running through the center, and a matching piece above it.  They were one of a kind and perfect for an Engineer who worked with their hands all the fucking time. 

"There are two people you need to keep on.  Scruffy LeBlanc, is a lazy mother fucker that you will find napping and taking his time to do whatever the fuck he can do that requires laying down, sleeping, and fucking not doing his fucking job.  He is often paired up with Kiki Stevens.  She is a hyper active little thing who thinks everything should be the horrendous color of yellow, she has a hole in the wall somewhere on this fucking ship where she and Scruffy hang out, play games, and take naps.  I tend to give them the shit jobs because I can't tend to trust them with anything else." she admitted as she reached over and pulled out a PADD from her desk.  The drawer closed and the empty, unassigned padd was turned on and handed over to him.  "This will be your PADD for your Assistant Chief position.  If I am busy, you may get a message from Albert." she pointed at the owl who's eyes glowed blue again.  "He's my bitch." she shrugged.

[I beg your pardon, that is unkind and untrue.  My official designation is civilian assistant to the Chief Engineer.]

Blue mouthed -My bitch.- again, to Frank just for good measure.

"if you ever need to find me, locate me, or get a message to me and I am not easily found.  Find Albert.  If he's not with me, he'll know how to get to me pretty quickly.  He knows much of my schedule and locations all of that shit."

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[ Lieutenant Frank Arnold | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
Shit fuck piss fuck cocksucking mother fucker indeed, Frank was one of the good ones; At least he tried to be. He gave a slow shrug and offered, "Men who lie about their abilities when the money is on the line, kill people. If I didn't think I could be an asset to you, I'd not have come. I'd have taken a posting with janitorial and been done with it. But I'm also not perfect and I know it. If I thought I was perfect, I'd have two girlfriends and be flying a Valkyrie." He smirked, having a little joke at the fighter pilot group's expense. He nodded, "You're the chief, I'm your backup. You'll wake em up in the morning, I'll put em to bed at night." If what she said was true, a fair bit of this job was going to be babysitting, 'And to think you skipped command Franky boy.'

"Question, I did do a bit of asking around. Am I to understand there is another Chief Engineer? If so, will I be overseeing a particular vector, should the ship separate?" 
It was an arrangement he'd never had to deal with before, this was the first purpose built multi-vectored hull he'd served aboard, he wanted to fully understand the duty arrangement so he didn't spend the next month tripping over his dick, or even worse, someone else's.

He grunted, "Dad always said liars, cheaters, and thieves were the worst among us, because they all lack honesty. They'll lead you into the desert on false bravado and bad maps, steal your water once you're lost, and rob your corpse once you're dry. I think we're going to be just fine Blue. Now that's not to say I'm not going to get on your nerves, I am. We've likely both got our way of doing things, and you don't get to be a Chief as young as you are by being a pushover. Unless you sleep around, and even then that only works in Intelligence. But I'll always have the Theurgy's interest first, after all, she's the only thing standing between the Federation and ass-worms as you say. Once I put some hard work into her she'll be my ship too and I don't like people breaking my toys." He laughed gently, he didn't swear as much as her, but they were both miners at heart, salt of the earth, that much was sure. "Solid copy on the Savi."

He watched her try to tame her unruly curls, but that strand just seemed to fall right back into place, 'Stubborn as she is I reckon'. That's what he thought anyway, and as she did, he caught the wedding ring in his vision. It was a lovely piece of craftsmanship and he could always appreciate that, work from a master of their craft. He eyed it for a moment, and motioned to her hand, "Someone on board? Or someone you left behind?" He'd only been here two days, he had no idea.

As she gave the names, he gave a nod, "Scruffy LeBlanc, and Kiki Stevens." He would give a nod, "If I catch him sleeping on the deck, he'll never turn his back on me again." Frank was an amateur boxer with a temper, Scruffy wouldn't be the first junior officer to catch hands from him. He gave a nod, leaving it at that, Frank hated a lazy motherfucker. Frank could work with a moron, he'd been working with dummies his whole life. Frank could work with someone he hated. But Frank believed that if you didn't at least put your work boots on and try, you were a waste of space, and worse, you were a waste of space that used up resources. "Can I ask why you don't just bench the pair? Give em condenser coils to decarburize and be done with it?" He listened, "Then again it sounds like you already are. I'll keep an eye on them. And if I find this hole, I'll weld it to speak" He doubted he would, she'd most certainly looked for it.

He reached out and took the PADD, powering it on, pre-programmed with at least his name of course once the heuristics read his bio-metrics, likely just as soon as his information was transferred to the Theurgy a profile was established for the replicators, transporters, turbolifts, and of course PADDs. 'Albert, so that's the owl's name'. He turned to the bird and raised a meaty paw in greeting, "Pleased to meet you Albert." He smirked as the thing argued about being called 'My Bitch', and he failed to contain the briefest escaping laugh as Blue silently reiterated her point.

"Got it, if I need to find you find your bi...I mean find Albert." He had to ruffle Albert's feathers at least once. He nodded, and said, "Once I complete my scan, I'll have the report to you. I might also have some recommendations on how to boost hull density, but probably not. Usually it's hard to improve on new ship hull designs, especially when they're as new as the Theurgy."

He slowly stood up from his chair with a slight groan and said, "Will that be all Chief? If so, I'm going to go get my shit straight, and I'll report back for the afternoon shift where I'll make myself known to the deck."

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Engineering Low-Down | Lets Get Started | Get Out There and Engineer]

He admitted that they could be a team.  She could wake them up and he could put them to bed.  They'd probably be happier ending their shifts with him anyway, but the shift rotation meant they would work with different officers at different times.  He asked a question about the other Assistant Chief Engineer.  She hadn't really had a lot of experience with the man but she knew him well enough and he didn't get in trouble so she hadn't needed to go fuck about with him at any point.  She gave a quick nod and looked over at the man. 

"Lieutenant Kaylon Jeen.  You're more than welcome to meet him.  So what happens is we are all a team.  I usually work main engineering because it's my baby.  But, the Theurgy can break into three vectors, as you well know.  If it was needed to do that, one of us would each be on the various vectors.  That's why it's ideal to have the three of us as a team." she explained.

He pointed to her set of rings on her left hand and Blue smiled softly.  She never took them off, ever.  They were the most important possession she owned.  "On board, actually.  Long fucking story.  However, if you meet him you're either new to the ship, in some serious shit, or you're just lucky.  My full married name is Blue Tiran-Ducote." she admitted with a bit of a smirk placing the first officer of the Theurgy as her husband.  "We've not been married long but we've been together for years."

It was clear in her words, her face, her eyes, how much she loved and was dedicated to this man.  If she ever got truly comfortable with Frank he might hear the tale of the Versant from her and all of what had happened and the whole Ranaan angle but for now, she just left it at that.

"I have given the pair of them every shit job I can find and then some.  I had them on rivet duty for most of our Aldean stay.  Some of them are done, but there is a lot that haven't been replaced yet.  I don't have time to chase those two fuckers down on a daily basis, so I try to wait until I can surprise them and catch them off guard.  Sometimes I get one of the other officers to babysit, but it doesn't seem fair." she shrugged.

Blue gave a nod once he was acquainted with Albert.  Then he asked if they were set up there and that he would send her his reports.  She gave another nod and stood up.  "Welcome aboard, Arnold.  Get your fucking ass to work." she grinned holding out her hand for a shake.  Once he was up, shake completed, and he was off, Blue crashed back into her chair rubbing her eyes.  If only ever new officer brought gifts. she thought as she opened her drawer and pulled out another twinkie.