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DAY 03: The Beginning Of A New Life [1100 hrs.]

DAY 03: The Beginning Of A New Life [1100 hrs.]

[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

After a successful first night of keeping the lounge open, Edena returned to the lounge as she looked around at the interior of the room. If she was going to make this place her own, she might as well start refurbishing or adding some thing to her own liking to it. The how and what she was going to change though was still debatable as she imagined that her other hosts would probably want to give their own touches to the place as well. Edena snickered a little as she shook her head and went behind the bar as she set on some music to warm the place up a little. She hadn't picked anything special and just resumed the playlist of the other night. The mood seemingly set to a warm, comfy bar that could be situated in the south of New Orleans back on Earth.

Edena was wearing a black glitter dress that was short enough to get her to customers with drinks at ease, yet which also accentuated her feminine side a little.  It was a good change from the Starfleet suits she used to wear as an XO and yes this might expose some skin, but it would be more fitting to the owner of a lounge area. It wasn't too short anyway and it made her feel at ease as she flipped on the lights in the lounge area. The place now got lighted up and Edena moved away from the bar as she got the last few glasses from last night from the tables. What waited next was a quick sweep up from the floor and to get some fruit cut for cocktails and decorative purposes. She didn't expect any customers till later in the afternoon so she had no rush in it.

The sweeping took her about half an hour and she just started on slicing the fruits behind the bar while she hummed along with the catchy music that was setting her mind right at ease.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan
Wenn Cinn was out on patrol. In the corridor, it was quiet, aside from the rhythmic thud of his footsteps. Good for clearing the head. His muscles ached from last night's sparring with Ida, but it had been a great match. It was possibly more beneficial for her than himself, but Cinn didn't complain. It was just good to get back in the ring. He touched the side of his chest and chuckled at the tenderness. Looking back up, it wasn't until he turned the corner and saw the doors that he realised where his feet had unwittingly taken him. Stopping momentarily, he stared at the entranceway as his mouth went dry.

What is this? He was a full-grown man. He'd fought for the freedom of his people for goodness sake. Fighting against the tiny part that told him to flee, he stepped up and looked through the window set into the door. Inside there she was. And she looked good.

Edena Rez. She brought up conflicted emotions. When he gazed upon that pretty face, he was taken back to Lohlunat ; the smell of the sea, mixed with the floral scent of her hair as they made passionate love in that small beach house on the sand in the holodeck. A small smile appeared on his lips, before vanishing when his mind took him to another place. He stood on the gangway to Allegiant, Phaser rifle in his hands. The augment Declan Vasser laid dead at Cinn's feet. He could remember the look on Edena's face when she offered her phaser and said those terrible words.

"Thank you...thank you..." whispered Edena in a shaky, frail voice. "No matter what happens...if Captain Ives is near me, do not let me have any weapons...

Edena wasn't just a vibrant beauty with hazel pools that you could lose yourself in. She was an ex-operative of Starfleet Intelligence with three more personalities inside her, including one that could not be trusted.

Apparently Cinn has stood in front of the door long enough for it to think that he wanted to enter, and they parted with the telltale swish. With no other choice but to enter or run, he chose the former. Trying to look nonchalant, as if he hadn't just been staring through the window, he nodded to her. Who would he find? The Grifter, the Soldier, the Doctor or the Lover?

"Thought I'd come by to see how you were settling in, Commander..." He paused, before quickly correcting himself. "...Edena"

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

While she was cutting the fruit Edena could tell she was being watched. She didn't look up however as she focused on the cutting as Illya was seemingly becoming more curious to have her look up. Kiya Came to the rescue to reason with Ilya, letting Edena retain control of her body and some peace of mind as the person came in to the lounge area now. Edena looked up as she was surprised to see Cinn walk in to the lounge, not really expecting him to be here. In fact, he was the last person she'd expect here.

Immediately her thoughts brought her back to the gangway on the Allegiant. How she had betrayed her Captain nearly and sides with Vasser. Or well, that was Jona, but who knows if and or when he'd try another coup to have her body under his control. She remembered her words to Cinn as she had urged him to strip her from carrying a weapon should she be near Ives. A proclamation that had lead to her to resign all together as it proved too dangerous to be around the man.

Therefor it stung just a bit when Cinn addressed her as Commander. Somewhere deep down she missed the position, yet she had a new future ahead it seemed. Her mouth did go dry for some reason as Ilya managed to get one last remark in her mind before leaving her with privacy. "Lohlunaaaat." she had planted teasingly before her mind became her own and clearly once more. A flush of her cheeks could betray the path her thoughts had taken her before she looked down at the fruit and placed it in a bowl. "Lieutenant Commander..." she started as she looked up once more to see him draw near "What a pleasant surprise to see you down here." she replied as she looked around  the lounge "Well, I... I was considering to redecorate the place a bit..." she answered while she dried her fingers.

She looked Wenn over as she couldn't help but shake the feeling that was the only reason he came here to see her. She hadn't seen him since the Allegiant events and she wondered if it changed how he thought about her, despite the two of them having their moment during Lohlunat . She walked out from behind the bar and walked over to him as he asked "I know you're on duty, but would you like anything to drink? Oh and please have a seat." her eyes locking into his as her hazel eyes were burning with curiosity. 

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan
"Fruit juice. Moba, if you have it?" He asked as he found a seat at the bar. Those eyes, the golden and green orbs seemed to bore into his very soul. He thought back to their night in the holodeck. Her with his cock in her mouth, those very eyes staring up into his while she gave her first blowjob. Cinn felt himself beginning to stiffen at the memory, and re-adjusted in his seat.

"Yes, redecorating would be a good idea." He kept to the small talk to keep himself from getting carried away. Who knows if what they shared on the holodeck was a one-time event or if she would even want to do so again. "The lounge should reflect the owner, and the crew."

"The festival of gratitude is coming up soon." He said matter of factly. Cinn chided himself.  Why was it so difficult to think of topics to talk about with this woman? "Perhaps we could host it here? If you wouldn't mind the smell of burning bateret leaves and renewal scrolls?" It was a pathetic plan, but maybe this conversation would make it seem that he hadn't come just to see her. He stood up and walked slowly around the bar. "We could place the renewal scroll stand here" He suggested before moving along through the tables. "I'm sure the bajorans aboard would like to have such an event, and could prove appropriate music. Although we'd need a presider to lead..." At this Cinn trailed off, looking out one of the viewscreen windows into the star field beyond. This wasn't working. He sighed, plucked up the courage and turned back to the bar, closing the distance in a few short steps.

"Edena..." he paused before continuing. "...I didn't come here to plan a festival. After all that's happened, I don't want us to drift apart. There's something to you. I think you feel it too. Do you think we can try to see if there is more to us? I mean, I don't even know that much about you. Apart from how far those spots go down..." He smiled warmly after his joke, taking one of her hands into his.

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

With his order placed Edena moved away from his and back behind the bar as she looked for the desired drink. It seemed it was her lucky day as she had some moba fruit left and she started to cut them in half before she started to press them. She noticed how Cinn moved in his seat and she thought it was because she took so long perhaps. "It'll be done in a minute, fresh off the press for my first client." she smiled a bit shy. Unaware of the memory Cinn was having.

"Ah is already that time again? I've been to the Peldor festival on some occasions." Edena mentioned as Cinn continued and suggested they could perhaps host it here in the lounge. She couldn't hide a smile as Cinn walked through the room already imagining the position of certain attributes and seemingly redecorating the place already for the festival. At the mention of festivals though, Edena did remind herself of the moment they had shared during the festival of the moon, something Ilya was just so kind to remind her of. Her eyes drifted over Wenn Cinn as he continued to elaborate over appropriate music and a presider. Yet her mind was distracted as she found the flood of memories of their time during Lohlunat . Memories of how easily Cinn had driven her over the edge not just once but several times. The memory of tasting him in her mouth... It made her cheeks flare up.

When Cinn mentioned her name it brought her back to reality with a rush as she blinked a few times to see him back before her as he was. The Moba fruit juice well pressed by now, she placed it on the bar now, ready for him to drink from it. Her eyes looked back in his as he stated why he had truly come the lounge. She moistened her lower lip with her tongue as he admitted he wasn't here for the festival. His true reasons making her cheeks a flush into a darker shade of red. She let a pause fall when he was done while she tried to figure out how she'd best react to it. If only Ilya could strengthen her resolve once more. 'No... You've handled it fine during Lohlunat , just be yourself!' she tried to reason with herself, without the ghosts of past.

"I..." she started before she looked down and closed her eyes "I would like that..." she managed to spill over her lips before she scratched the back of her head slowly. Her heart pounding like a mad man and she felt herself heat up like crazy. "To be fair... I don't know much about you either..." she admitted as she felt a cue to counter his joke "Apart from how you taste." she added a bit boldly. Her cheeks going as red as they could. She remained silent for a few seconds before she managed to gather the courage to look back up at him "But I think I'd like to explore to see if there's more to us... Just.. Just know about my ghosts... How they can sometimes..." she paused as she found it hard to expose herself so easily to the man. She did believe she could trust him, yet at the same time she didn't want to scare him off before they had even started to explore each others interests.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan
When she trailed away, he brought up a hand, using the second knuckle on his first finger to lift her chin. Leaning in, Cinn tilted his head slightly to the side and closed his eyes as he stole a simple passionate first kiss of their new relationship.

It was glorious, the feeling of his chapped lips against her smooth ones. At this distance he could smell again the floral scent in which Edena washed her hair. The scent was perfect, strong yet subtle, just like the trill that had cold hands, yet blushed so warmly.

He was lost in her. The callused hand under her chin moved caressingly up her jaw, under her ear and through her hair. The other touched her hip, pulling her closer, feeling her through the plastic scale of her glitter dress.

As he broke away, the surroundings came rushing back in. The gentle uptempo music of the lounge, the quiet hum of the engines, the untouched Moba fruit juice sat on the counter; the first drink of Edena's new career, currently going wasted.

"I like Hasperat. I like the feeling of running my hand through freshly cut hair and when others do it to me." He paused and smiled warmly down to her.  "I like the taste of your lips." Her pale skin at odds with, yet complimenting, his dark chocolate tone. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk about the others in her head but at the moment, he just wanted to be with her and her alone.

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

Feeling the warmer touch of the dark skinned Chief of Security lift her face up, Edena was a bit surprised when the man leaned in to steal a kiss. In the first moment she stood there, frozen to the ground before she gave in and kissed him back simply. Her hands clumsily finding a way around his neck before one slid down to his chest, the other remaining at the back of his head, feeling the back of his hair. Her hands were feeling cooler than a normal human would and she could feel the warmth of Cinn's body, even through his uniform.

She felt his his hand moved up her face and into her hair, another sending tingles down her spine as it made contact with her hip. She stepped a bit forward as he pulled her closer, her slender frame now hugging his as she could imagine he'd feel her body pretty easily through the dress.

"I don't think I ever tried Hasperat..." she mentioned to him as she looked him back in the eyes. He chose to leave the others out of the conversation for now which seemed fair enough, yet he'd probably meet one or the other on a daily basis. Yet that was something she didn't want to think about for now as she had to smile and laugh a little as he also mentioned he liked the taste of her lips. "Do you now?" she asked softly before she decided to take some actions herself. She leaned in once more to kiss him, her lips soft as ever as they pressed against his dark toned ones. This kiss lasted longer than their first kiss and Edena found herself lost in the moment as her heart kept racing.

She broke the kiss once more and she glanced over at his fruit juice grinning a little before looking back at Cinn "Are you really not going to touch that?" she asked him, wondering if she'd be able to convince him to let her go and at least try out the drink she made for him. "She let her fingers run through the back of his head, raking across his scalp while she smiled contently at him. Could it be that she might find love aboard this renegade starship?

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

The nails scraping across the back of his head made him emit a low guttural moan of pleasure. It was time for payback. His hand in her hair pushed enough out of the way that he could get her earlobe into his mouth. He sucked gently before moving down onto the muscles of her neck. It was easy to follow the trail of spots, kissing and sucking down to her collarbone. There was no rush, Cinn make sure that he was slow and methodical. When he had hit bone, it was there he decided to come up for air. He smiled devilishly.

"Wanting me to check your credentials as a barkeep?" He queried indicating towards his fruit juice. "I suppose you could tempt me into a break, but only if you make something to join me."

He lingered with a hand on her until she pulled away to make her own beverage. Cinn eyed the lounge. Did they want to keep this up where they were, straight in the field of view for anyone who would come in, or did they want to retire to the comfy chairs in a quiet corner away from prying eyes? The urge to take her, there on the counter was enticing, but would it be fair? He could always offer her to mount the desk in his office as payback?

Enough. They'd only just started to properly know each other. It was too soon to be daydreaming of secret rendezvous in their places of work. Finally he put the fruit juice to his lips. It was sweet, fresh and revitalising. He looked back to check up on how she was doing.

"I will say the drinks are good and the reception is warm, but I hope you don't share that welcome with everyone."

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

The low moan she managed to trigger out of Wenn Cinn had sent yet another series of tingles down her spine as she was caught in his embrace. Cinn took action to her move as he sucked at her earlobe, making her gasp as she felt her legs tighten up. The sensation of his kisses down her spots only served more to arouse her. A light gasp and soft moan escaped her lips as she found it more difficult to concentrate on her task at hand. When he had reached her collar bone, Edena had imagined the tall Bajoran would venture further yet instead he stopped as he smiled devilish.

"Mmmh..." she moaned as he told her to fix a drink herself to join him "I think I need something to cool me off..." she replied as she pulled away, hating to lose the touch of the man as she walked back behind her bar. Alcohol was still a bit too early in the day to start off with so she made herself a virgin fruit cocktail. Mixing the fruit to a pulp before pouring it in a glass herself. She walked back from behind the bar to join Cinn on one of the bar stools.

Her eyes back on his dark skin as she sucked the straw. The cold drink helped her cool down a little as she realized this was the lounge area. They could get caught by anyone at any time when they were making out like that. The idea surprisingly tempting yet also filling her with nerves and possibly shame if they did get caught. Her ears caught his compliment on the drinks and welcoming. A smirk covering her face "Only the tall dark strangers aboard this starship." She whispered before she laid her hand on his leg "I'm kidding, I think you'd be the only one deserving a welcome in that style." she felt the need to tell him for sure. Just to make sure that she... Her cheeks flushed again as she faced her feelings, she felt attracted to this man, more then just a flirt really.

She sucked at the straw once more as she looked down unaware to his groin. Her mind full with the revelation that she might be in love actually. The image before her eyes becoming clear now as she realized she had been staring at it for about 10 seconds if not longer. Her cheeks must've been on fire she imagined as he looked away quickly and asked a question to get her attention away from her dirty mind "How long can you stay here? Do you need to be anywhere soon?"

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

The look at this crotch was not lost on Cinn. He tried not to show it, but it was amusing to see that the effect she had on him was mutual.

"I'm on patrol, so I should get back to it." He looked down at the hand still on his thigh. "Although what's the point in being chief if I can't dictate how long a patrol should take?" The question itself was a joke and rhetorical. The next one wasn't, however.

"I can certainly stay if you want to show me the full range of entertainment this lounge offers?" There was a slight mischievous glint in his eye. The idea of getting caught by the lunchtime rush was exhilarating. As the second officer of the ship as well as chief of security he should hold himself to a higher standard, but he'd already given his life to the ship and his gods had returned him, perhaps this was what they wanted?

While some would argue it is sacrilegious to imply the prophets were interested in getting one person laid, Cinn had been taught since he was a little boy that the prophets were in everything. Why shouldn't that extend to his love life?

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

"Oh..." she let out as he mentioned he was out on patrol. The thought of him leaving so soon already made her wonder if it was a good idea to open up to him. Which was a bit of a harsh way to think, luckily Cinn continued as he implied he could stop whenever.

Edena might've been innocent yet she was able to catch the innuendo dealt by the lieutenant commander as he spoke of the full range of entertainment. Her eyes looked up at his to make sure she got what he was referring to and she could surely see the mischievous glint in his eyes. She was still unsure how far the Chief Security would take it and she wasn't the type to just act on lust. Not yet at least.

"What exactly did you want to see?" she asked carefully before she sucked the straw once more, emptying her glass now, leaving the slurping sound before she removed her lips from the straw slowly and placing the glass back on the counter. She carried on playing the oblivious side of herself "There's the karaoke bar, some bar games in the adjacent room... Or would you rather check the stock of food and drinks?" she asked him as she maintained eye contact "Or was it something else you had in mind Wenn?" she added with a soft voice.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

"What exactly did you want to see?" Now that was a dangerous question and the manner in which it was asked helped nothing but flame his desires. She was actually teasing him and playing innocent. As she listened off the activities and features of below decks, he could see she had no interest in challenging him to parrises squares.

"Or was it something else you had in mind Wenn?" There it was. The challenge set forth. Cinn was one never to back down, certainly not in flirting and certainly not in sex. He liked to think of himself as a gentle but firm lover. Being a large man, he'd always been careful of his strength. It was also because growing up in the occupation, his anger, his strength, it was directed towards the enemy. Never towards those he loved.

The enemy. He couldn't trust Edena yet, but she had proved not to be his enemy. He briefly remembered Edena in his brig, and Jona from the numerous times he had taken over her personality but he quashed the thought almost as instantly as it was thought up. It wasn't time to worry about enemies or spies. It was time to lose oneself in the moment.
"I think you know what I have in mind." He smiled, setting aside his drink. In one swift action he picked her up in his strong arms and set her atop the bar. He gently parted her legs and stepped up closer, placing his forehead against hers.

"So what do I need to do to find out more about Edena Lal?" He asked in a soft voice. Afterwards, he moved back down to her neck. Gently he kissed and suckled on her spots. Simultaneously, one hand went around to touch the bare skin on the back of her glitter dress as the other was placed on her knee. Slowly it moved up her thigh, sliding more and more under her dress.

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

"I think you know what I have in mind." She had to grin at his expression as she shook her head slowly. As she was doing it though she suddenly got swiped off her stool and lifted up onto the bar. She let out a loud, but short yelp as it happened before she laughed a little and rubbed her forehead against his. Feeling her legs being parted by the dark man.

'He certainly was straight forward.' she thought to herself as she felt his warm hand run over her bare skin. One running down her back as the other ventured up her skin on her legs, reaching under her dress to her thighs. Her breath hitched as she felt the hand venture to her thighs closer and closer. She wanted to object and point out how dangerous this was to get caught. Yet her voice gave no sound as she part her lips.

To make the matter worse, she felt his lips trail down her spots, sending shivers down her spine. When he started to suckle her lips finally able to release a sound as she moaned out. Her cheeks red once more of the public display she had been placed in. Out of her control she felt her core heated and growing moist as her lace underwear started to form a wet little spot.

She tried to regain some control as he had asked her a question "Not turn her on so much..." she replied with a soft moan before she kissed his neck and bit in his earlobe "All you need to do is ask..." she whispered in his ear as her hands went back through his hair, her legs wrapping around his waist as she felt the need for him.  The need of him to ravish her... "Yet... Isn't this.... really public?" she moaned in his ear again before nibbling it.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

Her breath on his neck was electrifying, each hot gust sending waves of heat though him. Her legs around him edged him on. When she queried about the location for their liaison, his low and gravelly voice spoke quietly right into her ear. "Then I should be quick..."
Cinn slowly moved his hands and separated her legs. He dropped to his knees and lifted her legs over his shoulders before kissing the inside of her thigh. He kissed slowly upwards and as his face arrived under her dress, her sweet, heady scent filled his nose. He moaned a deep guttural groan as his eyes turned to look at his destination. The damp spot of her most intimate area was barely showing. A glistening beacon that what he did was both welcome and wanted. Carefully he reached in to move the lace barrier aside. His lips met hers and he kissed her softly before letting his tongue reach out and take his first taste of the nectar she produced. He dragged his tongue up from her dripping entrance to her clit before kissing her there and withdrawing only long enough to say one word.

"Edena..." He rumbled as he savoured her taste. If two weeks ago you had told Cinn that in he would be performing oral sex on the then executive officer of the Theurgy right on the bar in Below Decks where anyone could see, he wouldn't have believed them. Now as he pressed his mouth to her once again he didn't care. In everything that had happened, he had found someone who wanted to be with him. He wasn't going to let that go. That was, unless it proved to be false.

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

The former executive officer hadn't expected Cinn to act so fast as she suddenly felt his hands spreading her legs a bit more. "Cinn!" she gasped out, almost panicking a bit as she was terrified to get caught in the moment. Yet at the same time her heart was beating with a thunderous rhythm she hadn't experienced before.

The kisses being trailed upward under her skirt as for a moment Edena doubted to push her legs back together. She couldn't deny however how good it felt to feel his lips peck her skin as he kept venturing deeper. His moan sending shivers down her spine as she dug her fingers into his hair and scalp. Cinn was growing more bolder when she felt her panties being tugged aside as her heated core became exposed to his face. A loud gasp was her response as she felt his lips touch her oh so intimate ones, before he let his tongue come into play.

He could taste her nectar seeping out to make her even more wet as his oral teasing had only caused for more to form and present itself for him. The Trill leaned back now as she placed her hands across the bar behind her, keeping balance and knocking over some shot glasses as she grasped for something to hold on to. He stopped for a moment before he said her name and she bit her lower lip "Don't.... Don't stop... Please..." she whispered almost even sounding as if she was begging for it. Her eyes glancing over at the entrance of the lounge, knowing that anyone might just walk in at any time.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

Her voice sounded so pleasured and breathy it made him groan, delighted about how much she was enjoying what he was doing. It was difficult but he forced himself to keep the pace slow, imbibing those tangy-sweet juices and savouring every drop she gave him. His tongue dragged slowly from her dripping entrance to her clit, lapping sensually over her most intimate area.

His hand moved over her leg and stroked along the silken skin until he reached the sodden heat beneath. His index finger traced around the entrance teasingly before pushing into her to the first knuckle and circling again. Further and further he pushed, joint by joint, pulling away and pushing back inside each time he went deeper.

His shaft was so rigid that it ached and as he worked he found himself getting lost in his enjoyment of giving pleasure. Into her he groaned, listening to every sound she might utter. Her sounds made him enjoy it even more, even just the sound of her hands as she knocked over the shot glasses.
When his index finger had reached its hilt, he pulled back again and began to follow the same pattern with the addition of his middle finger. Curling the pair of digits inside her as he stroked her walls, putting pressure on the internal pleasure centre. He kissed her sweet spot over and over again, sucking gently on the bud each time. If the prophets chose to take him back to the celestial temple, right here and right now, it would be a good death. It would allow him to enjoy this moment forever more.

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

The slow pace Wenn Cinn kept up was just a teasing reminder for Edena how good it felt to feel someone please her without directly going to having sex. Cinn had been the first one to let her feel during Lohlunat  what it felt like to receive cunnilingus. It had felt wonderful then out there on the beach house yet it felt even nicer now with the risk of getting caught lurking around the corner. Regardless Edena felt the need to push her hips up in response as her moans filled the room.

But it seemed Cinn wasn't going to leave it at that. She felt his hand reach up to her delicate sex as she bit her lower lip, each exhale being followed by a moan as she suddenly felt his finger probing into her depths. Her inner wall welcoming it as they hugged it tightly while he continued to use his mouth for her pleasure. Her body seemed to be on fire now as the numerous sparks of pleasure were hitting her. A louder moan couldn't be suppressed as she unleashed it in the room, loud enough for even someone on the hallway to hear. Her hands desperately search for something to grab on to, yet finding nothing on the smooth surface as her body bucks into his finger.

This sort of pleasure was something new altogether for the Trill as she tried to keep her moan down, biting hard on her teth as her breathing increased rapidly. Her muscles hugging down his two fingers as he inserted them and used them to roam around in her sex. She felt the need for release drawing nearer fast. "Oh Cinn, I'm.." yet it seemed it was already to late for her to warn him as the waves of pleasure rolled down. Her inner muscles contracted against his fingers as she got more wet in no time. She bucked her hips eagerly against his fingers and face as she let out a long deep moan. Her hips continuing to ride his fingers to ride the orgasm out. She could only hope that nobody had heard her.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 28 | USS Theurgy] Attn: Nolan

He smiled as she gyrated against him, feeling her pulse around his fingers as well as hearing her pleasured sounds. There was great satisfaction in her bliss. When she came down from the high, he slowly let her relax, easing the pressure on her clit. Shortly after, he carefully withdrew his fingers and sucked upon them, gaining the last few tastes of her juices.

Lowering her legs from his shoulders, he raised himself up, and stole yet another kiss. It was instantly followed with another quick peck. Pulling himself back he couldn't help grin at Edena like some lovesick teen.

"So..." He began, when unexpectedly he heard a whoosh, and the sound of laughter. A group of crewmen entered into the lounge, lost in their own joke and not paying attention to the couple at the bar. They had finally pushed their luck too far, but had managed not to get caught.
"I should get back on patrol. Besides you have customers..." He said taking a step back, with one hand he ensured the skirt of her dress was pulled back down. Cinn didn't want to go, but he was also sure from here to the Celestial Temple that Edena didn't want to be bent over the bar in front of patrons.

He drained the remainder of his moba juice, before leaning back towards the Trill and placing a kiss on the cheek. He then breathed into her ear three little words. "Again some time?"

With that he turned and began to head out the lounge in the opposite direction to which the crowd had entered, stopping only briefly to re-adjust himself. It wasn't becoming for the Chief of Security to travel through the ship looking like a walking coat stand. Cinn chuckled to himself as he left into the corridor and passed some more crew heading to below decks for the lunchtime rush. The danger had been an added benefit to excitement, although now Edena would need to find some way to discreetly move her underwear back into place without alerting the customers.

At that moment he felt like the luckiest man alive. If you asked because of which, being resurrected or the beautiful trill that he was just with, he couldn't really say; All he knew, as he raised a finger to get one last smell of Edena's pleasure centre, was that he definitely needed to thank the Prophets abundantly tonight.

Re: DAY 03: The Beginning Of A New Life [1100 hrs.]

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[ Edena Rez | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cin

Coming down from her high, Edena looked at Cinn as he lowered her legs to dangle off the bar. Her breathing rapid and her body pulsing from the sudden sexual release. She hadn't even thought about this in the morning. After the Allegiant debacle she thought Cinn might ignore her due to her wrong behavior. Though it was in fact Jona's betrayal, many could misinterpret it as her own action as her body was used for it.

She kissed Cinn back passionately as he gave her a kiss, tasting her own nectar from his lips and tongue. It made her blush again or well, remained the current blush she was in. Her heart beating in her throat as her body trembled still and her veins pumping blood at full force. She wanted to repay him the favor as she suddenly heard the doors whoosh open.

Edena her eyes widened as she hid her mouth with her hand, afraid they'd see her blushing cheeks, yet soon enough she felt the frisky atmosphere of the room against her bare sex. Her stomach churned at the thought of customers seeing her on the bar with her panties slid aside. Yet Cinn seemed to be somewhat of a gentleman as he ensured her dress was once more decently pulled down. It had been just enough to cover her up as the fabric of her underwear now started to slide against her wet lips, spreading them open just a little. Her sex still sensitive from her orgasm, she had to bite down on her lip to suppress a moan.

"Really?" she asked him with a bit of a broken voice "I mean you could always stay around for another drink." she tried to convince him before she jumped off the bar. Her legs shaky and trembling a little before she looked away from Cinn and glanced over at the two crewmen. They weren't looking at her yet, thus she used this moment to correct her underwear to get back in place. This however happening right in front of Wenn's eyes. In fact he was just emptying his moba juice.

She closed her eyes for a second as he kissed her and she was glad when he said those three words. Being reminded that this wasn't just a one time thing after Lohlunat . "Again some time." she repeated the words to him before she whispered, maybe loud enough for him to hear or maybe just not as she wasn't that promiscuous yet "I owe you one." Regardless Cinn could derive the message from the movements of her lips. She smiled and walked over to the customers now, her hips swaying as she still felt the wetness against her thighs.

She took the order from them before she turned around and just saw the back of Cinn as he left. She smiled yet cursed at the same time as she realized she would have to spent the rest of the day with wet undies. It was then however when Illya resurfaced 'You know you could very well just function without right?' Edena walked back to her bar to get the orders in order as she muttered to herself "Shut up Illya..."Yet there was no rest for her as more crewmen started to walk in as lunch had officially begun.

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