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Nathan let out a soft sigh as Ida said that he could join her. He knew at this point asking was just a formality. With time ticking and the way Ida acted there was no doubt that this was going to be fun. As she teased his member with her sex he let out a small groan though for a moment he considered putting his cock in a different hole. His hand brushed down Ida's backside touching her firm blue ass, and leaned forward as he pressed his cock momentarily between the cheeks of her rear.

"I wonder if this side would feel just as good." He chuckled before slipping his cock down her body back to her sex, not even letting her back out of what she had already agreed too he pressed his cock into her vagina and entered her. "Questions for another day I suppose. For now I already know that this is more enjoyable."

Nathan couldn't help but tease and play, it was in his nature to make quips and enjoy these moments with a flirtatous ferver. He didn't shut up, and that was one of the things he enjoyed about himself. Even so as he started to move his hips against Ida's he let out a soft moan enjoying the feeling of her already used pussy. Second helpings really were the best.

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The bloody pinkskin would not cease teasing her,  and when he suggested that he'd sodomise her, she almost rounded on him and rammed his teeth down his throat with her fist. That would have been a fine ending to an overall enjoyable morning, wouldn't it? However, something told her that the Lone-Wolf knew better than that, and was merely fishing for an approval before he resumed doing what he was supposed to do. She did not give him permission, merely narrowing her eyes at him for a moment. He got the hint.

When his hardness squirmed itself into her again, her passage remembered him well, and with the shuddering breath she released upon his entry, she began to move back against him. She found his rhythm, and her fingers dug a hard hold the edge of the control panel inside the shower. "Harder," she breathed, swallowing before repeating it. "Harder...."

To encourage him, she pushed back in that spirit, and the feeling of doing it with the cascading sonic pulses stroking her skin was incredible. As endowed as Isley was, having him from behind presented the unrestricted opportunity to feel all of him. Indeed, as stretched as she felt, she was still amazed that she could take all of him inside her. With feral enthusiasm, she pushed against him, wanting it to never end, even if she knew she had to leave soon.

As content as she was, she made no move to change position - letting him decide that. It was not her immediate priority, as gratifying as the experience was. "Yes... By Lor'Vela, yes..."

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When Ida bid Nathan to go Harder he did just that, pressing his body weight against hers his hips moving against hers the absense of water meant their skin didn't dry out, in fact the sonic pulses made everything damp as it carressed against their body sending vibrations up and along them that caused his cock to twitch erratically inside of Ida.

At the same time he pressed her hard against the wall his hand on her back forcing her breasts to press to the wall as he fucked her falling into a hard rythem that slammed against her crotch and added a loud slapping sound every time he pressed against her made all the louder by the aformentioned moisture which wasn't sweat but also wasn't water. Either way it felt amazing, and Nathan's nails pressed harder against Ida's blue skin drawing white lines along her back.

For the first time all day Nathan shut up and simply let himself fuck Ida with all the passion and power that such an occasion deserved. Giving her every inch of him as hard as she commanded. His hands moving up from her thigh to grab one of he breasts that was being pressed against the vibrating wall with every thrust. Grabbing her dark blue nipple pinching it and pulling on it as hard as he wanted till it felt like the skin would break under his fingers touch. The only noise he made were satisfied moans of pleasure as his cock pressed against her inner walls riding her harder than he had in the room, and fucking her deeper as well.

He moved his lips and kissed her neck before biting down on her soft blue flesh hard enough that he was sure he would leave a mark where her uniform wouldn't be able to hide it.

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The pinkskin was smothering her against the glass wall - surging into her from behind - and Ida was enjoying herself almost a little bit too much. Undulating her hips against him, she had her her legs spread for him in order to accommodate his every thrust.

What was it with pinkskins that made her this way? Since she left Andoria, she'd had little else in terms of male companions, and she couldn't even remember how it was like being with a Thaanor a Chan anymore, or a Shen for that matter. Mere adolescent adventures as a Cadet in the Imperial Guard, far too long ago, and too overshadowed by the betrayal of her family. She had come to revel in the experiences gained outside Lor'Vela, and her hedonistic years devoted to her art had taught her to appreciate diversity. Then again, perhaps she willed herself to do so, in mere spite of her native culture and customs?

Either way, Isley was scratching that lasting itch of hers really good, making her pant breathlessly against the glass. That was, until he suddenly bit her neck, and her eyes flared open. He bit too hard, and with the sudden pain, her instincts as an Imperial Guard and a Starfleet Security officer kicked in. It was a reflex, really, beyond her control. Her fist had formed before she knew her own intention, and without delay, she had rammed her elbow straight into Nathaniel's side. The close quarters had demanded the nature of her defence, but instead of the consecutive strike she had almost given him as a follow-up, she lashed him with her tongue - his hardness still inside her.

"Damn you, pinkskin!" she snarled, "need I beat you again to teach you respect?"

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Nathan hadn't expected the sudden sharp elbow into his side. He was ever so thankful that it wasn't the damaged side, though he wasn't sure if that was intentional or not from Ida. It took his breath away, but he was able to stay inside of the woman, the sudden force sending a shock of adrenaline through his body that actually caused Nathan to react by pushing the woman harder against the wall, pinning her down and grabbing her arms so that she couldn't do that again.

As she threatened to beat him again to try and teach him respect he glared towards her. His eyes burning with a lustful fire. as he actually started to fuck her again harder while keeping her body pinned against the shower. His tone shifted only for a moment before regaining the pleasure that he had been feeling as he  pushed his body against hers roughly, the sound of their flesh meeting actually beating out the constant hum of the sonic shower as he fucked Ida the vibrations and her tightness mixing together to add yet more pleasure to the act the two had been going at for a while.

"I'd rather not have round two while I am at a disadvantage." He said making sure to hold Ida's hands above her head as his body pressed against her back as every thrust was met with a tired slightly raspy breath. "There will be plenty of time to teach me later, right now however." He pressed his lips to hers forcing her head to turn as he leaned against hers. When the kiss broke he bit her lower lip and let out a heavy gasp of pleasure.

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Oh, but Ida could respect a male when being forceful, as long as it was on her terms. He asserted himself by grabbing her arms and pinning them to the glass, and she might have been able to tear herself free, but that was beside the point. His forceful reaction turned her on, and her violent reaction had made him grind himself harder against her - his smooth cock ramming into her at a pace that made her head spin. This was no dainty, genteel male but one who she could appreciate, so she groaned against his lips when pressed his lips to hers. It was, perhaps, the best experience so far with the halfbreed Vulcan.

And it made her come, as if the only thing that had conserved her was a slight lack of true respect. She let out a guttural, long groan against his mouth, shifting into a breathless cry when his lips escaped hers in the commotion - the bite to her lips almost passing by unnoticed. Her knees buckled, and the only thing that held her up was the cock she was riding on - making her weight bear down on their joining as he moved. She was rocked against the glass by his thrusts, and her sheath closed around him like a white-knuckled fist, as if it meant to break him off at the base. She tore her arms free and reached back to claw at his buttocks with her short nails, not about to let him escape her while she came.

Panting hard afterwards against the glass, she felt her juices running down her thighs - unable to remember when being with a male had been this good. Her white hair was in complete disarray, and she felt like she had been running for miles along the ship's corridors. She swallowed with a parched throat, unable to find the words to show her appreciation...

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Feeling Ida's body cave to his will was the last thing that Nathan really needed to feel. Feeling her body tighten and climax made it possible for him to follow suit not bothering to take his cock out of her as he came inside of her feeling her gasping breaths as he pushed himself on her with wild abandon. To say it felt good was an understatement. Nathan really wasn't sure what it was the build up to this night, or that her body felt easily like it could entwine with his, but honestly he felt an odd emotion he couldn't really describe.

It was a rather intense desire to see Ida again. Maybe not just like this, but certainly if the oppertunity arouse he would not have said no. He looked at Ida as they silently reflected on their state of being. For a moment it looked like she might have been thinking the same thing. For the first time Nathan didn't say anything. Rather he kept his mouth shut and pulled out Ida. respecting her if only a little. He slid a hand over and around her back pulling her into a half embrace where his hand rested on her breast as he kissed Ida's neck lightly.

Since it was probably time for her to get back to duty he released her a moment or two later. His eyes drank in the sight of Ida for a moment savoring it. He would be flying out tomorrow and while the mission was supposed to be simple years of being a pilot told him that things almost never were. "Shall I see you again?" He asked after a long silence wondering if she would come back to him willingly in the future.

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While she recovered from the aftermath, Ida felt light-headed, and she let herself be embraced by the pilot - feeling his lips against her neck and his palm against her sensitive breast. She raised a hand to put it over his, preventing him from stroking it too much in its current state of sensitivity... yet also keeping it there for some reason.

Indeed, she felt a pang of regret over the fact that she'd have to return to her duties. She'd realised that in enjoying herself as much as she had in Isley's intimate company, she had come to want more of it. Whether or not it was a just a sexual thing, she was not sure about any more, but she considered the idea that it might not just be unfinished business from the Niga Incident. Perhaps, she w-?

Isley spoke, and her trail of thought ended. When he said it, it felt so sudden, as if he'd caught her thinking the same thing and it became much too real. She blinked, heart-rate still alleviated and her breathing uneven. What should she say?

"I don't know," she said, raking back her wait hair from her eyes, looking at him while the vibrations washed over their bodies. It took her a little while before she added what had surfaced in her mind.

"Perhaps you shall."

- Fin

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