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"If that's the case...Then I'm only more worried, We know how far these people are willing to go what will stop them from hurting our loved ones?" Soo Young asked looking toward Jien. What would stop the people manipulating the Federation from silencing anyone who spoke against them, What would be so hard about fabricating even more stories to persecute the people who dared to question their authority. The thought of it scared her even if her mother did realize that she wasn't as guilty as she appeared she would still be in danger.

She was silent after having said her piece, She didn't have anything else to say on the matter. She didn't want to say anything else. She shared a moment with Jien looking at him for a moment. She could feel the attraction that they shared toward one another it wasn't a deep connection but there was no denying that the connection was there. She could feel his hesitance to act on their connection and immediately she could understand why. He was her superior and she was his subordinate. How much could be said against him if this were to ever be discovered.

Soo Young looked away she reached out placing a hand on his arm gripping the sleeve of his uniform gently. The physical contact only strengthened her empathic bond making her feel his desire to experience intimacy with her. There was no romantic intent and she did not expect there to be. She gripped his sleeve a bit tighter as she couldn't help but feel aroused at the idea of being intimate with Jien. There was no denying that he was physically appealing and the aura of command that he possessed fanned flames within her that rarely ever burned.

"No one has to know..." Soo Young said speaking based on Jien's thoughts. She couldn't feel the thoughts of many others around them and those she could feel had their mind set on different things. "We'll keep it to ourselves and never speak of it." Soo Young said.

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Her words were exactly what Jien needed to hear to even consider this further.

For as intriguing as she was and how much she attracted his attention, regardless how much he needed to find comfort for his losses or clear his head from the burdens of command, he could not do so at the cost of seeming weak in the eyes of his crew. Yet if she was sympathetic towards the ideas she could sense in his mind, and even suggested it whereas he was hesitant, he did not feel like he was taking advantage of a lower ranking officer. And if Soo understood the import of keeping what they both wanted secret...

...then it would not seem that way to anyone else either.

He found no words to give her in return. It felt disrespectful to look around and see if anyone was nearby, and he really did not need to either. He paid attention to his surroundings, and unless there was someone stalking them and was good at it, they were quite alone. Instead, he met her gaze - his brown eyes staring into hers. The tension between them grew stronger, pulling at him. Therefore, he stepped towards her.

There was a tree behind her and as he slowly stepped close to her, lips slanted to almost meet hers, he set his calloused hands against the bark. Their breaths mingled, and he was looking at those inviting lips of hers - catching their texture with his keen eyes. They looked warm to him. Full. Begging to be covered with his. Her body radiated warmth even though the hard planes of his chest didn't touch the uniform over her bosom.

Lips not yet touching hers, not having truly touched her in any way yet, he removed one hand from the bark and slowly opened her uniform jacket's zipper. Her white undershirt was laid bare to him, the bright colour accentuating the figure underneath it. His oaken eyes were famished for more, so he did the same to her undershirt, yet having to touch her... yet having to taste her. He merely drank in the sight of her.

Their foreheads finally met, and as he leaned against her, he ran his fingertips over the bared skin.

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As Jien stepped closer Soo Young found herself backed up against the tree they had just been sitting beneath. She watched as he placed his hands against the bark on either side of her cutting off any chance of escape, As if she'd ever want to do such a thing her breathing quickened a bit as he drew closer to her. She waited quietly allowing him to do as he wished she see his eyes looking over her, She could feel his breath mixing with her own as their lips drew closer. Part of her wished to lean forward and close the distance but another part of her forced her to restrain herself.

One of Jien's hands moved up to the zipper of her uniform, She bit her lip as he slowly pulled it down she shrugged the jacket of her uniform off her shoulders slipping her arms from the sleeves letting it hang around her waist. Her body was aching for his touch but the anticipation was much too arousing to interrupt. She felt him remove her undershirt allowing him a good view of what she had to offer him. She looked toward the ground blushing a bit. Part of her wondered why she felt this way but the answer was quite simple, These were the feelings she herself felt with Miles she'd focused almost completely on his desire for her and soon that lust had become her own.

However now this wasn't completely about lust it was satisfying a need and want they both wanted. Her mind was able to think more clearly, She gasped as she felt his fingertips brush against her bare skin. Just that slight touch sent waves pulsing throughout her body that made her shiver. As their foreheads met she shut her eyes savoring the moment shared between them before leaning in and pressing her lips to Jien's unable to contain her own personal want.

The kiss was simple almost as if it were more a test than a romantic gesture, She held the kiss closing her eyes she savored the feeling of his warm lips against her own but was hesitant to go any further until he showed his response to her actions.

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When Soo tilted her head to let their lips come together, Jien did not just allow her mouth to find his, but answered in kind - slanting his own lips to cover hers. It was almost a bit tentative at first, yet he merely paused to savour the taste of her warm breath inside his mouth. In moments, need for more made him tilt his head the other way, and to seek the taste of her tongue with his own. The warmth of her mouth was intoxicating, readily pushing all other thoughts from his mind. He was not rough as he kissed her, only firm, breathing deeper through his nostrils while their mouths sought purchase against each other. It was as if he was feeding strength from the sweetness of her lips, from the silken and warm dew of her dancing tongue.

Jien had merely opened her undershirt after her jacket had fallen - now riding low on her hips - because the bark behind her back would not have made much for comfort. Yet opened as the bright white garment was, it allowed his calloused hand to roam her skin freely. He cupped one breast from beneath, yet her bra was disallowing him the feel of her nipple rolling against his palm. Therefore, he hooked it with his rough thumb and pushed the bra up - her achingly swollen and curved mounds spilling free between them. No sooner were they bared to him than he lay his strong hand against one of them, fondling her with an appreciation plain to her senses if not expressed in words.

While their kissing lasted, and his hand explored her naked front, the desire to feel more of her exquisite form won ground in the Chameloid's mind, and his roaming hand soon came to slide down between them - fingers descending her flat abdomen with the intent to pass behind the waistline of her panties... and to caress and knead her nether lips, hidden at the juncture of her thighs. To tease her damp clitoris with his middle finger, and make a rough sound in his throat at the promise of what he had found.

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Soo Young moaned softly into the kiss trying to keep her volume down to ensure that their situation was kept secret from the others. Her hands shyly moved to Jien's chest placing her palms against his abs and slowly trailing them upwards getting a feel of every inch of muscle that covered the plains of his chest before coming to encircle his neck pulling him closer to deepen their lip lock. His lust was different from other's she'd felt, Contrary to what some believe not all lust was the same, People experienced it differently than others some experienced lust like an animal overcome with the want and need to attain their release, Whereas others experienced it in a more mild and tame manner.

Jien's was different in a way she couldn't explain. Her mind was too hazy for her to make sense of any thoughts other than those relating to her current situation. She resisted the urge to moan louder as she felt Jien's hands push her bra up freeing her chest from it's constriction. She could feel her arousal growing as pleasure spread throughout her body as she felt Jien's hands teasing her nipple. She closed her eyes biting her lip as she continued her attempts to remain quiet. A sizable part of her wanted to be free to enjoy what Jien was so kind enough to give her to moan and make as much noise as she wished. But she knew that their encounter needed to be kept secret.

So for now she continued to bite her lip letting out small whimpers and muffled moans as she felt him explore her body. Soon she felt his hand trail down between her breasts venturing lower to the waistline of her panties. And without a second wasted his hand dipped into her panties exploring her body even further. A moan escaped her lips unabled to contain herself as she felt his finger tease her clit. She broke the kiss they shared taking a moment to breath. "Y-Your making it hard to stay quiet Captain." Soo Young said blushing a bit. To be truthful she was enjoying this entire experience, Though she wished to be open with her enjoyment the risk of being caught in such an act was something that added to her pleasure.

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"Here," said Jien thickly and raised his free hand to her cheek, running his thumb against her lips before sliding into her mouth, "bite on this if it becomes to much."

Soo's nipples were pointing at him in accusation, so he lowered his head from the kiss they had shared so that he might take one puckered bud into his mouth. While his middle finger slid up and down her wet slit between her legs, his warm mouth encompassed her nipples - one at the time - and his tongue twirled around the roused peaks. It did not take long until he let that middle finger work its way past the swollen clit and into her depths - stroking her pink pearl on the way in and out of her slick confines. As he appreciated her body in the way that he did, and sought comfort in the intimacy, Jien wondered what he was doing. Was this what he should be doing? No. This was just a repressed need, which had come to surface before, only not so strong that he would act on it in the open - risking exposure. He was normally a cautious tactician, and here he was, denying the restrictions set upon him just so that he might revel in the acquaintance of a woman of a similar mind. Of a similar loss... even if Jien could never have known what he had lost in Nicole Howard.

So it was with an undercurrent of surprise at his own febrile need and subsequent actions that he changed his form... baring himself completely as he had his head lowered to Soo's chest, as a second finger was added to ride its way in and out of her love canal. It was a minor change since his clothing were but a layer to his current form, since his rising erection had been present for some time already. The lean and predatory power of his male form was merely exposed, muscles rippling underneath his mimicked skin: his body so finely attuned to that of a real human's that there was no difference to the real thing. His adapted Chosen Form was as real as anyone else's, down on an almost cellular level. Such was his heritage as a Chameloid, and he had used it to perfect two forms for sake of being one with mankind.

If she wanted him to, he would let her come against his invading fingers while he used his tongue and lips against the front of her body. To deal pleasure was equal to receiving it, and for once, he might just make someone feel good instead of risking all their lives.

"Captain? Are you out here?"

It did not take more than a second for Jien to revert into his fully uniformed self, and as he took a few steadying breaths, he said to Soo. "Quiet now. Don't move." Then, he stepped out from the tree, seeing the Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann in the distance. There was no way she could see Soo from that angle.

"I am, what is it?" he said, making his voice even.

"You should not be out here alone, and there are urgent matters that needs your eyes and approval." The Andorian said, sounding almost apologetic for being her.

"I see," said Jien and exchanged a glance with Soo. This had been a mistake, and there was nothing to do but to hope that their path may cross again at some point more convenient. He gave her the barest of nods, then stepped away - leaving her behind the tree in her dishevelled state.

- Fin

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