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Star Wars: Strategic RP Interest

A Strategic Role Play is played like a normal one, with one major exception.  The character that you would play would be a general or military strategist of some kind.  Posts would follow the same procedure as normal except that they would also have an added Orders or Action Phase in which your character would issue orders to the military units under your characters command.  Military units can vary from infantry battalions/regiments/brigades, etc to starfighter squadrons/groups/wings etc.  Once you issue your orders, I as the GM would then make a post that details whether or not your orders succeeded or failed and how the battlefield has changed because of it.

Right now I am thinking of doing it in a slightly altered universe, events would play out normal until after the Battle of Endor.  The Alliance to Restore the Republic [Rebel Alliance] reforms into the Galactic Republic, complete with a new supreme chancellor and senate.  The Galactic Empire splits into two factions, those that remain to call themselves the Galactic Empire and those that were entirely loyal to Palpatine who returns from the dead to recreate the Sith Empire.  There are a couple of other factions but they're not important at the moment.

Characters would be part of the Republic; either as generals or strategists or even Jedi, but keep in mind that an SRP is more social and political than anything else.
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