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CHAPTER 01: Visiting Hours [1400 hrs.]

Attn: Auctor Lucan (Lucan Nicander) and
Cathreen Dawinter (Sar-unga Neleo)

SCO Miles Renard: Turbolift (In Transit): Decks 15-07

The Vulpinian sighed as he contemplated the impact of his present journey. Ever since he had returned he had been dreading the trip and he knew he could put on the inevitable confrontation no longer.  Within his hands he held a PADD listing a series of rationales for his upcoming argument knowing without it he was doomed to be refuted the request even being considered.  Ever since Rawley had dusted off the ground in that newly liberated experimental ship from the future, he had known that he would be inundated with notices that she was not cleared or duty via the medical offices.  Until a few hours ago he had been able to create excuses for why he had not replied. He had been busy hosting Phantom's squad in Below Decks.  He had been working in the fighter bay on repairs with the ground crew.  He had been going over the post mission analysis.  Anything to avoid having to confront medical face to face and possibly have to take Rawley off of the duty that she had earned every right to be back to work on.

The turbolift door opened with the familiar swooshy sound it always made and the "Vulcan with a fox's tail" stepped out, walking towards his destination on Deck 07.   He had rehearsed his next words carefully many times before leaving his office, but he still had to fight the urges to turn around.  He willed himself to press the button despite his inner reluctance.

The door made a chime within the Main Sickbay sending his voice over the internal speakers and into all of the rooms in order to hail the Chief Medical Officer. "Renard to Dr. Nicander," his voice said in a confident and professional tone, almost as if he had been the one who had suffered the indignity of being avoided. "I need to speak with you about the situation regarding Evelyn Rawley's medical status."

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Hearing the message over the intercom, Lucan glanced up from the console he was working at with his pale grey eyes - tattooed hands still over the touch screen that he used to resequence Sarresh Morali's DNA. What was being suggested was indeed long overdue, even if he was preoccupied... Eve and Amelya was taking a break, so perhaps he might too. After what had transpired with Doctor Maya in the storage room that morning, he had pushed on - mind clear and ambitions for the future renewed.

"Dr. Nicander to Lieutenant Commander Renard," he said after he had tapped his combadge, "come see me in my office, thank you."

Stepping away from the console, Lucan adjusted his labcoat over his shoulders, glancing towards the diagnostics table where Sar-unga Neleo rested and then towards the docked stasis unit on top of the centre chamber biobed. Hours away were the time when they would inject the 'blank cells' into the remains of Junior Lieutenant Morali, effectively turning him human when the cells rebuilt him in a new image.

After he entered his office, Lucan sat down by his desk and leaned back - waiting for the SCO to appear through the door. When he did, he smiled to the Vulpinian. "You have provided an excellent opportunity to sit down for a short while," he said in greeting gesturing for the pilot to sit as well if he wanted to. "I reckon we have unfinished business though, and I would love to know when we can have Lieutenant Rawley back here for a check-up. Given how grievous her injuries were, I do not think I have any choice but to ask for her to return so that we can make sure she won't hurt herself."

His tattooed hand on the desktop, he drummed his fingers idly - watching the Vulpinian quietly with his smile remaining. He sensed the man might think differently, and it would be interesting to see what kind of arguments he would lay forth.

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So far the only signs of life from the young Asurian had been a slow heart beat and shallow breathing. She had no way of telling how much time had passed or even where she was. She would gain consciousness just enough to hear slight sounds around her. Even though she could hear something it sounded far off and muted. Her mind had just breached through the darkness of unconsciousness to hear and all to familiar voice sounding through the room. While most of the words where muted she did recognize one word. One name. Renard. The weakness in her body fought to take over once more as her mind struggled to stay awake. Slowly she felt herself fully waking as her eyes slowly opened seeing a blurred version of the world around her. Slowly she moved her hand up o her face rubbing it softly feeling her body still fighting the movement. She was weak and still sore as hell. But that had never stopped her before. Slowly she pushed herself up groaning softly at the movement. As soon as her torso was up right she felt what little strength she really had in her body.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to focus and what she saw did not make her happy. Morali still remained in the stasis unit still untreated. "Damn it do I have to do everything for them," she muttered as she slowly pushed herself off the bed feeling her legs giving out from under her as soon as she tried to put weight on them. It was only her grip on the bed that kept her from falling. "Just move," she whispered knowing she had to move wanting to see the only creature she saw as a friend on this ship and wanting to know why they hadn't started treatment. The weakness in her body disgusted her as in her mind she had been trained better then this. A soft grunt slipped out as she forced her body up ignoring the pain and the weakness. She was Asurain and a former high commander. They could push their bodies past the point of exhaustion. Slowly she walked to the edge of the bed always using it for support before moving to the wall and finally to the door where she knew Lucan and Miles where talking. She could just hear part of their conversation as it seemed Miles was trying to convince Lucan to allow one of his pilots to return to duty. Her finger moved to push the button to allow her into the office only to feel her finger hit the solid wall as her vision blurred once more. Shaking her head softly she worked on clearing her vision before she hit the button and the door opened with a soft whooshing sound. Moving in just enough to brace her body on the door frame she quickly found Miles as she smiled softly.

"I hope I described it good enough," she spoke knowing this would be the first time he would see her in her true form. Her tail was laying softly against the floor the tip only twitching every so often. Her eyes slowly turned towards Lucan as she felt her head swimming once more and her vision blurring once more. "And why haven't you started treatment yet? I came to you to help and your just sitting on it?" She asked feeling her legs threatening to give out on her again as her hand moved to the other side of the door using it to help brace herself up.

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"I reckon we have unfinished business though, and I would love to know when we can have Lieutenant Rawley back here for a check-up. Given how grievous her injuries were, I do not think I have any choice but to ask for her to return so that we can make sure she won't hurt herself."

He smiled, as he sat in the chair, "If all you need her for is a checkup, then I am sure I can get her off of repairing her fighter for a half hour to come down here and have herself formally cleared for duty.  I would request that you consider my observation that she tends to suffer emotionally when she has what she feels is her purpose taken away.  I know I'm not a doctor but this morning I saw her more in shape and healthy than I have seen her since I have returned.  I think the reason for that was having something useful to do.  I would venture a guess more than half of the healing she needs isn't physical but emotional.   Being in a sickbay, I imagine, makes her feel worthless, Useless, it's tantamount to torture for a person like her,  like me, to be told lie in bed and know the rest of your squad are working while you sleep.  Besides it not like I'm asking you to say she can take off and fly.  I'm asking you to clear her to be a glorified shop gopher.  But, if you do need her to come down here to be checked out I'll go ahead an..."

In that moment Miles was interrupted by the soft whoosh of the Door behind him opening.  He turned back to see someone he had never seen before., he had seen her before, but not like this.  Within a second he saw the security officer he had met under the name Dyan Cardamone, and she had most certainly described it well though his own imagination of what she had said before didn't prepare him for what he saw.  The scent that had given her away was different now dulled and strained in a way almost like it was diluted or something.  But her body's own scent was completely different from that of a humans.  It was hard to describe other than to say her aroma brought to mind images of a more naturalistic place.  It was as if she transported him to a rarely traveled path through the woods and he had stopped for a rest at the site of a small shrine to some long forgotten god.

He began to notice her slumping to the side catching herself and Miles on pure instinct got up from his chair and moved to her side With reflexes that would be the envy of most Vulcan's even.  He reflexively wrapped his arms around her and pulled her weight into him letting her lean into his body instead of the cold doorframe.  "So this is the real you?  I guess I was right in my assumptions then."  he said referring to how he had told her that her description of her true form sounded beautiful.

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Listening in silence to the Squadron Commanding Officer as he spoke of the needs of Lieutenant Rawley, Dr. Nicander was quite certain that the Vulpinian was right about the pilot's psychosocial needs. These were not his primary concerns. Indeed, he was not concerned at all in regard to most patients, yet he acted like he was. Always.

"Yes, she needs to come back here for a last check-up. I cannot in good conscience let her exert herself to any extent without taking a few final readings. She has been recovering remarkably fast since her first emboli, and even quicker after her less grievous injuries since then, but if there is a risk that she starts hemorrhaging again and she has a elevate-"

Lucan trailed off when the door opened, and Miles may have been quickest to reach Sar-unga, but Lucan pragmatically saw to the medical needs of the alien. "Here, follow me," he said and led the way to the Asurian's diagnostic table. Only then did he found time and merit to answer question. Obviously, the patient had just woken up, and being a doctor held the merit to not easily become aggravated by any other comment.

"The DNA-resequencing is underway but not quite finished yet, Ms. Neleo. As soon as his body has been... 'reprogrammed', if you forgive the crude comparison, he will be injected with the blank cells. Now lie down and rest..."

Turning to Renard after the patient was safely returned, Lucan gestured with a tattooed hand as he spoke. "Please, stay with the patient while I find a nurse that can better see to her needs. I will be back shortly." And he left them for the time being, wondering what the words of Neleo's new form referenced to. Had they had a prior conversation? When?

Useless questions. Lucan hoped to have yet another ace up his sleeve....

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The feeling of an arm wrapped around her offering her support aside from the cold metal of the door. Looking over she wasn't surprised to see Miles looking at her. His presence near her was welcome as she couldn't help but offer him a soft smile. Her weight came to rest against him feeling the material of his flight jacket and the clean soft scent of his skin. His words only made her smile grow that much more as white coloring once more graced her already pale cheeks. Her body came to press against his as she looked in his eyes. "This is the real me. I'm glad you don't think its that bad," she whispered soaking in the feeling of being close to him.

She leaned against Miles thankful for the support even if she didn't like the idea of having to have help. Seeing she was being lead to the diagnostic table Sar-unga couldn't help but groan slightly hatting being confined to a bed even more so with nothing to do. Carefully she moved to sit before carefully laying back down on her stomach. She listened carefully to his words nodding her head softly as her tail softly moved back and forth from time to time brushing against Miles leg. "Sorry," she whispered looking up to Lucan. "I just very interested in seeing how this is going to go," she whispered feeling weakness in her body starting to take over once more.

She watched Lucan leave before looking back up at Miles a soft smirk crossing over her lips. "Might want to pull up a chair it seems you have baby sitting detail for a little," she whispered softly as she noticed once more her tail brushed over his leg. Leaning slightly she quickly grabbed the scaled surface before pulling it against her. "Sorry the damn thing has a mind of its own," Her head shifted slightly to get a better look at her visitor with a smile on her lip. "So since you let me fulfill my curiosity in feeling your fur. Do you want to feel any newly grown appendages?"

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Miles had nodded regarding The doctors requests glad to reach the compromise of getting her checked out and seeming to have a certain understanding of "cleared unless proven otherwise".  Frankly this was the best outcome he could have hoped for.

"Please, stay with the patient while I find a nurse that can better see to her needs. I will be back shortly."

"Of course "Doctor." I'll keep your patient company.  I can't help but think some of this is my fault.  I would like to think it was my encouragement that prompted her to remove her mask?"  He said before directing his attention to her Accepting her invitation to have a seat. and smiling softly feeling her tail brush against his leg a second time. "Mine can be the same way at times."  he said with a soft chuckle reaching out and taking her hand in his to comfort her in the pain it was all to clear she was feeling.

"So since you let me fulfill my curiosity in feeling your fur. Do you want to feel any newly grown appendages?"

He smirked, "Well I'm certainly not the kind of man to turn down an invitation to feel around a beautiful lady's body."  he replied flirtatiously as he ran his free hand to her back and felt her velvety skin.  He then noticed the bruising and gently ran his hand against it touching the bruised flesh extremely gently hoping to comfort her a bit.  He couldn't help but let his gaze trail down to her beautiful tail admiring the simple beauty of the scales that covered it.  'Curious?' he thought.  'White blood from the color of her blush... reptilian tail.  Add to that horns and unique ears...' he could guess little as to what kind of creatures her people had evolved from.   Whatever creatures they were thy must have been magnificent.  He found himself drifting in thought as his hand had moved around her skin a bit ad he found it moving down her back slowly lifting near her rump as he softly ran his fingers against the scales of her tail, then lifted up as he looked to her head smirking as a bit of a thought came to his mind.  "Valkyrja" he said softly as the hand which had grazed over her tail joined the other hand both of his hands now closed gently around hers as he leaned in closely and kissed her forehead gently.

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Hearing he saw himself as providing encouragement for her to remove her mask was true. It would have been far harder with none being openly receptive to a different creature. "I am glad to know I am not the only one that has that problem. They really can be a pain," she whispered feeling his hand covering hers in a sweet soft motion. The claw like tips of her fingers softly moved against his as she was careful not to scratch him. His words once more pulled a blush to her cheeks, something she noticed was very easy for him to do. "You're a horrible flirt," she whispered finding a large part of her loved him flirting with her. It was something she had not experienced in a very long time. Maybe long then he had been alive. "But I like it," she whispered feeling his hands running along her skin. Her head lowered to the pillow she soaked in the feeling of his touch as a soft smile grew on her lips. Her eyes slowly turned to him feeling he was touching he bruising around the base. His touch light enough that it didn't hurt. "My kind posses the ability to heal at a rapid pace. Something that can be harvested. I offered it to help treat Sarresh unfortunately it takes a little to recover," she whispered explaining her current condition.

Her eyes had almost closed until she felt his hand moving around her skin until it moved down her back tell it brushed close to her rump as her eyes opened and she looked up at him. Slowly she let go of her tail and much as she thought it would it softly coiled up his arm as his fingers brushed against the scales. It wouldn't squeeze tightly just enough to hold him. As he spoke that word her brow raised slightly as she looked at him. She watched quietly as he leaned in closely his hands now covering hers. As his lips made soft contact with her forehead her eyes would close as her ears lowered slightly simply enjoying the simple contact. When it stopped her eyes looked up at him her ears still lowered slightly still unsure about things. "Miles," she whispered softly her voice betraying her uncertainty. Slowly she pushed down the emotions and uncertainty as her ears slowly raised. "What was that name you called me? I don't think I have heard it before," she said changing the subject as quickly as she could. "You where right in thinking you had something to do with me revealing my true nature,"

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He smiled as he held her hand softly but tightly, "It's the original word for a creature from Old Terran Myths, Looking to you I am reminded a bit of the creature in the Norse themed operas of Wagner.  They are the creatures that lent their Names to our fighters in that hangar.  Inspired by The shieldmaidens of the Norse These were the handmaidens of the batttlefield sorting The dead into two groups One half to go to the fields of Freyja the other half to the halls of Valhalla to serve with the All-father, Odin, according to their myths."

"You see you are security, a lady of action a modern shield maiden of sorts.  Upon your head you wear a curved horn much like the helmets that the vikings wear in all those old Earth operas. On a ship you soar over the field of battle. "  he smiled as he finally revealed the word to her in full. and ran a hand up to her head gently running it through her hair softly touching the almost ivory looking horn that accompanied her pure hair.  He softly caressed her hand in his again  "I called you a Valkyrie."

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Her smile remained as he held her hands softly feeling strength in his touch as well. She listened to him carefully as he spoke her tail slowly loosing its grip on his arm. It some ways it was nice hearing her alien appearance was not disturbing. Though as he mentioned what she reminded him of was the what their fighters where named after her smile would only grow as the tip of her tail twitched softly. "So it seems you have a mascot at least," she whispered as her fingers continued softly brushing over his fingers. As he mentioned her being in security her smile would falter ever so slightly but still her eyes would look into his. Her eyes softly sunk closed feeling his hand running up her head gently running through her hair. Her hand slowly came up covering his as she held his hand to her head. "I think I like the name," she whispered as she soaked in the feeling. It was clear to even her there was a tenderness he felt for her and as such she knew there was something that needed to be said.

"Miles," she spoke his name softly as her hand slipped from his and once more she looked up into his eyes. "I can tell there is a softness you feel towards me but you should know there is things about me that will change your mind," she spoke her voice reaming calm and level. "I am in security because fighting is all I know. When I was five my father started training me to a weapon. Indiscriminate, only thinking of how to  kill or destroy what was in my path. You could say my moral compass is still not normal. I do like you Miles but I also might not have a second thought of killing you," she admitted knowing he deserved to know the creature he flirted with. "I have a lot of innocent blood that can not be washed clean," She spoke her hand giving his another soft squeeze. "I tell you this so you know who your flirting with in case you want to change your mind,"

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He nodded, knowing very well what she was talking about.  "The warrior's mentality I call it.  The ability to distance your "self", your emotions and your soul, as it were, from your orders.  It comes in handy to have such a barrier in both our lines of work.  I became a pilot myself shortly after my assent ion into adulthood.  My planet had a civil war that had been going on for centuries.  Two heirs to an empire's throne was all it took to throw the planet into conflict.  Like the War I fought in, then the Dominion war as a small world in alliance with the Federation Many had to die.  That is the price of war.  Many will die in the war we are fighting now, many good people.  People with families, with friends and lovers.  Its the cost on ones soul of war.

I learned long ago to distance my self from that.  Its easier to kill when your hands are simply the sword that another uses to kill.  Becoming the weapon instead of the soldier is often the preferable choice but it takes a toll we both clearly know.  If you became one of our enemy your death would simply be a necessary cost of this war.  If I became one of them I would expect the same from you regarding me.  To kill the enemy within is to protect the others.  It is better to kill a cancerous cell than to let a cancer spread."  the way he said it was dull, His voice calm and contemplative but never raising above a soft tone.  "We are both bloodied swords.  We have been cleaned and placed within our scabbards yes but there will be a time when we must be stained with blood again.  It is inevitable.  All we can do is pray that those that die by our hands did not die in vain."

He looked at her reflecting what she had said, "I am in Tac-Conn, cause piloting a fighter is what I know.  Worse of all It isn't the only thing I know, I could learn more engineering and go into doing what Sten does.  Hell I'd make a decent enough bay mechanic with what I know now.  But I continue to kill continue to fly this weapon into combat.  You kill cause it is all you know I am far worse.  I cant say I enjoy knowing that when i see my target burst into a fireball I am ending the life of someone's child someone lover someones Brother or sister, someone parent.  But somewhere inside I enjoy the feeling of pulling the trigger.  I enjoy the thrilling hunt of a dogfight.  Inside the cockpit I am someone else.  I guess I have learned to separate the two people That I am.  As fr you I couldn't change my mind to discriminate against you for what you are would not only be an unfair judgement because of how bloody all of our hands are in this fight, but it would be hypocritical to judge you when I know what I can become when it is necessary."  he said looking down at the floor letting her know he understood what it was like not knowing whether they were the angelic hero fighting a virtuous battle or the demonic monster slaying countless victims.  It was a dark place to be unsure whether you were the Knight or the Dragon in this fairy tale of life. 

He ended the partially internal monologue he had let himself ramble on with a final thing for her to consider. As he held her hand gently and looked into her bright green eyes he smiled softly.  "At least now we know we don't have to carry these stains alone."

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Something she had not been expecting from Miles was his understanding of what their life entailed. It seemed she truly had found a kindred soul. "Like you I learned how to distance myself during a civil war. It wasn't a question of rule but a difference in which direction our race should take," she spoke squeezing his hand softly. One side thought we should live in peace and quite while the other wanted war and domination. Luckily the side that wished peace won," she whispered knowing if they hadn't she wouldn't have been here. Their first contact would have been far more violent and she would not be sitting here talking with him. She nodded her head softly knowing if it came down to it she would have to do what was needed. "It does seem we see ourselves in the same way," she whispered softly. "But in someways it is a good thing. We have the freedom to do what others can not,"

She knew maybe better the most like him the cost of that freedom brought. "It doesn't make you bad," she spoke her hand squeezing his hand once more. "You do what has to be done so someone else doesn't have to know what it is like. It doesn't make you bad just strong," Hearing he wouldn't hold her past against her brought an odd sense of relief to her as she continued looking up into his eyes. "Then you will find I will not judge you for doing what must be done," She spoke watching his eyes lower knowing what was going through his mind. It was a hard place to be not knowing if you where hero or villain only knowing your place was to fight.

When he spoke those last words she knew it would be wonderful knowing that there would be somewhere to turn when things became too rough. Slowly she brought the hand that was holding hers up to her lips. Softly her lips brushed over his knuckles before she once more looked into his eyes. "I would be honored to count you among those I hold close," she spoke looking into his eyes. "Even though you may come to regret the choice. I am moody, bull headed, cantankerous, and probably old enough to be your grand mother if not your great grand mother," she spoke trying to find some small way of lightening the words that had been spoken between them. "Not to mention I will continue to bug you to feel your fur some more. You really need to learn to choice your friends and those your flirt with a little better," she spoke her voice holding a heavy teasing tone to it.

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He softly let an obviously fake dissapointed pout creep onto his face as he looked into her beautiful eyes, "Just friends?"  he said.  "And I guess this means all you want to keep me around for is cause you think I'm fluffy... I don't know whether to be offended or scared that you will find me more useful skinned and made into a fur coat." he said in a obviously fake offended and indignant tone. 

he then added with a bit of a chuckle, "Moody Cantankerous and Bull headed and wanting to run your hands through my fur all the time...Sounds like someone I used to know, he said leavign the subject to hand not wanting to bore her with old stories about his past exploits.  Well not unless she asked to hear about it. 

On the final subject though he couldn't help but want to know just how old the attractive alien woman was.  For some reason there was a certain attractiveness in the Knowledge of age combined with the body of youth. "It's hard to define age of a grandmother with my kind so why don't you just tell me the magic number and I can tell ya if there's a snowball's chance in hell that I might some day reach it." he said with a smirk.

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At his show of his fake disappointed pout she couldn't help but smile, an honest fully open smile. Something that for her was very rare. Her smile continued growing as she heard his comment about about skinning him to make a fur coat. "Now that you mention it there would be enough of your hide to make a nice coat. If I stretch you out well enough maybe part of a tail cover," she whispered her eyes dancing with humor. Just as quickly her face took a serious expression though her eyes would hold the same humor. "Actually, no Miles. I wouldn't waist your fur on something as simple as a coat. No you would serve much better as blanket," she whispered the words as she continued looking into his eyes. "I think scared would be the best reaction," she spoke as her lips lowered to his hand once more brushing her lips over his knuckles once more. "Just friends. Its been over a hundred and thirty years since I last took a lover. Sad as it it to say the kiss you placed on my forehead was probably the first in an equally long time," she spoke her smile still staying on her lips. "Besides I don't see myself as being monogamous anymore,"

"Who is it that you use to know?" she asked willing to hear any boring story he might having knowing the alternative was laying awake in a still quite room. Something she wasn't truly wishing to deal with. She could handle a lot of things well but being trapped alone in silence was not one of them. It brought back too many bad memories.

"Well if you must know I am three hundred and fifty years old. At this age among my people I am only now considered to be getting close to being middle ages. My kind has a long life span. Before I left for this mission the oldest had died a couple weeks before and he was eight hundred and seventy two. This is part of the reason I found your comment about my hair earlier funny," she said knowing that her hair was very fitting to her true age. "Which reminds me.  You never answered my question. Why did you keep my secret back there. You could have just as easily exposed what you knew in the hanger deck?" she asked genuinely curious as to why he had kept it a secret. There where so many questions she had running through her mind about him. Seeing as how he seemed to enjoy her company she knew she would have time to ask them. "There are so many questions I want to ask you," she finally asked knowing that this was their own little form of first contact she was curious about the alien sitting across from her.

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"Now that you mention it there would be enough of your hide to make a nice coat. If I stretch you out well enough maybe part of a tail cover.  Actually, no Miles. I wouldn't waist your fur on something as simple as a coat. No you would serve much better as blanket,"

He chuckled softly at her words whipping his tail around and brushing the fluffy appendage against her face playfully.  "why waste the best feature of the coat while its still on me.  Long as I'm still alive in it It provides a natural heating device,  And its one that can custom mold to your body and hug you in all the right places too."  he said playfully releasing her hand and grabbing his own tail playfully taking it and brushing it against her neck hoping to gently tickle the young looking alien.

"Besides I don't see myself as being monogamous anymore, Who is it that you use to know?"

He couldn't help but laugh at the word she used and he knew he had to explain his cultures views on sexuality to answer the second one so he began "Monogamy, Sorry but that's one word I can't do.  Well not as far as physical contact goes.  Expecting a partner to be exclusive in my culture may as well be considered like locking your mate in a dungeon under the house.  Human concepts of monogamy and taboos on what would be called public displays of affection were a shock to me to say the least.  In my culture mating is almost as common as a friendly hug.  long separated friends having a quickie on the streets may as well be seen as how humans seeing them sharing a hug from the long separation. Sex itself is almost a handshake to my kind.  You see our language is not just vocal but vocal and gestural with a heavy reliance on olfactory components like pheromones.  Rape is practically non existent because of a lack of any repression of sexual urges.  Two or more see each other and their pheromones say lets fuck then that in itself is assumed consent  If we don't want to have our pheromones telling everyone were down to fuck we wear deodorants if we smell the aroma of the deodorant scent coming from the prospective partner then obviously even if their body is interested their mind isn't and we rely on consent via words and gestures and let the one wearing the deodorant "initiate contact".  Its actually kind of nice to talk about my cultures views on sexuality with someone to be honest as so many see my kind as sex crazed animal people rather than see that it isn't sex obsession its just a freedom from any form of repressing desire. Our only form of monogamy comes when our kind wishes to procreate in which couples form mated pairs with a monogamous emotional connection.  The only taboo on sex is essentially that certain human innocence with "going steady" or being someone "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".   Having a quickie in the streets can be common between casual acquaintances even strangers but getting "attached" to someone in a way that forms almost an even slightly possessive bond without being formally "married"  the human comparison would be being some kind of sexual deviant or pervert.  It isn't taboo to the point of being criminal but its seen as being weird.  Of course, being exclusively heterosexual already marks me as being a bit of a deviant amongst my people." 

He them moved onto the other subject the other he mentioned.  "Her name well its hard to express my kinds names as my real name is pronounceable in this human form. as it requires certain ear gestures that these can't reproduce fully.  she was a fighter pilot like myself,  late in the war I had became a trainer at our most prestigious military academy and a stunt and test pilot shortly after the war.  like myself she became a test pilot but from the other side in the war.  She had been their leading ace and in the Federation language she adopted the name Bloodmoon Starlight. reflecting her old callsign Starlight.  Her fur was a beautiful midnight black with tones of dark blue and it had these beautiful flecks of silver peppering the dark fur.  Despite the years of combat she could have easily been a symbol of feminine aesthetic perfection.  The two of us were our two sides leading candidates to pilot in our FTL craft space race.  Once her side on our final real competition in the war she was chosen as the pilot but on her request the piloting team she chose that my side in the war deserved to share the craft and be her copilot and chose me as the one to share the cockpit with her.  For months we trained together.  I thought i was a risk taker in the cockpit but this vixen was downright nuts.  I envied how she pushed the limits of a craft how she eared nothing least of all possible death.  She wanted to die in the cockpit.  her one fear was growing old enough to have to give up the seat.  In a way i knew she regretted the end of the war because it signaled the end of the possibility of death in the battle she desired.  If she'd been born a Human on earth in Scandinavia, she would'a inspired myths that would rival the Norse Gods.  Became close, we would find ourselves sparring in the gym and end up in a dance of carnal lust battling over who was on top as we lost ourselves to each other for hours on end fucking to the point of physical exhaustion.  After the mission was over after we broke the light barrier the temptation was there to end my career and settle down as her mate to form a family with.  We probably would have if it weren't for the war that followed shortly.  It was then that the dominion struck against the Federation.  she immediately Became one of the first joint officers with the VDF and the Federation.  she was sort of a officer exchange leading a squadron of Vulpinian pilots in a squad stationed aboard an converted Miranda class that operated as a aircraft carrier.  Unlike me she still preferred the front lines while I preferred the defensive rear around the homeworld.  Sadly she didn't make it through the war and after the war I was the leading candidate to become the first Federation officer that would be a member of my race.  So I did it.  I transferred my rank equivalent to a gunny in the old Terran U.S. Marine Corps and became one of the first Ensign in the newly formed Tac-Conn department.  One thing led to another I became a test pilot on the mark thees and now I'm here with the squadron of experimental fighters I helped test out."  speaking of her even her death didn't bring sadness to his face but a smile, he cherished the memories and could not even bring himself to mourn her.  He knew morning her would be stupid.  She wasn't the that that would want it.  In fact he knew she dispute the facts of death she probably died with a grin on her face finding the death she had desired to find in a firefight." 

He knew he was rambling on but it was clear in her state that she was weak and could use having someone to just talk to her and keep her company as she laid there.  Once he was done with one monologue of rambling she would speak up and ask another question, and upon hearing the facts of her age he smiled replying "Yea average great grandmother is around 360 years by human standards, but we rarely live that long.  225 is a short life and a extremely long life is 450 I think the record is 500  of course these are in human years.  As for time well thats all relative by where you live and what your planets cycles are isnt it Hell our planet's got a bit larger orbit around a hotter star and rotates at a slower speed about 29 hours a day and 450 days in a year, very rough estimate, so our years come out to about 550 Earth days of time or in other words one earth year is 2/3 one of our years.  By my peoples standard I am about 50 and am bout 10 years from the third "caste of life."  By my peoples culture we go through assertion to adulthood at some time between 30 and 40 earth years or between the ages of 20 and 28 and at the time we appear as if we are teenagers to very young adults.  Rather than a specific age its a ceremony that entitles us to a legal document of adulthood.  We age rouhy at half the rate of humans until we reach our "matriarch stage" of life at about 90 human years or 60 of our years and we appear in our mid 40s It is at this stage that most of my kind settle down a bit start having kits, take an desk job overseeing others, etc.  In military terms the children are children.  Adults are soldiers and unit commanders.  Some are the Equivalent in the Federation of a Captain.  Most of the captains and admiral and general ranks are those of the matriarch age caste.  The final group are the Elders which would be your old War veterans that act as advisers to the current generations commanders.  The matriarch stage, patriarch for males, is the longest and most long lived sage of our lives and ageing slows to a literal crawl for between 90 and 200 of our years 135 and 400 human years respectively, going from early middle age, by human standards 40 to 45 and early retirement age like 55 to 60.  Martiarchs and patriarchs Arches for short, are the heads of university departments, Corporation CEOs, Career Politicians, Military leaders.  You know the leadership roles that come with the wisdom of growing the hell up.  It is about midway through this stage that females go through the equivalent to human menopause and become infertile often resulting in an increase in their libido as well. Given the slight graying of fur during the Arch-years this period of increased female sexuality is known as the "Silver-heat".  Often times they will seek out younger males as semi frequent partners similar to the human concept of a male going through a midlife crisis and trying to "score a trophy wife."  Let's just say the lady admirals have a reputation in the VDF for being particularly forward with young pilots especially the males.  Hell, its the one time in my culture that its not odd for a person to be exclusively heterosexual as for some reason during this age most females loose interest in other females for a time.  Anyways after this stage in life our kind begin to age at a rate very similar to human aging and at this stage of life my people retire to positions we all this caste as the Elder caste and they are revered.  They live a retirement of luxury, honorary posts in university such as the Dean and the like, honored military and political advisers.  If there is a craft, tradition, religion, that exists on my home-world then you can bet that an elder is the master of that craft, the keeper of the tradition or the high cleric of the church.  Essentially if someone reaches the stage of being an elder they are taken care of until they find death, not as an enemy to flee but as a guide to take them to the next stage of existence."

Onto the next question, he thought as she spoke aloud asking why he had not told anyone. To this he answered simply, "It was a tactical decision to be honest.  I confronted you out of curiosity rather than suspicion so to turn you in would be an act of aggression not one of defense."  More importantly if I had turned you in would have you so freely admitted what you were?  I had an option to not say a thing and not have my curiosity sated at all, turn you in to have them find out the truth for me.  confront you and threaten to turn you in to pressure you to reveal the truth, or confront you as a possible confidant with whom you could reveal your secret allowing you to relieve a bit of stress from having to carry all that weight around.  the forth choice seemed the most open ended and would result in you having the control over where to go.  Putting the ball in your hand was my decision.  I felt in time you may have felt confident enough to tell the Captains.  Perhaps not.  I chose to show you trust and compassion to show you that you had options apart from hiding.  I was unaware that you would be forced to make a decision so quickly but I hope it was the kindness and trust i showed you that guided you in your decisions today.  I would like to think that I am the reason that you are now free to be your true self."

h smiled hearing what she had said 'so many questions to ask,'  instead he settled on asking her one.  not a vocal question but one that couldn't be said in words but one of soft actions.  He placed his hand gently against her cheek and leaned in close to her.  Slowly and very softly he planted a soft kiss against her lips barely touching hers with his just enough that it was up to her how to respond to the affection. It was no simple yes or no question, more a query  that would gauge a response, how would she react it was sort of the question of, 'are you sure all you want is a professional kind of friendship?'

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Her smile grew hearing his chuckle watching as he whipped his tail around feeling the fur brushing against her face her hand came up playfully batting his tail away. His words though flooded her mind with images that where far from innocent which she guessed was his goal. She could picture them sharing a bed together even if it wasn't using him for something to cuddle against or using him as a heating device. She couldn't smile more hearing his words and feeling his tail brushing along her neck as she squirmed. "I guess I can let you keep your hide for a while," she whispered softly grinning up at him.

She listened to him quietly as he spoke of how his cultured view sexuality something far different from her own people. Her kind was far more conservative when it came to sexuality. Still it brought odd relief to her mind hearing physical monogamy wasn't expected among his kind. It surprised her though hearing matting was as common to them as a friendly hug. Though as he spoke of it being nice to be able to talk to someone about this she would smile to him. Making herself comfortable she listened to him talk about the one that she reminded him of thinking back to the one who held a similar spot in her life. One that she rarely talked about as the memories bound around the whole subject where touchy to say the least. Still as she heard she was about the age of a great grandmother she couldn't help but grin knowing if anything happened between them in many eyes she would be robbing the cradle so to speak. She seemed more then content to lay there and listen to him talk soaking in what she could about an alien people who seemed so different from her own. The again if there was one thing her people would willingly admit to is they where very curious creatures.

Her ears seemed to peek up slightly as he spoke of his choice not to expose her being tactical. She listened to his rational finding it very sound. "I wasn't forced it was a willing choice. A final test for the Federation so to speak," she whispered realizing for the first time they where very close to each other. "You were a large part of it. Its easier when you know you will have at least one person that doesn't see you as a monster,"

His hand once more gently resting on her cheek made her eyes soften slightly. This though was not to last as she saw him leaning closer. Those bright green eyes widened as the tips of her ears lowered slightly. Her body tensed slightly as she felt his lips softly barely touching hers. Had it not been for the fact he had moved in slowly her first inclination would have been to bolt. It truly had been so long her body found the small simple contact almost alien. Her head stayed still for the longest while as she seemed to contemplate everything. The soft almost non existent touch of his lips against hers. The smell of his clean skin she smelled every time she breathed in. The sounds of the med bay around them almost hidden by the rapid beating of her heart. The thought that she wanted this...wait..she did want this. Slowly her hand came up softly brushing against his cheek before her body relaxed and her eyes drifted closed. If he wanted a kiss she would show him a kiss from a former Asurian high commander and a woman old enough to be his great grandmother. Her hand quickly slipped around the back of his head as she pulled him closer feeling his lips pressing against hers. The grip was not tight and he would easily be able to pull back should he wish. Her lips slowly parted capturing his bottom lip sucking on it softly before letting go. Her unspoken answer to his question was simple. 'I want more if you think you can handle it'.

Slowly she pulled back just enough for their lips to part if he hadn't already as she looked into his eyes. "My kind is extremely conservative," she whispered her voice just above an inaudible whisper. "However I am willing to give your ways some.....consideration," she whispered before her head tilted slightly as she leaned in once more seeking his lips once more.

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He couldn't help but feel pleased with her response.  The feeling of being pulled in so warmly and then feeling the soft tough of her lips on his suckling on his bottom lip made him shudder a bit remembering the recent fun that he and the former host of the Rez symbiote had shared in below decks during the Ishtar incident.   Even more it reminded him of a certain Admiral he once served under and her own insatiable appetite for junior officers and he was quickly reminded that the only thing better than a beautiful lady with the experience of age was the the feeling of combining the experience of age with a body in it's prime.

"My kind is extremely conservative, However I am willing to give your ways some.....consideration,"

He grinned a sly grin as he eagerly pulled her up from the bed gently his hands gently reached behind her  back and gently caressed the small of her neck pulling her in to resume the kiss his lips parted as well as he whispered.  "Then i guess I can be a bit more conservative for you and not expect to get in your pants on the first date then."  with that he gently let the other hand move down to the level of her tail and gently ran a finger against the base of it feeling the amazing texture of the scaled obsidian like tail.

As his lips met hers and he leaned into the kiss looking into her eyes as they locked in the eager facial embrace their tongues reaching out to greet each other almost immediately as if both of them seemed to know just how badly they each wanted to taste each other's desire to press beyond their respective peoples taboos.  Herself wanting to stretch the boundaries of her conservative people and himself wanting the forbidden emotional bond of what humans would think of an innocent romance without the ceremony of being in a mated pair with someone.  He was feeling the tug of attachment as his tongue began to dance with hers.  He was beginning to feel dirty a bit.. soiled... what a human would describe as feeling slutty, and it felt so liberating to give into the desire.

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The feeling of receiving affection from another person was something she had been wanting for a long while. Feeling him shuddering a bit brought her a small sense of pride knowing she could pull that reaction from him. Looking up at him seeing the sly grin across his lip as he seemed eager. As he pulled her up from the bed she gently brought her arms up wrapping around his neck for support and affection. Her arms moving pulled a slight groan from her lips feeling over abused muscles fighting the movement  His fingers caressing the small of her neck pulled a small contented sound as her arms softly wrapped around him crossing across his back once more pulling a slight groan from her lips. His words brought a well earned smile to her lips. "If you want this to last past one night that would be wise," she whispered softly feeling his other hand move down to her tail as his fingers ran along the base. It scaled surface flexing under his touch as her tail slowly moved around them wrapping itself around his. The surface itself was surprisingly smooth as it seemed the scales formed one solid unbroken surface.

As he leaned into the kiss she groaned very softly rather then chuckle that it seemed they both had the same idea as their tongue met. She could almost taste his want and need as they proceeded. As hard as she fought it she was all to aware that if they had done this among her people it would be akin to some scandalous behavior. Even if they where for the most part alone it was still in a public place where anyone could walk in and catch them. For a race where public hugging was looked down on what they where doing was unheard of. Still she liked the taboo racy behavior. One hand slowly slid up brushing through his hair rubbing the back of his head softly. Tilting her head slightly her tongue softly rubbed against venturing into his mouth tasting him. Closing her eyes she let herself get lost in the simple pleasure of kissing. As one hand continued playing with his hair the other slowly ventured feeling what she could of his chest through his clothing. Still this wasn't enough for her right now as her hand slipped under his flight jacket feeling him through his uniform before slipping down and to the side brushing over his hip before moving back to what about him seemed to fascinate her. Slowly her fingers brushed over his tail before like him wrapping around the base.

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Which was the point when Dr. Nicander returned to their corner of Main Sickbay, and while his internal reaction may have been amusement, the Starfleet reaction was ever-present in being Chief Medical Officer. There was also the intimacy between him and her prior to her treatment, which remained an unspoken affair. Hardly any cause for jealousy, though. His extended thought-spectrum went to probability and reasons for the Vulpinian to be so close to the newly revealed Asurian, yet that was not something he could report because of doctor-patient confidentiality. All things considered, and his faceted allegiances irrelevant, Sar-unga Neleo was - indeed - his patient.

"Please," he said sternly in his deep voice as he stepped towards the two embracing figures on the diagnostic table, "this is a medical ward, not the back row of a holo-vid theatre. Where is that nurse? By the winds, I asked her to be here ten minutes ago."

Allowing them a bare couple of seconds to separate themselves from each other, Lucan's frown - part concern and part irritation - remained while he stood next to the table. "Lieutenant Commander Renard, I think it obvious that the patient needs to rest. Also, there is no telling what kind of medical repercussions her Asurian form might suffer from exposure to any of the Federation's species - Vulpinians included. Especially when in such a weakened state as she is now. Please consider this the next time you decide to disrespect Sickbay regulations, not to mention First Contact procedures."

While Lucan mightn't aspire to have that steely and commanding air that their dear Captain had when giving orders, he found that he usually did not need to. He got his way through his charisma, and while his standpoint in a matter like this was like a windworn cliff in a storm, the nod towards the door and wryness to his tone was an informal dismissal of the repercussions that could have been. "Be on your way, and give Ms. Evelyn Rawley my regards."

Once Miles had removed himself from the area - Lucan standing next to the diagnostic table until he did after after helping Sar-unga to lie down again - the Chief Medical Officer sighed and produced a medical tricorder. He supposed he'd be filling in for the nurse absentee. "I see you are making friends aboard already..." he said in mordacious comment while the tricorder blinked and chirped over her. He was neither stern nor mocking her with his observation. Rather, his quiet tone suggested a touch of familiarity between them as well... yet perhaps not to the extent that she seemed to have found with their SCO.

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The two lost track of time as they kissed their hands moving to different places exploring each other as miles was careful not to touch anything that would cause her additional injury and as her hands slid around and grasped his tail it reflexively wrapped around her arm gently as he enjoyed every sensation as she ran her fingers through the fur knowing full well she certainly enjoyed its texture and softness.

"Please, this is a medical ward, not the back row of a holo-vid theatre. Where is that nurse? By the winds, I asked her to be here ten minutes ago."

Miles couldn't help but smile a bit hearing the mild irritation in the CMO's voice.  Slowly the two began to seperate though lingering a bit in the process as their tongue slowly untied and he puled away very gently lingering on her lips a coupld seconds to enjoy the last tastes of their shared kiss.  he smiled his forehead gingerly touching hers for a moment  as he whispered, "looks like we've been busted."

"Lieutenant Commander Renard, I think it obvious that the patient needs to rest. Also, there is no telling what kind of medical repercussions her Asurian form might suffer from exposure to any of the Federation's species - Vulpinians included. Especially when in such a weakened state as she is now. Please consider this the next time you decide to disrespect Sickbay regulations, not to mention First Contact procedures."

Miles smiled as he slowly let her recline back into the bed, "Of course sir, This is your bay after all.  Speaking of first contact procedures, Let the record show that I was actually the first one who initiated contact with her species.  Time was approximately 10 minutes post the landing of the shuttle carrying Our two newest guests.  I am sure that the logs will show that there was a brief period of time when she was within my office with myself and during this time I had disabled Thea's internal monitoring systems. in order to keep the conversation private.  Apparently her body's self healing organ creates a certain scent when it activates and as a result I was able to smell that she wasn't a normal human.  I confronted her with this in order to discern if this non human was a threat to us or not but I did so with tact in order to not provoke aggression.  I also promised her that I would not reveal her to the crew as it was up to her how and when she revealed her true self.  I think it is fair to say that this conversation may have heavily influenced her decision to reveal her true nature to you upon being faced with a scenario where she would most likely be found out."  All of this was said professionally not trying to make excuses but mabey explain the tiny bit of history the two shared.  "Imagine if I had not shown her the needed trust at that time.  Would we be facing a first contact scenario or a mysterious suicide,  if not worse.  I mean if I were an intelligence agent in the sense that she was and was confronted like she was by possible discovery, especially when said discovery was to take place in a medical bay full of force fields and medications. Both which could easily be used for interrogation purposes.  Well if I were her I woudl have been considering the options of escape by whatever means lethal or non lethal necessary and if that was not a viable option then the next most viable one woudl most likely be suicide in such a way that the dead body would remain to appear as human as possible.  Inceneration via  pointing a hand phaser at its highest setting at my center mass would probably be my chosen method since it leaves little to no remaining biomatter to examine and all signs would point to a human having commited suicide due to the recent stresses she has just faced."

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She had been so lost in his kiss that she hadn't heard anyone entering their own little corner of the universe. It wasn't until she heard a deep voice speaking from the entrance that she knew it wasn't just the two of them anymore. Her deep green eyes snapped open as she leaned back feeling her cheeks flushing white as she looked up at Miles. Slowly her arms unwrapped from around him as her tail followed suit gently unwrapping from him. Her hands though where the last to move as she rested them on the table beside her. Her lips still tingled from the contact between them. "It would seem so. I don't think I have busted doing this since I was seventeen," she whispered softly. She couldn't help but smile ever so slightly Lucan's words though her eyes remained on Miles. Still she couldn't let Miles bare the blame. "I don't think I have ever heard of my kind having medical repercussions from exposure to another race. We were bred to be resilient," she said taking her eyes off of Miles for the first time before looking to Lucan. "Besides I am as much to blame as him. So truly you shouldn't be reprimanding him alone and to my people this would not be considered first contact. To my people first contact usually has more show and is done by the council or our Lady Queen,"

As she reclined back into the bed she listened to Miles recount of what the Federation would see as first contact. As his words turned towards what could be her chosen method of suicide once more she found herself chipping in on the subject. "Actually if I had to choice one it would have been creating a hazard to empty engineering then puncturing one of the coolant tanks. Elimination of bio matter," she said looking between the two as though they where talking about the weather.

Miles responded almost immediately with "Of course, and the the effects of the coolant in the destruction of biomattter would cause an alteration in whatever recoverable matter there was that even if it did appear non human it would be chalked up to the contamination of the coolant not your non human DNA itself.  It's brilliant!  Even more rare though is that you are the first security officer below a Lt. that actually knows the reasons for proper weapon discharge and combat precautions when working around sensitive engineering equipment.  I'll have to tell Sten I finally found a guard here on this bucket that he wont have to remind constantly what NOT to do around the the fighters when their drive systems are exposed."

Miles said with a bit of a chuckle before the Doctor more sternly added "Be on your way, and give Ms. Evelyn Rawley my regards."

Miles couldn't help but smile at the thought of their rambling conversation about the best means of her possible spy suicide being the thing testing the doctors patience the most rather than their makeout session within his recovery ward,  "I'll be sending her your way soon as I get back to the Assault bay sir.  By the way Neleo.  I still owe you another meeting so we can finish that drink we were interrupted from sharing.  Guess the medical department just has a thing for not letting us finish what we start don't they?"  He said with a playful shrug of sorts walking out the door.  "Catch ya later Valky." he said as he walked away giving her a sort of wave behind his back not looking back to her his tail swaying playfully as he walked off.

She watched as he made his way to the door. As he spoke of still owing her another meeting she couldn't help but smile finding she was looking forward to it. Still she didn't say anything about the medical department not wanting them to finish things as she didn't know how much longer she would be staying here. "See you later, Fluffy," she spoke knowing the nickname would be something only between the two of them. 

"Sorry about that," she found herself once more apologizing to the doctor she had revealed herself to as he helped her lie down again. She turned her head watching the Chief Medical Office once more producing a medical tricorder. There was still so much she was curious of as she tilted her head up slightly almost trying to see what the readings where. At the comment about making friends already her cheeks would turn whiter as her head laid back down on the pillow her tail softly waving to her side hitting his leg from time to time. "I would call it a cultural exchange," she spoke a soft smile staying on her lips as she looked up her ears twitching with the chirping of the tricorder. Aside from a increase in hormones for obvious reasons her body was slowly starting to heal as the Velsren sac was already starting to show improved integrity. "My people are very conservative to the point public hugging is seen as riskay behavior," she said lifting her head once more to try to look at the tricorder. "Everything is based of tradition and order," she said looking up into his pale eyes. "Now that the risk of being discovered is over I guess you could say the temptation to explore freer races is strong," she spoke not knowing why  she felt the need to explain herself but it was still there. Slowly she sat up as she reached out lowering the tricorder where she could see it. "What do you keep scanning for?" she asked looking up at him curiosity burning in her eyes. She had picked up the tone of familiarity in his tone and in truth there was some between them.

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The talk about suicide methods had a completely double-sided effect on Lucan's patient silence.

Externally, his frown was a suffering, appalled one, being as a good doctor not in favour of the topic in any regard. Internally, he had an utter lack of true interest, since suicide was not something he'd consider for himself, but rather the more obscure methodology of making it seem like the victims of his would commit suicide. The coolant solution would not help unless the absent crewmember left a perfect note behind or if there was a witness or a faked recording showing the victim doing it. Too many liabilities. Accidents in the open were a far better alternative. Less chance that evidence would lead anywhere near Sickbay or the CMO office. As for getting rid of bodies already dead... he had Sickbay and his position at his complete disposal.

When the fox-pilot finally got the hint and excused himself, even if Lucan truly did not mind his presence yet his facade persona would not have it any other way, the Asurian confessed to feel liberated - evidently curious of how far along her healing progress was as well. Lucan did not comment on her confession, he merely grunted as he dissected and pieced together the curious readings of her with the sharp talons of his mind. Yet his pale grey eyes blinked and studied her when she meant to look upon her own readings. He allowed the hint of a small smile touch his features, and he did not answer immediately.

"You should be more careful, Sar-unga," he said instead, and as tall as he was, he lowered the two pieces of the medical tricorder in his fists and set his knuckles on either side of her. Up close, he looked into her green eyes as he chided her. "While I am glad you chose to reveal your true nature to me - upon the advice from Mister Renard or not - it would hardly matter if you end up with terminal complications because of neglect of your own well-being. For while you might have saved Lieutenant Sarresh Morali, I do not mean to trade his life for yours, okay?"

She obviously did not know how brutally Renard's kind mated, and he'd save her the details.

"Let's just say that you will understand my concern if you'd let things progress further," he said enigmatically and straightened, clearing his throat and glancing at the results of his readings again. "This tells me that your healing progress is remarkable, but that you still need to rest a while longer. How long is hard for me to tell since I have no relevant precursor to your depleted Velsren sac's healing rate, much less your body's natural healing ability without it. The latter being a secondary bio-system to the primary function of the sac, I hold no hopes of a quick full recovery. That, however, remains to be seen. Hence the frequency of readings we need to make."

Stepping close, he reached over her shoulder with a quick excuse and switched on the forward-facing HUD of the diagnostic table -  letting her see her own readings more clearly than on his tricorder. Yet besides the numbers and biological parameters, she was still sitting on it... so the image in the corner showed the neon-light image of the backside of her thighs, her seated buttocks and the outline of her dewy labia. The shown underside of her moving tail made it utterly clear what the image displayed. The table only took the biological image into consideration and not her clothes. Lucan, however, pretended not to notice.

"Look there," he said as he leaned over her shoulder, face next to hers as he pointed, "there is no graph to show the expected time of different stages of recovery.  The other red readings are, well, of no immediate consequence. They merely show that you are a healthy woman that have just been sexually aroused in the company of a partner, which is hardly surprising."

Privately, Lucan fancied embarrassing her a wee bit just because he could. So he remained close to her as he went down the long list of numbers on the display, entailing bio readings of all possible kinds. Meanwhile inhaling her scent and feeling her bodily warmth radiating from her even if their bodies did not touch. "...and here is your heart-rate, that is a bit elavated, but not too much. Perhaps a sign that your body is trying to compensate for the lack of support from your Velsren sac..? Anyone's guess at this point. What I am trying to illustrate is that while you are in capable hands, you represent a challenge in that we lack foreknowledge about your biology, and that is something I am trying to rectify."

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Somehow she noticed the small smile that touched his features even if he didn't answer her immediately. As he said she should be more careful it sparked her curiosity more then what the readings where showing. Her body stilled and her eyes focused on him as he leaned in their faces close to each other. The closer her got the lower the tips of her ears would sink. Maybe this close she noticed his features did hold a dark handsomeness to them. As hard as she fought it she soon found herself swallowing lightly. They where close enough she could smell him as she continued looking into his eyes. "Okay," she whispered softly her body still as a statue. "I do think you worry to much for my well being," she spoke softly. "As I said my kinda was created to be resilient," she spoke knowing it probably wouldn't do any good to continue. "Though I do appreciate the concern," still his next words left her more questions then answers.
She knew that it would be hard to judge how long she would have to heal. It was hard for her people to judge as it seemed to vary from person to person. Now that their bodies where apart she would allow herself to breath slightly. "Its hard for my kind to determine as there are many factors that go into it," her voice had dropped slightly no longer feeling the blind security around the doctor. As he stepped close reaching over her shoulder she could once more smell him as her body tensed ever so slightly. Slowly she turned looking over the readings hoping it would distract her from everything. Still the image on the corner caused her face to turn almost pure white still she didn't say anything. He was after all a doctor and had probably seen worse. Still he was male which made it embarrassing. Slowly her body shifted as she tried to find a way to move her body that wouldn't show her private parts.

As he pointed towards something her attention was somewhere else. As she felt his body close to hers and her body the way it was from the contact with Miles had left her open so to speak. When he spoke of her just having been sexually aroused the soft skin around her cheek bones would become white enough it was almost threatening to become transparent. As he body remained close she discovered something of his position. The more he talked with their closeness there was between them his breath from time to time would brush against her ear sending sharp spikes of pleasure through her body. Soon it seemed with every word he spoke was stimulating a sensitive part of her body. Her scent would betray her feelings as it became dark and musky. If that didn't show it the bio readings would as hormone levels continued rising along with her heart rate. As he continued going over her reading part of his breath brushing over her ears her nipples would harden as it was clear from the display she was becoming even more aroused. Balling her hands she tried poorly to fight back the feelings that was rushing through her body. "I know I do represent a challenge," she whispered her voice slightly shaky. "I am trying to help where I can  I am not use to having so much down time," she spoke turning her head slightly looking at him feeling their faces only getting closer. Just as quickly her eyes turned back to the readings as she once more tried to fight back the arousal that seemed to be running wild in her body.

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Closely watching the readings of her growing sexual excitement, Lucan turned his head to face Sar-unga directly when she looked towards him. "A man rises to a challenge," he said to her, his tone not suggesting anything even if the double meaning was there. Not to mention that their noses were just inches apart, their breaths mixing between their lips.

After she turned her head back to look upon the readings - as if to escape him - he glanced down with his pale eyes to see the pointed globes of her breasts through her grey tank top - his slow breath now fully wafting against her pointed ear. Her scent teased his imagination, yet he kept his air of professionalism nonetheless. "As for help, you have already done so much to help us, so let us help you now - to compensate you for the pain you suffered in providing us with your cells." While her voice had been shivering with excitement, his was deep, sure, and reverberating with quiet power. It would be so easy to run a hand up her tank top and palm a hardened nipple with his warm hand. Scrape his teeth against her exposed neck. "I will make sure you can leave Sickbay soon, and Captain Ives will surely recognise your merits and allow you to resume your duties in some fashion. "

He raised his other hand instead, and laid it gently upon her shoulder - urging her to lie down on her side on the table. To cradle her head, he used his first hand to run his fingers up her neck and her cheekbone - easing her down upon the padded and sterile table. "First, however," he told her as he thus eased her down with his tattooed hands, " need to rest, or you will be here forever. For while I enjoy your uniquely fine company, I would not dream to deny you your freedom any longer than I need to."

Once she lay there on her side, he removed his hands from her bare, pale skin - such a stark contrast to his own bronze tone. Then, he stepped up to stand right before her eyes, casually pardoning himself as he leaned over the table to switch off the HUD again, and 'accidentally' presenting the very close proximity of his crotch to her face. Despite it all, he had managed to keep himself from showing obvious arousal - much in thanks to the post-treatment training he had undergone with Doctor Maya hours earlier - yet it would be a lie to say he was completely unaffected.

There was a sound from sliding doors from the other end of the Main Sickbay area, and Lucan stepped away without startlement - raising his eyes to the visitor without hinting what kind of game had been at play. Regardless what the Asurian had done in reaction. "Captain," he acknowledged with a nod and a smile. "Good timing. Our benefactor is awake, but weakened, so I can only grant you a short session."

"I shan't be long, Doctor," said the crystal clear voice of Jien's female form, and she stepped up to the diagnostic table. Her countenance may have been hard, unreadable, but there was a certain ease to her stance as well. "I'm Captain Ives. Pleasure to make your aquaintance, Sar-unga Neleo... or would you prefer to keep your human name even if you have revealed your true nature?"

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As their faces met and she heard his words she could feel her heart starting to beat a little faster. His words flooded her mind with so many erotic images it was hard to sort them out. All she could see was two bodies meeting together in passionate copulation. With their faces so close and their breaths mixing between their lips  it took shear will to keep from doing anything she shouldn't. Even as she turned from him it seemed her escape was not to be as she felt his breath brushing over her pointed ear that was fully accepted any pleasurable contact. Slowly her eyes closed as she let a small soft very quite moan slip out of her lips. "If I can't leave soon I would appreciate something to read," she whispered hoping that when this was all said and done she would be able to return to duty. There would be no way she would be able to handle being trapped aboard the ship with nothing to do. The feeling of his hand resting gently on her shoulder as he urged her to lie down she soaked in the feeling of the contact. As he cradled her head she was met with his scent as she softly closed her eyes. Her body shivered as his hand ran from his fingers up her neck and cheek bone her skin soft and smooth to the touch.

His words though brought a soft smile to her lips as she looked up at him. She remained still and quite as he stepped in front of her body still humming with need and desire. As he excused himself leaning over the table she quickly found her face very close to his crotch and she could smell the strong male scent from him. It took a second before she would move being careful to make it seem an accident as her hand came up the side softly brushing against his crotch making it seem as though she where doing nothing more then readjusting her pillow. Her hand would only make a few small brushing against the front of his pants before she stilled herself. She probably would have continued until she head the sound from the sliding doors as her eyes moved towards the other end of the main sickbay.

Hearing though who it was though helped quench some of the hormones that had been running through her body. Hearing the crystal clear voice of the captain's female form Sar-unga would let a small breath of thanks to the fates. Her eyes focused of Jien as she stepped up to the diagnostic table. There was something about how the Jien carried his self/herself that reminded her of how she had been before that horrid day. "I know who you are Captain and is a pleasure to make your acquaintance again," she spoke with a soft smile remembering the first time she had laid eyes on the Captain had been in the turbolift heading down the landing bay. "Either would work. I haven't decided if I will keep my human name or my Asurain name," she said not really haven't had time to think of it. She knew this was a tenuous time as she wanted to make sure he/she knew she was being honest.

"Since this is somewhat of sensitive time between our two collective groups I do want to start by being honest with you. I don't know if it has been detected yet or not but before I came into sickbay there was a triaxilating signal sent out over the subspace channel. Just enough to tell me people what I was doing and that they shouldn't make official first contact yet," she spoke laying one secret out on the table that could be discovered later. "With that being said I do want you to know I am here to help with the success of what you are trying to do here where ever I can. My people have as much tied into the success of this ship as you do," Somehow talking was helping her block out how her body was feeling.

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