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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 17 [0845 hrs.] (R)idiculous (I)nconvenient (O)rnament
Last post by rae -
[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Wolf-13 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring
“Hold on to your neck ridges, Janus.”

Personally, he wouldn’t have minded if the fucking things just fell off. Or flew off, or got cut off in some ‘tragic,’ ‘unavoidable’ accident. It was a deep, well entrenched dislike that would undoubtedly feel different to the Betazoid than the other aspects of his pity party, with a hint of genuine annoyance thrown in as well. His neck ridges were nowhere near as prominent as a full blooded Cardassian's, but even that little bit had never mixed well with Starfleet’s love of high, starched collars. Just thinking about it made his neck itch under the exosuit.

Ah well, at least he’d gotten Gemini back into a good headspace. No telepathic powers needed, it was clear from how she slipped into action with the practiced ease of a pilot thoroughly trained on this ship. A pilot who was showing off really, but that was to be expected, given the circumstances. He would have been more worried if she hadn't tried.

For his part, Janus did exactly what he'd said, switching his console yet again into a trainer’s setup that would show him an echo of every input as she made it, comparing her actions to the Valravn's reactions. Normally, this view was for a trainer instead of the trainee - cubs learned better by doing than watching - but he'd gotten more use out of it later in life, experienced enough to see Gemini's split second choices and how he could alter them to his own flight style.

For a few seconds, he let himself close his eyes and truly feel it, the rapidly changing forces of gravity that no inertial dampeners could ever keep up with.

He wasn't entirely sure why he cared so much. Sticking to his original assumption, there was no logical reason why Razor wouldn't assign him back to a Valkyrie, a ship he's been flying since before some of the younger pilots had ever gotten their wings. No reason to learn anything about the Valravns beyond boredom and a desire for something to do, even if he was wasting Gemini's time by mucking with her maintenance flight. He was still irked to have found this two seater abomination in the fighter bay at all, considering the years he'd spent turning the Mk III Valkyries into a force to be reckoned with.

When she asked him what he thought, Janus didn’t quite think it through before answering “Excellent flying, precise, assured. Certainly gave me some ideas. But since this is also a combat sim - don't use Thea's nacelles as cover. If you're engaged this close to the mothership, there are better places to lead it that will give bridge tactical a clear shot to skewer the thing. If Thea isn't able to take her own potshots, you want to keep it away from the drive systems. The simulation is only marking you as an enemy, but any living pilot with half a brain is going to forget about you for a chance to take out the bigger ship's warp.”

Belatedly realizing that he was probably out of line - did he have the right to lecture anyone about tactics right now? - Janus continued in a lighter tone. “Ops, or worse, an engineer, will be on coms yelling at you before you ever make it back to the fighter bay. They don't look like much, but have you ever noticed how fucking creative they get when they're pissed?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0500] Sleep is overrated, coffee is king
Last post by rae -
[ Lt. Azrin Ryn | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion
“What? I said that it could have been more awkward, and it’s not! That’s a good thing.” Through force of habit, Azrin had dropped her voice to match his whisper, though she wasn’t sure why. They didn’t need to whisper. “It can’t be the first time you’ve been surprise sprayed by a mysterious substance? You probably get the really gross stuff in sickbay too, at least most of the goop engineering has running through the ship isn’t a biohazard. Well, except for–” Belatedly, Azrin realized that he was already gone, waving her through the sickbay complex to an open door.

Once inside, Azrin groaned as she recognized it. There was nowhere more boring than the recovery ward. Last time they’d left her alone in here for hours and hours, her only visitors prickly nurses ordering her back into nothingness whenever she tried to entertain herself. What was so wrong with giving patients a PADD, or a puzzle, or anything mildly fun?

Now that Arven had agreed to her single stipulation – she had to be on duty at 0900 – and accepted that a day-long sedative wasn’t the treatment for a broken shoulder, Azrin had no problems at all following his instructions. She took the offered hypospray with a hint of confusion, as most doctors preferred to administer the dose themselves, then immediately perked up at the array of opportunities presented at the idea of injecting it anywhere. “Does it change the efficacy if you don’t do it on a major artery? The normal spot,” she waved the hypo vaguely over her neck, “versus somewhere like my forehead? Or little toe? What if I hypoed my tongue? Or does it just take longer to kick in that way? Can we test it? That would be fun! Someone has probably already tested it, but it would still be fun to recreate it.”

The doctor had gone off to do something else during Azrin’s tangent. By the time he was scanning her nose, she still hadn’t administered the first medication, too engrossed by the possibilities. The options he gave for her face did manage to break through her thoughts, because what kind of person would choose option B? “Why would we pack it when you can just fix it right now?” She stared at him, obviously and openly confused.

He really needed a shower, poor guy. He was taking it all far too seriously.

“What’s DTR stand for?” She asked, though not because she was planning on rejecting it. Azrin was already unzipping her coveralls, the hypospray dropped unceremoniously onto the biobed while she slowly worked her arm out of the sleeve. She tugged experimentally on the sleeve of her undershirt to see if the fabric stretched out of the way, decided it wasn’t enough, then pulled her arm through that sleeve too. Compared to Arven’s earlier nudity, Azrin wasn’t showing much. It looked more comical than anything, one side of her coveralls hanging down and half of her undershirt bunched around her neck. Her midriff, waist, half a bra, and a bare shoulder, presented as she twisted awkwardly to give him a place to stick the bandage to.

“And this!” Azrin snatched up the hypospray again, flashing him a grin. “Forehead or tongue?”

He might be holding a grudge, but she was already over it.

As long as he didn’t try to keep her from the slipstream drive again.
Director's Cut / Re: (2381) USS Theurgy: Got My Mind Set on You
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams | Counseling Offices | Deck 13 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @joshs1000

Rhys had noticed Lok eyeing the model ships in and around his desk. Rhys was fond of old ships in the way people were fond of old internal combustion land vehicles or early Aeroplanes. One or two were non-Federation but most were old classes of ship. The model of USS Lichfield had pride of place though. The ship his mother had been Chief Engineer of. Even though his attachment to the Excelsior class likely had a lot to do with his mother having served on one, there was something appealing about it in any case. There was a tinge of sadness when he looked at the model however, considering the ship and his mother’s ultimate fate at Wolf-359.

He was not surprised at Lok’s interest. He was part of the engineering staff, they always noticed the models before anything else in the room. Some people noted the picture of Rhys as a young boy with his parents, or the fact that there were a few real books around, but the engineers fixated on the ships.

Rhys noted that his touch caused Lok’s ears to point up and his tail to swish. Rhys for a moment was worried that the touch had been a mistake. However, when his patient began to answer Rhys’ question, the counsellor relaxed a little. Rhys sat and nodded slightly as Lok spoke.

The Welshman’s face reddened just a little as the feline seemed to move in closer. Rhys tried to keep thoughts out of his head of running his hands over Lok’s chest. He failed…badly. Rhys squeezed Lok’s thigh a little more firmly both in sympathy at what was being said and also to keep his hand occupied.

Rhys listened quietly in silence. When he was sure Lok had stopped, he spoke. “Feelings are very subjective things. Comparing your hardships to someone else will always make you feel worse.” It was an easy trap to fall into, Rhys had done so himself on many occasions. “Things can happen that affect people in different ways.” Rhys mulled over his thoughts for a moment.

“Also everything that has happened to you has happened very quickly. You go into stasis and…” he clicked his fingers “…everything is changed. Some others on board have had more time to get used to what has happened.”

Rhys smiled “And old? If you are you certainly don’t look it.” His eyes seemed to flick over Lok for a moment. Then Rhys’ face pinked a little more as he realised how flirty that sounded. Quickly hoping to move past his feelings of embarrassment and arousal, he searched around for another topic. “What was the screwup in the shipyard? Are you ok to tell me about that?” He squeezed again.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 16 [1845 hrs.] The Mysteries of Thea's Bowels
Last post by rae -
[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Transporter Room 4 | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff @tongieboi
“And then, because you’ve messed up those couplings, you messed up the environmental systems three decks above – and why would you make a nest out of bits of metal anyway? There’s no way it would retain enough heat to keep you warm! Do you even know what the thermodynamic properties of these alloys are– well no, because you’re a rabbit. Though I suppose you might be sentient.” Once Alistair started in on the missing computer chips, it had spurned Azrin back into action, embarking on a litany of complaints about how making its nest could and did damage Thea. She was on such a roll that she didn’t even notice the transport at first, only pausing for breath to consider the rabbit’s sentience, “We never asked,” and realizing where they were when she looked over to scrutinize the creature. “No,” she decided a second later.

“It’s a Klingon rabbit!” Azrin declared in response to the transporter operator’s question. She didn’t recognize the ensign, but that wasn’t abnormal. Thea was a big ship, and Azrin spent most of her time happily toiling away in engineering. An afternoon spent with a man she’d just met, a dildo, and a rabbit wasn’t entirely out of the ordinary for her either, so she took the young human’s focus as genuine. Azrin was more interested in the rabbit too. “Cute, isn’t it? We’ve been getting a lot of cargo transports from Qo’noS, they offered their industrial replicators to speed up our repairs. Probably snuck in with a shipment. We should go check the biofilters on the cargo transporters… do you want to do that? We have to fix everything else this little tube conqueror ripped up. His teeth rip through metal,” since the ensign’s face was very close to the rabbit, Azrin continued hurriedly, “He’s nice though! But very Klingon.”

By this point, the rabbit had gotten over its initial shock at the transport, regained its bearings, and apparently decided that it greatly preferred the cozy burrow of the Jefferies tubes. Azrin swore time slowed down for a moment as it prepared, muscles rippling in its hind legs as its weight shifted. Then it leaped, clearing the ensign’s head with room to spare as it made its escape from the transporter platform.

“Computer, establish a level five containment field around Alistair Leavitt’s combadge!” Azrin yelled. They certainly weren’t fast enough to catch it, but Thea would be. Before the rabbit was halfway across the room, the air seemed to shimmer around it as the forcefield encircled it, rippling with energy as the rabbit headbutted it.

“Now,” she continued, plopping down on the other side of the field and studying the rabbit. “What are we going to do with you?” It was a rhetorical question.

She’d already decided to keep it.

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: The (hopefully) Great Romulan Smash and Grab [Day 1 | 1800hrs ]
Last post by Hans Applegate -
[ Riov Vrikol i-Dorvik tr’Khev’ | Command and Control Center | Aboard the Tal’Shiar Ihnerha Faehht Emaifha Laeosa Mniohr (Tal’Shiar Second Secret Disease and Weapons Research Space Station) |  Romulan Space, approximately 24ly from Romulus ]  ATTN: @BipSpoon  @Stegro88  @Sqweloookle  @Ellen Fitz  @P.C. Haring  @RyeTanker

The first 8 Romulan security personnel lasted a little under a second as Knox tore through them with 4 phasers firing independently under the direction of his 8 heat-seeking predatory eyes. It turned out that running along the ceiling and firing down on bewildered opponents worked quite well. And diving back towards the deck as he passed them to roll through the security door behind them as he past, allowed him to enter the next section of hallway. This new space was empty but had a 3 way intersection. Choosing to turn to the right Knox sprinted down a very short connector hallway to a large blast door. He could here lots of noise on the other side. Then a loud speaker came on. Some Romulan in charge was telling everyone that the Federation was here and that they were to fight back or something. It was probably meant to be motivational or something. Knox was just happy that they had everyone’s attention. That is what he was supposed to do after all. Now to kill as many as possible so the thieves could steal what they came here for.

Knox placed his hand on the keypad and melted into it a bit. He oozed a little of his liquid self around to the other side and connected the circuits to open the large door. Quickly he pulled his hand away and rearmed himself literally and also held a phaser. [Swoosh] The door opened.

Inside was what Knox would call a target-rich environment. It was the mess hall for this section of the station. There must have been 300+ Romulans in various stages of having dinner in the cavernous dining area with row after row of tables and chairs. Nearly all the chairs held a Romulan with a bewildered-looking facial expression. Most had a black chili bowl haircut and brow ridges above dark eyes. There were a few that stood out or differed slightly.

There were 4 Romulans in a line standing just inside the door looking at Knox in wide eyed confusion. Knox had 4 pistols. The first was a girl that got a beam to her forehead just between her brow ridges. The next was a male a little bit taller. He got a beam to his forehead between his brow ridges. The 3rd didn’t have brow ridges, but her forehead was still an adequate target. And the 4 had faint brow ridges on the forehead that were quickly zapped with a phaser beam much like the others. In an instant, all four fell to the ground with their eyes crossed, looking up at a smoking hole in their foreheads. The entire room erupted into chaos.

Knox switched the settings on his 4 phaser pistols to maximum power setting and removed the cool-down safety features so they would emit continuous beams. With large sweeping motions, he waved the 4 beams across the mess hall at about head height causing everyone to duck or have their heads vaporized as he leapt onto the nearest table. Then he jumped up and did a front flip as he quickly sprouted Klaxx’Vian Decopus suction cups from the bottoms of his feet. These anchored him to the ceiling again and turned him into a beam-shooting sprinkler from hell as he mowed down the fleeing Romulans.

A larger Romulan warrior of some sort was wearing armor so he slowed his slice down. He was not instantly vaporized like the others, just cut in half. His top half didn’t struggle too long but his legs kicked for quite a bit, as Knox moved on to the next target. A young lithe Romulan female jumped up and sprinted to a door on the far side of the mess hall. She made it two steps before her head disintegrated, and her body ran into a table and flopped around on top of it causing a chorus of shrieks from her friends. However, they didn’t mourn her loss long. Knox put the whole group out of their misery rather quickly. Seeing a door start to open up to his left, Knox held the beam in place to melt it shut before it could open fully. Only one at a time could get through. He then did the same thing to another door. He caught that one only when it was open enough for people to try and get through. The other door he melted shut before it opened up at all.

With his quarry trapped it was like shooting fish in a barrel! Knox walked along the ceiling with the 4 beams from his rapidly heating pistols carving up the host of Romulans trapped with him. His next target was an older gray-haired one with fancy shiny things on his uniform. He hit him in the chest and he quickly vanished. Then Knox mopped up several lackeys that were close to the officer. With a short squeal, the girl to his left was vaporized, then a string of curses from the aid on his right as he too met a similar end. 4 more jumped up and attempted to throw their dining utensils at Knox as he stood on the ceiling. He sidestepped their hand-thrown projectiles and then vaporized the brave quartet.

Two crowds were forming at the partially opened doors that were stuck. Knox swept all 4 beams from his now hot pistols towards the door that a few of them might actually be able to escape from. Within a few seconds, 3 dozen would-be escapes were turned into about 5 wounded Romulans. They were summarily dispatched in short order as well.

Knox could feel the heat building up in the phasers and they were starting to humm. Ever since he had heard that an overloaded phaser would explode, Knox had wanted to see it firsthand. And now he was about to set 4 of them off at once! Knox ran to the other end of the mess hall were the entrance to the kitchen was. He reabsorbed the suction cups from the bottom of his feet and somersaulted to the floor. Landing on his feet he spun around and sliced 4 phaser beams across the room at waist level catching 9 Romulans who had dared to stand and run for an exit. In an instant they were demolecularized with a few surprised shouts. That’s about all the time Knox had. The pistols were growing hot and starting to vibrate. He tossed two pistols at the door that was just open enough to let a few people out and then  1 towards the door that was just cracked open. His remaining pistol he tossed towards a corner of the room that had several Romulans huddled together hiding. Pistols gone and about to blow, Knox turned to make his exit.
Slap! Knox was hit across his face the second he chucked the pistols away. He expected this. Two Romulans, a male and a female had jumped out from under a table next to him armed with food trays. The standard issue mess hall ones they had been using to eat from when he interrupted their dinner. The larger Romulan had hit Knox in the face before he could transform two of his arms into something more useful. The two upper arms morphed into large chitinous scythes in the style of the Jirolothian Mantis. Knox had enjoyed his time as a Jirolothian Mantis. It was fun being a large invertebrate for a time, many many years ago. He had fond memories of his time hunting in the dense foliage of Jiroloth Prime jungles. It was a nearly sentient species. Knox had been able to quickly climb the social order of their primitive society. This had allowed him access to the best hunting grounds and as many mates as he could want. Although he kept turning the female mantis babes down for obvious reasons. But now was a great time to reminisce of his time as an apex jungle predator stabbing to death any small furry mammal he could find. With the first swipe up of his large mantis claw, poker, stabber/slasher thing, he sliced the male Romulan nearly in two vertically. With his other scythe, he brought the razor sharp chitinous point down straight through the plastic tray the Romulan woman tried to shield herself with. The point pinning the tray to her forehead like a tac. He held it still for a moment as she went limp. As her knees buckled and her arms dropped to her sides she stayed hanging on to the tip of his claw by her forehead. But her body weight eventually pulled her down off the tip of the scythe with a wet schlock sound and she crumbled to the floor on top of the right half of her fellow wannabe hero. Unfortunately, her tray stayed attached to Knox’s new shiny jet black chitinous killing appendage. “Oh, how annoying!” Knox grunted as he pulled the tray free and threw it like a frisbee before leaping into the kitchen as he remembered the phaser pistols should be about to explode.

Knox made it into the kitchen just in time. He slammed the hatch closed and dove around a wall and ducked behind a row of ovens. There was a small Romulan woman and two male chefs hiding there also. Quickly Knox put his finger to where his mouth would be if he had one in this form in the universal be quiet sign. All 3 looked too scared to move or say anything. They just shared a few glances with each other, then looked back at him. He didn’t want to have to fight them right now. Knox was way more interested in seeing what these overloaded phaser pistols would do…..[Boom]
A deep and defining thud followed in rapid succession by 3 more nearly simultaneous blasts shook Knox to his core. It was enough to nearly make him almost dizzy! Awesome!! Knox didn’t even bother to go look at the mess hall. He was sure it was a mess now.

Standing up in the small corridor in the kitchen Knox dusted himself off and looked at the 3 romulans who had been sheltering with him. They seemed rather dazed by the over pressure. “Thanks for being quiet so I could enjoy that explosion.” Knox said in Federation standard to un-understanding Romulan chefs before he stabbed both of them in the chest with his mantis claws. The smaller female Romulan on the floor next to him apparently was a little more with it than her male counterparts. Well to be fair having a pulse did put her way ahead of them. She had started to lightly hammer fist on Knox’s left leg with all her might. It didn’t do much except let Knox know he had another person to kill. He bent down and picked up the feisty female and shoved her in the oven next to them. The blast had rattled the door open. With her inside Knox slammed the oven shut and grabbed a long knife off the floor and wedged it into the oven door jamming it closed. Then he stood up and looked at the control panel for it. It was all in Romulan so he just pushed buttons until it looked like it was finally turned on and heating up. He waved at the scared and bewildered female through the clear glass on the front of the oven door, then turned to walk away.

As Knox went deeper into the kitchen he found a few more cooks recovering from the blast. He stabbed one. Another threw a knife at him. Knox dodged it and grabbed a pot of boiling water off the stove and flung it at him. He screamed in pain as the water seared him. Knox slit his throat and shut him up. Nearing the back of the kitchen two final cooks jumped out to fight Knox. Each one was armed with various cookware. They appeared to be using large pots and pans as shields and each had a cleaver. Knox used his insectoid scythes to cleave the first Romulan’s arms off at the shoulder. The now armless Romulan stood frozen for a second in disbelief. Knox tossed him head first into the large dishwashing sink. His legs kicked frantically while he was drowning. His blood rushing out of his gaping wounds turned the water in the sink red. Without arms he could do nothing to right himself, and his wriggling only caused splashing that made his friend lose interest in a fight with Knox. The other Romulan turned and darted for the door in the back of the kitchen. He tossed his weapons aside as he ran. Knox stayed just behind him and waited until he had opened the door to the corridor before swiftly beheading him.

The door to the hallway swooshed open to let a headless corpse fall out onto the deck. Knox stepped over the body out into the corridor holding the man's head casually and looked both ways. To his left and group of Romulan security guards were running through a 4 way intersection just a little ways from Knox. Considering they were mostly unarmed or only carrying a phaser, Knox hoped they would be headed to an armory. It would be a great place for him to rearm, figuratively this time. The very last person in the group charging past without looking was a rare brunette specimen of a Romulan female. Knox threw the man’s head at her legs with considerable force. The impact caused her to faceplant. She didn’t have time to do anything since Knox had already covered the distance to her. She let out a short squeal of surprise and pain as one of Knox’s pointed insect claws slammed down right in the middle of her back pinning her to the floor like a butterfly on display. That was enough to get her companions attention. They all looked back in time to see a shiny jet black raptorial leg of a large insectoid creature pinning their comrade to the ground.  Her eyes looked up at them pleadingly before she was pulled to the side out of their view just around the corner. Quickly Knox sliced the girl into large pieces tossing an arm then a leg then another leg then the other arm around the corner for her friends and colleagues to see. Followed quickly by her bisected partially disrobed torso, then finally her head.

Judging by the shouting from the group, that little display had the desired effect. He could sense they were afraid. Knox shifted his form into that of a giant spider with suction cups on the tips of his spider legs. He scampered up the wall and onto the ceiling. With a small set of white wipe like tendrils he added to his back now in place, his personal upgrade to the natural design, Knox rounded the corner of the corridor.

The first few shots went low. They had been expecting the attack to come from the same height as a normal humanoid walking down the hallway, not from above them. The 3 Romulans didn’t have time for another shot. The white cords of spider silk wrapped around each of their throats and yanked them up off their feet. Knox pulled them up towards his spidery form while squeezing their necks tightly with his spider silken appendages. They were now just air dancing decorations for Knox’s carapace. 4 of his eight eyes had a good look of their horrified faces as they were being strangled with the aid of artificial gravity as they stared up at the horror that was killing them. Knox continued his trek toward the armory. He could see it just ahead as he let the Romulans continue to kick uselessly while hanging. Knox thought to himself, “Damn! Those humans came up with an absolutely amazing execution method back in the day. No wonder the whole town turned up at those public hangings…I wonder if Starfleet might bring back public hanging some day. I just might stick around.” With 4 eyes looking where he was going, Knox used the other 4 eyes to watch the two males and 1 female struggle in his silk nooses. Taking note of how their faces turned green and their mouths gasped for air. Their struggles and choking sounds were somewhat soothing to him as they dangled from his back. Solids were really fun to dispatch! But these seemed to be about done as their struggles started to subside. Knox was near the armory now and decided to keep the human decorations until he got there in the event the door required one of their hand prints or something to open.

Just as he made it to the door, it swooshed open and a bolt of lightning shot out from the door and hit one of the three weakly struggling Romulans near death still hanging in Knox’s silk noose. The electrical arc from it was so powerful! Knox’s nooses turned to a gooey liquid and the corpses dropped to the floor. If there was any life left in them, that arc lightning thrower had surely fried them. Knox didn’t have time to appreciate the electricity causing his trophies to convulse and tremble on the floor. He had other problems. Big ones! His suction cups gave out from just the residual jolt of electricity that traveled up the silk ropes to his body.

The stunned Spider-Knox fell to the ground landing flat on his back. This electricity weapon was bad news! Knox had been having a wonderful and chaotic time until this happened. He was just coming too when he saw the weapon turning to point right at him to finish him off. Knox sprang right at the Romulan with all the force his 8 legs could muster crashing into him. Just as Knox made impact with him, the next bolt of lighting hit Knox in the left side before arcing on to the metal doorframe. The Romulan fell to the ground and Knox splashed on top of him. That did it. Not a sustained full hit, but enough to turn him completely liquid. Knox really wanted his bucket right about now. In his basic liquid form Knox had the ability to slither along the ground in a liquid state, and that was about it. He could feel a strong tingle all over and could perceive solids nearby, but was otherwise defenseless. He was sliding along the floor as quickly as he could. He needed a plan. He needed an escape. He needed to get this damn tingling feeling to stop so he could shape shift again. But there was nothing like that to be had as he made his way further into the armor along the cold metal surface.

Then Knox bumped into a boot. Boots are like buckets, Knox reasoned as he slithered up the boot. However, this boot was occupied and all of him could not fit inside the boot along with whoever was wearing it. Knox instead slimed his way up the pant leg of this person quickly trying to get away before that electricity shooting weapon hit him again. He was getting some senses back and heard a high pitched shriek of fear and some other Romulans yelling now. He felt the skin of the person he was sliding up now. It was a Romulan female. He quickly had all of himself under her clothes spread out across the majority of her body underneath her clothes. He could sense light and dark fully now and kept all of himself in the dark under her clothing so the others could not see him. Knox’s form now was that of a thin slime only a few millimeters thick coating her whole body except her hands and face. He could feel the woman beating and against herself trying to hit him. It didn’t really accomplish anything. The only way to get to him was to shoot her with the weapon. He thought for a second that that might be exactly what happened next, as he clung to her nude form as tightly as a second skin. But the killing shot never came. She must be of some high rank or standing near some sort of explosive. Knox realized in that moment as she started to walk away that she must be next to something that would go boom if the lightning weapon arced off course just a little. Quickly, Knox oozed down her boots with part of his slime form. He had some of his abilities back and needed to use them now! He stuck himself and his host to the floor. Her feet were glued into her boots and her boots were glued to the ground, thanks to Knox. The two other voices started to tell her things in Romulan. A language Knox didn’t understand, but could gather the context. They were making a plan. Knox needed a plan of his own.

As his tingling sensations started to eb a bit Knox felt a little stronger. He flexed his slime along her arms. He was able to move them with some effort against her will as she fought. Knox needed to distract her enough to over power her. With firm undulations he started to massage her ample breasts and tweak her nipples as firmly as he could muster. Using his thin form to its maximum dexterity, he assaulted her clit in the most enticing way possible building on his ability. It was working. She froze, then freaked out a little. That break in concentration was enough to force her arms behind her back. He could hear her saying something frantically. Soon heavy footsteps came rushing to her aid. Knox was gaining some strength now. Soon he would be able to shapeshift again. But for now he was just in a slimy state and was gaining dexterity and strength. She struggled against him for freedom. He needed to keep hidden under her clothes just a little longer so they could not use a hand taser or something on him. He could feel her try to pull her arms free and the man next to her aided in this. With his help they might overpower Knox’s hold on her. Knox decided to up the destrations now that he was getting stronger.

Suddenly the woman’s body went rigid then shook. Knox had clamped down hard on each of her nipples and her clit at the same time he invaded her asshole and pussy. This brief distraction was enough for Knox to force each of her hands into the sleeve of the opposite arm of her uniform. Now with her hands hidden the only place Knox didn’t have access to was her face. He had her hand firmly glued to her elbows now, tight across her back, causing her to arch and stick her bust forward toward the man helping her. Then the fellow got wise and tried to rip open the front of her uniform. Not to expose her breasts, although that would be a side effect, he wanted to get to Knox. But the wise old liquid was not going to let that happen. He glued all the openings of her clothes shut. The pulled and pulled but was unable to undo a single fastener. It felt odd to work so hard to preserve a girl’s modesty. Especially one that he was working towards killing.

The other Romulan, presumably the one with the weapon who had shot Knox just a minute ago, came over to assist too. He had set the weapon down apparently. Quickly Knox checked all of the possible openings to her clothes just to make sure. He even sealed her high collar shut tight against her neck. That’s how he would do it, he decided. He had to keep her alive long enough to not let them give up on saving her. But he had to kill her then the other two quickly afterward. Another strangulation might be the best option since he could not yet shift into another form but was getting strong enough in his slime form. Knox thickened his band of slime around her neck. When he was sure he had enough he gave a series of sharp bites to the tips of her toes and fingertips. She yelled to the men helping her what was happening. As they were busy looking at her feet and hands, Knox tightened around her slim and delicate neck. She went silent. Never to make another noise. One of the gentlemen found the small bit of Knox outside her clothing on her boots gluing her in place. The fist blows and clawing did nothing. The knife one of them had also produced little results. The two of them frantically worked at the small bit of the shape shifter they had access to focused solely on the woman’s feet as Knox choked the life out of her. He didn’t have to keep stimulating her. But it was a good workout that seemed to be helping him recover faster. And the more he kept her heart rate up the quicker she would die. So Knox started a full blown bodysuit sex torture of the poor woman as she was being asphyxiated. Then he felt it. He had the ability to shift slightly. Not much. Just make a little cone shaped thorn. Then he could make multiple of them. With tongue-like licking sensations roaming her body up and down from neck to toe, Knox mixed it up a bit. Soon wave after wave of small spikes pierced her tender flesh like needles only going 2 millimeters deep. But several dozen at a time moving across her body in waves going up and down followed by tenter licking. Now he was able to make firmer slime muscle structures and he fucked both her holes he had access too, much deeper than she had ever been fuck in her life. Beyond what was considered comfortable. Knox could feel her heart racing. Right at her nipples he started to grow those small spikes forcing himself to grow them longer and longer, piercing down through her erect nipples and burrowing into her meaty tits. Coaxing his ability to shift to come back he tunneled the spikes towards her heart.  He could feel her desperate struggles start to turn to spasms as he strangled the life out of her. Then he felt it. Just as she started to quiver in her death throes he had the ability to move and shift ever so slightly.  With a quick motion, Knox formed two slime hands and tore out free from her collar and snapped the woman’s neck for good measure and let her fall like a sack of potatoes.

The two men helping her realized what had happened too late. They reached up and caught her only to have Knox’s hand turn to blades and slice their necks. They collapsed onto the floor spewing green Romulan blood. The dead woman lay between them. And an exhausted Knox finally stripped the right boot off the dead lady. He poured himself into it for some much needed recovery time. He chanced one glance at the girl to see she was wearing a grenade belt and was standing next to a locker full of grenades. “Ha, what a little pyro.” Knox thought. He liked the girl a little more now. And he was also so freaking happy that he had slimed his way to her first by chance. She was the perfect human shield and was likely to do lots of damage to the team assaulting the station. But Knox had taken her out of the game and she even left him treats for his efforts! And there was also that new lightning weapon. Knox wanted it. But all that could wait a few more minutes he thought as he retired to his new boot that would stand in for his bucket.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Ch 4 S [ Day 01 | 1915 ] The Remains of a Crew
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[ Aercidthal qi Sanguis Somnium | CIC Sanquis Somnium | Orbiting Alternative Station | Romulan Space ] ATTN: @Dree

His orders had been to interview the pathetic human Ziegler’s remaining crew members. Though most had been recycled, including Ziegler herself, they’d been left with just enough to make the next few hours entertaining, to say the least. As they awaited the inevitable arrival of the foolhardy Theurgy crew desperate to foil their plans, Aercidthal could keep himself occupied by interviewing each of the survivors in the manner most fitting their genetic specifications. This was why Nicander had given him this singular task, for his exemplary talent for determining at a genetic level the most effective buttons to push to get information from a victim. And, if the information they offered was useless to them, well, it was just all the more opportunity for Aercidthal to expand his growing mental library of tactics.

As much as he abhorred the lesser species they came across, Aercidthal did enjoy the scientific side of his work. Dissecting the creatures physically, emotionally, and mentally made all the more intriguing while the creatures were still alive and responding to his tactics. Every twitch, scream, and shudder was logged away as potentially useful on the next subject.

In order for him to fully appreciate his work, and have the most privacy to work with the Starfleet crew, Aercidthal had requested a transfer of himself and the survivors to the alternative station they’d constructed within the asteroid field. Here, they could work without interruption even if unwelcome visitors decided to investigate the main Hobus station. The nature of this asteroid field, with its anistrophies and quantum fluctuations due to high levels of baryon matter, made it an unlikely target for any who didn’t have Savi sensors and computation abilities that charted out the fluctuations accurately enough to allow them safe passage through to this, the largest asteroid and most protected.

The door opened, and one of his underlings came in, “We have been granted clearance to transport the prisoners to their new holding cells in the station.”

Aercidthal nodded, “Very well. Inform me when the transfer has been completed. I have a few more programs to download that may be of use in the coming hours of our interviews.”

The underling departed to oversee his orders, leaving Aercidthal to the delights of determining which procedures he’d most like to program into the surgical units on the station to aid in his coming discussions.
Parallel Universes - "What if?" / Re: [2376] Entanglement of Chaos
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[Ens. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Safe House | Cardassia Prime ] ATTN: @RyeTanker

“When everyone wants a pound of flesh,” Enyd dryly commented to Zark as they watched the argument continue to bounce back and forth between the Federation personnel and Cardassian.

A tap on Enyd’s shoulder had her looking away, eyebrows rising to find one of the Cardassian soldiers who’d been guarding Ontatt, motioning for her to return to the adjacent room where he was being held. Tugging on Zark’s wrist, Enyd silently retreated, knowing the Andorian was on her heels.

“The bastard said he wanted to tell you something and wouldn’t let me relay the message.” The soldier pushed the door open and Enyd inwardly sighed to find him more roughened up since she’d last seen him literally moments before. “The door stays open.”

Enyd gave the soldier a faux salute, earning a sneer in response, before sauntering past him into the room. Looking over her shoulder to catch his gaze, she forced a grin as she picked up the med kit again and once more approached Ontatt, intending to undo their handiwork. The soldier rolled his eyes.

“You truly enjoy stirring up trouble, don’t you, Starfleet?”

Enyd made an exaggerated gesture of tossing her hair over her shoulder as she closed the distance between her position and his chair. “What would make you say that, Ontatt? I’m merely here at your request and figured I could kiss some of your boo-boos in the process.”

The Cardassian looked to Zark for aid in understanding whatever the hell it was Enyd had just said but, not finding any answers with the blue-skinned Amazonian beauty, he sighed.

“I want to be held at the Federation camp, guarded by Federation personnel, and given an audience with the Castellan.”

“In exchange for?” Enyd carefully began running the dermal regenerator over the newer bruises and cuts.

Ontatt pulled his head away to make direct eye contact. “I can tell you where the next bank rolling meeting will be, where the financiers of this type of hit and others like it gather to bid on new…investments. Though,” he let his gaze travel the length of both Enyd and Zark, “you’ll have to doll up significantly more if you’re to pass as someone worth their time to talk to.”

“Oh, so it’s fancy dress!” Enyd grinned. “I love fancy dress!”

Ontatt blinked, a look of bewilderment crossing his features before he shook his head and continued. “I will only share this information once I am secure within the Federation compound.”

“You understand the Castellan himself may want some Cardassians present during this whole transport and stay, a concession of sorts. I can’t promise you’ll be entirely without Cardassian companionship.” Before he could argue, Enyd snapped the dermal regenerator back into its holster and tossed it back into the med kit. “But, I’ll see what I can do. Ensign Zark, would you mind keeping Ontatt company while I relay his demands to the others? It seems he's quite accident prone even when strapped to a chair.”
Alternate Universe Stories / Re: Sprinkles on a Soup Sandwich
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[ Lnc Cpl Hirk tr’Aimne | Target Camp | Gila DN6 | Imperium Frontier Space ] ATTN: @Hans Applegate

“They were trying to program us,” the LT coughed as she rolled to her side, accepting Hirek’s hand when he offered, “based on their mannerisms, I’d wager they are a sentient mechanical species, and they were trying to tap into our software to download it or hack it. And,” she brushed the dirt off her ass, “I don’t think they have much care for organic life.”

Hirek glanced at Knox before tapping his com unit, “Captain Sobel, do you know if anyone has said anything about that new shipment of sexbots?”

He didn’t have to wait long before Sobel’s voice cut through the temporary static, [ The fuck you care about that Lance Corporal. Get your asses back here stat, and worry about your dicks later! ]

“I think I know where you’re going with that question, tr’Aimne,” Madsen quickly fell into pace with Hirek and Knox, voice breathy as she worked twice as hard to keep up with them, “If these entities were able to tap into the sexbots, likely they could hack them to and use them to their own devices.” She stopped suddenly, causing Hirek and Knox to pause. “Give me some of those grenades, Knox. And a sidearm. I’m going to stay back, see if I can get inside and figure out what they’re planning. It could be a misunderstanding or they could be trying to kill us all.”

“Lieutenant, I don’t know the captain –“

Madsen stepped into his personal space and, without ceremony, grabbed his cock. “They’ve got us by the cock and balls, lance corporal, and I could give two fucks on a chicken’s beak about what Captain Sobel thinks of this plan. Now, please,” she released his goods and held out her hand, “side arm and grenades.”

Hirek didn’t hesitate any further, handing her one of his pistols and the extra belt of ammunition he’d strapped to his chest. Looking to Knox, he motioned for the changeling to hand over some grenades. He felt certain Madsen was far more deft with the knives than he gave her credit for based on this display and would rather keep all his manly parts in one piece.

[ Knox! tr’Aimne! Madsen! Your asses had better be to the canyon entrance in one minute or so help me I’m busting you all down to KP duty for the remainder of our mission here! ]

Madsen rolled her eyes, still keeping her hand out toward Knox, coy smile tugging at her lips. Hirek respected her a helluva a lot more than Sobel and almost wished the captain was out here offering to martyr himself instead.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 09 [15:30 hrs,] Once Upon the Island
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Pirate vessel qu'DuHSum | BIQ'a'bIng Ocean | Unnamed Island | Qo’Nos] Attn: @P.C. Haring

The world was rocking, and at first, Cross attributed it to the fact that a Klingon troll had hit him in the head. But then, in quick succession like a holovid, the events leading up to his injury played out in his mind’s eye, leaving Cross to guess as to why he was now lying in a bed and not still sprawled on the deck of the Klingon pirate vessel.

“Hathev?” Hand instinctively going to his head, fingers brushing over the still tender skin of where the wound had once been, Cross sat up. Looking around the small room, spotting the woman didn’t take long. Seeing the confiscated clothing covering her flesh, Cross smirked. “It suits you. Now, did you carry me here, or did that oaf of a Klingon captain drag my ass in here to have his way with me when you intercepted him?” He doubted his effort at humor would be correctly interpreted by the woman still working to connect with her emotions, but he offered it nonetheless to let her know he was himself and recovering. “Did you get a chance to check our heading? If we head back towards the pier where we left in this old bucket, we should get there by tomorrow morning.”

Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, Cross took his time to stand. Although whatever treatment Hathev had given him had taken the edge off the pain and sped up the healing process, he’d still lost enough blood to feel woozy until he could get some food and water in him again.

“Have you seen if they have any food? Water?” Glancing down at his nude state versus her dressed one, he smirked. “Any trousers?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: CH 2: S [Day 01 | 1857 hrs] Expectations
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Arboretum Cafe | D. 20 | V. 3 | “Ranger” of USS Theurgy] Attn: @joshs1000

“Only a broken jaw? Yeah, she was just teasing you, mate.” Cross chuckled at the mental image of a horny Klingon woman taking a swing at Lok. “As for our escapade at the museum, no we didn’t get into trouble. We didn’t start it, and we certainly didn’t finish it. Tried to get out of it and ended up being in the middle of it sort of thing. I don’t think any of our diplomats were required to smooth things over.”

The server returned to collect the empty plates and cups. Cross sipped at the water he’d set aside earlier, mulling over Lok’s self-description as a grease monkey.

“There are a lot of tours on Qo’Nos that are open to be taken by anyone. I certainly wasn’t sent to the museum in a delegation or anything. Just explored on my own. Next time we’re in port somewhere, you should go planetside in your free time. No need to wait until you’re sent to explore new places.”

Eyes darting over what he could see of the Kzin Cross cocked his head to the side, “Do you not like fighting? I mean grappling for the sake of training and exercise. And I’m not trying to come off as an obtuse git, assuming you’d relish a good fight because of your size. I would assume you have some basic hand-to-hand skills, given its standard for Starfleet training, but then again, assuming could make me out to be an ass.”
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