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Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan ] Upper Gymnasium |  Sparring Ring | USS Theurgy | Attn: @Dumedion

Three days.  It had been three days since she had been woken from the deep of cryogenic sleep.  During that time, Reika could tell that her current muscle tone was immensely lacking compared to when she was frozen.  And while the remedy for this would by no means be affected overnight, there was a way to improve. 

And given the information that she had digested over the last three days, she understood their need to live in a constant state of readiness.  It didn't matter to her that she was no longer a tactical officer, but worked in OPS.  Everyone - everyone down to the last chef should be ready to defend themselves, their ship, and their fellow crewmates.  So sporting a pair of 'boy shorts', a form-fitting cropped top, and wearing a towel around her neck, Reika made her way to the gym.

Stepping inside was a familiar sensation and brought back many memories.  She had spent hours in this room before she was frozen - training, lifting weights, running, and sparring.  Sparring, however, had always been her favorite activity, and today, she needed to assess her readiness for a fight. 

After a good twenty-minute stretch and then a short run on the treadmill to get her blood pumping, she mopped her forehead and headed for ring.   As Reika's long, slow strides carried her across the room, she took a moment to observe the ring.  It looked just like it had looked every other time she had stepped inside.  The smell of sweat, body odor, and disinfectant permeated the gym like it always had.  She walked over to the side of the raised platform and placed her hands on the mat running them from her center line outward and back.  It felt exactly the same as before.  Even the din that filled the gym,  sounded exactly the same.  So why, today, did it feel so different?  She stood there pondering the question for a moment before pushing it aside, mounting the stairs, and stepping through the ropes.  She dropped her towel over the top cable and took a spot in the middle of the ring.

"Computer, sparring partner."

"Please specify level from 1-8," the computer chirped.

The Andorian considered for all of a second before stating, "Level 4."  An average, nondescript, human female appeared.   Reika dropped into her fighting stance and said, "Initiate round."

Reika was an observer by nature.  She was capable of reacting to gut instincts, but she didn't rely on them.   And as a character of habit, she circled the opponent waiting to see how she would attack, but she didn't have to wait long.   The human moved in for the first strike and the match commenced.   Much can be determined by the style, timing, aggressiveness, and intensity of a first movement if you knew how to appraise it in that split second.   And fortunately for Reika, she did.
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Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
There were several constants in life; change being one of them. Everything changed, given enough time – Kino Jeen knew this better than most. Survival depended on one’s ability to adapt, to overcome, to incorporate new data into the matrix of experience and move forward. No one ever stopped learning, unless they were dead; that partially explained her presence in the gym. The rest of it boiled down to ego and arrogance; some of it her own, but the majority from an acquaintance that had claimed (talked shit without end) that he was more than capable of handling her in a strait-up fight. Barefoot on the mats, dressed in plain gray sweats cinched tight at the waist and sports bra, Kino held her finger-less gloves up in a ready position as she circled her partner. The muscled, shaven-headed human male opposite her grinned confidently, torso bared with a sheen of sweat; between twitchy posturing, he constantly adjusted his golden boxing shorts – a seriously bad habit – one that betrayed his utter lack of experience. In contrast, the Trill’s features were blank, patience edging into bored indulgence. They’d been at it for almost half an hour, and every engagement had ended the same, thus far.

Come on, I ain’t got all day, Kino’s eyes told him.

A thick, muscled arm blurred at her head – a controlled strike, meant to finish the fight before it even began. Kino caught it easily as she stepped inside the swing, lined her hip up with her opponent and used his momentum as she gripped and turned; for good measure, and to imprint the lesson, the Trill added her own strength into the toss. The big man grunted as his back and head slammed into the cushioned mats of the PT area in the corner of the gym, then grimaced with a slight gurgle as Kino planted a knee on his throat. Her palm shot down to his forehead, thumb arched to plunge directly into his right eye.

“Dead again,” Kino droned, easing the pressure off the man’s airway enough for him to catch his breath in a coughing fit. The non-com stood with a sigh, a hand extended down to help him up to his feet. “How many times we gonna do this Aberez,” dark brows rose as mismatched blues narrowed, voice colored with boredom. “Pretty sure the point’s been made.”

Salazar Aberez – one of the wrench turners from the FAB – clutched his throat as he chuckled up at her, then gripped her wrist with a grunt. They’d met while undergoing rehab - Sal had gotten shot up, and ran into her after Kino’s second spell in cryo - a fragile friendship bloomed, borne of stubborn competition and rivalry. Sal was a big guy; 6’2”, 230 pounds of muscle, tanned skin tatted with swirling patterns and icons from a rocky youth spent in the mining colonies of Sol’s outer planets. He ran a hand over the stony features of his face, wiping sweat from his eyes, then glared at the slender, athletic Trill. Hijo de puta, Kino,” Aberez grimaced, pushing his shoulders back at the pain. Qué es esto,” he gestured at the mats with a smirk, broad shoulders hunched in a shrug. “You even tryin? Órale, cabrón,” he laughed, then threw a few playful swings at her.

Kino batted the first aside, then caught his wrist with her artificial hand and twisted it back and up around his back in a standard arm-lock. The big guy groaned out a series of aiie’s as he was slowly lowered to his knees. “Stick to shooting and talking shit, Sal,” the Trill chuckled as she released him to fall on his face. “At least you’re good at that,” she smirked down at him, gloved hands resting on her hips. She'd tried to teach him before, but Sal suffered from a common malady known to effect most males in Kino's opinion - idiocy.

Movement in her peripheral caught her attention as she crossed her arms, turning to the source; a dark brow rose as she watched an unknown Andorian climb into one of the sparring rings, all legs and pleasant curves. Well now. Who might you be, Kino drawled silently, head tilted, ignoring Aberez’ groans and mumbled complaints at her feet. She watched unashamedly as the blue-skinned newcomer began her session, curiosity mixed with interest. The non-com’s lips pursed slightly as her experienced eyes drank in the Andorian’s stance and posture; all the subtle signs the body broadcast to those that knew how to read it. She’s a fighter, the Trill nodded.

“Sal, get up,” Kino smirked, keeping her eyes on the Andorian. “Watch this,” her chin lifted to the ring, and the combatants within. “You might learn something.”

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan ] Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn. @Dumedion

Reika and her computer-generated, human opponent circled around. The first punch the hologram threw at Reika was immediate, fast-paced, deliberate, and a fake.  The fact that it was centimeters to the right of her head told Reika that the computer was trying to push her to the left for a very specific reason.  Instead of going left, she ducked under the second punch she knew was coming and instead landed an elbow to her opponent’s solar plexus.   This unsteadied her enough that with a quick sweep of her legs, she took her opponent down to the mat.  Reika dropped to one knee which would have landed in the middle of the woman’s chest, but before the Andorian’s knee hit, the holographic human rolled away and was back on her feet.

It’s fast,  I’ll give it that,” she breathed out as she rebounded quickly as well.

The two circled again.  Experience told Reika that often if an opponent faked the first time and got caught they would be more hesitant to take initiative again, so once Reika went in this time.  She successfully punched for the human's throat.  Her opponent threw a hasty shot at Reika’s head.  The Andorian stepped inside the punch, grabbed the holographic arm with both hands, and leveraged the hologram over her hip to the ground.  Holding the holographic woman’s arm, assured that she would - and indeed did - pin the woman under her knee.

Computer end round and reset program, level six,” The Andorian said as she placed her hands on her hips and exhaled a couple of forceful puffs of air.  When the computer reset the simulation, her new opponent was a Andorian male - easily as tall as she was and with probably fifteen kilos on her.  “Should present more of a challenge,” she grinned as she fell easily into her fighting stance. 

The man, being both Andorian and larger than her, told her several things.  First, she should be faster.  Second, she would need to use her brain much more than any brawn that remained after her stint on ice.  Third, she’d need to act fast.  It would be harder to recover if he got a good hit in first.  “Computer, begin simulation.

The Andorian male started to circle around, Reika didn't.  She didn’t hesitate even a blink.  Being a good two meters away from him, she rolled over one shoulder and before she could come up, she kicked out hard hitting the male in the groin, but as he was doubling over in pain, she grabbed his head with both hands and forced it down into her knee after which the male crumpled to the ground.  Reika took a deep breath and stood to her feet. 

On her way to get her towel and mop off her forehead, she said, “Computer, end simulation,” snatched her towel from the rope, and turned around.   Leaning against the top two cables,  she used both hands to swipe the fluffy fabric across her face before she dropped the towel into her right hand and took a moment to catch her breath.   Her eyes swept across the gym and noticed a human male gawking and Trill unabashedly looking her direction.  Her look seemed to be one of admiration - whether of the woman or her skills, she didn’t know.

D’ya see something you liked or just trying to decide if you can take me?”  Reika asked as she swung her towel around behind her neck, grasping each end in a hand.  As she scrutinized the woman in return, she noticed mismatched eyes and one side of her body which while very realistic looking, a trained eye could tell was likely replacement parts.  “Likely cybernetics,” she thought to herself.  “You should know I was just thawed a couple of days ago.  I’m in here to test my readiness, and I’m not 100% certain what that is - quite yet.
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Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
From their vantage point, Aberez winced as the Andorian took her first opponent down with a savage strike and sweep combo; the big man grunted a mumbled curse, blinking at the seemingly effortless display of controlled aggression. In comparison, the far more petite Trill next to him simply cocked a hip, arms folded under her bust as a brow rose slightly. Kino could feel Sal’s eyes darting from the ring to her and back, sensing his confusion as to why they were watching in the first place; she smirked as her fingers lifted up from her bicep at him in a gesture to wait and be quiet. The Trill heard him snort as he mimicked her stance, but held his tongue for once.

Mismatched blues narrowed as the second session began, curious to see how the leggy brawler would handle a larger opponent; Kino's lips pulled down into a quick frown almost instantly as she realized what was about to happen. At her side, Sal hissed a long and unnecessary string of curses after the brutal strike to the hologram’s groin – even going so far to physically grab himself and buckle a bit – but Kino ignored his antics. Once the obvious follow-up blow was delivered, she turned to him with a lopsided grin, one hand waving at the Andorian quickly. “What did we learn, big guy?”

Mierda, Kino,” Sal laughed with a shake of his head. ¿No sé? Don’t fuck with Andorians, I guess,” he shrugged, then frowned at the glare aimed at him. Que? What I do now?”

Kino fought the urge to roll her eyes at him, releasing a sigh that was very close to a growl instead, returning her attention to the ring. Before they could continue the discussion, the brawler finally noticed them watching and opted to call them out – or, Kino, it appeared – with a direct but seemingly rhetorical question. The pair glanced at each other with a frown of feigned confusion. “Both?” Aberez murmured to Kino with a shrug, to which the Trill nodded and shrugged as well, before returning her attention to the Andorian. “Yeah, both,” she agreed nonchalantly, while Sal snickered next to her, but then flinched in surprise when the Trill took a step forward.

“Ay, hold up,” he laughed, moving to intercept Kino quickly. Tienes cojones, chica,” Aberez muttered under his breath. “You just seen what she did to those holos, yes?” The silver haired non-com blinked at him as her brows rose, a look that said yes, and? to which the big man chuckled. “I’ll hold a vigil at the funeral, no worries, eh?”

“Later, Sal,” Kino smirked at him, knocking a fist on one pectoral before continuing toward the ring. The Andorian perched on the ropes within disclosed her recent thawing then, which stopped the Trill in her tracks with a wince. Well, shit. There goes that idea, she sighed mentally, but nodded up at the newcomer with understanding from where she stood – gloved hands settled on her hips – just outside the ring.

“Been there, done that, earned the t-shirts,” Kino told her. “It’s rough, but you seem to be well on your way to recovery,” she smirked, then hesitated, chewing her bottom lip for a second while she considered the risks of actually sparring with someone, for real. It seemed like forever since she’d actually hit somebody, other than drunken pilots and the random generated holos the Andorian had just been using. She just woke up – probably not interested anyway. While she thought about it, Kino draped her elbows and arms on the lower rope, lifting her chin to the ring. “You learn those moves back home,” she asked casually, not bothering to introduce herself just yet. “Pretty impressive,” her silver head nodded, “against holos, anyway,” she muttered with a grin, unable to help herself.

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan ] Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn. @Dumedion

Reika watched the shorter woman as she almost prowled across the gym toward the ring.  There was a confidence and swagger in her manner.  And far from being put off by it, the Andorian watched with a mix of amusement and admiration.  You don’t get anywhere on this ship by being timid, so at least a modicum cockiness was almost a prerequisite aboard - at least it was before she was frozen.

Been there, done that, earned the t-shirts,” Kino told her. “It’s rough, but you seem to be well on your way to recovery.

"T-shirts - plural, huh?  You been put on ice more than once?" Reika asked blatantly impressed - if she had come back from the brink of death more than once.  And that would explain - what appeared to be - her extensive cybernetics.

You learn those moves back home?” the Trill asked.

Some of ‘em,” Reika said raising her elbows and resting them on the top rope as she continued to scrutinize the other woman with her gaze, trying to decide if it was wise to try her luck on a humanoid who looked - not only like she could pack a wallop, but who also looked like she knew very well how to handle herself.  “Some I learned at the Academy.” 

Pretty impressive … against holos, anyway.

Reika nodded her head slowly as she listened to both the words and the subtext.  The wise thing to do was to walk away.  Sure she had bested the holograms, but they were holograms, and she was recently thawed.  And while Reika had more than five centimeters on the smaller woman, the shorter woman seemed to have a couple of kilos on her - and damn in all the right places. I really should say no….but if I do, word’ll get around.  Besides … it could be fun. The internal sigh that she refused to release didn’t in any way dim the sparkle which found its way into her eyes.  “You sayin’ you’d like to see how I fair against a live opponent?”  One side of her lip curled up just a little.  “Know anyone foolhardy enough for that?

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Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
When asked about the number of times she’d spent in the freezer, Kino simply shrugged. It wasn’t an accolade she was proud of – nor did she wish to come across as boastful – she didn’t care for braggarts, and despised hypocrisy in equal measure; but her head did tilt at the Andorian’s scrutiny. Those glacial blues held Kino’s eye contact easily enough, but then subtly shifted between calm blinks. In appraisal? Curiosity? It was difficult to say, but the Trill guessed it was more than likely the newcomer was simply sizing her up. This revealed several things about the leggy brawler; all of which Kino approved, beyond her amazing figure.

As far as the Andorian’s questions, this is what Kino heard: ‘Do you want to see my legs move again?’ To which the answer was an obvious yes, and ‘Know anyone foolish enough to get wrapped up in them?’ Again, an obvious yes– but she kept all that under wraps. There was a time and place for everything, and no one was ready to hear her unfiltered; so with a quick glance from antenna down to shoes, back to cerulean orbs, Kino decided to change tactics.

She pulled herself up eye level with the brawler, matching the Andorian’s stance, elbows resting on the top ropes. Kino leaned in a bit, not too close, but enough to ensure her voice wouldn’t carry too far. “If you feel up to it, sure,” she shrugged again, “but if not, no worries. As I said, I know what it’s like fresh out of the freezer. Entirely up to you,” she nodded, gloved hands gesturing in a your call motion.

Whether she got to spar or not, it was well worth the walk over to get a closer look. Kino tried not to assume anything, but her gut told her the Andorian was enjoying the view too. Hm. This could get interesting, the Trill thought, arching a brow, opting to roll the dice. “How bout a friendly wager – just to spice it up? Two minute round, first one to drop or tap out,” she bit her lip, scrunching her nose up a bit as she grinned, “cooks dinner – schedules permitting, of course.”

Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan ] Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] attn. @Dumedion

As the Trill maneuvered herself up onto the same level as the Andorian looking her eye to eye, Reika enjoyed drinking in the site.  Her mechanical eye was a bit brighter blue than her natural eye.  While her eyes roamed the other woman's short silver hair, she wondered what the story behind it was.  Was it a choice or result of a traumatic event since even for Trills, silver wasn't the norm.   but once she was within centimeters of the Andorian her tone, as much as her words, showed that she had a slightly softer side as well. 

If you feel up to it, sure, but if not, no worries. As I said, I know what it’s like fresh out of the freezer. Entirely up to you.

Reika didn’t feel like the Trill was egging her on - but that she genuinely didn’t want to push if the Andorian wasn’t sure she wanted to or if she didn’t feel ready.  And that was a fair question.  Did she feel up to it?  She had taken down two holograms, but that was more on brain than brawn.  This opponent, I guess would take a lot more physical exertion to fight. Not that that's a bad thing.  Quite the contrary, grappling with the Trill … well it could prove enjoyable. 

But her thoughts were interrupted by further remarks, “How bout a friendly wager – just to spice it up? Two minute round, first one to drop or tap out,” she bit her lip, scrunching her nose up a bit as she grinned, “cooks dinner – schedules permitting, of course.

With a 'friendly wager' of food on the line, that made it almost impossible to say no.  As her thoughts ran through her head, her face knew - and showed - her answer before her brain made a final determination.  “ I am down here to test my readiness for a fight.  So on the condition that you don’t go easy on me, so I really get a good taste - ” ‘Oh, nice double entendre, Reika,’ she thought as her words never faltered. “ - for real combat, I’ll take your wager.

Reika stood and placed her palms against the top rope extending her arms, she pushed forward just a little.  “Let me grab some gloves from the replicator since I wasn’t using them against the holograms, and I’ll be right back.”  She removed her towel from around her neck and draped it back over the cable at the spot where she had been standing a moment before.  Climbing through the ropes, she started for the replicator before calling over her shoulder, “And since you’ll be cooking, my favorite is Thai food from earth.” 

She had honest doubts about her ability to take the woman down, but half or more of any battle was mental, so it seemed a good tactic.  Besides, the lightness of her tone likely betrayed her jest to the Trill.

A minute or so later, she was climbing back in the ring and fastening her gloves onto her blue hands.
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Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
I’m gonna call you Legs, Kino thought as the blue-skinned newcomer considered her offer. Since neither one of them had spoken their names yet (and probably wouldn’t, until someone emerged victorious) the nickname seemed perfectly appropriate, so long as she didn’t voice it out loud. Uh-oh, Legs likes food, the Trill smirked slightly, noting the answer in her ice-hued eyes before she even said it; but the addition of the ‘condition’ to the match gave her pause. Real combat would see one or both of them in sickbay – not an ideal conclusion to any initial interaction, by any means. There was nothing wrong with testing your skills and experience against a live opponent – the non-com had every intention of doing just that – but there was a world of difference between a good fight and fighting for your life. Her bottom lip twitched with the urge to scowl at the thought, prompting her to chew on it out of habit.

Ease up, she didn’t mean it like that, Kino chided herself. Just play it safe, but fair. Like always.

In the end, the Trill simply dipped her head in a subtle nod. When Legs drew close, the Andorian’s scent flowed with her, even more wafted from the towel as it spun through the air, filling Kino’s nostrils; silvered head tilted as she watched her dip between the ropes, blinking in appreciation as the boy shorts pulled tight across the play of blue muscle. The quip about Thai food provoked another grin, adding yet another reason to enjoy the Andorian's company; playful banter was something of an art form in Security – the more you got familiar with your squad-mates – the dirtier and more personal it got. No one wore any uniform with thin skin for very long.

Kino shook those thoughts away with a slight shiver to refocus. Right, let’s do this, she told herself, then glanced down at her feet. Should probably get my shoes, a brow arched up, and mouth guard. Legs likes to kick, remember?

Hopping off the edge of the ring, Kino jogged back over to the trainer mats where her gym bag and shoes idled; wasting no time, she plopped her ass on the mat and tugged them on. Plucking the mouth guard case from the small bag between her legs, the Trill took a few seconds to stretch her hamstrings out, then jumped to her feet. Brows knit then, as she tried to recall seeing Legs with a guard, even as her eyes noted the Andorian climbing back up into the ring, blue hands being stuffed into gloves.

As she sauntered back to the ring, Kino gave her own gloves a tug of adjustment, eyes lingering on her ‘opponent’. Better hope you didn’t bite off more than you can chew with this, her head shook subtly with a smirk, ‘cause you sure as hell can’t cook. Paused at the edge of the ring to pull her guard out of its case, Kino popped it in her mouth to hang out one corner while she climbed up and in, bouncing a little to warm up. Still, the nagging need to clarify some rules of engagement persisted; she nearly snorted, but said what needed to be said regardless.

“Just so we’re clear,” Kino chuckled a bit, “I’ll give you a fair fight, but I wont try to kill you – so please don’t try to kill me,” her mechanical eye winked as she rotated her arms and joints out, then settled still to crack the stiffness from her neck with a grunt. Once the mouth guard was pushed into place, Kino clapped her gloved palms together twice, throwing a nod to Legs to signal her readiness. “Say when.”

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[PO2 Kino Jeen &  Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy]

Lithely slipping back between the top two ropes, Reika stepped back into the ring. The mouthguard that she had replicated the same time she had replicated her gloves was well ensconced around her teeth.  She jogged in place watching her opponent slip on her shoes and stretch out. 

Reika pondered how much of her opponent was muscle and how much of her was mechanisms.  From here, it looked like possibly one of her arms and definitely one of her eyes were mechanical. How much trauma has she been through? Certainly makes what I've gone through look like child's play. She looked down at her own disfigured upper thigh and her gloved hand subconsciously ran over the slightly hardened skin on her side. 

She stopped jogging and crossed one arm in front of her using her opposite arm to press the first across her body as far as possible.  While her eyes continued to survey the other woman,  her thoughts were on what to call her - at least in the recesses of her own head.  While her hair color was a striking feature, so were her spots, as were her eyes.  Those piercing almost glowing aqua-colored eyes seemed to be able look past the skin and see down into the soul.  She nodded as she switched arms to stretch the second one.  Aqua it is.

And a moment later Aqua stepped back into the ring.  Her jogging pants left a lot to the imagination - too much - if you had asked Reika, her sports bra, however, allowed for a certain amount of enjoyment.  But she seemed like something was bothering her.

Just so we’re clear.Aqua said, “I’ll give you a fair fight, but I won't try to kill you – so please don’t try to kill me."

Reika grinned at the other woman’s wink, and spit her guard into one of her gloved hands before they both settled between her slight waist and her curvy hips.  She chuckled for a moment, and then said with a cheeky grin, “I said I want to test my readiness for a fight, not go back on ice.  I just don’t want you to go easier on me than you would on someone else just because I’m newly thawed.  Fair?” she asked, slipping the guard back into her mouth and starting to bob and weave.

Kino grinned at her, eyes bright beneath dark brows while she re-tied the drawstring of her sweats; nimble fingers then rolled the edge down low over her hips, revealing the contoured lines of her lower abdomen and hips but offering her more freedom of movement. A tilt of her silvered head acknowledged Legs’ concerns, her features set in a reassuring visage. Don’t you worry, I'll bring my a-game, her eyes and smirk said.  “Say when.

The OPS officer took a moment to admire Aqua’s defined torso as she rolled the sweats down a little further.  The way that her body seamlessly transitioned from cybernetic to flesh amazed Reika.  Even the parts were likely cybernetic were almost impossible to distinguish between real skin and synthetic.  For a moment she wondered if they felt the same and then quickly squelched that notion.  They were here to fight - at least for now.  A “when” muffled by her mouthguard escaped the Andorian’s lips, and the bobbing and weaving continued as Reika decided on her first move.  It looked like her right arm and her left leg were cybernetic.  She’d have to try to play to the left side of her torso and to her lower right side.  This could be interesting, she thought as she danced around watching for her first move.

At Legs’ signal, Kino bounded into a slow spiral around her opponent, face locked in a serious mien of concentration; her eyes watched intently while keeping her guard up, hands up and open, legs and feet constantly in motion. Don’t let her distract you, the Trill chuckled to herself, even as she noted every play in the muscles of those long blue limbs, the way her antenna shifted, the bounce and jiggle of her bust under that skin-tight tank. Kino circled, weaving along, but unable to stop herself from smirking. “Gonna do something,” she mumbled around her mouthguard, “or just tease me?

It was at the same time that Aqua began to say, ‘me,” that Reika tried to take advantage of the situation.  She struck out with her right leg in a roundhouse-style kick hoping to throw Aqua slightly to the left where she tried to follow up with a quick right jab.

The smirk on Kino's face died instantly. Her head leaned back just in time to avoid the blurred foot; her face felt the breeze as it passed. Kino blinked in surprise regardless – impressed by the speed of the attack – as her body moved to face her opponent in profile, anticipating the follow-up strike. She weaved to the right and ducked low, under the jab, to hook her leg behind the Andorian's knee. Rather than answer with her cybernetic fist, Kino chose to take the fight to the floor on instinct. At nearly the same second, her left arm shot out in an open palm strike to Legs’ midsection, aiming to topple her opponent backwards in one smooth motion.

With Aqua’s palm stuck her directly in the sternum and with her leg behind her right knee, Reika tucked and rolled backward over her shoulder, her momentum carrying her back onto one knee.  Normally, she would have easily hit her feet and stood again, but with Aqua’s leg behind her knee, she lost some of her momentum.  “Nice move,” she said around her mouthguard.  Instead of moving to her feet immediately, she watched with readiness for the Trill’s next move.

Knowing better than to pursue once she'd realized the Andorian would roll out of the sweep, Kino held her ground, bouncing lightly on her toes. A grin spread across her face as her silvered head dipped to Legs. “Likewise,” she mumbled back, dark brows elevated with amusement; but the Trill launched her offense immediately after – a lightning quick snap-kick to the side of her opponent’s face. The kick was easily blocked as the Andorian rose, but slowed by the impact regardless – Kino used the rebounding energy to bring her right leg back and shifted her weight, as Legs closed in, to drive her left knee up in a strike to her midsection. Blue skin deflected it, as the pair moved in even closer; both traded a viciously quick series of strikes and counter-strikes – elbows, fists, knees, everything was in play, and as they danced and grunted around each other, several of the crew stopped to watch.

Ultimately, the free-for-all ended with each opponent locked in position; Kino held a blue wrist in her right hand, Reika held a pale forearm at bay with her own. While they struggled, each alternated knee strike to the other, most were blocked, while others hit home.
Kino swore through her mouth guard as a particularly painful knee hit slammed into her upper thigh, one of the few original pieces of her left. The muscles there tingled painfully, locked in spasms strong enough to make her wince; that distraction was all it took. The Trill had a split second to think Oh, shit before her back and head slammed into the mat – limbs sprawling wide open – and Legs pounced right on her.

The lanky Andorian pinned each of Aqua’s arms at the wrists.  Her knees straddled the Trill’s thighs and her ankles pressed securely against the security officer’s calves.   Her chest heaved within centimeters of the pink skin’s bosom as she worked to catch her breath.  She spit out her mouth guard to the side and a Cheshire grin spread across her face, her blue lips contrasted with her stark white teeth.  “You tap?” she asked readjusting her position just slightly feeling the security officer’s sweat-covered skin against her own.

Kino snorted a chuckle as she – ever so briefly – tested the Andorian’s strength. Her right arm rose an inch as her hips shifted; pushing off with her left foot, the non-com guessed she could perhaps shrimp her way out of the mount, or just roll Legs over, but the point had been made. Kino had nothing to prove; so her answer – when it came –  was a simple one. She pushed her mouth guard out to the side of her mouth, eyes glancing from ice-coloured orbs to heaving chests and back. “Well…do you feel properly evaluated,” she asked, smirking through heavy breaths. If they continued, the chances of one or both of them getting injured increased; Kino was good, but she could only spar for so long. Legs seemed pleased with herself, but the Trill arched a dark brow up at her anyway, waiting for her answer. "If not, you risk more than that pretty smile, you know," she added playfully.

Reika let out a low snicker settling lower and leaning back slightly on her legs.  “Yeah.  I know I would.  Cause, Unless you went easy on me, we seem fairly evenly matched.  But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get a lucky hit in,”  The Lieutenant know that a hit like that would be just as much skill as luck, but teasing had its own pleasures.  “I certainly feel more evaluated than I did against those holos.”  Part of her was enjoying this position so close to Aqua, but it would get awkward before long, especially with the eyes that the Andorian could still feel glancing from time to time in their direction.  “If I let you up, you’re not going to try to take me down again, are you?” her eyebrow raised about a centimeter and her antennae undulated slightly while turning inward toward each other.

Not right this second, no,” Kino laughed, then winced a bit at the aches from the bruises likely coloring her body from the brief but intense session. Still, it felt good going toe to toe with a real person for a change, and she didn't mind how it ended up at all – with Legs on top of her – the Trill had half a mind to just let the moment ride out as long as she wanted. "Take your time, please," she arched a brow up at the Andorian playfully.

Enjoying yourself a bit, huh?”  Reika asked softly enough so that no one other than the Trill could hear, and at the same time she settled lower and closer to Aqua.  Their chests barely brushing against each other now and her pelvis was almost so low that she was practically sitting atop of Aqua’s thighs.

Kino tilted her head slightly as she grinned, back arching up from the mat as she rocked her hips subtly. “Oh, just a little,” she tried to shrug, then inhaled deeply as the Andorian’s hair fell like a curtain around them. “Kinda wish we'd done this somewhere more private,” she lifted her head, bringing her nose to nose with Legs, whispering right into her blue lips with a smirk.

Me too,” Reika just managed, but, with Aqua nose to nose with her,  the Andorian's lips brushed the Trill's as she spoke.  And now Sh'laan breathed harder for an entirely different reason.  The women were so close, so much of their bodies were in contact and they seemed to be of a similar mind - neither really wanting this to end.  But there was always dessert tonight.   At last, reeling herself in, she breathed out, “But since this doesn’t seem quite like the right place,” Reika pushed back onto her haunches, she released Aqua’s wrists, but still sitting astride the Trill, she took a moment to remove her gloves and set them to the side before her hands found her own thighs, she leveraged herself back onto her feet offering the Trill a hand to pull her up. 

When the Trill accepted it,  the Andorian gave a decent heave.   Aqua ended up close enough to feel the Andorian’s breath as she exhaled forcefully.  “So tonight, you’re cooking, huh?” Reika asked, her eyes never leaving the brilliant blue of the Trill’s.  The blue chin tilted to the side by a small measure, and her eyes twinkled in merriment.

That was our agreement,” Kino’s brows lifted slightly as her own head tilted, holding her own space comfortably close to Legs. “Ah,” the Trill grinned at their proximity, gloved hands resting on her hips. “Since you won, I suppose it's only fair that I go first,” her eyes blinked, flickering from glacial orbs to blue lips and back. “I’m Kino Jeen.

Nice to meet you, Kino.”  As the Andorian said the name, she decided that it felt pleasant tripping easily off of her lips.  “I’m Reika Sh’laan.  I work in OPS.  You?”  There was something in the way that she asked that conveyed more than just the simple question.  It was almost as if they were playing chicken with each other.  Standing so close waiting for the other one to blink, tempting each other to see who could hold out in this public place longer.

"Security," Kino grinned, "and the pleasure was all mine, Reika Sh'laan." She bit her lip then, knowing full well that they were both teasing each other now, but self control held her back. Besides, it will make dinner all the more interesting, the non-com smirked. "So, tonight then," her head tilted as her brows rose again, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Any particular time work for you, Ms. Sh'laan?"

Any time after 1700 works for me.”  Sure she wasn’t yet on duty until tomorrow, but Reika had several meetings to get herself established.  And none of that was interesting enough to tell Kino.  What did interest her was the depths of those shining blue eyes that she had a hard time pulling her gaze away from. 

1700 it is then. I’ll try to book one of the holodecks, but if that fails, probably one of the lounges. Either way, I’ll let ya know,” Kino nodded, winking again. Really hope one of the ‘decks are open. Could use the help cooking, she chuckled to herself, but felt confident enough that it would all work out either way.

I’m very much looking forward to it,” she said, and her eyes underscored the honesty of her words.  But as her eyes found the clock in the gym, she realized that she didn’t have much time to shower and to get to her first meeting.  Taking a step back, “I’m sorry.  I gotta run.  I’ve got a meeting in twenty, and I certainly can’t go without a shower, not after a workout like that.”  Reika scooped up her gloves and her mouth guard and made her way to the edge of the ring where she once again grabbed her towel and mopped off her sweat-covered face.  As she dipped back between the ropes, she took one more quick look at Kino.  As her eyes swept across the well-toned body it took some effort to reign her thoughts in, but if she didn’t, there was no chance that she’d made it to her meeting on time. 

Kino nodded with a grin, taking her own step back as she watched Reika. “No worries,” she busied herself by pulling the fingerless gloves from one hand. “Should probably do the same. Was a good workout,” she agreed, biting her lip, then turned to bend between the ropes. “See ya tonight,” her brows wiggled at Reika, then watched as the Andorian went about her way – a lovely view to start any and every morning. Oh yes. This could get interesting, Kino mused, lips pursed.

Yeah.  I’ll see ya then.”  Her tone conveyed her barely contained ebullience.  “Don’t forget, my favorite food is Thai,” she called over her shoulder as she dropped her gloves and mouthguard in the replicator before heading to the showers.  Not bad for being three days post-thaw, Reika.  And tonight could prove ... fun.

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Re: Day 19 [0600 hrs] Kicking Ass or Getting Your Ass Kicked?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Upper Gym | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Once she'd left the ring and Legs – aka Reika Sh'laan – behind, Kino allowed herself to wince at the pain in her thigh with every step. That’s gonna need some ice, she grimaced, pausing her stride to briefly rub the knot already forming from the Andorian’s knee.

Still, it was well worth it.

How longs it been since I had a date, the Trill wondered briefly, head tilted as she stared off in no particular direction, thinking. Several seconds passed, until Kino simply blinked and gave up trying to come up with an actual number. Too fucking long, apparently. Eliska and I never really…dated…and before her…fuck that bitch, Kino’s eyes narrowed at the thought of her first youthful foray into romance.

“Tits up,” she sighed to herself, shaking the memory and emotions away. There was a duty shift to get through, shit that needed to get done, and a plan to hash out about what the hell she was going to do about cooking Thai food. The more she thought about that last one, the more worried she got. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

As she headed to the door, bound for her quarters for a shower and a quick bite of chow, an idea popped into place. Kino grinned while she walked, as the details clicked into place; everything rode on the availability of a holodeck, which she would look into as soon as she could. If that fell through, well…there was always plan b. I said I’d cook – I didn’t say I’d cook everything, her eyes twinkled with mischief as the doors to the gym slid closed behind her. Rubbing her hands together with excitement, the non-com chuckled to herself. “Let’s do it,” she smirked, ready to tackle the day.


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