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Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

[Lt. J.G. Foval| Holodeck | Deck 8| Vector 2| USS Theurgy ]attn @UltimaImperatrixia

“If you are looking to increase social contact, perhaps you should see a real therapist and not a holographic one.”   The simple truth was that as an XB, he knew that he made people afraid.  He did not want to work with a counsellor that he made afraid.   What if they had lost people to an encounter between Starfleet and the Borg?   What if they were revulsed by him?   No, he couldn’t risk himself like that.  

The hologram took the form of a Bajoran male.    He was wearing a suit made of blue silk.    “The hologram listing said that you were a professional grade therapy programme.     If you are unable to fulfil this role, I shall deactivate you.”  

“Yes, I was designed for long term civilian cargo missions where there wasn’t a counselling team available.    I am not necessary on a ship filled with a world class counselling team such as this one.”   

Foval closed his eyes.    This was becoming tiresome.   “When I am incapable of doing my duty, I shall consult with the specialists on Theurgy’s crew.    I only require help in my down time to accumulate to social situations.”      

“You are fortunate.   If I deemed you unfit for duty, my confidentiality protocols would be overridden.”

“I am aware.” Said Foval as he lowered himself into his chair.  

“You are saying that you don’t like social situations?”   the hologram asked     “But wish to ease yourself into them.”   

“Correct.”   Said Foval.  

The hologram thought for a moment.   “An approach I would suggest would be to visit one of these public places at a low traffic time.    Get used to the place – find your own safe zones and then try attending when they are busier.   One or more of the safe zones should be available.    

The thought of running into someone still filled Foval with dread.   “Or I could create a holographic recreation of an area.”  

The hologram sighed..    “Holographic therapists, holographic social spaces.    You are warping towards holoaddiction country,”    The hologram let the thought hang in the air.   Holoaddiction would be one of the conditions that the hologram could report to his superior officer and the counselling team.   “Lieutenant, the truth is that this has to be the real world.   You need to survive, you cant just turn off a social space when it gets awkward.   You need to start of small then work your way up.    

“I concede the point” Foval said, standing up from the chair he was in.   “Computer end program.”  

The therapist, their desk and their chairs disappeared, while the hologram took a moment to register a moment’s irritation.  

It was time to face his challenge.   

[Lt. J.G. Foval| Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2| USS Theurgy ]

On the way to the Public Baths Foval had tried to be as inconspicuous as possible.  He carried his bag holding it to him like a talisman.    Not that anyone would ask the Ex Borg where he as going, but he was prepared to lie as much as he could.    “I am going to deck 8, where the gymnasium is located.”   

As shore leave was underway, the corridors seemed quieter.   Still, he set his combadge to give him an alert if anyone was approaching.    The glares had been reduced to him directly, but he could still feel himself being stared at from behind.    To his relief the area seemed deserted.   He made his way to the changing area, again making sure he was alone, he removed his uniform, absently tapping his combadge turned off.   

He snapped off his Borg arm, not that the steam would affect it, and secured it in a locker with his clothing.    The various borg implants dotted around his naked body around left little doubt of what he had once been.   He was not unattractive otherwise, as he did make good use of training programs on the holodeck.    

He wrapped a towel around his waste (quite an achievement with one arm) and went into the steam room.    He eased himself down and considered where in this place he could hide if things warranted it.  

Unfortunately for the Vulcan, as the relaxing steam brushed against his body, that condition would be reached before an contingency could be considered as he heard a door open…       

“H-hello?” he called out
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Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy


A voice? Cir'Cie could have sworn the baths would have been empty at this hour. It wasn't often that Cir'Cie visited the Public Baths, owing the rumours and nature that often surrounded this place...but perhaps that is why she had started coming here in the first place. With her urges gradually getting worse and her mindset becoming more deviant as the days were rushing by, she had found that being less and less modest was becoming more of a norm than a worry for her to consider.

Still; someone was here and from what she could hear - it was definitely a male. With a slight exhale of annoyance, the slender and lithe Vulcan made her way into the Public Bathrooms, looking over the pool of the water which cast its glimmering light in a beautiful manner along the stylish and modernized walls.

Gazing down with her piercing Jade green eyes, Cir'Cie would take note of the rather rough and gruff look of the man within the pool of water and given how perceptive she was with her Niga enhanced eyes, she could see he was a Vulcan quite clearly.

Raising her right hand, she instinctively greeted him with the parted fingers rested atop the palm - the inner two connected and the outer two extended. "Peace and Long Life to you, I don't think I've seen you before...I'm Ensign Cir'Cie, Botanist. "

Looking from left to right, she couldn't help but feel a slight awkward pang run through before she glanced back the man within the waters who had yet to speak to her.

If this was who she was going to have to spend the afternoon with to enjoy her time here in the waters; then so be it. She turned on the spot and started to walk on over to the changing rooms; opening one storage containment unit so that she might slip out of her clothes and then place her uniform and combadge inside.

Now her lithe and taut frame was exposed to the artificial air of the ship, Cir'Cie paused in reflection for a moment, her left hand instinctively running up over her right wrist before she blinked and looked down to gaze at the tattoo of the Niga plant that adorned her wrist.

With a coy yet brief smile; she grabbed a towel of her own and ventured back out to the waters to see the Vulcan she had greeted was still there. Upon her second inspection of his person, it would only be now that she noticed his missing hand and the notable scarring and mechanical nodules around his anatomy -Fascinating. Just as I was touched by the apex of organic life, so he was touched by the apex of the fate is a funny thing- she would muse to herself before opening her mouth to speak. And from her luscious lips came just one question.

"Would you mind, if I joined you?"

Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Lt. Foval | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy attn @UltimaImperatrixia

He was stunned as a science (or perhaps Medical) individual appeared to join him.    He didn’t return the gesture.    He didn’t have the dexterity to do with his remaining hand.    Instead he gave her a nod.   Here he was, floating in the water, alone.      Unclothed.    With someone present.    Part of him wanted to bolt out into the changing room and return to his quarters.   The other wanted to stay.   He decided on the latter, although he did feel creeping dread that the tell tale blue marked her as a counsellor.  

He was relieved then…   perhaps too relieved when she introduced herself and her position.

“Science Division…” he said aloud.   Awkwardly covering himself, he added “…is a department that I have not had contact with.   I am Lieutenant Foval, diplomatic corps.   Although, as per social norm, you may refer to me as Foval in this context Ensign.”  

He realised he had been rambling.   She started to move.   He felt equal parts relief and dread as the beautiful Vulcan did so.   However, she was heading to the dressing room.   Now he was stuck    He could leave, avoid any uncomfortable discourse and get changed.   Or, he could appear insulting to the woman.   This was someone from his own people.   A chance to build up a relationship with his past of sorts.   As a Vulcan she would doubtless remove herself when she relaised that he was an ex Borg with a modified brain.  

She returned, clad in a towel.   Her body was certainly appealing to Foval as she tried to appear calm, but there was a subtle shift in the water as he moved.    He noticed the unique tattoo on her wrist, as she in turn was doubtless noticing his Borg implants.   Clearly neither of them were typical Vulcans.    Nevertheless her next question took him  by surprise.   

“You may.” He immediately said   Worrying he was sounding like a Starfleet Office he quickly added. “No, problem, please do.”  
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Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy

Cir'Cie paused and looked at the man before her, raising an eyebrow in a puzzled manner. To say this Vulcan was odd was something of an understatement in her mind. Certainly; she was not exactly ordinary herself - but the level of awkwardness...or was it, anxiety? That exuded from this man struck her with both curiosity and slight bewilderment.

Regardless; she listened to his words and then proceeded to simply remove the towel from her lithe and nubile form. Briefly presenting her nude and sculpted body to his masculine eyes; she would promptly slip and delve down into the water. The warm and steaming fluid gradually sweeping up along and over her flawless bronzed skin, hiding away her curves and extremities until she was finally sat and rested proper.

"Something troubling you, Foval? You do not need to worry, nor be so formal around me."

Her statement was true, and while lacking in emotional tone as was to be expected, sincerity could be heard at least. However she would then take note of the fact he was missing one hand.

"I'm surprised you have not yet had contact with any members from the Scientific Division. Usually Diplomatic roles need information or guidance from such fields. Especially if the world where relations are being opened are especially different to our usual expectations..." she would muse, taking note of what he said. Still; for someone who was from the Diplomatic Corps, he seemed unusually sheepish - at least, in her eye. But it only piqued her interest further.

"If you like, I can assist with cleaning you, I imagine it is difficult to reach your back efficiently."

Once more; her tone remained stoic - she did not seem to be afraid, perturbed or angered by the cybernetic appearance of his body or what hints of Borg technology remained upon his facial features. Truth be told; the unusual look to his appearance appealed to her greatly, it didn't just spark embers of curiosity within her but also made her more so interested in wanting to learn about this man. To perhaps find a kindred spirit who felt just as out of place on the Theurgy as she did.

Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Lt. J.G Foval | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy attn @UltimaImperatrixia

Foval felt immediate arousal as she removed her towel.   It had been some time since he had seen the female of his species unclothed, and this one in particular was very appealing to him.     Lots of thoughts began to conspire in the Vulcan’s mind.   He allowed his one good hand to drift in front of his crotch to hide the any obvious visual sign of his mounting arousal.  

She asked him if something was wrong, he allowed his gaze to drift back to her eyes.  

“I was assimilated into the collective”    he said, stating the obvious.    “The Borg implants affected my brain chemistry, even after my liberation.   I am quite stable, but I now lack our people’s psionic capabilities and emotional control.   For example, I am feeling increasing arousal towards you, and I apologise if any physical or emotional signs of that arousal makes you feel uncomfortable.”  

He was about to offer to leave when she asked him about his work in the Diplomatic corps.  The change of subject was certainly a welcome one.   “I tend to keep to myself.” He confessed.    “My Borg past makes most non Vulcans uncomfortable, and my relative lack of emotional control makes most Vulcans uncomfortable.    I am very conscious of this and have tried to interact with the minimum amount of people that my role requires.”   

She offered to wash his back.   Again, another wave of anticipation washed over him.   He was about to decline her offer, knowing how uncomfortable it would make her.   And yet, something kicked in.   An inner voice, a piece of raw instinct.   If she didn’t want to, she wouldn’t make an offer.   Vulcans don’t normally offer back washing as a social obligation.   

“Thank you”   He turned his back to her.   While he was hardly an adonis, he was nevertheless at a high level of physical fitness.    He had well defined musculature, only the Borg Implants that could not be removed without killing him disrupted his traditional sense of attractiveness     “I must confess.” He said, “While it is nice respite from the Sonic Shower, I am surprised that you would offer to do this.”   
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Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy

Taking note of his arousal, she couldn't help but give a slight smile as she elegantly strode through the water, moving towards him. The water lapped at her highs, her pelvic lines rising and falling in time to how her nubile hips swayed. A slight pang of disappointment coursed through her being upon his movement to cover his member - but she wasn't too bothered.

"There is no need to be surprised. It is only logical that two people within a shared bathroom offer to clean each for your mounting sexual desire... I am not offended, nor anxious. I find it rather complimentary that you would find me attractive enough to risk losing what minimal composure you have left that the Borg did not take away from you." came her candid yet somewhat stoic reply, her voice monotoned even if the words she offered carried sexual connotations to them.

She could practically feel the lust dripping off of him; it was like a narcotic to her, one that made her pupils dilate and her jade green eyes gain a slight gaze to them. As she dipped into the water, she would shuffle up close and aim to sit behind him while draping her legs either side of his own. The position was quite intimate, but she didn't press her chest against his broad back just yet.

Instead; she would wet her hands thoroughly, starting to lightly splash his skin and the remnants of his nodes and implants before then beginning to apply a neuro-massage to his body. Her deft and dainty fingers pressing and prodding at the large muscular segments, aiming to find knots and sources of tension to dissipate.

"I can relate to one wanting to keep to themselves...ever since our encounter with the Niga plant, several months prior...well... I have found that being alone is often the best choice of action in regards to finding solace...though recently; that has not been the case" came her confession and in doing this; she would glance at Foval with a predatory expression.

Re: Day 13 [1500 Hours] Recon

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[Lt. J.G Foval] | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy attn @UltimaImperatrixia

As the  olive skinned beauty moved toward him, the ghost of a smile on her lips, Foval was suddenly reminded of the eroticism of watery environments in terran literature.    Sirens, mermaids, even in some cases, inhabitants of desert islands, beautiful women with less clothes then they had inhibitions.      If he wasn’t imagining exploring what he could see with his fingers, he would no doubt have some culutal theory to put the pieces together.

As it was, he found that instead of obscuring his growing arousal, his fingers were inching towards himself for a different purpose.   

“I am pleased that you are… comfortable with this” He said, after her words broke him out of his haze as she passed.    He allowed himself a casual glance at her behind, flattening his one remaining hand on his thigh, realising what he was in danger of doing to himself.   She felt her legs wrap around his.   He moved his had from his thigh, but made no attempt to use it to hide his excitement, instead his hand brushed against her knee.  

During his rehabilitation, specialists had attempted neuropressure on him with little to no success.    As she probed the points on his rugged, scarred body he immediately felts something, like electricity    It wasn’t just relieving tension, it was also stimulating something.     Tension that had been there for months, not just weeks was starting to lighten.  
“Neither of us should be alone.” He said, his voice less harsh than it had been before, although he had her back to her, he could feel the predatory gaze staring at him.    

He moved his head, giving her a clear glimpse over his shoulder and a look at his arousal rising out of the water.     Instead of simply brushing against her knee he allowed his fingers to gently rest on it, ready to be withdrawn from the slightest indication from her, but offering little doubt as to his mood.     “You with the plant, me with the Borg.      The loneliness isn’t fair.”   

Before she could respond a shrill beep cut the tension.    

"Foval to the Diplomatic Hub.    Foval to the diplomatic hub."    

He sighed.    For the first time in a long time he was enjoying R and R and it was being taken away from him.   He offered Cir'Ce an apologetic look as he rose from the baths.    

"Forgive me.   The department has been encouraging me to take R and R to the point of aggressive insistance.   For them to summon me during my downtime, there must be a critical issue that requires my attention."  

He rose out of the water and stood by the side of the pool.  

"I found this experience to be agreeable. " he said.   "I would welcome the opportunity to repeat it, albeit in a manner that is permitted to reach a more satisfactory ending."   


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