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Day 10 [0300hrs] The Caves of P'Jem

[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
Some souls found comfort in civilization – others less so. For Kino, it seemed like an eternity since she had experienced the solitude of nature, the primal simplicity of it; hunt, kill, feed, live. There were no rules, no laws, no masks to hide behind. She missed that freedom; that fire in her youth, however misplaced, that stood up in the face of all the bullshit people built and screamed fuck your system. Sure, she was older and wiser now – but old habits died hard.
But she couldn’t bring herself to set foot on Qo'noS though. After what the Klingons did, the lives taken…she wasn’t ready to forgive, and she'd never forget. It was a difficult feeling to resolve, one she’d been reluctant to share during her therapy sessions; the truth of the matter was that societies had short memories. Peace was just a pause between war, and war never changed.

She’d woken earlier than normal, gone through her normal routine: shower, change, chow; but instead of hitting the gym for the first couple hours of the day, she switched it up and decided to hit the holodeck instead. Nothing extravagant or exhausting - she was expected in the armory for duty - but some time away from the ship and its memories was needed.

So it was that Kino found herself standing before the console of the holodeck, browsing places to explore. Dressed in her gym clothes: a sleeveless cotton tee, the graphic on the back faded to time, sports bra, grey camo leggings and running shoes. she was searching by planets, the biosynthetic digits of her right hand tapping rapidly as her eyes scanned the screen. Two centuries of memories. You'd figure it’d be easier to find someplace you know, she sighed with frustration. Tired of wasting time, she queued up a random location instead, head tilted as her eyes skimmed the description.

P’Jem, huh, she mused, folding her arms under her chest. Temperate forests, tranquil monastery, some hubub about Vulcans spying on Andorians centuries ago…yeah, that’ll do, she nodded. Unfolding her arms to use both hands, her fingers danced across the interface as she made some alterations to the program; mainly eliminating bugs and spiders – because why not – and deactivating the door lock, because again, why not? This early, (or late, depending on one’s shift), she reasoned the odds of some random walking in on her were low. Wouldn’t wanna get stuck in there either, she smirked, recalling all the idiotic horror stories she’d heard of such misfortunes. Once everything was set, she set a time limit for an hour and forty-five minutes before heading in.
As the doors opened, her skin felt warmth and mild humidity tempered by the light breeze of a summer night; dominated by the light of a pale green moon. Her nose filled with the unfamiliar scents of the trees and the wild soil under her feet. Green assaulted her eyes, punctuated by red and yellow bioluminescent flowers blooming from the underbrush; her ears filled with calls of avian creatures, flitting between branches, paying her no need. She closed her eyes as the door closed behind her, completing the illusion. She knew this was all a projection of photons and force-fields; just a simulacrum of the wild she yearned for, yet it lifted her spirits all the same.

The earthen path before her, tended and trod by monks on the real P’Jem perhaps, led towards the distant rumble of water. Kino grinned as her eyes snapped open and set off to find its source, the ridged soles of her shoes sinking into the soil behind her.

[A short time later…]

Kino stood upon the rocky lip of the lagoon-like depression, taking it all in. The far side, perhaps 400 meters away, rose in a multi-tiered cliff, the waterfalls there roaring as they spilled down, fed from the mouths of caves. Off to her left, a short swim away from where she stood, the mouth of a cavern glowed faintly from within, turning the glowing aquamarine water almost silver.

Damn that’s beautiful, she grinned. Without a second thought, she pulled the tee over her head and set it on a large rock at her knee, then her shoes and socks. The last to go was the leggings, which she folded and added to the pile, leaving her clad in a sports bra and the boy-short panties.

Let’s see what we can see, she smirked, wading into the tranquil pool. When the water reached her waist, she dove in, swimming for the cavern.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Cir'Cie had just finished her work shift for the day and was now walking through the long winding yet sleek corridors of the Theurgy. She had decided to break with her usual routine of study, farm, study, meditate, eat, study, exercise, eat then bed. While she had made plans to head on down to the surface of Q'onoS to study the various plant life that grew on the hostile planet, it wasn't really a priority for her, and she wanted some time to simply relax after yet another day of monotony in the 'grand quest' to save the Federation. Her bitterness coiled in her like a snake rummaging through dying leaves, but she quelled it down and simply picked up her pace, walking with more haste through the expansive corridors.

Some time in the Holodecks might do her some good for a truth; she had been using the decks to vent out her sexual frustration, usually whenever she did visit the Holodecks it was to see Vulcan - though as of late she had grown very detached and apathetic towards the dusty and bleak sight of her homeworld. Statues and architecture or not. However; her interest was piqued when she noticed Holodeck 2 was engaged and it was to the world of P'Jem. Naturally; her curiosity was peaked. Perhaps Hathev was using the setting to meet with the monks and elders of the forest sanctuary world?

Adjusting her uniform, she approached the console and looked over the details; -

Structures disabled.
Photonics disabled.
Safeties on.
Miscellaneous Options: Insectoids, disabled. Fauna, disabled.

This puzzled Cir'Cie greatly now, was someone merely using the Holodeck to explore? Or was something else in play...her curiosity lead her on and she would slowly enter the simulation, the doors swiftly closing behind her and vanishing into the illusion. She had entered at the point where Kino had done the same. The outline of the Trill's workout shoes were distinct, leaving keen markings in the lush and fertile ground and the number of snapped twigs was also a giveaway. Raising her right eyebrow in a manner to express puzzlement and intrigue, she moved through the forest path, following the footsteps until eventually she arrived at the opening followed by the small lagoon that had a network of small waterfalls feeding into it.

For just a moment, Cir'Cie felt her being relax. The sound of the water flowing and the feel of soft temperate winds upon her skin accompanied by the beauty of it all made her feel content and she softly exhaled from her nostrils as the cool crisp air gently dance along the bangs of her pixie hair cut. But she remembered this was just a facsimile of the real thing and the elation disappeared, the curiosity returning as to who would be using this program.

Her answer was partially revealed when she saw the gym clothes left behind near the rocky lip of the pool and she deduced it wasn't Hathev going on the size proportions of the clothes. It couldn't possibly hurt to sit around and wait now could it? With a soft smirk, she moved to sit down on one of the more pronounced rocks nearby and she crossed her legs while placing her hands upon her knees - she could at least make use of the peaceful surroundings and meditate for a moment while the stranger had their fun in the waters below.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
The cave was glowing from the crystals hanging from the ceiling; row after row of geometric teeth, shining a dull silver in the darkness. Kino tread water, grinning as she spun around. How fucking cool is this, she laughed.

A smaller cave entrance at the far end fed the cavern with water, dimly lit within. She kicked off with another laugh, swimming towards it. The climb up was a little slippery, but with her artificial hand and foot, she managed it easily enough.

The small stream of the cave only reached her ankles as she walked in, shaking water from her short hair and limbs. It was darker now, but with her cybernetic eye and the dim light from a few colonies of glowing fungus, Kino wasn’t troubled by it. Ah, this just what I needed, she hummed, grinning as the sound echoed.

As the cave wound off to the right, she recognized the clearing that she had started off in. The exit of the cave was one of the higher tiers to the lagoon, perhaps a few meters up from the surface of the lightly moon-lit water. Should I, she asked herself rhetorically, as she started running. Fuck yes, she laughed, turning her head over her shoulder as her feet approached the edge.

Incoming,” she hollered, jumping off into the night air as her booming call echoed. She pulled her knees up to her chest and held tight, hitting the water seconds later in a perfect cannonball, directly in front of the roaring falls.

Her head breached the surface seconds later, laughing as she coughed the water up that had gone up her nose. Her sports bra needed some adjustment, and panties, which she managed while treading water. Shoulda changed into a swimsuit, ya dummy, she grinned at herself, then kicked off back to the shore.

She took her time, enjoying the swim. Someday, after all this shit is done, I’m gonna visit the real deal, she promised herself. Perhaps that was what she would do? Leave everything behind – Starfleet, war, all of it – and just wander the stars? Wasn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing, anyway?

Lost in her thoughts as she waded up out of the lagoon, shaking water from her hair and face, Kino stood in knee deep water - looking for the rock she left her clothes on - when she noticed that she wasn’t alone. Her head cocked in confusion at the slim figure sitting alone, still as a statue, eyes closed. Didn’t I disable the NPC’s? No, that’s a uniform, dummy. Isn’t it? Fuck, whatever.

Uh, hey,” she called out, offering a small wave as she sloshed her way towards the rocky shore. Guess the odds of someone wandering in were higher than I figured, she huffed dryly.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Having closed her eyes while waiting for whomever it was that was enjoying the waters and cave, Cir'Cie's mind wandered in a quasi-dream like state. She lead through a winding labyrinth of her past; contemplating all that had happened from the day she had left Vulcan to the time she met the Niga, to going through everything that had occurred since then. Throughout it all, a pressing feeling of desire and chaos wound its way through her mind like a snake coiling itself around a tree, her heart rate elevated - she had grown accustomed to these feelings. The animalistic urging of the mnemonic impression within her mind telling her to pursue pleasure.

Opening her eyes and exhaling heavily; she glanced down upon at the tattoo of the Niga plant that Herrold had given her. Just as she was about to get up and leave the Holodeck to return to her duties; she heard the sound of water sloshing and her piercing green eyes fell upon the gorgeously toned and svelte form of a Trill and Cir'Cie would feel herself blush ever so lightly.

She had met a good number of the individuals on this large ship - yet this slender vixen of a woman that was approaching her was one she had not. until now, had the pleasure of laying her eyes upon. She took every note of the sleek and shiningly wet form that approached her; especially how toned her stomach was and Cir'Cie felt herself biting her lip softly. -Is this an erotic program someone left on idle?- she thought to herself. Quickly reminding herself that all Photonic Characters were currently disabled.

"Hey There"

Slowly standing up form her position and brushing herself down, she responded. "Greetings...I apologize for wandering in. I was just curious as to who might be exploring the forests of P'Jem without feeling a need to visit the monks and experience the rite of Kolinahr...I am Ensign Cir'Cie. It is..." Cir'Cie paused, her eyes once again travelling over Kino's curves this time in a more predatory manner before she then finally finished her sentence with. "Agreeable to meet you."

Placing her hands behind her back and standing with a firm posture, her small bust pushing at her uniform, Cir'Cie did her best to regain her composure and to focus her wandering and aroused mind. From the exterior she appeared poised and disciplined - but inside she was a storm of want and need, something she dealt with on a near daily basis.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
As Kino approached the boulder where her clothes lay in a neat pile, her head tilted as she frowned in amusement at the Vulcan’s formality; yet the frown quickly warped into a smirk as her head bobbed, throwing a casual two-finger salute to Cir’cie. “Petty Officer Kino Jeen, nice to meet ya,” she replied with a chuckle. Hm...Vulcans...Vulcans, she searched her memories for any previous interaction with the stoic species, but came up surprisingly short. Heh, imagine that. Well, Jeen, get ready for a new experience, she grinned at herself briefly, blinking at the dark haired, green eyed officer for several heartbeats.

Sexy; in a rigid, serious, stone-like statue kind of way, she thought dryly, letting her gaze linger probably longer than she should.

Sorry for staring,” she laughed, running a hand through her short hair to shake the water from it. “Never met a Vulcan before – as odd as that sounds,” she rested a hand on her hip, enjoying the warm air on her skin as she drip-dried. Mismatched eyes raked over Cir’cie in a subtle appraisal as her grin faded to a thin smile before turning her attention to the wilds surrounding them.

And its fine,” she shrugged at the woman’s unexpected arrival, then nodded to the falls and wilderness. “It’s a beautiful world. Primal. That’s what I needed to see,” Kino explained in a murmured purr, before returning her gaze to Cir’cie’s extraordinary eyes. Shit, those are intense, she noted with a mix of envy and apprehension; she’s a predator, this one, Kino smirked. “I like to escape civilization every once and awhile,” she concluded, seating herself on the edge of the boulder next to her clothes. “Get away from all the bullshit,” she added with a shrug.

Utterly unconcerned about her state of undress, Kino leaned back a bit, looking up at the stars, propped up on her elbows. “Probably doesn’t make much sense to you logical folk,” she whispered aloud, then tilted her features back to the stoic, slender form before her. Cooler than an Andorian’s toenails, she smirked at the thought. “I assume you’ve visited the real P’Jem,” she asked, wiggling her toes in the night air. Her brows met then, as her curiosity piqued; “Do they let non-Vulcan’s visit? I’d really like to go someday, if it’s...agreeable,” she grinned, arching a brow. It was a harmless, weak attempt at teasing the officer – but she couldn’t resist. New mission objective, she told herself; get this statue to crack a smile

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Cir'Cie's eyes would slowly trace over the near perfect and seemingly flawless skin that draped across Kino's svelte legs and toned stomach and she would feel her heart rate elevate slightly, the exotic 'design' of her Trill marks coupled with the woman's short hair and unique eyes only served to pique her physical interest in the woman before her. Having listened to how the young Trill spoke, she realized this girl was something of a chatterbox, and a ever curious one at that.

Folding her arms just under her bust but extending one hand out to make a gesture in how she spoke; she replied with. "Getting away from all the 'bullshit' as you describe it, is very much one of the Vulcan tenets of life...we take time to meditate, reflect and consolidate whenever we can, especially in times of turmoil...P'Jem is indeed a most beautiful world, visitors are allowed but usually under special circumstances...people who just show up are usually either given a cursory tour, a simple formality and a gift and then told to leave...the Priests take their studies and meditations very seriously, especially when inducting young Vulcans through the rite of Kolinahr." -Perhaps I should re-take that rite myself...- Cir'Cie pondered, wondering if re-visiting the past and re-learning the ways of Surak in a fresh perspective might help with controlling the emotions that ran through her on a daily basis. She reasoned however; it wouldn't be the same. As beautiful as the Holodeck simulations were; they fell just short of the real thing for her due to the fact they simply weren't real and suspension of disbelief was never her forte.

Cir'Cie would then slowly sway on over to the edge of the pool where she then shifted to sit down upon her knees, keeping her jade green eyes upon the mismatched ones of the slender petty officer before her. "Your species; Trill. Your primary trait is curiosity...far more so than that of Humans, am I correct?" she would ask in an inquisitive manner, if not slightly interrogatory in how her voice carried the question.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
Her head tilted as she listened, drawing her knees up to her chest to rest her elbows on them while her ankles crossed. Cir’Cie’s voice seemed at odds with her petite frame, neutral as it was, but laden with a...strength, almost, that Kino found interesting. She sounds like a teacher, the non-com realized, stating the facts, no more – no less. Her own history with teachers was...well, those weren’t good memories; not from Kino’s life anyway. There was also the second mention of Kolinahr – Vulcan ritual of some kind, Kino guessed silently as she watched Cir’Cie move closer to the water.

Those eyes are going to take some getting used to, but Kino didn’t feel threatened by them;  she’d hate it if people felt intimidated by her cybernetic, after all. So she held the Vulcan’s gaze easily as the question about Trill curiosity was raised. Kino considered it with a slight frown, not really prepared for such a topic or given it much thought for that matter; Cir’Cie’s tone triggered memories of her school days – being called out at random for an answer she wasn't prepared to give. Are we more curious than humans? Really?

Her brows rose with her shoulders as she ran a hand through her hair. “I’m not really sure,” she laughed nervously, trying to think up an answer. “I...I can’t really say all of us are, no more than any other individual can speak for their whole species,” she managed, brow knitted with effort. Even to her ears, it sounded like a bullshit politicians answer, which made her shake her head. “If you’re asking if I’m curious, then yes. At least, I am now,” she huffed in weak amusement, pulling her knees up closer to her body. “Aren’t you,” she flicked a gesture to the kneeling Vulcan, “isn’t what brought you in here,” she twirled those same fingers about, at the moon-lit wilds surrounding them.

Rocking back and forth a bit, Kino leaned her head back for a few beats of her heart, pausing to listen to the water and relative quiet – no doubt the authentic P’Jem would be more alive with nocturnal life, insects, and probably the distant noises of civilization. I like it here better, she mused to herself, then lifted her head and eyes back to Cir’cie. “What’s Kolinahr,” she asked quietly, trying her best to pronounce it the way Cir’Cie had, “and...I know its a big ship, but I’ve never even seen you before. What do you do,” she asked with a small smile, tilting her head again.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Listening to Kino's words carefully, she would give a very light smile and only for the briefest of moments. "Yes, I suppose you are right, seeing this world being used on the Holodeck piqued my interest because I've never seen anyone use this program before."

Pacing side to side for a moment, her gaze not leaving Kino's even though the temptation to admire and trace her eyes over the Trill's curves and alluringly toned stomach did nag in the back in of her mind, Cir'Cie let out a soft exhale. -Two questions to answer, I suppose that would mean they are eighteen left...- she mused, thinking over the Human expression of 'twenty questions'.

"Kolinahr is the Vulcan ritual in which all of our remaining vestigial emotions are suppressed is the more accurate term. The second part of the ritual teaches us how to maintain this state of being. Like any caged animal...our emotions are always at war with us. And the philosophy of Surak teaches us to never allow them to escape or emerge..."

Her expression becomes pensive as she realizes she had been somewhat failing these teachings. Her desire to drown in her Lust and forget her work was something she contemplated every day and while she had kept a lid on it for the most part - she had found herself as of late wanting to simply give in. Surak's ideas were more than 1,400 years old...perhaps it was time for them to be classed as outdated and obsolete; after all, the Romulans had done just fine so far.

Shaking her head lightly as she decides the train of thought was irrelevant and her silent pause might be seen as awkward, she follows up with. "As for what I do. I am the primary Botanist on this ship...I study the various plants we encounter in our travels...including the Niga. Not sure if you're familiar with that incident....aside from that; I aid the Medical Staff by synthesizing plant based medicinal compounds to help save on molecular usage via the replicators...this also goes for plant based foods. I make the more organic and natural vegetables and fruits for the Theurgy's canteen staff to work with."

Giving a soft shrug, she adds "After the Niga Incident I gained an interest in and crystals are more predictable...mostly."

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
Kino shifted her position on the boulder, stretching her legs out in front of her as she listened to the Vulcan’s description of the Kolinahr ritual - then debated its merits in her head in the pause that followed. Her initial reaction was pure confusion: Why the hell would anyone want to live a lifetime of constantly fighting their own emotions? Sure, in certain situations, it was necessary; she’d done it plenty of times. But your entire life? Isn’t that how people go crazy? Then again, she considered the discipline involved in such a life; the self-control. Kino had lost her temper in and out of combat often enough to know that that was one aspect of herself in need of temperance. Some of the worst decisions she’d made were under the influence of rage’s blinding red fog. Who would I be if I had done things differently, she wondered, frowning slightly. Fuck that, she reconsidered. What’s done is done. There’s nothing for it; you just watch your corners tighter and drive on. Learn from your fuck ups and live with the consequences.

Turning her gaze away from Cir’cie as her eyes hardened, Kino let her natural hand run through her short silver hair as she exhaled; an attempt to ground herself in the moment, not the mistakes of the past. Her mind still lingered on them; like splinters in her skull, itching for attention. Everyone makes mistakes, she told herself. Terrible things happen to good people all the fucking time; parents fail their kids, plans fall apart, War spreads chaos, death and destruction…lovers die. She was no exception.

Cir’cie brought her out of that painful train of thought suddenly, before her mood turned irreparably sour. The Vulcan spoke of botany, the Niga, and the uses for such skills, concluding with her interests in mineralogy.

Niga. Tilting her silvered head, Kino blinked for a moment. She’d heard the rumors of what had transpired while she was asleep – grateful to have taken no part in it or witnessed such insanity. Hell only knew what Cir’cie had been through, if the rumors were believed; she hoped, for Cir’cie’s sake, they were exaggerated. Kino chose to avoid diving into those poisoned waters on instinct – opting to steer the conversation in a different direction.

I had an elm bonsai tree from Earth once,” she blurted out in an attempt to break the awkward moment, “but it died while I was in cryo. The first time,” she added, then hesitated, brow knitting as she tried to remember if that was right. “No…yeah, it was the first time.” Her eyes turned from the slender, impassive Vulcan out to the water and the caves. “There are silver crystals in there,” she lifted her chin to them. “No idea what they’re called, but they’re beautiful,” she looked back at the botanist, smirking. “The caves are amazing, too…but you probably already knew that, huh?

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Cir'Cie can't help but smile softly at Kino's mentioning of the Bonsai Tree. She was familiar with the process of training and miniaturizing plants, it was a popular means of decorating ornate and meditative styled gardens back home on Vulcan. It put a number of memories of her own into her mind; how even during her hormonal years she had found some level of peace and purpose in working with plants, tending to their needs and ensuring their growth.

Cir'Cie would consider how she came to the ship, in truth it was nothing short of unexpected really. In very much the same way Starfleet personnel were chosen to board the U.S.S. Enterprise, the entry requirements to be onboard the Theurgy were of an even higher standard and sharper level of requirement. Yet somehow as an Ensign in the field of Science; she had managed to prevail. This fact only serves to make a pang of bitterness and a cloud of philosophical wondering within her being. Exactly how would her life have had turned out if she had been posted on something like a Luna Class. It might not have been too much different from her time onboard the Nova Class she used to serve on; bigger ship and more exotic locations...but surely no Niga and no deviation from Starfleet...right? "I was one of the original crew members aboard the Theurgy. So; I cannot relate to the experience of being put into a state of stasis for such a long time...but it is something that has always irked me inside. Not that I would ever admit that to anyone else...I would appreciate your discretion with that revelation I have just omitted." she says with a slight green hue of a blush to her cheeks.

"I'd be happy to synthesize a new type of tree for you to Bonsai if you so wish." She would then walk on over to the near nude cyborg Trill, her eyes tracing over her wonderful legs and then her toned stomach wherein she would let out an exhale of desire before her attention was re-directed to the cave.

Her expression remained mostly blank, though her eyes did squint somewhat as she took in what she could from this position. "They are pretty, but nothing special. P'Jem is a rich source of Magnesite, the Ferengi have been trying to get rights to mining the mineral for quite some time...they are promptly denied each time. They usually come in silver, but they can come in pink, lilac, brown, yellow, and colourless. Sometimes white. It has uses in metallurgy, but it is mainly used in the creation of jewellery."

The problem with being so scientifically minded is that Cir'Cie doesn't really see wonder or magic in the universe. Things are simply the way they are, for any number of logical reasons. And those questions that do not have answers; can still be explained logically or at least approached in a methodical manner. It can be refreshing to some and absolutely buzz killing to others...

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
A crooked grin bloomed at the Vulcan’s confession, but Kino simply nodded, letting her continue. She noticed Cir’cie’s gaze wander across her body in a quick glance, prompting her to tilt her head, brow twitching in confusion. The offer for another tree was tempting, too – after visiting Azrin’s room, her own modest quarters could certainly use something to make it her own – so perhaps a tree would serve as a good start. She nodded her head again at Cir’cie’s neutral identification of the lovely glowing crystals, even if the Vulcan missed the point of beauty in mystery. Everyone had a different way of seeing things.

To that point, Kino’s mismatched eyes lingered on the bare skin of her outstretched legs, considering. Her mood had dimmed, even as she fought against the melancholy welling up inside. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, certainly not Cir’cie’s. It is what it is, she told herself, sighing.

“They look the same, right,” Kino asked quietly, almost to herself, nodding to her legs. “Almost feel the same, too – but they’re not,” she rapped her knuckles against her left knee. “Cybernetic,” she murmured, “like most of me, now.” Then Kino stood, shaking her head. “I think I’d like a new tree,” she nodded to Cir’cie with a sad smile, “maybe I can keep it alive this time.” A shoulder lifted in a weak shrug, as she bent to retrieve her t-shirt and pulled it on over her head.

Perhaps it was a gift, to live without emotion.

Kino scooped her leggings up, hesitating as her eyes took in the beautiful wilderness around them. None of it was real. When would she get the chance to explore again? To find some manner of peace, if it even truly existed? What was the point in coming here? All of the memories jumbling in her brain – all that knowledge and experience – offered no answers. Time to get back to the real world, and all the bullshit in it. She turned to the Vulcan at her side.

“One last question,” Kino smirked, but it was a sad, weak thing. “If we won this war tomorrow – what would you do?”

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Cir'Cie approached to stand close to the svelte and alluring Trill, looking intently at her mismatched eyes before glancing once more over the glistening and sleek legs that propped up the toned and cybernetically enhanced frame of Kino's taut body. Her lustful musings were tempered and put to the side however when Kino asked that question.

“If we won this war tomorrow – what would you do?”

This question caught her off guard, not that it wasn't an invalid or illogical question - she simply had not expected it, especially given a part of her being had felt that there simply would not be a return to Vulcan, let alone a return to a normal life.

Her eyes would softly flit from side to side as she tried to formulate an answer that wouldn't sound faux or like a blatant lie. Reaching up and running a hand through her dark pixie cut hair and letting out a slight exhale of frustration; she found herself forced to think both on her past and the possible futures that might come with the end of the Theurgy's journey - assuming she survived.

She didn't really want to return to Vulcan, the idea of being put under watch as a potential unstable factor in social hierarchy did not appeal to her what so ever, nor did she feel she could really face her parents - especially if they were to learn what happened to her. And even then; would they really trust her? The Federation had labelled the Theurgy a ship of terrorists - and she was one such terrorist. If the Infested were defeated; would the people even know? Or would it all be kept quiet under a black ops guise as a matter of internal and Federal security.

Letting out another exhale; this time one more noticeable; a solemn expression came to her eyes as the potent feeling of perceived loneliness really began to well within her like a tide sweeping over a moist riverbed that had been trying to remain dry throughout the day under the glimmer of a cold and deceptive sunlight.

Shakily - she simply said. "I...I do not know... I um...I don't really have anywhere I would like to go." for several months she had considered Theurgy to be a prison of sorts; but now she realized it was more akin to a large mobile home.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
As she watched the Vulcan struggle to answer, the slight upward curl on Kino’s lips halted and reversed. The question was an honest one, blurted out in the moment, not intended to cause any harm – yet the Trill watched Cir’cie’s fierce eyes dart about and the strain creep into her features. That stoic impassivity cracked, just for a moment, in what appeared to be...pain? Fear? Maybe both?

Kino’s dark brows met as she reached out to the Vulcan with a reassuring hand on her bicep, taking a step closer to her. “Hey, its okay – I don’t know either,” she dipped her silvered head, as a shoulder lifted in a weak shrug. Her eyes fell then, as her head shook slightly. “I was never supposed to leave Starfleet - never supposed to go home,” the non-com chewed her lip as her free hand clenched her leggings tighter. “Was never supposed to be joined either,” she snorted weakly, then lifted her gaze back up into Cir’cie’s.

Before Jeen, Kino had lived her life day-to-day, because tomorrow was never promised. She didn’t worry about what the future held, opting to cross whatever bridges came along when they were revealed. It was an uncomplicated life and a carefree outlook; after all, it was only her life, and in the grand scheme of things, the universe would surely keep spinning without her.

Now things were altogether different – complicated. She carried four lifetimes of memories, along with a precious source of her people’s culture. If she didn’t find a way to return Jeen to Trill, or another host, that was the end. All that wisdom, all that experience...lost. Kino’s mind dwelt on all this in the silence that hung between her and the Vulcan for a few beats of her heart, trapped in those incredibly intense eyes.

“I have to go back,” Kino admitted in a faint whisper; talking to herself as much as the Vulcan before her. “If it takes another lifetime or three – whether I want to or not...I don’t have a choice. You do, Cir’cie,” she squeezed the slender botanist’s arm gently. “So, when we get out of this shit… you choose for me, okay,” the non-com smiled, dropping her hand to slip into Cir’cie’s. “I hope you pick someplace warm, with a beach,” her smile grew into a lopsided grin. “Clothing optional is always a plus,” she muttered with another shrug, unable to help herself but fully expecting the comment to be ignored.

Meh, I already got her to smile once. Op success, Kino grinned.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Cir'Cie listened intently as Kino made her confession while also offering some level of assurance to her. She would blush slightly at the feeling of Kino's soft fingers upon her arm, her eyes glancing over slightly to take note of this touch. It sent a light shiver through her being and her gaze would then return to look back into the Trill's mis-matched eyes. Listening with intent; she couldn't help but smile when Kino gave her the suggestion of clothes being optional in her future destination. Living life day-to-day was something the young Vulcan couldn't really contemplate as she had for the longest time strived to live in accordance to the idea of pursuing a goal marked with various steps and objectives met throughout the years of what would hopefully be a long life.

But in this instance, her focus and attention was solely squared upon the gorgeous and svelte Trill woman before her.

"I hear Aria is rather nice...quieter and more secluded than Risa, but just as warm. I wouldn't mind spending such a trip with someone like yourself." she would softly reply in a flirtatious manner.

Taking a moment to consider what words had been spoken prior, she realized there was some level of parallel between them. How Kino had been joined to her Symbiont against her will and Cir'Cie had unlocked the secrets of carnal depravity and debasement from the Niga. While the consequences were completely unrelated; the position of having one's mind changed either through the addition of a new voice or a new instinct was in her view; somewhat similar.

"I think you and I have more choice than you let on...time passes; things and people changes and even the Theurgy will not be ours to remain within forever...Life has a habit of making choices for you; so even this too is just a passing thing..."

Glancing on over towards the crystals that gently glimmered in a series of veins that ran throughout the humid and water laden cave, her smile would grow a little bit and Cir'Cie would reach up to grab the hand that was rested upon her bicep to take it within her palm. As she ran her thumb softly over Kino's hand, she would gaze just that little further into the cybernetically enhanced woman's eyes, feeling a connection toward her.

"Shall we explore P'Jem just that little bit more before we return to our duties?"

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
Her head tilted as she blinked, and a soft lopsided smile tugged at her lips. Kino let her imagination run for a moment; having no idea where Aria was or what it was like, she envisioned the two of them, walking a deserted beach of black sand. The sun was setting, the breeze warm on their skin, teasing their hair. Salt filled their nostrils as the waves crashed upon the shoreline – clear blue water turning ever darker with the setting sun, without a cloud in the sky.

I could take that trip, the silver haired Trill nodded subtly, one eyebrow twitching at the Vulcan’s choice of words and tone. Wait...was that a pass at me? Kino wondered, blinking in surprise. Do Vulcan’s flirt? That was an interesting first experience in and of itself, one that made her smile genuinely.

“That sounds like a good time,” she murmured to Cir’cie, before the Vulcan continued; Kino’s pale hand in hers. Again, Cir’cie caught her off-guard; the offer to explore, and again, the Trill found herself at a mental cross-road. Time and experience taught her that there was never truly anything trivial or casual to life. Everything happened for a reason. Everything had consequences, for good or ill. Mere mortals could never anticipate the direction and flow of life’s events. All they could do, like her, is live in the now.

In a way, Cir’cie had reminded her of that; a simple touch and a simple offer was all it took.

So, with a grin on her face, Kino took a step closer to Cir’cie as she dropped her leggings to the rocks at their feet. “I believe that would be...agreeable," she teased, then turned to the water, letting her hand slip free of the Vulcan’s to pull the shirt back off, flinging it behind her. Turning over her shoulder, she watched Cir’cie, wading knee deep, waiting for her to join.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie] | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Giving a very brief nod in response to Kino, Cir'Cie would take a few moments to calmly and elegantly strip out of her uniform. She would do so with a mixture of simple efficiency yet in a manner that was slow enough to be conveyed as teasing. Inch by inch, her svelte and bronzed frame was brought to bare for Kino's eyes to look upon.

As she started to undo her jacket and then remove the belt to her slacks - her thoughts would race once more. She had been hoping to find someone or some people to simply surrender too, to allow her urges and desires to just be accepted. They were days where the rules and ideas of Surak completely and utterly exhausted her...and if she was lucky, she might be able to finally just take a day to throw the philosophy book in the fire and let the whispers of the Niga remnant in her mind to just wash over her and let her indulge in its warm pleasure like one does within a sauna.

It was a thought that made her exhale through her nostrils with anticipation as she now removed her shirt.

With her flat stomach and the dip of her pelvic lines, along with how her ribs where somewhat noticeable - it was clear to see that the Vulcan was largely taut and thin layers of muscle on a lithe and nubile frame. She would gently put her Oxford styled shoes aside and ontop of her folded uniform which was now placed against the rock that Kino had been sat upon.

Wading on into the water, Cir'Cie would reach out and gently wrap her hand around Kino's own, the same hand which bore the Niga tattoo further up upon it's wrist.

"I think you will enjoy P'Jem...I will show whatever I can remember of this place...and gladly experience more of it with you." she stated in a calm manner, but her enriched jade green eyes held a sinful tone of allure to them and she would flash the lightest of smiles before looking onward so she might lead the gorgeous and sleek Trill cyborg with her into the glistening and glimmering crystalline cave the Holodeck had so faithfully re-created.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
It was amazing, how quickly one’s thoughts and mood’s could turn, given a proper change in action or stimulus; where Kino had been melancholic and introspective, she found herself emboldened and playful, teetering on the edge of arousal. It might have been the newness of the interaction, the knowledge that this was, with all her memories, an experience that she’d never had before. It might have been her decision to say fuck it and let the past go, for now. It might have been the gorgeous scenery around them.

It might have been the Vulcan stripping, too.

While Cir’Cie disrobed, Kino hadn’t been shy in her observation; even as she continued to take small steps back into the calm lagoon water, her eyes never left the Vulcan. A welcoming smile pulled at her lips as the lovely figure sauntered into the water, those intense green eyes locked on hers. This one might be trouble, the Trill laughed to herself, even as she felt her body respond. There was an obvious attraction here, a curious one...Cir’Cie was a mystery; an enigma – a beautiful puzzle to understand and solve. Let’s just have some fun first.

She debated waiting – perhaps making her move once they’d reached one of the caves, or perhaps the waterfall – but that seemed like a waste of precious time; especially after the way the Vulcan looked at her. Could be wrong, Kino chewed her lip, but then again...that look said a lot.

Their hands laced together and Kino turned to follow her lead, until the moment when they were forced to tread water as the bottom of the lagoon dropped off. “Hang on,” Kino stopped, and with a tug, pulled the Vulcan to her; under the water, her hands went to the botanists knees, positioning her legs around Kino’s waist as the Trill tilted her head coyly. “Quick question,” she asked through a smirk, almost nose to nose with the green-eyed beauty, cautiously trailing her hands and fingers up the svelte woman’s flanks to cup her face.

Without another word, soft lips met in a teasing brush of desire in the light of P’Jem’s jade moonlight, surrounded by noiseless simulacrum of nature; she took her time - after the initial contact - to capture Cir’Cie’s supple bottom lip between hers with a gentle, deliberate suckle. As her thumbs brushed across the Vulcan’s cheeks, Kino let the kiss linger; but not too long, just in case she’d misjudged the entire situation completely.

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[Ensign Cir'Cie | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy]

Feeling the dainty and soft hands of the mostly synthetic Trill slowly interlacing with in her own bronzed digits caused Cir'Cie's thoughts to break for just a merest of moments, but her attention quickly returned back to the dangerously curvy and exquisitely toned woman who had been continuing to stoke the fires of her internal lust without really putting in much effort at all. Already she could feel what control she had, what warnings she had mentally told herself - starting to both slip away and lose their meaning. Instinctively; she would shift to step closer even as Kino spoke the words "Hang On"

The sensation of those skilled hands sweeping down over her knees only to then re-position her legs so that she might part and allow the glistening and toned Trill to press up against her, only made her elicit a huff of sexual need, her heart now racing and her pupils dilated as the instincts of the Niga flared within the recesses of her mind. She would reach out and gently claw her hands directly along Kino's spots, being deliberate to ensure her nails traced and trailed along the beautifully patterned sources of rich melanin that dotted the pale and velvety skin of the synthetic security officer's voluminous frame.

"Quick Question" came teasing words and once Cir'Cie felt Kino's lips pressing into her own, all semblance of reason and her last vestiges of control began to melt and crumble as a heated wave of desire began to emanate upward from her core and spread throughout her body. Cir'Cie had been sexually involved with a few of the crew members on the ship before, but there was something about this Trill that was different. The way she carried herself, the way her body felt, how her artificial components gave her body a perfectly symmetrical look.

It was addicting to her and she craved more; and both the taste of her lips and scent of her being only served to intensify the need she felt for Kino. Sensing how the kiss would linger, as if hesitation or sexual tension threatened to reverse the situation from where it was currently heading, Cir'Cie gave into her primoradial urges and allowed the pre-Surak era Vulcan within her to win out. She firmly slid her hands down to clasp tightly at Kino's beautifully sculpted derriere - nails leaving light indents in the curve of those gorgeous cheeks and she began to kiss with a feverish need, but not before replying softly and with clear lustful intent behind her words. "Here's your answer..."

As the photonic moonlight shone down upon the curves and accents of both of the pixie haired women, Cir'Cie would only push forward and allow her water laden breasts to press and massage squarely into Kino's larger pair. Her hands would find themselves roaming up and down, tracing over every facet of the sublime body that she wished to simply indulge in and she pressed the attack; pushing her tongue forward to assail and dance along Kino's own as soft moans and coos of utmost want flowed forth. With a slight adjustment of their positioning, the Vulcan brought up her right knee and began to gently press and grind it in a slightly circular motion directly betwixt Kino's legs, aiming to stimulate and tantalize her nether regions to further exemplify just how correct the Trill had been in her assumptions.

Keeping her eyes open even as she kissed Kino, her deep jade green gaze could be seen tracing over Kino's more delicate features and after a few more moments of kissing she decided she wanted to taste more than just her tongue. Fervently pulling back and making a chain of saliva splash between them, she immediately pushed forward and started to gently; bite, kiss and nip at Kino's collar. The smooching and soft hickey inducing motions of her mouth moved further up along her neck where in she was certain to tease those Trill marks even more before finally whispering into left ear.

"I hope you had nothing else planned for the night..." her statement ended with a shaky exhale of air that would tickle and tease and only convey just what kind of a Pandora's Box that the young pilot had opened up. Cir'Cie was hungry for more, slowly swiping her hands down to grab a hold of Kino's hips, she would start to push her forward by exertion of her Vulcan strength and only when Kino was pressed up against one of the glistening cave walls would the aroused and now seemingly possessed Botanist continue - her hands would reach down to grab Kino's fair wrists and raise them up high above her head so that she might continue to press and massage her supple bronzed form directly into the lascivious inducing body that Kino possessed. As breasts squished and grazed over one another, areola gently slipping to induce little volts of pleasure, she once more re-positioned themselves so that their thighs would grind directly into their sensitive labia's that burgeoned with throbbing desire.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 7 | Deck 21 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @UltimaImperatrixia
She managed a surprised moan of approval at the strength in Cir’Cie’s grip – a teasing purr of satisfaction, for having her suspicions proven correct – that transformed into a full blown moan of desire into the Vulcan’s mouth. There was no time to think, no time to resist. Not that Kino really wanted to; the Botanist’s lips and tongue drove her playfulness into desire before the Trill could even realized it, all in a matter of minutes. Lithe, supple bodies pressed together in the emerald moonlight, as those hauntingly piercing jade-hued eyes watched between blinks, and Kino couldn’t shake the feeling in the back of her mind that she had somehow walked into a trap – a pleasurable one, to be sure – but a trap nonetheless.

A pale, spotted leg rose upon the Vulcan’s flank, as her hands racked down Cir’Cie’s back, driving their kisses deeper, hotter, more frenzied. The Trill’s gasps and muffled groans added to the Vulcan’s coo’s, as Kino’s hands roamed, squeezing, kneading, exploring. Then the thigh pressed against the apex of her thighs, while pink lips suckled just beneath the Vulcan’s ear, and Kino’s body went rigid with a silent moan as her mismatched orbs rolled shut, features locked in a grimace of pleasure. Hands reached up into short dark hair, pulled back, as spotted hips set into jerking motion. The Trill bit down on her lip, half-lidded blues locked on fierce green – oblivious to how the Vulcan moved her, further back into the cave – utterly focused on the impossibly passionate woman in her arms.

Cir’Cie’s aggressiveness won out; as the Vulcan’s mouth attacked Kino’s collar and neck, the Trill groaned out as her eyes screwed shut. She felt the hands slide to her wrists, just as her back hit the smooth, sloped surface of the cave wall with a grunt. Her hands were raised, pinned, above her head, bare chest heaving in the dim light of phosphorescent flora and pale glowing crystals. Her chin lifted, with a slow blink, as her hips slowly along a bronzed thigh, biting her lip at the Vulcan as lightly glowing water droplets dripped down both their bodies. Heavy sighs and gasps echoed through the cave, as hunter and hunted locked eyes.

“ no pressing engagements,” Kino whimpered in response to the botanists heated warning beneath the onslaught, panting, struggling in Cir’Cie’s grip; which surprisingly turned her on even more. All she could do was arch her back up, pressing herself into the lithe Vulcan; pale spotted skin into bronze, slicked with water. She leaned her head out as far as she could, pink lips seeking the Vulcan’s neck, collar, the lobes of her ears. Somehow, she managed to lock onto those pouty lips again, only this time Kino didn’t bother holding back. With a muffled groan of effort, the Trill’s tongue pushed the assault, as she ground the hardened nub of her sex along the offered thigh – a hunter, even caught in the predator’s den – fighting fire with fire, until one or both burned out.

“C’mon,” Kino breathed into Cir’Cie’s mouth – her eyes nearly fell closed, flicking the tip of her tongue. A clear taunt, to see what other surprises the Vulcan had in store; unconcerned if it took the rest of the night at all. Her blood was up, her body an inferno, and Cir'Cie's unrestrained passion was potently infectious.

Time really didn't matter at all, as the sounds of their efforts echoed through the holographic cave, the dance of their shadows flitted between the glowing crystals. The Caves of P'Jem held this chance rendezvous entirely for them, and them alone.


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