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Day 07 [1015 hrs.] Trill, Engines & Baldies

[ Lt. Asra Tek | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ]attn: @rae @Auctor Lucan 

Asra stood, practically vibrating, in the turbolift as it slowed to a halt on main engineering; she had been wanting to get back down here since her original tour but had only now managed to organize a suitable block of time. She almost skipped out of the lift before stopping to quickly look around, she
wasn't entirely sure if she was allowed to be around but with how little Thea's database had on the drive she figured no one would mind. Seeing no one around who would, or could,  object to the scientist's presence Asra set out confidently striding past the situation table. She kept her pace up all the way to the clearly retrofitted device sitting squarely in front of the M/ARA (Matter/antimatter reaction assembly), stopping by it she shucked her satchel bag off her shoulder pausing slightly to just stare at the drive in wonder before crouching down and grabbing a tricorder from the satchel.

With a deep breath she flicked the tricorder open, running it up and down what she assumed was the graviton particle actuator (GPA)  based on the notes about examining the Benamite crystals. Scans not really revealing anything new, Asra stood and moved over to the jury rigged Starfleet control panel that sat alongside. Hands flying across the display several of the large conduits linking the drive to the M/ARA dimmed as she further reduced the power flow to ensure that it was safe to work on. A few more finger strokes caused the GPA to emit a faint hiss before the center slowly rose, to expose the benamite core.

Asra's smile grew as she stepped forwards, tricorder out in front of her already, scanning the old cracked core. The new crystals that had been recovered from Qo'nos were currently sitting up in her lab undergoing an extended observation test. The last bit that she needed before the new crystals could be cleared for use was to run a side by side analysis with the cracked ones to look for evidence as to what might have caused the cracks and what might cause more. The tricorder chirped slightly, indicating that the crystal was structurally stable, shocking Asra back out of her head and into reality. Quickly unpacking her bag she layed out a containment environment for the crystal and picked up a palm sized tractor beam emitter, quickly securing the emitter to her hand she stood back up squaring herself to the GPA.While she wasn’t certain that the emitter was needed she nonetheless used it to carefully remove the dynamite from the drive slowly lowering into the containment case, making sure not to knock it on the way down.

Once the crystal was secure Asra quickly packed the container back into the satchel and sat back on her haunches breaking out into a big grin. She stood and turned back to face the drive, quickly going back over to the panel to begin diagnostics. Now that her official work was done she had made sure to have several hours of uninterrupted time to give the drive a full workover.

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[ Decatria Corgin | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Scavenger01  
After entering the primitive Federation vessel's engineering centre, Decatria Corgin had noticed, from a distance how a human specimen had approached the Quantum Slipstream Burst Drive. Noticing this, she had approached silently, observing the actions of the primate with a modicum of alarm. She raised her arm to peruse the maintenance tasks logged in her wrist tablet, but she couldn't find any entry in which one of the Starfleet officers were sanctioned to access the drive, much less remove crystals.

After finding that this female specimen had to be acting on her own accord, without clearance to access the drive, Corgin approached - at which point the Trill had already replaced the crystal.

"Do you even know what you are doing," she said in her contralto voice - the universal translator ensuring that her words would be understood - and her black eyes dipped down to the specimen's collar, "Lieutenant?"

Calmly, but with an edge to her tone, Corgin folded her hands behind her back and squared her shoulders, looking down from her 6,5 feet height at the Human specimen. "State your name, for I wish to know whether or not you are among those whom have clearance. Your uniform suggest you are a scientist rather than an engineer, which gives me little confidence you knew how to preform the action you just made safely. Nevermind me, in case you do not care for the lives of us Antecedents, but you ought to be concerned about the survival of this crew, correct? So, did you even consider the risk to this entire ship, in accessing alien technology of which you have no foreknowledge of?"

To think that she had replaced her lungs with artificial ones so that she could breathe the air of this primitive ship... just to find herself surrounded by careless apes that might kill her and the rest of the Savi delegation any given second. Sometimes, she did regret volunteering to the call the Voice had made, aiding this hidden alliance, having thought it an adventure. Indeed, of late, Corgin found that  she longed for the day in which she could return to her lab on the Erudite again...

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[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Main Engineering | Vector 3 | Deck 26 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Scavenger01 @Auctor Lucan

Ok. To be totally fair, Azrin had been coming over to ask the same thing.

After spending her first few days back on duty playing mad catch up on the Point Defense Phaser Cannon project, she had decided to take this morning and reorient herself with her actual specialty, the ship’s propulsion systems. That was a task that would have calmed her on any starship, but she held a special regard for the Theurgy’s warp cores, because there were three of them. Cores, plural. Azrin had been itching to get down here since she’d woken up in sickbay. That desire had increased a million-fold when she’d learned about the quantum slipstream drive. That- that was a dream! The mythical drive system Utopia Planitia engineers whispered about in hushed reverent voices, discovered by Voyager yet beyond their ability to recreate. A slipstream drive… It was like the universe had given her a gift as an apology for her six-month nap.

Upon arriving in engineering over four hours ago for the start of her workday, Azrin had spent her first hour staring at the drive, looking it over from every angle without touching it. Then she had ensconced herself in the engineering labs, studying every scrap of data they had on it – even the old Voyager stuff and bits about Starfleet’s failed attempts to recreate it. She’d been deep in her theorizing when a tab on her computer console started beeping, a notification that someone had been altering the power flow from the matter antimatter reaction assembly. “Who’s playing with my new toy?” She mused, locking her console as she stood and stretched. No one had told her about any scheduled work on the drive – but she’d only been back on duty for 48 hours. “Time to make myself known then.” With a slight shake of her head, Azrin headed back out into main engineering…

Just in time to see someone else already chastising the science officer standing next to the core. The scientist was a trill. Easy enough to recognize another of her species. But Azrin didn’t have the slightest idea who was talking. Once, while in San Francisco, she’d gone to an event where they’d watched old human movies – two-dimensional non-interactive holos – about aliens. That was the closest frame of reference she had for the pale bald alien, with their big bulbous eyes and little baby mouth. Somehow, this wasn’t as funny as it had been during the movie. Naturally, more of her focus was on the speaker as she came closer, pausing a few feet away to listen before deciding to join the group.

“I’d like to second that,” she interrupted, unceremoniously inserting herself into the conversation with a loud and cheerful voice. “The bit about your name,” Azrin explained to the other Trill, in a slightly quieter tone, before continuing to the incredibly tall alien. “And yours too. I am Lieutenant Azrin Ryn, new assistant chief engineer and resident propulsion specialist. For future reference, I need to be consulted before modifications are made to any of our drive systems. Now that we're clear on that, what are you doing to the QSD Lieutenant…?”

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ]attn: @rae @Auctor Lucan 

Asra stood at the control panel, eyes rapidly flicking across its surface, trying to absorb every last detail of the base state of the drive, now that it was missing the core. She was so absorbed in her observations that she didn't notice the odd creature approaching her until it spoke. "Sethe in a tree" Asra exclaimed, jumping as she spun around to face the creature that had just addressed her. Flushing slightly, as her brain caught up to the accusation that had been leveled at her, she opened her mouth to begin to respond when the creature cut her off jumping into chastisement. As the creature continued talking Asra could feel the slight twinges of embarrassment beginning to creep up her neck, If it was anyone else she would probably be feeling a growing anger but she couldn't help but recognise the creature as one of the beings whom the drive came from. So instead of her normal need to set the record straight about her ability she merely stayed quiet and averted her eyes in the hope of maybe salvaging the first impression she had made with this being.

Opening her mouth to respond, Asra was interrupted again by a trill that she hadn't spotted approaching thanks to the creature's tall form. This time Asra could feel her temper rising as much as she was trying to tamp it down, though the other trill's mannerisms at least let her hide it behind formality somewhat. Sensing that she finally had an opportunity to speak Asra unconsciously slipped into a parade rest stance staring between the other two so as not to make eye contact. " I am Lieutenant Tek, I was extracting the damaged Benamite core for detailed examination and comparison to the new crystals that were recovered from the surface" her terse report helped bleed off the edge of her anger, so she was much more relaxed when she turned to face Decatria "I understand that it must be hard to trust us with this drive but I can assure you that I am very familiar with the theory behind it and I studied all of the available notes on this particular model when I came on board.” Now having completely calmed down it was easy for Asra to pull a smile onto her face as she turned to Azrin “I’m sorry for not informing you of the work, as the drive is currently un-operational and the work was related directly to my current project I didn’t consider it necessary.

Anyway” As if starting a completely new conversation Asra rocked on her feet slightly all contriteness quickly bleeding out of her body language and being replaced with excitement as she turned to face Decatria “While I have you here I was curious how you manage to strip the gravitons from the benamite and hold them in a suspended state. From my own observations I’m pretty sure that the unique crystal structure begins producing gravitons when stimulated with energy but I can’t work out how you effectively then channel them before infusion?” Asra spoke in an excited rush of words, trying to get as many answers from the enigmatic being as possible.

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[ Decatria Corgin | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Scavenger01  
Blinking slowly, Corgin was unimpressed with the explanation about the breach of protocol, even more so by the excuse that the Trill knew about the theoretical aspects of the drive. Something she doubted, since the Federation had no working slipstream drive technology, so that foreknowledge wasn't worth anything as far as she was concerned. She shifted her stance and folded her arms underneath her chest, cocking a hip while he observed the banter of the two Trills - the second one having interjected just after she'd approached the wayward 'scientist'.

Apparently, the newly arrived Trill was supposed to be of higher rank amongst the Theurgy engineers, so hopefully the breach in protocol could be handled through the primitive ship's disciplinary system. Good riddance, Corgin thought, not having any particular interest in exploring the official protocols and channels through which she'd make sure the scientist didn't kill her or anyone else for that matter. She turned her black eyes to the red-haired Trill and gave the answer she sought. "I am Corgin, First Decataria of the Septenary Engineering Wing of the Erudite." She turned her eyes back to the red-haired one, raising her chin a bit. "I am on secondment here on the Theurgy to make sure this crew does not compromise the agreement with the Voice, by unwittingly destroying the ship and killing the information asset. Or, for that matter, share our technology or divulge its origin."

The question directed at her was about the abilities of the drive, which further cemented Corgin's opinion that the scientist should not have laid her hands on it to begin with. Her answer was succinct and to the point, without embellishment. "That process is handled by the quantum matrix initiator. If I were to explain it in a way you'd understand... then I suppose I could say that the means thereof is the dimension in the matrix, in which Kaluza-Klein graviton particles - which is what the Humans call these specific particles without mass - vibrate and produce gravity. I am aware that the Federation has yet to discover' the extra dimension in which Kaluza-Klein graviton particles can be utilised, so your ignorance is expected."

OOC: Corrected my last post since I forgot Corgin were dealing with a Trill and not a Human specimen, haha. I also fixed the replaced/removal misunderstanding. :)

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[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Main Engineering | Vector 3 | Deck 26 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Scavenger01 @Auctor Lucan 

“Nice to meet you Lieutenant Tek, and you too Corgin. Or should I call you First Decataria?” As for the rest of the alien’s explanation for her presence here, Azrin didn’t understand a lick of it. Septenary Engineering Wing? That was a lot of engineers. Or maybe not, depending on how many of these people made up a wing… whatever that was. Azrin mulled over that for a moment, her mind conjuring up images of bulbous headed aliens with wings flapping around a warp core while some disembodied voice intoned orders. The thought was enough to bring a smile back to her face, then she belatedly realized who she must be dealing with. Share our technology or divulge its origin, she’d said. The Savi! The people who’d given them the slipstream drive in the first place. They were mentioned in the engineering notes she’d just been studying. Someone really should have added an addendum with a description of them. That helpful bit was probably off in a diplomatic log somewhere.

“Even if the system isn’t functioning, we still need request and maintenance logs for any changes.” Before getting dragged into any specific conversations about the drive – because once that started, Azrin was sure she wouldn’t stop for days – she forced herself to do her job for a minute longer. “It might directly relate to your project, but the drive and everything inside it is an engineering system, so you have to team up with us. Especially for highly classified systems like this. We need to be able to account for every component at any time. That way,” now her tone brightened into something more akin to a joke, “when the Bridge calls down here all in a flurry demanding some miracle working, we don’t have to go looking for the just-discovered-missing benamite crystals, broken or not. Trust me, good logging is a big time saver when you have ten minutes to do something that should take two hours.” As fun as it would be to have a reputation as a miracle worker, she’d heard some horror stories. “I don’t want to micromanage or railroad you or anything. But I need to be in the loop please.”

Azrin was trying her best to explain engineering protocols in a way that wouldn’t make Tek hate her. Even when there was a good reason for it, people tended to balk against bureaucracy. Working with the other trill sounded like the far more enjoyable option, because her question showed an understanding of the drive that was far beyond Azrin’s few hour crash course. Her resolve finally crumbling, the engineer whirled back to face Corgin, relieved to finally get to the main topic – the inner workings of her new obsession. “Extra dimension? The quantum matrix initiator is maintaining a different dimension inside it? How does that work? How are you stabilizing it? We’re routing main power through there. How does it stabilize the power flow through a dimension shift? Or how does the power flow not disrupt the dimension shift?”

If they were dumb questions, that was fine. Azrin felt no shame at being the starry-eyed new pupil ready to be filled with information.

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[ Decatria Corgin | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Scavenger01  
The question had Corgin restrain herself from sighing. Obviously, the primitive ship's universal translator had not conveyed her meaning clearly enough, or she was talking to someone not familiar with all definitions of dimensions. Perhaps expectedly so, since the Federation had yet to come to the same conclusions as the Savi. To make sure her meaning wasn't lost, she raised her wrist and accessed the data tablet there, pulling up some terminology that the translator might catch and convey more precisely.

"A dimension can be else than the length, width, or height of something. In physics, it can also mean any physical measurement such as time and mass. Quantum physics deal with dimensions as well. Looking at available terminology that is familiar to you, however, I see that you might understand this more easily if I describe it as an inferred dimension that is always present, but which you cannot detect with your organic senses."

Being a Decataria, she was a teacher of young Antecendents and Scions alike on the Erudite. This was before the Erudite joined the Voice's rebellion, and she'd not taught any Scions since, but the present challenge was to dumb down her lecture to a level that the Trill primates could understand. A worthy challenge, perhaps, but a dreary one that caused her some frustration.

"If you were to throw something across the room, in the few seconds it’s in motion for, you are witnessing four dimensions in play," she said, starting with the basics and giving the two Trill a point of reference for what they didn't understand. "The first three are height, width, and depth. You can see these dimensions on the object itself. The fourth is time, and you see this dimension in the progression of its movement across the room. Can you see time with your eyes? No, you can merely see the effect of it. The progression of distance is probably the closest you will get to seeing time. Yet when discussing the properties of spacetime, there’s an additional fifth dimension added in."

Corgin stepped towards the drive, her hands folded behind her back and the overhead lighting running over her black bodysuit. "Even with just the aforementioned dimensions, scientific development in its infancy would define the fabric of spacetime by using them. However, the fifth dimension was ascertained when Savi physicists were trying to connect all parts of the universe in a way that made sense, thousands of years ago. Even Federation sciences have noted the presence of the dimension yet without understanding it fully. Flailing in ignorance, your scientists want to try and connect all the fundamental forces known in the universe, in a way that would make sense. This became known on Earth as the Kaluza-Klein theory, with the ultimate goal of connecting gravity and electromagnetic force into a fifth dimension. Later, this whole idea phased into the idea of superstring theory and supergravity, which later evolved into M-theory. Ultimately, for the Federation, the Kaluza-Klein theory has become more of a gauge theory, meaning it fits into a certain type of field theory in which the quantity that characterizes the state of a physical system doesn’t change under local transformations."

Needed she say more? Perhaps she might, just for sake of clarity. "The fifth dimension is a micro-dimension which is currently accepted in physics and mathematics in the Federation. You use it for convenience, a seamless tie between gravity and electromagnetism, or the main fundamental forces, which seem unrelated in the regular four-dimensional spacetime. You cannot see the fifth dimension, but rather, it interacts on a higher plane than your current scientific methods can detect. It’s because of this, that your scientists cannot really study nor fully prove it’s existence, much less create technology that derive usage from it."

Standing next to the device, Corgin folded her arms underneath her chest. Her tone was not one of pride, but of immodesty. "The Savi has successfully made gravitons transition from the four dimensions to the fifth one. Our quantum matrix initiator both collect the gravitons from the benamite and hold them in a suspended state in that dimension, and then channel them before the infusion phase."

OOC: I thought the conversation would flow best if I had Corgin answer this question before you posted again @Scavenger01 . Just let me know if you want me to delete this post and make a longer one later! :)

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[ Lt. Asra Tek | Main Engineering | Vector 3 Deck 26| USS Theurgy ]attn: @rae @Auctor Lucan 

Asra nodded along with Decatria's explanation, ending up more enlightened by what she didn't say than what she did say. As she paused to process the explanation, her thoughts were interrupted by Azrin. This time the rebuke caused her to be significantly more embarrassed than angry. Of course she knew that logs and records were an important part however she had been working on small teams for several years now where the records were secondary to word of mouth, of course it would be different on a large ship again. A blush bloomed across Asra's cheekbones as she scratched at the back of her head before looking back up towards Azrin " Sorry Again Lieutenant, Next time I'll make sure to file the paperwork. It's been a while since I was last working on a full starship" Hoping that her apology satisfied the other trill, Asra turned back to the Decatria, half listening as she formatted what she was gathering from the Savi's lecture into a new question.

At the end of the quick lecture and the Savi's short boast Asra realized what was so weird about the design of the drive in front of her compared to the few theoretical models she had constructed and the scans from voyager. Her eyes lit up even as she had to crane her neck to look up at the Decatria " This drive doesn't handle uncharged gravitons does it? You strip the gravitons from the benamite lattice and immediately expose them to the quantum field to set up the oscillations, then I assume there is some form of waveform or guide vanes inside of the initiator that then allows you to restrict the graviton vibrations to the 5th dimension " Asra paused for a brief moment before putting her hand up nealy snapping her fingers in excitement, before remembering that could be considered rude, and gesticulating. " That also explains how you then store them to build up the critical mass required to open the quantum barrier. The drive effectively funnels all movement into this 5th dimension keeping them static in the spatial 3 then when you need them to move you just slightly reduce the constraints to allow them to move spatially in a controlled manner. Physical excitement bled away suddenly and turned inwards as Asra brought her right hand up to start tapping the side of her mouth. " Though if you're exposing the benamite lattice to the quantum matrix directly it would induce a lot of non spatial stress especially if the field suffered any nanoscale fluctuations Asra spun, the long way before stopping facing Asrin "The main electrical converter on the primary M/ARA of a Theurgy class vessel generates 6 phases at 60Hz right? Obviously provided you're taking a direct line off the converter? if that was fed in it might......." Asra trailed off thoughts outpacing even the high speed that her mouth had been making, the pause lasted only a few seconds before she whirled around, the short way this time, to face The Decatria again " The power source on board the Erudite must have enormous energy density and a near 0 power delivery fluctuation if this drive normally functions without needing to replace the core?"

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[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Main Engineering | Vector 3 | Deck 26 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Scavenger01 @Auctor Lucan 

In hindsight, it probably would have been nice to have a few more hours – read: weeks – to study the slipstream drive and its specs before talking to Corgin and Tek. She wanted nothing more than to start pulling off panels to get a good look at the systems that were being discussed. Azrin’s fingers were twitching with anticipation. She had to clasp her hands tightly behind her back to still them, reasonably certain that no one would appreciate her doing that right now. Sometimes being a kinesthetic learner didn’t fly with… anyone really. Even her mother had gotten mad when she’d found Azrin taking ship’s systems apart to see how they worked.

Though she didn’t respond to Tek’s apology, Azrin did flash a bright smile in the other trill’s direction. She’d never been one to hold a grudge. As long as they understood each other, all would be forgotten. But she never got the chance to explain that, her focus immediately drawn to Corgin, who was answering Azrin’s own query.

Within a few moments, Azrin was kicking herself. ‘Kaluza-Klein graviton particles’ had confused her, but once the title was introduced again in a new phrase, she remembered what Kaluza-Klein Theory was. It was a good thing she’d locked her hands behind her back, or she would be smacking herself on the forehead right now too. “KK theory. You’re talking about KK theory. That’s what the two K’s stand for, I always forget.” Her physics teacher had probably mentioned that name in the very beginning, but they’d used the shortened version after that. No need to remember strange human surnames, and they could memorize the mnemonic ‘2K = 5D.’ Once finished mentally hitting herself, Azrin listened to the rest of Corgin’s explanation in silence. The Savi engineer was rude, but the trill bit her tongue to keep from responding. Despite the attitude, the slipstream drive was a magnificent gift. That deserved appreciation. Besides, she didn’t have any immediate follow up questions. The Decatria was correct in her assertion that they couldn’t scan for the fifth dimension, which meant they were left to accept that on faith. That bugged Azrin to no end, because how would they know if there was something wrong with the quantum matrix if they couldn’t detect exactly what was happening inside it. But if they followed the changes in the gravitons… it would be like perceiving time.

“Direct off the primary M/ARA? Yes.” She affirmed, still looking a bit distracted during her contemplations of KK theory. Then Azrin was playing catch up again, since she’d only been half listening to Tek’s ruminations. “We can get more than that though if we pull power from the secondary cor-“ Azrin stopped abruptly as Tek turned back to Corgin. For now, she decided to shut up and watch for a moment. As useful as all this information was, she didn’t feel like she had enough of a working understanding of the slipstream drive to be of use yet. Azrin still didn’t mind looking like a fool, but she wasn’t going to waste time with random questions either. Give her a week.

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[ Decatria Corgin | Main Engineering | Deck 26 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @rae @Scavenger01  
While the Trill that had violated protocol spun off on her tangent of deductions, Corgin remained idle with her arms crossed below her chest. Apparently the primate knew enough to string some things together, while at the same time only having archaic methodology in that low-resolution mind of hers to deduce how the drive might work. She had heard some of the primates use a saying that fit... To someone holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail? Guiding vanes... How quaint.

Of course, she offered no further comment on Savi engineering secrets, since why would she? The primates had the slipstream drive up and running, and soon, they would be able to maintain its functionality without destroying the whole ship. That was why Corgin and the Savi delegation was aboard, to protect the interests of her people, and that included making sure that the asset in the Brig wasn't compromised. In no way, shape or form did the alliance entail that she would be giving lectures about technology or scientific achievements that might push the Federation's tech development too far. Like Starfleet, the Old Code stated clearly principles akin to their Prime Directive. Even though their civil war with the Scion High Council and the part of the Flotilla that remained loyal to them made the situation out of the ordinary, and the terms of the hidden alliance with the Theurgy had been amendable in accordance with the Old Code, that same alliance did not make the rest of the Old Code void.

"Yes," she said in regard to the observation made about the Erudite, "I suppose neither of you were abducted and held on the Versant, but the existence of our Zero-Point Gravity reactors are, unfortunately, no longer a secret to the crew of this ship."

She then glanced towards the second Trill, having already forgotten their names, since she'd picked up on the referral towards using either or both of the secondary warp drives aboard the ship. "I believe they were already put to use, stabilising the output of the warp core here both two times this ship used this drive. It would seem the inferior energy available doesn't just compromise the benamite prematurely, but also shorten the distance this ship can cover each time the drive is used. While not optimal, it is the best result to be expected when powering a drive like this with a ship like yours. It would seem, regardless, that the utility of this drive has been proven during your mission, since you were able to bring Chancellor Martok to the Klingon home world before the usurper took his place."

Speaking of utility, Corgin didn't see how remaining and speaking with the two primates would benefit her or he representatives in the Savi delegation. "Please be mindful about protocol in order to avoid an accident of the magnitude that would kill us all. If there was nothing further, I will return to my diagnostics."

Somehow she had a feeling that the two might wish to keep her there for more questions, and perhaps due to her calling as a Decataria and the teaching of others, she would oblige them, even if her patience was running short.

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[ Lt. JG Azrin Ryn | Main Engineering | Vector 3 | Deck 26 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

“Yeah, that is a bit of a problem,” Azrin mused, her gaze having fallen to the bag by Tek’s side, housing the benamite crystals the scientist had taken from the slipstream core. Most of what Corgin was talking about was a mystery to Azrin. She had no idea what the Versant was, or why it had been kidnapping people. She did know that the drive had been used on the Theurgy’s voyage to Qo’nos, but apparently Lieutenant Arnold had neglected to mention that the ship had used it another time as well. Which meant that Azrin had been at slipstream twice. And had slept through both events. How depressing was that?

Instead, she was musing on the energy problem Corgin mentioned and it’s resulting damage to their crystals. “The benamite crystals – I mean. I assume you were going to study the damage while comparing them to the new ones?” That question was directed at Tek. The other trill replied with a nod, but Azrin forged on without giving her the chance to speak. “There’s not much we can do about the power if we already have all three cores tapped in, so that would leave the benamite itself. Has anyone ever worked on recrystallizing benamite? Like we do for the dilithium crystals in the warp drive? Actually, no. Ignore me for now. I need to go study the chemical composition of benamite first. No need for you two to waste your time if the answer is all over the logs I have waiting.” Azrin nodded good naturedly back towards the engineering labs as she spoke. Rare, unstable, and nearly impossible to synthesize. Having never used them, Azrin hadn’t needed to know anything about benamite crystals beyond that.

“But if you wouldn’t mind sending me the scans you take of both the new and old crystals, I’d really appreciate it.” Mindful of the boundaries she’d set earlier, Azrin made sure to give due deference to Tek this time. The slipstream drive itself was engineering’s, but the science labs were Tek’s domain. “Will do,” the other trill replied. Tek looked like there were endless questions for Corgin on the tip of her tongue, but both Theurgy officers were distracted by a small chirp from a nearby console. Azrin moved over to look. Someone – three guesses as to who – had started a diagnostic on the QSD a few minutes ago. A raised eyebrow queried in Tek’s direction. Another slight blush crossed the dark-haired trill’s face in response. To be fair, she’d definitely started the diagnostic before Azrin had laid down the rules, but Tek was way too comfortable down here.

“How about this?” Azrin began, keeping her voice as diplomatic as she knew how. In her case, that meant very cheery. “We let Decatria Corgin get back to her work. I’ll go back to studying all of our research on the drive. Lieutenant Tek can start her studies on the benamite crystals. Then you can come back later on this afternoon Lieutenant, and we can go over these diagnostics together. I’m sure we will compile a whole list of questions, and hopefully Corgin won’t mind indulging us again in a few days. The more we understand about the drive’s systems, the safer it will be for us to operate it. And there will be less work for you in the long run as we improve.” She flashed a bright smile at the Savi when the conversation turned back to her. Sometime during all of that, Azrin was going to send out her own notice about protocol. Since she was already at the console, Azrin took matters into her own hands and logged what Tek had done earlier. When Arnold had mentioned seeing how she dealt with personnel, she’d thought he was talking about fellow Starfleet engineers, not wayward scientists and Savi.

“Ok? Cool. Nice to meet you both!” Not taking no for an answer, Azrin proceeded to shoo them both away from the slipstream drive.


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