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Day 04 [1500 hrs.] First Impressions

[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Fighter Bay - Spot 04 | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @teddyg123

It had turned into an overly long day; she'd been awake since 0100, yet she refused the limitations of her body. Been asleep for months, she grimaced against the glaring light of the rows of isolinear chips – elbows deep into the ventral maintenance panel of her fighter. Talia had spent the last couple of hours familiarizing herself with the preventative maintenance procedures Victor had left for her, following their lunch earlier. Another few hours won’t kill me, she sucked her teeth in annoyance; the 409s were a whole different animal compared to the 307s she flew on the Diamonback.

The entire bay seemed deserted, leaving her in peace to focus on what she was doing, which was perfect. She didn’t need distractions right then – too much information to process – too many new patterns to learn.  I really am starting all over again; new ship, new fighter, new squadron. At least I’m not dead, she shook her head at the weak jest. She was pretty happy with the way things worked out though; she’d come to an understanding with Victor – quid pro quo – and even though he intentionally threw unwanted facts in her face she had to admit that he was a decent guy. Talia recognized his expertise as well, which far eclipsed her own, so it only made logical sense to work towards a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

He’d gone out of his way to aid her getting one step closet to flying; she’d done the same in return. I hope it helped, she worried that in her haste she’d gone too fast with the details of the exosuit. Can always go over it with him again later. She shifted her weight to one knee where she squatted, running a hand through her loose hair briefly before picking up the PADD Victor left her. Dark eyes scanned the tablet, re-reading the next steps of the procedure. Immersed in her work, the sound of something small clattering to the deck behind her made her flinch; she spun around, eyes narrowing at the legs and waist of someone standing by the nose of her fighter. The hell? Who is this? She sucked her teeth at the interruption, annoyed that she’d not heard whoever this was approaching.

She moved around the underslung impulse drives, standing up once she cleared the fuselage, head cocked as she watched a figure turn towards her. The standard duty uniform he wore seemed brand new; not a wrinkle on it, his hair was neatly kept, as was the thinly trimmed beard on his face.  Well, this one’s new; Talia ran a quick hand through her hair, throwing it over one shoulder as she walked up to the newcomer. Maybe he can fill me in on where everyone else is. “Lieutenant,” she nodded, clasping her hands behind her. “I’m Talia Al-Ibrahim, recently out of stasis, assigned to the Wolves,” she introduced herself formally. She prided herself on her professionalism, which she made no attempt to hide. If this was indeed one of her fellow Wolves, then it would prove to be the beginning of a relationship of sorts – first impressions were critical.

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[Lt. JG Andram Obair | Fighter Bay |Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Obair's arrival onboard was a quiet one, and had spent the next few hours following in his newly-assigned quarters. He changed uniforms, carefully folding his yellow uniform and placing it in his closet. His new set of uniforms were in much better shape, and fit him much better as well. Very few things were brought with him, and setting up his room didn't take very long. He reviewed his orders one more time, as well as the ship's specifications, and additional notes about the Valkyrie MkIII, of which he had yet to fly. He was more than curious to see them, so he put his list few things away and left for the Flight Hangar.

The Lieutenant was impressed almost immediately by the assault bay; it was bigger than those of previous postings, and in much better shape. He entered through the port Turbolift station, peeping through the windows of the rooms and officers on the port side, but found no one else. Spending a few minutes inspecting the bay quietly, he stopped a few times to admire the MkIII design he was unfamiliar with, now even more anxious to pilot one. Kneeling down, he inspected the engine bay of the nearest fighter to him, when he noticed another officer across the room he hadn't seen earlier. This was the first sight Obair had gotten of any other pilot on the Theurgy so far, so he straightened his sleeves and turned to go introduce himself. She was an Ensign, seemingly young, carrying a PADD in her hand. He saw her stand up as he approached, and turned to face him. He kept his hands to his side as she introduced herself, but extended his right hand out as he began to speak.

"Good to meet you, Enisgn. Andram Obair, I'm the newest pilot." He looked around the hangar quickly, then back at her, motioning to the fighter nearest them. "I haven't received orders from the CO yet, so I figured I'd some down to the hangar and get myself acquainted with the hardware." He was suddenly very conscious of his own body posture, so kept his neck up and shoulders back, breathing in a bit. "How familiar are you with the MkIII systems?"

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[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Fighter Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @teddyg123

She fought the urge to grimace with disappointment, as she considered replying. Well, it figures that he'd be new as well with everyone on shore leave, she sighed internally. Not for the first time that day she vowed to get a closer look around the bay and see if she could discover a flight roster. Gotta be one around here somewhere.

"My experience with the 409s is limited to the simulator only LT, she nodded to the Valkyrie. "Although I recently learned, those hours in the sim didn't really amount to much; you need to sync the fighter with your exosuit for proper calibration - it's a bit of a process - I only finished about an hour ago." She shrugged then, looking around the bay for Victor. He's probably just as smoked as I am.

She huffed then, running a hand through her hair as she rotated her neck a bit. "I was just familiarizing myself with the preventative maintenance proceedures before I call it a day. Chief vanVinter ran me through the sync proceedure and gave me the gist. Your more than welcome to tag along as I work through the rest, unless you want to check out the rest of the bay? There's a lot to see - its bigger than anything I've ever seen. Your call, LT," she gestured to the rest of the deck before lifting another shoulder. Perhaps it was her disappointment at him being new, like her, or just the fatigue - either way, Talia wanted to finish up the maintenance run-through and get some chow.

She returned her eyes to the PADD in her hand as she waited for his response.

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Lt. JG Andram Obair | Fighter Bay |Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

The Lieutenant stood silently for moment, quickly internalizing the Ensign's tone. It seemed to him she was a bit frustrated, or even slightly overwhelmed, he couldn't entirely tell.  He looked quickly to the PADD she was holding, then back up around the hanger. "I'm aware of the calibration process. lengthy, to be sure, I'm sure you'll notice the difference when you fly." He paused and briefly gauged Talia's body language, then continued. "I've only seen them in the simulations as well, it looks like we'll be learning the hardware together." He smiled slightly, then motioned to the PADD again, dropping his smile as his face turned from hers. Obair was more impressed by the Theurgy's hangar that he liked to admit, and wanted a legitimate excuse to get a closer look at the Mk III.

"The rest of the bay can wait. We can work through the maintenance procedures, I'd like to get a closer look at these systems." He turned back towards Talia. He walked over to the Valkyrie, looking back once or twice, before deciding to quickly change the subject. "How long have you been out of Stasis, Ensign?"

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[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Fighter Bay - Spot 4 | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @teddyg123

Talia could certainly understand his enthusiasm, and nodded as she watched him approach the fighter. Motivational energy tended to be contagious; she felt his eagerness and found herself carried along with it, handing the PADD over to him and re-tying her hair up in a quick pony-tail.

I’ve run through the basic diagnostics already,” she told him as she bent under the nose of the fighter, running her hand along the hull. “The PADD is synced to the on-board computer, so all the hands-on protocols are available on there. I was just going through the motions, as everything is powered down,” she paused, gesturing to the aft. “If you flew the mk. II, like me, the procedures are relatively strait-forward. Still,” she blew out a quick breath, “these babies are something else.”

She paused to roll her sleeves back up as she neared the access panel between the impulse manifolds on the belly of the fighter, then remembered his question. She shrugged after she knelt, hesitating for a moment. Feels like I’ve been up for a lot longer than two days, she thought to herself. Guess it will take time for my body to get back into the normal rhythm. “I was out for six months,” she told him finally, “I was...pretty jacked up. Woke up a couple days ago,” she turned to glance at him while she worked.

Can you read off the next step to calibrate these input/output levels on the manifold lines,” she asked him. “And what about you, LT? Transfer from the Oneida?”

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Lt. JG Andram Obair | Fighter Bay |Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Obair shook his head as he started to read off from the PADD, kneeling down next to Talia as he took a look at the manifold, briefly glancing to the computer before he knelt. He rolled up sleeves as well, then knelt closer to the ground to get closer to the access panel. He watched her as she worked for a moment, quietly impressed with how the Ensign carried herself, especially considering how recently she'd woken up. "Seems like you adjusted pretty well, six months, I can imagine how it would throw someone off." Aware it could be somewhat of a delicate subject, he didn't continue, but stood up and straightened his sleeves again. He handed her a couple tools she was reach for, then picked dup the PADD again.

He paused another moment before addressing her question. "No, my last posting was technically the Klingon Embassy. Worked security for a few months after my release from the Bonhomme Richard. I was a pilot there, that's the last chance I got to fly." He pondered a moment, quickly remembering his dismissal from the ships crew and his tedious time spent on Qo'noS, an assignment he dreaded. Nothing he was proud of to be sure, but decided to be transparent with his new comrade. "I was released after a disagreement with my commanding officer. A poor display of politics." He realized he volunteered a decent amount of information, so he decided to lighten the tone, looking down at his uniform. "I didn't look good in yellow."

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[Ens. Talia Al-Ibrahim | Fighter Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @teddyg123

Talia arched an eyebrow up at Obair’s choice of words but didn’t comment. She had recovered relatively quickly, following the initial weakness from so much time spent in stasis and the life-saving surgeries performed by the medical droid, V-Nine. Adjusting though? Still working on that, she sighed to herself.

She listened as she worked – closing up the maintenance panel as the lieutenant spoke of his time at the embassy. The shift in his tone was subtle, but Talia picked it up. Hm. Doesn’t sound like that’s something any pilot would appreciate. There’s more to that story, she realized, but chose not to push the issue. So she nodded instead, offering him the slightest curl to the corner of her lips as she stood, ducking her head slightly from colliding with the belly of the Valkyrie. “Not a fan of yellow myself,” she agreed as she passed, running her hand along the hull.

Still,” she added over her shoulder after brushing her hair behind one ear, “sounds better than being on ice for half a year. Either way,” she paused to shrug after clearing the port wing, “I’m glad I’m not the only one playing catch-up,” Talia nodded her head to the Valkyrie.

With all the fresh blood added to the squadron, I hope we have time to train and integrate before the shit hits the fan, Talia thought darkly. Everything I’ve learned about this ship tells me it wont be long before we’re all thrown into the thick of it.
Her dark eyes turned to Obair, assessing what she’d learned of him in the past few moments. Reserved, tense, perhaps a bit unsure; we have these things in common. It was...odd. In her experience dealing with fellow pilots, they were all of the same personality type, roughly; extroverted, energetic, in-your-face and cavalier to the point of arrogance. This guy isn’t like that at all, Talia studied him for a moment, curiosity getting the better of her, before letting the matter drop from her mind. Your no expert on reading people, ya kalb, she scolded herself.

Stop analyzing everyone and relax. Why can’t you just relax?

I could use some coffee,” she ran a hand over her face and through her tangled hair – fighting a wave of fatigue – then tilted her head a bit to the left, towards the mess across the flight deck. She stopped mid-stride then, realizing two things: one, that she’d started off without him, which was rude, and an idea occurred to her. “I’d planned on calling it a day once those were done,” she gestured to the PADD he held. “But now...I was thinking,” she paused to tilt her head at him. “How would you feel about a quick sim run later this evening, after your suit calibration? With everyone on leave, I don’t know when official training will start – and if your anything like me LT, I’d rather get some time on the stick before that happens.” Allah knows I could use a four hour nap, too, she huffed to herself.


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