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CH02: S [D06|0625] Grudge and Seek

Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0625 hrs. ] Grudge and Seek

[Ensign Six | Deck Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

Now up and about, and with enough caffeine to keep her awake despite the unexpected fatigue, Six was wandering the corridors of the “Stallion,” looking for a good place to set up a new regeneration alcove. After all, with three separate vectors, it felt ideal to set up different alcoves in each of them so that Six could have them on hand depending on what vector she was on, and if she should be on a different vector for long periods of time.

Since her quarters were on the “Stallion,” she knew she needed a place out of the way from people, not somewhere where droves can pass by, not near any sensitive areas. But she had a good idea to start, which took her to Deck Nine.

For one thing, the deck housed the middle labs on the whole of the Theurgy. It would be an idea place to set up an additional forensics lab. For another, she was near the secondary computer core, and setting up a regenerative alcove within proximity to a computer core would enable her to attach her database to the computer where the different cores can exchange data, from between the computer core within the implants in her body to the ship’s computer core, and vice versa, but she didn’t want to give the impression of sharing malware to the Theurgy.

The problem was where can she set it up.

As she was looking for a good place, she ran into somebody. She realized who she had ran into.

“Oh. Chief Petty Officer Eboh,” she said. “Fancy meeting you here. Pardon me, I was looking for a place to set up a regeneration alcove.”

OOC: Start of a supplemental which @Fife and I came up with while discussing Director's Cut ideas.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Chief Eboh felt fatigue setting in as he strode down the corridors of the Theurgy, having been helping with repairs ever since the Allegiant had docked with he Vector. He made his way down the corridor, unsure if he was even on the right deck, hoping to find somewhere to sit for a moment. Or even better, somewhere to sleep. He'd only managed a few quick naps during the night.

Ekon’s thoughts were interrupted as he rounded a corner and ran into something. Or rather, someone. A small someone. Ekon looked down and found himself staring into a pair of mismatched eyes, one brown, one silver and red. The silver and red eye was framed on the top and side by the unmistakable metallic form of a Borg implant, the sight of which caused Eboh’s chest to tighten.

”Oh. Chief Petty Officer Eboh, fancy meeting you here. Pardon me, I was looking for a place to set up a regeneration alcove.” The former Borg drone informed him. Although they had both been aboard the Allegiant, Eboh had take care to avoid Ensign Six as much as possible. He had had too many run-ins with the Borg, and couldn’t help but feel weary of the woman who had once been part of the collective. He had lost too much to the collective, family, friends, even his people’s homeworld that he would never see. And now, despite his best efforts to avoid her while aboard the Allegiant and the Theurgy, he had come face to face with the one person on the ship he had been hoping to avoid.

”No, ma’am. It’s my fault.” Ekon replied to the Ensign by way of apology, looking down at the diminutive woman as he spoke. ”I was lost in thought. I should have been watching where I was going.” Ekon regarded the Ensign with eyes which were slightly bloodshot and bleary from lack of sleep. God, but he could go for a raktajino. Or a coffee. ”Do you need any help setting up your alcove, ma’am?”

Did you just offer to help her? Ekon mentally asked himself, he face remaining neutral even as his mind reeled at the question he had just found himself asking. Did you just offer to help the drone? What were you thinking Eboh?

”What I mean to say, ma’am,” Ekon continued, his deep voice rumbling as he spoke in a low voice. ”Is I know you’re quite capable of doing it on your own, but if you wanted some help, I could give you a hand.” Eboh reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb in an attempt to fight off some of the fatigue he was feeling. He had always tried to be courteous to those he served with, especially officers, but he seemed to be taking it a bit far in this case. It had to be the fatigue. God, but he needed sleep. ”Though I may need to get some caffeine in me first.” Eboh let his hand fall away from his face and opened his eyes wide, blinking several times to focus his vision as he looked back to the implant-ridden woman who stood before him.

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

Six was certainly surprised at Eboh’s sight. She had noticed his expression upon looking at her. She could understand if he met the Borg enough times that he developed a something of a grudge. Additionally, Six could see he was dang tired.

It may or may not have been a contribution to fatigue for Eboh to offer Six help in setting up an alcove. Six was certainly surprised to hear his offer.

Maybe it wasn’t so strong of a grudge as she realized.

And she heartily agreed with him about caffeine.

“That’s a good idea,” she said. “I could use some caffeine myself; I’ve felt some fatigue myself. I’ve enhanced myself with additional systems recently, something to add to my database,” she added, tapping her finger on the side of her head. “It probably wouldn’t be something you’d commonly see, of course. But it may be draining to my body system; I was as tired as you are, even if I’ve had a power pack to keep me going without an alcove.”

She led him to the nearest replicator and sent in a request:

“Two cups of the Neelix Special.”

Once the two cups of Neelix’s special blend of coffee came up, Six offered one to Eboh.

“Would you like one?” she asked. “It’s a favorite blend, specially made by a friend of mine, and a friend of many crewmembers of the Starship Voyager. Better, as Kathryn Janeway put it, than ‘the coffee substitute,’” she added with a smile. “If you’d rather request your own coffee, I’ll be okay with it, too. I’ll need frequent amounts of caffeine to keep me going. Might need to drop by the lounge after I set up an alcove for more, but before the time comes for my being debriefed.

“I won’t mind your help, either,” she added. “Looking for a place to set one up. I’m still relatively new to the Theurgy; I haven’t gotten to know it yet. It’ll help the two of us to get to know this vector.”

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh accepted the proffered coffee with a ”Thank you,” gazing at the contents of the mug with a somewhat dubious expression. He was mostly a raktajino man, and rarely tried new types of coffee. Not wanting to be impolite, however satisfactory it would have been to turn down the drone’s offer, he raised the mug and sniffed the dark liquid once before tasting it. It wasn’t half bad, much to the El-Aurian’s surprise. He took a second sip before lowering the mug and listened to the drone. She had apparently decided to accept his offer of help, stating she could also use help finding a suitable place to set up the alcove.

”To be honest, I know nothing about this ship. I’m not even sure where on the Vector I am right now.” Ekon admitted with a somewhat sheepish grin. ”I was wandering around trying to find somewhere to rest.” He shrugged and took another swig of the coffee, sighing as he lowered the cup again. ”I’ll help you look for somewhere to set up, though. What sort of area works best for a Borg alcove?” Well, those were words he had never thought he’d speak. Something she had said finally registered in his caffeine fuelled mind, giving him pause.

”You said you’ve been adding additional systems to yourself?” He asked, his voice carrying a note of curiosity. ”I would imagine that would put a strain on your power system. I’m not surprised you need an additional power pack. I would think that could be dangerous, running additional components that your system wasn’t designed for.” Ekon took another long sip of the coffee as he thought about what she had said. ”How are you for power at the moment? I’m guessing a nap would hardly help regenerate your non-organic component.” Non-organic components. The best way he could think of to say Borg implants without the guarantee of hostility in his voice. Six might only be an Ensign, but she still outranked him, and so he would ensure he was at least not openly hostile towards the woman, if woman she was. The implants that were visible on her face, coupled with the talk of additional components and power packs, left him struggling to see her as anything other than another drone. A Borg puppet.

He tried to shake off the sentiment as they set off, heading down the corridors with Six in the lead, in search of a suitable location to begin setting up her regeneration alcove. Eboh silently wondered just what he had gotten himself into as they made they way through the corridors. As they moved, Eboh felt as though he should at least try to learn something about the woman he would be working with, anything to try and make her seem more organic and less a part of the collective in his mind. His mind works, fuelled by the coffee and struggling through the fog of fatigue, though he came up with little besides what she’d already mentioned about Voyager. He decided it was better than nothing.

”So you were on Voyager?” Eboh asked, his Nigerian accent carrying a hint of curiosity, ”Is that when you were freed from the collective?” Like many of the crew, he’d heard about Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant to some degree, and couldn’t help but be a little intrigued at speaking to someone who had been on the ship.

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

“Well, I’m figuring out the layout myself,” said Six. “I understand if you don’t know a thing about this vector.

“What sort of area works best for an alcove?” she said in response to Eboh’s question. “What I have in mind was something out of the way, someplace small. In this case, however, being this vector contains the secondary computer core, I would like to set up somewhere within proximity. That way, I can uplink with the computer or help to provide updates. It’ll also suffice using the space as an additional forensics lab, considering this deck is where the labs are. Of course, spare quarters would help, too. Might have to head to the deck below to find spare quarters if it becomes likely, somewhere below the secondary computer core. I rarely have use for a bed, only when the occasion calls for it.

“It does put a strain on my system, now that you mention it,” she said to his inquiry about power systems. “I may have to come up with a second booster pack if worse comes to worse. But I think it rather drains my bodily energy, increases my fatigue, like a mobile computer that’s disconnected for too long. It’s not necessarily dangerous, only if I run out of energy.

“I’m doing fine on power at the moment,” Six added when Eboh addressed it, patting the small of her back, where her booster pack is. “My booster pack does well as a substitute for my alcove. It has enough energy to power a runabout. Crap, if I pushed its limits, it could power a scout ship, a Defiant at most. It’s designed to keep me powered for a long time, but it does lose power. You do have a point that a nap would hardly help regenerate my implants, but it helps the body a great deal. I may have to come up with a second booster pack sometime for additional power with my new enhancements. Until then, caffeine will sustain me, prevent my fatigue.”

After a few moments, he asked about Voyager. Six smiled. She could understand if he wanted to ask something that didn’t involve enhancements to her person.

“I was,” she said. “And in a way, I was freed from the Collective. I was a child when Voyager came along. The Borg vessel I was on had all the adults killed by a virus. Only children survived, including a friend of mine and a fellow Brunali, Icheb. I stayed on Voyager when I learned that some of my people intended to use Icheb as a biological weapon; they developed the virus that killed the adults. I stayed with him, and we both enrolled in Starfleet.

Voyager was where I was raised,” she continued with nostalgia. “I grew up getting to know plenty of people. Neelix, Tom Paris, Harry Kim, B’Lanna Torres, Doc…Voyager’s EMH, by the way…and most especially Kathryn Janeway. The one I was closest to was Seven of Nine, although some other people prefer to know her as Annika Hansen, her original human name. She was my mentor; I named myself Six in honor of her. My real name is Noor.

“Yes, Voyager was the ship of my childhood. I will never forget my friends there. I certainly will never even forget Neelix’s storytelling…and his coffee blend,” she added, raising her cup almost in a toast to his memory.

“My previous posting was on Starbase 84, but I helped in the evacuation to the Theurgy. I never did feel a sense of belonging in my previous postings…until coming aboard the Theurgy. It’s a fitting ship to serve on; it’s a ship of outcasts…like me. I’ve always been an outcast since the Academy. Here on Theurgy, I feel I can find a place of belonging here. Voyager was my home as a child. But I’ve grown up. Theurgy can be my new home, where I can mature fully, and I hope I can help its cause wherever possible.”

Six turned back to Eboh and smiled warmly.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh listened as Six told him about her time growing up on Voyager, finding her quite forthcoming. He found that to be a  surprising trait for a Borg drone to have adopted, having expected her to be more withdrawn and secretive. Eboh remained silent for a long moment once she had finished, concluding her narrative by voicing the hope that she could assist the Theurgy in it’s cause. For his part, Eboh wasn’t sure what to think in regards to the Theurgy. On the one hand, the Cayuga had been saved by the actions of Theurgy’s Vector 03. On the other, they were still branded as traitors by Starfleet and the Federation. Having worked with some of the Theurgy’s crew, he didn’t know what to believe. He supposed he had better make a decision on the matter sooner rather than later, since he was now aboard the Theurgy’s Vector 02.

”If I’m being honest, I still don’t know what I feel in regards to the Theurgy.” Ekon rumbled in his deep, accented voice. ”The Cayuga was on an exploration mission, and had been in the Azura Nebula for some time. I know little about what has been going on, though we all heard that the Theurgy and her crew had turned traitor. Now, having been assisted by the Theurgy and fought alongside her crew, I must admit that I don’t know what to think.” Ekon turned his attention back to the drone, having to tilt his head forward to regard the woman who was a good foot shorter than himself. He found that she was smiling up at him, though her ocular implant served to take some of the warmth out of the smile.”In truth, the Theurgy has proven to be quite a surprise. So far I’ve run into old friends, talented officers, a fair number of interesting personalities, and even a former Borg drone.” Eboh gave Six a wry smile as he added the last comment, still unsure what to think of the former Borg. It felt a bit strange to hear her refer to herself by her real name, the implants that were visible on her face leaving him feeling that the numeric-based name fit better.

”Is there any particular reason that you chose to stick with a numeric name rather than adopting “Noor” once again after you left the collective?” Ekon asked, a hint of curiosity audible in his tone. That sort of devotion to a mentor seemed a bit extreme, he thought, and he was left wondering if there was another reason for the name “Six”. ”Being removed from the collective must have been quite a shock. How old were you when you were removed by Voyager?”

As they rounded a bend in the corridor, Eboh realized he had lost track of where they were. ”Do you know where we’re going? I don’t know the first thing about this Vector’s layout. Perhaps we should check an LCARS station for a map and figure out a suitable place to start working on your alcove?”

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

“I understand your opinion, Eboh,” said Six. “The fact is, they saved me and my friends when Starbase 84 came under attack. I helped to get people out. In a way, it’s another reason for sticking around the Theurgy: A sense of gratitude.

“Now that you mention the Cayuga,” she added, “I don’t know whether or not you were noticing, if you were on the Aerowing with Lieutenant Martin…I helped contribute to making the odds better when we fought the Asurians. You see, there was an Asurian ship…impounded in Vector Three’s shuttle bay. You see, I’m something of a hacker, though unofficially. In any case, I was able to access communication systems by hacking into the one in the bay and sent viruses by means of hailing frequencies. Just small, simple ones, the kind to cause confusion. Like, I sent a frequency with one ship containing new coordinates. Set it on a collision course with a saucer dead in the water.”

She smiled at the memory, then added, “Of course, don’t assume I singlehandedly pulled it off. Others on the Theurgy helped make the odds better, and some of them in particular came on the Allegiant. Lieutenant Yukimura, Ensign Mariner, even Petty Officer t’Jelliau, who would likely give Tom Paris a run for his money.”

When Eboh asked why she stuck with a numeric rather than a name, Six responded, “As I said, I went by ‘Six’ in honor of Seven of Nine. She was my mentor, in many ways, and the closest friend I ever had. Heck, she was the closest thing I had to a sister. If you got to know Seven long enough…in any case, plenty of people can vouch for her, from Voyager. Especially Janeway.

“It was a shock, to be removed from the Collective, at first,” she said on her removal from the Collective. “Then again, all the adults on the ship I was on were killed, so it wasn’t as big of a shock as it was to Seven. As to how old I was…”

She pondered briefly.

“…fifteen, sixteen. Must’ve been five years ago, but I still haven’t forgotten it. Still, as I indicated, Voyager was the home where I was raised. Theurgy is a ship I can mature. And it’s also a ship where there are others like me: outcasts. At least I can an outcast with this crew.”

When Eboh asked about the location, Six answered, “A LCARS station is a good idea, but I got the layout in my head. Literally.”

She tapped a head with a smile and began accessing the deck information.

“We’re near the biology lab,” she said after a moment. “Just a couple of yards away. Why don’t we proceed to the deck below? The vector’s quarters are down there, we could look for some spare quarters. Preferably for me, I’d rather find one within proximity to the computer core above. If you need quarters, there could be a spare place for you as well.”

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh listened as Six suggested that they head down one deck to find a suitable location. Eboh nodded his silent agreement with the drone and headed off towards the turbolifts. ”I’m not all that concerned about finding quarters just yet, ma’am. I’m sure they’ll be assigning some to the new arrivals soon enough.” Eboh told her as they walked, slowing his pace as he realized that Six’s shorter form would have to work harder to keep up with his larger strides. ”Once we get to the next deck you’ll have to lead the way. You’re the map, after all.” Eboh told her as they stepped into the turbolift. He absently wondered if she’d take offense to the last part of what he said as the doors hissed shut. ”Deck ten.” Eboh said, giving the turbolift their destination. The large man turned his attention back to the drone as the lift hummed into motion. ”So you want a room close to the computer core. Can you see in your system if there are any free rooms in the area?” Eboh had no idea if he phrased the question properly, being unsure of what to call her systems. He figured she’d know what he meant.

Eboh had leaned against the wall for the short turbolift trip, and as the lift reached Deck 10, he pushed himself off the wall. As the turbolift doors hissed open, Eboh gestured with one hand, indicating Six should go first. ”Ladies first.” Eboh still wasn’t sure he saw Six as anything but a drone, but at the very least the gesture would allow he to move through the corridors with her in plain sight, rather than her being behind him. She may be free from the collective, but Eboh still wasn’t sure how far he trusted the half-mechanical Ensign Six.

OOC: Sorry for the short reply. I'm a bit braindead today, but didn't want to hold things up too much.

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

“Well, I can check,” said Six, answering Eboh’s query. “Hopefully, there’ll be a free one at least near it, not necessarily under it. I hope ships don’t mind claims for quarters…as they call them on Earth, ‘taking dibs.’ I might just take up residence; where I was living on the Theurgy was more of a forensics lab.”

Six smiled at Eboh’s gesture. It’s nice of him playing gentleman. She checked her systems for spare quarters as close as possible to the secondary computer core once she departed the turbolift.

“Checking now,” she said, analyzing the deck. She blinked in surprise at once point.

“Whoa…the Captain’s quarters are on the same deck?” she said. But she shrugged. “It’s okay, it’s nowhere near the computer core. Still, it’ll be nice to know the Captain would be something like a neighbor down the way. Well, the Captain or the ranking officer commanding the vector.”

A moment later, Six found the quarters she was looking for. Unoccupied and within proximity of being under the computer core. Highly unlikely there’d be quarters directly underneath it. Maybe something else.

“Found them,” she said with a smile. “A dozen meters away from the turbolift. Currently unused, too. And within proximity to the computer core. It’s perfect. If it’ll be close to the turbolift, that’ll mean I could be on hand within a moments’ notice. And if the Captain’s quarter’s is a way down the deck, at least I don’t have to travel a few decks to see him…or her, depending on which sex Captain Ives is, or depending on the sex of the ranking officer in the Captain’s absence.”

Proceeding down the dozen meters, Six found them and opened the doors in glee. She smiled at the sight. It was definitely perfect. They were just like her quarters back in Starbase 84…except here on the Theurgy, they were slightly bigger. But they do the junior officers like Six just fine.

“Oh, this is lovely,” she said. “Just the perfect place to call home, a home to mature and fully grow. The bed may have to go, but with a few touches, it’ll be perfect.”

She moved the bed to one side, after tilting it, moved the sitting area and knelt at a corner near the work station.

“Here it is, the perfect place for a regeneration alcove. It’s excellent, I can get to work once my regeneration cycle is finished.”

She extended an arm and injected her tubules inside. As disconnected from the Collective as they all were, the nanoprobes still acted like how they do in the function of a drone, disconnected or otherwise. They began the work of the alcove within an instant.

Looking back up at Eboh, Six gave a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, Eboh,” she said reassuringly, “the nanoprobes are linked only to me. One can do a variety of things with Borg nano-technology. Just ask Seven of Nine. Or Tom Paris; his Delta Flyer is enhanced with nano-technology, courtesy of Seven. The possibilities are limitless…provided they remained disconnected from the Collective.

“It’ll take a while for the alcove to assemble,” she added, rubbing her hands. “I feel like whetting my whistle, as they say on Earth. Not to mention I’ll still need the caffeine. The Whetstone Lounge looks like a good place. You can join me if you wish,” she added with a friendly, cordial offer.

OOC: I have been studying the deck layout of the Theurgy to get as much information as I can. Studying the layout of the junior officer's quarters has given me a good idea of what they could look like, and how it would appeal to Six. Also, in studying the layout of the Theurgy, it's safe to assume the officer's quarters, as well as the captain's, are close to the horizontal turbolift system, but I'm assuming the captain's quarters are nowhere near the secondary computer core in its lowest level in the deck above.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh watched with a mixture of fascination and revulsion as Six set her nanoprobes to work, his reaction stemming from both at the nanoprobes themselves and from seeing Six’s injection tubules put to work. He’d seen a lot of friends lost to an injection from such tubules, and the sight reminded him that the woman before him, if indeed she was a woman with all the technology within her, was indeed a drone. A drone who was independent of the collective, he reminded himself.

Her words certainly weren’t those of a drone. Pleasant and friendly would be an accurate description, and possibly a bit naïve. He couldn’t help but smile as she spoke of her desire to “wet her whistle”, and let out a deep chuckle as she felt the need to mention that it was an Earth saying. She then continued on to invite him to join her, leaving him uncertain. He reminded himself that they were both serving aboard the same ship, and that he would need to be able to work with her should they be tasked to the same operation. That silent reminder prompted him to nod at the dark skinned drone who stood peering up at him.

”The Whetstone Lounge is a nice place, ma’am. I had a drink there shortly after we came aboard.” He admitted, crossing his arms as he regarded the diminutive Ensign. ”I think perhaps I will join you, at least for one drink.” He gave the woman a slight smile as he added, ”And for the record, ma’am, you don’t need to tell me the expression is from Earth. I grew up on Earth’s African continent.” Eboh took a step closer to the Ensign, glancing at the nanoprobes going about their work. ”Is there anything else you wish to do here? Or should we leave those… machines… to their work.” His distaste for the nanoprobes was evident in his tone. ”I will not lie to you, ma’am. Being in the same room as them gives me the creeps.”

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[Ensign Six | Corridors | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

“I think I’m good here,” said Six. “We’ll leave the nanoprobes to their work. And I understand if seeing them work can creep you out; I’ve heard something similar back in the Academy.”

Six took a liking to Eboh, despite he had a grudge against the Borg. In any case, he was a polite sort of individual. She can understand if he was glad to be back on the Cayuga with Lieutenant Martin.

She turned and proceeded to the turbolift. On the walk and on the wait for the turbolift, she spoke to Eboh.

“I have to say, it’s been good to serve with you, even if we’ve come from different posts. I’ll understand if you’ll be glad to be back on the Cayuga. I have to say, I will miss Lieutenant Martin. He’s the nicest individual I’ve ever encountered. I like him. I’d regard him more as a likeable uncle, of course,” she added with a smile.

When the turbolift arrived and they stepped in, Six ordered, “Deck Thirteen,” then continued talking to Eboh.

“I have to say, I’ve never been to Africa on Earth. It must be fascinating,” she said. “Probably depends. Some places on different planets can be beautiful, others fascinating, others downright ugly. But there’s no denying there’s good seen in every different world.”

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh listened to Ensign Six prattle on as they rode the turbolift to Deck 13. As he listened he couldn’t help but wonder how the Ensign could be so talkative when she must receive a great deal of abuse similar to what he’d seen in the Fighter Assault Bay when they’d come aboard. Perhaps it was a coping mechanism. Regardless, Eboh listened patiently as she spoke about Lieutenant Martin and then the beauty of different worlds. As he leaned against the wall of the turbolift, he felt a fresh wave of fatigue settle over him, leaving his body feeling heavy and his mind sluggish. He needed to find a place to sleep soon.

It was with great effort that Eboh pushed himself off the wall as the turbolift slowed and then came to a halt, turning to glance at Six as the doors hissed open to reveal the corridor beyond. ”After you, ma’am.” Eboh said, gesturing for the Ensign to exit ahead of him. The gesture was once again being made out of a mixture of politeness and mistrust, the sight of Six injecting her nanoprobes into the outlet in her quarters having left him uneasy. In his exhausted state, Eboh couldn’t help but glance down as Six exits the turbolift ahead of him allowing his eyes to take in the Junior Officer’s form. She certainly looked like a woman, all those shapes and curves, though Eboh couldn’t help but wonder for a moment how much of her was organic and how much had been replaced with machine. It was only a moment before a mild panic gripped him as he realized what he was doing.

Snap out of it Eboh! What are you doing? He mentally scolded himself as he gritted his teeth and shook his head. Were you really just checking out the drone? You must be more exhausted than you thought… Eboh made sure he kept his eyes focused on the corridor in front of them as he followed Six out of the turbolift, though his curiosity got the better of him at one point as he cast a sideways glance at the diminutive, semi-cybernetic woman walking beside him. I really need sleep… Eboh told himself again as they went, worried that he might say something inappropriate and regrettable to the drone if he didn’t rest soon.

”This will be my second time going for a drink today,” Eboh told Six with a chuckle as they drew nearer to the Whetstone Lounge, ”or at least since we came aboard. I’ll have to watch myself. The crew may start to think I’m a drunk if I keep coming here so often!”

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[Ensign Six | Entrance to the Whetstone Lounge | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife

Six laughed at Eboh’s comment.

“Well, you never know,” she said, chuckling with him as she shrugged slightly. “I wouldn’t be sure how many people would’ve seen you when you dropped by last. And I’m sure one doesn’t get drunk all to frequently; if that’d be the case, it’d be in choice of drink, and in our case, we both would need coffee.”

She extended a hand for a handshake.

“I have to say, it was good to serve with you,” she said. “You have an excellent posting on the Cayuga, and you definitely have an excellent superior officer in Captain Ziegler. I can only hope that I get to see her former superior someday. Captain Ives I can count among the great captains of our time, including Picard, Janeway and Sisko, and however much I can help, I can gladly contribute.

“Don’t know where we might end up after our respective drinks,” she added. “Who knows? We might see each other next on the Allegiant.”

And with that, she entered the Whetstone Lounge. It was a nice layout, and it seemed a good place for a sociable experience. Not to mention a good amount of caffeine she would need.

Something at the mention of Captain Ives gave her an inkling, and she checked the deck layout of the Theurgy with her ocular implant. It certainly surprised her to see it fully; she didn’t check it out thoroughly enough to realize most of Deck 10 on Vector Two took up mostly Senior Officers’ quarters, including for departmental heads. The odds that she found quarters suited for junior officers within proximity to the secondary computer core in a deck mostly for senior officers, departmental heads, even for the Captain, would be a crapload of a near impossibility; such odds were astronomical.

Then again, she may not have been looking thoroughly enough at the layout, and began wondering if she started setting up her alcove in the wrong quarters, perhaps somebody else’s quarters; she didn’t get a good enough look inside.

She shrugged, and with a wink, resumed normal vision in her ocular implant. If she had screwed things up in finding a place for an alcove, she can sort it out later. She’ll check a little more thoroughly as to who occupied where on Deck 10 on Vector Two. And she would have to do a lot of explaining.

Right now, what she needed was some caffeine. Lots of it. Enough to keep her bodily systems going without getting drained by her new enhancements, at least until she can get back to her alcove. And being in the Whetstone Lounge certainly provided a good social opportunity for her, to get to know other crew of the Thuergy, perhaps some of its original crew.

OOC: To point things out, I had written Six's new quarters in before the Theurgy deck layout was updated. The old layout listed junior officers quarters on Deck Ten Vector Two being on the same deck as senior officers' and the Captain's. The new update showed that Deck Ten on Vector Two consists of the Captain's Quarters, Departmental Head's Quarters, and Senior Officer's Quarters. The idea that Six had potentially set up her alcove in the wrong quarters or in quarters occupied by somebody else by mistake can be left up to any future supplemental ideas. In addition, it may be likely to be close to the end of this supplemental, as things continue in the Whetstone Lounge for Six in "A Drone and A Wolf Walk Into A Bar."

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0625 hrs. ] Grudge and Seek

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Corridors | Deck 09 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Multificionado

Eboh hesitated for a moment before extending his own hand to shake Ensign Six’s. Having seen Six deploy her nanoprobes to start constructing the regeneration alcove not long before, the idea of make physical contact with her was hardly a pleasant one. Still, it wouldn’t due to be overtly rude to the junior officer. Eboh briefly shook the drone’s hand, fighting the urge to cringe as his hand touched hers. ”It was… interesting… to serve with you, ma’am.” Eboh said before releasing the drone’s hand.

Six made mention of their respective drinks, giving him the impression that they would be seated at separate tables. That suited him just fine. Eboh couldn’t help but wonder at the fact that the Ensign would invite him for a drink, then once they got to the doors of the lounge shake his hand, wish him well and speak words that sounded oddly like a dismissal. It’s probably for the best, Eboh, The CPO thought to himself, you need sleep more than you need coffee at this point.

”To be honest, ma’am, I think I’ll give the lounge a pass and find somewhere to sleep for a few hours.” Eboh informed her, taking a step back and turning to leave. ”The events of the past week have started to catch up with me.” Eboh nodded a farewell to the drone. ”Enjoy your drink, ma’am.”

With that, Eboh turned as set off down the corridor. His expertise as a member of operations were not needed at the moment, and he felt the need for sleep far more than for social interaction. The large El-Aurian hybrid let out a loud yawn as he made his way down the corridor towards the turbolift in search of somewhere to rack out for a few hours.


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