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CH02: S [D06|0020] Amity

Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0020 hrs. ] Amity

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Corridors > Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
After having offered to help the Ensign named Jaya Thorne back to her quarters, Liam soon walked slowly next to Ji - heading for her quarters on her insistence.

Perhaps she wanted to play the host? Oh, Liam was quite certain how embarrassed he'd feel about being 'pampered'. Hopefully that wasn't her intention. It was not hard to forget about that pending predicament, however, when walking the corridors of the Sword, which showed clear signs of battle. He would do nothing rather than to solider on and help out in the repairs, but the Doctor had been clear on how they both needed to rest, and after the years on the Resolve, Liam knew how soldiering on could lead to even worse consequences down the line. In fact, he had technicians that reported to him, so he knew for a fact that it was important to do what the teal-collared people in Sickbay said. Doctor Lyhn had been adamant, and he'd seen people develop permanent limps from not taking care of themselves.

Odd, to think that Doctor Lyhn is actually dead...

Shying away from those thoughts, those bittersweet memories of dead ones he'd served with for three years, Liam glanced towards Ji, wondering what she was thinking when they saw the aftermath of the battle with the Klingons. He knew not what she'd seen on the voyage on the Theurgy so far, but if he'd heard it right, the Theurgy had been on the run for five months by ten, starting in November of 2380. In fact, he'd never asked her about those first months, much less what had happened during that Niga incident of theirs, which sounded like true nightmare. The Resolve ended quite a deal of its own unique situations, but... Rapey pheromone-zombies, 'pollinating' you? Turning you into one of them? No thank you. Sounds even worse than the Borg. No disrespect to those on the Niger, of course...

"I'm sorry for kissing you like that in the middle of Sickbay," he said, glancing at her as he cleared his throat with a small smile. "Well, actually, I am not. But, you know. I didn't know if you and I had sorted things out well enough for that. I realised, belatedly, that you might be pretty mad at me still, and the last thing you wanted to do was... well, that."

Soon enough, they reached Ji's quarters.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Heading to Ji Quarters | Post Sickbay | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

Walking beside Liam on the way to her Quarters was something else.  After that kiss, the one in sickbay, the one where everyone was watching... she felt a bit odd.  Not bad, though, just that she had finally figured out what he meant in the Storage Room.  When their mutual tempers were heated and they couldn't seem to understand one another.  In Sickbay he had kissed her long, slow, and the kind of burn that resonated in her stomach and built up from there.  The kind that was so tender and gentle it wasn't one that was meant to lead to something else, but instead, it lead to just the warmth of knowing you belonged in that person's arms.  She still could feel it on her lips, the way he held her gently, preciously.

Ji could never remember being held like that.

As they walked side by side, her hand linked in his own, fingers intertwined she was rather quiet.  Her mind racing and replaying the various conversation pointers in the Storage room and the things done in Sickbay.  She really hoped she hadn't embarrassed herself with anything that was likely to follow her around but she had a gut feeling she had done more than that.  She could hold her liquor better than a Klingon but one hypospray and she was shouting about kittens from colonies on Earth that no longer existed.  It was going to follow her, she wouldn't be surprised if video footage wasn't already making it's way from PADD to PADD while she tried to help Liam rest and heal on doctors orders. 

Liam spoke to her and pulled her from her thoughts on the embarrassing things she had said and done under the influence.  Dark eyes shifted up and over to the tall blonde male.  He was really good looking, and Ji found herself feeling rather lucky that he had somehow picked her.  Somehow.  He apologized for kissing her in Sickbay, causing her dark brow to rise in a high arch on her forehead.  Unsure of why he would think it was necessary to apologize for something that she had just fought hard for.  That was what she had been trying to get across to him in the Storage room.  That she would not be hidden.  She didn't want to walk down the halls of the ship as though they didn't know each other.  Or that they weren't together.  That was shit and she refused to do it.  On the Fighter Assault bay, she could understand, those men needed to have the proper respect but she didn't want to run away like a shameful teenager from the man she was dating just because a mechanic came into the Mess Hall during snack time.

“You are?” she asked, because she was honestly confused as to why he would be sorry.  He went on to explain that he actually wasn't but hadn't been sure where they stood relationship wise.  Realizing that she might not have wanted the kiss in the first place with them having unresolved issues.  Ji couldn't help the chuckle that bubbled up on her lips.  They paused outside her Quarters and she palmed the door panel sending it to open for the both of them.  She wasn't sure where Solessia was, but she wasn't here, her door was shut and there was no music coming from her side of the room.  I hope she's safe, where ever she is. she thought to herself as the door closed behind them sealing the two of them off from the rest of the ship.

“I didn't mind the kiss, for the record.  I think that's where we misunderstood each other.  I don't mind being professional and keeping a distance on the Flight Deck.  But, in our every day lives, off Deck, I don't want to hide.  That's stupid.” she admitted to him turning to face him as she looked up at him craning her neck back a bit so that she could look into his pretty blue eyes.  “I just was afraid you preferred to keep me in the dark all the time.  I want to be a part of your life, a full part, but I understand what you mean, now, about the Flight Deck.”

Ji went over to the replicator and got herself a bottle of water twisting the cap off of it she swallowed half of it before she headed back to Liam.  “You're supposed to take it easy, you want the bed, or the couch?” she asked noticing that he was still standing and that wasn't going to do for being easy on the knee.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
While he looked at her profile, whilst she drank that water she'd replicated, Liam thought of her words, and how it had all just been a misunderstanding. Of course he didn't want to keep her hidden, the only real problem for them being that Covington might have a bit of an adverse opinion about them. Her question, however, took him a bit off guard.

Perhaps he was thinking too much, and also reading too much into her alternatives. On one hand, they had just had a bit of an argument, and at the same time, she was adamant that they would not try to hide their relationship off duty. Then again, it was also the simple consideration that she was thinking about his knee, and the doctor's orders. It made Liam hesitate, while he put most of his weight on his good leg, running a hand through his hair. His eyes darted towards the closed door of the roommate, and then glanced towards the couch, which was set in the common room between the two separate NCO quarters.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'd prefer the bed," he said, clearing his throat, but didn't limp that way yet. "I wouldn't like to inconvenience your roommate, if she were to bring a friend and I occupied the shared area for them. Moreover, I..."

Liam chuckled, the truth of it plain enough. "I'd rather sleep with you than on the couch, honestly." He limped over to her, and ran his hand through her dark hair, smiling. "After almost being killed by Klingons, getting drugged out of our minds and all that, on top of that silly argument we had, I'd feel better with you next to me."

He ran his hand behind her neck where she stood by the replicator, putting the other on on the bulkhead for support. Looking into her eyes, his own were creased in the corners with his smile. "I'm sorry we had to argue to make ourselves understood, and I am especially sorry for hurting you, by not being able to express myself well enough. You're everything a guy could dream of, and I feel like an idiot for almost ruining it. I did honestly think you wanted to fool around in the weapon storage room, moron that I was, even though Sithick was just on the other side of the shelves. Actually, did you even see that he was there?"

After hearing her reply, Liam chuckled lightly and kissed her forehead, before hugging her close to his chest. "You know what else's funny?" he asked, decided to tease her a little. "You, in sickbay. I mean... the things coming out of your mouth? Did you see the nurses that came by a second time just to look and laugh while you danced?"

Then he laughed, finding it fun to tease her just a little bit.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

He preferred the bed.

So did she.

A smile crossed her face as he went through his hair.  He was so good looking, there were moments that she was wholly unsure how they had bonded.  But, she was glad they were giving it a chance.  They both seemed to be willing to shoot for exclusivity and she was rather enjoying the fact they were still getting to know each other.  Liam Herrold had a strong mind and she was excited even more so now to work beside him.  Some might think it would be daunting working along side someone you were romantically involved in.  Perhaps so, if the members of that union were immature.  She had no doubt that she and Liam could handle it and enjoy the closeness as it grew. 

He answered her question about where he wanted to go.  Stating he would prefer her bed because of Solessia and how he would feel bad if he was taking up the common area and she was unable to use it.  A wry smirk crossed the young Korean woman's face.  He might have used that as an excuse and it was a good one... Liam was being soooo considerate of a woman that probably wouldn't have shown him the same consideration.  Still, she had a feeling that he was stating her bed because he preferred the privacy that the wall and door would offer them. 

She could be wrong, but she doubted it.

“Is that so?” she teased taking another sip of her water as he finally came out with a bit more of the truth.  How he would much rather spend the night with her in the comfort of her bed than on a couch.  He was very tall and she doubted that he could spread out and get comfortable on the couch easily.  “I suppose in your condition I could see fit to share my bed with you, just this once.” she chuckled softly.

It was nice, after their fight, to just.. be them again.  To remember how well they worked together and how well they seemed to get along.  She was glad that they had worked things out though she wasn't sure that everything was completely fixed back up.  But, they had a better understanding of each other at this moment anyway and that was key.  Was finding the common ground they had once shared and building themselves back up.  They were still new, very much in that 'getting to know you' stage.  Neither of them professing deep feelings or the like as it was far too soon for that though if Ji was asked she would say that she could see herself being able to fall for him.  It would happen, over time, given the time.  However Sae Ji was in no hurry.

He was there in front of her now, as she sipped her water and brushed his large calloused hand through the silken strands of her hair.  Pausing in her actions because there was something about his touch that elicited all her attention.  As it had in the Valravn, as it had in Sten's office, and as it had the night she had spent in Liam's bed.  So many times together, and each one was just as special as the last.  Eventually, that honeymoon phase would wear off but for now she was fully enjoying all the time she was able to steal from him.  Getting his knee blown out, being hopped up on pain killers herself, had killed the tension growing between them and given them equal footing once more.  She smiled as his words settled on her mind, mentioning their argument, and the fact that she had gotten sky high. 

“Hey... for a good time, apparently, send me to sickbay?” she chuckled softly a blush rising on her cheeks as she thought back to the none sense she was screaming and singing about when they were in Sickbay.  One good thing was, Nicander hadn't been there, but the other thing was … well .. she wasn't quite sure she could easily show her face around the Medical department so quickly.  She'd have to get over her embarrassment at some point but right now it was still sitting heavily in her gut.

He shifted leaning against the bulk head.  I need to get this idiot to bed.  his hand on the nape of her neck was nice, her hair was short and brushed the back of his hand all she cared about was that he was looking into her eyes, standing in her quarters, and was about to be sleeping in her bed.  He began to apologize for what happened in the weapons storage room.  How they shouldn't have had to fight but he honestly thought she had brought him in there for another round.  Her brow rose, because that wasn't at all what her plan had been.  Still, she supposed she could understand why he had thought it was such.  Swallowing heavily, he mentioned that Sithick had been in there. 

Ji's brow furrowed.  Sithick was there?  Where?  When?  How did I miss someone that size??  She was absolutely shocked.  When he asked her if she had known he was there she slowly shook her head back and forth.  “I think .. I was just so excited to seek you out I never even noticed him.  Thank God he wasn't a Klingon invader or one of those horned bastards.”  she whispered softly and sighed.  “No wonder you were mad.  I'm... I'm not an exhibitionist.  What happened in Sten's office wasn't a bout Sten, or .. having sex on deck.  It was just how you made me feel in that moment and I just wanted to be with you.  We're in a shit storm right now, any chance I get to be with you, I'm going to take it.  Though I'm going to shoot for having those off deck in the future.” she admitted with a soft chuckle. 

He leaned in and pulled her close.  The tension slowly bled out of her body as she leaned against him.  Resting against his chest.  Feeling the muscles there, enjoying the way that he held her and kissed her forehead.  She wondered, not for the first time, if he knew the significance of such a move in Korean culture.  He probably didn't.  It didn't matter.  She loved the things that simple move did to her.  He teased her then, a little, about all the shit she had spouted off in Sickbay.  Her face turning bright red as he admitted how funny it was.

“I can't believe I said something about Roman kittens and who knows what else.  I feel really embarrassed and I have a feeling that next shift the boys on deck are going to give me so much shit for it.” she chuckled and shrugged.  She didn't mind, that was what men did.  They gave each other shit for things and she would prefer that no one exclude her just because she was a woman.  “Come on, before I take your other knee out.” 

She lead him into her bedroom which hadn't changed at all since the last he was there.  Motioning to the bed so that he could sit down or get in, whatever it took to get comfortable for him.  There was no holoscreen in here but they could watch something on her PADD probably since there was no need to rush back to the deck at this moment.  “Are you hungry?  Thirsty?  Do.. you want to watch something on my PADD?” she asked as she came over to him once he got settled and fluffed the pillow behind him slightly before pulling the covers up over his legs so he could be as comfortable as possible. 

“I got really scared.” she admitted as she sat on the edge of the bed.  Right beside him, perched on the edge of the mattress.  “When I saw you go down.  When I saw you hurt.  All I could think about was... what if you had gone?   What if the last memory you had of me was of us yelling at each other.  I'm so glad you're okay.  There are only a handful of times in my life I have been as scared as I was in that room.  There you were.. pinned... the Klingons came in and...” she bit her lower lip and leaned forward resting her forehead against his.  “you're okay.” she said to herself and to him at the same time.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
When she had jested about letting him share her bed 'just this once', Liam had chuckled, just like when she - finally - realised that Sithick had been in the weapon storage while they met. Though he he'd hardly say he was 'mad' but rather perplexed at how... daring she had appeared. It was quite a relief to hear that she truly wasn't the kind of exhibitionist that he'd thought either, and that it has all just been a misunderstanding. She even said she understood how he'd thought she wanted another round after the... madness they had indulged in on top of Covington's desk. At the same time, he had been really into that as well, thinking that they were about to be assimilated at the hands of the Borg.

He supposed, as they walked to her part of the shared quarters, that while it had all been a misunderstanding, it had also come to illuminate and settle their work ethics on the deck.

Once in her bedroom, Liam took a deep breath and sighed in relief when he untied his jumpsuit from his waist, and let it drop to the deck. He seated himself on her bed whilst in his underwear, and leaned down to take care of his boots and socks. Finally, he could lie down and put the weight off his knee, and he couldn't quite help the noise of contentment that escaped him once he did. He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking that the feeling couldn't possible be better.

Yet then Ji came and pampered him, and he smiled to her, guessing he was wrong. He kept smiling to her while she leaned over him to fluff his pillow and covered him with her blanket. He just shook his head at her offers, quite content with just watching her where she sat next to him on the bed. His smile slowly faded when she talked about how scared she'd been on his part. The fear of dying, things remaining unresolved between them, the resolution yet to be found. She leaned down over him and came to rest her forehead against his. Seeing her like that, he couldn't help but run his arms around her waist. His his chest positively ached at seeing this dismay in her beautiful face.

"Hey," he whispered, stroking her back slowly, "It's okay. We both made it. Sithick and the Doctor was there. They wouldn't have let the Klingons harm us." It was the second time this Gorn technician on his team has helped them out, and if Liam could keep him, he definitely would. It was a temporary transfer, he knew, but perhaps Sithick wouldn't mind staying with them. It was a good feeling to have him with them, and the Petty Officer defied any biased opinions one might have about a Gorn engineer.

As far as good feelings went, however, Liam thought nothing quite compared with holding Ji - feeling this warm connection between them growing with every hour spent in her company. He stroked her back slowly, eyes having drifted shut, and just enjoying the closeness with her. When he spoke, he didn't have to speak loudly, as close as she was.

"I'm not too hungry any more," he said, since they had spoken about eating something when they left Sickbay. "As for your PADD... I'm not sure what could possibly compete with looking at you either."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

The mere thought, of losing Liam had sent her heart racing.  Knowing the kind of danger they had both been in, mostly him though.  He had nearly been crushed and they were completely lucky that it had landed on his knee and not his vitals.  Had it landed a few feet up it would have been a completely different situation.  She was glad that he wasn't dead though and only hurt.  It was hard to see him needing care; this man who was always quick with a smile and a supportive comment.  She had never been overly religious, but if she had been, she would be thanking God every day for the breath that filled his lungs and the light that continued to shine in his eyes. 

It was ridiculous to have such strong feelings for a man that she had only just started dating.  But, she supposed that just meant their connection was really strong.  She wouldn't sit there and call it love or something like that it was far too early for something like that.  But, she could tell that it would easily develop into something like that given more time and a chance to develop properly.

Her eyes had, at some point, closed.  So when she heard him call to her, the dark pools opened and looked directly into his sky blue eyes.  She could literally look at these forever, they were beautiful pools of wonder.  She loved how they twinkled when he laughed, and darkened when he was sad, mad, or worried.  She loved the way that they light up when inspiration hit or he saw something he liked.  She was fairly certain hers just consistently brown.  Though she was biased and didn't really pay attention nor did she spend that kind of time just staring at a mirror while events were going on in her life. 

He reminded her that Sithick and the Doctor had been there.  A soft smile rose on her cheeks.  “Yes, I know, I just.. I'm glad you're okay.” she admitted again.  His large firm hand moved up and down on her back comforting her even further than she had been earlier.  Honestly, she just wanted to curl up beside him but she also wanted to make sure that he was well cared for.  She could push through just about anything.  At least she wasn't spouting none sense any longer.  That had been a bit rough, she had been trying to put thoughts together, answer questions, and hold conversations but her mouth and her brain were not communicating properly.

Liam confessed that he wasn't too hungry anymore.  Her PADD while sounding nice would do nothing to hold his attention when he could just stare at her all day.  Ji's cheeks went bright red.  It was very rare that anyone saw this side of the Chief but Liam had a front row seat.  She smiled warmly, a bit taken back by his comment and yet at the same time something fluttered heavily in her chest.  Butterflies had left her stomach and taken residence in her heart.  Swallowing softly she tried to think about how she could change the mood.  He was in no place to make love to her and she wasn't sure that they should do anything strenuous.  Doctor's orders and all.

So she decided to take his mind off of it a little bit.  She rolled to the side, careful of his knee, so that she landed on the bed beside him with a bit of a crash and a smile on her face.  She twisted so that she lay on her face facing him.  Staring at him from her spot on the bed. 

“Now you can look upon my beautiful face alllll night until you grow so tired of it you fall asleep.” she grinned over at him.  Sliding herself closer she reached down for the blanket and pulled it over the both of them.  Knowing that after the day they had one of the other of them would likely fall asleep.  He had been far more hurt than she and she figured that he was likely the one in most need of sleep.  She was just glad he could do it here.  Softly as she lay only a breath from him her hand reached up to come through his light blonde hair to relax him and coax his body into a secure resting place.

“When you were a boy, what did you want to be when you grew up?  I don't think Mechanic on a massive starship was quite what little Liam dreamed of.  So I'm curious, what did you dream of back then.  I remember when I was younger, before I really got into mechanics, I wanted to join the circus.  Be one of those people that rode on the backs of elephants or used the trapeze to glide across the tent making people gasp with the amount of things I could do.  Which was a great dream, I used to practice on the stone walls on my way home from school.  Doing stupid tricks pretending that I was on a tight rope.  Which was fantastic until I slipped and fell when some stupid cat scared the shit out of me.  Skinned my shin from ankle to knee on the rough sides of the rock.  Limped home and told my parents.  My brothers nearly died laughing at me.  I figured I didn't have the grace for anything like the circus but that was before I found out how good it felt to fix shit.”

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
Having Ji so close was a blessing, the way she snuggled up to him and covering them both with the blanket, even though she was still wearing all her clothes. She couldn't be more adorable in the way she'd blushed at his compliment, and even though she might have wanted to do more, his compliment clearly having reached her, she'd said he could look at her all night if he wanted to. It make Liam smile and he turned his head where he laid on his back, raising a calloused hand to caress her face with the back of his fingers.

She spoke of his childhood dreams while he brushed her face with two fingers, slowly chiselling out her countenance in the dim light of her quarters. Ji spoke of the circus, and he stroked the side of her neck too. He could actually imagine her energy to fit right in with a circus, but she was far too intelligent to just be a performer. As much he told her.

"While I wouldn't mind seeing you in one of those outfits," he said with a light chuckle, "You'd be a wasted talent just preforming for the entertainment of others. You have far too much to offer than to settle for just that, even if it's nothing wrong with the circus. I'm just saying your wit wouldn't be stimulated, and there would be no deck crews to boss around. No fighters and no engines to fix. No hurt boyfriends to kiss."

Saying this, he leaned over and sealed his lips to hers, kissing her softly, but with great warmth. Once he parted from her, he realised she had asked the same question to him. "My dream was actually to do what I told you I did before Starfleet. I dreamed of racing rovers on Mars, and I got to do it a bit too," he said, and while he spoke, the hand that had stroked her cheek ran down to her jumpsuit, and he slowly unzipped it for her, all he way down to her lower abdomen, finding her entirely too overdressed for the bed. "The problem was that, while racing a land vehicle let you feel the speed in a way that you might never do in space, a rover can't be much more than just a rover. They are cool in their own league of machinery, but you know..."

Done with the front of her jumpsuit, his palm ran up her top and to her shoulder, coaxing the jumpsuit off it. His blue eyes followed the progress he was making, still lying on his back. "...a rover can never match spacebourne small craft. It was never enough, knowing that the rovers were about to become completely antiquated. Already, we have hovering speeders that match and even outmatch the rovers in terms of speed, but are inferior when it comes to steep hills, and are far more dangerous when descending slopes. They don't have the grip... the traction, to give you the sense of freedom that a rover can."

From where he laid, he couldn't do much more in terms of helping her undress, so he resumed caressing her neck and cheek with his fingers. "The next step was to take that freedom of traction... to flying. I might never have qualified for TacCONN, but I am doing what I love, since the greatest time I spent with my rover was fixing it, and upgrading it, until I always won in the races I participated in. Racing was always eighty percent about the machine, and twenty percent my driving skills. In the open dunes on Mars, the driving was pretty easy. It wasn't like street-racing, as you can imagine."

Having said this, a rueful glint came to his eyes. "I know what the doctor said," he intoned and the sudden embarrassment make him clear his throat, even as the need for her making his voice thick. "but it's not like I broke a hip. And... I keep hearing about make-up sex, but I have never been able to... verify the claim." With this said, he leaned closer again, smiling a bit mischievously as he kissed her anew.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji's Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

He was right.

The circus would have been no place for her but she had always fallen in love with the sheer magic of the performance.  The slight of hand, the lights, the music, the beauty that they could create underneath a massive tent with minimal equipment.  Of course, there were the high tech ones that used holoprogramming and other things to transport you far away and that it seemed you were sitting on clouds watching the trapeze artists flying through the sky without a single tether to keep them alive.  Even though you knew, mentally, that could not be the truth, it still made your heart leap every time.  She supposed it was just the excitement, the screams of the crowds, the cheers, that had made it so magical. 

“You're right.  It was nothing compared to later, when I found out about mechanics and flying.  I love both of them, so very much, though there is something satisfying about working with my hands every day.” she admitted softly while they were having a small talk here on her bed.  She smirked at his latter comment.  'Well, hurt boyfriends are apparently my specialty, I have a degree and everything, it's around here somewhere.” she waved her hand at the rest of the room but didn't make a move to get out of bed what so ever.

The kiss though, brought her hand back down slowly.  Cupping his strong cheek and finding her lips answering the call to dance.  Her body sliding closer, not because there was a heat building between them but because she loved being in his arms.  Careful though, always careful of his knee, she didn't want to cause him any harm and she didn't want to injure the leg again.  Her insides turned to jelly at his lips and she knew that if he continued to kiss her like that she would be nothing but putty in his hands.  Able to be molded in anyway that he desired.  She was a very strong woman when she needed to be.  However, with Liam she enjoyed being able to drop her tough exterior and just be the woman that was falling very quickly for the blonde haired mechanic.

The kiss ended, her body felt like it was floating.  She couldn't help the giddy smile that came to her face.  Ji had not really had a serious relationship since coming on board the Theurgy.  Not for the lack of trying but she had yet to find someone that she could jive with easily.  That understood her, and supported her, and did their best to make sure she was doing all right while also letting her be the strong woman that she was.  His hand slid down from her cheek and began to pull on the zipper to her jumpsuit.  The yellow fabric parting at his command showing the taut olive skin underneath as he freed it.  A bit of a chill brushed against the now exposed skin, even with the blanket the temperature change was noticed by her skin.

He spoke of Mars, of the rovers, of how it felt to drive them and how he had loved the feeling of the movement.  While there were far better things to drive for speed, and especially the art of flying in space, there was something good about the rovers.  How you could actually feel the speed, the ups and downs and how you moved so fast.  She smiled brightly listening to the way he spoke of all of it but remarking that the best part was just upgrading and fixing up his rover to be better than the last time he drove it in a race.  She knew that feeling.  She had always loved flying, but there was something to fixing, upgrading, and altering her crafts that always made it that much more fun.

His hand shifted upwards again and brushed the jumpsuit off her shoulder, she slid her arm out smoothly and caught the message that he felt it needed to be removed.  Ji gave him a bit of a grin and she shifted up a bit to get the other arm off before kicking the suit off and tossing it to the deck plating, laying in only her Starfleet issues underthings now under the blankets and next to the warmth of Liam.  His fingers on her cheek and on her neck and eyes that gave away what he really wanted long before he even opened his mouth to say the words.  A grin perked at her lips and her brow rose.

“You would defy the doctors orders by trying to get make up sex?” she teased as she rolled over on her stomach so that she was partially on top of him.  Her eyes, amused, danced with light as she looked down into his face.  He kissed her then, and Ji could feel the pull in her stomach, the one that told her she was not about to turn him down.  She would just have to do as much of the work as possible.  She didn't want him to over strain himself and hurt himself.  Her leg hooked up around his waist and without breaking the kiss she slid up so that she was straddling his hips as carefully as she could incase there was any lingering pain in the area.

As soon as she did, their kiss turned into a much heavier sort of kiss.  Full of passion, desire, and of course the apologies for the fight of earlier.  The misunderstanding that neither of them had really meant to have and yet the first fight for them had been a doozy.  Her misunderstanding, him misunderstanding, and both of them being highly stubborn and not about to let their points grow moot.  Now, there she was kissing him as though none of it had ever happened, and eager to expend a little energy to make everything right again. 

Ji broke the kiss, panting heavily, her eyes darted up to his blue eyes which were likely filled with the same desire as her own.  Without pausing at all, she ducked down and began to kiss and nibble at the long planes of his neck.  One arm holding her upright to minimize the amount of her slight weight she was putting on him, and the other was using it's hand to explore his chest, his tight stomach, and the other side of his neck which also needed attention.  She could feel him hardening underneath her.  Without his jumpsuit on there was little to hide himself with though she didn't mind in the least.  Ji reveled in the fact that she could do things like this to him.  That they were building something really amazing together.  Even though it was still new, and she didn't want to put a label on the emotions she felt for him just yet, she knew they were strong and headed up a quick incline to the motherland.

Her lips moved down from his neck and towards his chest.  Cutting a soft kissing plane down the center of it as her hands slid down with her.  Using the muscles of her stomach to hold herself aloft, they began to work to free him from the confines of his boxers.  Those were tossed somewhere in the room to be found another time.  Her dark eyes darted up to his to make sure that he was looking right at her when she decided to use her mouth in a very different area for the first time since they had met.  Toying with his hardened form and enjoying the moans of pleasure that came from his lips as she worked to pleasure him alone for long minutes.

She didnt let him finish though, no, that was to be saved for later.  Ji sat up straight, hovering over his legs so she didn't put a single ounce of her weight on his body she slid her sports bra off and to the floor before climbing back up to find his lips and take them as her own once more.  Using her central muscle mass to slip out of her underwear as well, she prepared for the make up sex that would hopefully blow Liam's mind.  As the kiss grew heated, she finally lowered herself down taking him within her allowing them to move together.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
When Ji had moved up to straddle his waist, and answered his kiss in full, Liam couldn't be more grateful about putting their contentions behind. The argument seemed so insignificant now, when sharing their warmth underneath the blanket. He had never been with a woman quite like Ji, and once more, he was amazed at how well they fit together, whilst trading heated kisses and letting their hands roam free. They were well past the point where he'd feel embarrassed or awkward, this bond between them strengthening with each moment shared.

Only she ceased returning his kisses quite soon, and he opened his eyes to see what her intentions were. She descended his body, kissing his corrugated abdomen, and at that point, he realised what she was up to. The blanket had hitched a ride down along with her, and he could witness her progress - the anticipation making his mouth dry. He was out of breath already from the thoroughness of their kissing, and of course his body had answered to hers. How could anyone not be enticed by having a woman like Ji so close, doing what she was to him? He met her eyes, and even though she'd mesmerised him with that look, he couldn't help but smiling to her, unable to phrase the gratitude beyond the response of his body. He wanted Ji in all ways she was willing to share with with him, and in their common need, he had learned that they did not just fit well together. Their preferences seemed to match as well.

So when she began to fellate him for the first time, all he could do was to try and conserve himself as best as he might, for beyond the sheer physical sensation of her ministrations, it was the fact that Ji did it to him that mattered most. His knee was well and truly forgotten, only reminding itself when he tried to move in answer to her motions, and his breathing was quick and shallow.

Ji seemed to notice how he wouldn't have lasted much further, since she stopped just in time. The sense of loss of her touch mattered naught, however, when she sat up. For not only did the blanket slide off her back, she also shed her last remaining clothing. The dim light in her quarters caressed her, and made him want to touch her, as if he didn't believe how beautiful she was. Soon enough, she had resumed kissing him, and he felt the taste of him in her mouth, telling him that he hadn't imagined any of it. This was no dream. She was right there, and wanted him as much as he wanted her.

When she came down unto him, it was as if the battle had never happened for Liam. With her, he forgot about the Klingons and the Borg, the mission and the abducted. Kissing her, and feeling her, there was nothing but what passed between him and Ji - the universe outside gone. All that mattered was the moment , and he lost himself in her. With his hands and his mouth traversing her undulating form, reality bled away. Dispersed by their shared heat, and need for more. This mix of generosity, greed and gratitude that possessed him.

When he couldn't last any longer, he could merely hope Ji was greedy enough to get what she needed from him, since he could do naught more than lie there, using his mouth and hands alone to show his feelings towards her - hoping it was enough. When the rapture seized him, his mouth left her chest, and he laid back down - his cry hoarse. His calloused fingers dug into her hips, and time stood still for so long. Oblivion complete.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji's Quarters |  Ji's Bed |  Disobeying Doctor's Orders |  Was Worth It]
@Auctor Lucan

There were moments that could bleed away reality.

The kind of moments where you were so lost in the current event that everything else just slipped away.  This was one of those times.  As they moved together, Ji doing the lion share's of the work this time to keep any additional strain off of his knee, they melded together.  All else faded.  The fact that just hours ago they were boarded by angry Klingon's.  The thought he might have nearly been crushed underneath heavy items.  The fact that before all of that had happened they had been in the midst of a heavy fight.  She didn't like fighting.  Ji had a lot of self confidence in many things but when it came to her love life one thing that Sten had done for her was give her a healthy dose of self consciousness.  Having believed him to be true and earnest in his life and finding out otherwise.  Being cast off a ship because of something that happened between them had scarred her in ways that left her terrified or at least heavily concerned that it would, not necessarily happen again, but perhaps similarly.

Now though, all of that was background, it was in the past, it was conquered history.  Small notations on the side of a page in a much larger novel that was only being started.  Their chapters were being written page by page, day by day, word by word.  Each of them evolving and forming a much larger story.  Other characters came and went in this novel of theirs, people that touched their lives but never in the same way that they touched each other's.  The connection that was spawning between the two Chiefs was something that she wished she could write home about.  Listen to her sister give her shit about and listen to her mother squeal in delight at the mere prospect of a son in law.

No, Ji was not thinking about marriage, it was far too soon for anything such as that.  They had not nearly dated long enough, but she knew her mother would.  The first man that Ji had seemed serious about in years and years. 

As they moved together, moans filled the void around them in sync.  Cries of each other's names, the smacking of hungry kisses, the sliding of hands against their skin.  There was the movements and the slight sounds of the bed being used in varying ways.  Both of them were hungry, and it was true that make up sex was something to behold.  As he finished within her, she felt her body clenching his own.  Answering the call of what he had built up inside her.  The release causing her body to shudder against his, mouth partly open as she gasped for the air around her, her body quaking as she allowed the muscles to finally relax.  Careful, again, always mindful, of his knee.  She did not want to return to the doctor with more issues and have to explain how it had all happened.

Gently, Ji rolled to the side so that she was beside Liam resting her head in the crook of his arm, that soft sweet spot that was just made perfectly for a small head like hers.  A very light sheen of sweat covered parts of her body.  They hadn't gone long enough for a heavy one but she knew they probably would if they had more time and it hadn't been so long.  She still remembered the heat of the holodeck when it had broken.  Carefully, with her foot she nudged the blanket up her leg and within grabbing range.  Too tired to actually lift her entire body up to grab it.  Her body was on strike at the moment and she was content to let it have it's day.

Once the blanket rested around their wastes she had caught enough of her breath that a smile crossed her face feeling his arms holding her.  Ji had to admit she truly enjoyed the after-sex part.  Sometimes even more than the sex.  Sex was great but afterwards she like the euphoria and the fact that there was just quiet pillow talk.  Both of them very much enjoying what they had created here.  The bond between them going even stronger than before.  First fights were difficult they could truly make or break a relationship.  She had been afraid theirs would break it.  A mere misunderstanding, it would have been a nightmare had she let it fester and destroy everything they had tentatively created together here.  She was glad for the both of them, working so hard to be understood and not just allowing their anger to take over.  It could have, easily, done so.  Especially in the high stress environment they worked and lived in, especially lately, with the attackers and all the near death experiences.  They were both alive, well, and together.  She could not ask for more. 

It was not lost on her that while some of the crew of the ships had been taken to some other ship, the Versant, she and Liam had been spared.  She gave a thought, a moment if you would, for all of those on the ship that had lost their other halves to the ship.  She hoped they would come back but who knew what the plans were and she could not imagine them being taken off the ship for their safety.  Those Fleeters that tended to get kidnapped never truly were the same. 

She was so comfortable against him, Ji knew that if she didn't try very hard she was going to lull herself to sleep.  The stress of the day, the lack of necessities, the fact that they had fought so hard and then Sickbay the woman found her body and mind growing weary.  Begging, nearly, for the oblivion of sleep but she hated wasting her time with Liam by being asleep.  She didn't want their only time together to be eating and sleeping -oh and sex.  She wanted it to be talking and experiences and so much more but she was no fool.  She knew that it wouldn't be long before she passed out and any nap was good – better with Liam.

“On our next holodeck excurssion.” she said sleepily as she snuggled into him, her one arm looped lazily over his midsection.  Her hair partially fell into her face, and some tucked errantly behind an ear.  Her eyes were only half open and she was fighting to keep them even at half-mast.  “I want to go to the beach.  Somewhere warm, with alcohol, and water, beach sand, and umbrellas.  I don't want to think about fighter engines and fixing the next damn ship.  I want to go and relax and sleep in one of those stupid cabins that is off the coast of a beach somewhere with only a dock to land.”

“I'll get you a rubber ducky float.  Annnd I can have a unicorn float and we'll just float, and drink, and not be here.” she chuckled softly a tired smile on her face as she imagined Liam in his swim trunks with an umbrella drink floating in a giant duck chained to a giant unicorn on the waves of some holodeck ocean island.

“Maybe one day we can go to do a rover race on Mars?  Think you could pilot a two-seater for a good time?” she asked as one of her hands rose up and rubbed wearily at her eyes a long yawn stopped whatever she was going to say next before she snuggled down into him again. 

Things were good.  They wouldn't stay this way, that was the nature of the Theurgy, but in this moment, it was good.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
It took Liam a long time to recover both breath and mind from what Ji had done to him, delirious long after Ji had settled down next to him and covered them with the blanket. It had been a long day, all things considered, but the end of it had been theirs to share.

Feeling her next to him, in the winded aftermath, and knowing that the feelings he had for her was shared, reminded Liam that there was something good to fight for still, even if the odds were against their crew. Despite the hurt, and the pain, and the doubts, not to mention the losses of others held dear, Ji was right there, next to him, wanting to be with him. He wasn't sure where his mind would be at if he had remained alone, but right then, he felt that there was hope still.

He raised his hand and began to run his fingers through her hair where she laid, his fingertips grazing across her temple and her neck, enjoying the sensation of her her silken hair running between his fingers. Meanwhile, she spoke of the next time they could go to the holodeck, and her wishes made him smile. He loved that she also wished to experience his youth on Mars, asking him to take her out in a rover. It told him clearly how keen she was on getting to know him, and he was humbled by her consideration, and found himself liking her even more for it. Never has a guy or a girl cared about him, so soon, beyond his appearance and the heat they could share.

"You will be in for a thrill," he told her as he smiled, still stroking her hair slowly in affection, "and I doubt you are the kind of girl that scare easily. Bear in mind, that when roaming the dunes of Mars, we will set a course much like you do in a fighter, and if the terrain allows for it, we won't need a Valkyrie to fly. The longest jump I covered, between two dunes, was five hundred meters. I broke the suspension, and I had to change one of the tires afterwards... but I can still remember that jump vividly."

He found himself drowsy, from a mix of anastethics and the weariness of a long day. Of course, coming down from the euphoria Ji had subjected him to added to it as well. Still, he was awake, even if his eyes drifted shut, stroking Eun Sae Ji where she laid there next to him.

"I do love, when do I drink, Mojitos..." he said quietly, "so I'd love to have a couple of those with you if we go to that beach first. It was... ages since I went to the beach, and I like your ideas..."

Liam wasn't sure if Ji was asleep, but he knew he was not far from it either.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji's Quarters | Shared Exhaustion | Euphoric Preamble to Dreams | Deck 14 | Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

There was a certain bliss.

The kind that came after being together.  When you lay side by side with nothing between you.  A sheet and a blanket buffering your warm bodies from the chill of the air.  Leaving one another, it didn't seem like the wisest of choices.  It was the kind of movement that would thrust those that had warmed each other's bodies into the harsh reality that they were seeking escape from in the first place.  No, Ji was not apt to move.  She knew that there were alarms, second alarms, and the third alarm, in those rare but possible events where the first two had failed their jobs at rousing the young Mechanic.  Still, she knew before they were ready it would be time to be back on deck, time to be working on their ships, back to maintaining what was down there.  Back to working hard, praying to live, get through another shift and hold the deck together just a little bit longer.

Here, in the quiet of her Quarters, in the center of her bed laying with Liam, she felt removed from all of it.  The weight on her strong shoulders just a little less for the time being.  She knew it would come back and the knots in her shoulders would return and knit their quilt down her back until she was one ball of stress and pain but it was the life that she lead and the one she would not be willing to give up.  Though, if Liam continued to stay in it, she knew that she could conquer just about anything.

His large calloused hand filtered through her short hair.  There were times she wished it were longer, sometimes she had that hair envy that came from seeing other girls with their long beautiful hair.  Tied up or down, curled or straight, sometimes she wondered if it would suit her.  But, Ji had never had long hair.  As long as she could remember she had kept it short and easy to maintain.  Something that wouldn't be in her way while she was working despite her job.  It was the best cut she could come up with and at least left her with some.  Liam didn't seem to mind, he had enough to play with anyway if his fingers were any sign.

Ji sighed in ecstasy snuggling into the man that lay beside her as the contemplated their next date.  The Theurgy was the kind of ship that didn't really get to go on leaves like a normal Starfleet vessel.  They couldn't go anywhere they might be hunted, seen, tracked, or turned in.  Most of her dates with Liam would be on a holodeck or in their quarters, like tonight.  She didn't mind it, at least she had the chance.  She would give just about anything to find someone that she could share her life with.  She didn't expect instant and deep feelings.  She didn't mind the slow build that would pour a foundation of strength.

Liam spoke about the rover, and she grinned.  Her imagination running wild at the thought of them bouncing along over the dunes on Mars.  However, holodeck it might be, it would be fun and thrilling and the safety features would keep them from losing their necks if Liam was a little rusty.  But, she would completely trust him if they were actually on the planet too.  He had been nothing but a solid man since they had met.  He told her about the air they could get without being in a valkyrie and how he had to fix one of his racers after he landed a huge jump but he never forgot it.

“I can't wait.” she said sleepily.

Her voice had taken on that heavy tone that most people got when they were slowly fading out.  Struggling to stay awake while they talked because she wanted to hear his every word.  Once they were back on deck, professionalism would reign supreme, and Ji knew that she was not going to be able to have such casual conversations with him.  It was a pity they had been through so much and had been pushed to the point where the time they had now was going to be populated heavily with sleep.  Still, sleeping with Liam, next to Liam, surrounded in his scent and sounds was enough for her today.  She didn't even realize that her eyes had closed until he began to speak again and they popped back open. 

At first all she heard was the word love, and her heart thumped heavily in her chest thinking that he had said something that he hadn't.  Her exhausted mind fought hard for the words that she had actually heard and recalled it before she blurted out something truly embarrassing.  Love was something that grew, not that she felt that it couldn't be at-first-sight.  Just that it had never paid off for her.  She was trying to take this much more carefully, much more calmly.  Hopefully it would pay off for her in the end. 

He liked her ideas and wanted to drink mojitos with her.

A sleepy smile curled her lips at the edges slightly.  Mojitos.  That sounded great, on floats, going up and down in the ocean.  Holding hands, and laughing.  Being together.  Just them.  No one else, no one needing them, no one asking them, no one to command.  Just a man and a woman.  She had no words, because her brain had quit working at some point, and her eyes drifted closed again.  Fluttering up and down slightly because she was trying desperately to get one last look at Liam but she failed as sleep too her down the rabbit hole.  Her body settled more so against Liam as she slipped to sleep in his arms.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Chief Ji's Quarters | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ
Stroking Eun Sae Ji's hair, feeling how her breathing began to slow, Liam found that the pain in his knee wouldn't be enough to keep him awake. As much as he wished to linger in this perfect moment between them, when all their grievances had been put aside, and they had found shelter from the fears and turmoil of the mission, the long day was taking its toll.

The whole laborious day in the Fighter Bay had been mad from start to finish, ranging from the Runabout Niger to the frivolities with Ji on top of Sten's and Ravon's desk, to the battle with the Klingon ship and the argument, and that was not even taking into account the injury, the anaesthetics and or the late evening treatment. He was grateful, in the end, for the things that had led him to this moment with Ji, despite the toll, and he could but hope the next day wouldn't be quite as insane.

When he drifted off, his dreams were chaotic at first, but he ended up dreaming about Ji.

He dreamt that they shared a real shoreleave on an M-Class planet with binary suns, hiking through the wilderness. He dreamt that they threw away their combadges and prevented the Theurgy from beaming them back. The ship went below the atmosphere, deploying shuttles and fighters to try and find them. They managed to hide in a cave, being all on their own, and as they looked at the ship they had been trapped on, he contemplated if they could take their chances being on their own, cut off from the battle and the threat upon the Galaxy, living on the hope that any pending intergalactic war wouldn't reach them. They had likely already pissed off a lot of the brass by hiding on the planet, so the temptation to stay behind - away from Covington and all the demands of their duties - was considerate.

He dreamed that he asked Ji, if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him on the planet.

Unfortunately, his dream ended there, so he would never know her answer.


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