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Star Trek: Dimensions. Q Wars.

((So this is something I started a long time ago, and never finished. Thought I would post it here to possibly give someone inspiration.))

“Captain’s log, Stardate: 57182.1
Long range sensors have detected a strange gravitational anomaly in sector 19658. I have set a course for the anomaly to try and determine what it could possibly be. We also seem to be picking up subspace signals from that area of space.”

Captain Elona Starchaser stood on the bridge of the U.S.S. Otherland near the communications station. Seated at the station was an Andorian male with the rank of Lieutenant. The two of them were studying a sensor analysis of a subspace signal that the ships sensors had detected.

“Are you sure that these aren't just random phenomenon? Stray bursts from a pulsar perhaps?”

The Andorian shook his head. “I’m positive sir. I ran it through the spectrograph three times, and performed a complete diagnostic on the coms array. These are definitely subspace communications. But they have a strange modulation to them, incompatible with our current subspace communications system.”

Elona nodded as she looked to the Andorian. “Well, keep on it Lieutenant.” She then turned towards the conn station. “Ensign Talara, any new readings on that gravitational anomaly?”

The young Bajoran woman pressed a few keys on her console a moment then reported. “No sir, we are still too far away to get detailed readings.”

Elona nodded at the report then spoke again, “Alright. Inform me when we are close enough for a more detailed scan. I’ll be in my ready room. You have the bridge Lieutenant Shagran.”

With that, she took one more look around the bridge, and then strode across to a set of doors that opened for her. All at once though she realized that there was something wrong. Across from her there was a large window that took up an entire wall, and sitting in front of that window was a large wooden desk. Elona quickly turned, planning to go back the way she came, but found that behind her was not the bridge doors that she expected to see but rather two large wooden doors.

Turning back around she suddenly noticed a chair behind the desk that hadn't been there a moment ago. She was slightly surprised for a moment because she hadn't heard the sound of a transporter, but she quickly got over it as she started to move towards the desk.

As she reached about half way from her starting point, the large black leather chair quickly spun around, revealing what appeared to be a human male. What struck her as odd was that this human was wearing a Starfleet uniform which had the rank pips of captain. As the man sat there, he smiled at her as though the two had been old friends. Before Elona could speak though, the man spoke.

“Ah, captain. Welcome. Such a lovely world, don’t you think?”

Elona finally spoke, “Who are you? Where am I?”

The man feigned a mock frown, “Come now, don’t you recognize where you are?” He stood from his chair and motioned towards the glass wall. “You’re back on earth.”

Elona looked out the window, seeing large rectangular buildings appearing to be made of glass. Stepping closer to the window she could see down where the streets were. She could see land based vehicles moving about, stopping at intersections to allow people on foot to cross. In one area the vehicles weren't moving at all, possibly what they used to call a traffic jam. She turned to face the man and was about to speak, but the man cut her off as he moved to sit on the edge of the desk.

“Okay, admittedly not your earth. This is actually a parallel earth. But a most fascinating place none-the-less.”

Elona placed her hands on her hips, trying to emphasize her growing irritation. “Still doesn't answer my other question, who are you.”

The man’s smile only got bigger. “Why, I’m Q of course.”

This shocked Elona, so much so that she suddenly found herself unable to speak. Could this be the very entity described to Starfleet Command by one Captain Picard? Q however just sat there, seeming to delight in the confusion this seemed to cause. After some time though he finally spoke again.

“I like you, Captain. I've been watching you for some time now. And I believe you are the perfect person to test something.”

Elona looked out the window again for a moment as he spoke before looking back to Q. “Test something? I’m in no mood for this. Send me back to my ship.” And with that she started to walk towards the wooden doors.

“Captain, I fully intend to send you back to your ship. Just as soon as you hear me out.”

Upon reaching the doors, Elona tried them and found that they were locked. She then turned to the being calling itself Q and placed her hands on her hips.

“Alright, speak quickly.”

Q turned towards the glass wall a moment as he spoke. “Well, I've been spending some time in this dimension, getting to know the humans here. A most interesting divergence of your own people, they actually still think that they are alone in the universe.”

Elona’s irritation started to grow, “Get to the point.”

Q chuckled lightly as he turned back to the woman. “You see, there is this growing fascination here about if your universe, or this other universe that they are absolutely positive they created, would win in a fight. And, well…” Q walked around the desk to sit on the closer corner. “I've decided that I am going to find out the answer.”

Elona raised a brow at this. “Wait, back up a moment. You want to pit my universe against a fictional universe?”

Q chuckled a little more at this. “Oh no. This other universe is as real as yours dear Captain. Just here, they think that they created it. They also think they created your universe as well. But there seems to be a huge argument between two factions on this planet about which universe is better. So, I plan to put this to the test by combining, temporarily of course, both of your universes and see what happens. I've already set things in motion, and all you have to do is continue on with your little mission. I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

“Give me a.. Heads up? Why?”

“You see, I've been watching you, and I've come to be impressed with you. You are almost as entertaining as Picard.”

Elona let out a small groan as she brought her hand up to pinch the bridge of her nose. “I’m not here to entertain you. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a ship to run. Could you please send me back to it?” Her words ending on a note of exasperation.

“Certainly!” And with that he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. In a flash of light her surroundings vanished to be replaced with the familiar surroundings of her ready room. With a sigh she reached up and tapped her combadge.

“Starchaser to Commander Williams. We have a problem. Meet me in my ready room.”

Commander Williams entered into the ready room. He was a tall human male, looked to be in his 30s. He stopped just inside the doors and waited for them to close before moving a few more steps in. Elona was sitting at her desk looking over something on her desktop interface. She looked up and motioned for him to sit in the chair across from her, to which he did.

“You indicated we have a problem, Captain?”

Elona nodded slightly as she reached over and paused the data stream on her interface. “I did. What do you know about an entity called Q?”

Williams looked to think on this a moment. “Not much really. Isn't he that powerful being who tormented the Enterprise D on several occasions?”

Elona nodded slightly again. “I've just been going over some of the logs from those incidents. He fancies himself omnipotent, and seems to have a thing for playing games with and tricks on what he considers lower life forms.”

“I see. Is there a reason you bring all this up?”

Elona turned and stood up from her chair, slowly walking around the end of her desk as she spoke. “I've just been paid a visit by a being who calls himself Q.”

Williams slowly turned to watch her as she moved, the news of a visit from this being clearly worrying him. “Did he say what he wanted?”

Elona stopped just before reaching the other side of the desk and looked at her first officer. And in an almost amused tone of voice she said, “Apparently, I amuse him.”

Elona then slid herself onto the edge of her desk and looked over her first officer for any reactions to this. She didn't have to wait long however. He appeared to take this all in for a moment before slipping out of his chair and walking around behind it. He then turned to face his Captain.

“This won’t end well.”

“I agree. But if what he tells me is true, his plans are already set in motion, and they are somewhere along the path we are taking right now.”

Williams shook his head as he leaned on the back of the chair a little. “Do you want me to take the ship to red alert?”

Elona shook her head in response. “No. Let’s play things by ear for the moment and continue on as normal. Let’s just keep this between us for the moment as well.”

Williams nodded his agreement with her decision and was about to say something when the comm system chimed in. Elona looked up slightly, speaking to one of the very well hidden sound detection units that were placed all over the ship. “Yes?”

Over the comm came the voice of the Andorian Lieutenant. “Captain, I've figured out those subspace signals. Could you meet me in Holodeck Two?”

“Acknowledged, I’m on my way.” She then looked to her first officer. “You have the bridge, I suspect you already know where you can find me if you need me.” She ended that with a smile and moved to the secondary exit from her ready room, while her first officer exited out the primary exit onto the bridge.

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