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Day 03 [0600 hrs.] Morning of the Kissogram

[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

Chris had spent the previous hours since the end of his date with Ji doing his various duties as an officer of the ship but he eventually found himself down on the hanger deck, apparently shortly after Ji had left once the situation that ended their date amusingly enough, and started to work on getting his fighter back up to working shape as he needed something to help clear his mind before he even tried to sleep that night.

"Zen and the art of starfighter maintence" as one might call it.

He spent a good three hours working on adjusting and fixing what he could without a more qualified engineer needing to take over as he replaced what systems that Terror, Sniper, Liquidus, and Phantom had taught him to do what seemed was a lifetime ago now such as replacing the fused pulse phaser capactor coils with fresh ones, fixing the connectors between the primary shield generator where he had taken those shots while talking to Terror a couple of days before, and a few other smaller but as important systems.

As he worked, he thought about the current situation with he was in with Ji and found that while she was incredibly sexy, smart, funny, and generally all around a very hot woman..she was different which was something that he wanted as sure he'd some fun with some of his fellow officers but didn't have the same spark that he was sparking with the woman from Korea.

Chris grabbed a quick workout then went to bed, deciding to go and see her the next morning but when he woke up from his spot on his couch then dressed quickly after noting the time and threaded his way through the ship until he reached her quarters and gently pressed the button to let her know that someone was at her door yet again.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

Ji was currently sound asleep in her bed.  One leg on top of the blue covers and the other burried underneath the tangle of sheets and covers.  Her body was half in and half out, laying sideways on her bed.  Mouth slightly ajar.  Her long bangs hung over her face slightly, obscuring her just a little bit as she lay.  One pillow was on the floor, the other was on the other side of the bed crammed up in the corner.  She was completely asleep in her own little world of dreams, as he was working and completely thinking about the woman he had spent a couple hours with the night before.  The medication that Nicander had given her last night had done wonders and allowed her to sleep without the aching pain keeping her awake or restless.

So when the bell rang, she stirred slightly, and groaned.  Reaching for a pillow to shove over her face since it was the bell and not her alarm, she wanted to burrow deeper into her bedding, because she was still in the throws of sleep and her mind had not clawed it's way upwards just yet.

What Chris would see is that an Orion woman dressed in Security Crewmen uniform was coming down the corridor and she rose her brow as she stopped outside the door having seen him press the button.  PO3 Solessia Velan looked at the hunky man that was ringing the bell.

“Well I would remember a face and body like yours, so you must be here to see Sae Ji.  And if she's asleep, you can press that button all damn day my boy that woman wakes up for her PADD and her PADD only.” she grinned brushing her customary red hair out of her face as she palmed the door open and it slid apart in the center and motioned the boy to come in.

“JI” she screamed out at the top of her lungs.  “YOU HAVE A VISITOR!!!”

In her room, Ji stirred slightly hearing that Solessia had come home, and something about a visitor.  She figured that it was probably Nicander coming to check to make sure that she had stayed home asleep all night like she was supposed to.  Ji groaned and got up swung her legs over the side of the bed as she limped her way to the door.  She was not so tired anymore but her ankle was stiff with the lack of use over night, though, true to Nicander's words she felt better. 

“Why are you so loud.. it's like... 0603.... “ she grunted as she rubbed the grit from her eyes.  She was clothed in literally CJ's sweatshirt and a pair of underwear, her long legs extending from the hem of the sweatshirt before she finally realized who was standing in her living area.  Solessia grinned and gave a wave before she headed to her own room.  There standing in her living area was none other than Chris.  It took her a moment for her brain to catch up, she had all her weight on one leg, her slightly swollen ankle was just bent slightly so that her weight wasn't on it.

“Chris?” she yawned sleepily and dropped her hands from rubbing her eyes only to realize what she was wearing.  She looked down and a blush darkened her face, and then she looked back at him.  “Uhhh.... I got .. cold.  And... borrowed it I was totally going to wash it and then.. bring it back at some point.  To..tally.” She cleared her throat and shifted her weight nervously.

“What... what brings you here?”

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

Chris patiently waited for Ji to answer the door when he heard a voice come from next to him at which point he looked and saw to an orion woman in security colors walking up to him at which point he couldn't help but chuckle. "Yeah, I wanted to surprise her by taking her out for a spot of breakfast before her shift starts.." he explained, his face turning a shade of red that he didn't think was possible in a human.

As he followed her into the quarters, he realized that the orion's build was more towards Tali and T'Zantha's tastes then his but before he could say or ask anything,  the Orion proved that she had missed her calling in an Andorian Death Metal band or as a Klingon Opera singer by shouting to Ji that she had a guest before disappearing into her own querters.

When he heard Ji's tired and sleepy voice, he turned to look at her and what he saw made him go hard instantly while his mouth went dry before he tried to swallow hard against the dryness.

She was wearing his hoodie with it slightly unzipped and wearing nothing but a rather nice set of panties which while they weren't erotic or anything of the like-they were unique to her and as he took in the sight before him, he found himself awestruck by this woman.

His eyes took in how she was standing and he walked over to her as she tried to explain why she was wearing his hoodie and partically nothing else but when she asked him what brought him there..he answered the only way that he knew how.

He wrapped his strong arms around her and kissed her on the lips in a very tender and honest kiss, the tip of his tongue gently flicking against her lips..more seeking out the taste of her then anything else as he held her close enough that she could feel his body heat through his uniform.

When he broke the kiss, he looked into those eyes of her's. "I was going to surprise you by taking you out for a spot of breakfast on my tab..but instead you gave me one instead.." he said tenderly to her before giving her another quick kiss on the lips. "As for the hoodie, Ji, you can borrow it as long as you like.."

He then without no other pretense picked her up with ease and carried her over to the very couch where they had been on the night before. "I hope you don't mind, but I noticed how you where shifting your weight with the ankle and I didn't want to see you dealing with the discomfort." he explained to her as he put her slightly swollen ankle onto his lap and regarded it for a few moments.

He made a noise that sounded like "Hmm.." before he reached a point on her calf above the injured ankle and slowly started to massage it with his strong fingers in counter clockwise motions while making an almost downward "pulling" motion. "This should help a little with the swelling by restoring some of the blood flow, I learned this while I was studying on Andoria." he explained tenderly as he worked on her leg.

Chris then realized what he was doing and looked over into Ji's eyes again. "I..I wanted to see you again, I hope you don't mind?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

Ji was far too groggy to even really notice his look or how his hungry eyes swept over the well kept and highly toned body that belonged to Sae Ji.  She was young, and fit.  She worked out a lot and her job was highly physical.  Which meant that she was fairly cut.  But she wasn't thinking about any of that right now, she was mostly embarrassed that she had been caught wearing his hoodie.  When she had gotten home last night, from the Sickbay, she had figured that he would never know and it was so over sized on her and comfortable.  One of her shoulders was mostly showing from underneath it because the collar was bigger than she would need if it was to fit her slender body.  She brushed her hair out of her face she turned her attention to him.

Only he was there.

He pulled her in and kissed her right then and there.  She was still struggling to rid her mind of the fog.  Probably something to do with the concoction that Nicander had given her to help the pain go away and ease her into sleep.  She felt her lips answer a little bit, and felt the solid heat of his body against her.  She was not awake enough to realize what else was going on in his body. 

Suddenly, he picked her up and she gasped because she had honestly not expected that in the least.  She put her arm around his neck to steady herself a little bit as he carried her over to the couch they used last night.  She remembered snuggling while watching a Kdrama and they had eaten her Kimchi fried rice.  She had enjoyed their night together before she had gotten the emergency call from the flight deck and had to head out.  She sighed as he lay her on the couch and pulled her wounded ankle into her lap.  Saying something about how she had given him breakfast instead of them going out to get some.

Something she didn't quite understand.

Though he said she could borrow his hoodie for as long as she wanted.  A soft smile cross her features.  “Good because it's really fucking comfy.” she admitted with a chuckle as she felt his hands sliding up her leg, up towards her knee but stopping somewhere on her calf.  She looked up at him curiously what he was about to do and then he started massaging her leg.  It felt amazing, it was always better when someone else did it for her.  She closed her eyes and put her arm across them, just letting the warmth of his hands and the massaging take over the pain.  It was a lot better, Nicander knew what he was doing even if he didn't know the fucking meaning of personal space. 

“Breakfast actually sounds good.  I have a feeling today is going to be a fucking busy as shit day.” she admitted softly as she continued leaving most of her face covered by her arm and his hoodie that lay across it.  He would see her lips moving as she talked but the rest of her face was covered by her arm as she relaxed on the couch and to his hands moving the blood and muscle around in her legs.  Offering the stiff appendage some needed relief. 

He then told her that he wanted to see her again, and hoped that she didn't mind.  He would notice that her lips would curve into a smile as she looked over at him, moving her arm out of the way so that she could see him.  “I don't mind.  It's nice.  Sorry I'm not quick to wake up unless it's an emergency then.. adrenaline does the job for me.” she grinned and gave a shrug.  “Did you want to go to breakfast or replicate something here?” she asked him curiously.  “If I get dressed we can hit up the cafe or something before shift if you want.”

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

Chris smiled as he listened to her words as he kept working on the calf of the injured ankle, slowly and tenderly shifting to the foot of the actual ankle it's self, his skilled fingers probing out spots here and there to which when he found stiff tendons, he slowly started to do the weird "massage-pull" motion until he either felt them loosen or a tiny little pop in them which meant his efforts where actually working. "Yes, modern medicine can help with the problems like this but the doctor should have also included some kind of physical therapy like massage..or so my uncle Morgan would say."

Chris then looked up over at Ji to answer her other question when the movement of her arm brought something new to his attention and a part of him found it very appealing as he allowed his eyes to roam over her body from the toned legs that had almost a lifetime of martial arts behind them from how elegantly the muscles curved up into a perfect flow into those hips of her's..encased in a pair of simple black bikini panties that were molded perfectly to her and her sex.

Chris again swallowed hard against a dry throat as he showed how well he could multi-task by continuing his work on her foot without stop or messing up as he followed the lines of her body up from her panties, trying to force his eyes from scanning to see if she shaved or not there to that well defined stomach that was on display as his hoodie had ridden up on abdomen to the line of her bust where his eyes actually looked to see the outlines of that level of her perfection..

A rather powerful blush crept onto the man's face as he looked higher to where one of her bare shoulders was revealed due to the collar of the hoodie being bigger then she was wide and he wondered for a brief moment what it would be like to kiss that bare skin, to nip it with his teeth as she moaned in pleasure..

....but instead he pushed that thought away as his eyes sought out her's and then found each other, his bright green ones looking deeply into her equally bright brown ones and in that look, he couldn't help but be laid bare before her and for the first time in his life a different emotion crossed through him.


"Well, how about you choose..that's part of trying things out when you are starting a relationship with someone..right?" he asked in a soft and honest tone, giving actual voice to what he was thinking finally.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

She had to admit to herself that his hands on her leg felt good, she didn't often get a massage, and she was actually enjoying the feeling of it for the time being.  It felt good, and she could feel that her ankle was benefiting from it greatly.  This plus Nicander's treatment was going to make her all set for the day though she would probably have to rest it after her shift again anyway.  It wasn't one hundred percent yet but she knew that it would get better it just needed time, and rest, and depending on how the day went, it would either get it or it wouldn't. 

Ji did not witness the fact that he was checking her out or that he had a sight line to her underwear and her lower region.  She was still struggling to come out of the drug like haze that sleep had pulled her down into. Fuck I should sleep more. she chastised herself as she brushed her bangs out of her face and looked over at him.  He was a good guy, but she wasn't sure if they had the chemistry to date or not.  She wanted to find out though, he was good looking, and she liked it when he kissed her but she was afraid to jump into bed right away.  Last two people she did that with had backfired on her completely and she wasn't one for constantly making the same mistake.

That was the definition of idiocy.

He told her to pick what she wanted to do and her brow rose.  Her ankle was fine enough.  She sat up pulling the sweatshirt down to better cover her lower half and pulled her leg out of his lap.  It felt better, probably sleep and the massage.  Probably the medication that Nicander had given to her.  She sighed softly as she rubbed her eyes and thought about what she wanted to do for breakfast.  She didn't feel like replicated crap again, and he said that he would pay for whatever they got this morning.  That was something that she could get behind this morning.

Chris mentioned something about starting a relationship.  She wasn't sure if that was what they were doing or not. She wasn't against it.  But she didn't want to rush.  Not that she would make a man wait years or anything but if he was really into her he wouldn't mind waiting a few days or a week or so while she figured some shit out.  But that depended on how everything went.  Other than that, she was just going to do her normal thing.  Mister right would come along when it was the right time.  She wasn't in a hurry.  She had been single for so fucking long it wasn't like she felt there was some damn void in her life.  Sure it would be nice to hang with someone, but that didn't mean she was desperate. 

“Okay.  Wait here, I'll go get dressed and we can head for the Arboretum Cafe or something for breakfast.” she said remembering that was where she had eaten dinner last night at the food had been great.  She got up and walked to her bed room, unzipping the hoodie as she went.  As soon as the door closed behind her she shrugged out of the hoodie and thought about giving it back to him.  But, she figured it was polite to wash it first, and if he forgot she had it and she got to use it for a while, that was also good.  It was comfy.  She pulled on her uniform, as she would have to head onto duty after breakfast, she didn't get the luxury of being in her civie clothes this time.  Zipping up the front of her flight suit over her under clothes, she tied her boots on and ran a quick comb through her hair straightening it out and getting the few tangles in it out. 

She stepped back out into the main room and seemed a lot more awake as she gave him a bit of a grin, and motioned to the door.  “Shall we?  I could use something good for breakfast.  Maybe an omelet or egg rolls.” she said softly as she waited for him to join her.  The ankle was tender but not nearly as bad and she knew that she would be all right, it would just take time for the rest to heal up.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

The moment that she went into her room to change, Chris face palmed himself while muttering in Andorian about how stupid that sounded..but he was wanting to be honest with her.

Mentally he was bashing himself good and hard, this was something new for him and he honestly didn't know how to go about doing it in a way that didn't make him sound so incredibly dense and stupid..Lor'Vela, why was his oldest brother trying to KILL him when he needed his ADVICE?!

When she came out dressed and bringing up the need for something hardy for breakfast he joined her. "I hope what I did helped some, the work that I did on your calf was to work the bloodflow back into the muscles there which was causing problems I think." he explained as he held the door to her quarters open for her.

Once they where out in the hallway, he gave her a small grin of his own. "Wish I had your job today to be honest, Ji, I pulled CAP duty with one of the pilots from the Orcus and I'd much rather be pulling tachyon emittors then CAP inside of a nebula." he explained as they walked. "So, what would you like to talk about over a spot of breakfast?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

She looked over at him, and she gave him a grin.  “Yeah, it helped, don't worry.” she said as she brushed her bangs out of her face which promptly fell back down into them.  She probably should get them cut but she hadn't done that yet and she doubted that she ever actually would until they got to the really annoying point of growth.  She looked over at him, she didn't know why he felt so unsure of himself.  He was a good looking guy, and he was probably the kind that would be able to get just about any woman on the ship if his bed was lonely.  But, she had a feeling that, like her, he was looking for something better than that.

Was it with her?

She wasn't sure.

But that didn't mean she couldn't handle a bit of yummy food and some conversation.  She hoped that she would find that excellent chemistry with someone at some point.  They stepped out into the corridor and she looked over at him as they started walking.  She would probably only be wearing her work suit for a little while, she tended to strip it down to her waist at some point during her shift because it was just easier and she tended to get sweaty with the kind of work that she was doing. 

He told her that he wished that he had her job instead of his own, she chuckled softly and gave a shrug.  “Oh I don't know, there's something a bit nice about flying or something like that.  It just sounds.. like so much fun actually.”

He asked what she wanted to talk about over breakfast, and that made her raise her brow because he was the one that had invited her out.  She assumed that it was he that was going to want to talk to her about something not the other way around.  But she did want to talk to him about stuff she just couldn't figure out why he would just out right act like that.  She sighed softly.  “Well I would like to talk about a few things.  Like what you're into, what you do when you're in your down time, more about your past.  Your.. past on the ship.  Who have you hung out with, stuff like that.” she stated as they walked. 

Heading for the Arboretum cafe took a turbolift trip and she looked over at him as they headed towards Deck 20 where the cafe was located.  She stretched her arms up over her head and popped her shoulder joints, right, then left and let her arms hang back down at her sides. 

“So were you on duty last night or did you get some fucking sleep?” she asked as the lift doors opened and they stepped out on Deck 20 and she lead the way to the cafe she had eaten at last night after shift.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

When Ji said that the work that he'd done on her foot had helped, he couldn't help but smile even though he still felt unsure and nervous-after all he had used a word that he never thought that he'd ever use in his life..especially not now.

No doubt the scuttlebutt about the ship probably would've mentioned his time spent with both Tessa and the now late Kanti prior to the battle at the Starbase or his sudden, semi-drunk makeout session with Cameron..

When she brought up a list of possible conversations to have while they ate, he nodded in agreement but he honestly didn't know how to handle the last one when it came up but simply one look at her profile told him that honesty would work the best...but then something that she had just said brought something into his head.

"You know if you're not against it, I have some holodeck time saved up and I have this holodeck program that involves flying..if you would like to try it with me later?" he offered up, his blush returning as they exited the lift and headed across Deck Twenty.

Chris then blinked for a moment before shaking his head to her newest question. "No, I actually got off duty before I went over to your quarters last night but after you got called down to the deck, I did some minor stuff and apparently missed you by a few minutes as I went to continue working on my bird, managed to get a lot of the technical work on the weapons, shields, and navigation system either fixed or replaced before I got in a good two hour work out before heading to bed." he explained to her as they entered the Arboretum.

Chris then rubbed the back of his head slightly, "By the way, sorry if I'm a little bit more..forward then most people and such, Ji, to which I guess that you could chalk this up to more about my past but I spent some time living on Andoria and some of the things that I learned there while I was recovering from my time as a guest of the klingons kind of stuck with me." he explained to her.

He motioned at her foot, "The massage that I did to your foot is one used to help injuries while training in Vershaan which is effectively the Andorian version of the martial art Jiu Jitsu but it leans more towards the Brazilian or Gracie style with a higher empathizes on using a joint locks that on Andorians are much more..painful." he explained further. 

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

As they slid down in the Turbolift, she rose her brow listening to him.  He was telling her that he had some holodeck time coming up and if she wanted to try her hand at flying he could get her behind the control panel of a fighter and see what she thought about it.  Honestly, that was probably the safest way to do that.  She didn't trust herself behind an actual fighter any way, shape, or form, but she had never been behind the control panel except to fix shit and check it out with a diagnostic.  But honestly, she had always wanted to actually fly but she didn't have the best hand eye coordination.  So instead of accidentally crashing one of the fighters and killing herself, doing it on a holodeck would definitely be the safer way to go.

“That would be great.  After shift today, or another time, when ever.  I think that would be a lot of fun.” she admitted as they headed for the Cafe. 

The Cafe itself was not overly busy but it had some of the staff inside it.  She made her way through the pillars that were like trees and the small tables.  She felt like eating up on the balcony today the one that had some of the large trees from the Arboretum actually over the heads of the patrons.  She stepped up onto the wooden spiral staircase and headed to the balcony that was fairly high.  As she stepped out she found that there were only a few other people up here and she took a seat by the railing.  A large flowering tree bough above them.  You could look out over the Arboretum from right here, and it was beautiful.  Ji found beauty in all the mechanical things in life, but she also found beauty in the fact that right here, it was also beautiful.

He told her that he hadn't spent his time on shift.  That instead, he had found himself working on some various things and then he had hit the gym and gone to bed, only to get up early so that they could have breakfast before the chaos of the day started.  There wasn't a day that couldn't be labeled Chaotic on the Theurgy.  “Cool.  Just was curious.  After I solved the shit-tastic problem on the Flight Deck I went to my check up with Nicander.  Who ordered me to bed for the night and gave me a pain killer so that I would actually be able to sleep without the throbbing of my ankle keeping me away all fucking night.” Ji admitted as she brushed her hair out of her face and pulled up the holographic menu that was shot up by a small holoprojector from the center of the small table that allowed people to pick out what kind of breakfast they wanted.

He began to apologize for being more forward than other men that she meant, and she looked up from cruising through the menu and held up a hand.  “I don't give a fuck if you're out spoken honestly.  That doesn't bother me.  I'd rather you were up front with me than cagey.  I had cagey shit.  Honesty will get you far fucking further than anything else.” she admitted. He mentioned that he had stayed on Andoria after the Klingons had gotten ahold of him and her brow rose curiously as she looked over at him.  He was a good guy, she wished that he hadn't had to deal with Klingon's and evil fuckers but that was part of the universe that they lived in.  It wasn't always a beautiful place, but most of the time you could find the beauty if you just gave it a little effort.

“Andoria huh?  How the fuck did you end up there?” She asked him curiously as she looked back down at the menu and picked her omelet complete with vegetables and meat, a protein explosion for fucking sure.  She added cheese on top, and a steaming carafe of coffee with two mugs, and all the shit she liked to add to her coffee.  She was still needing something that would get her a bit more awake, and the mind firing on all cylinders.  Her job was too fucking important not to. 

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

When Ji stopped his apology about his being up front, he took in what she was saying and slowly nodded in agreement as he wrapped his mind around what she had said but chose to hold off on answring that one when she brought up her question about how he wound up on Andoria as he put in his order of an omlet as well but added a couple more vegatables from Andoria and a spicier Bajoran based sauce with his usual pot of Katheka.

"When I first signed onto the transport, I was an angry and bitter young man who'd been raised from childhood being told that when I graduated from high school that I was going to join the fleet just like everyone else had over the generations like the Slayton who succesfully put away John Frederick Paxton or the Slayton who commanded the Miranda to victory after victory during the Earth-Romulan War or the this Slayton or that one." he explained, a dark chuckle escaping him as he shook his head slowly. "I did my job and kept to myself at first, but then I got into one fight after another until Paran decided that enough was enough and stepped in after a particularly bad bar brawl."

He wrapped up his order and closed his menu to get a better look at her, his tone turning slightly wistful. "Paran was an Andorian from one of the older Keth's or clans on their homeworld and he saw potential in me and slowly but surely he was able to teach me how to stop being a raging asshole and be an actual person..something my own *FATHER* failed to do since he was more cotent with raising soldiers." Chris explaind as he leaned forward. "He was in the prison with me up until I had won a match against a Nausicaan prisoner, the guards that supported the nausicaan didn't apprecate the loss of honor and took it out on Paran the time that I found him they had practically beaten him to death, Ji."

Chris then made a motion as he reached into the collar of his uniform shirt and pulled a chain up and off from around his neck and held it out to her to see as it was his dog tags with a strange little "cross" shaped object that was partically clear with some kind of sticky fluid in it. "Paran told me to survive and to tell his keth what had happened and to do one more thing, an old Andorian rite that hadn't been done in a century or so that I found a little creepy at first but I understood it since I grew up on Kdramas and the like." he explained softly enough for her to hear and only her. "The rite goes that when an Andorian dies from their homeworld, his or her collegues take the blood of the warrior back to Andoria and return it to the ice..but as I found out that enough of it is saved for those that he or she honored as family."

Chris sighed and shook his head at the memory, trying to keep the more painful ones from hitting him and as he looked at Ji-he found it was easy for him to ignore the pain and the ghosts because of her for some reason and he continued with "So after I was released to the doctors on Bajor, my father demanded that I come home to heal but instead I went to Andoria and sought out Paran's keth to fullfill his last request and to say that they where angry would be an understatement, Ji."

"The head of his keth asked me after I had returned Paran to the ice what my plans where and I told her that I didn't have any to which she offered me a place there, on Andoria for as long as I needed it." He said, his tone growing a little bit more happy as he spoke. "It was weird, being accepted by a family that only knew me through the loss of one of their own family but in the end I just didn't lounge around, as soon as I was strong enough I started to learn everything that I could to round out what Paran had already taught me..I even learned how to read an Andorian, I was a matter of great concern to Ida, the Theurgy's assistant chief of security, since I knew what she wasn't saying by her antenna." he said that last bit with a hint of a laugh.

He then looked thoughtful for a moment, his face both unsure and like he had made a decision, "And I'm not trying to be cagey, Ji, more like cautious because I'm looking to do something better then just finding someone to roll around with..I'm wanting something better then that..and part of the reason why I'm nervous right now is because I'm wanting to try that with you to be honest and so there it is."

He then looked at her in the eyes, "You wanted honest and up front which is one of the things that attracts me to you honestly." he admitted further.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe | USS Theurgy]

Ji didn't know all that much about Andoria.  She knew it was a planet, blue and white people came from it.  The latter was usually blind.  It was just the things that she knew first off.  It was the common knowledge that just about everyone knew.  But, she was interested in his life and what his past was like.  The little things that she could gather from him were things that she liked to know.  She was interested in getting to know him as much as she could.  He was a nice guy and for some fucking reason he was interested in her.  She couldn't figure out why, but she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. 

She remembered him talking about being a prisoner, and the scars on his chest that she had seen before.  She had felt bad for him, She didn't like to think about him being hurt, or anyone for that matter, not that she had a choice in it.  It was in his past, and he was stronger for having come out of it on his own.

“Somehow it's hard to imagine you as an asshole.” she admitted to him, just because the Chris that she knew so far was very nice and had his sweet moments.  But she also had a feeling that in the line of fire he was a steel rod that others could lean against.  He wouldn't be a pilot if he wasn't.  He was a good man, she could tell that much without having to try what so ever.  She liked having him around, and she liked the way that he made her feel as though nothing else in life was going on around them.  But, she wasn't sure if it would last, or what he really wanted out of them.  That was another topic that she needed to broach with him.

As he continued to talk, she felt for him.  Her heart hurt for him, the fact that he had found someone like a father to him nearly beaten to death.  She chewed on her lower lip in shock and listening to his story.  “I'm so sorry you lost your … Paran, I think he was more a father to you than the fuckbag that wanted soldiers, like you said.  But, it's never easy losing someone you care about.  No matter when, and .. I hope you know you have my sympathy.” She admitted to him, interjecting into his story for a moment.

As she spoke he reached into the collar of his shirt and pulled out some dog tags.  She slid her chair over closer to him, around the table so they were sitting closer, adjacent to one another.  She leaned in and examined the dog tags.  Looking up at him holding her hand out as if to ask if she could touch them.  If he didn't object, she would reach down and take them out of his hand running her thumb over them and the cross like shape in the center as he explained what everything meant.  He mentioned something about taking the man's blood back to Andoria and returning it to the ice.  She was intrigued and pulled her hand away from the dog tags because she didn't want to linger too long.

He told her that he returned to Andoria despite his father's request for him to go back to Bajor.  There he found his Paran's family angry and yet despite all their pain they asked him to be part of the family.  He told her about his life on Andoria, and she put her jaw in her hand and listened to him as he told her all about this.  She was intrigued about his life.  About what he did and how he had lived before coming here.  She had grown up in Korea, and it didn't seem all that interesting when it came to living on Andoria or something like that. 

He told her that he was trying to be honest with her and that was why he was so nervous.  A smile turned her lips into a curve as she looked over at him, and she put her hand on top of his.  Giving it a gentle squeeze.  “Well, honesty will get you every fucking where.  Just don't lie to me.  I don't take lying well.” she said honestly.  She was attracted to him, very much, but she wanted to be sure that it was a good fit before they just dove into a full on relationship.  She had no idea of his full history.  She had some tidbits but she wanted to get the truth directly from the source.

“So.. this might be really fucking blunt but... I've heard some things on the flight deck about you and several other women on the ship.  So I guess, I would like to know if they're true and... if I have to deal with competition and viscous bitches.” 

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When Ji moved closer to him to look at his momento and listen to his story, he felt the world disappear as he was more then willing to let her hold it at which point he watched as she ran a thumb over the slightly warm metal of his tags and the small "cross", the sole remains of Paran.

He kept quiet as she spoke but when he got to the point where he told her about how he felt and why he was uneasy, he felt his nervousness melt away as she smiled at him and laid a hand on his, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I won't lie to you, Ji, unless it's for a surprise birthday party or something like that." he said warmly to her.

Then she brought up the other thing-rumors about the women in his recent past and if they were true. "Which ones might I ask?" he in turn asked as he only knew of the one story. "If it's the one about my past with Lieutenant zh'Idenna and Lieutenant JG T'Zantha from the Orcus. If it's about that one yes, I was in a relationship with Tali but we broke up well over a year ago on good terms and if anything, they will want to get you rip roaring drunk in honor of being the one to catch my eye like this."

Chris then let an honest chuckle escape him. "Ironically from what Terror and Sniper told me as we waited for the post battle debrief is that the trust that was built from that relationship that helped them to switch sides because they knew that I wouldn't go rogue if there wasn't a seriously legit reason, Ji, but you don't need to worry about them."

He then looked thoughtful, "If it's about the time that I went to the holodeck with Tessa and Kanti before the battle at the starbase..yeah, there was a little fun there but as far as I know, there shouldn't be any problems there as we lost Kanti at the battle and Tessa, well she made her choice and I'm here with no problem there." he said honestly.

Chris then looked at her for a moment and then asked "If you're also referring to the rumor about Cameron and myself in the lounge after the battle..that one shouldn't count because both of us where drowning our pain on too strong a vintage of Risan wine." Chris then shook his head, "By the way, I am going to pass on wine ever again..still get a slight headache when I think about that one." he said as he rubbed his temples at the memory.

Then he looked over at Ji and in a very honest tone he asked, "What about the scuttlebutt about you and Nicander on the holodeck and is there any other rumors about me that you want to ask about/"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy]

She had heard a lot of rumors.  Now, Ji wasn't an idiot.  She knew that a lot of rumors were blown way out of fucking proportion and she also knew that some of them weren't true.  She also knew that when you were dealing with the rumor mill of life it had to keep churning and turning out juicy shit so that people would continue to listen to the person at the center of it.  Otherwise, that person would find themselves lonely.  So she had a feeling that a bunch of what she had heard would be false or over glorified.  But, she had to know.  She didn't like walking into something blind and she wasn't even sure that she and Chris were destined to be together.  It wasn't that she didn't like him, she did actually, but she wanted to make sure that things were going to at least have a worthwhile chance.

The other thing was, after she had slept with Sten, twice, and Nicander she wanted to give herself a little space.  Make sure that the next guy she invited to bed was one that she could at least try a relationship with.  She had a conversation with Nicander just last night, and he had kissed her.  It had felt good, she had to admit, the way that he just came over and kissed her like that.  It made her feel attractive and wanted, but in the same breath she had heard more rumors about Nicander than Chris and he had a lot of rumors himself.  It seemed that no one was really pure, herself included.  Ji had come from an old fashioned Korean family, she wasn't into sleeping with a bunch of guys.  In fact, it actually bothered her a little about the men she had been familiar with so far.

There were some that he spoke of before she could answer his question; him probably trying to be as honest as he could be.  But it seemed he had several relationships that included more than one woman.  That was something Ji was most definitely against.  She did not share, would not share, and could not fathom a woman that would.  Everyone had their own ways of love and romance but for Ji she wanted to be the person's one and only.  Someone could say that there could be enough love to go around, or that you could pull a woman in sometimes just for added fun, but Ji was firmly against this.  She had grown up with the ideals of your classic marriage arrangment. 

Already, she was growing weary.

Will this work?  Do I dare try?  How long before he gets bored with me and goes to find a second woman to tickle his fancy for a while.  Ji was not a fan of heart break.  Only because instead of crying she tended to just get pissed off at the mother fucking world, and people around her would know about it.  Plus the guy that broke her heart tended to walk of with, at the very least, a nice rocking black eye.  Two of the girls would apparently want to take her out since she had caught his eye.  Ji's brow rose in curiosity.  She hadn't expected that anyone would want to take her out to get drunk just because she kind of liked this pilot.  He seemed like a good guy but as he continued she could tell he had an extensive sexual history.  Not that hers was spotless either, just she was surprised.

Can he actually be trusted to settle down, though.

There was some sort of regret that colored the name Tessa, when he spoke about her.  When he mentioned that she had chosen her own path it made Ji's brow rise again.  She wasn't sure what that meant.  “What do you mean she made her own choices?  Were you wanting to pursue her and something happened?”  Ji needed to know the full story about anything that was going on in his life because she was wanting to walk into this fully invested and fully open.  She didn't want shit coming out later.  Trust was hard to rebuild when it was broken and betrayal was the worst kind of trust breaking you could get.  He went on to mention something about Cameron and how they had gotten drunk and made out or... something.  She had actually not heard about that so that one was a surprise but she filed that away for later.  She hoped that he wasn't the sort that would get drunk and just kiss anyone.  She didn't want to have to chase him down after every fucking battle.  But that one sounded pretty recent.

“I heard something about a Cir'Cie as well?  Hydroponics or something?” she asked curiously.  That one had been dug out of no where, but people liked to talk, and know things.  And she had heard that, she had also heard about something else, She couldn't remember the name, started with a D or something, but she figured that she would peg the one name that had stuck in her mind a little bit.  She brushed her hair behind her ears as he asked her about Nicander. 

Their food and drinks were delivered right that moment, She let the woman put their food down and she picked up her coffee doctoring it the way that she liked and then she took a long sip before she answered his question.  “Yeah that happened.  I'm not actually sure... how that happened.  I was practicing Taekwondo, burning some energy and focusing my mind.  Moved wrong and my ankle just gave the fuck out.  So I called for Medical and Nic came to check out my ankle.  There was a stream and he thought I should soak it in the stream, so I did that for a while, and then... kissing happened and .. fucking happened.” she gave a shrug.  “It was the night before the battle, and .. I don't know I think we were seeking some solace in one another.  A quick reminder of life before anyone and everyone could have died.”

She took another sip of her coffee. 

“I also, for the sake of honesty, have slept with my boss twice.  Once for the Ishtar incident.  Then he sent me, the fucker, to the Harbinger and when I came back I didn't have Quarters.  So I was just going to sleep on the flight deck somewhere but he offered me a place to stay for the night.  I guess we were still keyed up from the whole Ishtar thing so that happened for a second time, but rumor has it he's into someone else and that's totally fine.”  She cut her omelet with her fork and took a bite, chewing the egg, vegetables, and meat that had been rolled up together onto her plate letting the protein do what it was supposed to.  It would fuel her most of the day, who knew when she would eat again, she skipped more meals than she ate so she tended to make them count.

“So it seems, through your history, you prefer having two women.  I'm going to state this really clearly, right now, so that there's no misconceptions.  I don't share.  I don't want another woman in my relationships.  It's not something that will ever interest me.  If you need more than one woman to sat your needs or to get your hard on... then you need to look elsewhere before we invest too much in this fucking thing and then we get hurt.  I am not nice when my feelings are hurt and I can imagine that if some unfortunate fucker broke my heart, I would probably break his face.  So I'm putting this all out on the table.  This is your opportunity to get out.  Without anything having been created.”

All her cards were on the table now, what would he say?

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
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When Ji brought up the one about Cir'Cie, he actually blushed at it just a little bit and then he lowered his head slightly as he recalled the events leading up to that one. "That one wasn't so much an encounter, Ji, then an oops because I was being checked out in the aftermath of the whole thing with the Harbinger..I was one of the few people that killed quite a few people who I used to drink with on that ship..called friends even..before everything went to hell because of Vassar and his stupidity." he explained, his voice colored in pain as he recalled how he had gunned down so many people during his escape with Ida and Duv that day...

Chris shook his head, trying to clear his mind and get back to her question. "I asked Cir'Cie to probe deeply into my mind and she hit a well of emotions that overpowered her with one thing leading to another to be honest and we haven't spoken about it since because it wasn't so much something we had planned on if it is possible, can we forget that one?" he asked in an honest and respectable tone.

For some strange reason when she had brought up what happened with Nicander, Chris actually felt jealous..but he and Ji weren't even in a relationship or anything and he had felt that sensation of all things as his hand clenched for a moment but when she finished explaining that one, he felt the sensation go away and he nodded, "Kind of like the thing with Tessa and Kanti, the way that she was acting that night it was like she was wanting to make a choice to actually go for me or just make it about having someone to hold her on the eve before a battle where we all could've died but when we got back to the flight deck..I got a hug, that was offers of going back to her or mine's quarters or an offer to grab coffee or anything so she made her choice, Ji, and that's all that could be said about what happened there."

He then listened to her next words and understood them as he slowly nodded but instead of answering her right away, he moved closer enough to her so that she could hear him over the din of the room. "You've been honest with me, so I'm going to lay my cards out on the table and tell you that if I have to give up chances like that then I'll do so without a second thought if it means I get to kiss you and call you mine, then consider it done." he said in an honest and warm but serious tone. "I want the good days and the bad, I want you to hit me when I make a bad joke or kiss me when I do something that warms your heart and everything that's in between and if something happens that makes you loose how you feel about me, I fully expect you to break my arms.."

He then undid the "cross" from the chain and held it up for her to see before he looked Ji in the eyes, "This is all that remains of Paran, Ji..this hasn't left my side since his Keth gave it to me years ago.." he explained before he reached out and took her free hand before placing it in the middle of said hand and closed her fingers around it. "This is how serious I *AM* about wanting this, Ji, and wanting you." 

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A sudden change came over Chris' visage when he sat there thinking about Cir'Cie.  Ji almost... almost .. felt bad for asking but she didn't feel bad enough to not listen to the story.  She wanted to know, if they were being open it was important that they were completely open all together.  She brushed a hand through her hair and took another bite of her omelet while she let him take his time to answer.  She didn't care about that, he was a good man, she knew that, but he had a much more vast sexual history than anyone else she had known other than her room mate.  Her room mate was about as cliché stereotypical Orion as you could get.  But she was kind and smart though a bit out there for Ji.  Constantly trying to hook her up or get her to go out.  Things that Ji just wasn't really interested in.

As the story finally came out she felt bad for him, he hadn't touched his food yet, and she hadn't meant to make him lose his appetite.  She listened to the story though about how the woman had rifled through his head and his memories until she found something that overwhelmed her and they had sex shortly there after.  It was something that he wasn't proud of and asked her if she could wipe it from his slate.  Her brow rose.

“I'm not here to make you feel bad about anything, Christopher.  I just wanted to know everything.  People like to talk, and on a closed off ship like this, we're going to get rumors everywhere.  I want us to know all the history so that we're prepped when some fucker comes up to you and says Hey I heard Ji slept with her boss.  You already know that, and you're not blind sided.  But we will count this out.”

He started talking about what happened between him and Tessa.  That she and he had a night together and she had hinted at wanting more.  But then, after the heavy battle when he went to her to see her she just gave him a hug and walked off.  Ji's brow rose, because she knew, that were she to date Chris she would have made sure they spent the night together.  Not necessarily for sex purposes but instead for the purpose of being close together after such a dangerous thing had happened.  That was the kind of thing that needed to be done when you survived.  To gather up the ones you love and hold them a little closer knowing that the next day they may not be there like so many others.

“Well then it's her fucking loss and my fucking gain.” Ji said with a shrug but a smile on her lips.  If Tessa didn't see the good in the man sitting right here then she was a fucking idiot.  Ji didn't really know anything about Tessa; but she figured that she would eventually.  If she recalled right, the woman was a fighter pilot just like Chris.

He told her that if he had to sacrifice his enjoyments of having two lovers at the same time, to be with her, then he would do it.  She hoped so.  Because she wasn't fucking around, she would break his arms if he fucking hurt her or cheated on her.  She didn't take that kind of shit from anyone, and she did not think that he understood the level of anger that Eun Sae Ji could find at the core of her being.  She looked into his eyes studying him for a moment.  She wanted to make sure that he was being honest with her.  She didn't want him lying to her face.  That was a bad idea.  Though as she looked into his eyes she could tell that he wasn't pulling shit with her.  Finally, she nodded.

“If that's what you really want.  Then I'm game for trying this shit out.  Go on some dates, see if the spark stays.” she said honestly as she picked up her coffee and took a long sip before putting it back down.  He reached up and took his dogtags off of his neck and he slid over towards her slightly.  Taking one of his hands, he told her that these were all that was left of his Paran, and something very important to him.  He placed them into her hands and she looked up at him in surprise.  Her eyes widened, and she sat up straighter in her chair.

“Chris... this is.. I can't take these, this is all that is left of your.. father.  They're a very precious thing to you.” she swallowed heavily as she looked at him.  Her hand was still open, she was allowing him to take them back if he wanted.  She wanted to give him the chance to take back something so very precious.  She had nothing like that kind of thing.  She had not expected to be stranded away from her Omma and Appa but that was okay, she loved them very much and hoped that one day she could head back to Korea and visit them. 

“If you mean it, really mean it, I'll wear them with pride.” she said in a soft voice marred with awe.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
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Chris watched Ji's reaction to what he had just done and listened to her words but he wanted to show her just how serious he was taking this because for the first time in a very long time, he knew exactly what he wanted.

"This is how serious I am taking *YOU*, Ji." he said to her as he reached up and gently cupped the right side of her face tenderly, allowing himself a moment to actually caress her face like how he'd wanted to for show her that he actually saw her as more then just another "fuck buddy"..he wanted to show her how actually felt and people watching him do this bed damned and when he spoke to her next, it was in a low, deeply passionate tone. "I want to be with you, Eun Sae Ji..I want the crass with the beauty, I want the scars, the smiles, the tears, I want to hold you in the night on those nights that you let me and the sex will comes when it comes..but I know one thing for certain..let me show you the kind of spark that you've struck in me."

With that he leaned in and kissed her, letting how she made him feel since they first kissed flow right through him and into her as he was done hiding things from her as he used one hand to curl her slender yet strong fingers around the chain..the dog tags..and he pulled her gently into his lap before he curled the fingers of his other hand into her dark hair.

The emotions behind it were pure and strong, nothing could be hidden as he basically in one move laid himself completely open to serious he was and how pure that seriousness was as well as he gently teased her lips with his tongue, asking permission to enter.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy]

She didn't know what to say.

She had been with different guys here and there but she had never had anyone give her a gift that was so meaningful to them.  She was pretty certain that she didn't deserve this kind of thing.  She really didn't.  He was a good man, and they got along really well.  She bit her lower lip as he leaned forward and put his hand on her cheek.  She was glad that she hadn't just taken a bite of her omelet.  He had caught her so off guard with his gift of the necklace that she did not know what to think about all of it.  She swallowed heavily as he looked into her eyes and told her that he wanted to be with her.  That she did things to him and he wanted to prove that they could be good together.

Ji happened to like the fact that he wanted to wait on sex, let it happen when it happened, actually made her feel better about the whole situation.  Considering what had happened with her and her boss, as well as Nicander, she didn't want to rush into things and then find that it just fell apart later.  She would rather get what she needed.  That solid foundation that could be built upon.  Something that could actually make sure wasn't just a fun time.

Then he was kissing her. 

She kissed him back, her lips and his moving together gently.  She felt his hand come up and curl her fingers around the dog tags in them.  A little message that they were hers now and she was going to take them.  They were a gift of kindness and trust.  While she wasn't sure what she had done to deserve his trust she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth either.  He pulled her then, into his lap.  They were close enough it wasn't too awkward to end up there.  She slid into his lap, sitting sideways slightly as they continued to kiss, and his tongue started to probe for access.  She allowed it, and their kissing deepened.

Ji's hand softly cupped the side of his neck, the other was currently holding his dogtags in it.  Ji wasn't the sort to give two shits about kissing someone in public.  Honestly, she didn't care what the fuck anyone in this cafe thought about her.  It wasn't all that big of a deal.  Anything more than kissing though was going to take them finding a place private, and neither of them had time for that.  She needed to finish eating and get to her meeting with the big wigs.  Finally, the kiss drew to a natural close and her lips parted his.  Her lovely large brown eyes looked up into his for a moment, still sitting in his lap.

“All right, then.  Let's give it a real try.  You and me.” She said softly as she pecked his lips gently one more time, letting it linger just a moment before she got up and returned to her seat.  Before she started her breakfast she unclasped the dog tags and put them around her neck before closing the clasp again.  She then tucked them into her mechanic's suit and under her tank top.  She kept them close to her heart as she picked up her fork and took another bite.

“Tonight, when all the shit .. whatever this day brings is over, we should try to do something together.  Maybe a date or something that doesn't include my couch.” she offered before taking the bite and chewing it.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

When she allowed him to actually deepen the kiss, he knew everything was actually right in the 'Verse despite everything else that had been going on around this ship and to it, he actually felt his heart skip a few beats as his other arm went around her waist to hold her close as they kissed, apart of him almost feeling like this was a dream as he was actually feeling very content with his place right then and there.

When the kiss eventually broke, Ji sounded happy as she brought up that they were going to give it a real try as she slid out of his lap and returned to her seat to fnish her breakfast but first she gave him a smaller peck on the lips but held it for a moment longer in a lingering way that still impressed him with how powerful it felt after which she returned to her seat and put on her tags and Paran before slipping it into her jumpsuit at which point he gave her a warm smile before pouring himself a mug of the coffee that he'd ordered after adding the usual small amount of creamier and two others when she brought up wanting to do something that didn't involve a couch.

At this, a smile crossed his face as he took a sip of his Andorian coffee followed by him looking into those warm brown eyes of her's. "Well I had a crazy idea for something if you think that your ankle is up for a little bit of non formal dinner and dancing on the holodeck instead of the other program but I do want to keep the other program open for a different date though." he explained to her before his smile got a little bit more playful, "If you're up for it later then dress casually or as my uncle Morgan would say that this date is more of a "jeans and tank top kind then a rutting dress".."

Chris' normal husky voice took on a much more gravelly sounding tone to it when he said "jeans and tank top kind then a rutting dress" after which he chuckled lightly. "My uncle Morgan was like you, a smallcraft engineer who got pressed into becoming a fighter pilot during the war with the Dominion..scared people when he made Ace during the operation to take back Deep Space Nine, he's one of the people who taught me not to be afraid to get my hands dirty."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy]

He seemed to have some sort of idea.  She rose her brow curiously, something about if she thought her ankle was up to it.  She tested it a little bit and gave a shrug, she didn't really know if it was okay or not honestly.  She hoped that it was, and she hoped that she didn't have to visit Nicander again and get another hypo.  It wasn't that it hurt, it didn't it was just the trouble of having to see someone that you awkwardly slept with, was still hot, still liked kissing you, and then, on top of all of that, was the fact that he was the person to go to when she needed to be healed.  She looked over at him, she could feel the cool metal of the tags against her chest slightly warming with her skin's heat and the clothing that she wore.

“Oh really?  So you have two dates planned then?” she asked him curiously taking another bite of her breakfast she chewed thoughtfully.  “Well the ankle is allright at the moment, how it'll be after shift is another fucking thing all together.  Depends on how the day goes to be frank.  I may just want a couch and some pizza.” she laughed softly and took a sip of her coffee. 

Her fingers toying with the edges. 

He told her that it was more of a casual affair and that she didn't need to worry about wearing a dress or anything.  She grinned softly, that was never something she was worried about anyway, she had a few dressed but she hardly ever wore them.  In her line of work they just weren't practical and more than that was the fact that they didn't seem to fit into Starfleet life as much as she could tell.  Thus far she had not worn a dress on the Theurgy yet. 

She grinned at his little story and gave a nod.  “Well, how about we plan for it, and unless my ankle is the size of my head and garners another visit to Nicander, then I'm down for whatever.  It isn't like I won't be able to sit and rest it of I need to.  We're not climbing an actual mountain or anything.” she chuckled as she took another bite of her omelet and checked the time on her chronometer.  She still had some time left before they had to head to the flight deck for her meeting.  She was just glad that she had been able to get a good breakfast in, thanks to Chris.

“So what do you have in mind?  Or is it a surprise?”

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: @Blue Zephyr

Chris chewed on his own omelet as he listened to her speak and when she asked him if he had two dates planned he simply nodded for a moment with a wide grin crossing his face. "I do actually, one tonight which may or may not involve dancing but will involve us sitting down and having real food on the holodeck while the other..well, you'll see."

When she brought up how the day may go, he again nodded. "And I will be at your door ready to help you more with your ankle, Ji, and I will also make the pizza if you'll let me." he added warmly as he watched her smile and then wonder why she was toying with the edges of her coffee cup.

"No, no mountain climbing planned at all so you're safe there, my dear." Chris said warmly with a little bit of an honest laugh. "No, I want to share something with you and it's not something that I let out of my sight for very long..hell when I crashed the Harbinger into the Calamity, it was one of the two things that I was able to save from my affects as everything but those two things could be easily yes, it's kind of a really big surprise."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Arboretum Cafe | Deck 20 | USS Theurgy]

He wasn't giving her much information on this date that they were supposed to go on.  But, she figured that was part of the charm.  Not always knowing what was going on.  She was okay with that, honestly.  She would figure out things when they happened, and honestly, she just wanted to spend time having fun and not having to worry about work and all the shit that came from the battles and crap that were constantly around.  He mentioned real food, and her brow rose, because she could honestly get behind some of that.  Ji often forgot to eat just because of the demands of her job.  She knew that Nicander thought that others could do her job, but she didn't always agree, and that meant she tended to work past her shift unless there was a lack of things that needed to be done.

However, that wasn't usually the case.  Especially, since they were having so many battles and fighters were coming back needing to be fixed up before the next day.  So that they could go back out again.  That was what got difficult.  The work load right now for a mechanic, and the Chief at that, was having to constantly make sure that shit was getting fixed up and properly.  Because the fighters were vital to the ship and her missions.  She didn't want someone's fighter to stop working because of something she and her boys had done incorrectly. 

If the day went badly, he promised he would be at her door.  Make her pizza and help her take care of her ankle.  A soft smile crossed her face, she hadn't expected that, or rather, had never had that.  She wasn't the sort that looked to others to take care of her.  She was a strong woman all on her own and didn't need someone to be holding her hand so that she could breathe.  But in the same breath, she had to admit that she just was like anyone and appreciated just the desire someone had to spend time with her and take care of her when she was wounded.

“Well we will see, do you fly out in the morning?  I know that a lot of pilots are on the docket but I haven't checked for your name yet, I get sent home by the evil doctor.” she rolled her eyes and brushed a hand through her hair before she took another bite of her omelet watching him with her brown eyes.  It was nice, to sit down and have a nice meal together.  To just have breakfast, no sexual over tones, no crazy drama just them; together.

He gave her a little bit more information  Telling her that it was something that he had saved from the crash.  And it was one of two things that he had to save and was unable to replace easily. So whatever it was, it was a big deal, her brow rose, she was more intrigued now than ever before.  Taking a sip of her coffee she gave a nod.  “Should be fine, I think.  We'll be all right, I'm sure.” she said with a soft smile as she looked back over at him.  She was getting to being full, and she wasn't the sort to eat when she was full just because there was more on her plate. 

“Do you care to walk me to the flight deck?” she asked him curiously, as she checked her chronometer.  “If we leave now we can walk slowly and take our time, but if we wait here much longer I”m going to have to book it.” she stated as she finished the dregs of her coffee and put the empty mug back on the table.

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Chris watched as that soft smile crossed her features again and he felt his heart skip at the sight of it, what was it that made such small things like that so important to him..he honestly didn't know and chalked it up to this being his first real and actual relationship with anyone in his youngish life as he wanted to not only spend time with her, he actually desired it which made him smile softly as well.

"Yeah, I pulled CAP this morning with one of the new pilots that came over from the Orcus..Angel I think her name is?" He told her as he tried to recall the information that was sent to him by Thea. "Apparently the captain has some kind of op going on and s/he wants to make sure that everything is on the up and up just in case we had anything sneak by us and with those bugs being very good at being sneaky true?"

Again that smile as he took another bite of his own breakfast and washed it down with a bit of his drink. "I will say this much, if things go the way that I hope then I really hope that you're not afraid of heights." he added with a playful little smile crossing his face before taking another sip of his coffee.

When she asked if he wanted to walk her to the flight deck, he quickly drained his mug before nodding, "Of course, Ji, it gives me a little bit more time with you before our shifts start and I enjoy spending time with you." he said in a warm tone with a soft smile. "Besides, who wouldn't want to walk with their beautiful girlfriend?" he asked honestly at which point he realized what he had
said and blushed hard enough that it disappeared into the collar of his uniform.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Transition to Deck 16 | Turbolift | USS Theurgy]

He had been in Combat Air Patrol this morning, and so she figured that he was likely ready for some down time.  Of course they had just eaten breakfast but that wasn't the same thing as actually having time to go to your Quarters and relax.  She wished that she could go with him but her day was just starting.  Who knew how long her day was going to be, and she hoped that he would make it out just fine.  Whatever happened, she hoped that they could definitely go on their date that they were talking about just a few minutes ago.  That was something to look forward to.  She doubted that she would be in any real danger she just had to make sure that the pilots were safe, the fighters were running at peak, and everyone got off the deck safety. 

While they were gone she would be doing more repair and maintenance moves. 

She nodded as they headed out of the restaurant and he talked about what the Captain wanted from him and his squad.  She was glad that he was such a good officer, and it made her like him more for being the kind that he was.  It made her hopeful that this would work.  She wasn't sure that it would.  Only because she wasn't sure what kind of relationship they would have.  He was a good man, she could tell, but was she the right girl for him she wasn't sure. 

Time would tell.

He mentioned that he hoped that she wasn't afraid of heights.  She chuckled softly and brushed a hand through her short hair as they headed for the door of the Arboretum Cafe, and she gave him a shrug.  “No, not really.  I've flown and I climb up those giant fucking fighters all the fucking time so... yeah not afraid of heights what so ever.  Bring it on.” she chuckled as they headed out, she stepped out into the hallway that would lead them to the turbolifts that would take her to the work that she needed to get to.  She was kind of sad to see him go, but it was important that they had their own space too or they would get smothered very early on.

He called her his girlfriend and her brow rose.  She didn't not like it, she was just really surprised honestly.  She hadn't expected that to come so soon that title was something she had expected to come up later in some time.  After a few dates, and probably when he was introducing her to someone in his life.  But, if he wanted to jump the gun, he could do that.  He had already given her a priceless gift that she now wore around her neck, and that was something that still surprised and shocked her overall.  She hadn't expected anything like that, but he was kind and warm, and she hoped that he would be the one that she could spend a good amount of time with.

The doors to the turbolift opened and she stepped in, choosing her Deck and the lift began to move.  She looked over at Chris.  “So what is your plan while I slave away on fighters your kind tend to destroy for shits and giggles?”

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Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton|  Deck 20 | Arboretum Cafe| USS Theurgy]
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Chris was still blushing as he followed her into the lift, his right hand moving to rub the back of his neck as he gave kind of a nervous chuckle. "More patrols actually for a while, between us though I'm going to be using some of that time to make a final decision about something." he said, his tone slightly uncertain. "After talking with Razor, I've been thinking of seeing if I can't take an exam or something for the next rank..I want to do more to help around here other then just shot and break stuff you know?"

He then leaned against the wall of the lift and took in a look at Ji and smiled as a thought crossed his mind. "If we are able to do this tonight after our shifts, if you want to dress cute for it then go for it or if you want to wear that top and jean shorts like you did last night then you won't hear any form of griping from me." he said to her in a warm, honest tone to her as he looked into those warm brown eyes of her's and smiled. "But defintely no fancy dress..let's save that for say, date number four?"

Despite the "girlfriend" slip a couple of minutes before but he couldn't help how he felt, being with her was something that was both new and scary at the same time because he hadn't felt this kind of happiness in..well, ever, and when he looked at her and that little smirk of her's-he actually felt warm which were feelings that he hadn't felt since in a long time and he knew that he jumped the gun and if she needed him to apologize then he would but otherwise, he would simply keep going.

"Ji, here's a question for you but what kinds of foods do you like and would you be open to trying native dishes of home world and are you allergic to any kinds of foods?" he asked honestly as the questions he asked where all legit ones. "I'm just curious because if we're going to do this, I want to know all about you..for instance I really liked that kimchi and fried rice you made, even though it was replicated but do you think that you could actually make it in real life..say right here on the ship?"

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