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Day 02 [1900 hrs.] Flight Tests

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
After Zrinka had finish up in the assault bay, she headed back to her quarters. Entering inside, she put Bobo down on the comfy tribble bed that she had setup on her desk. Pulling off her uniform, she sighed in relief as she honestly found it more comfortable without them.

Looking around, she hadn't had time to check things out but she proceeded to go and check all of the ramps that she had setup so Bobo could move around himself.

When she was happy, Zrinka got a glass of juice from the replicator and flopped down on the bed. Taking a datapad from the shelf next to it, she smiled, "Thea, can you be a darling and copy over the information left by Medical for me to read about my artificial pancreas to this padd? Should be tagged to my med record."

A few moments later, the padd beeped and Rini called out, "Thank you."

Leaning back after a sip of juice, Zrinka began reading it and after awhile, she realised that she would need to watch what she ate, because her artifical one was responsible for various enzymes and hormones for digestion & blood sugar glucose. It had the ability to monitor and held some internal supplies which she would have to top up every so often with the access port.

Rini also something else which it hinted about indirectly - it would be a good way for other things to be added in, whether it was voluntary or involuntary. She shivered a little as she remeber the drugs that had been forced on her once, and decided to think about something else.

Getting up, she walked over the mirror and turned sideways, taking a look at where there was a flap of skin that covered over it. Carefully as the pad said to, she peeled it back a little and didn't think it looked that bad.

Going over to the bag with the medical tricorder she had been given, Zrinka held the tricorder close and logged in to check the readings. Going off what the pad said, it was all fine and would last a day or so before she needed to check it again.

Picking up her yoga mat from where it was rolled up, she unfurled it and began going through a vinyasa flow yoga routine to center her mind, balance her body, and jolt her awake with more lasting energy before the test. Kneeling down with her hips over her heels and her knees as wide as the mat, Zrinka leaned forwards with her hands out in the child's pose and then breathed in and out slowly for three counts, feeling the pull as she rested her head. She could feel a little bit of stretch and it felt nice. She did pausing at the top and bottom of the exhale.

Then, she reached her hands forwards and tilted her biceps towards each other, spreading out all ten of her fingers. With her knuckles pressing in, she shifted her weight forward onto her hands and then moved into a nice wide downard dog pose, her feet out wide, enjoying a lot of length in her spine.

She alternated pressing one heel down then rolling to the other slowly. After awhile, Rini shifted to a plank pose and then back into downward dog, slowly shifting them about four times with holding breaths.

At the end, she dropped her knees from plank pose to the cat cow pose. Inhaling, she arched her chest forward and feeling her collarbone. As she breathed out, she rounded her back and dipped her head.

Once she felt all centered, Zrinka got up and headed into the sonic shower, cleaning herself off before sliding into an exosuit. She found it very comfortable, like a second skin, and  checked Bobo was all good before heading off to the holosuites to do some simulator work. She wanted to get back into flying as soon as possible, and Rini needed to show Thomas that she could easily do it.

Entering, she made her way to one of the chambers. Bringing up the terminal, she switched it to Valkyrie controls and waited until the simulator program for the flight control test activated. A moment later, Zrinka smiled as the cockpit appeared around her & her helmet linked into the simulator program.

Zrinka started a pre-flight check and then went through the standard launch protocol. The feel of the engines activating was familiar, and once her fighter was out, she piloted it on the test path.

It didn't take long before she came across some asteroids and a hostile fighter force, causing her to smile as she broke off and lead the fake fighter squadron behind her in.


Thirty minutes later, the program shutdown and Zrinka began running through the simulator results. She had scored a very 93% rating, but she frowned. One thing about Rini is that she could be very competitive and she could tell that her body was still getting over things. Getting out of the simulator, she headed down the corridor to the fighter bay and made her way to the chief's office. Looking inside to see Thomas, she knocked on the door and smiled, "Here's my results. Kinda sucks and I am sure I can get it better if I have time. But they are decent enough. What do I need to do to show you? I know"

Thinking for a moment, Zrinka smiled and dropped to the floor before beginning to do push ups. After a few moments, Zrinka stopped in the middle and shifted it to be harder by lifting one hand up and behind her back as she start doing some more, "Can I get my wings back now?"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 02 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

They day had been rather eventful as all fighters had finally been moved the the fighter assault bay. A lot of Valravns were aboard the ship right now and technically they even outnumbered the existing Wolves. It had been something that crossed Thomas his mind from time to time, yet he didn't dwell upon it any further. He had shared a good talk with the former SCO of the Orcuss and he got the feeling that they were both on the same page.

What truly bothered Ravon mostly today was the fact that he had lost Rawley, the way they had bickered and fought over a thing Thomas couldn't even remember. Though it got cleared out in the end. The things they had shouted to each other, the threats they had dressed to each other, the showdown on the planetoid which eventually lead to his abandonment there. He sighed as he leaned back in the chair that formerly was owned by Miles. Another tragic loss that still gnawed in the back of his mind. Here he was sitting in the chair without actually achieving anything. He sighed as he sat back up and looked out the windows. The beehive activity that remained going on the flight deck.

Regardless to his daydreaming with Rawley gone, it resulted in a spot freeing up in his organisational chart once more. He had already received the preliminary physical and psychological reports of Rini as she had returned to the land of the living earlier today. At least that was a light at an otherwise very dark tunnel. Yet Rini wasn't in the clear yet as she still needed to pass for her simulator tests and of course, she still had to actually be able to fly her bird. Sims were easy to a point as they never gave you that distinct feeling of being out there in the cold vastness of space. She wouldn't be the first pilot that locked up while flying out in actual space or when faced in a very real combat situation where real pain and actual death crept up upon one.

He sighed as he looked down at the reports spread out before him. Updates from the crews that worked on the fighters, progress about repairs on their fighters, reports on the recent patrols. GOD! He had known there was paperwork when becoming a senior officer yet never anything like this! He was already turning mad behind the desk and he wondered how Miles managed. "A fucking handbook would be nice... How to become an SCO..." he taunted himself before he looked up at the doors sliding open as Zrinki Agaixot entered the office after politely knocking.

"Here's my results. Kinda sucks and I am sure I can get it better if I have time. But they are decent enough. What do I need to do to show you? I know"

He took the PADD and looked at the result, 93% was good, yet meager for the standards they had set up in the past. It was a deal the pack made to push each other to the extreme. He smiled a little before he saw her drop down and start doing push up, in various forms at that as he looked at her from the desk and stood up from his chair. "Rini, you're wearing an exoskeleton flight suit, how hard can it be to do push ups?" he asked her with a grin on his face. It was meant more teasingly to the pilot yet it also made his point.

"You want your wings, you'll get them after I test you myself." he answered as he looked her over "Good thing you're already in an exosuit though... Take Rawley's fighter, do the pre flight checks and wait for me." he said to her, amusement in his voice as he got the perfect opportunity to escape this bureaucratic bullshit. He nodded at her to proceed as he walked over to the locker rooms himself to get suited up. It didn't take him long before she saw Ravon on the flight deck, seemingly combat ready as he walked over to Kestrel, Carver's old ship. He got in and fired up the systems as he alerted the deck crew to make way for two ships leaving the deck. On top of that he alerted Flight Ops "Control, be advised, this is Lieutenant Commander Thomas Ravon, I'm about to take off with Ensign Agaixot for a combat training flight. Hail me on if a problem should arise. Ravon out." he looked over to Rini now and switched over to squad chat as he tapped his helmet to indicate her to switch to the private channel "Ladies first Honey Badger." he smirked when he heard her join the channel. Awaiting her take off before he'd fly out after her.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka stopped and grinned, "I turned the exo bit off. But I can do it naked if you want." With her Betazoid attitudes towards public nudity, she was pretty sure all of the Lone Wolves and deck crew had seen her in the buff in the change room or elsewhere.

Getting up from the floor, Rini smiled, "Sounds good, Commander. Oh, that sounds so wrong."

Stopping, she took a breath to try and calm down the emotions that started coming up at mention of Rawley. Zrinka had checked in to the Stasis area earlier and was still having a few raw emotions she couldn't control about that. She knew it was normal in Tac Conn, but still hard - especially with her Marine 'no one gets left behind' attitudes.

Heading across the deck to where the fighter she had been assigned was, Zrinka did a silent prayer to her fallen comrade and then did a walk around the fighter. She had found out her previous one had been completely trashed and had to be salvaged for parts.

Resting her head on the edge of the hull, she ran her hand over its skin as she whispered to it, "You are beautiful. I am sorry that your previous pilot isn't around, but I'll take good care of you as much as I can. I couldn't help your fellow fighter-mate but I promise to try harder."Finishing her walkaround to check for any external damage and that all the ports were closed, Zrinka smiled.

Climbing up and sliding into the cockpit, Zrinka linked up her suit with the fighter and waited as the fighter downloaded her personalised display settings from the Theurgy's computer.

By the time that Thomas was ready, Rini had got everything ready and smiled when she saw him. When he had done his checks and handled the comm approvals, she changed comm channels and growled softly at the comment, starting with a few Croatian swearwords followed with, "Kiss my cute little ass and drop the sexist bullshit, Razor."

With that, she started the fighter rolling forwards out along the guide marks and turned it. Smiling, she thumbed the engine and Wolf-02 began moving faster, rocketing out of the fighter assault bay at quite a bit more speed then advised but Rini had kept it under the max limits - she didn't want to get yelled at too much.

As soon as the fighter left the bay, Zrinka set it into a twisting corkscrew manevour that then changed into a sharp dive. It felt absolutely wonderful to be out flying again and she let out a little bit of a whoop of joy before realsing her SCO was also on the comm.


Adjusting her fighter's course back to the ship, she dropped back into formation behind Wolf-01 after it was out of the bay. Rini wanted to show that she could be a good pilot and team-player in the new lineup of the squadron.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie 

"As much as I would appreciate that sight Rini.." he teased her with a grin before he reminded himself where they were "I'll stick to testing you myself in the Nebula."

Croatian native tongue followed by "Kiss my cute little ass and drop the sexist bullshit, Razor." had Thomas chuckling as he shook his head. He watched the back of her fighter as she powered up and took off from the flight deck, his ship following closely behind her as he himself was still getting used to the sensitivity of the fighter. Kestrel was a whoe lot more sensitive than his own bird and he smiled faintly as his thoughts went over to Skye "Oh, if you could only see her fly now Skye..." he whispered, inaudible through the voice channel.

He watched Rini buzz off with a corkscrew maneuver before she let out a yelp of joy. Thomas had to smile at her regained freedom before he customized his own settings to his own preferences. "Form up on me and try to keep up Honey Badger." He gave her no time to slack as he powered up the thrusters and went for a high speed course through the nebula. He did start off easy with a few swerving moves before he got to the real deal. His ship went up vertical grazing past the Sirrilium deposits around them as the flight space they got to work with got thinner and thinner, effectively, he brought them in a spectacularly colorful corridor. One wrong move could be the end of their fighter and life.

Thomas had checked the patrol logs from the Valravns and it seemed that within the nebula there was a maze of corridors, safe flight paths only the bold would fly through. Sharp bends, hard vertical pull ups and areas where they'd have to roll their fighter around to nose dive back down in order to not ignite the gas around them. Usually pilots would avoid these as they posed too much of a risk. He had chosen this colorful cloud as it was far enough from Theurgy to prevent any damage to be done to it. He had faith Rini would do fine as he looked at his radar, the thing bugging out every now and again, yet showing Rini in pursuit. "You still with me?" he asked her daringly before he broke out of the corridor into a wider open space.

Once they got out of the corridor he throttled up to max speed as he looked around, scanning the area just to be sure. To be fair, only the best pilots would be able to work their way out of the corridor and Razor wouldn't expect any less from his pilots. He glanced over his shoulder as he wasn't done with testing her yet. "Ready for stage two?" he called her out.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka smirked with amusement when he bantered right back to her, and she felt happy. She had been worried that the squadron would lose the comraderies and joking that they had under previous commanders, a neccessity that was instilled as a safety valve for the constant danger. She had been told back in one class at the Tac Conn Academy that it was similar to what had been known as cop humor, and she had always tented to add a heavy flirting nature to hers.

Slipping in behind Razor's fighter felt natural and her instincts, pilot training and talent came out as Zrinka piloted the fighter along behind in the high speed obstacle course through the nebula. She could tell he was taking it easy on her at first, and it slightly bristled - she never liked being treated weaker, and had knocked some Marines on the ass because of it.

So she was glad when the course changed to be much harder, and Zrinka felt her pulse racing in a very good way. She had been drawn to combat flying for the adrenaline rush, and well, this sort of thing was what she delighted in and was very good at. As they flew through the corridors, Zrinka was quite pleased that her body was able to keep up without any issues to the constant demand of miniscule course corrections and tracking.

When his voice came over the comm channel, Rini laughed and grinned, her voice tinged with playfulness, "Yes, Razor, and you fly like a little old grandmother. Oh wait, my own little Croatian grandmother can drive better then you."

Zrinka knew that she probably looked like the Cheshire Cat as she flew out of the nebula corridor behind Wolf-01, but didn't care. For her, this was like picking herself up from the ground, jumping back on the bull to hold on tight before someone smacked it on the balls with a cattle prod. And she just loved it.

Despite getting a score in the simulator that she hadn't been happy with, Zrinka had started her computer into score-taking mode after going into formation & now, she did a quick check to find that she was doing much better. It pleased her and she tapped the lap reset for Stage Two.

She called out over the channel, "Bring it on, Razor. I thought it was Lone Wolf Squadron, not Amish Buggy Squadron."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie

The playful banter Zrinka offered him made Thomas smile as he shook his head. He didn't answer her just yet as he turned the ship around so he'd be facing the exit of the Nebula. He saw Wolf 02 dart out of the corridor as she seemed to be doing just fine. "So, you're back to flirting your way around the news squad?" he asked her with a teasing undertone in his voice as he tapped a few buttons. She was teasing him further as dared him to bring it on. He narrowed his eyes at her and smirked "Stage two Rini, dogfighting. Best out of three wins! Make sure to turn weapon systems off and we'll use the lock on setting as a confirmed kill."

He throttled up and with erratic movements he made his way straight for her ship. The erratic moves were precautionary to ensure she'd not get a clean lock on on him just yet before he rolled over and flew inches away from her canopy. Thomas was flying inverted and he could just glance in on her as he saluted her with a grin that reached behind his ears. "Game on! Catch me if you can Rini. You must be able to catch up to a grandma?" he taunted her as he wasn't planning on making this easy on her. He flew further before making a sharp turn so he'd become the hunter in case she'd flinch. His fighter eagerly closing the distance as his guiding systems were aiming to lock on.

For Thomas, this as the perfect moment to test how this fighter responded to his controls. Carver had been an avid mod monkey herself as she had given Kestrel quite some edges in comparison to the standard MK III. Nothing groundbreaking though, yet it offered an edge that suited her flying style. Which was still quite different from Ravon's... The fighter sure handled more nimble than his former bird, yet it still took some getting used to. On top of that he made mental notes as he'd change a couple of settings here and there as well as customize a few parts to suit his own aggressive flight style.

As round one was now in full effect Thomas enjoyed the freedom of the space they had as the simulated combat flight was adrenaline rushing. It was the perfect time for him to call her out on a couple of things, to see how stress resilient she was "By the way Rini... How much do you still remember from that wipe out?" his voice no longer sounded that teasing or playful, yet it got replaced by an actual concerned and genuine caring tone. It wasn't that he wanted to belittle her, he just needed to know how things had processed in her head and the last thing he needed was to get an answer that was laughing it away.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka laughed, "Well, Razor, I've never really been good at hold myself back so why bother and its fun. Although, I think I already started on the wrong foot with some of the squadron. I can't help it and used to being a black sheep."

Flipping the weapons systems to training mode, Rini nodded, still teasing, "Aye aye, and loser has to wear a chicken suit to the next flight briefing."

When his fighter spun up before she could react and she saw him, she raised a gloved hand and gave him an obvious finger, and swore in Croatian again. 

When he shot away, Rini began following him, keeping up with his turns but lock wasn't happening. She had just hit the throttle back to reverse when he suddenly turned. Pushing the throttle back hard and the controls away from him, she blasted towards him so that her fighter barely missed, and for a moment, the dampers had trouble keeping up so she felt the pressure before it caught up.

Spotting him coming towards her, Rini slamming the throttle into max and began diving tightly away, aiming directly at him. In her cockpit, she quickly pressed a button on a small audio player she had brought and pumped the sounds of a roaring tiger through the speakers.

Grinning, she quickly had the fighter spin away from her incoming target, and then, pulled back hard on the throttle to slam it into reverse again as she spun the nose down.

She almost missed what he was asking and slammed the throttle forward hard again, blasting off at a tangent to put distance away. A moment later, she began changing her course to make it hard to lock on, going unpredictable.

She growled softly before gritting her teeth,
"Everything about getting stabbed through my body and then pain of fire burns when my exosuit couldn't keep up with the flames. I can remeber turning back to the ship and lining up. But that's about where I can't remeber much until I woke."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie

Listening to Rini's banter on the comms, Thomas shrugged "You'll never get along with everyone. Which is only normal... As long as we all have one another's back I'm fine with it." he answered and had to smirk as she cursed and filled the channel with Croatian curses before she showed him the finger. The game was on and the fighters were being put to the test, along with their pilots.

They came to a few close encounters and Thomas made sure he was a hard to get target. Rini however seemed just as elusive as the Valkyrie buzzed past his ships on several occasions, making it near misses as they flirted with collisions. As Rini gave him a good chase he narrowed his eyes as he was determined to get a lock on, which sounded easier than it was in fact. Zrinka showed why she should get her wings back and Thomas was pretty confident that she was back in her old shape if not better.

In the meantime she spoke of what had happened to her up to the point where she couldn't remember any longer what had happened. "Mmh... Must've been quite the experience." he said to her, his voice betraying the emotion he felt for her. It wasn't that he belittled her or wanted to feel sorry for her, yet he couldn't fathom the pain and agony she must've been in to be so close to death. He shook it off however as he throttled up a notch higher and caught up to her as his systems started to work on the lock "Almost have a lock on you Croatian witch!" he taunted her, rattling he cage to either get a full lock on or to see one of her tricks up her sleeve.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka grinned with amusement and she felt quite pleased about it, "Cool. I'm pretty sure that I am going to grate on him quite badly. I just can't help being myself. Although, he is rather handsome."

Being out flying with Thomas was exhilerating, she felt alive when she was out in space in a fighter. It had taken her a long time and a bad incident to show her what her purpose and destiny was. Laughing when she knew that there had been another miss, Rini had completely lost track of time.

Even though she knew he couldn't see her, Rini couldn't help shrugging, "It doesn't really matter to me. I'm alive, I'll deal with what I have been dealt and no reason to bother worrying."

When he taunter her again, Rini frowned and growled before hitting the surprise button and the items that she had setup earlier while he had been getting ready. She had expected that he would want her to do a flight test, and now was the right time for....

Teddy Chaff.

With the press, ten very soft fluffy teddy bears with streaming metal ribbons shot out from behind her fighter and spread out in space. So it was those that the fighter behind her immeadiatly locked onto moments before a particularly pink one flew through the area that was momentarily inhaibted by the front screen - causing it to spread out like it was hugging the fighter with a goofy grin before being rapidly swept to the side and behind.


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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie

Thomas had to laugh out loud as Rini announced that she'd grate on the new squad mate before announcing that he was rather handsome "So first a bit of annoyance followed by a bit of soothing pleasure for the man?" he teased Rini as he kept up on her tail. He narrowed his eyes as he closed in for a kill shot. He remembered Rini was a bit of a butterfly on a relationship level so he didn't go any further into it.

She mentioned it didn't really matter to her, she'd deal with it probably in her own kind of way and Thomas respected that. Of course, he had seen her before and she could be a bit of a loose cannon at times. Yet as long as she did what she was trained to do, Thomas would keep her under his wing. They were short as they were, plus Rini was taking Rawley's spot which meant Rini would become his wing man or woman in this case.

The surprise Rini had in store for him was certainly something that Thomas had not expected. His systems locked on, yet the pink formation that got dropped out of the fighter was something that made his brows frown "What the..." His head pushed back against the seat of his fighter as he figured it was chaffs, so firing was useless. Yet when one of the bears hugged his canopy and just slid off slowly, he followed it and shook his head "Well, that's not standard issue..." he smirked before he looked around to see where Rini was at. The chaffs were the perfect decoy for her to get on him if she'd chose to.

"Where you at..." he murmured to himself, not transmitting it through the channel as he already performed preliminary evasive maneuvers.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka shrugged as she shifted her fighter to keep him off shooting her, "Possibly. I'm definitly interested, although I'm not sure that he will be up for it. But that doesn't mean I won't try. But if he does push back to much, there is plenty of cute guys & gals aboard. And Thea is really hot too. Pity I just get confused looks."

Zrinka thought, "It isn't like I can go back in time and change get burnt or stabbed by shrapnel. I have a replacement organ, I'm alive, and as an ex-Marine, my injuries are just like flesh wounds. I want to fly and I am going to keep myself able to do that."

In her fighter, she giggled as she heard his surprise on the channel, and Zrinka quickly made her fighter down and slam on the brakes & engines in full reserve while the teddy chaff did its work to distract him from her sudden manevour, causing him to overshoot past her position. She knew that from a distance, it was much easier to lock on and in space combat, the fighters could easily go backwards albeit not as fast.

With her fighter at a very slow speed and his still going, it wasn't very difficult at all to line up and score a virtual hit on him despite his evasive maneuvers.

She smiled and called out on the channel, "Gotcha. Say hello to Mr Fluffy."

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie

"Fair enough and you've got a point. Plenty of fish aboard the ship to go for." he answered her before the bear surprise hit him. The rest was just a perfectly played out plan by the Croatian rooted pilot.

The buzz indicated the confirmed kill Rini scored against her SCO, Thomas laughed and shook his head as he had to admit defeat and rotated his ship in a 180 flip in mere seconds using his aft and correctional thrusters. He shook his head and voiced out to Rini "Good kill, consider your wings restored. Welcome back to the pack Honey badger." he congratulated her and closed the distance back to her ship "Ghost and Iron would've been proud to see you back." he smiled faintly as he trailed his way back to the entry point, ready to fly back home.

"Let's head back, I can still try and win the race back." he smirked as he waited for her to line up next to him so they could race through the nebula back to Theurgy.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan
Zrinka smiled happily as Thomas passed her flight tests, and she waited until he got closer, "Thanks, Boss. Oh, that sounds really weird."

She was going to make another comment but his mention of Ghost and Iron choked her up for a moment and then she realised that he was thinking the test was over.

Shifting her fighter a bit as he lined up, she squeezed the trigger again, causing another kill record to light up, followed by a roar of laughter, "Gotcha again. You really did open yourself up for that one, Razor. Want to make a bet out of it?"

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Azure Nebula | Wolf 01 ] Attn: @Josie

The beep indicated that Rini had scored a kill once more, Ravon shifted his head to look at Zrinka through the canopy of their fighters. He could see her in the cockpit, be it a bit hazy due to the environment, his eyes narrowed and he laughed lowly "A bet huh?" he asked her as he shifted his fighter to face her's nose to nose "You sure you want to get yourself in this much trouble Honey?" he teased her, not even adding badger to the callsign and readying up himself for an extended flight test.

Razor had done his best, yet just like Zrinka knew, he wasn't up to his A-game just yet. He had done what was needed to stress test the pilot to above average standards. The fluff bear surprise had caught him off guard, yet if Honey Badger had any more surprises for him... He'd be more quickly to overcome the initial shock. He had to adapt to the situation, improvise where needed and overcome the challenges or obstacles the Croatian pilot had in store for him. After hearing what the bet would be, Thomas laughed in amusement "Very well, you're on." With that statement he scored a kill himself at close range before he flipped his fighter under Rini's and blasted off to get some distance between them.

"Talking about opening yourself up for kills Rini, that was an easy kill for sure... Maybe I should rethink giving you those wings."


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