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Re: Day 01 [1930 hrs.] A Doctor's Mechanic

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Physical contact was often a necessity of her job and Lahkesis was nothing if not professional in her touch with those who she treated. Her touch was always gentle and reassuring, never firmer or more restrictive than it needed to be. She had been trained to be patient and kind with her touch.

Yet this touch, this was very different. As her fingers explored the shape of his maw, feeling the pulse of his life under her finger tips. It was more sensual than almost an touch she had ever had before. She had only a single encounter with another person to speak of and though it had been quite nice, this was fundamentally different. Dr. Maya had guided her through the process, now she was simply exploring on her own.

When he touched her she felt a slight shiver, perhaps of fear, perhaps of anticipation. She could not say for sure. It was all too new, too different. Her breathing seemed to shift to a little more shallow and a little more rapid. While as her skin was smooth, his had more of a texture, thus the sensation of it under her fingertips and his clawed hand sliding over her body, it was unlike anything she could describe in such simple things as words.

To describe her thought process as erotic would have been to put it very mildly, and yet she did not bloom. She was lost in a moment, yet some pang of fear and darkness stabbing in her mind through it all, wedging itself in. Some phantom horror that would not leave her. A shadow crossed her heart and she could not shake it. She yearned for his touch, and yet somehow some part of her was now screaming to get away from it.

And then she felt his body react, and no part of her conscious mind could blame his body for reacting. In fact some part of her wanted it to do so.Yet when she felt it, when she saw the tip of his elongated member emerge from his pants, her reaction was beyond that part of her mind. It was a reaction to something that she remembered, yet had not happened to her.

She quickly pulled herself from his grasp. She scrambled away from him, fleeing from both the man she yearned for and the phantom that haunted her, falling over herself and landing on the floor quite hard, though not so hard as to damage herself. Laying there, that shadow, that phantom that moved through her mind had swarmed her and took her heart once again. Darkness rushed around her and she wept, sobbing into her hands as she lay curled in the fetal position.


Re: Day 01 [1930 hrs.] A Doctor's Mechanic

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Sithick was already embarassed partly shielding himself because he wasn't really sure if this was supposed to go any further or not. He had never expected to be in a situation where he could get physically arroused, had never once imagined that he would be in a situation where he could touch another persons body, and for a few moments it had felt wonderful the shared yet simple contact, the new feeling of someone who was actually trusting him, someone who didn't flinch away from him.

For a brief moment Sithick was happier than he had ever been with this new found privilege, it was unexpected, and yet at the same time it was rewarding, and only slightly embarassing as his body reacted to these new feelings, but it was that reaction which seemed to cause a sudden shift. He didn't really see it coming, Despite keeping one of his eyes on Lahkesis he lacked any ability to recognize the sudden look that shifted across her person till she was scrambling to pull away from him.

Naturally he let her go. He tried to raise the question of what happened, but as she broke down into tears Sithick lost his voice. His mind going back over the situation he had in fact stumbled across not an hour earlier involving this doctor the one where he had saved her from three men.

Instantly he felt sick, and like a fool. He quickly got to his feet, grabbing his shirt as panic ran through the lizard. He needed to go, now before she called security. He had always walked such a fine line, always tried to treat everyone as if they were made of glass, and for a brief moment he thought maybe there was something just a little more that he could have had, but he quickly forgot all of that because now the doctor was crying, and if he didn't go now she was going to have him tossed to the brig. He ran not bothering to dress with the shirt just opening the door and having it shut behind him. He ran as far as the turbolift, shutting it and giving his codes as a tech to lock it on place for a few as his back slumped against the wall before he slumped slowly down.

In a word Sithick was miserable. All the things he thought he had kept down and supressed had been brought to the surface in a bubbling mix of emotions that he honestly didn't want to even think about. There was of course the fear that Lahkesis would come forward to security because of this... sexual assault!

He had just sexually assaulted someone, he hadn't meant too, he wasn't sure even how that had came into play, they had just been touching each other exploring, and then... Sithick's breath was pained he had seen humans cry before, but his eyes lacked the ability instead he just closed both his sets of eyelids, felt a throbbing pain all through his muzzle. A claw trying to brush away the dark thoughts that were clouded around him. He had hurt her, he knew better than to simply touch someone, others would always fear him.

After all he was a monster aboard this ship. As his thoughts slipped more towards anger he slammed his arm against the turbolift wall, leaving a physical dent. For a brief moment he had more than had ever thought possible, and he had ruined it. He had gotten too greedy. His harsh breathing came to a still as he sat in the turbolift. Eventually he gave the order for it to take him home, at which point he crawled into his room, glad that Jaya was anywhere else. He didn't want to have to deal with his friend knowing what he had done.

He didn't want his only friend on this ship knowing that he was the monster most people thought he was. He had hurt someone today... if she called security he would surrender, that much he decided on, but he was too much of a coward to make that call himself. so instead he laid on his bed looking at the ceiling, looking at his claws. It was his fault, he just didn't know why.


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