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As Lucan talked about what he would be doing Hylota nodded and she relaxed o the chair as the hypospray was prepared for her, sh felt that there was nothing to worry about and she just let her commanding officer get things ready for her. Little did he know that he was not working for her betterment here. As Lucan came and placed the hypospray to her neck she closed her eyes and took as deep breath and let it out as she was injected with the chemical. She figured it would not take long for the drug to kick in, but she did not have any idea it would be as strong as it was since it was the largest dosage she could get. And as it move though her Hylota began to feel warm as the drug took hold and Hylota let out a little chirp sound.

As Lucan placed his hand on hr forehead Hylota blushed her purplish color and just stared at him as he began to rub her gently, as he worked his hand over her hark and complimented her on her skills and value Hylota felt a surge of pride and arousal, both from the appeal of the situation and the drug she was being influenced by. As she was rubbed more and more Hylota close her eye and let out a chirping moan, her body shuddered and her vagina began to open. A the blood flow  increased her pussy got warmer and warmer, and soon a opening appeared and the lips were pushed apart by the swelling flesh and Hylota cooed as she became fully open and her natural lubricants began to glisten on her sensitive flesh. 

Hylota began to give off a sweet cent as she grew more and more arouse, she arched her back and thrust her hips forward in arousal a she let out a loud moan. She had thought the drug would just make her aroused, but with how much she had gotten she was craving stimulation and it had been so long since she had been touched sexually, so long since she had been intimate, she was craving intimacy. She had also failed to think of what would happen if she was still highly aroused after she opened up, so now Hylota was aroused, and in the presence of one that she respected, as she had finished her moan she turned a purplish color and looked away from her commander. "I-I am so sorry, I should control myself better, Ngh, it is so had to focus, p-please sir, please begin the exam, I-I am ready AH!" Hylota moved to have her thighs as far apart as she could gt them so Lucan could have easy access to her dripping pussy.

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As he stroked her forehead and made noises to her liking, Lucan's pale eyes observed how the bremelanotide began to affect her - making her squirm and fidget where she lay. Eventually, with his hand massaging her delicate scalp, she let out a moan that proved exactly what she said: that she was ready to undergo the procedure. With his dark hair framing his face above her, he was careful to not let the malign mirth behind his stoic gaze show, even if she had turned her head away from him.

"That is quite alright, Ensign Vojona," he said in his naturally deep, hypnotic voice - not slipping out of the charismatic personae that the crew knew him for. He was also pretending that the obviousness of her desires were not so plain, leading her to believe she managed to hide it. "I will proceed with a common pelvic examination. It is performed to collect viable information about the state you are currently in, which will include internal and external genitalia. If at any time you feel any discomfort or would prefer me to stop, just say so. If you have any questions, please do ask me. I will proceed now."

He removed his hand from her head and stepped around before her, coming to stand between her spread legs. At this point, he fished out a pair of gloves and donned them on his tattooed hands while he spoke - eyes now lingering on her alien sex. "You will feel me pressing down upon areas of your lower abdomen from the outside with the heel of my hand and my thumb, and I will be inserting my middle and index fingers." This said, one hand came to rest upon her toned abdomen and slid downwards. He was reminded, suddenly, of the time he had examined Lieutenant Commander Stark - fond images flashing before his eyes. "Yet first, I will examine the external genitalia, including the vulva - containing the Mons pubis - and the labia major. Then the labia minor... followed by any clitoral tissue I find."

Sensually, and yet somehow perfectly professional about it, Lucan's descending hand reached the lowest part of her abdomen and began to knead it gently, while the other hand touched the source of her heat directly - stroking his fingers across her outer labia. His glove was soaked by her nectar right away. For a while that would not wear on to be unseemly long, he let two of his fingers rub the outside of her wet folds, while his middle finger teased what he had read to be her clitoris and her entrance.

"Like I said, after this bimanual exam," he said quietly while his fingers probed and stroked her, almost like a intimate whisper if so imagined, "I need to check the orientation, length and width of the vagina. Do you think the bremelanotide has made you ready to continue the examination at this point?"

As for himself, his rigid arousal throbbed in answer to the sounds she made - her sweet scent somehow reminding him of the Niga flora. As hidden as his hardness was from her sight where she lay, and despite how easy it would be to claim her - to use himself as an instrument for the examination - he was not going to break his facade and risk his image in the eyes of the crew. Not unless she gave him a cause that would compel any doctor... and remain also their secret.

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The drug as still working on Hylota, her people did not peak on their lust as soon a humans did, she was till growing more and more arouse. She could understand what she was being told but she was unable to answer as to avoid making more embarrassing sounds in her lustful state. Hylota did not think that she would get much more aroused, but with the size of the dosage Hylota was not going to get relief soon, and as she got hornier and hornier her vagina began to get more and more damp as it began to grow warmer with arousal.

While Lucan was inspecting her vagina he could see and feel the difference between her and a normal female. Her midsection was more firm and muscled to protect what lay beneath. upon inspection the slit that had been on the surface was the labia major, it was a less sensitive durable layer of skin, beneath it was rather devoid of much of of the features on a human. The urethra was at the bottom out of the way while there was no actual clit to speak of, it appeared that the labia minor became flush with blood flow and the swelling of the flesh pushed the labia major apart. this area was already slick with juices that are present at all times behind the labia major to keep thing hydrated inside the female's body.

Beyond what he could see Hylota's vaginal opening was not far behind the sensitive labia minor, it was larger than a human's and had no hymen. Her vaginal canal was also much shorter and her cervix not as deep inside her as the Ovri womb was much bigger than that of a human's as it was made to accommodate several eggs at once, an the wider shorter vaginal canal made for faster egg laying, the better muscle structure allowed for more force to allow a female to press an egg out of her opening.

As she finally worked up the nerve to talk again Hylota let out a chirp and panted a little before she spoke, a sweet smell cam from her breath. "P-Please do not worry about me Doctor I, AH, I h-have no problem allowing this t-to happen I, ngh! I am perfectly fine with this, please proceed at whatever pace you are fine with. AH!" She clenched her toes tightly a she tried to fight back her arousal, but her eyes were filled with a primal desire. Deep down Hylota wanted to be fucked, and as tings were going she was getting pretty close to actually asking for it. And it was not hard to read on her face that she was wanting to be mated, with the right pressure she would beg for her CO to take her. 

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"I see," said Lucan as he rubbed her sex with his gloved hand, and the scent she gave off made him want to swallow - mouth watering with appetite for more of what she could give him. It was not remote from his mind that it was pheromones affecting him, yet he was still in control of the situation. He might be rigid with need, and his breathing may be slower and deeper because of her scent, yet he still prevented himself from stepping out of his role - preserving the illusion of normalcy that they shared. "I will be inserting my fingers now, then." 

Oh, how eagerly she welcomed him when he did. He had no trouble pressing two fingers inside her slickness - the heat welcoming him eagerly as the pushed into her. Her sex was powerfully built, meant to lay eggs, and yet the encompassing walls were still sensitive to his touch. His fingers explored her - teasing the friction of her sheath in their questing rhythm.

"The vaginal passage is short, as expected, and I can feel the cervix easily," he commented, emphasising the location with two fingertips rubbing the area. The motions expanded her slick sheath rhythmically; the knuckles on his gloved fingers swallowed and then released, repeatedly, with the motions. "I would say that the cervix feels soft. The position and 'feel' of the cervix provide me with valuable information about where you are in your cycle. You are approaching your ovulation date, but I need to make further examinations to determine when it will be. I will be able to feel the cervix shift itself, lifting and dropping as you move through various phases of your cycle."

With a serious and focused frown, he rubbed her sheath with his fingers. "Forgive me if I linger a bit, but I must ascertain the exact current state of your vaginal passage and the sensation of your cervix before I use a speculum and extract a sample of your current cervical mucus. You see, with most species in the Federation, the purpose of the cervical glands is both to produce fertile fluids around the time you ovulate and to block the entrance to the uterus during those periods when you are not fertile."

So he lingered while he spoke, pushing his fingers into the Ovri insistently where he stood, his other hand pressing against the lower abdomen to increase the pressure around his fingers slightly. She was so warm and inviting, and the beast almost overtook him, about to make him open his uniform trousers to free his tumescence from its confines. Yet he preservered, even if it might be more plain that the scent of the Ovri was affecting him. "In fact," he said and swallowed, "the difference can be noticed easily since the vaginal environment is slightly more acidic to the taste during non-fertile periods. Right now, you ought to have a sweet taste."

He removed his gloved fingers slowlt and held them under his nose. He looked upon her shivering and pliant body where she lay. He could not medically sanction tasting the glistening nectar on his fingers, but he could scent her. "Judging from the way you smell to me... you must be ovulating quite soon," he said, taking a deep breath before removing his gloves, one at the time. He smiled to her and leaned over her a bit to place the gloves on the tray next to her. "How do you want to proceed, Nurse Vojona?" he asked with his deep and charismatic voice, "I can insert a speculum, expanding your passage so that I can retrieve a sample of your cervical fluids for analysis, or would you rather I used something else that is more comfortable for an Ovri?"

It just so happened that the arousal she had given him pressed against her sex through the fabric of his trousers when he briefly leaned over her... but he did not acknowledge it unless she did - still giving her no definite cause to question his ethics and also give her a way to stay innocent in her awkward ordeal.

It all depended on the effect of the aphrodosiac...

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As Lucan kept on with his examination Hylota's lust only built, she was getting to be very wet. Her mind was filled with a haze of arousal, her heart was beating so hard she could hear the beats in her head like drums. As she felt her arousal grow seemingly without Hylota panted heavily, she was so aroused she could not bring herself to do her fancy mating chirp, granted by this point a female would be mated with how aroused she was, sh was unable to hold her breath in the needed manner to make her chirp. As the fingers slid around hr vulva minor Hylota moaned and pressed into the fingers, her eyes locked on the man as he examine her.

As his fingers slipped into her depths and rubbed along her vaginal canal and then as her cervix was touched, Hylota gasped and her body shuddered, she had never been touched here, and usually the cervix was never stimulated, and during egg laying it was not what her body was focusing on. As Lucan tested her friction he would find that as time went on he was not feeling a much over time, her body was lubricating itself to a point where there was only friction when Hylota contract and held the fingers inside her as she tried to get off to the stimulation, vent though she had quite a ways to go.

Hylota listened to Lucan as he gave the examination, all his information was stuff she already knew though as he was a doctor among her own people and had undergone this cycle several times before. But as he talked about getting samples sh thought about being penetrated and her eyes widened with desire, she wanted to be mated, she wanted to breed, under no normal circumstances would she get this aroused, this was the equivalent of being at the height of her fertile period right now.

But then as Lucan stood up and pressed his cock against her sex seemingly on accident he moaned and looked down as she was told what would happen next and she moaned as she shook her head no. "Please no more examinations.I know how far along i am, please I do not care about the regulations I beg of you, pleas fuck me, I cannot stand the emptiness anymore, I need this so badly! Please I wear I will never tell another soul I will do whatever you wish just please o not leave me to suffer like this Fuck Me! Breed Me! I Beg It Of You!" She shook with desire.

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Behind his comically startled expression, looking completely blind-sided by the forceful demands and desperate promises that the nurse made... Lucan was smiling with dark humour at the way he had managed to manipulate the situation - getting exactly what he wanted.

"Regulations aside, I could not ethically..." he said, trailing off, and since the Ovri's scent was getting to him, the way he swallowed and hesitated was not completely feigned. He made a show of internal struggle, clearing his throat and rubbing a tattooed hand over his face. "I read on the PADD that your kind secreted pheromones, but I had not realised it would be so potent upon other species than your own. I would be lying if I said I did not wish to oblige you. But I have sworn an oath, and its highly unseemly for a Chief Medical Officer to... to..."

His other hand had ended up lying upon Hylota's toned abdomen, and as if it had a mind of it own, it ran up and down the front of her torso - sensing her smooth scales shifting against her musculature. Lucan looked up, meeting Hylota's desperate eyes, and as if her needs would settle his inner arguing, Lucan nodded slowly. "This mustn't leave this room. Apparently, the ships surveillance systems were damaged in the first battle with the Calamity, so Thea can't see us either, only locate us through her internal sensors."

As he spoke, he did not have to feign the way his fingers shook either when he opened his uniform trousers - the urgency he felt quite real. He was only affected by her scent, but it was quite enough since he had been attracted to her unique kind to begin with. The beast inside fuelled his need too, and when he freed himself from his confines, his male organ was as hard as it ever could be. "I should not be doing this," he murmured as he grabbed the base of his hardness, breathing heavy, and he rubbed the crown along her puffy and slick lips. "Neither of us should. You just arrived, and I am your superior officer..."

Hollow words, of course, for it did not take many seconds until he obliged her wishes - grabbing her waist where she lay with her legs spread on the examination table... and pushed inside her.

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 As Lucan accepted and pulled out his cock Hylota moaned and thrust her hips forward as she tried to get her commanding officer's cock sooner. As he explained to her about how they would not be record in here she panted and nodded as she tried to get things going. She noted vaguely what she was being informed of, she sighed as she could faintly smell Lucan's scent in the air and she locked eye on the cock as she licked her lips.

"I swear on my life that I will never tell a soul about this doctor, this was an oversight on my part and I accept the consequences. Just please do his for me,I cannot stand this any longer it i maddening doctor!" She panted heavily and she looked at his cock just waiting for it, she could not stand it, the sight of a large cock, the feel of her pulse and the sound of he pulse as it boomed through her head like a primal drum beat and she could not stand this any longer.

As he finally pushed inside of her Lucan was greeted by a tight form fitting space, it rubbed along his cock smoothly making it fl like he fit into her perfectly as she has the soft puffed up flesh molded around his cock and as he pressed into her vaginal canal and slid along the short passage she swung her arms around and she caught Lucan and pulled him in for sex, and as he was there she began to work her vaginal muscle working them to massage his cock and try to get him off as soon as possible.

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Lucan had to confess that the Ovri felt quite divine around him. Her eagerness only made it better, just like the scent that seemed to trigger his mind. Minutely, as he pressed his length into her for that first time, he wondered how akin to the Niga pheromones the Ovri were during their fertile stages. It seemed to him... different, but the result not too far off. His tattooed hands held her waist firmly, thumbs rubbing her exotic skin idly in appreciation when he pulled back for a second thrust. Her promises allayed his fears, and it seemed all the more sweeter that she thought she was to blame for everything that would happen between them next. His rigid arousal came out glistening with her juices, shimmering in the artificial light of his office, and he swallowed thickly at the sight of the squirming Ovri that still encompassed his sensitive head.

As he thrust into her a second time, Nurse Vojona's quite strong arms reached up to fold themselves behind Lucan's neck - trying to pull him down to her where she lay on the table. For a moment, he meant to oblige her, but something that he had read on the PADD surfaced in his mind, corresponding to what she had said about her oral affinity to lure a mate. Did he wish to kiss her and loose his mind? Could he afford to loose control? Or rather, could she afford the risk of the parasite taking over - the thing within that held no remorse. It lusted for gore and murder, chaos and defilement of flesh. There was no telling what may happen to the Ovri, and what Lucan would have to do to clean up the mess and clear his own name from involvment.

Unless... the Ovri's pheromones would dull even the beast's bloodthirst.

Not willing to risk it, Lucan used Hylota's embrace to - instead - pull her up. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her suspended in the air, with his thrusting hips keeping her ellevated along with the leg holders that held her bent legs up. His breath caught at the feeling of her weight grinding down upon their joining, gasped when he surged into her. Her mouth was still quite close, even if she bobbed in his embrace, and her sweet breath made his head reel. He busied himself kissing her neck, only to find that the taste held an oily perspiration that made his manhood jolt in reaction - driving his breath from his lungs. He could not stop licking, kissing and nibbling her smooth scales afterwards; his mouth traveling both sides of her neck and down to the groove behind her collarbones. He even licked her chest, hands running down to cup her posterior so that he could reach. He felt her short tail against the back of his fingers, but it was all second to the feeling of her sex milking him as if she demanded to have his seed immediately.

And she would have it unless he controlled their motions.

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Hylota was not able to focus all that well any more, as she was denied her mating kiss Hylota did not give up right  away, she would wait, find an opening, and then kiss again if she could not get the breeding she required. And as she was thrust into he moaned happily as she was feeling that sh was getting what she was wanting to begin with and she began to rock her hips into his cock. Hylota wanted to cum so badly, an she was getting to be so close at this rate she thought that she would be able to cum soon and maybe he would gt Lucan to cum inside this was...wrong? yes it was wrong, he was not supposed to do this...but it felt so good, she needed more, she needed to be stuffed. With speech getting to be beyond her Hylota just gave up and clenched as hard as she could to speed things up.

Hylota had no clue that she was fucking a man with a beast inside him, sh had no clue that a the drop of  hat he could  lose his hold and she would end up a bloody mess all over the floor. Of course at the best her and result would still end with her being fucked repeatedly and likely have her shamed and left a mess, and that was if and only if she was not cut up in any way, ad with the likely differences in body chemistry, the pheromone cocktail she had in her mouth Hylota would either do nothing to the beast, or but it into a lustful mood. Bu her odds were indeed slim.

As sh was picked up Hylota moaned happily as gravity now worked in her favor and she was constantly bearing down on the cock of her commander an she began to gyrate her hips to work out a little or pleasure, but in the process Hylota was able to push herself over her limit an she moaned loudly as her boy shook with the orgasm, it as enough to get hr to calm down slightly, but as her tail began to be rubbed she gasped as the hand touched rubbed her sensitive skin. Finally able to focus enough to form her words Hylota panted heavily as she spoke to him. "Oh sir, please cum inside me, fill me with your seed and make me yours, I need this so badly, please give me more." She was planning to try and kiss him again while he was talking to her again.

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The Ovri seemed insatiable now that the aphrodisiac had taken its hold, twisting herself down unto Lucan's pumping cock where she hung in his arms and her leg holders. Beads of sweat was forming on his forehead as he pressed his tongue to her neck, tasting her egesta. When she came, it was all he could do to keep himself from emptying his seed into her convulsing sheath - sharing her climax and giving what her primal state-of-mind wanted. Nonetheless, he managed to contain himself, to keep in control, and it was no small feat - probably having sent most men not devoted to self-control over the precipice.

Yet Lucan lived by control, deception and disconnecting himself from his true self. He had lived an act since he left Envon in his youth, always manipulating events to further his own cause. This, even before he was joined and taken into his kin's fold as one of their most successful hosts. For not only did he conceal his own nature anymore. Now, he also hid his new self; this hybrid mind of his that was still himself, but oh, so much more. He was still Doctor Lucan cin Nicander of Envon, and at the same time he was not. Changed, yet still the same. His kin needed hosts for sake of controlling their nature and to further their cause by infiltration, and in Lucan they had found the perfect instrument... and he had gained the means for his vengeance. All hidden... underneath his impeccable façade.

It was only until recently that he had been given cause to doubt his own and his kin's ambitions. Unresolved thoughts. Truth uncertain. Muddled by his most complicated situation aboard the Theurgy, where he was stuck either furthering his kin's goals or trying to save his own life - thus aiding the cattle all around him. Yet there was more... Disturbing notions of empathy that kept surfacing. Regret. Shame. How it came to be, gradually seeping into the cracks in his mind, he did not know... He only knew that he would have to deal with it lest his control would crumble entirely.

In the aftermath of her orgasm, the Ovri spoke to him, demanding his seed while his mind was spread thin over a thousandfold angles. It brought him from the confusion of his facetted mind to the present, and an answer was due to be given. The obvious, of course, and he gave it while resuming his surging movements."I s-shouldn't, you are too close to your..." He swallowed, blinking hard. "You ought not to become pregnant but..."

The kiss took him by surprise, as her exotic lips sought his. He had been distracted from thought, speech, controlling the rejoicing parasite inside and his bodily needs, so he was too late in pulling back. Her embrace around his neck was surprisingly strong, like a man's, and in his tumbling backwards movement, he lifted her up from the leg holders and stumbled backwards while holding her in the air. He was still inside her when the edge of his desk caught his hip, making him fall back over the desktop and sending his computer console, his stacks of PADDs and an assortment of medical instruments to the floor.

By the winds, he should push her away, but he found himself kissing back instead, splitting her mouth open with his own - his feeble and half-hearted push against her hips only serving to grind her down against their joining. He was about to give the Ovri what she wanted, as much he could already feel - so little required to tip the scales...

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In all truth Hylota was in grave danger here, right after an attack anything could be used on her and be claimed as damaged during combat and no on would know where it went and assume it was just lost, and with the right mixes Hylota could be made to forget everything that happened at the appointment after a specific amount of time, she could be made to forget the fucking as if she had just passed out. And with the right tools she could be made to look like she had never been hurt at all. And with the sensors in this office out f commission for now, no one would ever know it happened. and of course the parasite within Lucan would know of such things.

As Lucan tried to explain why he should not go further Hylota knew she had her opening, always strike when the male has an open mouth, they cannot strike back fast enough. she lunched and performed her mating kiss, expelling high amounts of pheromones into Lucan's mouth and instantly flushing his system with the sweet taste. She knew she had him, Lucan was not that strong willed against this and she could feel it. As he fell back and tried to get away he was still pushing into h and making her moan with pleasure, Hylota wanted more she could not stop at just this.

Leaning forward as best she could without hurting herself Hylota eventually was forced to pull off and fall into the chair again due to her leg restraints. She fell into the chair panting and he bean to thrust her hips into the air and moan. "Please Doctor, come back and breed me, I need it so badly, Please sir my body is on fire and I cannot stand being empty any more, jut come back and finish the job." She began to roll her tongue in her saliva again as she prepared it to go again.

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Head reeling from the sudden effects of the Ovri kiss, Lucan's heavy breathing heralded the utter will to comply with the needs of the female before him - making him get back on his feet and push away from the desk that he had come to sprawl across. The sweet taste in his mouth was a potent reminder of the Niga Incident, having felt its kind on Cir'Cie's breath in the Med Labs as well as the cargo bay that had been renamed the Garden of Eden. A fickle thought went to the idea to synthesise the Ovri's mating kiss for his own purposes, but the overwhelming need to return to Hylota Vojona, laying there with her legs spread and begging him to mate with her, wiped all auxiliary thoughts from his pheromone-addled mind. A keen and a chaotic mind usually split in two... now united in a common cause.

More PADDs fell from the desk behind him as Lucan closed the short distance, slapping one tattooed hand down against her bald head and turning it to the side - pressing a thumb past her full lips. With an animal urge driving him and animating his bodily actions, he yanked at his own clothes while having her pinned down - his manhood twitching in the rhythm of his elevated pulse. He freed his heaving chest from the constraints of his closed uniform and undershirt, both hanging as open as his labcoat in short order. His uniform trousers had merely been zipped down before, and now the belt and the top button were ripped open, the front of his underwear thrust down with a thumb hooked behind the waistline. The ferocious delay was minute before he squirmed his thick and throbbing girth into her once more - grunting from the bottom of his throat at the feeling of primal completness.

While driving into her anew, he removed his thumb from her mouth so that he could get her legs out of the leg holders - licking her chest from intoxicating oils while doing so. Once she was freed, he could climb up between her legs on the examination table - kneeling on the padded surface and hoisting her lower body up to meet his savage trusts more directly. Both his hands sought a grip around her toned and narrow waist as he mated with her, rutting mindlessly with her exotic body, just shy of releasing his seed into her warm sex.... until... he lay his lips to hers again, and may feel something slide into his mouth.

Eyes widened as much as his mouth was, he came in full force - convulsing on top of her in a having, primal gavotte.

It was only in the aftermath that higher thought-processes would resurface, and her fate would be sealed...

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Hylota was slightly worried that he was not going to have any more fun as Lucan was now out of her grasp and she began to pant and breath heavily as she felt a fire burning inside her, demanding sex.  But hen it seemed like she might be left alone she smiled as she saw Lucan get back up and moved towards her, as he approached she cooed and thrust her hips towards him in a sexual manner. "Come and claim me Doctor, claim you mate." Th drugs flowing through her body were to much for her and Hylota was not capable of thinking straight.

As he returned to Hylota and he stripped down and presented his cock to her and she moaned happily. She smiled and licked hr lip as she could not wait for him to start, and as he pulled her up out of the chair and lined her up sh smiled happily as she swirled her tongue round in her saliva preparing for her next kiss she would spring on Lucan, but as he fucked her h went in for the kiss on his own, and as he almost ruined it by going all the way he climaxed within her and she moaned as she felt his warm cum flow into her currently empty womb, they were lucky as her body was not quite ready to take on children as she took the fill load into her womb.

Wanting o thank hr mate for his cooperation with her Hylota pressed back in for their kiss an she tilted her head down and allowed her saliva to pour down into his mouth as she wanted to just have her fun as hr body clenched and tightened as she met his orgasm with another of her own. Her orgasm made her shiver and shake with pleasure but the drug prevented her from getting full relief of her arousal. she had no idea this had any change or effect on Lucan at all.

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With her straddling his lap while he was on his knees on top of the examination table, Lucan gushed his Câroon seed into her warm depths - the semen filling her gradually with each load. He convulsed as he moved, soaring into her, breath hitching and hands releasing her wast to embrace her and grind her down unto their joining - soon feeling her climax around him as well. While his culmination of lust lasted, and his fractured mind eased into blankness, images came unbidden to him.

He stood over Amikris Neotin's aborted child, the grotesque foetus hailing from Ash'reem and Niga both. He was laughing as he stood over the writhing little thing, laughing at the top of his lungs at the paradox of its existence and it being in his possession. He remembered the crew he killed during the outbreak in order to save himself and the means for an antidote. The next moment, he saw himself tamper with the Harbinger's security systems and making his kin - Sonja Acreth - escape to kill numerous people. He saw himself raping the trance-induced Doctor Maya in the storage room he had just taken nurse Vojona. He saw himself naked, stabbing Garen Nelis to death in a surgical suite, getting aroused doing so. He relived making Arcorn Neotin fall to his death before his daughter. Then came Eve Jenkins angelic face as it was lit by torchlight, hurt and disappointed with him -  jealous in her love for him. Last came the face of Kisane, stare blank and broken of mind. He did not know what images hurt the most in the moments of clarity, only that he was there: the lost man he had once been. The remorse he could not feel otherwise. Kisane, because all he did was out of love for her. Eve. She was his salvation. His anchor. His means to...

Then the Ovri kissed him, and the jolt in his bodily reaction to her pheromones washed it all away. It was gone, leaving him confused as to why he as conflicted about his actions. He frowned, yet crazed as he was to continue deriving pleasure out of the Ovri, reminiscence gave ground to brutal urgency, and the bestial nature hidden within became unshackled momentarily - control lost in the maelstrom of need. Lucan closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was channeling his native Câroon powers. His eyes glowed with white light - momentarily blinding the Ovri in her close proximity, and when he opened his mouth to speak, the same white light spilled through his moving lips.

"Use me, would you?" he asked with his deep voice, his own and yet uttered by the being inside. Without warning, a tattooed hand closed around her neck - grip hard. Mercilessly, the beast and he slammed her down into the padding of the examination table with the grip - cock still hard and embedded inside her. Her backwards legs could thrash around for all he cared, for he made sure she could not shift her upper body one inch away from him. "You will learn what I yearn for."

The lights dimmed slightly in the CMO office, because Lucan channeled the power momentarily through his grip - electrocuting the Ovri where she lay. He bared his teeth at her, light still shining through them, and gave her another shock. His grip prevented her from screaming, and his cock resumed fucking her suffering body. "Look at me," he barked at her from above - his shining face all she could possibly perceive. "What do you see?"

A third shock tore through her, and he lowered his face while he fucked her - his eyes blinding hers. "I am your measure," he said to the lowly amphibian, who'd people had barely crawled out of their primordial soup.

"You will not succeed."

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Hylota's moment was over, in an instant she was no longer all that into it, suddenly bright lights blinded hr and hr protective secondary eyelid shut to try and allow her to see, but she instead was faced with accusations of what she had tried to do sexually, at this point he was no longer in the mood as her boy entered the fight or flight response and she tensed up. It was then that she was about to let out a shriek that her was strangled, she only got out a weak choked squeak and she began to thrash in her restraints.

Hylota's attempts to get free were cut short as she was suddenly hit with a jolt of electricity. She silently screamed as her body tensed against her will and she spasmed as the shock wore off, she did not know what she could do. As she was blinded again Hylota closed her eyes a she took the second jolt, her body shook violently and she tried to focus as her body desperately tried to find a way to free itself. Upon the third shock Hylota was not paying attention to what was being said as she knew she needed to kick herself free.

As she was fucked and taken violently she focused on herself, she writhed and twisted in agony as things began to fade for her. In a last ditch effort to free herself Hylota used her flexibility and she winced as she pulled her legs from their restraints, moving her legs into an awkward angle before she put them on Lucan's chest and kicked full force hoping to break his hold on her. Sadly with her lack of air she had not placed hr feet correctly and on leg slipped off his chest and flew out behind him while the other pressed firmly into his chest working to break the male's hold on her with her powerful leg.

The exertion of her force and the forced stimulation of her body was eating up Hylota's oxygen stores and she was quickly slipping out of consciousness as she tried desperately to free herself.

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The Ovri struggled back against him while he fucked her, yet Lucan was not to be denied - not when the thing inside had finally been given free reign.

The four-toed foot was wedged against his chest, about to try and kick him off, though the possessed Chief Medical Officer grabbed the ankle of that foot and deflected the push to the side - twisting her pelvis area over so that she ended up lying on her stomach instead. The brutal motion was made with his cock deep inside her - making her slick sex twist around his girth in the motion as well. He had momentarily let go of her throat in order to turn her over, but with inhuman speed and resolve, he wrapped his arm around her neck from behind - choking her hard in the bend of his arm. It was like a nightmarish lover's embrace, with his free hand pinning her lower body against the padding of the table - his knees thrust out to the side inside hers in order to spread her wide open. With his whole bodily weight upon her, he resumed fucking the alien without remorse, and his lips were next to her tympanic membrane as he spoke.

"You are merely a flesh puppet" he told her, chest reverberating against her minutely scaled back, grunting as he drove hard into her, "to be used and cast off when no longer needed. Primitive in design, host to your betters. Minds weak to bend. To break. To make our own. How can you hope to oppose us, flesh puppet? There is no hope for the cattle... just servitude until the slaughter."

Eerie, grunting pleasure emphasised the beast's words, and when it had finished speaking, Lucan reached down between their bodies and grabbed the base of his own erection - still hard despite his climax. He withdrew his length from the Ovri's sheath momentarily, only to guide his hardened head against the anal entrance - pushing against the tight sphincter. It did not take many moments before the crown popped inside her, lubricated by her vaginal juices as it were... just like the length that followed the bulbous head into her. The sodomy was surprisingly gentle at first, preventing the discomfort of possible chafing due to her tightness, but it did not take long before the thrusts fell into a hard rhythm, driving into the suffocating nurse. The only gulps of air that was given to her was when the thrusts lessened the pressure against her tortured windpipe.

"You are ignorant slaves to the whims of your masters, fighting a futile war. Already lost." Lucan grunted tightening his arm around her neck to shut her access to air completely, We will savour your defilement, ruin the order of your pretentious societies, and show you what you really are... Before we move on, and leave you all in darkness..."

The same darkness that was about to take her teary sight from her.

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As Hylota was stopped she flailed her limbs wildly as all reason went out the window and he entered a mad panic to try and save herself, she had no idea what had happened, one moment they had been in the middle of their sex, and now she was fucking some strange monster that was hurting her, strangling her and she was being so mean to her. She did not understand why she was being tormented so, she wanted to get free, but with her leg missing, and with how much she had exerted herself she was unable to gt another good kick in as her limbs began to feel weak and heavy as they sank to her sides, Her mouth lulled open and she began to drool out of the side of her mouth, the st smelling liquid dripping down the side of her face and dripping onto the hands that held her.

As she was unable to keep awake any longer Hylota's eyes rolled back and began to flutter shut as she began to fade, the warm darkness of unconsciousness began to seep in and she felt like she was falling as her head fell back and she closed her eyes, her body shuddered and went limp, she was not able to pay any attention to when she was fucked in her tight anus, she just could not muster the strength needed to keep going any longer. With little strength left her body twitched as she tried to move before the lights began to shut down in her had, slowly things turned off in the back of her had and she slipped from the world and passed out entirely.

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When the Ovri's body grew limp beneath him, Lucan did not cease his heaving motions on top of her - grunting like an animal while he resorted to the pure chaos that was his true nature. Forceful defilement of flesh. Selfish need for pleasure.

No, that was not him.

Lucan hesitated, breathing still hard. He was the host, and he was supposed to exert control. He could not resort to the whims of the thing within. His purpose was to deceive, and to maintain perfect synchronisation with the society around him. In the present case, he was meant to be the Chief Medical Officer, and as he realised that the nurse had become still... he blinked and removed his hands from her throat. The thing inside wanted to continue, yet Lucan pried his mind into place and banished the bloodlust from his thoughts. He climbed off the examination table, cock freed yet nonetheless hard, but his mind was now far from his own body but that of the nurse splayed out before him. In cold desperation, he retraced his actions towards her, bringing the memories back from the darkness which the beast had descended into.

"Computer, the lights dimmed here for a couple of seconds," he said, snatching up his medical tricorder and scanning the Ovri while he spoke. "Do you know what may be causing it?"

[Minor power fluctuations occurred in the Main Sickbay area of the ship. Reason unknown. It is likely caused by leakage currents from the energy required to maintain the phasing cloak.]

"Please notify engineering," said Lucan as his pale grey eyes darted over the display of his tricorder. His hands were shaking, making it hard to read. It was the Ovri pheromones, still affecting him. "The health of some of our patients are in danger as it is... without wavering energy flows in Sickbay's plasma conduits."

[Yes, doctor.]

Covering his actions with the report he'd submitted, Lucan quickly picked up two hyposprays and calibrated them both, one by one, before inoculating Hylota where she lay. He still had to suppress the aroused state his mind was in because of the mating kiss Hylota had given him, but he still managed to apply the two shots into her neck without complication. The first was a boost of oxygen and the second a sedative that would keep her still even as her brain was given the air it had lacked. The vital signs had not been too weak, so he believed he could rectify the parasite's actions. He ought to have been afraid, panicking over what he had almost done, yet he could not afford such thoughts. With cold, calculating motions, he fell back on his profession to treat the nurse's wounds and to ensure that there would be no trace of what had happened.

His victim out of danger, life-signs returning to normal, Lucan looked around and picked up a sub-dermal regenerator. With it in hand, he used his other to make Hylota lay squarely on her back, and with the medical instrument and his tricorder to assist his task, he began to heal the internal damage of the electrocution and the strangulation, treating haemorrhaging veins in the throat and neck. His eyes darted back and forth to make sure the nerves were soothed too, easing up the cramping musculature. He stepped back to let the scope of the tricorder take in the whole body once he was finished, and he quickly determined that he needed to address some areas in the chest that had been traumatised by the energy currents that he had released into her. For last, he picked up her feet and laid them on his shoulders so that he could treat the minor chafing damage that he had caused upon her anus.

His thoughts about what had almost happened nigh caught up with him at that point, but he refused himself to linger on such prospects. There was more to be done. He went to a drawer by his desk and produced a small package of soothing salve, completely scentless, that he returned with and applied to her anal opening. He also rubbed it over her neck for sake of treating any lingering discomfort that his medical instrument had not taken care of. Then, as he was done with the physical treatment, he put away the salve - incidentally the same kind he had used on Doctor Maya earlier that day - and opened a hidden compartment in another drawer. He rifled through the items there and found what he sought: a set of instruments he had only been forced to use twice before, and they were unregistered equipment, not accounted for aboard.

It was a multitronic engrammatic interpreter, a sleek helmet with cortical stimulators within, used to encode and decode neural pathways and memory engrams in the brain. It was an advanced model that could be used for MEM-treatment, where Lucan could use his computer console to erase - and if he'd have the bloody time - create memories. As it were, he believed he merely needed to erase the last minute or so in Hylota's mind. He put it over her bald head and her white mark and powered it up, labcoat flaring out behind him as he got to back to his console by the desk and started search routine, keying the most recently formed engrams.

While the search ran, Lucan paced the office and tried to control his breathing, shaking his head to clear his mind from the effect of the Ovri pheromones. He tried to silence the beast's need to act on those urges, and to maintain the brittle control he had asserted. Not since he killed Chief Counsellor Garen Nelis had he lost control to the extent that he had right then with Nurse Hylota. It was a disembodied feeling, followed by anger and regret yet oddly... without reproach or question towards the nature of the beast within. He should have been mad with the way the parasite was endangering itself and him - its host - but for some unfathomable reason, he merely acted on instinct, working as best as he could to resolve the situation that had occurred. As it were, he had no time to dwell on his own thoughts about the incident, but to handle it as expertly as he could.

A chirp from the computer console signalled that the search was complete, and when Lucan returned to the console, he deciphered the readings and durations... and with a couple of commands... he erased just enough memory engrams to place Hylota's most recent memory being her having her second orgasm, at which time he had spent himself inside her. He could have erased the intimate development between them altogether, but that would have caused too many other complications about the current situation in his office. No, it would have to suffice. She had promised him secrecy and thought herself to be the aggressor, not knowing how much phase nine bremelanotide he had given her.

He returned the engrammatic interpreter to its place and looked over the area, and he was just about to alleviate the sedatives with a third innoculation when he realised that his victim had to have raised levels of adrenaline in her blood because of the struggle just before she passed out, so he made sure to give her something to thin out the amount of adrenaline coursing through her system. Otherwise, the nurse would be waking up in a fight or flight mindset. Careless of him to almost having missed that... but once he was certain all was accounted for, he took a deep breath and put her legs back in their holders, and he climbed on top of her. He looked down into her closed eyes, wondering what he had done if he'd killed her right there in his office. Fleeting thought, useless, better for some other time. He was still rife with Ovri pheromones, and it did not pose much trouble for him to rub himself to full hardness once more and press himself inside her, resuming the position they had been in before things had gotten out of hand.

Then, the Chief Medical Officer pressed the cold muzzle of his hypospray against the side of her neck, resuscitating her... and returned the instrument to his lab coat pocket before she opened her big, dark eyes. When she did, he lay a tattooed hand against her cheek and searched those black orbs with his pale irises. "Nurse Vojona," he said, not having to feign the thickness in his vowels, "You... climaxed and you must have passed out... By the winds, are you alright?"

Given the circumstances, his acting did not demand its usual depth and nuances - the nurse and him being in the situation they were. Again...

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The healing and restoration work that as done to Hylota as flawless, nothing about her appearance was giving away the harm that had happened to her. And with the neural work done she no longer remembered hoe things had gone after her second orgasm, but with most mental alterations there was a lingering feeling, a sense that something was off. But without the memories being there it would be nothing more than an easily ignored feeling.

As Hylota began to wake form the secretly induced sleep the first thing she noticed was not the voice of her commander, but the feeling of tingling all over her body. Unlike most other races Ovri bodies were slow to recover on their own and she could feel an odd tingling s her freshly regenerated cells and nerves were finishing their restoration, but she wrote this off a likely a side effect of the drug she had taken during her examination, it probably was a little too much for her. She then heard Lucan speaking to her and Hylota looked down at herself and she blinked as she saw herself impaled on the CMO's cock. She turned a purple color as she sank don in her chair, with the effects of the drug wearing off she felt shame for what she had done. "Oh divines what have I done?" Hylota looked up at Lucan and she teared up slightly. "Sir, no sorry, Doctor I am so sorry, I did not man to tempt you as I had, Please forgive me." Hylota shook as she apologized for hat she thought had transpired. But as she moved she felt something strange, she remembered bottoming out on Lucan, but she could feel as his cock slipped in deeper as she moved, that his skin as dry there and she felt the friction it caused inside her. It was confusing for her, but was disregarded as she tried to figure out what to do next.

Hylota looked around the room as he mind cleared and she remembered how she had gotten to this point Hylota blushed and she pushed back an pulled herself off of Lucan's cock, laving her pussy a mess as she flopped back onto the examination chair. "Si-Doctor please for the future could you never tell anyone about this,  please I cannot get in trouble for this, I did not mean to do this to you, I had not mean to drive you to this point I swear I had only wanted an examination, I was weak, please forgive me." Hylota hung hr head shamefully as she flt that there was only on person to blame after this an it was her. As she felt a glob of cum starting to move out of hr body Hylota crossed her legs and blushed a deep purple. "P-please Doctor, I would like to move on from this...pretend it never happened." She looked up at him with her dark hopeful eyes.

As she sat there awaiting Lucan's response she thought about what she should do. she should first clean herself out and get rid of all evidence that this happened, but that would mean walking back to her new room with this shameful state seeping into her uniform. And then she would need to relax and try and get over this, if she let this consume her sh would be a total wreck before her brother even arrived on the ship. Of course right no it all hinged on Lucan and hat he would say about her actions, would he let her go, or would he threaten her, hell as far as she knew he might also try and get more sex out of her to keep her silent. This moment might be nothing, or it could be the end of her professional career. 

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Playing ignorant was quite easy given the extraordinary situation, just as easy as it was to act as aroused as he had been before he had violated the Ovri. The Chief Medical Officer wore a confused expression on his face when Hylota started to apologise for herself, repeatedly, and shimmied herself off from his rigid arousal. The pheromone kiss made irritation bubble in his mind in being bereft the feeling of her sex around his own, yet he fought down the urge to climb back on top of her - not about to ruin the confidence the nurse had in him a second time.

Instead, he remained standing before the table, and when she showed discomfort and closed her legs, he removed his white labcoat and gave it to her with uncertain movements, putting it into her hands so that she could cover herself and restore a smidgen of modesty. Given the obvious alarm that the Ovri felt for having seduced her superior officer, Lucan pretended to show gentleness and to try and comfort her in her distress.

"Hush, hush, no, please do not worry," he said, not having to pretend how thick with need his voice sounded, and he raised his open, tattooed hands to make calming gestures. He supposed he must look ludicrous, undershirt wide open and trousers open and askew where they hung low on his hips - his throbbing hardness coated with Ovri nectar where it dominated the space between them. With disjointed motions, he began to try and tuck himself back into his underwear. "I will not tell anyone, and by the chain-of-command, it would be me that you would get in trouble with, but I will not be reporting you to the Captain or anything. Even if I meant to, how would I tell Ives about this development? I am just as much at fault as you, not able to resist you..."

A veiled compliment that he hoped to be an investment for their future working relationship. Lucan was trying to button his trousers while he spoke to her, pale eyes intensely resting upon Hylota where she lay. "I can vouch for the... potency of your mating kiss, that's for certain... and you gave this examination more data than I could have hoped for if I will be finding you some kind of medicine. I am okay, but... I am not sure what I... when the effects will wear off."

Truth spoken in untruth, the experiment having been about his enjoyment to see her in sweet agony too. Too bad it'd had gone way out of hand. "If you want to put this behind yourself, feel free to call it a night. I...I will... I don't know when I will be recovered enough to return to my quarters, but that should not stop you. I am sorry things did not develop as expected, but I promise, I will find you a treamtent. I will."

He cleared his throat again and tired to close his teal undershirt with hands shaking of lust.

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Hylota looked at Lucan as he put his coat over her and she held it to herself and she shuddered for a moment before smiling weakly up at him. "You are fr to kind to me sir...and i have reviewed the information, this is the same as other races breeding problems, I know it is happening in advance, I should have taken precaution to avoid this." As sh watched Lucan have trouble after he was coming down for her pheromones she bit her lip and she could not help but feel that sh should do something for him.

Getting up Hylota set the lab coat onto the chair and she sighed as her vagina began to close. But instead of getting hr cloths and getting back into uniform she instead walked forward and knelt down before her CO. She reached up and allowed his uniform to fall open again. "Sir you are clearly still suffering due to my actions. Please, I know my pheromones are not absorbed though you skin that well, since I cannot let you relieve yourself like I did earlier, please allow me to give you oral sir." She shook her head. "Sorry, Doctor. But please Doctor I truly want to help you, and like this you might be able to get back to your on quarters for the night.

She knew if he did not want this he would stop her right away so she reached up and gingerly wrapped her hand around his cock and began to gently slid it along his length stimulating it as her lightly scaled hands slid smoothly along the surface of the cock. As her hand moved closer to the base of his cock, her mouth opened up. It did not smell nearly as sweet and she showed her lack of real teeth, making her mouth a large most soft space the was welcoming Lucan's cock inside. She leaned forward and placed the tip of his cock on her tongue before looking up at her CO with eyes that asked hat she should do next, if she should continue to service him out of guilt or to just leave.

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Lucan feigned hesitation when Hylota climbed down from the examination table and offered oral sex to help him in his rather awkward situation. "I'm fine I'll just... I mean..."

Yet he trailed off deliberately when she sunk to her knees and opened his trousers anew, even letting his undershirt fall open and bare his torso to her. His manhood was aching with unreleased urgency, and her hand wrapping around the slick, warm girth made him gasp hoarsely. She was obviously quite serious in her offer, and his glistening hardness was more than enough to show how much he needed her. He did not have to fake his mesmerised stare upon her exotic face as she opened her alien mouth to accommodate him. He did not step away, just releasing a pent up breath when her tongue touched him.

"You... would...?" It seemed preposterous to finish the wording of his question, and the anticipation that boiled in his loins made it impossible to maintain a trail of thought. The pheromones were still affecting his mind, and now that the Ovri had his throbbing crown against her tongue, he wanted nothing more than for her to do as she wanted - to please him and make up for shortcomings that were not entirely her own.

In the end, he remembered what she seemed to have liked earlier, and let her know that he accepted her offer by lifting a tattooed hand to caress her bare head. His palm and fingers stroked her white mark slowly, intimately outlining the curves, while his pale grey eyes drank in the sight of her actions from above.

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As Lucan did not turn her done or push her away Hylota was convinced that she would be allowed to relieve her CO of the lust she had forced upon him because of her weak will. She would do whatever it took to repay him for his kindness through her failings, and without her near death she did not realize she did not need to do this, and without any other information she would just continue to feel she needed to do this. She liked to be fair after all.

As she proceeded with her oral treatment her tongue slid out of hr mouth swirling around the be of Lucan's tip before slowly working its way to his base of the shaft. As she finished wrapping up the cock she began to pull it into her mouth as she moved forward and allowed it access to her moist mouth. As it was finally fully inside Hylota closed her mouth firmly sealing around the shaft, as she did it felt as if Lucan as inside a vagina. As the cock was in her mouth she began to suck on it, moving her muscles and tongue, massaging the cock as her head remained still for now as she swirled her tongue and worked her mouth to rub the cock.

After this she began to move here head, slowly rocking forward and back allowing more of the cock to move each time and as she pushed the cock into her mouth she would hold onto it firmly as she pulled it out. After a few thrust more he changed thing up again and as she worked half of the shaft out she began to hum making the remaining half of the haft inside her mouth vibrate as she closed her eyes and slid back in, hoping that this would work to get Lucan off.

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To receive oral sex from an Ovri was quite an extraordinary experience.

That tongue that came out, swirling slowly around his throbbing hardness as it wrapped around him, it was not something that could be replicated by many species. While the Ash'reem had some common traits to the Ovri, the tongues of the former species were once long weapons meant for thrusting out of their gullets and causing trauma upon prey, while the Ovri tongues seemed more nimble and prehensile with their shorter range. A range, however, that was still far superior to almost all humanoids known in Federation space.

With Hylota's tongue wrapped around him and milking him inside the warm confines of her mouth, she did not have to move her head to rub the sensitive crown of his phallus. There were no teeth scraping against his base, and just the sight of her bare head down there, lips wrapped around him and her entire oral cavity massaging his length, it made his knees weak in the way his loins crumbled with anticipation towards the imminent release.

Then, when she began to move her head, rocking back and forth where she sat, the stimulation that she applied along him tripled with the new range of movement. He groaned deep down in his throat when she began, and his hands laid against the sides of her head - thumbs brushing up and down her white mark. His mouth went dry as his lips remained pursed, yet his eyes shut in the final seconds before she made his whole body twitch with imminent release. He pushed with his hips a bit in the end, not able to contain himself, and he grunted hoarsely before his cock hardened even more, giving her just enough forewarning if she did not deign swallow his Câroon seed.

Making a strangled sound and convulsing where he stood, his seed gushed from him once more in white-hot eruption.

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As Lucan massaged her forehead Hylota could not help but feel immense pride at ho she was dong, she figured she must be doing pretty good to receive praise for her work. she almost forgot that she was not being praised but instead just stimulated. But this did not matter to Hylota, she was intent on completing her oral service as  soon as possible. And as she was sucking and stimulating the cock she could feel things changing and the cock grew thicker and Lucan thrust in giving Hylota fair warning of what was to come.

As the torrent of hot Câroon seed poured into her mouth Hylota closed her eye tight n she wrapped her arms around Lucan's legs to held the together as she finished him off. Drinking down the cum and swallowing it all made her stomach feel war and full in an oddly pleasant way, but she knew now that their time was at an end and she began to withdraw. Her tongue slid off of Lucan's cock and she opened her mouth and drew back allowing Lucan some space as she got back up and bowed to her CO.

Clearing hr throat she spoke up. "Um, well thank you for your time sir, I will go now...maybe go to that festival you mentioned earlier. Tomorrow i will be sure to send you the messages with the information about the Ovri you need. And I will be sure to take better control of  my actions so that when we next meet up sir, I will not be such a horny wreck." She smiled hopefully as she hoped that this would put her on goo terms with her CO.

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