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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Reika lay there with her head propped up by her pillow. Her eyes went from closed, to rolling back up in her head to watching Kino as she worked her way down her body. 

Pale hands meandered down each centimeter of of her body, stomach, sides, hips, and then they wormed their way under the blue flesh of Reika’s ass and squeezed hard.  Blue muscles pushed into pale hands needing to feel alive, being consumed by the heat, and her own grasp on Kino’s hair tightened as her arousal and need grew.  But after a pop, too quickly the hands left the skin to which they tenaciously clutched. 

But that pale mouth was on the move again.  This time further and further it moved down the blue skin of the Andorian’s body.  Every touch of pink lips was different.  Every one whispered a new unique endearment - some tender, some passionate, some needy, some playful, many different variations on teasing, but all different. 

Slightly darker than ivory hands began to work their way along Reika’s side - even her scarred side without differentiation.  Unconsciously Reika pressed into that hand, taking comfort in the fact that even that touch showed tender affection.

And then Kino lifted herself off of the slender blue body, Reika’s eyes, which had been closed as she reveled in and concentrated on every sensation, snapped open and sought out her lovers.  Kino was watching her with a playful grin.  Tender touch of hands on her inner thighs.  Breath caught in the blue chest as if she let it out, the whole apparition would vanish away. 

Lower and lower Kino descended toward the prize, but playfully.  Finally Reika had to gasp for air - and found that the Trill’s pale and sumptuous body was still there.  Still working her magic. “You are so beautiful,” Kino said.  She had heard that before, but the difference between Barak saying it when he simply wanted to fulfill a bodily need and hearing Kino say it as if she were pouring out her soul, couldn’t be compared to each other.  One was hollow and spoken as if she were his prize.  One was out of adoration and a desire to lavish tenderness to bring both emotional and physical fulfullment. 

But Kino continued on.  Still easing herself lower, until fingers tickled blue inner thighs gently pressing legs apart.  Then came light kisses, barley touches, but Reika couldn’t stay still.  With every brush of pale lips, her hips moved either in anticipation or as a result of the phenomenon that Kino was eliciting throughout her nether regions. 

Reika’s eyes never left Kinos.  And as Kino headed north and as glacial pools watched, and a mouth opened panting in need, the Trill’s mouth moved away from the conquest, Blue eyes narrowed - almost as if in pain and blue lips slackened as if she were in agony. 

"Y'okay,” came a voice echoing with laughter.  “y'look a lil flustered, honey."

Reika couldn’t hold back any longer.  Almost a whine of,  “Don’t stop, Kino,” broke in panting breaths from blue lips.  Hips bucked and wiggled as the need within her grew exponentially with every second delay.  “Please,” she begged, barely audible.  “Don’t stop.

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Her silver head nodded, pink lips parted achingly close to light blue skin. Passion-filled eyes fell to slits at Reika’s words, as a tremble of pleasure coursed through her body. She had no intention of stopping, but couldn’t help drawing the moment out with the teasing question, and the way her lover responded – body quivering, pleading those hotly whispered words – sent the heat between the Kino’s thighs even higher, nearly unbearable with need. A spotted leg cocked as Kino’s hips responded on instinct; a slow rock to match the clockwise rotation of slender fingers that flanked Reika’s clit. She’s driving me crazy, the Trill commented silently, amazed at how desperately she needed to be touched.

“Okay honey,” Kino breathed between light kisses that trailed through the Andorian’s short line of brilliant white hair, purring at it’s softness, the way it tickled her chin. “I wont stop,” she promised in a sultry whisper; a promise of so much more than physical release. The blue thigh she’d been tending to rose up over a spotted shoulder, and as her mouth hovered over Reika’s most sensitive spot, the fingertips of her other hand trailed down that lovely limb, along the lines of a blue pelvis and up into flexing abs. Aqua colored eyes blinked up, locked onto fierce blues, as the tip of the Trill’s tongue gently circled in opposition to her fingertips with a heated sigh. Circle – flick – circle, circle, circle – flick; teasing strokes, all a prelude of the ballet to come.

A throaty hum followed as she watched her lover’s body respond, and as much as she wanted to, Kino couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. Her other senses told her what she needed to do, as much as her paramour’s body; a jerk of her hips, a moaned gasp, a tremble of muscle – all signals she heeded with relish. The hand on Reika’s belly slid south, draped across her lower abs, fingers splayed. A pale thumb brushed up and down the thin line of platinum hair that trailed up from the Trill’s mouth, adding another layer of gentle movement to the glistening nub being lavished by her tongue and fingers.

Kino took her time. In that moment, there was nothing else but Reika. Her mind nearly blanked, with only a singular purpose at heart: to show her partner affection. To express her desire to please – to lavish her breathtaking body with pleasure and fulfill her every need – because Reika deserved it. Who could ever deny someone the simple act of being loved, of being cherished, due to circumstances beyond their control? How long had this amazing woman been bereft of a loving embrace? Of being shown that she was wanted because of who she was, not for how she looked or what she wasn't? You have me now, babe, Kino’s eyes fluttered open, dark brows tilted as she nodded up at her lover. She could only hope the Andorian understood what her eyes were trying to say, as her mouth was very much occupied: I see you – all of you – and I want it all.

After a few minutes of further deliberately teasing ministration, ever so gently, slender fingers withdrew to feather down deeper into slick, dark blue folds. Wet, pink lips descended to take their place, preceded by a glistening tongue. Kino’s eyes fell closed again with a grunt at the touch of her lover’s hand pushing into her hair; spotted hips quickened, rubbing herself into the sheets, as her own need for attention grew unignorably powerful. Nails grazed across her scalp. Lips locked into place to softly suckle, as her tongue massaged. Pale fingers pushed within to curl up in deliciously silken heat. So wet for me, her mind cooed as Kino whimpered.

The prelude faded as the proverbial curtain rose for the main act to truly begin. A deep, low moan rose from Kino’s chest, transmitted through the suckling motions of her lips and tongue, directly into her lover’s trembling body. Pale fingers pulsed within, timed in opposition of every jerk of blue hips – ceaselessly in motion – as her efforts built momentum with every passing second. Here she would hold, stealing glances up at her paramour through fluttering lids, while she worked to fulfill the promise she made only moments before…

Kino wouldn’t stop – not until Reika was satisfied – and she’d never let her feel alone or unwanted ever again.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Honey.”  One word burned deep into her soul.  It was crooned out a heart that was full of tender emotion - full of caring.  One word spoken to her in a way that it never been before.  That one word created such need to show this woman affection, devotion, endearment - not just now, but for as long as she could imagine - forever.  But before she could communicate that, a tongue flicked across the throbbing knot above soft blue folds of skin.  Hips moving in conjunction with pale fingers and tongue, she needed to open herself up more and draped her blue leg up over a pale shoulder.  Gasps, moans, cries, croons.  Every possible needy noise found vocalization on her parted lips. 

Glacial pools sought out aqua orbs, and when the two pairs locked onto each other, words were exchanged, glances were understood, dreams were traded.  An unspoken promise and pact.  Blue fingers pushed into short silver hair, massaging the ivory scalp. 

But not long after, pale fingers left their post searching out another chasm and lips suckled into the delicate spot instead.  Blue eyes pressed closed, lips parted, gasps for air broke from blue lips.  Heated cries and whimpers as fingers found their new purchase and pulsed into the tender spot.  Hips pushed forward in need as blue fingers pressed against the back of the silver head.  The suction on her clit grew while a pink tongue wrapped itself around it.  Hands gently pressed the back of the head further into place while velvety internal crevices ground against slicked fingers.

With every suckle, a blue head pressed back further and further into the pillow.  Eyes which had watched the sumptuous act in the beginning started to roll up into her head.  Parted lips opened further with every movement.  Groans, whines, and puffs crescendoed until a loud cry broke from her lips, legs spasmed, chin jutted up, eyes rolled so that insteald of any blue all that could be seen was white, while blue lips began to gasp for air.  Once all of the twitching and moaning, and pressing began to slow to a halt, four words fluttered on a breath as a blue hand reached out for a pale one.  “Kino,” the breath exhaled, “I need you.

Reika was torn, she was both done in and yet yearned to return the pleasure, but in the wake of the turbulent climax, her body was bereft of any semblance of control or energy.  If her partner could hold off - just for a very short space, Reika needed to hold and be held.  She had never before encountered such a sacred act as has just transpired.   As the Trill climbed back up beside the blue body, Reika pillowed her head on the pale bosom, her rubbery arms doing her best to hold herself against the other woman, listening to her heartbeat - a heartbeat which beat for her.  Bu-dum I’m yours. Bu-dum You’re mine. Bu-dum Together. Bu-dum From this moment. Bu-dum Alongside. Bu-dum Carrying and being carried. Bu-dum Loving and being loved. Bu-dum Nurturing and being nurtured.Bu-dum Each for the other.

While snuggling into pale arms, Reika managed to turn in such a way that her hipbone pressed into the heat between Kino’s legs.  More, at that moment, was beyond her ability as her body slowly wound its way down from the precipice of the mountain up which Kino had drawn her. 

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Of all the characteristics that defined her, gentleness had never been a prominent one; Kino’s life had been too unkind – experience, too merciless. Grievous wounds to mind and body marked her with scars she never let others see. By her own hand and others, trauma had left her edges rough, sharp, not easily handled by those unwilling to risk being cut – or so it had seemed. So she had believed.

And yet, the beautiful Andorian cradled in her arms ripped that self-image to shreds effortlessly with only four words – words Kino hadn't heard in a long time, and never whispered so sweetly: Kino, I need you. Those words, and the emotion in those soulful, loving eyes, melted her heart – just like the way they held each other – as if neither would ever let go. It unleashed a terribly powerful feeling within her; something that eclipsed passion, something far more fulfilling – a feeling she dared not name: a myth, a child’s story. Something unrealistic and unobtainable yet undeniably there, in those impossibly deep pools of cool blue, crying out to her with every touch of cerulean skin. Kino knew she would replay this moment throughout all the dark days to come; a beacon of hope for when all seemed lost. A source of light in the dark, of courage – more than duty, more than survival, more than her hope of seeing home after setting the galaxy right again – this moment, this was everything she needed to fight for. A bastion of peace in a world gone mad. A castle of azure. An impenetrable fortress of safety where she could endure, as protector and protected.

Four. Breathless. Words.

“I'm here,” pink lips breathed between kisses – with a tenderness Kino didn’t even know could be expressed – into quivering blue skin. Her body pressed into Reika’s, comforting, reassuring, as they settled and entwined; unrushed, as easily as two pieces of a puzzle clicking flawlessly into place. Kino rolled onto her back and wrapped her lover up in cream-colored, spotted limbs; fingertips trailing light touches up and down Reika’s spine, across the curves of hip and thigh, as a pale leg nestled between blues. Nothing in her life thus far had felt so right – as natural as falling asleep.

The air filled with the sounds of their exhalations, as they basked in the afterglow of the days life-altering chain of events. Light blue eyes closed as Kino breathed in the scent of platinum hair, soft lips pursed to peck at her lover’s forehead with a hum of absolute contentment. “Shhh, I’m here,” Kino cooed, feeling every tremor, every shift of attempted motion. “I got you, honey,” she whispered, squeezing her limbs around Reika as her fingers and nails continued their unhurried journey; loving how every feathered touch sent more trembles through the Andorian’s body. “Shhhh, just relax,” she breathed, allowing them both to enjoy and cherish the moment. There was no concern for her own fulfillment; Reika’s pleasure was her pleasure, and Kino felt immense satisfaction with the outcome. Her heart pounded, filled with the gift of her lover’s vulnerability and the desire to protect it – something beyond sacred, beyond priceless, beyond expression – yet so simple. So pure.

Moments passed. Slowly, gradually, she felt Reika recover, and Kino’s lips curled as platinum hair tickled her nose. One arm cradled Reika’s body close, as her other hand continued light touches across her lover’s curves. Helluva thing, Kino hummed. To think I’d almost given up on it. Her smile faded a little, but never left. Light blues cracked open with a sigh of contentment, while she watched the slow dance of Reika’s antennae. Wobble, wobble, they moved, like two drunken partners out of sync, gently rubbing into her chest and neck. Kino grinned at the display, at the warmth of Reika’s body, at the entirely unexpected turn of events that led her to this moment. Her silver head shook subtly, amazed at it all. I never want to leave here, she wanted to say, but Kino had never been good with expressing how she really felt. Old habits died hard, and even if amusement colored her words, she knew somehow Reika would understand.

“I like it here – wrapped up in you. Think I’ll stay awhile,” Kino nuzzled into white hair with a soft hum. “You make a wonderful blanket, by the way. Big fan,” she continued, then kissed the top of Reika’s head with a grin. “You doing okay?”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Alone.  For as long as she could remember she had existed alone.  Even with four parents - oftentimes each believing that the other had connected with her - she had been alone much of the time, which caused a lot of anger issues growing up.  At the Academy, she had friends who she would do things with, but never anyone she truly connected with.  On the Mustang, for much of her time, she had Barak.  But maybe the fact that even with the physical connection she had been bereft of a true emotional and any kind of spiritual connection is why she had withdrawn into herself during the first part of her time on the Theurgy.  Even recently, she had taken Hirek back to her quarters in an attempt to drown out that grating voice that taunted her, laughed at her, and jeered at her that she would always be alone.  The voices howled - no one will ever really care.  No one will ever need you or want you.  And no one will ever love you for who you are - no strings attached.  Up until this point, to believe differently was beyond her own inner conviction or comprehension.

Because of the voices of self-doubt that mercilessly ridiculed her, even now wrapped in Kino’s arms, it was hard to believe the words, “I’m here.”  Maybe she so badly need a greater depth of emotion than what she known at any other time in her life that now she was just reading into things?  She clung to Kino even tighter, part of her almost terrified that this would turn out the same way, but it was almost as if Kino could sense something.  Her kisses, caresses, and soothing words. “Shhh…I’m here.  I’ve got ya honey,” seemed to flow out of a response of her comprehending the troubled thoughts running through the blue head. But because of not just those words, but also the timing of them - in what could have been her greatest moment of self doubt - amazingly Reika felt known - in a way she had never been known.  She felt completely understood and recognized for who she was.  But despite the new realization, her body must have still felt tense because not long after, she heard, “Shhh, just relax.

And for the first time - maybe really ever - she could.  She almost melted into Kino’s arms.  It was real.  Entirely, thoroughly, comprehensively, and utterly, real.  She felt positively giddy, and the longer she lay ensconced in pale spotted skin,  the more, not just her heart, but her body was able to relax.

I like it here – wrapped up in you. Think I’ll stay awhile.  You make a wonderful blanket, by the way. Big fan.

What was almost just as amazing to the Andorian was that she also understood Kino.  Her statement was a light-heartest cast-off comment, but in truth, Reika could sense it was anything but. There was a gravity to her words - a weightiness.  Then there was a kiss to the top of her head before hearing,  “You doing okay?

Reika lifted her head and looked directly into Kino’s eyes.  She took a long moment to commune with her partner as their eyes spoke volumes to each other, before reaching out and setting her hand on the side of the pale face, her thumb running back and forth over cheek before answering, “I’m better than I think I’ve ever been.” 

But Kino had been giving and so patient.  Now all Reika could think about was returning the same pleasure to her paramore.  Careful not to pinch Kino’s arm, Reika scooted herself up so that she was face to face with Kino again.   Once again her pulse began to quicken at the prospect of showing her lover the great depths of affection that her heart carried toward her.  Azure lips descended to pink ones, her breath tickling across Kino’s cheek.  The touch was tender, gentle, poignant.  She wanted to remember the taste of Kino’s lips.  And after a moment as a white teeth nibbled on a pale pink lip, blue finger tips flitted down the spots on the pale skin from shoulder to hip and back again. 

Releasing the pink lip, Reika brushed noses with Kino.  “Now, that my muscles are no longer in a semi-gelatinous state,” she quipped with a chuckle and another quick brush of blue lips on pink, “It is my pleasure and delight to ravish you.” 

Starting at the edge of Kino’s shoulders, Reika began to move her lips across and down each of the alluring spots on her side.  Sometimes, she would kiss the spot.  Sometimes she would trace the spot with her tongue.  Sometimes, she would suckle on the pale skin, and as she did her hand explored other aspects of her body, the curve beneath her chin, the slight dimple in the crook of an elbow, the voluptuous curve of the underside of a breast, before her thumb delicately brushed across an aereola causing a mound to rise from nothing as an oasis mystically rose from a desert as someone with a dire need to a quench a desperate thirst stumbled near.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Yeah – she knows.

Kino saw it in Reika’s eyes, heard it in her words, felt it in her pulse. For the longest moment, she lost herself in the Andorian’s eyes. Dammit Legs, why are you so amazing? Melting into that gaze, into the gentle touch of the warm blue hand that cradled her face, she knew that she was understood. There was no fear in those eyes – no hesitation – only the Andorian’s desire to have her own feelings known, a look that sent the Trill’s heart racing;  Kino’s hands and fingertips trailed up azure flesh, entranced by those glacial pools. It felt like every part of her was laid bare – unashamed, untroubled – free to show her true self, to be seen, scars and all. I’m yours, honey, aqua-hued orbs replied; even as Kino’s mouth parted at the words purred from midnight lips – lips she ached to feel on hers: 'I’m better than I think I’ve ever been.'

“Me too,” Kino breathed, barely audible, with a subtle nod – as blue and white filled her vision. Bodies shifted, one sliding over the other. A fragrant curtain of platinum hair fell around her, tickling her skin. Deliciously soft lips brushed into hers, with a teasing exhalation of breath. No one had ever kissed her so sweetly. Kino whimpered between the hushed sounds of gentle kisses. Her hands rose to cradle the sides of Reika’s neck – holding her close – as she felt her bottom lip tugged by a blue mouth; a tremor coursed through her body with a soft moan at their loss when Reika edged away, yet stayed teasingly close. Parted lips trembled ever so softly, even as Reika spoke – and the half-assed protest on the tip of her tongue died in her throat at the touch of blue lips on spotted skin – while her lover’s hands roamed.

Of course she wanted to be ravished; to give her body to Reika however the Andorian wished. In that moment, Kino was entirely at her mercy – every cell in her body cried out for attention. But those lips! She needed them. Badly. She needed to feel their softness, the heart-felt tenderness in them, the taste of them. She fought that desire though, holding it off by arching her body into Reika’s touch with the softest of moans. Neediness consumed her, provoked by that delicious blue mouth, and those eyes she already loved so much. You're driving me crazy – fuck, Reika, her head shook as it pushed back into the pillow with another moan from the work of blue fingers and lips. She was practically squirming – a result of the Andorian’s teasing touches and sensual kisses – and struggling against the urge to roll her over and pin her blue body to the sheets with her own mouth again.

How is she turning me on so fucking much, the Trill’s mind raced.

“I...aah,” Kino panted to the ceiling, as her hands slipped up underneath platinum locks, “wasn’t done...kissing you, though.” Even as the words were breathed out, her legs slowly slid open, raised and wrapped around Reika’s beautiful hips. Pale hands feathered across a blue neck and cheeks, lifting Rieka’s face to hers. Pink lips crashed into midnight blues, as spotted hips slowly rocked into motion. She couldn’t stop herself; not that she really even tried. Desperate nips and teasing flicks of her tongue turned deeper, as her head tiled to the side for more access, with a needy moan. Kino couldn’t get enough, couldn’t give enough. She didn’t stop until her lungs burned, leaving her panting, and still her tongue flicked out in teasing stokes to her lover’s lips.

“Don’t think...I ever will,” Kino shook her head, her voice a heated whisper between passionate kisses. “I need you too, babe...The way you make me feel…” a computer chime sounded suddenly, followed by the familiar droning voice, as Kino whined “Noo.”

“Alert – there is 30 minutes of reserved time remaining for this program.”

“Ugh. Must have lost the bulk of our time when I skipped ahead earlier.” A silver head dropped to the pillow as the Trill huffed a laugh, still cradling Reika’s face in her hands, trying not to giggle at the interruption. “Fuckin’ unfortunate,” she smirked, arching a brow up. “Can always keep lovin’ on ya at my place though, if y’want,” Kino suggested, wiggling her hips a bit just to tease Reika, while her hands tucked platinum locks behind blue ears. “I just wanna spend more time with ya, regardless,” she grinned as her head tilted, blinking up at the Andorian warmly.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dumedion

Reika had made what felt like a sacred confession to the guardian of her heart when she said, “I’m better than I think I’ve ever been.” 

But to hear Kino’s response, “Me too.”  Sober, portentous, significant words.  The Andorian almost couldn’t contain her joy.  Everything in her needed Kino to find satisfaction in her arms, in her lips, in her fingertips.  She needed to complete this amazing woman who lay under her.  Her antenna wobbled almost drunkenly - as if she was intoxicated - and as they noticeably quivered, it was out of need and desire, not alcohol.

And at every touch of blue tongue or fingertips, pleasant, needy noises dripped from Kino’s lips, pale skin pressed into every caress of blue - almost as if every inch of the Trill needed to be lavished at once.  I’m here. I will tend you - all of you.  Every space on your skin that cries for affection, for the moist warmth of my lips, that yearns for a brush of fingertips, that pleads for heady pressure.  All of it. Her mouth wordlessly communicated with every stroke.

But as she nourished each centimeter of skin her lips could reach at that moment, pale fingers pushed into her hair, gently turning her head to drink in her lover’s aqua orbs.  “I...aah, wasn’t done...kissing you, though.

A smile wound across azure lips.  “Oh really?”  She let herself be guided back to Kino’s face, eager to fulfill her every need, all the while pale legs wrapped around the cornflower waist.  It was everything Reika could do not to press herself into that pelvis that dangled - for the moment - just out of her reach.  But that kiss…  That kiss drew every ounce of her attention as Kino pulled her close - gentle at first and then more pressure, more intensity, more tongue, more teeth, more lips, more of every crevice in and around their mouths.  Needy, playful, strong, submissive, gentle, passionate - all of it wrapped up in one kiss that culminated in the words, “I need you too, babe...The way you make me feel…

And just as midnight lips began to descend again to satisfy that need, the computer chirped, “Alert – there is 30 minutes of reserved time remaining for this program.

Her antenna drooped slightly.  No, it’s too soon.  There’s too much of Kino left to learn.  Too much left to love.  Too much left undone.

But as if Kino could once again read her thoughts, she said, “Can always keep lovin’ on ya at my place though, if y’want.

Reika shook her head almost in unbelief at both the complete understanding of her parter and at the implied question.  “If I want?” Reika asked.  “Do you really have to ask?” she laughed as she pressed her body into the pale one beneath her and brushed her nose and lips across their pale counterparts.  Blue lips whispered into pale ears, “If we get going here, there’s no telling where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing when everything disappears.  As much as I don’t want to, we should probably get dressed now. But I promise to make it worth your wait.”  She drew a line down into the valley between Kino’s breasts as she grinned slyly at her lover.

After one last quick kiss  or else she would lose her resolve to change locations - Reika pressed her hands into the mattress and pushed herself up off of Kino.  As she climbed across Kino toward the edge of the bed, she grinned back.  “You could always help me get dressed, not quite as fun as getting undressed, but for the moment, it could do.”  She offered her paramore her hands, and giving her a strong playful pull so that a moment later, Kino almost bounded into a standing position in front of her.  Reika swatted the pale, plump butt cheek playfully before turning to find her clothes.  As she walked away, she wagged her ass as Kino and glanced over her shoulder with a ‘come and get me’ grin.

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Just making sure,” Kino laughed with Reika, a short giggle that transformed into a warm hum. Given her current physical state, and knowing the clock was ticking, she did her best to wrestle some semblance of self control over her urges. Reika – the gorgeous, sweet soul that she was – wasn’t exactly helping; between the teasing touch of her lips and the breath on her ear as their bodies pressed together, the Trill's libido never waned. Mentally, she cursed the stupid holodeck timer for the interruption, but the soft, sultry tone whispered from blue lips provoked a playful smile regardless. A silver head nodded, in complete agreement, as blue fingers trailed down between her breasts.

Kino sighed out a low growl of amusement as the blue beauty pulled away. “What am I gonna do with you,” she whispered through a grin, as blue and pink lips met again in a quick peck.

The prospect of helping Reika dress seemed just as much fun to her. Mhm, I can do that, she bit her bottom lip, grinning as she nodded; as the Andorian crawled over her, Kino let her hands feather down blue skin as she admired the view, following just behind. “Just means I get to peel them off again,” her brows wagged playfully, as Reika pulled her up off the bed to stand before her, hip cocked with a smirk. “Maybe I’ll just use my mouth next ti–“ a playful smack to her ass interrupted the teasing comment, which provoked Kino to half yelp, half giggle – then she watched as a blue booty wiggled with the dawn of a mischievous grin, only for her. Instinctual prey drive kicked in, lips pursed as Kino shot her best oh I don’t think so look right back, closing the distance in two quick strides, reaching out for a blue hand.

Fingers entwined as she pulled Reika back and spun her around – but Kino didn’t stop moving forward. Her hands gripped blue hips as their chests squished together with an amused and aroused gasp before Kino’s lips latched onto Reika’s throat. “No hit and runsies,” she mumbled as her mouth worked with every step until the Andorian’s back bumped into the wall. One hand slid down to squeeze a blue cheek, the other down the outside of a velvety thigh, as the limb rose to wrap around her.

Clock is ticking her mind quipped; Kino tried her best to ignore it – occupied as she was. A few more minutes wont hurt. Both hands fell under Reika then to lift the slightly taller Andorian with a grunt, using the wall as leverage while her mouth feasted – leaving discolored skin in its wake. As her lips traveled north in suckling nips along the Andorian’s pulse, she felt blue limbs wrap tighter around her body. Kino breathed into Reika’s ear, before her mouth captured a lobe in a heated embrace.
After a moment of suckling, tugging, and teasing bites, soft lips released their prize to nibble up along the bottom of Reika’s jaw and chin – before locking onto midnight lips once again. Kino held nothing back, lavishing blue lips and tongue with all her heart and soul – lost in the moment. With another grunt, she  adjusted her stance wider, pressing her body tighter into the Andorian pinned to the wall; the tantalizing feeling of nails on her scalp, as blue hands dug into her hair, pulled their lips apart with a groan. “Can’t get enough of you,” the words tumbled from her lips in a rush between gasps, before blue and pink crashed together again; spoken from the heart, heated with passion. Hips rocked into motion, as the fiery core of her lover’s sex burned into Kino’s lower abs. She could feel her own wetness, too; a pulsing need, aching in intensity, practically dripping now.

Still, in the back of her mind, Kino knew this wasn’t helping the situation at all; she could practically see the seconds counting down in her head somehow. Clock is ticking, a nagging voice chorused that just wouldn’t shut up – no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. Gradually, the frenzied need burning within her subsided, as reasoning returned – barely. Deep, frantic kisses mellowed to shallow nips, gentle suckles. A groan of frustration bubbled up from her chest as she reluctantly broke her lips away from Reika’s; a pale nose brushed against blue as their foreheads rested against each other. “S-sorry,” Kino panted, “We s-should…probably get going…” her voice trailed off as her eyes lifted to gaze into deep, steamy blues.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dumedion

What am I going to do with you?” Kino asked her. 

So many ideas ran through her head.  Incredible mental pictures flew into her mind.  Places, positions, playtoys, and an incredible number of other things - many of which almost made her blush and all of which incredibly turned her on.  “Oh,” she said.  Her face lit up, and her eyes practically glowed.  “I can think of plenty of things that you can do with me, but we’ll have to save that for another time since we’re on the clock,” before giving a quick peck and climbing over her paramore to get to the edge of the bed.

But before she knew it, her hand was grabbed, she was spun around, and Kino’s chest was mushed up against her own.  A cheshire grin spread across her face as pale hands gripped her hips, and she was systematically walked backward with Kino attached to her neck like a loving vampire hungry not for blood but for their mutual pleasure.

But before long, Reika bumped into the wall.  There was nowhere to run but forward, and in front of her was a sexy, voluptuous, seductive woman.  Then a pale hand reached back and squeezed her rump.  Reika’s back arched slightly, and she lifted her knee to run along Kino’s side, but as she did, she decided to wrap her leg around Kino’s waist.

And almost as if on cue, Kino grabbed both sides of her rump and suspended her against the wall.  A needy groan escaped the Andorian’s lips.  Never - never before had she ever experienced sex like this.  Every aspect of physical - emotional connection - a need to not just please, but to satisfy.  To satisfy every vital craving, every wanton urge, every tender wish.  And for her partner to feel emotionally satisfied - to feel cherished, needed, desired, ravished, and ….  And there was another word that Reika refused to add to the end of the list - a word that she couldn’t utter or allow herself to dream of or believe in - yet.

Blue legs and arms wrapped even tighter around the Trill, in complete trust that she wouldn’t fall.  Head tilted to give Kino greater access to her earlobe.  Next time, I’m not wearing earrings! She chided herself, thinking how much more amazing it would have felt to have had naked lobes too.

Reika couldn’t close her lips.  Panted breaths came and went and couldn’t be hindered.  So many sensations - lips and tongue suckling searching.  Pale hands supporting and yet exploring as blue hips squirmed both out of need and enjoyment. 

Blue and pink lips once again crashed into each other - and Kino kissed her in a way that Reika hadn’t yet experienced - no inhibitions, no restraints, no suppression.

Blue hands wandered, caressed,  but then as Kino turned up the heat with the kiss, claws came out.  Never harsh - but sensuous.  Mismatched colored lines showed across the peach back as nails raked across the skin.  But the sumptuous kiss continued, and her fingers slid up into Kino's hair,  grasping the shirt silver stands.  Finally, her head began to swim from lack of oxygen, and her fingers clasped into the hair harder and pulled the lips apart - just enough for a gasp of air.

"Can't get enough of you."

"I know!”  Reika cried between gulps of air.  “I need more of you too.”  She leveraged herself back against the wall and pressed her hips into the pale abdomen as Kino pushed forward again, and the feel of Kino’s hips rocking against such a sensitive spot, her own need growing exponentially by the moment, and she could only guess from Kino’s responses how badly she needed satisfaction - completion.

But heated kisses mellowed to tender ones.  Bodies pressed as closely as they could be - released the pressure between them.  Reika unwrapped her legs from around Kino, no longer sure that the Trill could hold her up as foreheads nestled against each other.  The Andorian heard the “We s-should … probably get going…”  spoken between gasps from pink gems.

No…”  The word tumbled out between the Andorian’s hot, heavy breaths. “Not now… Maybe before,”  It was hard to catch her breath even as the intensity of her arousal. “But not yet … not after that.

Ice-colored eyes were laced with fire and bore into the mismatched ones across from her.   Blue arms held the other woman close as they huffed breaths into the space between them.  “Computer, time to program completion.

Twenty-two minutes remain in the allotted time.

Computer, alert us when five minutes remain.

Alert will be given in seventeen minutes.

Reika looked directly into her lovers eyes.  Eyelids fluttered as she worked to catch her breath.   Her voice lowered and took on a breathy quality.  “We’re not going anywhere just yet … not until I’ve brought you pleasure.

And while her back had been back against the wall, she gently pushed forward about three steps until she abruptly lowered her shoulder, and grasping the back of Kino’s legs, she picked the Trill up so that the peach waist was planted over a blue shoulder.  Feeling her lover’s surprise, a giggle penetrated the blue lips.  She spun the Trill around once and, a moment later, carefully set her down on the bed in a seated position with a little plop.  “No,” she shook her head, her look as serious as a garden on Vulcan’s need for water, she said,  “we’re not done here,” she whispered intently.  “Not just yet.”  A mischievous smile wound across her face, as a single finger pressed into a pale sternum, softy pressing Kino backward until she was lying.  A moment later, Reika sat straddling the Trill’s pelvis, and she lowered her torso until once again the women were face to face, and Reika’s lips could no longer contain their need to show this woman in her arms pleasure.

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Uh oh, sounds serious, she thought playfully, as a dark brow twitched up with a mischievous smirk at Reika’s reaction. Kino nipped at blue lips teasingly even as the Andorian panted and set a new reminder for the time they had left in the holosuite. A heated breath escaped puffy pink lips at the unbound desire in her lover’s eyes – deep blue enflamed from within, burning with intensity. What ya got in mind, she nearly whispered, but before she could even form words Reika stated her intentions hotly – directly – in a way that made her entire body throb with want. The Trill hummed a low purr, as she was pushed back, then squealed with a surprised giggle as she was hoisted up over a blue shoulder.

So much for getting dressed, Kino bit her lip, grinning as she was carried to the bed, bursting with anticipation. Once she was set down, she couldn’t help but cock her head up at the Andorian coyly as a blue hand pushed her back onto the mattress; insanely aroused at the tone of her voice, that flash of domination. “Guess I’m not going anywhere, then,” Kino purred playfully, knowing damn well Reika was already beyond the point of no return; the Andorian’s commanding aura set her loins ablaze – accepting no argument – not that Kino had any to give. In that moment, all she cared about was the sultry blue woman crawling her way atop a spotted body, claiming what was hers.

She’d never felt so wanted; so desired. The Andorian straddled her hips then slowly lowered her body into Kino’s and without even knowing it, Reika fulfilled one of the fantasies that had lingered in the Trill’s mind all day: pinned beneath her gorgeous eyes, at her mercy, powerless – ready to be devoured. Soft lips brushed together, parted, embraced. Kino’s hands flitted up blue skin, pushed into white locks; then a moan of need as she squirmed, desperate for release, as her tongue danced with its counterpart. More, please, her body cried out, as a hand left platinum hair to a blue thigh and pushed the limb away; hips shifted, tilted, and pale spotted legs rose up as both hands gripped blue cheeks.

“I’m all yours,” Kino breathed into blue lips that consumed her, fulfilled her, left her desperate for more. The tip of her tongue flicked out across them, then slid between them, as their hands found each other, fingers entwined like their bodies. Kino’s arched up as pink locked onto blue in a deep, soulful kiss. Ever so slowly, she raised her arms up over her head in complete submission – then let go; allowing herself to be pleased, to be selfish – trusting that Reika would enjoy it as much as she did.

The Andorian didn’t disappoint; Kino sensed a charge in the air – a spark – an almost electric current that leapt into and out of her lover, felt it in the subtle change of her movements. Yes, honey – take me, Kino’s mind and heart cried out, leaving her body in a throaty moan.

She felt Reika’s hands leave hers to trail down her arms. Blue orbs gazed down at her between rapid blinks, as those lips she adored moved off to pounce on an ear. Kino’s eyes fell closed as her head turned with a moan, rolling up in her skull. A shiver coursed through her entire body, as her own hands linked together, resting over her forehead. No one had ever gotten her this hot before – poised on the brink of rapture just by kissing! She could feel her pulse pounding, as every cell in her body yearned for more.

The wet furnace on her ear moved again, as the Andorian continued. Kino felt hands roam her body – kneading, caressing – as her lover’s mouth traveled. The first heated brush of a mouth on a pink nipple forced a gasp from her lungs, then a whimper at the graze of teeth, finally a soundless moan at an impassioned suckle. A hand dipped low, sliding along the taunt line of her pelvis, into the soft velvet of an inner thigh. “Nnnnh,” the Trill groaned, arching her body up into the sensations – shifting her leg open at the gentle touch – as her head pushed down into the mattress. Reika – f-fuck, she panted, breath hitched in quiet gasps while her abs flexed at the blue skin sliding across it, and the wet kisses that followed. Creamy, spotted hips rolled up in shuddering movements as quivering thighs parted – as her hands fell to clutch heaving mounds...

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dumedion

There was no going back.  Reika needed to experience and satisfy herself with every aspect of Kino, to taste, caress, hear, and more.  As lips came together and pale hands found their way into white hair, Reika’s antenna wobbled almost uncontrollably.  She needed this woman in the best and worst way.  Mouths continued their dance, twisting here, and lunging there.  Pulling back and advancing.  Intertwining and releasing.  All of it, and as they did, she felt her leg pushed slightly to the side, and pale legs elevated themselves, and pale hands firmly grasped a blue ass - both cheeks at the same time. 

Reika pushed back into both hands and legs, enjoying the pressure.  “I’m all yours.” Reika didn’t just hear it.  She felt it.  She felt it in every minute move of hands, in every grasp on her skin.  In every move of their mouths, in every pressure of torsos created by Kino’s arching back. 

You are mine,” Reika whispered.  “And I will have you.  Every part of you.”  Blue and pale peach hands intertwined and circled outward along the mattress until they were over Kino’s head.  Once in place, Reika’s fingers trailed down feathered touches over the pale arms, down the side of the spotted head, and further down to the plump and pleasing breasts, where they lingered exploring and kneading as her lips kissed a line from Kino’s mouth to her ear.  Blue lips blew across her ear, and then paused before they pounced, engulfing the lower lobe while her heated breaths exhaled into the ear.  She wanted Kino.  She needed Kino - all of her- and soon. 

That need moved her lips on.  They trailed down the line of spots down the neck, further past shoulders, to the side of her breasts, lifting herself up once she arrived, she looked directly into Kino’s eyes to make sure she could see, the look of delight as her lips descended onto a puckered pink nipple.  Just a brush at first, then a nip of her teeth, then - a pause - an enduring pause, waiting for mismatched eyes to find her, and as she saw them open almost if in a prayer, Reika swallowed up as much of the mounded flesh as she could.  Soft suckles, hard nips, whole mouth, then a tongue circling around an areola teasingly before once again descending to take as much as she could. 

But in the midst of it, she could feel Kino’s pelvis begin to wiggle more and more as if her need was so great that she had to try to do something - anything - to begin the process of satisfying it.   So as the azure lips continued to enjoy their playful game, blue legs readjusted themselves, and two sets of fingers grazed the inside of both pale thighs. 

A blue head left its previous playground, and lips worked their way down the midline of the ivory body.  Suckles, kisses, licks - lower and lower until lips reached a second hairline.  A nose brushed through the bush, exhaling slowly.  Heated breaths teased the sensitive area, and fingers slipped higher from thighs until they grazed the sensitive nodule while lips continued to wander just above.  A circle of fingers - just around the area - taunting until, almost as if by accident, they slipped across before flitting away again.

But Reika could tell that Kino’s need was growing, moans, groans, and almost incessant growls were flowing from between needy lips on both ends.  A long finger slipped lower between achingly wet gentle folds of skin, before regressing and finding their mark again, but this time with dampened fingers.  More noises, more movement of hips, but Reika’s hands reached out and firmly pressed thighs into place so that Kino could hardly wiggle, and as she did, her mouth lowered from the bush swallowing up the soft nodule.  Just a touch, then a flick - all while holding the Trill’s legs in place. 

Pale fingers dug into white hair and pressed against the back of the head.  It was almost as if she couldn’t bring her hips to blue lips, she needed to move the lips to her needy clit.  And feeling that need, Reika stopped holding back.  No more gentle teasing flicks, no soft suckles.  Her mouth descended entirely, sucking hard on Kino’s sex.  One blue leg pinned a pale peach one leaving a hand free, which flitted up the inside of a thigh until it easily slipped inside a crevice made just for her.  One finger, then two, pressing into the soft velvety skin inside her lover while her mouth worked its magic.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
It started with a whimper, somewhere in the timeless moments between kisses. Kino couldn’t tell how much time had passed and was utterly beyond caring, simply consumed in the moment. Her body was firmly in control, higher brain functions overridden; willingly enslaved to pleasure, bound by blue, and loving every bit of it. The sound tore from her throat as Kino arched into every touch of the wonderfully skilled azure mouth on pale skin. A silvered head lifted, only to fall back hard into the mattress as her eyes rolled in a silent, open mouthed moan. Reika’s hands were instruments of bliss; every teasing touch, every grasping clutch – all of it – sent the Trill closer and closer to the precipice. She couldn’t control the quivers in her thighs and was powerless to stop her hands from wandering; one alternated between a fistful of sheets and her own curved flesh, as another gripped platinum hair, only for them to trade places seconds or moments later.

The wet, suckling sounds of the Andorian’s efforts between her thighs reached Kino’s ears, punctuated with every thunderous beat of her heart. She couldn’t move her hips, yet they still jerked in the attempt. That restraint fueled her lustful need even more – turning it darker, more intense – desire flavored with the threat of helplessness. Her body begged for the Andorian to continue, but nearly an instant later, her sex exploded with the indescribable sensation of Reika’s talented fingers and mouth. Kino’s fingers pinched a diamond-hard nub between her knuckles on instinct, as the hand buried in Reika’s hair withdrew to clamp over pink lips. The moan she attempted to stifle was muffled, but only barely. Incoherent speech followed - littered with impassioned profanities - but as the digits within pulsed in time with the lap of Reika's tongue, words were abandoned for panted gasps, while her body shuddered in climax. Abs flexed. Legs locked in waves of intensity, as both her hands flung out to clench the sheets. Still, her lover’s attentions never faltered – never even slowed down. A deep, guttural growl bubbled up from within, an animalistic release through barely parted lips, set in a grimace of ecstasy. Just when she thought the wave had peaked - as if the wave of euphoric release wasn’t enough – Kino lost all control as the orgasm continued, amplified by the deft motions of blue from within, and the delicious suction on her clit from without. Hips bucked uncontrollably. Senses swam in a rush of endorphins powerful enough to leave her utterly breathless.

Seconds passed. Moments. Kino seemed to drift in and out of herself, managing only to breathe, as her mind reeled itself back into something close to coherence.

In the aftermath, through fluttering lids, Kino became aware enough to realize spasms wracked her entire body, as every nerve misfired; trying to get to what she wanted most. “R-Reika,” pink lips whispered between ragged breaths, as a weak, shaky hand cupped her lover’s beautiful face. The other fell to her heaving chest, as weak legs fell limp to the mattress. Aqua colored eyes peeked down under droopy lids, as a warm, sleepy, loving smile curled one corner of her lips. A finger curled in a come hither gesture. As blue and white filled her vision, she couldn’t shake the feeling of how much she loved gazing into those brilliant blue eyes, and the warmth within them; a fire, lit by both, just for them.

Her eyes fell closed with a hum as she felt Reika’s body slide into place. In that moment, Kino wanted to curl up into that embrace for the rest of her life; free from everything, wrapped up in the only thing that really mattered – being with someone who cared – that needed care too. Both hands cupped blue cheeks, gently stroked by her thumbs. Kino couldn’t speak, not yet, so she let her lips carry the message to Reika between slowly calming breaths: Thank you honey. For choosing me. For rolling the dice. For this, and everything to come. One gentle nip after the other, until her eyes slowly blinked open, and the Trill recovered enough to smile drunkenly with a satisfied hum.

“Something tells me we’re gonna spoil the hell out of each other,” Kino whispered, brows arching up at Reika playfully as she stifled a chuckle. “That's all I wanna do right now. But if we don't stop, babe –"

“Alert – five minutes now remain for this program.”

“Ah, shit,” Kino laughed, as they both scurried to get up out of bed, giggling and cursing in equal measure.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Dumedion

Despite - or perhaps because of - holding Kino’s thighs in place, Reika could feel Kino’s need for fulfillment grow.  So she redoubled her efforts, wanting nothing but to bring Kino pleasure, fulfillment, joy, and understanding that they both belonged - belonged together.  And with her tender, graceful ministrations, it was only moments later, that Kino exploded in climax.  Even then Reika didn’t immediately let up.  She had to know that everything that Kino wanted and needed was completely fulfilled.

And when that time came, it came with a vengeance, uncontrollable spasms of certain parts, stiffening of others, a growl followed by gasping for air before the utter stillness that followed the release.  Blue lips released their hold, but gave a gentle kiss to the second set of pale lips, blue fingers glided out of their hiding place, and Reika released Kino’s thighs pushing back onto all fours watching her lover’s face as it lost some of the intensity as her climax began to wane ever so slowly.

The view was breathtaking.  Everything from the short-haired garden, to flat plains of Kino’s abs,  on to the beautiful tipped mountains to a gentle, curve of the chin and cheeks up to the wells of Kino’s soul.  And as she observed the pale beauty, a solitary word broke from pink lips.  “R-Reika.”  There couldn’t be a more beautiful sound than her name lovingly, needily crooned from those lips.  Then a pink finger beckoned her up, and Reika prowled up the beautiful body to slide into a spot just under her arm while draping a blue arm across the pale abdomen, resting her head just underneath Kino’s chin.

But as Kino lifted the blue chin around and took Reika’s face in both of her hands, lips gently merged once again.  Just tender kisses and nips, but ones that seemed to communicate so much more than tenderness.  Reika smiled in return between the kisses, her eyes shown with a brightness that betrayed the extreme contentment.  And when Kino smiled at her she couldn’t contain herself, “Oh, gorgeous, I love it here, wrapped in and around you.

But before Kino could respond, the computer chirped, “Alert, Five minutes now remain for this program.

Pink rolled one way, blue rolled the other, but laughing, they scrambled to find their clothes. As Reika left the room, it was hard to see.  During the intervening time, the sun had completely set.  The air felt like the perfect temperature on her skin, though she doubted that Kino would find it so.  She knew that her panties and shorts were near the pool, by the light from the room, she could find her underwear, but not her shorts. 

She slipped one foot through a leg hole while she continued looking for her shorts, and almost stumbled as she tried to put her other foot in while she turned around.  “Shit,” she said steadying herself on one of the tables at a corner of the pool.  She hiked them up awkwardly as she clambered for her shirt. 

As she made her way over to where they had started on the couch, she almost ran into Kino who was shimmying into her camo shorts.  Finding her black tank, she stood, but unable to contain herself, she snapped it against the Trill’s ass before scampering back to find her shorts as she slipped an arm into her shirt before she realized that she had the shirt on backwards.  “Damn!” she said trying to turn the shirt around before this was her one-armed shirt.  She took it off and tried it again as she searched for her shorts.

Sweet cheeks, have you seen my shorts?  I can’t find them."  She looked everywhere around the pool.  “Damn, did they fall in?  Computer, outdoor lights.

The lights came on and she quickly all the way around the pool.  "I still can’t find them."  And with that, the computer program ended, and there in the middle of the area where the pool sat a pair of sopping wet shorts.

Reika walked over and picked up the dripping shorts.  She tried to wring them out without much avail.  She turned to face Kino, and with a mischievous grin on her face, she stalked slowly back over, her shorts in her hand.  “Was this you?   Just wanted to keep me naked, huh?” she teased holding up her shorts.  “I mean, I couldn’t blame you if you did.”  She reached out for her hand. 

But as she did, the holodeck door opened, and a boisterous group bounded in before seeing a half-naked Andorian holding a pair of wet shorts near a Trill’s face.  Reika slowly turned around to face the group then burst into laughter and pulled the - still oozing - shorts into place.  She grasped the pale hand and headed for the exit.  “Careful not to slip,” she giggled as the women made it into the hallway.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
She couldn't stop laughing even as she scrambled off the bed and made a beeline for the chair by the door. The duty uniform there was scooped up, the gold undershirt tugged on to hang around her neck, jacket and trousers flung over a shoulder. Panties were stuffed in shoes along with socks. Ain't wasting time with that, Kino smirked, then spun and followed Reika out into the dark, blinking as her organic eye adjusted - but could see just fine thanks to the cybernetic one - as she made her way to the couch by the pool. Her stride slowed in the dark, mostly to avoid running into Reika, but also because she loved and enjoyed the view. Bouncy, bouncy, she grinned; brows arched in amusement as the Andorian pulled her underwear up with a bit of a struggle, trying to find her shorts that had gone MIA.

Kino giggled as a blue booty bumped into hers, then yelped after the pop of Reika's shirt hitting her bare ass while she shimmied the camo shorts up over her thighs. "Oooh that's gonna cost you," Kino promised with a laugh as her eyes narrowed and threw a playful 'now you're in for it' look at the Andorian over her shoulder. "We'll find 'em. Hang on," she added as an arm slipped into her undershirt, tugging it down her torso as she glanced around for Reika's shorts. Yet as the lights came on, they were no where to be seen. "Shit, must have," Kino frowned in agreement, wondering how the hell that happened. Coulda swore I took them off before we went in, the Trill's brows met as she tilted her head in confusion, then blinked as the familiar gold on black grid appeared as the holodeck reset.

"Oh, there they are," she smirked, pointing to the sopping wet pile just before Reika picked them up and wrung them out. "Told ya we'd find 'em," she winked and finished zipping her shorts up with a grin. As her lover sauntered over, Kino's brows rose at the playful accusation as her head tilted the other way with a thoughtful hum. "I wouldn't have put them in the pool - but I would certainly have hid them, if that was the case," the Trill grinned, as she bit her lip. "Cause I do plan on keeping you naked, as often as possible."

Then the door opened and Kino chuckled at the pair of crewmen who looked ready for a hiking adventure. "Yes, do mind the puddles, boys," she whispered to them quite seriously as they passed, then busted out laughing once they made it out into the corridor. Shoes in one hand, the other wrapped up in blue, Kino grinned at Reika as they walked to the turbolift. "C'mon, lets get you outta those wet shorts," she smirked as they entered the lift, brows wiggling as the doors closed.

[Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02]

"Reeds, you in," the Trill called out as she entered the shared living area, pausing to listen from her roommate's door. After a moment, a shoulder lifted in a shrug as she turned to Reika. "Guess not. C'mon in," her lips curled with a nod, gesturing to the room. "Its a bit smaller than those officer quarters of yours, but its still nice. Code's the same as the one I sent you for the holodeck, by the way," her cybernetic eye clicked quietly with a wink over her shoulder, as the non-com walked up to her bedroom door.

After a few taps of pale, slender digits, the door opened to reveal a warmly lit room of standard furnishings. Beyond the viewport over her bed lay a black sea of stars; a Federation flag hung over it. Two closed wooden boxes sat on a shelf, with several other mementos: a rusted K-Bar - the blade warped almost to the point of fracture - with a picture of a young looking group of Starfleet recruits sat next to it. The rest of the shelf held various bits of weapon components, none of which were serviceable. A compound bow hung on the opposite wall, over two tubes of arrows. The bed was tightly made, in keeping with Kino's rather strict policy of tidiness, but along the top of her footlocker lay several dozen PADDS in a haphazard stack and what appeared to be a mess of disassembled parts and pieces of an orb shaped device of some kind, which she duly ignored.

"Sorry about the mess. Make yourself at home," the Trill grinned over her shoulder as she made her way to the closet to hang up her uniform. "We can see if I got some shorts that fit, if you want? Or you can just...sit right there and be beautiful," she nodded to the bed with a playful smirk, "and I can help you out of 'em again."

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy]  attn: @Dumedion

Squish, squish, ooze, drip, drop.  Everywhere Reika walked, she trailed droplets of water which continued to dribble down her long legs as the dripping shorts settled low around her hips, leaving her low mid-riff and belly button exposed.  She didn’t even want to get too close to Kino lest she get her soaked in the process.

But as the turbolift slowed to a stop at Kino’s deck, Reika stood away from the wall she’d been leaning against.  “Good thing I haven’t stolen something, cause I’d be way too easy to track,” she laughed as she glanced over her shoulder where she left a wet butt print against the bulkhead.  “Case in point,” she said as she tried (and failed) to wipe it up with her hand.  With a shrug, she let herself be led down the corridor to Kino's quarters.

A moment later she looked back at the flooded trail from the vantage point of Kino’s door.  Good thing we’re almost inside cause I’m really starting to feel my skin puckering up on me.  And in less than a blink they were in.

Roommate - Reeds.  So noted.  Code.  Code?  Oh yeah!  Permission to come aboard, has been granted. She chuckled at the Trill’s wink.

And as they entered Kino’s room Reika took a moment walking around her room.  She was invited to make herself at home, so she took her time.  She started across from the bed with the tube of arrows and the bow.  She ran a finger down the string.  It’s not a weapon that the Andorian had ever used before, and it admittedly intrigued her. 

But shortly after she wound her way to the shelves.  She picked up the knife very gently - understanding that while used, warped, and rusted, it was a treasure.  As she held the blade, she realized that there were similarities between herself and that blade and that blade held a premier place on Kino’s shelves.  And while she knew where she stood with the Trill now, this understanding reinforced her belief about where she could stand with the Trill even in the future.  With a great deal of tenderness, she set the K-bar back into place.

But right next to the knife was a picture.  Her eyes flowed over the different recruits, picking out her girlfriend and trying to note the differences between her there and the women in the room with her at the moment.  She could see a couple of small anomalies between the woman in the picture and the Kino that she knew - definitely several years eight or maybe nine?  “You were young,” Reika said glancing over her shoulder with a gentle smile extending her hand to the pale-skinned woman.  As Kino joined her, Reika stood behind her, and wrapped her arms around her waist and rested her head over her shoulder as the two studied the picture, but barely several seconds later, she realized that she was getting Kino wet.

I could stay here like this … almost forever,” she breathed out, “But then we’d both be soaked.  How about helping me outta these things, and then you can tell me about the picture and who that Kino was.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
After stowing her uniform and grabbing a couple of towels, the Trill turned at Reika’s comment. Her eyes flicked from the eyes and smile she couldn't get enough of, to the picture and back; pink lips curled as she took the blue hand offered. The towels were dropped on the bed as she felt Reika’s arms wrap her up; Kino rested her head back onto a blue shoulder and took a deep breath, leaning into the embrace. It felt wonderful - the dampness spreading across her butt and lower back completely ignored – as her eyes lingered on the picture and just enjoyed the feeling of peace for a few seconds.

The image captured a moment of victory just before she graduated Boot. Nine recruits – clad in mud-stained PT uniforms – huddled close together. Some fist bumped. Some flexed. One had her elbows draped over the shoulders of those next to her, smirking at the camera. Her silver hair was shorn much shorter then, her limbs lean and gangly with youth. Two bright, aqua hued eyes stared out of a spotted face in a fearless challenge to the world. Kino couldn’t help but grin at her younger self, surrounded by the first true friends she’d ever known. The original squad; all gone, now.

Seems like another life, Kino shook her head subtly. So much has changed since then. Reika’s soft words at her ear broke the reverie, though. The curl of pink lips bloomed into a true smile as Kino slowly turned to face her, still wrapped up in blue arms. “Not sure if you’d like her,” the Trill’s nose scrunched up briefly, before stealing a quick kiss. “She was wild. Loved to fight,” Kino shook her head with a huff of amusement, as her fingers slipped under Reika’s shirt and pulled it up. “A hothead, really. Stubborn, reckless, undisciplined,” she continued, still grinning, as the black fabric cleared Reika’s head to be dropped to the floor. “No sense of tact – no filter,” pink lips whispered against blues as a silver head tilted, while pale fingers undid the clasp and zipper of Reika’s shorts. The Trill stole another soft kiss as her thumbs hooked in and tugged them down over one blue hip at a time.

“Hm,” Kino hummed, “I guess you would like her, after all,” she whispered through a smile, as her hands pushed into curved blue skin that clung to the wet fabric, freeing them to fall to the Andorian’s ankles. “Oops, gotcha naked again,” the non-com grinned, then reached over to the bed for a towel. “We each got a blade after basic – I carried it everywhere. It’s seen better days,” Kino shrugged, “but so have I. Today though,” the grin returned as she wrapped Reika up in a towel; pressing herself close to pat the dampness from her lover’s body. “Well – todays been one for the books. I have you to thank for that, Miss sh'Laan, and for getting my ass wet, too,” dark brows rose and fell playfully with another kiss, before Kino stepped back to pull the golden undershirt up off her body with a sigh; a hand raked through her short hair immediately after out of habit.

“What about you,” her head tilted at Reika as the shirt was discarded to the side. “What were you like as a kid? Did you always want to join Starfleet?” A wry smile curled Kino’s lips, as she shimmied out of her shorts. “And is Andor really that cold? Y’know we’re gonna have to find a middle ground with that babe,” the Trill’s lips pursed as she straitened, hands rested on bare thighs. “Oh, that reminds me. Computer, lower ambient temperature ten centigrade.” A bleep of acknowledgement and a wink later, Kino leaned over to grab her own towel. “Figured I better try to get used to it now,” she shrugged with a smile.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy]  attn: @Dumedion

Reika’s eyes stayed focused on the picture for awhile.  Everyone in it looked so happy.  How many of them were still alive, let alone still happy?  Reika wondered and let out a slow exhale as she thought about the circumstances of the picture then and compared it with Kino’s circumstances now.  Granted, she didn’t know much of them, but even Kino herself was a different person.  Besides having lost that look of a blossoming youth, she was more hardened.  One eye was gone - replaced by a - just as piercing but -mechanical  one.  She was no taller, but the Trill had definitely filled out a little more, though - in all the right places.

Surprisingly, Reika enjoyed having several centimeters on the Trill.  She liked being able to stand behind her just like she was now, wrapping the other woman up in her arms with the pale body resting against her.  It was almost a perfect moment.  Then the Trill shifted in her arms to look at her.  ‘Those eyes,’ she thought.  ‘I could drink them in all day long.’  The kiss.  'And those luscious lips.  Damn, girl.  You aren’t perfect, but you’re perfect for me.

Not sure if you’d like her,” Kino spoke of her younger self.  “She was wild.  Loved to fight.  A hothead really.  Stubborn, reckless, undisciplined.”  And by the time the Trill said, “No sense of tact - no filter,” Reika’s shirt was dropped onto the floor eliciting a cocked grin at the Trill who was already working on unfastened the - still - very damp shorts while their foreheads rested against each other, mouths just centimeters apart.  But her panties seemed determined not to be loosed from her body until Kino’s fingers slipped between them and blue skin extracting them from her derriere and letting them fall to the ground, where Reika stepped out of them while Kino grabbed a towel and began to wrap it around her lanky body. 

Another kiss.  Reika was torn.  She wanted to know everything - hear everything - about her girlfriend.  And there was years to catch up on, but she also just wanted to remain wrapped up in each other without words, just holding one another.  ‘Learning could take place by osmosis too, right?’ she quipped to herself.

Once Kino was wrapped in her own towel, Reika stepped back up and slipped her arms around her waist once again, pulling theTrill to her.  She rubbed noses with the woman. “You don’t need to do that for me, ya know.  I’ve acclimated to standard temperatures shipside well enough.  And with four years on earth - granted, San Francisco isn’t the warmest place on the planet - but I did manage while I was in the Sol system.  And yeah,” she said, “Andor is that cold.  Summer temps are in the negative teens and twenties.  If we get above freezing, it’s only for a week or two all year, and as you can imagine, only in certain spots on the planet.  But,” she said, unwrapping her arms from around the Trill and leading her to the bed.  She climbed on and slid across to the far side.  She pillowed her head, but held her hand out for the Trill to join her. “I’ll keep you warm,

Once they were both laying, she snuggled close, draping her arm around Kino’s waist, settling her hand on Kino’s rump.  “As for me,” she said, stealing a kiss. “It was my Zhavey’s suggestion to join Starfleet much to the chagrin of my Shreva.  I wasn’t 100% certain about it back when I started the application process, but looking back on it, I can’t see any other thing being right to do.  But it helped that one of my moms was in the Andorian military.  She had a better perspective on what I needed and where I would thrive.  It did cause some problems at home, but as I’m sure you can imagine, with four parents instead of just two, there was a lot more room for disagreements.” 

What about your parents?"  Reika asked settling in close and brushing her blue lips across the pale ones.  "Were they for or against you going into Starfleet?
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Reika pulled her in just as Kino managed to wrap herself up; the towel cinched across her chest, covering her torso from bust to just below her ass. Light blue eyes twinkled as the distance between them closed to nothing; arms rose to drape over bare blue shoulders, eyes fell closed as her nose filled with the Andorian’s scent. The smile stayed on her lips as she listened to Reika’s voice, enjoying the simple intimacy of having someone close. Someone to hold. Such a powerful feeling – so easily given – yet equally taken for granted, overlooked; another moment to be cherished. You are a wonder to me, for what you do to me, Kino wanted to say – as she felt her heart melt in that simple embrace.

Not an easy thing to voice, though. Kino knew she was falling harder and faster with every kiss, every gentle touch, every smile. I can’t fight it. I don’t want to. It feels too damn good, pink lips curled, brushed against blues.

Aqua-colored orbs followed the Andorian as she moved away, one corner of her lips pulled up higher in a lopsided grin at Reika’s promise to keep Kino warm. You better, her eyes replied playfully before the Trill followed in a slow crawl onto the bed, to settle alongside her lover’s body. Kino’s forehead rested into Reika’s neck, beneath her jaw, as an arm draped over her torso to pull them closer, the other arm pinched between them, the hand resting between spotted thighs to keep warm. Her ear filled with Reika’s heartbeat and breath while she listened; fascinated and happy to learn more about the woman’s family – something Kino knew almost everyone had, yet had never really experienced herself. Ah, don’t ask about mine, her brows furrowed, just before Reika asked precisely that. Fuck, Kino stifled a chuckle.

“My parents,” the Trill sighed as her eyes closed. What parents, she wanted to laugh, shifting to rest her chin over the hand that raised to rest over the Andorian’s heart. “I don’t know,” she whispered, barely a breath. Pale shoulders twitched in a subtle shrug. “Haven’t seen or heard from my mom since I was a kid. Fell out pretty hard with dad before I got kicked off Trill. We…haven’t spoken since,” Kino frowned quickly, dark brows furrowed as she shook her head with another sigh. “It’s a long story honey. Doesn’t have a punchline, either,” she added dismissively with a touch of humor – not wishing to ruin the moment anymore than she already had. “I’ll tell you sometime. I promise. Just…not right now. Not when I'm here, in your arms. I…you make me feel…,” her voice trailed off as she rose, head resting on a hand, gazing into those glacial orbs filled with concern.

“You make me feel like none of that matters right now,” Kino finished. Her hand rose from Reika’s heart to cup a blue cheek, thumb caressing dark lips and soft skin. Because I have you, she wanted to say, but the words lodged in her throat. “No sad eyes,” she whispered instead, with a small smile at the…look in those beautiful eyes.

“Whatever they thought – whatever they think – doesn’t matter to me. It never did, really. I'm here – you’re here; that’s all that matters,” Kino finished with a nod, then waited for Reika to process everything she’d said and left unsaid.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy]  attn: @Dumedion

Oh, to have Kino nestled so close to her heart - with her head buried just beneath her chin.  Reika wondered if the Trill knew that every beat pulsed for her.  Every single da-dum called Kino’s name - chorused how precious she already was to the Andorian - sung of the renewed hope that now coursed through those very veins as she talked a little about her crazy family.

But then her question to Kino elicited a response she didn't expect, and as the Andorian listened to Kino’s short explanation about her own family, the weight of what she was saying hit her blue chest like a ton of lead.  Reika’s windpipe constricted more and more as blue ears listened to the tale.  The Trill was alone - truly alone.  She had no parents of which to speak.  From the way that Kino described her situation, Reika didn’t think she had any siblings either.  Azure eyes glistened with moisture, her brows knit, and cobalt lips drew together.  Blue hands gently massaged the back of the silver head, to communicate what she didn’t with her lips.  No longer.  Never again.  Not another heartbeat.  Sweet Cheeks you won't walk through life without a support at your side, without a shoulder to cry on, without a hand to hold.

I’ll tell you sometime.  I promise.  Just …not right now.  Now when I’m here, in your arm.  I…you make me feel… You make me feel like none of that matters right now.  No sad eyes.

Reika took a moment to gather herself - to do all that she could to set her feelings - that her heart ached for Kino - aside.  She smiled, and kissed the top of the pale head, her hands caressing the pale cheeks.

Whatever they thought - whatever they think - doesn’t matter to me.  It never did, really.  I’m here - you’re here; that’s all that matters.

She could no longer hold her thoughts and words back.  “Oh gorgeous.  I am here.  I’m with you. I won’t say that your parents don’t or won’t ever matter because we never know what the future will hold and how things might change.  But I will say that whether or not there is ever an attempt to reconcile with them, you are no longer alone.  I’m so glad that I can be here with you.  Knowing, gorgeous,  that I get to be the someone who makes those relationships less significant - that I can bring you joy.  That we can seek fulfillment together - that makes me genuinely happy.

The Andorian pulled back a little and smiled down into those amazing mismatched eyes, then leaned her forehead against the Trill’s, and her antenna rubbed against the Trill’s head.  “Because I want you to be happy.  I want to be the source of much of your happiness.”  Blue lips kissed one cheek. “Intense happiness,”  A warm and wet kiss to the other cheek.  “I want learn how to surprise you with how happy we can be - together.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Her head shook as Kino smiled in wonder – eyes bright as they took in every detail of Reika’s face – with every slow blink. Even as blue filled her vision, forcing them closed, the Trill hummed pleasantly. She giggled at the brush of those playful antennae; shifting her body higher up to lounge upon Reika’s lovely body. A hand rose to cup a blue cheek, as her nose slowly circled around its counterpart. “Off to a great start, Legs,” Kino giggled.

Happiness. Kino breathed Reika’s scent in, let her senses drown in the moment. She wasn’t alone anymore. Wasn’t bound to the only path she saw before, with only memories of other’s lives to coast on; glimpses into what-could-be, had she only chosen differently. Have I ever been happy? No shit, honest, fuck-my-life-is-amazing, happy? A huff of amusement answered that question, as the smile on her lips waned.

It won’t be easy – nothing worthwhile ever is. There will be battles to come, shit to deal with. It won’t be perfect, Kino told herself, even as her lips brushed against blues, planting small, gentle kisses to each corner of Reika’s. But for the chance to feel this? Every day? For all the time I have left? The Trill pulled back, opened her eyes, and grinned lopsidedly into those azure pools gazing back at her. Yeah, honey, I’m falling real hard for you. Even that mental admission sent goosebumps across her skin as a wave of emotions surged in her heart; for all the joy and excitement found in this new relationship, a small spark of fear dawned as well. Not the time, Kino blinked, and locked the fear away in its own compartment within her mind.

But Reika saw it – sensed it – somehow, with a twitch of her antennae; Kino took a breath, before answering the question in those soulful blue eyes. Lost under that gaze, the words spilled from her lips before she could stop them, whispered in complete honesty. “I...loved someone once. Fell for her, just like I'm falling for you – hard, head over fucking heels, practically overnight. She died before I could tell her. I promised myself I’d never open up to that kind of pain ever again,” her head tilted, frowning slightly as her brows knit together. “I want you to know that, to understand how I feel. To know that I…,” her voice trailed off, as her hand slid back down blue skin, over Reika’s heart.

“I meant what I said, Reika,” Kino breathed. “I want this. You. All of it, for as long as I can, and you can bet your pretty blue ass I’ll do everything I can to keep you.”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy]  attn: @Dumedion

Reika watched as Kino’s brain seemed to be on overdrive thinking through her statement on making her happy and on finding happiness together.  And the Trill was happy.  Every discernable cue that Reika could see attested to it.  The gleam in her eye, the upward twist to her lips, the rate of her breath, the flush to her skin.  But this temporary happiness that Reika could see wasn’t all that she wanted for the Security officer.  She wanted real deep long-term happiness. 

And Kino seemed to understand the desire that Reika spoke of.  The brilliant mis-matched blue eyes spoke of a deep and abiding desire to be encompassed in that joy. 

And that in itself made the Andorian even more ebullient.  She couldn’t wipe her own inexpressible grin off of her face either.  They were together and they were happy.  But in the midst of it, the Trill’s eyes clouded over and her expression turned from happy to pensive to sad. Reika quirked her head, asking a question with her eyes.  Her antenna bowed over as if to understand the circumstances better.

Kino saw her question.  "I…loved someone once.   Feel for her,  just like I'm falling for you - hard,  head over fucking heals, practically overnight.  She died before I could tell her.  I promised myself I'd never open up to that kind of pain ever again." Her lover paused.  "I want you to know that,  to understand how I feel.  To know that I…"

"I meant what I said,  Reika.  I want this.   You.   All of it, for a long as I can,  and you can bet your pretty blue ass,  I'll do everything I can to keep you."

Reika finished her earlier sentence, but in question form, "To know that you…love me?"

The Andorian considered the possibility.   Love at first sight?  Is that what this is? she asked herself. I've had flings before.  That's not what this is.  I've had Barak, a regular and exclusive lover, until we parted ways upon my transfer to the Theurgy. That's not even what this is, she confirmed to herself. This is more real.  Weightier.

"You sure, Spots?" She asked,  settling her hand atop the pale one over her heart, pulling her close with the arm around her waist,  both while shaking her own head,  not out of unwillingness but out of disbelief that she could have a chance at honest,  daily,  committed-to-another's-good happiness. "No second thoughts?  No second guessing yourself? Cause I'm not much - not really. Just one heart looking for another to hold close,  as long as I draw breath."

She breathed into the space between them,  watching,  waiting,  holding her breath out of great anticipation as well as an iota of doubt.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Dark brows twitched together at Reika’s words as light blues blinked at the whispered question. The non-com's heart hammered in her ears as the silence stretched out between them, watching the debate in the Andorian’s eyes. Still, Kino held her breath, giving Reika time to process everything, while a tendril of fear wormed its way into the Trill's heart. Too soon. Kino, you idiot, her jaw clenched, fighting the surge of doubt and fear within.

Fear: an emotional response to a belief of imminent pain; a survival instinct, rooted deep within, reinforced by trauma. Kino knew fear; she faced it before – beat it back – drowned it in alcohol – exorcised it through bitter tears. I won’t let fear rule my life. Still – maybe she was wrong; maybe this was all too good to be true. Maybe things were moving entirely too fast. Maybe this was all just…infatuation. Desire. Nothing more. Maybe, what if, but what about…

No – fuck that, Kino closed her eyes, as her lips twitched down into a frown of determination. I won’t let fear rule my life – I won’t let it rule my heart. Even if it means more pain down the road – I refuse to live that way ever again.

Lips parted as her eyes opened, ready to state those exact words to Reika, but the Andorian’s spoke again; a series of questions, with a warm hand laid atop Kino’s, while the arm around her pulled the Trill closer to the woman she adored. Perhaps the most absurd, self-deprecating remark Kino had ever heard followed, before a seemingly simple request. With only a few words, Reika set the derailing thoughts and emotions back on track. Fear subsided; banished from Kino's mind and heart to flee back into the irrational recesses of both, where it belonged. Spots, huh? Kino huffed in amusement, as everything clicked into place.

“Not much?” Kino’s brows shot up as she shook her head with a huff of disbelief. One leg rose to drape over Reika’s body suddenly, as the Trill shifted back and up atop the Andorian, to straddle her hips. She sat like that for a few seconds, hands planted on the mattress, head tilted, gazing into those icy blues with loving bemusement. “Naw – I couldn’t have heard that right,” her eyes narrowed with a smirk, but then the playfulness faded from her eyes, replaced with loving reassurance as she smiled down at the deep blues that melted and captivated her in equal measure. “I just want you to know how I feel. No doubts. No second guesses.”

Slowly, Kino lowered herself down, until her body pressed atop Reika’s and her arms hooked under the Andorian’s shoulders, resting on her elbows. She let her nose rub against its blue counterpart – the smile on her lips brush against soft midnight. “You want a heart to hold,” the Trill whispered, as her eyes closed and pink lips gently captured a dark blue one in the softest of kisses. “But you already have it,” she nodded after, spoken in a tumultuous mix of promise and plea, pulling back just enough for them to gaze into each other’s eyes.

“You drew me in the moment I first saw you,” Kino continued, “and now here we are; more than I could ever hope for, more than I’ll ever deserve. Maybe I’m crazy,” she shrugged, “but it’s how I feel, Reika, so don’t tell me you’re not much,” Kino shook her head, brows knitted, closing the small distance between their lips again. “Because,” she added in a breathless whisper, between the softest of kisses. Slowly, her head tilted into a deeper kiss, savoring the blissful intimacy of the moment. Kino poured her heart freely into every brush of pink lips, then pulled back just enough to finish speaking, if only a breath away. Her brows met as she felt her lips tremble, the words that escaped them little more than a breathless confession – spoken in utter sincerity – as Kino admitted the truth to herself as much as Reika:

Because this feels like love to me.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy]  attn: @Dumedion

With Kino atop her and her face so close to her, her lips so soft, her breath so titillating, her words so stirring, Reika pressed her lips together, her eyelids veiled her eyes, her breath became slightly ragged at words she never thought she’d hear.  “Because this feels like love to me.”

Reika drank deeply of those light blue orbs, rubbed a blue nose against a pale one, tasted of the pink lips once, twice, three times before pulling back slightly.  Reika set her tongue against her own top lip, and worked hard to breathe.  Gathering every ounce of courage, she opened her mouth slowly, but nothing came out.

Her heart was so full and her happiness so overwhelming.  She couldn’t believe that just days after her breath was revived and her body was treated, that now, she was given her first chance at happiness.

She closed her lips, breathed in through her nose, and blew that breath out of her mouth slowly before trying again.  Words finally escaped her lips.  “I’ve been searching, Kino.” Reika said slowly, running the back of her fingers across a pale cheek.  “Ever since I left the Mustang, I’ve tried to stay apart - tried to stay away from everyone else.  I’ve tried to not need anyone - not to care for or want anyone.”  She looked into the Trill’s beautiful eyes and her own eyes and eyebrows knitted together.  “Until … until I found someone who understands me and needs me as much as I need them.

This time, two blue hands wrapped around pale cheeks and around the attached neck.  “That someone is you, Kino.  I don’t need to stay apart any more.  I don’t have to run anymore.  I can need someone now, Kino, because,” she smiled into that spotted face.  “Because, yeah, Spots this feels like love to me too.

She pressed her forehead against the pale one opposite her.  "I love you, Kino," she said, breathing into the space between them.  "Don't ask me how, cause I don't know.  Don't ask me why because I don't deserve it.  But I am in love with you."

Blue hands released her face and neck and pushed her arms around Kino's neck and pulled her close going in for a new first kiss.  Her first kiss with this woman after having declared her love.  It started tender - just lips tasting one.  "I love you."  Then tasting the other, "I love you."  Over and over for a minute or more each time, more tender.  Then a huge smile crossed her face, and her eyes sparkled with joy.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
She’d been here so many times; on the precipice of joy, at the beginning of what only time would reveal to be a wonderful, chaotic, sometimes messy journey through life’s wandering path. Before Jeen, Kino would never have had the courage or wisdom to push forward and recognize what a beautiful opportunity lay before her, or literally, under her. It felt odd, in a peculiar way; almost like cheating – but she felt what she felt – and she wanted what she wanted. For the first time in her life, Kino didn’t feel like an outcast, didn’t feel like fighting everything and anything, didn’t feel like she was some kind of walking-lightning-rod of misfortune and pain.

In that moment, Reika made Kino feel she was the only girl in the world.

They were so close. All Kino could do was nod, as she watched and waited patiently for the Andorian to articulate how she felt. There was no fear – no insecurity; only a calm acceptance. That in itself was another of Jeen’s influences. Everything happens for a reason, Kino blinked at Reika’s words, and knew exactly what she meant and how she felt. There comes a point after disappointment and loss that any sane person would rather withdraw out of self-preservation. But that isn’t sustainable. Not for long.

Soft, pink lips curled up, flanked by blue. Kino nodded again as Reika drew her in closer and whispered the words between the softest, most tender kisses the Trill had ever known. Her breath hitched, brows twitched as her body trembled – either from the cooling air, or all the emotion welled up inside, or both – but the non-com pushed ahead, buoyed on sheer happiness. Love drunk, Kino chuckled to herself, as her body pressed back down into Reika’s. It was too perfect a moment to spoil with words; clumsy things that would never quite describe how truly amazing she felt. How thankful she was. How hopeful for the future. No more words, for now.

Kino’s eyes peeked down into Reika’s. There was so much happiness in those dark blues – so much joy, so much hope. Love, Kino exhaled, almost shuddering under that powerful mix of emotion. What could she possibly say, in comparison to that beautiful gift? What could possibly make the moment even more perfect? Light blues fell closed, as the loosened towel fell from her bust to slide down her back as their noses brushed. Kino’s lips answered for her. Her entire body answered. She embraced Reika’s vulnerability, her honesty, her yearning and hope and love – every precious gift – deep inside her heart. With tender fervor, the Trill showed her Andorian queen she was understood. Accepted. Worshiped. Cherished. Wanted. Needed.

So desperately needed. Not merely physically. Kino needed Reika the way a tower needed a strong foundation; the way the stars needed the void. Strength, purpose, duty...these had sustained her, but never fulfilled her. The difference, Kino realized, was beyond anything she'd imagined. Pale skin brushed into blue. Wet lips parted between suckling kisses for teasing brush strokes of tongue. Hands found each other, fingers entwined. Thighs rubbed, as bodies shifted in the dim light of the void. Everything else was forgotten; the ship, duty, the storms on the horizon. There was only Reika; body, mind and soul, and Kino had fallen hard for all of her. The words had been said, whispered in the dark between two honest, broken hearts.

I love you, her entire body cried out to Reika - and Kino intended to show her, thoroughly.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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As their noses grazed across each other, that simple action of pushing herself up just a little managed to unfasten Kino’s towel, so that it slid down her back and managed to cover Kino’s rounded buttocks.  “No fair,” she mumbled, but instead of complaining further, blue hands reached around the Trill and pinched the towel between blue thumb and finger to toss it aside.  “Oh, much better.  You’re too beautiful to cover those scrumptious sights, Gorgeous.

But as Kino pressed forward mind, soul, and body for another kiss, the Andorian could feel something shift in the Trill.  Something moved from playful to serious from dainty to decided, from tentative to definitive.  Everything about her suddenly took their feelings from the theoretical to the practical as if Kino had to show Reika the truth behind what she had moments before confessed.

And while the dance began again in earnest, there was a greater depth of intimacy and emotion as the second stanza of the song began to play.  Notes and rests.  Fermatas.  Crescendo’s and dimuendos.  But the hands that played were skilled in pleasure, joy, peacefulness, playfulness, tenderness, and intensity.  And Reika silently promised both women that she would partake of everything to the fullest, she would drink of the waters presented to her, and pour out her soul to bring pleasure to the pale-skinned women to whom she had just confessed the uncertainties of her heart.

Reika’s lips parted as Kino’s pink tongue slipped inside.  Tongues intertwined and explored, the blue seeking out new recesses of the beautiful pale mouth.  Her arms wrapped themselves tightly around the slight pale waist, pulling Kino closer - if possible, and in doing so, her own towel worked its way free, but it awkwardly lingered in much of the space between the two women, but that didn’t stop Reika from pressing herself into Kino, hard parts, soft parts, bony parts, moist parts, heated parts.  Nothing was off-limits.  Reika was dedicated to ravishing her lover - not just to satisfy a bodily urge, but to show her girlfriend how devoted, attentive, tender, forceful, and passionate she could be.
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