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Day 01 [0600 HRS] Beeline For The Boss

[Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The heavy tritanium doors of the turbolift opened with a controlled hiss of compressed air as it leveled on deck 11. Sickbay was a proper hub in and of itself nowadays, the battles never seeming to come to an end. But Sarah supposed that with both literal and proverbial world against them, there was scarcely any other way to live- a new range of normal for them all. A beleaguered sigh sounded off as slender hands moved downwards to flatten the skirt of her uniform against the front fronts of her thighs as she stepped out of the lift, a prim cough falling into her fist to clear her voice, and a quick few fingers to smooth the wavy flyaways that escaped from her long, blonde plait. She was nervous. From the way her voice sounded, to her appearance, to her very Academy transcripts and the transfer documentation from the USS Oneida, all the ways this could go awry flurried through her at Mach speed, crisping the edges of her nerves and far-long exhausting her into a tepid puddle before she had even stepped through the threshold of Sickbay or had even worked a full shift aboard the USS Theurgy.

You are here to help, not look good for the staff- Stop fussing about this! As long as you do your job they will not care! Her internal thoughts quipped ferociously at her, keening for her to stop nervously petting her braid and fiddling with the fabric of her uniform skirt. She was a highly-skilled nurse, she had many saved lives under her belt- that is all Theurgy wanted and something she could provide. She would get her interview, her work orders, and that would be that she assured herself with a soft swallow and one finally inhale-exhale for calm.

With that final deep breath out of the way and another hand slipping through the wavy lengths of hair that framed either side of her heart-shaped face, she finally stepped through the doors of sickbay and into the waiting room. The boot heels of her uniform clicked softly against the flooring as she approached one of the many flurries of other medical personnel, finally grabbing the attention of one with a polite wave of her hand and a smile that split the pink of her lips to expose the whites of her teeth.

"Hello, I am sorry for the trouble-” She started, her svelte hands coming to rest in front of herself primly against her lower stomach, her head slightly tilted forward. “-But I am looking for Head Nurse Vinata Vojona to report to duty??”


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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry
[Show/Hide]That morning, Vinata had felt the responsibility to go to sickbay early, before alpha shift began, so that he might have two hours to catch up on what gamma shift had done through the night.

Going through the journals at the Head Nurse duty station, Vinata was wearing the dress variant of his uniform, even though he'd debated going with the trousers option since he'd never quite got the boots to work properly with his feet. With digitgrade legs, feet placement whilst walking didn't make heels ideal, but he'd got the hang of of it in the Academy. He could still remember the confusion among his and Hylota's peers when they chose to dress in accordance to their bodily requirements rather than the gender-orientated wardrobe selections. Hylota had used the male sizes and bust for her pick, while Vinata had - embarrassingly enough - been unable to fit his chest inside the male size selections. The female ones had been right on point, of course, but both his sister and he had realised - with a knowing glance - that it would just be the first of many confusing things about Ovri. It would take quite some time for the peers and teachers of other Federation species to learn about their biology and culture.

Not for the first time, when he had finished reading, Vinata considered if he would take up V-Nine's offer to restore his body to what it used to be after all. For more than a month, he'd kept debating it with himself, and taken the opportunity to savour the existence of having a fully female biology in the traditional sense - this almost caricature copy of what the other species considered 'female'. Having been brought up differently, and perhaps due to a biological consciousness rooted in his genome... he did feel that he wasn't complete. Still, even though he would always consider himself a 'he' - since anything else would be absurd for an Ovri - it was as if he was finally fitting into a life led among other species. Then again.... that might just be his own projection of what he ought to be, rather than what he actually was.

And when V-Nine had arrived to sickbay non-functioning the day before, Vinata had realised - when seeing the poor android - that if he'd ever had a chance to be restored from the Correction of the Savi, there were no guarantees that he'd actually get that chance unless he made up his mind about it.

"Nurse Vinata?" asked a brown-skinned Human next to him, and he blinked twice with his large eyes before looking her way.

"Yes?" he chirped with a smile, and his black eyes settled on Letitia Jones, one of the Nurses reporting to him after Jovela had died.

"We have a new officer from the Oneida here. She came in through the waiting room. It's..." said Jones, but trailed off, looking at the blonde Human behind her. It seemed the new Nurse hadn't offered a name to Jones.

"Welcome to the Theurgy," Vinata trilled in stride, however, and stepped out from the duty station so that he might face the newly arrived enigma fully. He held out his four-fingered hand to greet the Human in the Federation way, by clasping her hands. "Ensign Vinata Vojona, Head Nurse since a couple of days, but I have been on the Theurgy for quite some time now."

He fell silent then, allowing the Human to introduce herself while he studied her with a smile - his black eyes wandering over her features while she spoke. By human standards, she is quite lovely! he thought, even though barring just a few - among them a Klingon and Rihen Neyah - his main experiences with interspecies partners had been of the male kind. Hardly surprising, since they generally looked rather female to him.

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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The dark-skinned nurse she'd waved down was polite enough to smile at her, seemingly understanding her nervous tittering as she rallied back and forth on the high heels of her boots as she waited for a response. The other nurse gave a simple wave of her hand to follow as she guided her over to where the head nurse allegedly was within the recovery ward.

She called out to a large, digitigrade-type alien colored in rich golds and blues, a species Sarah had never personally seen before, but there was always going to be some new and interesting species to learn about. Starfleet of course prepared their cadets for almost everything, and her duty time aboard the Oneida had definitely afforded her a great deal of experience, but even so, she had yet to encounter such an interestingly large gold and blue alien.

Thanking the nurse who guided her over with a smile and nod of her head, Sarah's eyes were then immediately drawn to the large, onyx ovals of the head nurses' eyes, her bright green ones wide and mesmerized by Vinata's appearance, her head nearly craning to gaze in utter enchantment. She was beautiful- so physiologically unique to anything she'd ever seen before. Sarah would be hard pressed not to stare at the poor Ovri, and more assuredly, questions would be coming in from left to right.. Well. When she got to know her better perhaps. It might be in bad taste to ask so many personal questions of her immediate supervisor.

"Sarah Bjørge. Ah, Ensign Bjørge." She breathed out in a stumbled reply, the lilt of her accent garnishing the edges of her words as she spoke. She more-than-happily slipped her small, warm hands into the Ovri's offered palms with a smile of delight- though it just as easily could have been a grin of greeting. Either way, Sarah was visibly delighted as she gave Vinata's fingers a soft squeeze in return, not quite ready to pull away as she began to speak.

"Thank you for the warm welcome, It is good to meet you!~ I hope to become a useful addition to you, ma'am." Of course, there was no way that Sarah could know the complexity of Ovri gender or appearance- as well as the fact that Vinata was the first Ovri she'd ever seen! It stood to logic and reason that an alien that presented breasts was likely female, but she stood blissfully unaware of her faux pas and genuinely charmed by the unique features of the head nurse.


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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry
[Show/Hide]It was years since Vinata had lost count on the number of times he was mistaken for a female, the only difference now being that, biologically, he was female because of the Savi, so correcting the newest addition to the crew seemed almost... dishonest of him. Still, unless he kept doing it, he would only sow further confusion, and as confused as the Savi had made himself, he had to keep it simple for those around him.

"It's actually 'sir', but please, just call me Nurse Vojona, that's quite all right," he trilled with a croaking little chuckle, "and I am sure you will do fine. Thank you, actually, for requesting for a transfer, since we really do need the extra hands."

Considering how the Theurgy was infamous, and the crew of the Oneida had likely heard all the reports and false articles about what they'd done, Vinata was surprised that the Oneida had joined forces with them in the first place. On a more personal level, to make the decision to transfer aboard? Vinata let go of Sarah's hand and folded her own behind her back, tilting his head a bit as he studied her with a smile.

"I bet it must have been a difficult decision, considering what you may have heard about us - and Thea - during these past six months," he offered, giving voice to his thoughts. "Troubling times. Regardless, we are grateful that we're no longer fighting this enemy alone. Please, this way. Thank you, Jones!"

And thus, Vinata left Letitia behind and began the tour for Sarah, heading towards the PCU first.


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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Sarah nodded obediently at the change of address, though there was a quick, subtle flick of her eyes downwards to the Head Nurses' chest and back up again to make sure she hadn't just been seeing things. But far be it from her to ask such digging questions on anyone's gender, she happily accepted it and moved on, allowing Nurse Vojona to release his hands from her own.

"Yes sir. Ah, thank you, really. I imagine I will get a lot more experience on the Theurgy than I might have on the Oneida.  Ongoing education being what it is, I would have liked to have gone into a combat medic specialization..and I have a feeling that if I, perhaps, do very good work and bat my eyelashes, I might get the chance." She responded softly, her good-natured smile never quite leaving her lips until an awkward grimace marred her features as she realized her misstep. "That is a joke, Sir. I do not actually think batting lashes will give me better opportunities."

Gods alive, please blow a cool breeze in her face- she was five minutes into her meeting with her boss and she'd already genuinely flustered herself. It was best to cotton-stuff the bitter taste in her mouth by zipping to the next subject of conversation that the Head Nurse was so polite to supply.

"But it was no difficulty on my part. When people need help, you help." She said quite matter of factly. "And while yes, I have heard a lot of, ah, unsavory things, we all have. But I believe everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. A chance to explain and prove themselves before any judgment can be made. But I have friends on this crew, I have seen what the people here are like. I believe you.."

The soft smile she seemed to normally wear began to slip back onto her features, though the blonde of her brows still furrowed a bit as the head nurse huddled her along down the hallway, Sarah following behind him eagerly.

"It would be very wrong of me anyway, as a medical professional, to ignore people in need no matter what rumors say, no?"


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