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Day 03 [1400 hrs.] AC-477 Valravn Flight Test

Day 03 [1400 hrs.] AC-477 Valravn Flight Test

[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Clearing his throat as he stepped unto the holodeck, Chief Liam Herrold put his hands on the hips of his yellow jumpsuit.

"Thea, could you load program Alpha-One-Valravn, please?"

[Yes, Chief Herrold. A moment.]

As he stood there, the floor beneath his feet changed to that of the Fighter Assault Bay, only it was completely void of both fighters and personnel. The massive bay doors were closed, and the lighting was a bit more dimmed than it usually was. Only the very centre of the vast deck was lit a bit more, almost as if an invisible spotlight was directed to that spot. There, in the middle of that light, a Valravn fighter slowly appeared piece by piece, sequenced into existence by the holoemitters. Gradually, each component was added, from inside out, until finally the hull and the Starfleet markings appeared on the outer sides of the nacelles. Once the entire, holographic thing was sequenced, the dark reinforced aluminium glass of the cockpit's canopy opened - the reflection of overhead light dancing across the curved surface.

"Thank you, Thea," said Liam and turned his head, seeing that Chief Ji had arrived as well.

"Hi there," he said, and turned towards her, his smile a little hesitant. He knew he had dismissed her the day before because of several reasons. All awkward to talk about. He immediately decided to talk about something else. "It seems the program that a few of the Valravn pilots compiled for us works so far. They said they thought they were able to do something with the data in their onboard computers, but we shouldn't expect too much. They are pilots, not holo-designers. Shall we take it for a spin?"

He made an inviting gesture towards the fighter and began to walk towards it. "Thea, could you give us exosuits please?"

[Yes, Chief. Stand by.]

While he walked, he felt the pressure of the exosuit forming around his limbs, and saw the visor of the helmet appearing before his face - flight data loading in glowing letters. When he spoke, his voice would reach Ji over the comm channel in the helmet, a disembodied voice in her hears. "Do you want to take the stick or ride shotgun?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

The Holodeck was a fantastic idea.  It was a way that they would be able to actually get their hands on flying something like this without the danger of making it explode.  Or doing something that would accidentally kill them both.  She followed Liam into the deck and the door slid closed smoothly behind them with a slight hiss.  She looked around the black squares, yellow grid formation of the holodeck was always an interesting sight.  Sometimes it still amazed her that those tiny squares would be momentarily changed and they would grasp the beauty of whatever the two people that were standing there wanted.  The emitters could literally do anything that they wanted, and it was quite amazing.  She was impressed that anyone could have invented something like this. 

There were days that the technology that she was surrounded with.  The way that the transportation systems worked,  Thea, and many other things.  She was a mechanic and she understood many of the mechanical pieces that came together to make it all happen.  But sometimes, she still caught herself amazed at the technology they were blessed with using on a daily basis.

While she was thinking and contemplating, Liam was able to get the system working asking Thea for what the two mechanics actually needed.  Ji was still in her flight suit just like he was.  The yellow somehow didn't clash with her pale olive skin tone.  She had it tied around her waist because she got hot often and sleeves were just a pain in the ass.  I need to talk to the Captain about altering the work suits. she thought to herself as her eyes shifted seeing movement on the deck.

Sure enough, Thea was holding up her part of the job and creating the Valravn from nothing.  She stood next to the Chief while it came into being and then she smirked.  It was a beauty and she was rather excited about taking it out.  The best thing about doing it in a holodeck was that it never seemed like a holodeck once they were activated.  She felt like she was really on the flight deck.  Everything was perfect down to the last detail.  Then there was the beautiful Valravn standing there with the light shining down on it.  The only thing that made it odd was the lack of people.  All her boys weren't calling out her name or yelling across the deck at each other.  There wasn't the smell of oil, grease, and lubricants.  But it was so realistic that her mind easily added those.

“Hey.” she said now that Liam realized that she was there, and had only been a few steps behind him anyway.  But he was busy and she hadn't bothered him, she figured that he would notice her at some point.  Ji wasn't the sort that needed to be coddled or to make herself feel validated because someone acknowledged her as soon as she stepped on deck.  She didn't have time to say anything else as he dove into the reason they were here.  Thea had compiled the information that the pilots of the Valravn had given to them so they could take one out for a test flight and put her through her paces so that they would be able to get a feel for it. 

She grinned at him.  “You bet your fucking ass we should.” she laughed softly as they headed for the large fighter he requested EXO suits and she could feel the suit form around her.  The pressure sealing in her body and making sure that she would be safe in the vacuum of space.  She rose her brow as she looked over at him when he offered her the stick or the shot gun.  Oh he was a man after her own heart for fucking sure. 

“I'll take first stick, you can enjoy the ride, then we'll switch.  It'll do us both some good to make sure that we both have experience with these badass fuckers.”  She pulled herself up into the cockpit and down into the seat.  It fit nicely as she strapped her body in so that when she punched it it wouldn't toss her out and into Liam's lap.  She waited for him to get in and turned on the great beast.  The cockpit slid closed around them as she began running through the different buttons and switches to get her primed and ready.  “Ready?” she asked him curiously her voice coming through into his helmet.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
"Ready," said Liam, having strapped himself in as well in the RIO seat of the Valravn fighter. He tapped his exosuit's knee PADD's screen and brought up the list of pre-flight checks, which was virtually the same as in the Valkyrie Program. "RCS thrusters, check. Impulse engine, check. Quantite core, check. Deflector, check. Shield emitters, check. Countermeasures, check. Fore and aft phaser emitters, check. Micro torepdo launchers, check. Hard-points are as follows: Two twin-mount mass driver turrets; Two additional missile launchers, loaded with five photon torpedoes each; Lastly, four quantum torpedoes. All systems reads green to me. Verify, over."

After hearing confirmation from Chief Ji, Liam instinctively requested launch permission from flight control. "Chief Liam Herrold to Mission Ops, this is Valravn Zero-One, we are ready to launch, over."

There was a pause, before a voice answered. [This is Mission Ops... We have no Valravn by that designation, but it seems your transmission is coming from the holodeck. Please confirm.]

Closing his eyes, Liam swore quietly in chagrin. "This is Chief Herrold. Confirmed... My apologies."

[That is quite all right. Enjoy your simulation. Mission Ops, out.]

All he could do was chuckle after that, feeling keenly how he was no pilot but a weapons mech playing at it. "Program, open bay doors. Launch sequence engaged. Ignition thrusters online, transfer to impulse speed in cue. Take her out, Ji."

As he waited, Liam was reminded of the way Ji had been coming on to him the day before, and supposed he had thoroughly made a fool of himself now. Yet since they spoke last, Liam had learned about Neko's little adventure the day before, and met Morgan Song, but just having learned where things stood between K'Ren and himself after the night they shared made him more confident in Ji's presense. It made him wonder how much of flirting had been going on, or if it was just her usual jargon. As for himself, he didn't know what to say, and resorted to just blurting out the first thing that came to mind.

"So, how does the joystick feel?" he asked, then cleared his throat as he realised how it sounded.

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|CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

She could feel the slight jostle in the cockpit as Liam folded his long frame into the seat behind her.  She didn't get a chance to fly often but it always excited her.  It was one of the reasons she became a mechanic after all.  It was something important and special to her, spoke directly to her soul.  There was little that moved Ji the way that working on her babies did.  Flying them was one of them though.  She made sure that her straps were tight, while she couldn't die in a holodeck sim she could certainly get hurt and she didn't want to give Thea any pain inducing ideas.  She listened to him as he read off the sensors to her.  Giving her a full flight check which was highly important and she was listening to everything. 

Her own PADD chimed when he sent the reports to her, and she pulled it out of the pocket on her pants where she scrolled through the green lights and saw that he was correct.  He was speaking and it took her a moment to realize his mistake.  She couldn't help but laugh as the coms shut off after he was reminded that they were on the holodeck and not that actual deck.  She looked over her seat at him, twisting in her spot for a moment to see him.

“Just Thea doing a fucking amazing job at making this all realistic as shit.” she said as she turned back to her job of getting them ready to fly out.  He talked to Thea next and she grabbed the stick, it felt good, fit in her hand nicely.  It was nice that they were starting to realize that not everyone had big meaty man paws and they needed a stick that wasn't enormous.  It was easier to control something when you didn't have to strain your hand around it.  Ji reached to brush her hair out of her face, habit more than anything else, but came to her helmet and gave a bit of a chuckle.  “The stick is fucking perfect, thick and steady, hair trigger, doesn't take much to get it going.” she grinned.

“Taking her out, Liam.” she said smoothly as she began to lean forward on the stick just slightly.  Propelling them forward towards the flight doors so that they could enter open space.  She was so excited, she could feel the rumble of the engines underneath her seat just waiting for her to open them up.  The power was already amazing and she had hardly done anything.  She could just feel it, like a coiled snake, sitting in the Engines waiting for a chance to actually strike.

Again, she heard his voice in her helmet and she grinned.  “It's so fucking good, Li.” she shortened his name without even thinking about it.  As the Valravn slid to the proper placement, she kicked the engines into gear and they fired up.  Escorting the large fighter from the flight deck, gaining momentum and thrust so when they exited the flight deck it was smooth and with the proper momentum.  They hit open space and she allowed them to cruise outwards a little bit further.

“Prep for ignition.” she said to Li as she gave him about two whole seconds to do that before she punched the ever loving shit out of the fighter.  She laughed as the engines kicked in and they began to fly far faster.  Piercing through space, and she hadn't even entered warp.  She couldn't help but feel the joy and exhilleration of this whole thing.  It was amazing, and it felt so good.  It was good for the soul, for the weight and stress on her shoulders.  It wasn't that long ago she had said goodbye to Chris.  The whole situation with him was awkward.  Ji was a very strong woman but she felt like she was being forced into a relationship.  She didn't really know that it was a good idea either.  She just wanted to be herself and let someone come to her.  Chris was a good guy, he was, but she wasn't sure if he was moving too fast or not. 

I guess tonight will tell when we have our date.. thing.

She wiped those thoughts from her mind and grinned as she thought about Liam sitting behind her.  He was a nice guy, she liked hanging out with him.  If nothing else he could most definitely be a friend.  He was someone that she was attracted to, but she highly doubted he saw her the same way and that was fine.  Ji was honestly in no hurry.  She felt like it would happen with the right guy that respected her and wasn't too pushy when the time was right. 

“Liam it's fantastic, the fucking power in this mother fucking boy is amazing.  Prep for evasive maneuvers.” she laughed into their mutual com unit and proceeded to pull a barrel roll to the right, the stick handled like a dream.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Chief Ji had a tendency to make him feel embarrassed, as if he had made sexual innuendos on purpose, and this case was no exception. Hearing how she described the flight stick she was handling, and clearly knowing exactly what she made it sound like, Liam cleared his throat and swallowed, not sure what to say. He wanted to say something, for sure, but the words escaped him. Clearly, he could have the same jargon as she had, only not on purpose. Saying something like that on purpose was... Well, he certainly didn't know how to do it on demand, that's for sure.

Thankfully, she shifted topic, clearly enjoying how the Valravn handled itself. The switch from RCS thrusters to impulse speed was incredible, feeling the inertial dampeners struggle to compensate for the acceleration. If they had been flying a twentieth century aircraft, the g-forces of such an acceleration would have pushed them hard into their seats, likely making them pass out since they didn't have the kind of training required to fly without inertial dampeners. Instead, they could feel the pressure against the exosuits they wore, and the navigation screens showed how fast they went.

Then, Ji said to prepare for evasive manoeuvres, and Liam smiled, settling in for whatever she might do. She chose to make a barrel roll, and the exhilaration of the test flight was really getting to him. If only they had to do this more often, testing new craft an-

Suddenly, in the middle of the barrel roll, the program froze.

"What is ha-" he managed, then he realised that the gravity of the holodeck was restored since the program didn't alter the output of the gravity pools installed in the holodeck. The reason he had trouble speaking was obvious. He was hanging upside down inside the cockpit, the restraints in the seats keeping him from falling straight down into the reinforced glass canopy. The space vista outside the cockpit remained, and the Valravn itself was still there, but nothing moved, and they could hear the quiet hum of the Theurgy instead of the sounds in the program. There was another sound too, like something sizzling. Bracing himself by holding on to the restraints, Liam tried to speak again. "Thea? End program."

[Unable to comply,] said the A.I., then continued, [the program has frozen because it is incomplete. It was not given an abort command, and therefore, I cannot end it in the conventional fashion. Moreover, the program was given the wrong kind of output parameters, being more advanced than its own given settings. Therefore, it overloaded the holodeck controls. Stand by.]

Frowning, Liam realised that they might be stuck there for a while. He looked ahead in the cockpit. "Ji, are you okay?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

Well that fucking sucks.

They were in the middle of doing the barrel roll something that Ji loved to do.  Feeling the weightlessness of zero gravity in a whole different way.  Feeling her body shifting as the massive fighter moved underneath and around.  It was just a beautiful movement and she could really test how she handled doing something like that.  Only, instead of completing the barrel roll and punching it into warp the way that she had intended, she found something else going on.  She found herself upside down as the whole program seemed to freeze around them.  For a moment, she thought it was just a hiccup.  Afterall, the information that Thea would have had to work with was extremely new and it might be something that she was still compiling and putting together.

Only as the moment passed, she realized that it wasn't. 

There she was, hanging from her seat belts, the straps digging into her chest rather painfully since the mounds that sat underneath the flight suit definitely didn't like the added pressure of all her body weight against them.  The straps were built to hold on easily and not release or tear quickly.  These fighters took a lot of beatings and the pilots needed to be safe.  This was probably the most uncomfortable she had been in a while.  Not to mention that the blood was starting to rush to her head, and were that left without remedy she would get light headed.

Didn't always pay to be completely human.

Liam was quicker to action than she and was already requesting for Thea to end the program. Good the sooner these straps get out of my happy places the better. she thought to herself, only it didn't work.  There was nothing that Thea could do.  Something was f*cky with the programming and it wasn't letting her terminate nor was it going to let her right the fighter.  If she could have just done that they could have sat here and sent out a distress to engineering that they had some sort of issue that needed to be checked in on.  Though Engineering were busy people, they would get to them eventually, she was sure.

Thea reported that she had a gross malfunction and Ji just closed her eyes letting out a long breath slowly as she thought about what they could do.  Hanging out upside down was not going to make her day and she didn't even get to fully put this baby through her paces.  Liam's voice behind her called her attention and Ji rose a hand to brush through her hair only to feel her helmet again.  Fucking helmet... 

“I'm fine, I assume you're all right too.  But I can't stay upside down like this.” she admitted to him as she pressed the release on her seat belt and fell to the canopy of the fighter with a loud thumb and a grunt of pain from the woman.  Bruises probably, another lecture from Nicander, likely, but she would live.  She turned over laying her back on the glass canopy and looked up at Liam.  She fiddled with her helmet, until the clasps came loose and she pried it off of her head and tossed it to the side.  When Thea was able to fix the damn thing she wasn't just going to suddenly fly again, the likelihood was the place would just go back to being a holodeck and she would have to re-initate the program if she wanted to.

Which at this moment, she wasn't sure she did. 

Since this one went and screwed her over.

Her dark eyes shifted to the still suspended pilot.  “Wanna come down here, it's far more comfortable than those straps.  Just a bit of a bite on the landing.” she gave a shrug.  “You can take it.”

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Liam could not agree more. Hanging upside down in the pilot seat was not ideal. He put his gloved hands around the restraints to pull the pressure away from his chest. "Thea, is it only the program that the Valravn pilots compiled for us that has frozen up? If so, can you remove these exosuits? I don't think we need them any more."

[Affirmative. A moment,] she said, and then, the exosuits vanished from both Chief Ji beneath him as well as himself. Gratified at the ease of movement he got without he helmet and the cumbersome suit, Liam reached for the manual release of the seat restraints. Thea continued to speak on the intercom. [Both Operations and Engineering has been notified that you are stuck in this simulation, but most of their available personnel are making hull repairs, and my own projection is currently attending a meeting with a couple of the Senior Officers, otherwise I would come to you myself. I am afraid my calculations estimate that you will remain stuck for at least twenty minutes.]

"That's all right, Thea," said Liam, still not over the fact that the computer aboard was a sapient being. "We can wait."

Ji had said the landing would have some bite, so he thought a moment, and then he released his restraints manually. He hung on to the bottom side of the seat and lowered himself down feet-first, and as he did, he ended up straddling Chief Ji's waist where she laid against the cool surface of the reinforced glass. They were both back in their jumpsuits, the yellow of their garments a stark contrast against the dim interior of the upside-down cockpit, even more so the vista of space that encompassed them. It was not without a sense of vertigo that he looked down on Chief Ji with his light blue eyes.

"My apologies," he said, realising that they had ended up in quite a... compromising position. The concave curve of the canopy forced them to more or less be on top of each other, with little room to spare above them since the seats and control panels were in the way. Seated as he was, straddling her waist, it made him feel a bit self-conscious too, and he began to climb down along her legs, only to find himself without proper means to distance himself from her since his backwards crawl was uphill, and he just slid down again. He only tried that once, face-planting into her lower abdomen, until he decided to climb up next to her instead, apologising again on the way there.

Thus, lying flush to her side, he propped his head up on his hand and looked at the view of space around them, but his eyes kept returning to Ji, and how she was framed by the reflections against the glass and the light from the LCARS touch screens above them. "I am not exactly keen on restarting this simulation. We should be lucky nothing worse happened," he said, feeling how warm she was next to him, in stark contrast to the transparent aluminium alloy they rested on, and he could not really avert her eyes any more, looking at her in a way he shouldn't. He swallowed, trying to keep his tongue in check. "Remind me never to ask pilots to make a holo program again."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

It was blissful, that moment, before panic set in.  The one where her mind had not yet caught up with the fact that she was most definitely in a small fighter cockpit, with a bunch of equipment, seats, and heavy hull plating above her, and the only thing beneath her and the infinity of space was thick glass.  It wasn't just that, but it was also the fact that.. she was in a very dark confined space, which only seemed smaller because the stars outside had frozen in place.  Like a thick wall of blackness.  Ji felt her throat close up slightly, a large ball of nerves and fear settled heavily in her throat as she watched Liam decide to join her. 

Concentrating on him, was her best bet.  That was what she always did in the past, concentrated on something that was .. easy.  That was Liam.  He was here, and he was moving and that was something she could focus on.  Hanging by the bottom of his seat, he lowered himself down straddling her.  She didn't think it was odd, or even sexual.  Just that there was so little room in the cockpit dome he could really not have landed anywhere else since she was already down here.  Before he had dropped he made sure to at least get them out of their EXO suits and she was glad for the pressure to be gone.  It was only practice that kept her from feeling claustrophobic in those stupid suits but now.. here... she could at least breathe a little better.

..when she didn't concentrate on how dark and tight everything was.

It seemed it would be a good twenty minutes, which was probably a generous estimation for them to get anyone to help.  She figured that it would probably be longer but then maybe Thea was right.  Who knew?  She knew that it wasn't really all that important and repairs and maintenance to the ship came first.  The two of them would likely be bored but fine.  Liam apologized for his current positioning.  “It's cool.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders watching him as he seemed to be more upset about the positioning than she was. 

He tried to slide down and Ji cocked her head to the side, watching him trying to awkwardly move off of her.  It was interesting, watching his face.  She wondered if he even knew how shy and awkward he seemed at the moment.  Unfortunately for him, he was adorable.  Especially when the glass dome released whatever friction he was using to move backwards and the slick nylon of his work suit cast him back forwards face planting him into her abdomen.  She felt her hands go to his shoulders.  She wouldn't mind if he stayed there, it wasn't like it was uncomfortable for her, but it seemed to be, for him.

He apologized again.  “Quit apologizing, it isn't like you're doing it on purpose.” she told him as he shifted so that he could be beside her.  It seemed that might make him more comfortable, or she hoped so.  Ji was used to hanging around men, and them touching her,  helping her.... what have you.  She wasn't an easy woman, but men could be grabby, she could take care of herself when they were unwanted.  She twisted onto her side, curling her arm underneath her head as a make shift pillow.  That and, to secretly block the view beneath her of the blockade of unmoving stars that would only trigger her claustrophobia more.  She swallowed heavily, one of her feet were shaking back and forth with all the nerves that were starting to come up.  Bubbling up into her mind, and her body, even though she was trying to keep them down.  There is no room in here for a freak out Sae Ji. she reminded herself, as she felt her breath hitch slightly.

Ji's eyes were unfocused, as she lived inside her own little hell, so she didn't notice the way that he was watching her.  With he dark eyes, her short brown hair, laying against her arm.  The pale olive skin that her Korean nature had gifted her.  The work suit hid most of the rest of her body, though it was partially unzipped in the front to show just a hint of the black sports bra that was underneath.  Her chest rising and falling a bit faster. 

He spoke, and her eyes shifted, focusing on the gorgeous blue eyes that Liam had been birthed with.  Such a beautiful color. she thought to herself, finding that focusing on him was helping her issues with the tight spaces.  Both of them laying side by side, facing one another, she could feel the heat of his body, and feel his breath as it kissed her face slightly in the tight confines.  Their faces were only inches from each other, there was no way to get more space in a spot this tight.  “Well, I for one, won't be letting them create another holodeck.  That's what we get I guess, for being in a hurry.  Damn.” she let out a sigh, and reached up with her free hand to brush some of her bangs behind her ear before they could fall fully into her eyes. 

She studied his face a moment, and then her eyes narrowed, before widening.  “You have a...” Her hand reached forward slightly and gently her fingers brushed his cheek bone as she removed a small fiber from his cheek.  Either from his restraints earlier, or his suit, she wasn't sure, she cast it away to float about or something, and her eyes returned to his.  “So I guess, we have twenty plus minutes to get to know each other.  Should we play twenty questions?” she asked smiling at him, their noses only a couple inches from one another.  She swallowed heavily.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
When Chief Ji asked if they should play twenty questions, Liam's mind was completely elsewhere. Not only was she feeling very warm against him, the way she had touched his face and since their faces were so close together, Liam had to collect his thoughts twice before he could answer.

"I suppose that's a good way to pass the time, yes," he said, chuckling in a way he hoped didn't sound as nervous as he felt. He had already made a mental note to stop apologising to her for something that wasn't truly his fault, but if he couldn't keep his errant thoughts in check, he might have to apologise for offending her with his body's reaction to her warmth. You bloody idiot. Liam get a grip, will you?

It was getting a bit warmer, since the program freezing also froze the environmental controls of the Valravn. They were not going to run out of air in just twenty minutes inside the sealed cockpit, likely about to last for several hours, but the cool glass would only be able to do so much to keep them from getting warmer by the minute. Liam unzipped his golden jumpsuit as he listened to Ji, and since they happened to be so close together, he couldn't help how the back of his hands and fingers ran down the front of her body too. He pretended like he didn't notice, that he hadn't felt both her sports bra and the skin of her upper abdomen against the back of his fingers. He willed himself to not apologise for it.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold & CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Joint-Post by @Blue Zephyr & @Auctor Lucan
Ji looked over at Liam.  Everything was kind of odd.  The program froze, it was warm, he was lowering his zipper and the way his hand brushed her body, the skin there... was ... not something she expected.  He was attractive, yes, but she knew she probably shouldn't want what she wanted. "Okay so um..."  Ji swallowed heavily.  "What's your favorite color, might as well start mellow right?" she offered with a bit of a smirk on her face, eyes studying his.

Liam tried to push away the fact of how close they were, and how difficult it was for him to move without brushing up against her. He tried to remain as still as possible. "Orange," he answered with a smile.

She rose her brow at the answer. "An unusual color choice, you don't hear that often. Blue.. red.. sure, orange.. almost never," she admitted, and thought about running a hand through her hair but it would likely elbow him in the face.

Liam raked his brain from some kind of question, and not wanting any awkward silence to settle between them, he spoke before thinking. "Are you seeing anyone?"

"Uhh, no? Sorta?  I have someone that wants to date me, but.. he's pushing me really hard, and I'm not sure it's a good fit.  So.. short answer; no," She thought about her next question.  "Are you... seeing anyone?"

Having almost panicked at the question he ended up asking, Liam was glad that she hadn't taken offence. He had imagined, since she was so attractive, that she'd have suitors, but... "I am sorry to hear does not respect your boundaries," he said, clearing his throat, because he was quite guilty of invading her personal space, and he still dared not move because of what her closeness and warmth was doing to him. "I... I thought I might have been, but she was in heat. Caitian. There was no emotional attachment. And... she told me late yesterday that she wanted to see another guy. So, I guess that is a 'no', as well..."

Ji smiled. "So wait, we're both unattached, damn, that makes for a really interesting time," she said and laughed, mostly teasing, some of her bangs falling into her face but she wasn't sure that she could reach up and grab them without hitting him.  "Um, okay so... what do you find attractive, since we're on the subject, I mean."

Talking to Ji almost made Liam forget the breathtaking view around them, his world narrowing down to the way her breathing touched his face, and the soft timbre of her voice inside the warm cockpit. "I... find both men and women attractive, so there is that. I guess I am attracted to people and not just what they look like. I see beauty in the combination of whom they are... and what I see. I suppose I am quite conventional in my apprechiation of looks, but less conventional in how them being men or women don't matter. That was a really difficult question, so you owe me an answer to it as well," he said and chuckled, and as he saw her hair hanging before her face, he helped her with his free hand, brushing it away. Only the movement made them shift against each other, and Liam swallowed, hoping she didn't feel his reaction to her.

She smiled softly, watching his face as she asked the question and then he began to tell her.  That it wasn't about men or women it was about the beauty of who they were.  She smiled softly but the smile fell and her breath hitched softly as he reached up and brushed her hair out of her face, bringing them closer together, her lips were only just inches away from his own. 

"Oh okay, sure sure, I guess that's fair, I'm attracted to men.  Soley.  Um, I like strong ones.  Ones that I can lean against, that can... handle me.  I'm not.. your average girl.  I speak my mind, I curse, and I can hold my own in a fight.  I don't want to be coddled, but I want to be understood and accepted.  I guess the guy that does that, is the one for me," she admitted blushing softly. "And... one that's not afraid to take charge."

Listening to her words, since her voice was the only sound alive in the frozen holodeck program, Liam found himself looking at her lips when she spoke, hanging on every syllable. Her breath filled his senses, and since it was getting warmer, he could see tiny beads of sweat on her skin, reflecting the colours of the LCARS displays above them. He supposed there could be a double meaning to her words, and the way she blushed when describing what she wanted, did she... did she mean something more with her question.

"It is getting pretty warm in here, I'll just... A moment," he said and cleared his throat. He began to pull his arms out of the sleeves of his jump suit, and it was impossible to do so without moving against her body. Once his arms were free, he tugged his white undershirt off too, which was an awkward affair, for many reasons. However, once he could put it aside, the cool glass felt wonderful against his bare side. "My turn, how... How can a guy show you that he understands... and accept you..." he looked at her lips again, denying himself the taste out of respect for her, "and take charge, without pushing too far?"

She smirked softly. Shifting. Hoping to give him some room so that he could do what needed to be done. It was hot. There was no denying that. She was hot too. But there wasn't room for them both to be taking the jumpsuits off either. His shirt came off after his suit and she found herself staring at his chest. It wasn't hairy. Somehow. She liked that. Swallowing heavily his words pulled her back to his face and it had her attention. "Well, one they could make a move. They could just trust I don't punch a fucker for no reason. Also. Not pushing boundaries wise. Maybe just take it easy. Not like professing love before the first date kind of thing. Big turn off"  she shifted this time. Towering over him a moment as she shifted her own jumpsuit off so that she could at least be bare, minus her sports bra, to the waist and lay back down. The skin of their stomachs pressing into one another's. She returned the question. "How could someone show their interest in you?"

Liam couldn't help but look at her when she tugged off the upper half of her jumpsuit, and how the lights inside the cockpit danced over her bared skin. He heard her words too, understanding what she meant. He had been with possessive lovers too, and it had never worked out. He could never be with someone who felt entitled to his affection, and didn't respect the time it took to make a connection. At the same time... "I can be upfront about my attraction to people, but I find myself too much of a nice guy to make the first move, unless..." His words trailed off, and he found himself running his fingertips across her lips. Their closeness had made him hard, and it was impossible to deny it now, throbbing as he was against her, even if their jumpsuits were in the way. He looked up, staring into her hooded eyes, swallowing, "...unless I feel confident that the other person truly wants me."

She nodded slightly. Still shielding herself from the dark frozen space that would continue to trigger her claustrophobia. Still as his fingers rose and brushed against her lips she felt her upper lip tremble slightly. She did not really compute what the pressure between them pressing against her abdomen was. Just that something was there. She assumed it was her jump suit. He finished his sentence and she rose her brow.  "So, I just have to tell you that I find your attractive and have been thinking about what it would be like to feel your lips. Then I would?  Like old world magic?  Some kind of incantation?" she asked curious, teasing a little,  and yet honest.

Liam chuckled, the corners of his eyes creasing, "Yes," he said in a low voice, "just like that. Poof, and I would know your consent, and act on it... Just like this." He put his hand behind her neck and leaned in, finally, slanting his lips against hers. The taste and warmth of her lips made him shudder, charged with the kind of anticipation they had built. He closed his eyes, and lost himself in her. She met his every expectation in that longed-for kiss, and surpassed them.

As he spoke she smiled. His laughter was contagious. She could not help but hope to get it again. It felt a moment put of the dramas that she liked to watch so much. He closed the distance. Cupping the back of her neck and pulled her on that last small bit. Their lips met. She met his lips with equal fervor. All the pent up sexual tension slowly sizzled in the air between them.  Her hand softly lay against his chest. Slowly moving up on his sweet slick skin to his shoulder resting at the natural curve there. Letting their lips slowly tease one another.

Liam felt her hand questing across his bare skin and it emboldened him to let his own stray down from her neck, to tease his fingertips down the front of her sports bra, and then reversing their path - sliding inside it. Yet even if his hand had left her neck, his calloused palm feeling the puckered peak of her breast, the kiss they had finally allowed themselves deepened in its own, natural pace. Before making the conscious choice, he found his tongue finding hers, and he couldn't help the sound of contentment that escaped his throat.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

The whole turn of events was still a surprise to Ji.  As she lay there in half her worksuit being kissed so many thoughts threatened to run across her mind.  The thoughts of Chris and how he was trying to date her and yet .. somehow she felt like it was just... hard.  Harder than it should be.  She didn't want to feel forced.  She wanted things to develop naturally.  She couldn't help that guilty feeling that flourished in her heart that said kissing Liam the way that she was might piss him off.  Yet, they weren't really together.  They had not really had a date.  They had watched some television before she was called to Sickbay and work.  Then she had met him for breakfast. 

So far, she wasn't exactly sure where they stood.  They were not together.  But they weren't friends, relationships were hard and confusing.

Right now, was easy.  Kissing was easy, the repercussions of it, could be complicated but she was willing to chance it for the moment.  She did really want to get to know Liam.  She wanted to talk and get to know what made him tick.  He was very much like her.  They both loved machines, and working on them, they got along.  She loved the way they bantered a little bit.  But, were they a perfect fit?  She had no idea. 

He deepened the kiss.  Their tongues enjoying the playful dance between them.  Ji shifted the last micro-inch so that she was pressed more fully against him.  His hand drifted down her front, brushing across the sensitive flesh hardly protected from his explorations by the small strip of fabric that kept her breasts tight against her body for while she was working.  She shuddered slightly as he brushed past them, and then slid back up.  The amount of dexterity involved to just slip right inside the tight slip of fabric was impressive.  Ji found herself shocked that he had just gone straight for one of the more sensitive places on her body first. 

Her eyes opened, and then softly slid closed.  She had a couple options, she could go with it, and allow this to go into some sort of heated holodeck session as fast as possible.  Or she could push it down and take it much slower.  She wasn't sure if he was interested in a quick thing, or a date later, or something that could possibly go more long term.  They hadn't really gotten to that part of their conversation though he seemed sad that the woman he had slept with recently had not wanted more than just a quick thing. 

Carefully Ji's hand left his shoulder where it was caressing his skin and lay against his wrist.  Pushing the hand out of her bra and to her waist.  It wasn't that she wanted to stop, but she wanted to set a pace to go a bit slower.  Just a bit.  The sound of contentment from his lips only moments ago made her wonder if she was ruining it.  If he can't be patient, he's not the right one. her Omma had always told her.  She slid her hand back up his chest and up to his neck.  Stroking the skin there softly with her calloused thumb.  Ji was not ashamed of her body, nor the callouses on her hands from hours of working hard.  That was who she was, and hiding it would be a disservice to herself.

Ji slowly broke the kiss.  Not because she wanted to stop, but she wanted to look into his eyes.  Her dark brown orbs met his vibrant blue ones.  One of his more attractive features.  Her hand slid up behind his ear, so that her thumb could brush against his cheek bone as she studied his face.  Breathing heavily, catching her breath.  Leaning back in, she brushed her nose against his.  Tracing down the right side of it, before her lips lowered themselves back down to his own.  Capturing them again.  The sounds of their kissing seemed loud in the frozen program, but she wasn't complaining.  Her hand dropped from his cheek and began to explore his muscular back.  Taking in the planes of muscle and smooth skin.  The slick of a bit of sweat on his body from their heated holodeck.  This was new, a long time in coming, and honestly, very exciting for her.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
When Eun Sae Ji withdrew his hand from underneath her sports bra, Liam caught himself having been a bit overeager. Carried away with his feelings. Still, since she had chided him for apologising too many times already, he did not break away to do so. He continued to kiss her, since she still wanted him to touch her, and enjoyed himself thoroughly.

The more they kissed, the more he managed to pick out the nuances of her taste. Predominant, because of their shared body heat in the stuffy cockpit, was the salty taste of her perspiration, but it was not too much, and certainly didn't take away from the rest. That morning, he had never imagined himself to end up so close with Chief Ji, but now, it made complete sense. In fact, he found he had imagined what it would be like, with her, after the embarrassment that had been the day before.

Her hands, akin to his own in wear and roughness, were caressing his bare skin with equal enthusiasm as his own. It certainly seemed like she enjoyed him, despite how he had gotten ahead of himself a bit. Then, when she parted her lips from his, he hadn't know what to expect. A part of him had expected her to swear and chide him, or ask him something, but no. What she did was to stare into his eyes, and he was happy to do the same - the silence they shared meaning a lot more than any words would have had at that time. She brushed his nose with her own, and he found himself chuckling lightly at the gesture. The gesture was so cute and unlike her, he began to think there was definitely a softer and more romantic side to Chief Ji than he had previously thought.

Then, she leaned in again, and he answered the kiss in full, feeling her hands resuming their quest across his body. He ached for her, for more, and to act on his desires, but knew better than to make the same mistake twice. As much as he wanted to let his mouth wander from her lips, and for his hands to roam more, he willed himself to let her lead instead. It was the right thing to do, and since he was no adolescent who couldn't control himself, he let her hands roam his body first, while he resorted to caress her on top of her clothing instead.

His rough palms and fingers sought her buttocks, her thighs and her breasts, and his enjoyment in her was obvious through his breathing and the small sounds he made as they kissed. Eventually, he did part his lips from hers to kiss her neck too, his lips brushing against her sensitive skin, then skirting the curve of her ear, before he returned to kiss her mouth once more, only less shy about it.

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CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

Ji was not unused to kissing and making out.  She had slept with a couple people since she had been assigned on the ship.  Though none of them, not a single one of them, had stuck around.  She was fairly sure for Nicander she was merely scratching an itch that he happened to have that day.  She could not really figure out what made her way to kiss him and allow for him to have her body.  Perhaps she had her own issues that day, her own needs and they served a mutual purpose for one another, it was rather difficult to know.  With Sten, it was more than that.  He had taken her in, even after the whole... forced sex escapades, and they had slept with one another.. again.  For the second time.

She had hoped.. but no.

He had gone on acting as though not a thing had happened between them, and thus, she found herself strengthening her resolve not to return to his bed.  Rumor had it he was with someone else now anyway and whatever she had felt for the older man had slowly dissipated over time.  Now she was kind of confused and a little lost.  She had Chris, she did, and she knew that if she said the word he would be with her and her alone.  It was just that, she felt very pressured to go deep.  Not allow things to develop in a more natural way but instead forced to go all in.  When he had given her the necklace that carried with it the blood of his adoptive father, she had found herself quite.. just put out.  Put off the whole situation. 

She didn't want professions of love on a first date.  While she adored romance and was highly addicted to K-dramas that didn't mean she wanted insta-love.  She wanted the kind of love that developed over time.  Getting to know one another, and growing together.  Fighting, making up, making memories, and finding out what truly mattered in life.  When you were apart, you thought about the other person more than anyone else, they began to invade your thoughts, and little by little they seeped into your every day.  No matter what.

He didn't seem put off by the fact that she slowed them down.  She didn't even know if she wanted to have sex right now.  Right now she was lost in the soft grit of his lips, and the callouses on his hands caressing the skin of her body.  Sliding over the slick skin.  As her nose ran down the side of his own she heard a chuckle, causing a rose colored blush to flare on her cheeks.  Unsure if that chuckle meant he liked it or was surprised by it or if it was something that would come back to haunt her at some point.

All she needed was someone on the flight deck to get wind that she had moments where she wasn't a badass wrench toting, card carrying, member of the Tough Bitches.

They were kissing again, her fingers exploring his back and his muscles.  His own hands were taking their time exploring her body.  She had to admit, it felt nice, to be desired like a woman.  She knew that she was a woman, and she knew that there were those that were attracted to her.  But it was easy to get down.  Many of the men she worked with saw her as one of them, which was great, when she was on the job.  Yet, they didn't lose that opinion when she was off the job.  She supposed it was the downfall of being a tomboy.  Not that she was going to change it, she didn't mind being who she was, she just hoped that at some point she was going to find someone that would approve of the person that she was.

Her own excited sounds mingled with his. Little moans, and grunts, and heavy breathing.  They were most definitely exciting one another.  His lips were gone, allowing Ji's chest to fully rise and fall as she sought to catch the breath she had lost somewhere in the kissing.  It didn't help.  His lips found her neck, and she lifted her chin softly so that he could have the skin to play with.  Her fingers digging, just slightly, into his shoulders as he did this.  He skirted upward towards her ear, every peck tingling and leaving a small wet spot as he moved up her skin.  Then he was back, back to her lips much more so than before.

He explored her over her clothes.  Her chest, her back, her thighs, her backside.  She too was doing the same thing.  Ji was the smaller of the two, but she lacked no muscle or strength.  She shifted herself while they kissed, and rolled herself on top of him, straddling his waist as they continued to kiss one another.  Her own lips escaped from his grasp, she was breathing heavily, her hair slightly damp with the sweat.  She looked down at him, she forewent the nose move this time, and slipped down to kiss along his jaw line for the moment. 

She had a million questions reaming through her mind.

What about Chris?

What about their date? 

What in the fuck were they doing here?!

Why did she like it so much?

What were they?

What would they be after this?

How far did she want to go?

So many things rocketed through her mind as she tasted his flesh.  The salt of his sweat, the taste of him.  The scent of oil, grease, and solvents.  She moaned softly as she worked her way up to his ear, slipping just up behind it she began to suck softly on the skin there, a hand raking through his hair and clenching what she could of the blonde hair cut.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Oh, Liam should have understood Chief Ji was the kind to take the initiative too, getting on top of him as she kissing his neck in turn. He groaned quietly, eyes hooded, when her hands traversed his bare skin and her warm lips climbed to his ear.

His own mind was laid to waste in a mix of euphoria and confusion about what was going on. With her on top of him, straddling his waist, he let his hands keep roaming her body the way she explored every hard plane and taut rope of his musculature. He was not like the line officers, with hands calloused from hard, physical work, arms used to labour and perhaps in need of eating more than he had time for. Chief Ji was a creature akin to himself in that sense, finding recognition in her body as much as appreciation. He liked both men and women, and neither needed to be in extremely fit condition since he put person in the first room, their body second. In Ji, he felt he knew too little about her persona, and was getting to know a lot of her body in short order. It was strange to him. He had known Neko for years before they ended up doing what they did on the Resolve.

But there they were, in the upside-down Valravn fighter, barely knowing what was going on. Liam was helpless to keep himself from reacting to her attentions, and when she straddled him, she was kind of grinding down on his tumescence with every small movement they made. It made him swallow, eyes wide, and he made a sound deep down in his throat - completely at her mercy. He refused to apologise for his bodily reaction, which might be quite evident to her at that rate, and tried to resist retaking the imitative. Her lips to his ear was making him light-headed, his hands resting on her thighs, until he couldn't help himself any more. She was driving him crazy by the second.

He sat up, with Ji still straddling his lap, which might have made her grind down unto him, but also allowed him to run his arms around her body and kiss her anew. He lingered only for a couple of seconds on her mouth, however, giving her a mischievous, quite playful grin as he let his mouth travel down her neck anew. Even if their jumpsuits were in the way, every movement Ji made was keenly felt, only separated by textile as they were. Liam had no idea what he wanted, even if his male body was of a singular expression, but he did believe he wanted to see more of her.

So he looked into her eyes, so dark in the dim light of the cockpit, and he watched her facial expression to make sure it was okay if he rid her from the sports bra. If she didn't stop him he would appreciate the sight of her, the way in which the LCARS screens cast her skin in light, and eventually he would let his kisses stray to her chest too. If she stopped him, he'd take it in stride, of course, because he believed himself just as confused about what they were doing as she might be.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

It was getting rather warm, more so than it had been just with the frozen system.  Both of them pressing against one another and moving meant that they were sweating even more so.  It was warm.. sweat beaded on her temples and slowly treked into her hair while they continued to make out in the upside down cock pit.  Swallowing heavily as she went about toying with his neck and his ear.  Tasting his own sweat, the salty but sweet flavoring of his skin as well as the amazing way that his taut skin beneath that flavor tasted.  It felt like heaven, she had been attracted to Liam of course, there was an undeniable attraction to him, though she had been surprised that he had felt the same way to her.

The way she sat in his lap, her legs on either side of him proved the level of his excitement was rather stout.  She had misplaced her thoughts on it earlier, chalking it up to the fact that they were both with their flight suits around their waists at this point.  She assumed, it was just a collection of fabric, but that was not the case, and now she could fully feel him.  Every move she made pleasured them both even though they were still fairly clothed.

He was kissing her again, Eun Sae began kissing him back.  Allowing for them to linger with their passionate beginnings.  She loved feeling like this.  She had a feeling she was completely addicted to it but she didn't want to be.  That wasn't who she was.  Using people for sex was not her thing, she wanted much more than that.  She wanted someone she could write her family about.  If they ever saw the communications and logs she wanted them to know that she had found someone really special.  Someone that would be her Oppa and that would love her.  She wanted to tell someone that she loved them, and yet it was exceedingly hard to find that.  His arms were wrapped around her slender body while they kissed.  Taking in her back, shoulders, and hips. 

She did not regret kissing him.  She would not regret making out with him either.  She knew that Chris had wanted to be exclusive but she wasn't even sure if there was actual chemistry there yet.  They had not yet been on a date, and she hoped that it might happen.  She hoped that someone would come into her life and sweep her off her feet.  You've been watching far too many dramas Eun Sae. she chastised herself.  

He moved up her sides, up her waist as they kissed.  Then he moved away from her lips and began to kiss down her neck.  Her breathing was harsher, and it wasn't because of the enclosed spaces.  Were she giving the mind to her surroundings instead of the man underneath her she would have felt very anxious.  But for now, she was blissfully unaware of the tight spaces that she was in.  As he began to work his limber fingers underneath the band of the last piece of clothing that separated her top half from his she pulled back allowing him to slip the band of cloth over her head and to the side.  Landing with a quiet whisper of cloth against the holo glass of the frozen fighter. 

Her chest was heaving still, as he looked at her.  She did not have the biggest chest but it was proportionate to her body and considering how muscled she was, it made sense they weren't overly large.  She was not small either, but what one could call average.  She shivered at the sensation of the warm air and his breath on her chest.  Feeling his lips return to her skin.  Tasting her and sliding himself lower.  Her plump flesh getting closer and closer to his lips, to his tongue and attentions.

“Wait.” she whispered out, without even realizing it. 

Swallowing softly, her hands slid up his shoulders and to his neck.  Cupping it gently as she looked down into his stunning blue eyes.  Her lips were parted slightly, she knew that he was likely confused, and she really felt bad for saying that to him.  It wasn't fair to him, but just because she said wait didn't mean it was over.  It didn't really mean anything except the true meaning of the word.  She bit her lower lip, sliding it between her white teeth for a moment.  The LCARS was playing with the features on his face.  Casting them in beautiful colors and reflecting back to her with the beautiful eyes that he held. 

Genetics had been kind to him.

“Before.  Before we do more.” she swallowed heavily as she pressed her forehead against his for a moment.  Just looking into his beautiful eyes with her own dark Korean based ones.  She thought about how she wanted to phrase this.  “What does this all mean?  I'm not really looking for a quick good time.  I .. I'm not completely against it I'm just in a place where I would like to share my life with someone.  Connect with someone on a level that I don't have yet.  And so I wonder.. what you are seeking.  Are we seeking the same thing?” she whispered softly. 

She needed to know, before she could decide if it what it was she was going to do with him and their time here in the holodeck.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Chief Ji was surely a sight to behold, bathed in starlight and the sheen from the digital displays above them, and Liam drank in the sight of her unclothed upper body once she helped him bare it for her. Only the primal urge to lay his lips against her too broke the spell he'd been under, and he had run his hands up her back when his mouth had descended her neck and upper chest, tasting the top of her firm breasts before she spoke, and he listened, raising his eyes anew.

What she said seemed to reflect the same kind of confusion he felt, only more profound to him since he didn't know her mind, much less her initial intentions. He had been under the impression that she was flirting with him at every turn, even leaning against him in the Fighter Assault Bay the day before, and that might still be true, since she was just telling him what she was looking for. She asked him to wait, and wanted to know what he was thinking, and to tell the truth, there was a lot less thought to it all than she might be asking for. It was all too premature. He had barely caught his breath, much less paused to think beyond the urge she had stirred in him. She was sitting on top of him, every breath they made making her grind unto him, but he blinked, swallowed, and tried to articulate a reply that wasn't just gibberish.

"I do not know y-yet," he said, thinking, I... I lost my ship just the other day. I lost dear friends, people I have served with for years under extreme conditions. I am not grounded. Despite it, he found that he could smile to her, this woman that wanted him, that allowed him a kind of comfort that he hadn't known he needed. K'Ren had told him she met a potential mate, and it had left him alone - without means for comfort. Whatever had been unspoken between him and that engineer the day before had remained furtive glances. His lips strayed closed to Ji's again, their breaths mixing without their lips touching yet.

"I cannot connect... in the deeper way you suggest, unless I know someone more... and we just met," he breathed, his honesty as bare as she was. His hands ran up her sides, thumbs coming to rest below her chest. He had to swallow before he continued, all to keenly aware how much he wanted her, throbbing in anticipation for more, but if she didn't want to learn if they were compatible in the physical way right then, he would respect that. He was not an animal.

"I was thinking... either this might be our flight test..." he said, shivering as he could barely resist another kiss before he continued, "or we study the manual first."

Oh, how he wanted to throw out the manual, right then and there, but he wouldn't. Not if she didn't feel like flying any further.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

His words caused her heart to sink slightly.  She hadn't hoped for much, to be honest, she had hoped for just some kind of inkling that he wished for it to go further.  Maybe not forever but something that they could at least grow into something more.  She didn't hope for a confession of love, they had only just met, but she knew that they were easily both attracted to each other.  She had flirted, a little, but some of it was just being who she was.  She was used to being around men.  Sexual innuendos reigned supreme and there were even constant contests of who could make the best ones.  It was just life on a ship with a bunch of people that got dirty and gritty for their jobs every day.  But had also somehow formed into a tight knit family.

A family she had lost.

Ji swallowed as it hit her.  She tried to be optimistic, to not let it effect her, but it came back at her in the most odd times.  The way that she felt as though she had no foundation any longer in her world.  She had always, honestly, felt very safe and secure on the Theurgy.  Even when it had to go on the run and was classified as a traitor ship.  Someone to take down.  A bounty, she was certain, remained on their heads.  Even though she knew that seeing and speaking to her parents might not ever happen again she had chosen this life, this crew, and this job.  Never once had she truly regretted her decision to join Theurgy.

Until Sten.

Ji had not expected to sleep with him, things had lead to that, and then after... her transfer.  Her transfer into hell.  First she had just been dealing with the fact that she had been shoved off on another crew.  She hadn't asked for requested the transfer, she hadn't wanted the transfer.  She was happy here, she enjoyed her job her crew.. her family.  Then they were all gone.  Torn away from her, and she was put on a ship with a crazed Vulcan and no way to get back.  She had been terrified, lonely, and abandoned.  She had been shoved, thoughtlessly on a ship, and when things began to go down she was terrified she would never see them again.

The way she had been alone.  On another ship.  She had already felt as though she had lost all the foundation she had built on the Theurgy.  The tough side of Ji had told her to gather up her strength and forge a new one.  If the Theurgy didn't want her, then, she would go where she could find another family.  However, as things began to change, and go down.  She realized that she was alone in the mayhem.  With no friends, no family, no certainty on who she was at that time she had faltered.  She had never stopped fighting, and as soon as the Theurgy had taken her back she had gone.  But her trust in the system, her trust in Sten, her trust in her ship had been broken.

Eun Sae was not a crier, but she remembered the tears that streamed from her eyes then, and again, even now a single tear fell from her eye sliding down her cheek.  He was smiling at her, her sweet Liam.  How he sat there waiting for her to make her decision.  The way his hands slid up and down her bare sides.  Her body shuddered.  His words told her that he wasn't able to make some kind of deeper connection to her yet because they had only just met.  She could only appreciate the blatant honesty.  It was the kind of thing that she needed. 

Her distrust in people had grown exponentially since the Harbinger.

Maybe it was what made her worried about Chris.  Deep down in her stomach she was worried that someone so eager was just going to crush her later.  She didn't want to think the worst of people.  She didn't try to.  And she didn't, she knew that Chris was probably a really good guy.  He just scared her.  And that was something that made her second think things.  Was he honest?  Was he real?  Or was he another one of those guys that would shove her away as soon as he got what he wanted.  She knew that Sten had probably not transferred her just because they had slept together but she was fairly positive that had a huge deciding factor in it. 

His lips were so close to hers.  She could feel his breath on her face, on her lips, making them shudder with the desire to close the gap.  She didn't know that Liam, himself, was missing the same things in life that she was.  That foundation, that lodestone.  A person to lean against when things got rough, someone to cry with and laugh with.  Someone that made life better just seeing them for a few moments.  If something happened between them, she knew it could make work complicated, but then she also knew that they were both very professional people. 

Her hands slid up his shoulders, up his neck slick slightly with the warmth of the holodeck.  Eyes searching his own as her fingers finally came to rest on his cheeks.  It wasn't hard to grasp his words or understand their meaning.  She knew exactly what he was asking and she knew what they would do.  If they jumped straight to flight test it would be something to build on.  Something that they could move forward with and at the very least know that they were compatible with more than just their jobs and love for all things mechanical.  If they did the manual they would have to take it slow.  Try to find time to go on dates.  Get to know each other slowly as they did so.  Find out what made each other laugh, cry, and find joy and safety. 

But, safety came in many forms. 

Foundations began in many different ways.  She was not sure that they lived the life, currently, that allowed for the slow build up.  Perhaps jumping right into it was for the best.  Perhaps jumping off a cliff together would enable them to find a good spot to build on.  Ji swallowed heavily.  She knew what he wanted and she knew what she wanted.  What she wanted was two fold, she wanted to know how it was to be with him and she wanted to know how it felt to have that foundation again.  Someone that would fight with her, for her, beside her.  She didn't know how to find that.  Not here, not when she felt so .. disposable.

“Lets read.. the manual...” she whispered against his lips, her fingers brushing through his short blonde hair.  Her eyes reading his lovely blue eyes.  “...later.” she finished and then she kissed him soundly on the lips.  Wrapping her arms around him feeling her heart rate amping up again.  She hoped that he understood what she wanted.  Right now was fine, but she wanted to build on now.  To build until they were able to have what they both wanted.  Needed.  A foundation, a home, a safe place.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
When Chief Ji wanted to throw out the manual, the intention was plain, that she wanted the test flight, and hopefully, they would fly well together. She sealed the deal with a kiss, which Liam returned in full. The momentary pause didn't seem to have halted their mutual urgency in the least, but the moment had made Liam realise something.

Loosing Erik Randall had made him feel alone. True, most of the Resolve crew was aboard the Theurgy now, but they were supposed to have returned, after three years to Federation, seeing family and old friends left behind, yet instead, they were made fugitives. The first day, he had been angry, but the ire had been replaced by grief over Chief Randall, and he had sought comfort in Neko's arms. Only Neko was in heat, and not entirely herself, finding a felnoid mate instead. True, he could have gone to Derik Veradin, but their relationship was more about sex than comfort. It would have been like getting a massage instead of seeing a therapist.

Only Chief Ji was a far cry from any counselor. Based on what she said, they did not just have a mutual desire for each other, but a mutual need of safety. He might not have said it out loud at that point, ill timed as such a confession would be, but after having been uprooted, betrayed by Starfleet, loosing his closest friend, and being made a fugitive in Federation space, he needed someone. Someone that he felt he could rely on, in a universe gone mad.

Before he knew it, he had laid her down on her back - her bare skin against the glass canopy. He helped her shimmy out of her jumpsuit, and he pushed his own down his thighs while they kissed. Yet he did not want to be inside her just yet, for despite their time-constraint of the holodeck repairman being on his way, he wanted to taste her. It would not be right otherwise. So his mouth left hers, his lips visiting her breasts on the way down her flat abdomen. Soon enough, he finally covered her with his warm mouth, and pressed his tongue against her. She tasted salty, which was expected given the heat, but more than that, he enjoyed the taste of her, unable to help a groan of appreciation.

He could not linger as long as he wanted to, with one rough palm running up and down her front. If they were to finish in time, he had to continue, so he climbed up, soon kissing her panting lips again. He could feel the peaks of her breasts scraping against his chest. The prevalent thought he had, once he pushed into her...

...was how well they fit together.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

As they made the pact together everything seemed to dissolve around them.  She was no longer thinking about how tight the area was.  She wasn't thinking about the blackness all around them or how warm the frozen holodeck was.  She wasn't thinking about any of that.  Liam pushed that straight out of her mind as he descended onto the more intimate areas of her body.  Few had tread there, and yet she was currently adding another to the list.  Still, for this one she was glad.  This was her choice, her mind, and she was quite glad to have made it.  Liam was a good man, and she enjoyed the playful banter and strong respect they had garnered for one another when they were working side by side. 

It was a test to see if they could work together in a more intimate setting as well.

It was proven then, through their mutual moans and gasps that they could very well work together.  Their bodies moving close together in the tight confines of the cockpit.  She wanted to tell him things.  She wanted to talk to him and have the conversations with him that she had not been able to have with others.  She felt that, in a way, he would be one that would listen.  Listen and understand her pains, her fears, many things that bothered her.  Things that kept her up at night from time to time.  Things that haunted her. 

She wondered if, in him, she would find the security that she so desired.

Their time together came to a mutual completion.  Both of them clutching to one another and shuddering as their eyes met.  A moment together, an intimate moment where they could just share in the sensations of being together.  As their bodies finished shuddering against one another, Ji looked up into his striking blue eyes.  The ones that had attracted her in the beginning, caught her attention.  Those pretty blue eyes of his.  She swallowed heavily, her fingers brushing up against his jaw.  She was breathing heavily as she pulled him down so their foreheads pressed against one another for a long moment.  A smile slowly crossing her face.  She supposed that at some point reality would set in, but for now, the euphoria reigned supreme.

Everything had been .. amazing.  A bit quick for her liking but with their situation and time frame it was exactly what was needed and desired.  She shifted to the side to give him a little bit of room to lay beside her.  She didn't want him far.  The lights of the LCARS above them still shimmered against their bodies and reflected in the sweat that covered their bodies from the heat of actions and the temperature.  She lay on one of his arms, letting her head rest against the slender muscular limb watching him as they both took their time catching their breaths for a moment.  Her grin could not be wider.

“Well I think our test flight went well.” she chuckled softly watching him with her soft eyes.  Studying his face, studying the way that the lights played on his skin and reflected in his soft eyes.  She smiled softly.  “When we have time.  I'd like to cook for you sometime.  I want .. to get to know you better.  I want the opportunity to know what makes you tick.” she whispered softly as she put her hand up on his cheek, giving him a few moments to respond.  She had no idea what was on his mind at this moment.  Or if she was being too heavy.  But she just wanted him to understand that she was hoping this would at leave have the chance to be more.  A shot, outside of the holodeck to get to know each other.  Ask questions, laugh, watch a movie, do something to just get to know one another.  To figure each other out.  She wanted to tell him things.  She wanted to listen to his stories and listen to his worries. 

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Brief as their test flight might have been - not just because they might be interrupted any moment by the repairman that Thea had summoned, but because of the anticipation and the intense build-up before they spread their proverbial wings - Liam was still quite taken during the aftermath. The aftershocks had run through his whole body as he looked down into her eyes. They had come together, and shared the landing experience.

Eventually, he had unsheathed himself from Ji, still quite hard since his body had yet to catch up with reality, and laid down next to her. His heart was beating fast in his ears, and he swallowed, looking up into the cockpit interior of the Valravn. When Ji spoke, he turned his head to look at her, seeing her grinning, and he couldn't help but grin as well. She was talking nonsense, about cooking? He was not yet in the right frame of mind to focus, but he thought she wanted to know how he ticked. Yes, getting to know me, that's what she said.

"You don't have to cook for me," he protested hoarsely, his throat thick in the wake of the intense moments they'd shared. She looked otherworldly in the LCARS light, skin and sweat cast in digital colours. He swallowed and continued, his eyes wandering her face, neck and the curve of her shoulder. "I'd be fine with something replicated, honestly, as long as we can steal some time after our shift ends. My place or yours?"

This was when a sound was heard, from outside the cockpit. Whooshing doors, and the bustle of a corridor outside the holodeck. Footsteps. "Did you hear that? Is there someone out there?"

As soon as he asked the question, he realised there might just be seconds until the program would end, and they'd fall to the hidden floor below the holographis warp fighter. Thus began a hasty affair with finding clothes, idly hoping that whoever had come couldn't see them - that the fuselage of the Valravn obscured them from sight. "Where's my underwear? Can you see them? Here! Your bra. Hurry!"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

He was looking at her as though she was speaking another language, and for a moment she was terrified that she was.  There were times, rare as they were, that she would lapse into Korean without thinking about it.  So she would about to repeat herself in standard when he looked at her and his eyes seemed to clear up and she thought maybe he had understood her after all.  Then it seemed, that she was right.  That he had possibly just not been quite ready for such information overload at that critical moment.  Still, she hoped that everything would be all right and he didn't feel pushed.  She would back off quickly if she got the slightest inkling that he felt pressured.  She knew what that was like and she would like not to do that to anyone else.

He told her then, his voice thick and heavy, that she didn't have to cook for him.  She smiled warmly.  He promised that she could just replicate something for them, he was fine with that.  She appreciated low maintenance.  They didn't always have time and schedules for cooking, sometimes she just.. wanted to replicate something and be done with it.  That was the easiest thing to do for sure.  And then there was the fact that it would allow them to spend more time together.  She would not mind cooking for him any time though.  But, that would be something she would want to do for a special time, maybe if they went somewhere while they were on leave.

He asked her which place they should go for and she was about to answer when they both heard a noise.  She could sense the tensity that took over the both of them. Eyes wide, staring at one another for a moment, before they both sprang into action.  She grabbed her panties, and shoved her legs through them quickly.  It was such a tight spot and she was so not ready to be getting dressed quickly, she really wished they had a little bit longer but she was shocked they really had long enough to play twenty questions and have sex before the guy got here.  He had taken longer than expected already.  She swallowed as he tossed her the bra and she began kicking their work suits around looking for his boxers. 

“There!  Up at the nose... I guess.. I threw them kinda far.” she chuckled nervously as she shoved her bra on over her head and pulled it down over the mounds of flesh on her chest hiding them effectively.  Quickly she grabbed one of the flight suits and tossed him the other one. She stepped her legs into the suit only her feet didn't come out the other side.  She looked down at the puddles of fabric that ringed her ankles and sighed.  “Shit!  This ones' yours.”

She quickly shoved it back down and traded work suits with him and began to shimmy into her own suit.  She zipped it up most of the way to just underneath her best before she looked over at him and helped him fix one of the shoulders on his flight suit that seemed a bit stuck on the sweaty covered body, she untangled the fabric for a moment allowing it to get on his shoulder better just as the whole thing disappeared.  The holdeck reset itself and Liam and Ji found themselves sitting on the floor of the black grid of nothingness that was a blank holodeck.

She looked over at Liam, now that they could stand she did so and she smiled over at him a dusting of blush on her cheeks as the door was opened now by the Engineer that had been working on the holodeck on the outside.  She chewed on her lower lip for a moment.  “ about yours?” she asked softly having a feeling that once they actually left the deck, this would all be over.  He would go back to work, and she probably needed to too, but.. she kind of wanted to have a little more time with him.  Any second that she could.

Before, it was over.  Before life happened again.  Just a .. slight plan, for the future.  A future, even just a moment.  It was enough to at least hope for.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Holodeck 01 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
In the nick of time, they were fully dressed, or just about. He had his white shirt in his fist, and his jumpsuit hung open - his chest and abdomen still beaded with sweat from the heat of the cockpit and... Well...

"My place it is," he said to Ji, feeling a bit self-conscious as well as he faced her - the repairman eyeing them after he had entered.

"Oy! Ya two a'aight?" he called as he walked over to the panel on the inside of the holodeck, continuing his work there.

"Yes, thank you, it was...." Liam cleared his throat as he walked towards the exit, "...we are okay. It was getting quite stuffy in here, that's all. Thank you for coming so quickly." He had a tendency to be polite, regardless the circumstances. The appearance of the repairman was quite unfortunate, but that wasn't his fault after all.

"Ay would hav' come 'lot sooner hadn't the daym tu'bolift made so many daym stops," said the man and swore under his breath, "Who the hayl made this prohgram anyway? A bloodey Pakled?"

"Either way, thank you. Just send whatever you can salvage to Chief Petty Officer Liam Herrold, that's me," said Liam and cleared his throat again. "If you'll excuse us, we are long overdue in returning to Fighter Bay Ops. Thanks again."

"Ay'll see what ay can do," said the Ensign repairman, giving him a glance, "and put ye daym shirt on. This is ah stah-ship, no bloodey spa."

"Duly noted," said Liam and cleared his throat, shimmying out of the sleeves of his jumpsuit again as he stepped out into the corridor with Ji. As he walked down the corridor with her, he struggled a bit with the shirt before he could put it on. He gave her a glance, ignoring any others in the corridor at the time. "You... think he suspected anything?"

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CPO Eun Sae Ji | Holodeck Corridors | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

The door slid open, but Ji's eyes weren't on the man that had come in with his strong accent to fix the Holodeck, they were soley on the man standing beside her.  She too, was covered in sweat, and she knew once they got out of here she would be shivering.  There was also the issue of chaffing.  There was nothing like dried sweat to make your skin chaffe in the most uncomfortable and intimate of areas.  She did not know if finishing the shift this way, with the drying seat on her skin, was really a great idea.  Though, she also wasn't sure exactly what she could do about that at the same time.  Liam confirmed that his place was fine for whenever they had time to grab a bite.  They were basically on the same schedule at the moment so it should be too hard.  Baring anything from happening. 

With this crew, who knew.

Ji pushed herself into motion when Liam did walking beside him as they headed for the exit.  She could feel the cold air from the corridor brushing against the damp skin of her sweat ridden body, causing a slight shiver to moved through her body for a moment.  Liam told the man that they were fine but it had been a bit warm in here and they were glad for the quick assist.  Could have waited just a few more minutes though... thank goodness for the turbolift with a million stops. Ji thought to herself, because had the man shown up just five minutes previously he would have found himself facing a completely different side of Ji and Liam.

As it stood now, she was fairly sure they just looked tired and hot.

The man chastised Liam for not wearing a shirt and Ji couldn't help but feel a chuckle bubbling out of her, she looked over at Liam, smile on her face and gave a shrug.  “Yeah, what the fuck, Liam.  Sheez, put on your shirt.. be professional...” she was totally teasing and she hoped that he would see it in her face, but she might as well have a little fun.  They had bonded, in ways that she had not expected, just now and she kind of wanted to continue to build on the rapport that they had just gotten started.

As they exited the holodeck, Ji pulled up on her zipper to close her skin off to the chill of the corridor while they moved.  Watching Liam fight with his shirt while he tried to put it on over his wet body.  Dressing a wet or damp body was never easy especially when you were in a hurry.  Neither of them were really paying attention to those around them, and she was just glad that things had gone well.  But, she kind of wanted a shower, it would just make her shift that much easier.  And really, chaffing was an issue.  She didn't need to go to Nicander with her nether regions in need of medical assistance, she saw that guy enough for her ankle and any other issues. 

She grinned as he asked if she thought the Engineer suspected.  “Doubtful, but then I have no super cool mind powers so... it's any one's guess.  I suppose we'll have to wait and see if rumors start.” she chuckled as she looked over at him.  They got into the turbolift but she pushed the button for Deck 14 instead of the actual flight deck on 16.  “I have a plan.” she told him as the lift took them lower deck and when the lift opened she started down the corridor motioning for Liam to follow.

She didn't know where his Quarters were but hers weren't far.  In fact, she took his hand a moment later, and palmed the button on her Quarters, opening it.  Hers, like his, was a shared Quarters.  Solessia her room mate was likely sleeping in her room on the left side of the Quarters.  Ji's were over to the right.  “Come on, we're getting cleaned up before we go back to the flight deck, we can handle a few minutes.” she said as she lead him into her Quarters. 

Immediately in front was a coffee table and couch, the table was covered in whatever it was that Solessia had probably eaten for dinner.  Wrappers and a bowl of some residue.  To the right, was Ji's side.  Pictures of her family stood here and there on her desk which was covered with schematics, notes, and information on the fighters.  As well as PADDs and the like where she kept her logs and details.  She was unzipping her work suit as she lead him through another door which was into her room.  No one on the ship had seen her personnel bedroom before.  The bedding was .. not made, it was in a heap tossed to the side from when she had been woken up this morning.  A few items of dirty clothes lay against the walls.  More pictures of her family.  She lead him through there and to the bathroom.

“I'm taking a shower, and you need one too.  We might as well do it together, it's faster.” she said quickly as she slid the suit down to the floor and stepped out of it as she started the shower and looked over at him with her large dark eyes.  “Come on Herrold, it isn't like you haven't seen it before, get in here.” she said with a chuckle as she stepped into the shower and waited for him.

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | En-Route to Ji and Solessia Quarters | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr
Liam had schooled himself from chuckling when Ji had teased him about the shirt, and he supposed she was right. There truly was no way of knowing if the appearence of the repairman meant that the news of... what they had done would spread like wildfire across all three Vectors of the ship, but he liked their odds.

"Yeah, and he saw the botched program himself. It was obviously broken, and it wasn't like we were in Suraya Bay or in some kind of program where one... Well..." he said and cleared his throat. While he had spoken, Ji had taken them to Deck 14 instead of 16, and he was puzzled, but made no comment. Actually, he was about to suggest they'd use his quarters to shower, instead of using the locker rooms down in the Fighter Bay where everyone might draw their conclusions upon seeing them together. Though it seemed great minds thought alike, because before he got to comment, Ji had taken his hand and pulled him into someone's quarters.

Well, it ought to have been obvious that it was her quarters, but since his mind was pretty scrambled from what was happening between them, he had failed to make the connection immediately. Her plan was pretty straight-forward, and much the same as his own suggestion would have been, but he failed to comment since... Well, since she was undressing again, and he hadn't quite gotten such a good view of her in the freezed flight simulation they'd shared. After she stepped out of her jumpsuit, she was in her panties and sports bra again, her fit body still glistening in the artificial light of her quarters. He had barely even seen the state of her accomodations, much less wondered where her roomate was at - light blue eyes on her alone.

"Yeah... Efficient," he managed, and found himself smiling stupidly at the idea of sharing her shower. He swallowed and unzipped his own clothes, following suit. He had to struggle with his clothes at this rate, being so cold and damp, but since he wasn't that self-conscious about his own body, he didn't waste much time on it. Soon enough, he pulled down his underwear and stepped towards the shower in Ji's small bathroom. He liked how they were making excuses to not return to the flight deck, catching on to her meaning. "Only common sense, right?"

Once inside, there wasn't too much room for them, but Liam hardly noticed. He reached past her and switched on the shower, looking down at her where she stood - shorter than him and yet not too short. Slowly, he raised his calloused hands and put them on her hips, as if they were dancing instead of showering. An idea came to him, and he cleared his throat before sharing it.

"Actually," he said, running his hands over her skin, and looking into her eyes, "the flight test was scheduled until 1445... and so we are technically not expected until then. Perhaps we should... take some time, and evaluate what we've learned so far in the test... We might even be able to revisit some parts of it..."

He was, of course, not talking about the test of the Valravn fighter. Something which might be evident by the way he looked at her.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Ji and Solessia's Quarters | Deck 14 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

She worried, slightly, that Liam was ashamed of their time in the Holodeck.  She hoped that was not the case because she, for one, was not worried at all.  She had quite enjoyed it though she kind of wished they had more time to enjoy it.  That did not make it less memorable in the least.  Ji was all too happy to have a good shower though and to just have a few more minutes alone with Liam while she could.  Once they were back on deck, she knew that it would be much harder for them to share any moments.  They were both busy, both Chiefs, and he was kind of her boss, but they were also partners.  So it was a whole confusing dynamic.  Not something she was overly worried about though because they were both adults.

In her Quarters, she noticed that he was less-than curious.  She wasn't sure if it was lack of interest or being distracted by the fact that she was walking around shedding clothes as she did until they stepped into the bathroom.  Though, he agreed with the fact that it would be a time saver just to shower together.  Besides, it would be easier for the both of them to get clean.  Ji was not a shy woman when it came to her body, well, at least for someone that had already seen it.

Liam reached past her and turned on the shower for the both of them.  She stepped inside so that he could have room to enter as well.  She shut the door behind them and looked up at him.  He was a good looking man; and apparently, as she was learning recently, she had a thing for colored eyes.  Luckily, Liam was both a good guy and had the most beautiful eyes that she had seen.  The blue really called to her for some reason.  It was the first time she noticed that he had tattoos on his chest, she wanted to ask about them, but Liam spoke first.

His hands on the swell of her hips as the shower slowly blasted them clean of the sweat and grime from their experiences in the Holodeck.  He reminded her that the test was supposed to last until 1445, and that they were accounted for at least until then.  She had no idea what time it actually was, as she hadn't checked on the way through her Quarters.  She supposed that she should have but it hadn't actually occurred to her.  However, she assumed that he had, since he was offering that they spend more time together while they were here.  Finish out the time together.

Another test flight.  Re-exploring the things that they had learned during the first one, possibly discovering new things.  She looked up at him, dark eyes searching his.  Looking for .. well she wasn't sure what she was looking for at this point. 

Ji then wrapped her arms around his neck.  She pulled him down, he was taller than her but not by a large margin.  Half a foot or less if she had to guess.  So it wasn't long before their lips met, and the kiss began.  There was nothing she would like more than to spend extra time with Liam, and if he had found a reason.. excuse.. that it could happen she was all too willing to play her part.  Besides, she liked to know that it wasn't just a one and done thing.  She'd been there, done that, and it wasn't what she wanted in her life.  She wanted more, something deeper.  Not instantly, she wasn't an idiot, she knew it took time for things to grow and develop.  She was okay with slow and developed, she just wanted a chance.

She pulled Liam back so that her back was against the wall and he was leaning into her.  She wanted, very much, to enjoy her time in the shower with him.  Sonic... water... it mattered not.  It was just the man she was with and learning all his ins and outs.  She broke the kiss and she hoisted herself up, so that she was higher now, her legs around his waist.  Ji was strong, and it took minimal effort to make the move, keeping it would need help.  She began to kiss over and down his neck.  Just enjoying the taste of his skin, without the sweat tasting his skin as it was now. 

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