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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
She came up for air with a gasp, reluctantly pulling her lips away just enough for a few panted breaths as Reika pulled her even closer. Limbs shifted, hips rolled, hands grasped and squeezed; Kino’s ignored the towel still – somehow – wrapped loosely around the Andorian; they went under it, pulled it open, to get at what she wanted. Blue skin, curved, soft. Strong, toned legs aching to be worshiped wrapped around her, loving arms held her close. A wet furnace, so teasingly close, brushed across her thigh and pelvis, as both of them sought to pleasure the other.

Gorgeous, Kino’s mind registered the word; its meaning lost in the misfiring neurons of her desire-addled mind. Just a word, yet the way it rolled from Reika’s lips sent the Trill’s heart hammering faster, while her entire body quivered. “My Reika – you…,” she blinked into those ice-hued eyes, but the words wouldn’t come. Nothing could ever do the Andorian justice; beautiful was just another word, incredible just a label of something beyond description. The needs of her heart and body outweighed the capacity for speech; so she let her body, mouth, hands and eyes speak for her. A tug, with a grunt of effort, and the pesky towel was finally removed from between them. Pale hands sought their prize, as the Trill pressed her spotted body into the blue one beneath her, her mouth trailing wet kisses down Reika’s neck, between the valley of blue mounds. The object of her desire lay southbound, however, Kino paused to pay each hardened peak flanking her face dutiful attention, loving the way each swipe of her tongue set the Andorian to squirming.

As much as she wanted to say something sweet and endearing, Kino’s humor couldn’t be held back any more than her unleashed libido. “Gotcha naked again,” she quipped with the flash of a grin, before her mouth pounced on the opposite blue nipple with abandon. A hand wandered down, along Reika’s flank, until it ran into the hip and outer thigh wrapped tight around Kino’s waist – only to slip it between them, down into that slick furnace. The effect was immediate, and insanely arousing; the blue legs holding her slackened enough for Kino to arch her ass in the air and shimmy further south, giving her mouth access to the taunt lines of Reika’s abs. Her eyes flashed up after a particularly long suckle to blue skin, which released from her lips with a wet pop. A brow arched up as she smirked, wiggling her ass in the air playfully. “You just stay right there and enjoy the view for awhile honey,” Kino purred through a smile, before her tongue and teeth nipped playfully just below Reika’s navel.

Pale hands slid down across her blue body as she moved, smoothing across the lines of her pelvis, down into the soft, sensitive curves of inner thighs; Kino kissed and licked as she went, teasingly soft, preempted by soft exhalations of breath from her nose and mouth. All the while, her eyes never left Reika’s, only finally falling closed as the taste of the Andorian’s sex filled her mouth – no teasing flicks, no subtle bids to draw out the inevitable – Kino was far past such pleasurable games. At that moment, all she wanted was to make her Reika know that she wanted her; her love, her body, her pleasure…Kino couldn’t stop her hands from wandering across blue skin, as her mouth worked into position, tongue guiding the way. With the first suckle, light-blue eyes flickered open with a throaty hum as she watched her lover’s face intently. Giving pleasure had always aroused Kino; yet never more than the look of barely controlled desire she witnessed in Reika’s eyes. The hum turned deeper, almost a growl of satisfaction as she continued...

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Finally liberated from the towel, Reika shook her shoulders which jiggled her azure breasts to which Kino paid their due attention.  Licks, soft kisses, suckles atop needy midnight peaks.  It was so enticing, so enthralling, so fulfilling.  To be wanted - not just for the night, but if Kino was to be believed - and Reika did believe her - for the foreseeable future.  That felt amazing - just as amazing as (maybe even moreso than) pink lips wrapped around her pert nipple.

But at Kino’s quip, Reika smiled lightly into her eyes and touched her face.  Something about the way she said those words made Reika realize that humor was a tool that the Trill would use.  While she might use it as a defense, the Andorian didn’t think that was how she was using it that way now.  Her hip pressed against the pale palm as it settled on the curve.  How soft and necessary, tender and sensuous.  But that hand only paused on her hip for a moment, it slipped between her legs, and a gasp emanated from those azure lips and her legs loosened and Kino slipped away between them and wiggled her her pale backside in the air.

 “You just stay right there and enjoy the view for awhile honey.

Damn fine view it is too,” Reika’s words slipped out of her lips on an airy breath which then took in a gasp as Kino’s lips found the folds of skin between her legs.  And the lips were followed by that soft, supple tongue began to explore.  The blue chest began to heave the more that tongue probed.  She could only watch those mismatched aqua-colored eyes which once again met her melted icy eyes.  A blue foot ran up and down the pale side as she watched her girlfriend take joy in bringing her pleasure.   “Oh….Gorgeous…. That’s…..” 

But Kino wasn’t messing around and the soft tongue and those precious lips continued to work their magic.  And in the process the blue foot paused in mid-air its caressing of the pale side.  “Kino….Kino….Oh my goodness, Kiiiiiinoooo.”  The foot twitched as blue lips called out the elongated name and then it fell to bed as she tried to catch her breath.  It took at least a  minute for Reika to regain her composure.  “Come ‘ere,” she waved her head up toward the top of the bed.  “Pillow your head,” Reika said setting her hand atop her breast.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Soft lips planted a trail of kisses up Reika’s body as Kino ascended; tending to every quiver of muscle, pausing between shuddered breaths. Her eyes wandered over the beautiful blue curves with a knowing smile; pleased to have pleased, and all too happy to continue to do so. The smile bloomed into a grin at Reika’s panted request and offer, as the Trill settled along the Andorian’s side; blue and creamy spotted bodies entwined. “Hmhh,” Kino hummed happily, head pillowed, arm draped over Reika’s torso to trace patterns across a blue hip. “You’re so warm,” she whispered, as every muscle in her body relaxed, melting into the embrace. Absolutely amazing, her mind purred as she became a living blanket.

Kino listened to Reika’s thudded heartbeat gradually calm to a steady, strong rhythm; perfectly content to ride out the moment, basking in the afterglow. Pale blue eyes drifted closed. I could sleep here for a lifetime, she thought with the ghost of a smile, before the words spilled out in a happy whisper. Her head rose, propped up by a hand, to look in Reika’s eyes with a smirk.

“Didn’t mean to wear you out. Probably should’ve warned you – I can be a little…zealous…with my affections. You’ll have to tell me to stop,” her nose scrunched up briefly, playfully, with a shrug. “Or not,” another grin dawned, “Entirely your fault, by the way. Not sure who told you it was okay to be so irresistible. Damned inconvenient if you ask me,” she added with an upward twitch of one dark brow, as the thumb on her other hand gently brushed over midnight lips. Especially these – dangerously addictive,” she smirked, then stole a quick kiss, which turned into several more. “See? I'm hopeless. All your fault,” she whispered with a brush of noses.

Even through the obvious teasing, Kino let a hint of truth ease into her voice – a softness, a vulnerability she wouldn’t share with any other. All the experience in her head told her this giddy feeling, this…joy…would fade, in time, if she let it. All those memories really showed her that relationships were tricky; no two were exactly alike, and all held their own share of problems, trials and triumphs. All of this raced through her head, within a few beats of her heart. If this is going to work…to last…we’d best get to talking about it.

“Tell me something,” Kino blinked as she pulled away just enough for them to gaze into each other’s eyes. “I want you, you want me,” her head nodded with a smile, “but what does that look like, for you? No relationship is perfect – how boring would that be? – but I think we should begin as we mean to go on, for as long as we can, yeah,” Kino smirked with an arched brow. “So tell me, Ms. Sh’laan,” her silvered head tilted, propped up by a hand under her chin, “how do you see us pulling this off? Expectations, fears, boundaries,” Kino gestured with her fingers as she spoke, “put it all out there honey,” her cybernetic eye clicked faintly as Kino winked. “I can get us a snack too,” she added with a bounce of her eyebrows. “Interest you in a BLT, perhaps?”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika closed her eyes for a moment and while her mouth was open as she tried to get herself under control.  Her body was electric and every touch of pale lips or skin or brush of pale fingers caused her body to shiver in delight.  As her eyes opened back up, she caught the contagious smile on Kino’s lips and it spread to her own.  And as the pale head lay atop of her breast she sighed in peace and reached out to touch the pale face.  It felt so right, not just skin on skin, but that particular skin pressed against hers.  Kino was so right in every way. 

“You’re so warm,” Kino said.

“Don’thca mean hot?” Reika quipped.  “Cause of course I am,” she said, wrapping her arms around the pale rib cage as skin melted into skin.  “But not half so much as you are, Gorgeous,” she crooned.

Over the next moments, her breathing evened out in the arms of the woman to whom she had professed her love.  Just to be close to her - everything bared body and soul, even if not overtly stated.  Like an author who could flawlessly weave truth through pictures while not overtly coming out and stating the obvious - both honesty and subtlety.  Eyes closed as the two just lay in each other arms.  Her breath started to slow and even out - she wasn’t asleep, but on her way when Kino started joking about wearing Reika out.  Reika laughed.  She was so damn funny, and laid back, and tender.

“Tell me something,  I want you, you want me, but what does that look like, for you? No relationship is perfect – how boring would that be? – but I think we should begin as we mean to go on, for as long as we can, yeah,  So tell me, Ms. Sh’laan, how do you see us pulling this off? Expectations, fears, boundaries, put it all out there honey.”

“I can get us a snack too.  Interest you in a BLT, perhaps?”

Blue fingers stroked the pale cheek as they looked into each other’s eyes.  What did she want?  That was a good question.  She sure hadn’t expected this turn when she went for dinner.  Starting with the end, she reached out and placed a blue finger on pale lips.  She said, “I’d love a BLT,” actually.  But she withdrew her finger and tasted the pale lips once again. 

She watched as Kino moved to the replicator.  The way that her arms swung gently at her sides, the way that her feet rolled from heel to ball, the way her hips almost imperceptibly swayed.  She was all muscle and yet all softness.  But there was a question to answer.  What was this going to look like?

Her pulse quickened again.  “What do I want, Gorgeous? Honestly, I hadn’t given it any thought before earlier tonight.  You took me completely by surprise.” she planted her elbow on the bed and rested her head in her palm as she watched her girlfriend and pondered her next move, but after a moment, there was no question in her mind what she needed to do.
“I will answer your question, Gorgeous, but I think that there’s something I need to explain first because it will likely affect my answer.”  Her left hand lay on the bed before her and her index finger scribbled doodles on the bedspread.  “My last posting was on the Mustang.  About three months into my posting, I met a guy named Barak.  We hooked up once.  Then again. Eventually, we were pretty steady.  He had his quarters and I had mine, but at least four nights a week, we stayed together in one of our quarters.  And we stayed together for over a year.  But when I was transferred off to the Theurgy,” she pressed her lips together and looked directly into Kino’s eyes.  She took a deep breath and blew it out saying, “He gave me a kiss and wished me luck.  Over a year together,” she scoffed, “and I got a kiss and good luck.”

Her mouth quirked to the side, and she rolled her eyes at herself. “I’m not looking for sympathy,” she said, waving off any possible retort.  “I just want you to understand where I’m coming from when I answer you.  Believing what we’ve both already said, more than anything else, I need to know that we’re going to be here for each other and not just physically, but emotionally.” Here though, some uncertainty crept into her words, her past with Barak coloring her worries.  She needed to be honest, but honesty also scared her.  She took a deep breath.  She was going to be honest damn the costs.  “But I love closeness…to be close to you as often as possible…to spend time - our nights - together as much as we can - but only if that’s what you want. I don’t want to you to feel any pressure.  I mean, if we both love for each other, I’d love to share my life with you - as much of it as you want me to.” She paused again looking directly at Kino, her mouth hung slightly agape and her eyes misted.  “I don’t … want to be …dismissed again.  To not really matter.  I … couldn’t handle that again.”

"But what about you, Kino?  Is that what you want?  If not, tell me now.  But if it is, what are you expectations, wishes, needs, dreams?"
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
When Reika told her that she had ‘taken her by surprise’, the non-com turned a grin over her shoulder as she sauntered to the replicator and paused with a playful shrug. The truth was that they had both been surprised by the events of the evening; it certainly hadn’t played out the way Kino had guessed. Then again, life seldom does, her lips drew thin with the thought as she listened to the beautifully nude Andorian. Her head tilted as her brows creased in confusion at the end of Reika’s previous relationship, but Kino let her continue uninterrupted, leaning a spotted shoulder against the bulkhead of her tiny room.

Once Reika finished and followed up with her own questions, Kino frowned in thought for a moment, folding her arms across her chest. Hm, what do I want...what do I sandwich? Her face scrunched up then, realizing she was distracting herself. “Real quick, um - I’m gonna get orange juice with mine. You want some,” her brows rose with a smirk, before rattling off their order; the dutiful machine lit and hummed to life almost instantly, and Kino returned her light-blues to deeper orbs of icy azure with a sigh.

“Sorry. So...right. Well, I don’t plan on dismissing you. Far too beautiful, and just...yeah, amazing to me, so...there’s that,” the Trill frowned, “that guy sounds like a fucking idiot,” she muttered before grasping the plate with their sandwiches with one hand and a tall glass of OJ with the other. “Like I said earlier – I want all of you. As much as I can get. But, you know…,” she gestured with the plate and took a sip of juice before heading back to the bed. “we will have times when that wont be possible.”

Kino handed off the glass of juice (so she wouldn’t spill it) before climbing back up next to Reika to settle beside the Andorian, the plate of BLTs set on her tummy. “Sounds like we’re of like mind on things though,” she grinned playfully with a wink as she picked up a half sandwich and took a bite.

“Here’s the thing,” Kino mumbled as she chewed, gesturing with the BLT. “Um...I don’t really have...expectations – too early for all that,” she nodded. “and if I ever feel pressured, in a bad way,” another grin, “I’ll use my words, like an adult. You do the same. Deal?” She took another bite, munching loudly into several strips of crispy bacon.

“I’m sorry,” the non-com mumbled with her mouth full, “after everything,” a snort, as her free hand gestured between the two of them, “I’m starving.” She chewed quickly, as her mind settled on a rather more serious answer for what she expected, what she hoped, would come of them. A pale shoulder lifted in a shrug, as her eyes settled on Reika’s. “Everyone has a path they walk through life, Legs. No two are the same. Things seldom work out the way we plan or work for. Shit happens, mistakes get made, obstacles are overcome; that's life – a crazy ass ride that wont make sense until its almost done,” Kino grinned.

“All I really need is someone to walk with.”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Orange juice?” Reika parroted. “Yeah, how about you make it a big one and we’ll share.”

Reika watched as Kino sauntered back over to the bed.  She liked watching the jiggle of certain body parts and the tautness of others.  “Yeah.  I get that times we won’t be able to be together.  That’s the nature of Starfleet. We go where we’re told when we’re told.  Lends itself to uncertainty. "

Reika took the offered glass of OJ and once Kino was seated, she stole one of the sandwiches.  It crunched loudly as she bit in.  Mmmm.  “This is good,” she said and wiped her mouth with her forefinger.  “I was hungry too.”

But Kino had more to say.  Reika nodded and chewed as she listened.  Everything Kino said made sense.  “Yeah.  I promise.  We’re both adults capable of communicating.  As long as we’re both willing to, we can work anything out.”
Reika chuckled as Kino chewed away too.  “And hey, you call me Legs.  What are legs good for if not for walking alongside?”  Reika said, leaning sideways against her lover while she stole the glass of orange juice and took a sip.  “Never had OJ with a BLT before, but it goes together better than I thought it would."

As Reika finished off her portion of the BLT, she got up from the bed and headed over to where Kino had the bow and quiver situated.  She gently picked up the bow.  “So, Gorgeous, tell me about this bow.  Do you hunt?  What makes the bow special?”
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Kino beamed at the question, moving the plate off her belly to set on the bed as she rolled onto her side, head propped up with the palm of her hand. Mismatched blues twinkled as she watched Reika’s naked body move; the play of her muscles, the curves, those long limbs. My Reika…

A few blinks snapped her wandering attention to the Andorian’s questions, which she answered in order.

“That,” the non-com pointed at the bow, “is a compound bow; dual cam, single draw, carbon fiber frame. Fully collapsible, integrated haptic sights – although I never got it to jive with the armor’s targeting sensors for some reason,” she lifted a shoulder. “Not that it would be very effective. It’s ancient, the design I mean. Kinda why I like it.”

“In the holodeck, sure,” Kino nodded at Reika’s question of hunting. “But mostly I just blow stuff up. I’ve rigged some tips up with electrical capacitors. Use em as impact detonators.” She grinned. “It’s fun.”

“Special? Hm,” Kino’s lips pulled to the side as her nose scrunched up – a habitual expression when she thought something over. “Sentimentality, I suppose. It’s a rebuild of the one I used on Earth, after…the war. Was part of my rehab, learning to use this,” she lifted and flexed her arm, which was entirely synthetic. “I guess I just took to it.”

Kino sat up then, grinning. “Wanna try it? Of course you do,” she chuckled, scampering over to Reika. Her left hand pulled the bow from the wall, and with a flick of her wrist, the arms fully extended, locking into place. She handed it over with a smirk, moving behind Reika while snatching a blunted practice arrow from a quiver. “Here – the draw might be a bit tight,” she warned – it was set for her strength and reach – but she was positioned to help if needed. “Slot it in, like so,” Kino set the arrow, “then pull until it sets. Yep, just like that,” she nodded with a grin. “Just don’t hit the —”

A murmured thwip interrupted her warning, as the arrow flew in a blur – to drive into something solid underneath Kino’s bed with a thunk. Lights fizzled behind the drape of her sheets.

Kino grimaced. “Ah shit,” she chuckled. “That would be the torpedo.”

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika reached out and stroked the bowstring and then cast her eyes toward her girlfriend as she heard about the part that this bow had played in Kino's past. “Oh wow.  I can see why it’s so important to you.  Someday you’re going to tell me all about your time on earth.”

“I guess I just took to it,” Kino said. “Wanna try it?  Of course you do.”

“What, huh?  I’ve never held one before.”  But before she could protest anymore, Kino slipped the bow into her hand.

“Here - the draw might be a bit tight,” Kino said.

“Kino, I don’t know what to do.  I’m not sure…”

“Slot it in, like so,” Kino said, standing right behind Rieka, her bare breasts brushing Reika’s arm and shoulder.

“Then pull until it sets.  Yep, just like that,” Kino grinned at Reika.

Reika turned her head to look at Kino who didn’t realize just how distracting her body brushing up against the Andorian was.

“Just don’t hit the --”

Reika drew breath and her lips were only centimeters from the Trill’s.  She could almost taste them again.

“Just don’t hit the…”

But the distracted Andorian’s fingertips slipped off of the string and a loud thwack startled Reika.  She dropped the bow onto the bed and her eyes got wide.  “What did I just do?”

“Ah shit.  That would be the torpedo.”

“Torpedo?” the blue-skinned woman’s eyes grew even wider.  “Is it going to explode?  What did I just do?” she repeated uncertain the capabilities of the arrow that she just shot. “Am I going to blow up the ship?”

She dropped to her stomach.  If she could pull it out at the same angle that it went in, she might be able to get it out safely.  But as she brushed up the bedspread, she saw the size of the torpedo.  “How in the world did you get that thing under there?” she looked at her girlfriend incredulously.
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Mild embarrassment turned to confusion at first; Kino hadn’t intended to reveal her little project yet, but the cat was out of the bag now. Reika’s reaction of alarm forced her brows to flinch together, head tilted in puzzlement however. “Huh?” the Trill blinked, wondering how a dummy torpedo could possibly blow up the ship…but then it clicked. Kino blinked, her lips pulled into a silent oh.

“Wait – its,” she started to say, but Reika had already moved to the floor, trying to pull it out from her bed. “Hon, wait it’s just –“ Kino started again, only for a series of beeps to interrupt, followed by the low purring sound of mechanical servos as a multi-limbed device powered up to life on the edge of her footlocker. “Ah, shit,” the non-com sighed into her hand to keep from laughing at Reika’s questions.

“EDDI o-online. T-t-tracking initiated,” the little half-finished drone stammered in a tinny voice, lifting its carapace body on shaky legs as the glassy black dome of its head whirled about comically.

Kino waved at it in a hushing gesture. “Abort, Eddi – sleep mode,” she chuckled, then quickly helped the Andorian up into her arms. “It’s just a mock-up, Legs. Nothing is gonna blow up, promise,” Kino told her with a smile before bending slightly to pull the arrow out. The end dripped with a purple sticky substance. “Hm. Looks like you hit one of the fuel cells," her lips pulled to the side, eying the arrow. “Grape jam, see,” she grinned, holding the arrow up.

“I built it to give the lil guy something to practice on,” Kino shrugged, nodding to the bot. “It’s…a work in progress.” She frowned a bit…hoping all this didn’t make her seem too bat-shit crazy. “I uh…sorry for startling you, with this,” she gestured to the fake torpedo, then quickly explained her history with explosive demolitions and the purpose of her robotic counterpart as she tapped a button near the end of her bunk. The torpedo slid out, access panels folding up and open to reveal the internal components.

“It looks the same, but it’s basically a high powered refrigerator,” Kino shrugged with a sheepish expression. “They wouldn’t let me keep a live one. Regulations and such,” she chuckled.

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

After she dropped to her knees to look under the bed, she heard the servos activating and then something whirred to life.  She said, “Shit,” the same time that Kino did, but her word was panicked.  “Do we need to evacuate?”  The normally very even keeled Andorian asked her voice sounding more and more distressed with each syllable.  All she could think of was she had shot the arrow that was going to blow up the entire ship.

And then to make matters worse, the damn thing started talking.   “Wait, What?!?”  she tried to listen.  She heard “Tracking initiated,” and suddenly her panic evaporated.  She was a paragon of calm as she pushed away from the foot of the bed to give Kino a goodbye kiss.  They were all going to die and it was her fault.  At least her last act would be one of love.

Kino helped the Andorian up and wrapped her in her arms.  Reika pulled her close, but before she could actually kiss the Trill, she heard, “Abort, Eddi - Sleep Mode.  It’s just a mock-up, Legs, Nothing is going to blow up, promise.”

A blue face shook slowly from one side to the other as she tried to absorb the whole of what just happened. 

“Grape Jam, see?”

Reika reached out and touched the sticky substance at the end of the arrow and touched it to her lips.  It was indeed just grape jam. 

“Sorry for startling you with this.”

Reika reached out and placed one hand on each pale cheek and kissed her girlfriend slowly and deeply.  The amount of relief that she felt and the nervous energy that she had experienced needed to be channeled and that’s exactly what she did - channel it into the passion that she felt in her heart toward this amazing woman.  Then after several minutes, she pulled back only centimeters.  “I’ve never been so glad to only be startled in my life,”  she said with a slight smile.  “But please, don’t do that to me ever again.  I’m not sure my heart can take it.”

"So that’s another thing that I can add to what I learned about you tonight.  You are both amazingly creative, but that creativity is matched by an equal amount of craziness.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.  And,” she said turning back toward the bed which hid the torpedo. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to sleep here knowing that you had what was once an explosive ordinance underneath it.”  She laughed wrapping her blue fingers around the pale back. “I know it means we would have ta get dressed, but why don’t we head back to my quarters?  Maybe we can catch a little shut-eye before we have to head to duty tomorrow.”  She paused - not uncertain of herself, but not still getting to know the other woman. “Only if you want to,  No pressure.”
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
While the kiss lingered on her lips, which she enjoyed immensely – more so for the fact that Kino could feel Reika’s relief in the way her body pressed against hers and relaxed – the non-com couldn’t fully shake the worry from her face. The Andorian’s words and tone seemed light-hearted, but the Trill still winced self-consciously, as Kino realized how insane her hobby appeared to someone unused to toying with such devices.

Note to self: no EOD shit next time.

Her brow creased a bit as she moved to stand in front of Reika, cradling the Andorian’s face. “Of course I want to,” Kino whispered, “we can go wherever you want,” the Trill lifted a shoulder, and offered a small smile. “Just…please, trust me – it’s harmless. I may be crazy, but not that crazy,” Kino snorted, letting her thumbs trace small circles across azure cheeks.

“So, clothes then,” her head tilted with a grin, then planted a quick peck on Reika’s impossibly kissable lips before pulling away and turning her toward the small wardrobe. “I don’t have much, but your welcome to whatever you want,” Kino smiled with a nod, “or there’s a robe around here somewhere if you want to use the replicator out in the common room,” she added with a lift of her chin to the door before a tap of her fingers opened the closet.

“Peruse at your leisure,” Kino gestured with a chuckle, then headed back toward the bunk to seal up the mock torpedo and set EDDI back on the footlocker where he belonged. Her nose wrinkled at the slow leak of jelly oozing from the ‘fuel cell’ before closing the access panel with a click. “Meh, I’ll clean you up later,” she grumbled, then turned where she knelt to look over her spotted shoulder at Reika’s gorgeous blue body.

Kino grinned at her. “I could really get used to this view, Legs,” she bit her lip with a nod. “See anything you like?” A shiver ran through her then, skin pebbled in the cool air. Yowza, Kino frowned with a downward glance at her nipples, the stood and cupped herself with an amused grimace. “I’m guessing your place will be chilly, so sweats for me,” she laughed, walking up to Reika’s side to procure an old faded set and fresh undies; pointing out what items were in each drawer for the Andorian as she did so. Everything was rolled tight, perfectly stored and ordered; even her socks.

“I’m a bit of a neat freak,” Kino shrugged, after pulling on a set of simple grey standard issue panties. “Well, with clothes anyway; everything in its place, dress right dress. Old habits, you know,” the Trill rolled her eyes at herself, then nodded to the robe that hung on the rack and gestured to it. “Could always just rock that,” her brows wiggled – it would probably only barely cover Reika’s ass, with those long limbs of hers. “Break a few necks on the way to your place,” Kino teased with a chuckle at her grilfriend’s expression.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

The entire situation had - if she was honest - more than startled her, but feeling Kino’s hands on her face and listening to the melodious tones of her voice after the scare did a lot to calm her spirits. 

“Just…please, trust me - it’s harmless.  I may be crazy, but not that crazy,” Kino said caressing Reika’s cheeks.

Tilting her head slightly to the left into one of Kino’s hands, Reika whispered.  “You don’t need to worry.  I’m not going anywhere because of this.  It just….caught me off guard.  And from here on out, forewarned is forearmed.  It’s all good Spots.”

The Andorian could see little pieces of evidence of the Trill’s relief - less of a line across her forehead, less of a squint to her eyes, more of a relaxed touch as she continued to draw tender circles on her cheeks.  And that more relaxed nature showed even more in her chipper, “So clothes then.”

And then there was the kiss - just a quick taste of her tantalizing lips.  Any kiss with Kino was something that Reika would never tire of - the tender touch of their lips or the mingling of their mouths.  Even the thought sent a chill down her spine - the real thing, however, did something more.

As Kino opened her closet for Reika to look around in, she cast her a wink and started looking for something to wear back to her quarters.  The problem, as Reika saw it, was that everything Kino had would be short and slightly baggy on the Andorian.  Blue fingers pushed through hanger after hanger before settling on a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a t-shirt that made her smirk.

But before she could turn around, she heard, “I could get really used to this view, Legs.”

Reika swayed her blue backside several times before looking provocatively over her shoulder and batting her lashes as the Trill asked “See anything you like?”

The Andorian turned around clasping a t-shirt that she had taken off of the hanger.  “Yes, I have.  Like it?” she asked and she held the shirt up over her chest.  It read, “I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.”  She grinned at her girlfriend chuckling.  “It’s perfect.  Dontcha think?”

“I’m guessing your place will be chilly, so sweats for me,” Kino said.

Reika’s lower lip came out in a pouty face.  “But you’re really sexy when you’re cold.”  Her voice was a mock whine as she reached out with her forefinger and traced a circle around the pale pink areola before tweaking Kino’s nipple, "but since you must,” she grinned and dropped her chosen shorts on the bed as she began to lift the t-shirt to don it, but as Kino mentioned her preference when it came to neatness, she paused to listen.

“And I would much prefer a neatnik.  As you’ll see when we get to my quarters, you’re not alone in that.  Lived in?  Yeah.  Decorated?  Sure. Fine.  But someone who is just a slob and never picked up after themselves would drive me nuts.  So I’m all for keeping things well-organized and in their place.” As she spoke, blue arms pulled the t-shirt over her head and lifted her long-white hair out from under the neckline before she shook her locks to help them cascade over her shoulders.  And as she put the shorts on, she had to laugh.  She wasn’t just longer than Kino when it came to legs.  Her torso was also elongated compared to the Trill’s so the shorts that she grabbed both sat low on her hips, showing her butt crack, but also hugged the bottom of her butt cheeks.  “Hmmm,” she mused. “It doesn’t leave much for the imagination, does it?” she asked craning her head around trying to see if it was as bad as it felt when she compared where the air seemed to be hitting and what parts of her it didn’t seem to be circulating around.

“Too much?” she asked.  “Or, really, in this case too little?”

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Reika’s question had Kino biting her lip with a smile, the Trill’s head tilting side-to-side as her nose scrunched up playfully. “Is this a trick question,” she whispered teasingly, as she draped the bra she was about to put on over a shoulder and placed her hands on the Andorian’s hips, turning her this way and that. Not that she needed to, mind – but still, thoroughness was important in these matters – so she took the time to enjoy the “inspection”, rotating Reika around. “Not sure why you have to be so damned irresistible all the time,” the Trill smirked. “Quite distracting you know.”

Kino’s features smoothed in mock seriousness as she closed all distance between them, holding Reika close from behind, her chin rested on a blue shoulder. “On one hand, you and I both know you’re stunning, regardless. My official report will note a preference for no clothes, however,” she whispered into Reika’s ear.

A squeeze, followed by a hummed suckle to the Andorian’s azure earlobe followed.

“Hm. However, on the other hand,” Kino spun her about until their noses touched, lips brushed against lips. “I might get a little protective, because I know you’ll grab some looks, flashing those legs about with that strut of yours. I might have to crack a few skulls after you break their necks,” she grinned, entirely joking, but equally honest at the same time. “Risky business,” Kino nodded, pressing her body tighter against Reika’s, her lips briefly capturing a blue one in a teasing embrace. “One of my favorite shirts, by the way, but it looks better on you,” Kino muttered, then captured Reika’s other lip. She honestly couldn’t remember where she got it at the moment, understandably distracted as she was – but that hardly mattered; there were far more important issues to focus on. Kino hummed again, as her lips continued to do precisely that.
All joking aside, if they were going to leave, Kino knew they better get to it – before she ended up peeling the Andorian out of her clothes again.

Decisions, decisions…

When she finally relented, giving them both room for air, the Trill licked the taste of her girlfriend from her lips with a grin. “Short answer – yes,” Kino grinned again. “We can always use the replicator outside honey,” Kino threw a thumb over her shoulder, “But if you’re not worried about it, I’m not. Besides,” her head tilted a bit more to the side with a smirk. “People have run amok on this boat before wearing far less. Now,” she swooped in to kiss Reika’s neck with a loud smooch, as she pulled the bra off her shoulder. “if your finished distracting me – I’m gonna get dressed, before you end up un-dressed,” the Trill chuckled. Once the bra was fastened in place, she rotated the clips to her back and slipped her arms in the straps to pull the cups up and adjust them accordingly.

“Where’d you say your quarters were,” Kino asked, tilting her head. “Could always ask Thea to just beam us there,” she suggested with a half-shrug, then shimmied into a pair of loose sweatpants, rolling the elastic band down over her hips.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02] | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Instead of craning her head over her shoulder to check out the degree to which her backside would be exposed to those in the corridors as they headed to her quarters, her eyes were drawn to the slightly shorter Trill who seemed to be enjoying the view before drawing close to settle her hands on blue hips. Reika stifled a giggle at Kino’s turning of the Andorian’s body this way and that as if she was trying to determine if she were going to protest at others getting such an intimate look at certain parts of her girlfriend. 

Every time Kino turned her all the way around, she reached out with her lips to give the pale cheek or nose or lips a kiss - whatever she could reach depending on how much time Kino lingered regarding her outfit.

Then the Trill stopped turning Reika when she was facing away from her, but the pale chin topped Reika’s shoulder “On one hand, you and I both know you’re stunning regardless.  My official report will note a preference for no clothes, however.”  And then she felt a suckling pull at her earlobe which sent a happy chill down her spine.

Once Kino released her ear, Reika chuckled out loud and turning her head, gave her girlfriend a soft kiss before pulling back to say, “Well, when we get back to my quarters, you’re welcome to take them off again.  I won’t complain.”

Kino turned her around once again, this time so the two were facing each other.  And another kiss.  She would never tire of kissing and being kissed by the creamy, spotted-skinned woman.  She whispered on a soft exhale.  “I love the taste of your lips.”  But Kino had something else to say, and Reika understood both the levity and seriousness of her words when she talked about others gawking at the Andorian’s long legs. 

“So we compromise.  I’ll wear this,” she gestured to the shorts, “but every time someone’s head turns, I get to kiss you in front of them, so they know that their attention is misdirected,” Reika said with a grin while biting her tongue between her teeth. 

Feeling rather antsy to get back to her quarters and to strip the Trill down again, so they could snuggle in bed naked together….and maybe enjoy each other bodies some more, she really didn’t feel like changing out of the shorts.  They would be off quickly enough again anyway - even if it was just to sleep.

“Nope, not worried about it since it just means I get ta kiss ya more,” she quipped. “Ya know, I wonder if the longer the Theurgy is on its own the more casual and cavalier people get with the rules of conduct or propriety.”  Then she realized that even the two of them had crossed the lines of conduct, Reika being an officer and Kino being a non-com.  And she just didn’t care.  Maybe if they had actually been a part of the fleet it would have been different.  Which mean that the Andorian was very glad that they weren’t a part of the fleet anymore.  She regarded the woman next to her.  She knew it wasn’t even 24 hours since they met, but Reika couldn’t imagine giving the Trill up - even if it meant some kind of disciplinary action. 

As she had thought when she and Hirek had shared an evening days before, Reika knew that she needed someone at her side and someone who she could walk along with.  There was no doubt that that woman was Kino.  A smile graced her lips unbidden as she thought about how different the Trill was from her old boyfriend.  If they had sex they would usually share a night at together at one of their quarters, but Kino was different….yes it was about sex, but it wasn’t all about sex….or at least it wouldn’t always be.  It was about a deep connection, about sharing and being shared.  Oh, yes, she was so different from Barak.

But Kino’s words broke into her reverie.  “Before you end up un-dressed…” 

“Soon enough.  And besides, it’s not my fault that you’re so easily distracted.  You mean like by something like this?” Reika raised her shirt and flashed her breasts at Kino.  She wasn’t going to wear a bra back to her quarters.  Then the Andorian leaned against the closet door grinning from ear to ear.  Then she crossed her arms over her chest, and watched - with a note of regret - as Kino covered up her scrumptious curves and spots.  “Ya know, one of these days, I’m actually going to count each of your spots and kiss each one as I count,” Reika winked.

“My quarters are Vector 3, Deck 12, room 35s.  Passcode is 384955.  You’re welcome anytime.  I’ll never say no to finding you lounging on my couch waiting for me…clothing optional of course.”

Seeing Kino put the finishing touch on by rolling the waistband over and down onto her hips, Reika stretched out her hand to twine her fingers with the Trill’s.  “Ready to go turn some heads and start the rumor mill going?”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Personal Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Oh, the ‘fun police’ still exist – trust me. Skipper lets some things slide, but not as much as you think,” Kino chuckled at Reika's musing. “You'd be surprised some of the shit people try to pull around here – especially those nuts from the fighter bay,” her silvered head shook, as she plucked a pair of socks from the drawer and leaned against the wall.

The Andorian’s wistful goal to ‘count and kiss her spots’ made the Trill freeze in place with a stupid, loving grin. “Honey, even I don’t know how many there are,” she laughed. “But, I sure as hell won’t stop you from trying.”

Kino blinked then, still trying to work her foot into sock – but her mind was rendered momentarily non-functional by the sight of two beautifully perky blue orbs and the follow up numerical assault. Her brow creased in effort, grinning like an idiot, while she tried to force the gears in her head to turn. For some reason (namely Reika and how crazy she was about her) Kino just couldn’t compute at all just then. “You’re gonna have to message that to me hon – can’t brain right now,” the Trill laughed and finished pulling her socks on, then took the Andorian's hand in hers. “Almost,” she kissed Reika’s fingers. “Lemme grab a bag, real quick, so I can head to my shift in the morning. Two secs – promise,” she winked.

The bag was an black and grey pack near the bathroom, which Kino scooped up on her way in and stuffed a few essentials inside. A duty uniform and shoes followed, along with a black beanie – that was required for sleep; her ocular implant was irritatingly slight sensitive, so she’d learned that sleeping came easier with it covered. With her stuff packed, Kino threw the bag on the bed and pulled on a zip-up hoodie, black with a faded skull on the back. “And, ready,” Kino beamed, slipping her feet into a pair of oversized, fuzzy red slippers.

“I see you eyein’ em,” Kino giggled at Reika’s expression as she lifted a foot and wiggled the slipper about. “Fuzzy,” her nose crinkled up with another grin, then tilted her head at Reika. “I’ll get ya a set if you want. I got these on Earth, but should be able to pull some strings,” the Trill lifted a shoulder, then slung the bag on the other. “Shall we?”

[Corridor to turbolift]

She walked out into the hall beyond the common room directly into a wall. The wall had a name and a face, which Kino recognized as her roommate - PO1 Danny Reeds. The huge, muscled, FAB wrench-jockey grunted as Kino’s head and body bounced into his.

“Dammit, Kino, what the fu–“

“Shit! Reeds! Ow,” Kino groaned, shoving him out of the way another inch.

“Hey, you ran into me,” the big man’s dark features split into a grin, then glanced over Kino’s head. “Oh shit, my bad,” his warm brown eyes widened as he smiled at Reika, hands raised in a gesture of apology. “Uh, I can come back,” he murmured to Kino with a knowing smirk.

“We were trying to leave, Dee,” Kino chuckled, rubbing her head as she stepped around him to make room for Reika. “Reika Sh’laan, meet Danny Reeds, fighter mechanic extraordinaire and living rock formation,” the Trill gestured from Andorian to Human.

“Ms. Sh’laan, aren’t you lovely! Quite a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Reeds rumbled with a smile, as he too stepped aside to clear the way for the Andorian – making eye contact with Kino as Reika passed. Daaamn, he mouthed at the Trill silently in obvious approval. Kino nodded rapidly, grinning, then felt her face pulled to the side, and blue lips crashed into hers.

“Oh – oh shit,” Reeds brows rose, as he leaned a bulky shoulder against the corridor – watching them for a second before both hands rose up in a ‘OK’ signal. “Loud and clear ladies,” the big man chuckled deeply. “Loud and clear.”

Kino broke the kiss with her laughter and tossed him a two fingered salute. “Later Dee – don’t wait up.”

Reeds barked a gunshot laugh, returning the gesture. “Man, I’m tired – so I wont,” he shook his head as the pair walked off, giggling as they went. “Take care of my girl Kino, Ms. Sh’laan,” he called after them, still chuckling as he watched them go.

Kino laughed with a wave over her shoulder. “Way ahead of ya Dee. Nite,” she called back, as they made their way to the turbolift. “You know,” Kino wrapped her arm around Reika’s waist as they walked, “this is gonna spread like wildfire now, and I love it. Speaking of which – what rumors have you heard? The Gorn one's my favorite."

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | Corridor to Turbolift | USS Theurgy @Dumedion

Reika watched Kino as she went to get and pack her bag.  It was hard to believe that she had only just met the Trill, so she really didn’t have much to base things off of, but the shorter woman looked happy.  No, not just happy, but glowingly delighted - almost jubilant, and as she stood there still leaning slightly against the wall, her eyes misted slightly.  Hirek had told her that he preferred to remain aloof, and Reika, while delighted to bring him pleasure that night knew that she wanted more - needed more.  She needed someone who wanted to go to sleep beside her and to wake up next to her.  Someone who wanted to share themselves totally with her, and that woman was moving through these quarters with a determined step, gathering necessary things in order to go to sleep beside her and to wake up next to her.

Kino was happy.  Reika was deeply content - not just because Kino was exactly what she was hoping for, but even more because Reika seemed to be what Kino wanted to needed to find happiness as well.  That one fact resonated so deeply in her soul….and produced more satisfaction in the short time the women had known each other than she had felt the whole time she had been with Barak on the Mustang.

“And Ready,” Kino beamed - even more evidence to Reika’s heart that the two women were meant to be, and then she slipped her feet into a pair of red fuzzy slippers.

“What are those?” Reika asked as Kino wiggled the red-clad foot around. 

“Fuzzy.  I’ll get ya a set if you want.  I got these on Earth, but should be able to pull some strings."

“Um….yeah,” Reika said.  “We don’t have anything quite like that back on Andor."

It was a short walk through the rest of the quarters and through to the door to the corridor.  Kino started and stopped suddenly as she hit a tall black man staight on.  The interchange between the shorter Trill and the taller human left Reika grinning in amusement. 

“Reika Sh’laan, meet Danny Reeds, fighter mechanic extraordinaire and living rock formation.”

Reika extended her hand to the human, she would likely see more of in the coming weeks and months, but once Danny grasped her hand in a firm handshake, the mechanic started eyeing Reika, true to her promise to Kino, she took the trill’s face in both of her hands and turned the silvered head to give her a passionate kiss in front of her roomate.

Even when Reika heard. “Loud and clear ladies, loud and clear,” Reika didn’t stop kissing the Trill.  The Andorian wanted them both to know her heart and eyes were only for the Trill.

“Take care of my girl Kino, Ms. Sh’laan.” Dee said as he entered his quarters.

“It’s Reika,” the Andorian grinned.  “And don’t worry.  I’ll do my best.”

“Way ahead of ya, Dee.  Nite,” the Trill said as she wrapped her arm around Reika’s waist.  “Ya know, this is gonna spread like wildfire now, and I love it.” 

Reika laughed contentedly. 

It was only moments later when the two women were walking down the corridor and they heard the door to Kino’s shared quarters slide shut.

“Speaking of which - what rumors have you heard?  The Gorn one’s my favorite.”

“Gorn one….gorn one…Oh…That Sithick is a cannibal?” Reika said, turning her head toward Kino as the duo rounded a corner.  “That one gives me the heebie jeebies if I’m honest.”  As they continued down the next corridor, Reika thought over the various rumors she heard both before and since she had been frozen.  "How about that the parasites are sexually transmitted.  I highly doubt that’s true, but it’s both terrifying and hilarious to think about, huh?”

But as they reached the turbolift and stopped, someone walked into Reika’s back - someone whose eyes were obviously fixated on a point other than where he was going.  “Oh, sorry,” the gruff voice of a guy wearing Science blue/green said as he scooted around the couple doing a double-take back at the pair, at which time, Reika turned her back on the guy and pulled Kino into another passionate kiss, her hands snaking their way around her girlfriend and down to grasp her ass - not caring who watched them, but as the kiss lingered, a group got off of the turbolift, but Reika was determined not to move and made the gaggle of people move out around the two of them.  “Get a room!” one of them called.  “That’s Kino,” she heard another one say.   Someone else said, “Who’s that Andorian?”  Only eager to get back to her quarters and not to lose the lift, Reika stuck her leg out to trigger the door to remain open and finally came up for air.  “That’s where we’re headed to,” Reika called after the group.  “To get a room.”  Then turning to Kino, she said, “Not my fault your lips are so kissable,” and used used her fingertips to wipe her lips, while she pulled Kino inside with her. 

“Vector 3, deck 12, section 3,” she said to the lift. 

 Reika leaned against the wall of the lift and pulled Kino against her once again wrapping her lanky arms around the Trill.  “You do realize we’ll be famous - or infamous - by the time we make it back to my quarters, right?”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Near Turbolift | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Kino stifled a laugh at Reika’s ‘rumor’. “Yeah, like we need that kind of trouble too – good night,” she shook her head with a grin. Hell – Nicander's pet iguana could do enough damage on its own, the Trill grimaced quickly, as an image of the Doctor’s massively limp member flashed in her mind. Fuck that. Fuck all that, she chuckled quietly as they strolled up to the lift doors.

The couple had only waited a second before Kino felt Reika jostled; the Trill’s attention snapped to the idiot that ran into her, who offered only a muttered apology. Dark brows furrowed as recognition dawned – it was the same ass-hat science dweeb that had ran into Kino days ago, right before she’d met Azrin for the first time. “You – mmmmmph,” the non-com’s derogatory expletive was interrupted as Reika pounced; only dimly aware of the comments from the peanut gallery that passed around them. She looked drunk by the time Reika’s lips parted her own with an audible smooch, and stifled a chuckle as she attempted to smooth out her ruffled silver hair. “Well then,” Kino cleared her throat comically with a lazy grin. “My goodness.”

Her lover’s teasing only widened Kino’s grin as she shrugged innocently. “Never hear me compl – ooh,” the Trill laughed as she was yanked into the lift by her hoodie, then found herself wrapped up in beautiful blue, biting her lip up at the mischievous twinkle in Reika’s stunning azure orbs. Kino knew with every fiber of her body there was absolutely no where else she’d rather be, hopelessly fallen head-and-ass for her.

Reika’s suggestion of the likely rumors bound to fly about them prompted a snort of amusement. “I see that as complete win,” Kino smirked with a half-shrug, then chortled as a thought occurred. “Matter of fact,” she laughed as she pulled Reika tighter against her, so she could whisper above the hum of the lift. “You wanna have some fun, mess with some people?” Kino’s brows bounced as she grinned mischievously.

“Humans have a term called a ‘fire drill’ – ever heard of it,” she asked in a conspiratorial tone, then laughed at Reika’s expression and told her how it worked.

[A few minutes later, Deck 22 | Vector 3]

The lift opened to reveal Kino wearing Reika’s clothes, and the Andorian clad in Kino’s with a beanie lowered just above her eyes, with the Trill leaning her shoulder against Reika’s side. Two crewman exchanged awkward glances with each other, then entered without a sound, as the two did their best to keep from laughing out loud.

[Another few minutes, Deck 09 | Vector 1]

Kino stood with her arms folded, wearing her sweats again, with the hood up and a big pair of mirrored aviator glasses, while Reika seemed to be stretching her long limbs out, once again clad in Kino’s short-shorts and t-shirt. Her head tossed up just as the lift opened, platinum hair flung into the air with an exaggerated sigh. “Wussup,” Kino greeted a gold collared rating with a deep, masculine tone. The man cocked his head in confusion, blinking at them. The Andorian burst out laughing, as the lift doors closed before he even moved a muscle.

[Yet another few minutes later, Deck 20 | Vector 3]

The lift opened to reveal the pair, half-dressed and giggling as they scrambled to finish pulling on their shorts and sweats, but laughing too hysterically to manage. Limbs were entangled as the pair jostled against one another, each one trying to pull on the same hoodie. “Oh fuck, busted,” Kino roared in laughter at the crowd of four serious-looking onlookers waiting to board. They all shared the same wide-eyed, shocked expression. One was a red collared Lieutenant, who just rolled his eyes.

“Uh, we’ll take the next one,” he muttered to the others, as the doors closed, cutting off the view and giggles.

When she finally caught her breath, Kino leaned her shoulder against the lift and turned to Reika, her lips and cheeks hurting from laughing, but unable to stop grinning. “That’ll get em talkin for sure, baby,” she winked at the Andorian with a chuckle. “Wanna go again, or ya ready for bed?”

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Decks 20 and 12 | Vector 03 | Turbolift, Corridor on deck 12, Reika's Quarters | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

[color=gold“You wanna have some fun, mess with some people?”[/color]

Reika leaned into the pale arms.  “Of course I do, as long as it’s with you, I’m always up for some good-natured fun."

“Humans have a term called a ‘fire drill.’  Ever heard of it?”

Reika tilted her head.  The only fire drill that she had experienced was at the Academy in the dorms.  “I know of a fire drill, but I’m not sure what you’re talking about?”

Once she heard the explanation, she smacked Kino on the backside and giggled as she started stripping off in the turbolift.

About ten minutes later, Reika had one leg through the leg hole in Kino’s shorts, she was just lifting her other leg to slip into the second leg hole when the doors opened once again.  She heard Kino say, “Oh fuck, busted.”

Reika blinked, one foot in the air.  Her head raised slowly, though she kept perfect balance.  She didn’t have to think.  She knew that everything below her navel was exposed, except a small swath of skin on her right leg.  She grinned, trying to look innocent, and quickly slipped her second leg into the shorts.  Even when they were pulled up, they didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination.  “Uh…sorry,” she chuckled uncertainly.

“Uh, we’ll take the next one,” he said as the doors started to close. 

Unsure what came over her, when the doors were about halfway closed, Reika called out, “You sure?  We could swap clothes with you on the next go-round."  She saw the Lieutenant’s face snap around and his jaw opened without any audible noise escaping it before the doors closed between them. 

Reika wrapped her arms around Kino’s neck and all out belly laughed until the doors opened once again on Vector 3, Deck 12, but when the level was announced, she unwrapped herself from the Trill, but grabbing her hand, she pulled the slightly shorter woman out of the turbolift with her, but stopped once they were outside.  She turned to face Kino and tenderly brushed her silver hair away from her forehead.  “I haven’t laughed that long in…” Reika’s voice trailed off as she tried to ascertain how long it had been - maybe all the way back to the Academy.  “Too long.  If this is what the start of our relationship is like, I can only imagine how amazing the rest is gonna be, gorgeous.  Thank you.” 

Reika stood there in silence for a moment memorizing Kino’s face, the few miniscule laugh lines she had around her eyes, the dimple of her cheek.  She had been uncertain of her relationship with Barak for most of it, so for her to be so incredibly certain of this brand new relationship with the Trill.  But as a group of people exiting the Turbolift just behind them broke her reverie, she laced her fingers between the pale ones.  “My quarters are just down this way,” she said leading the way.

Twenty seconds later, they stood in front of a nondescript door - just like every other senior officer’s door on the Theurgy“It’s still a little spartan,” Reika warned as she input her code, saying it only loud enough for Kino to hear, “384955,”  But I’m happy to write it in permanent marker somewhere where only you can see it, and that likely with mirror,” she laughed.  This time it was a light yet mischievous laugh.  Once they stepped inside, Reika said, “Welcome Home, Gorgeous.”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Turbolift near Reika's Quarters, Deck 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
In the brief moment after the lift door closed, once their laughter subsided, the couple seemed to study each other after Reika’s comments. Kino’s lips curled up at the Andorian, the Trill’s face softened in understanding as blue fingers gently combed silver strands from her forehead; it was a tender moment, filled with the same surprising gentleness that Reika seemed to wield with uncanny ease. The Andorian’s eyes and antenna, ever emotive, seemed fit to burst with a happy contentedness that melted the Trill’s heart. Kino couldn’t help but blink in wonder at her; it was only the beginning, yet everything seemed so effortless, so...right. The non-com had opened her mouth to reply, but then found herself pulled along by the hand towards Reika’s quarters; a chuckle bubbled up from her throat as she stretched her stride out to keep pace.

Once they reached her door, Kino tilted her head at the Andorian’s teasing with a grin. “Hey, I can remember stuff just fine when I’m not distracted, thank-you-very-much,” her nose wrinkled up playfully, but knew that she was going to have to type it all out in a message to herself as soon as she could anyway. It was a lot of new numbers to memorize, and Kino had plenty of stuff packed into her brain-meat already.

When the door opened, Kino felt a wave of chilly air roll over her that was not altogether unexpected; what was, even after Reika’s warning, was how empty the room was. The Trill felt her brows crease together almost instantly as she stepped into the main sitting area, even as she smiled at Reika’s welcome. The place looked as if she had barely lived in it for more than a few hours. Two totes sat stacked upon each other next to the door leading to the bedroom – no doubt still packed with the bulk of the Andorian’s personal effects. Kino’s looked around as she dropped the bag from her shoulder on the couch near the star-filled viewport, then offered Reika a knowing, gentle smile. "R.H.I.P.," she hummed as she shook her head at her own amusement, but that faded as she remembered how it felt to be so recently thawed from stasis.

“You haven’t had much time to settle in," Kino gestured to the space. “I know how that goes,” she nodded in sympathy, as she rubbed her hands together for warmth. “I’d be happy to help you with that of course,” the Trill smiled, as she returned to the Andorian’s side, “if you like. If not, that’s okay too,” she lifted a shoulder, as her eyes glanced over the single poster on the wall – depicting a large, lupine beast of some kind, prowling on a frozen background. Kino lifted her chin at it, as her arms wrapped around Reika’s waist. “Is that from home,” she asked, a dark brow raised in appreciation. “I’ve never seen anything look quite so beautiful and dangerous at the same time,” the Trill blinked, then looked back into the Andorian’s icy blues with a smirk. “Oh wait, yes I have,” she smiled, then grinned at Reika’s expression.

“So, is there a story there," her silver head tilted to the poster, but her eyes held Reika's beautiful blues.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Decks 20 and 12 | Vector 03 |  Reika's Quarters | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika took a second to process the “R.H.I.P” comment, but then smiled.  She turned to face Kino and laced both of her hands with the Trill’s, and pulling the Trill’s hands around her own back, their bodies pressed together.  “Maybe, but it’s not the view of the stars that makes a home, ya know.  It’s who you get to share the view with.”

When Kino’s tender and tentative answer was, “You haven’t had much time to settle in.  I know how that goes.  I’d be happy to help you with that.”

“Computer, raise ambient temperature by 5 degrees Celsius,” Reika said, her eyes turned upward almost as if ‘Thea’ would burst out of the ceiling at any moment.  But her eyes swept back over Kino’s light blues - almost the color of Andor’s oceans.  And the color reminded her of home in more ways than one.  But the suggestion that the Trill made couldn’t have made her more happy.  Getting to share in the experience of setting up her new quarters with Kino’s help - knowing that her girlfriend had a hand in how the space was decorated and how it turned out couldn’t have thrilled her more.  “I’d love it if you helped me.  What I don’t have that we’d like, we can replicate.” 

Kino picked up on the one thing on the wall. “Is that from home?”

Reika craning her head around to look at the drawing done with watercolor pencils, even though she knew exactly what the Trill was referring to.  “Yea,” she said softly remembering exactly when she had shot the picture of the beast and then when she had drawn it and then used her special watercolor brush to blend the pencil strokes.  It was one of her better drawings, and she loved the effect the watercolor brush had.  “It’s a tundra wolf.  They’re fairly prevalent on Andor, but there’s just something about them…and about this one in particular."

“I’ve never seen anything look quite so beautiful and dangerous at the same time.”  Kino’s eyes traveled from the picture back to her girlfriend.  “Oh wait.  Yes, I have,” she smirked.

Reika smiled an embarrassed smile and surprisingly blushed just enough for her face to grow a lilac undertone.  She tipped her chin away and closed her eyes for that moment trying to regain her composure.

“So is there a story there?”  Kino asked after a moment.

“There is,” Reika said softly.  “Among some of the older Andorian traditionalists like my Shreva- just a small part of the general population - there’s a rite of passage that’s practiced amongst Andorians when they come of age - when they turn 13,” Reika explained. “It’s called the far’is’relle.  It’s a three-day, 100 km trek that’s taken over the tundra on Andor.  You battle the elements and whatever else is out there - including these deadly creatures.”  The blue-skinned woman clasped her hands around Kino’s back and leaned slightly away from her to better watch her expressions.   “I became well acquainted with them during mine, but I found them so fascinating that I went back not long before I left for the Academy and took some holoimages of them.  This picture is based on one of those images.  I used watercolor pencils and then a special watercolor brush to blend the colors together.  I’ve got a couple more framed ones in the totes along with several sketchbooks, but this was on top when I was looking for something else, so I decided to hang it up instead of putting it back in the tote.”

And suddenly, she was ready to be unpacked.  It was interesting how all it took for her to embrace the reality, brevity, and gravity of this time was to have someone to share it with.  No more putting off living life because she was no longer alone.  Her tone dropped to almost a whisper as she leaned back in slightly and ran the back of her hand aside Kino’s pale face.  “But if you’re willing to help me, I’m ready to unpack and not just call tis place home, but to think of it as home as well.”

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Nodding at Reika’s tale, and her subdued addition, Kino’s brows knitted slightly as concern hardened her features. Both hands rose to cup the Andorian’s face in a gentle hold, as the Trill tilted her head. “I offered to help, didn’t I,” Kino whispered with a small smile. “I’m here – I got hands and legs,” she grinned, nodding, trying to lighten the mood. “Two heads is still better than one, yeah,” her head tilted the other way with a laugh. “So yeah, babe, lets get you squared away,” Kino winked, then stole a kiss as she playfully swatted the Andorian’s ass.

A quick retreat followed, back to the totes with a grin.

“So – you paint,” Kino stated as she opened the top crate, turning to look back at Reika. “And your good at it,” she nodded to the tundra wolf. “That’s awesome. Oh, here,” the Trill grabbed the top tote and moved it over to the couch, so Reika could access the bottom one. “Uh, you want me to just call out stuff, and you tell me where you want it, d’you wanna do this,” she asked with a chuckle. “Last person I helped unpack was kinda...all over the place,” Kino grimaced briefly, but then smirked, thinking of Azrin as she did a quick inventory of what she could see within. “Red had waaay more stuff though, so this should be a snap in comparison.”

“This one looks like more paintings, some PADDs, art supplies, and clothes,” the non-com counted off on the fingers of one hand, as the other plucked a tablet carefully from the box. Her eyes widened and brows rose to her hairline as she read off the list of sultry romance novels within. Lieutenant,” Kino gasped with a grin, “good night, quite a scandalous collection you got here,” she teased, brows wiggling at the Andorian with a chuckle, then blew her a kiss with a wink.

Kino smirked at her reaction, then glanced around. “Okay, you got two shelves in here and a bunch of space under the couch, and the sill on that ridiculously large view-port just begging to be filled with nick-knacks, and if memory serves, you should have more storage under the bed,” the Trill’s nose scrunched up as her voice dropped to a whisper. “Better not have a torpedo in there, or I’m gonna start asking security-type questions,” she bit her lip playfully then, arching a brow. “Cuffs’ll come out, too.”

A chuckle followed at Reika’s reaction, to which the Trill just shrugged innocently. “Hey – just doin’ my job,” she held her hands up with a grin.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Kino's Quarters | Decks 20 and 12 | Vector 03 |  Reika's Quarters | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika smiled at Kino as the kiss broke, and when Kino smacked her backside, she squealed gleefully in surprise. 

“Actually I don’t paint…usually,” Reika’s mind went very briefly to the art exhibition a couple of days before. “That,” she nodded toward the picture on the wall, "is actually a drawing with special watercolor pencils that I blur with a special brush."

“Red?  Who’s Red?” Reika asked as she headed over to the opposite tote than Kino had taken up residence at, and she crouched down beside it to start going over it. Unlatching the lid, the Andorian extricated it and set it aside.  Afterward, she reached inside and lifted one of her blades - her flabjellah - off the top of the tote, but as she did Kino’s teasing voice, “Lieutenant,” she gasped and then laughed at girlfriend with her eyes. 

Reika’s head craned around and her eyes met Kino’s. “Quite a scandalous collection you’ve got here,” which prompted Reika’s bark of laughter.  “Well, ya know,” she chuckled, “anytime you want to role play any of them, let me know.  I’m down.” Reika caught the tossed kiss and planted it on her lips. 

“Better not have a torpedo in there, or I’m gonna start asking security-type questions.  Cuff’ll come out too,” Kino said.

“Damn!” Reika said as she cocked her head.  “If I had known that, I would have found a way to smuggle one in.”  Her tongue pressed against her upper teeth as she grinned at the silver-haired woman standing over the other tote. 

As Reika adjusted the tote, something behind it shifted.  Her brows raised and she leaned over to see what was behind the receptacle.  It was her ‘painting’ of the naked Hirek.  She decided to leave it right where it was - behind the trunk. 

Deciding that she’d rather work in tandem with Kino than on the other tote, she stood and turned to head over.  Her foot accidentally shifted the tote further away from the wall.  “Okay, why don’t we just start working on that tote together?  Um…Painting supplies can go on the shelves in the bedroom.  Why don’t you do that, while I start setting out these sketches in the areas I want to hang them.”
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Oops, her mind chuckled at Reika’s correction – it looked like a painting, but Kino just shrugged a shoulder fractionally. Arts and crafts was never her thing, so to speak, but she hadn’t been trying to flatter Reika; she really was talented, and the tundra wolf was proof enough of that. Belatedly, the Trill’s brows knitted together, wondering how crazy that must have been for a teenager. She was out in the frozen wilds of Andor with those, while I was…

A blink and a shake of her head shook that line of thought away. “Red is Azrin honey – I’m sure you’ll run into her soon enough. Hard to forget, that one,” Kino answered, as her eyes returned to the PADD full of ludicrously cheesy romance titles: Arcadian Dreams, Risan Leather, Claws of Passion – Book I of the Caitian Dynasty Series...Kino’s brows rose at the last one with a chuckle, thinking of her comment about role play. “I dunno Legs, these sound a bit out of my comfort zone,” she grinned at the smiling Andorian as she passed with an arm full of art supplies. The Queen’s Conquest might be doable – I’ll have to read it first,” the Trill winked.

Upon entry into Reika’s bedroom, Kino set the PADD down first so she could read aloud as she placed the crafting items onto the shelf. It was the middle of a chapter of The Queen’s Conquest, apparently, where Reika had left off...

'Nepheton’s tempestuous storms rained upon their bodies in the firelight; the sounds of their gasps and moans muffled over the crack of lightning and rolling thunder. Fenri bared herself to him – her captor, her savior – in ways no noble-borne scion of the Gilded Throne ever should; especially not one such as she, affianced to the High King himself. Lothar held her wrists up above the drenched and matted ruination of her golden hair – taking everything he wanted – all that she, drowned in lust, willingly gave. His merciless passion left Fenri’s bare chest heaving, limbs and womanhood aching in need as they clenched onto and around his glistening, fire-lit body.'

“I am yours – I am yours,” the Queen’s quivering lips promised him, over and over, with every blissful thrust.

Holy fuck that’s just terrible, Kino stifled a chuckle as she set the last box into place, turning her mirthful features to Reika. “Okay, spill it – what's the story. No spoilers, but who is who? This a classic ‘the lady falls for the rugged kidnapper trope’,” the non-com grinned as she scooped the PADD up and headed back to the tote for more supplies. Her eyes caught sight of what appeared to be another painting though, right before her foot hit it. “Hm, must have fallen out…,” Kino muttered as she picked it up, then turned it over to look. “...of the other one,” she snorted, eyes wide and brows lifted as she grinned at Reika. “Private stash, huh,” she asked with a chuckle - wondering why the completely nude model looked so...greasy. "Want this one in the bedroom then," Kino's brows bounced teasingly.

Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[Lt Reika Sh'laan | Reika's Quarters | 12 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] @Dumedion

Reika watched as Kino’s lips mouthed the words of the different ‘adult’ book titles on the PADD she held her pale hand.  Reika watched with amusement as Kino’s eyes and mind processed the titles.  She really hadn’t had any intention of showing those off to Kino, but seeing her girlfriend get a kick out of it - not only didn’t she mind - she was rather enjoying it. 

“I dunno Legs, these sound a bit out of my comfort zone.  The Queen’s Conquest might be doable -- I’ll have to read it first.”

Kino’s wink brought a smile to Reika’s azure lips. 

As Kino carried an armful of things into her bedroom, Reika dove back into the tote.  She moved the pictures that were on top of the and set them around her main room where she wanted to hang them.  But the last one that she extracted was a holo pic of her family.  Unfortunately for her, Barak was also in the picture, but that’s not where her eyes lighted, her eyes looked very lovingly at her family.  She missed them - desperately.

But then she heard Kino’s voice read…”Nepheton’s tempestuous storms rained upon their bodies in the firelight; the sounds of their gasps and moans muffled over the crack of lightning and rolling thunder. Fenri bared herself to him – her captor, her savior – in ways no noble-borne scion of the Gilded Throne ever should; especially not one such as she, affianced to the High King himself. Lothar held her wrists up above the drenched and matted ruination of her golden hair – taking everything he wanted – all that she, drowned in lust, willingly gave. His merciless passion left Fenri’s bare chest heaving, limbs and womanhood aching in need as they clenched onto and around his glistening, fire-lit body.'

“I am yours – I am yours,” the Queen’s quivering lips promised him, over and over, with every blissful thrust.”

As she listened, she leaned against the wall in the living room, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.  Her shoulders bobbed up and down as her head shook back and forth and her lips curled up in a wide laughter-filled grin. 

When she heard Kino’s words, “Okay, spill it - what’s the story.  No spoilers, but who is who?  This is a classic ‘the lady falls for the rugged kidnapper trope,” Reika opened her eyes. 

And her head moved back and forth in slight movements. “Okay, the queen, Fenri, isn’t the queen yet.  She’s betrothed to the king making her queen aparant, but she doesn’t love the king.  A rival Kingdom tries to destroy the kingdom by kidnapping her before the wedding and, of course, Fenri falls for Lothar instead.  I won’t spoil the ending.  This is my ,” she paused in thought, “third time through it.”  But then laughing out loud.  “Hey don’t judge me,” she wrinkled her nose at the beautiful Trill.

But as Kino’s foot hit Reika’s other painting, Reika took in a breath of air.

“Private stash, huh?  Want this one in your bedroom?”

Reika rolled her eyes.  “There was a painting evening two nights ago, and this was what I painted that evening.  The model was nude, that’s all.”  Reika went back to the tote to grab the next armful of items, but stopped.  “Unless you want the painting for yourself?”  She chuckled as she watched for Kino’s reaction. 

The next handful of items were her bladed weapons.  Her flabjellah, gorjellah, and her Ushan Tor.  She saw no reason to pack them away.  She put them in a prominent place on one of the shelves in the main room and turned to Kino.  "Ever seen any Andorian bladed weapons before?"

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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Ha, no judgement here,” Kino smiled, tucking the PADD up under her arm. “One of my guys reads tentacle comics – the other is into super cheesy horror holos. Everyone has their thing, hon,” Kino added with a grin. “It sounds entertaining,” the corner of her lips pulled to the side as a brow raised. “Been awhile since I read anything other than reports.”

The mention of Reika’s ‘paint night’ prompted another lift of her brows in surprise. That's a first – who knew? Although, with everything going on, it shouldn’t have been that surprising. Well, minus the naked model, but then again…not surprising either, she smirked. With another nose wrinkled grin, Kino's eyes returned to the painting with a chuckle at Reika’s question. On one hand, she did want it just because it was something Reika had made, while on the other, Kino wasn’t sure if she really liked it or would enjoy seeing it every day. Never was into art much, the non-com chewed her lip in thought for a moment then shook her head with a shrug.

“I'd rather have one of you, or us,” Kino admitted with a tilt of her head, as her eyes followed the leggy Andorian’s movements with a smile. “There’s some nice locations on the ship we could use, or the holodeck,” the painting was set down with the others, as Reika passed to set up her blade collection on a shelf. Kino scooped up a pile of clothes from the tote, then tilted her head at the Andorian’s question, brows elevated in interest while examining them on the shelf with a subtle ‘ooh’.

She’d seen plenty of knives – nothing quite like these. Dark brows pinched together in confusion at first, as Kino wondered how they were supposed to be held and utilized properly, then remembered the bundle of clothes in her arms. She turned to set those on the bed quickly.

“Are these practical or ceremonial,” she asked with a gesture; to her eyes they all looked perfectly serviceable – if unwieldy; admittedly, Kino wasn’t that great with blades. A brow quirked at Reika, as Kino remembered their spar; if she handled them with the same grace and proficiency as her lovely blue body…damn.

“What about them,” she asked with a side-nod, as her eyes lingered on a group photo of four Andorians and a human. The more she looked, the more Kino recognized the obvious similarities; they were Reika’s family…there were dozens of pictures of them, spread across the room and the sitting room beyond. Not knowing how they are must be eating her up, Kino frowned at the thought, then turned to meet the Andorians eyes  – features softened as she took a blue hand in hers. “The resemblance is pretty obvious,” she nodded with a small smile. “I hope I get to meet them all someday.”

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