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Re: Day 32 [1300] Face to Face With the Past

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[Foval | losing himself | shouldn't have said that | your place, or a simulation?]

As they kissed, she was his universe.   Even in hi younger days he would have dismissed such observations as emotional hyperbole.    However, the wisdom of age and is ability to recongise a good thing told him otherwise.   The time he was spending with her was almost becoming addictive.      Though he was barely acquainted with the woman in who a short time earlier triggered fear and resentment, he was quite eager to get to know her better, weather it meant more conversation, or more of the previous activity, or the next progression from that.   He had some theories on what it could be, but nevertheless whatever it was, he was excited to see things play out.  
She was a force of nature a brilliant blazing star that he could navigate towards in an otherwise featureless void.   She was bringing him from the shell  

Zyrao was clearly thinking along the same lines as he was about the next steps of their interaction, as she suggested heading towards his quarters, hers or the holodeck.  

“My quarters are not yet quite a home.   And I can go for multiple hours without needing my regeneration equipment”   with a hint, a ghost of playfulness he added. “And I think sleeping will not rank highly on our agenda.”  

Part of him did want to see her quarters, see if he could find out more about her from her home as much as he could from conversation and intimacy,   However, he wanted this to be right for her too   He rose from his seat and held out his hand  

“I shall be honest Zyao, Vulcan does not resonate with me romantically, and the last place where I was part of an intimate relationship was a hut built from wreckage on a barely habitable Jungle world”   His heat sank for a second he had alluded to one of his personal secrets.   Maybe he could share it with her, but he didn’t want to share it here or now.   “So” he said quickly moving on.   “I think your quarters would be better, or a holodeck simulation of your choice   Whichever it is, I want to be… with you.”  

He put his hand on hers and rose from the table.   “So, where shall we do this?”  
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Re: Day 32 [1300] Face to Face With the Past

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[Zyrao Natauna | Climate Change | Taking Chances | Putting Oneself Out There | Paying Off]

Foval mentioned that his own Quarters was not quite set up.  Hers was, only because through Ravon's help she had moved what little she had left in her apartment on the surface of Aldea to her home here on the Theurgy.  Everything else that she held dear had exploded into space dust with the rest of the Hakkarl.  However, the thing she hated losing the most out of all of it was her one of a kind paper books in various collected languages, in which she could speak, and the tea.  Her precious tea and now she was having to start over from scratch.  Because she not replicate tea, that was tacky and it wasn't really tea it was just colored water.  Zyrao had spent a ridiculous amount of money on the surface of Aldea so that she could get herself set up with enough tea until they got to another planet where she could beg, barter, or work for more.  The tea that she had in her Quarters was from all over the galaxy and much of it was worth the prices paid in her mind.

He admitted that he didn't need his regen equipment just yet and she smirked softly not sure and learning the ropes with him every step of the way.  Of course she quite enjoyed all those little things and was looking forward to getting to know him more so in the future because he was worth knowing and she knew that now that they were together like this.  More so with every moment she realized that she would quite like to know more about him.

Then with a playful smile he mentioned that sleeping would not be high on the agenda causing her to chuckle.  “No, I do not think it will be.”

She preferred honesty, she hated sugar coated bull shit, and she hated people that told even the white lies because they weren't necessary.  Though, she herself was one to bend the truth to her will and to her means at times, she tried not to do it in a personal sense if possible. Personal relationships were supposed to be based on a foundation of trust, and trust was not without truth.  Foval confessed that Vulcan was the least romantic place that he could think of he would want to spend causing her another chuckle.  “I would agree, however, I didn't know if it would make you more comfortable.” she admitted with a single shrug of her shoulder.  He said something confusing about a hut in a jungle that she would have to touch on later to clarify.

“My Quarters it is.”

He got up and held his hand to her and she rose smoothly with practiced muscle that were well worn in over the years.  She was old, an old old soul, even if she didn't look like it.  They headed out of the lounge and the to the turbolift where they headed to her Corridor.  There they stepped out and she lead the way at a leisurely pace, Zyrao only moved with purpose and with expediancy when she was in battle, otherwise she took her time, she supposed that when you had been alive over two hundred years you found there was little reason to rush.

At her Quarters the doors opened and they stepped inside.  Everything was pristine.  The couch cushions were put 'just so' and plump as though they were hardly used.  The screen for viewing whatever was necessary was up and out of the way.  Her desk had a small stack of padds at the upper right corner and a small lamp on the upper left but was devoid of any other clutter.  On the back wall of the living area was a massive wall of books.  Shelves had been installed to take them all and there was still room to grow but each and every one of them were paper books, with real paper, in various languages and kinds of paper from all over the galaxy. 

Over by the replicator another shelf had been installed into the bulkhead and that held her impressive new tea collection, never in a bag, always loose leafed.  The cups were carefully stored behind bands that would keep them from falling and shattering should they experiences some turbulence or something like that.  Her tea collection included a small collection of tea pots, five in all, from metal to ceramic, to glass, all sorts of them. 

Her bed was made with military precision.  There was no way you couldn't bounce something of it and have it back at you, it was made with tucked corners, perfect sheets, straight and perfectly symmetrical down to the pillows. 

“I hope you don't mind.” she stated as they stepped inside as she slipped out of her boots.  “But I have an issue with my boots coming into my living space.”  sure enough right next to the door was a small bench where she took the boots she had only just taken off and put them on the shelf so that it would be off the floor and leave no dirt, debris, and what not in her home.  It was a carry over from her military days as was much of her home actually.  There were no personal pictures, no personal effects, at least not that could be seen.  She had a massive Klingon bat'leth over her bed a nod to her Klingon days but otherwise there was nothng personal left out in view.

“So then... did you want to get comfortable?  Have another drink?  Or....” she moved in and kissed him again fully, soundly, and deeply.  Letting him pick what he wished for their evening to start off with.

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[Lt. J.G. Foval | Best foot forward |looking at the treasure trove | taking the next steps]

As they walked to her quarters Foval felt a hint of the thrill of excitement of what was to come   The intoxicating being that he was with was more prevalent than ever.   He looked forward to seeing her home, and what clues about her it hid   He got the impression that she was honest, yet her trust had to be earned.   

They arrived at her quarters and she removed her boots, removing external footwear was a concept that Foval was familiar with from many cultures around Federation space, she explained her feelings

“Not at all” he said honestly.   Without being bidden to do so, he followed suit, pinching his socks to his boots so that they came off as well

He looked at her room, he admired the collection of books from afar, his Borg implant translating many of the languages that the UT didn’t pick up.     There was a hint of perfume from the various teas in the air, yet there was a freshness to the room too.    There weren’t any signs of personal artifacts, or personal glory, yet a Batleth hung over her bed.  He wondered what other Klingon practices she observed in the bedroom, but he decided not to press the query   

She asked him what he wanted to do before kissing him deeply.   He returned the kiss and there was very little else that he could focus on   He stopped kissing her for a moment, and stared into her grey eyes.   

“I think you know.” He said.   He unzipped his uniform, jacket, taking it off and putting it to one side on the couch.    He took a deep breath.   Since his return to Federation life, he had never really shown anyone this side of him before outside of medical personnel.   He lifted off his undershirt.  

His body was in good shape in the general sense.   His artificial hand accounted for most of his forearm, A single Borg implant was just below his collar bone, nevertheless it made him feel like “the other” without the familiarity of his uniform.    The feelings of anticipation and fear battled within him as he stood there before her  

“This is me Zyrao, at least, what’s left of me.”    
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Re: Day 32 [1300] Face to Face With the Past

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[Zyrao Natauna | I Am the Same | Scars of a Violent Past | Still Me]

he returned the kiss, not stopping it to answer her in a different way.  Zyrao was not the kind to kiss tentatively, but instead kissed with her whole self.  To be honest, she didn't usually put a lot of thought into kissing or fucking, she tended to let her body make those decisions unless she was looking for something more.  However, lately she had been feeling quite nostalgic and wondering if it was worth finding someone that she could be with and grow with.  It was odd because being over two hundred years old meant it wasn't easy to find what you needed and many weren't interested.  She had thought she had Thomas Ravon had something that would grow but they were far too different, or perhaps they were too similar, but she had been unable to control her jealousy and her sheer iron clad independence.  So she had been unable to foster the relationship.  She was uncertain if Foval would be able to handle her.  Zyrao had been around and alone for a long time she was used to doing things on her own and not being coddled.  She did not need someone to take care of her but she wanted someone to walk along in life with her.  What she had not expected was her jealous streak, though she hoped to keep it more in check this time.

As the kiss ended, he unzipped his uniform jacket and took it off.  He put it on the couch, a thing she appreciated because she hated mess.  If it wasn't obvious from the state of her Quarters and how everything had a place and neatly put away as it was, she did not appreciate clutter.  Though she was also not going to be upset about a mess of clothing that was flung around while they were having at one another.  She could put her issues with mess to the side when it mattered and deal with them later once the fun was had.  Zyrao watched his reverence as he took the hem of his shirt in his hands.  She could tell whatever lay beneath was an issue for him so she stole herself for tubes, or something that would possibly protrude.  However as he took his shirt off she noticed the shining implant there on his chest just below his collar bone.  He was looking at her and told her that this was him, what was left of him.

“You're incorrect.” she stated.  “This is you.  But never what is left of you, Foval.  Just you.  You are an Ex-Borg, but that does not make you less yourself.  Only altered.”

Zyrao's hand reached up and she brushed her hand over the implant very gently incase it shifted to cause him pain or something.  Zyrao was not shy, nor did she hesitate, it was a long time she had the scars riddling her back, and the tattoos that had been forced upon her covering her body.  She lifted the hem of her black tank top and then she pulled it off in one fell swoop.  Zyrao stood there in her Starfleet issued sports bra and her pants.  The extremely taught muscles of her body on display under a wide variety of tattoos in so many languages.  His implant would easily pick up the Klingon, the Breen, the Kzin, and even El-Auria.  There were even Cardassian tattoos that marked her as a slave and so forth.  Her body was a patch work of overship, slavery, and pain. 

Then she turned around.

Her hair was short so there was nothing to move as she stood there showing him the nasty angry healed scars from lash marks across her back that disappeared into the waist band of her pants clearly denoting that they continued.  Over all of the scars were more tattoos from the languages mentioned above and some that she had chosen, some that were images, some that were important to  her in various ways, she had tried to take ownership of her skin in many ways after her freedom, but it was hard when so much of her skin was etched with her past.

“This is me, as well.” she said looking at him over her shoulder.  “You do not carry sins upon your skin alone.  Nor the pain of the past, we both have daily reminders of a time or.. times, we would rather forget.”

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[Lt. JG Foval | trying to learn |becoming | tracing the story]
He felt buoyed at what she said.   Perhaps he was complete.   Perhaps he wasn’t.   He certainly like the feeling of being complete when he was with her.   He watched as she undressed.   His Borg implant was able to translate the tattoos in the same way that they had translated the spines in her library.   Words that were meant to label, catalogue, demean and rob her of her individuality and her rights as a being.   And yet, there were messages of her own, signs that she had attempted to take some measure of control.   He knealt down looked at the scars, tracing them at the small of her back with his fingers.  

“May I ask, why do you keep them?   I mean, my own Borg implants that are left are grafted to my nervous system.   I’d die without them, I can’t even replace my arm with a traditional prosthesis.   But skin can be healed.”

He hoped that he wasn’t asking too ignorant a question as he unfastened his pants.  He stood up, and the pants fell to the ground.   With his regulation Starfleet briefs on display, he stepped out of his them.   Implants on his lower body were even less, a second spider implant like behind his knee being the only other clue.  

He embraced her, with his single arm, hovering above her skin with his left one, conscious how troubled she had been with his Borg implants.   He kissed her hungrily, tasting her lips.   Avoiding her scars and tracing his fingers as delicately as he could manage.   

“So” he said stepping back and cocking his head.   “What next?”
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[Zyrao Natauna | Truth | Trust | Taking Another Step]

There was something about her scars, they were an intimate place for her.  She wore her scars out in the open for the most part but she also didn't really expose them to other people either.  Just the peeks around her clothing.  But, when she allowed someone to actually touch them it was a big deal.  Not because she was ashamed of them, but because there was an odd sensation there.  Her back was always a mass of pain in the mornings when she first woke up and she tended to combat that with the push ups and pull ups that she did in the mornings to push through the pain and warm up her back the right way.  However, right now they were a mix of numb and sensitive.  Some of the scar tissue network was so thick she felt nothing when he brushed his fingers against them, but others it was so sensitive that she felt almost like she was going to shiver.

He asked her why she kept them, that his Borg implants were different, they could not be removed or he would lose his life.  She however could have had Fleet medicine heal her back and allow it to be smooth and without the pain.  It was a similar conversation she had with Thomas he was pushing her to have it healed but she refused and he could never fully understand why.  However, she had a feeling that Foval could.  He might have been forced to keep his, she chose it for reasons of her own.

“Because with them, I will never forget the past.  I will be reminded of my past daily so that I know where I have come from.  I cannot forget my past, it has allowed me to become who I am today.” she confessed.

He stood and unfastened his pants, her brow rose, she appreciated that he wasn't shy about what he wanted, she wanted the same thing.  Stepping out of them she noticed that the back of his knee had a hint of something but she couldn't make it out just yet.  But that was fine she fully intended to explore him anyway.  Stepping forward he pulled her close with one arm, hovering slightly.  He didn't press her against him, though she wasn't sure why, so she closed that last distance and brushed her fingers across his chest. 

Then he was kissing her.  Zyrao enjoyed the taste of his lips, the feel of his chest and hers pressed against one another.  She slid one of her hands into the back of his hair on his head enjoying the feel of his short hair brushing against her fingers.  She could feel his hand on her back, barely touching her there, trying to avoid the scars and yet there were so many he wouldn't be able to avoid them all.  She had spent a lot of years as a slave of various races, and they had all marked her in one way or another.  He would know, or have read anyway, that she had been in the Gladatorial arenas of the Kzin.  She had been victorious quite frequently.  She was a fighter, not only for her life, but for whatever she tackled.

“Don't baby me.” she whispered as their kiss broke and she found herself breathless.  “You can't hurt me.”

He asked her what was next, stepping back and giving her room.  “Well not that.” she said with a grin on her face as she closed the distance again and put herself back into his arms and kissed him again.  But at the same time she walked them back towards his bed.  Every step brought them closer to her bed, every step populated with a kiss.  Until he would feel it against the back of his knees.  Breaking the kiss she chuckled playfully before she pushed him down on the bed so that he fell on his back.  Zyrao unbuttoned her pants and let them fall to the ground leaving her in just her panties and sports bra at this point.  Her legs were as completely tattooed as her torso.  She dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them, and the pulled her sports bra and tossed it to a chair close by.  Then Zyrao climbed up on the bed and crawled over him to resume kissing him soundly.  Holding herself up over him with one muscular arm, her other hand was exploring his gorgeous chest hoping to get him all revved up or at least started that way.

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[Lt. JG Foval |All I need to know | Perfection | One more hurdle]

She explained her reason for keeping the Scars and the tattoos, they were part of her as she said.   He would accept that.   His curiosity sated, he had more ways in which he wanted to learn about her 

She told him not to baby her.   He didn’t know if he could hurt her or not, but again, he was happy for her to know it.   He chose to keep his thoughts on this silent as well.  

Foval was by no means a virgin, but he hadn’t experience foreplay as passionate as this before.   His heart was already beginning to pound in anticipation of what would come next.   There was a laugh, and for  a brief fraction of a second, he throught he had fallen victim to a crude practical joke.   Then she pushed him onto the bed.  

And then she stripped.     She had taken the crude and soulless tattoos, added her own ink, and her own art kept her beautiful.   It was too abstract a concept for Foval to articulate.    He wasn’t vaccous enough to admire her for her beauty, or to expect her looks to be less desirable as a result of her trials.   And yet, there was something there, some spark that kept her beauty inspite of the challenges that she had faced.  

He returned each kiss, his flesh arm stroking her back, while his cybernetic arm caressed the arm on his chest with more weight behind it than before.  

“At the risk of interrupting this pleasurable activity.”   He said between kisses.    “I think a brief pause is in order to remove my shorts.    They are becoming an… encumberance”  

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Re: Day 32 [1300] Face to Face With the Past

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[Zyrao Natauna | Feels Too Good | New Relations | Building Something]

Their kissing was heavenly.  She didn't mind the cool metal of his hand warming on her skin as he slid over her body getting to know her nude form.  Zyrao was not a shy woman, in fact, that was probably the most opposite adjective that could be used to describe her.  She preferred to be out there, in your face, full frontal, as well as honest.  She despised those that didn't tell the truth or believe in others.  When Zyrao built trust she wanted it built well and for a reason.  She wanted everything to be as it was supposed to and she wanted everything to be as it was supposed to be.  She wanted to rely on people in the heat of the moment and know that it would be just fine to do so.  She wanted and needed to know who she could and could not count on.  These were the important things in life to her.

The kiss broke, Zyrao was breathing a little heavily as he looked up at her with his lovely eyes and reminded her that they might need to take a brief pause, his shorts weren't going to remove themselves and they were growing more uncomfortable.  A knowing and playful grin crossed her plump lips as she suddenly rolled to the side and lay on her back now on the bed.  Letting him have his moment to rise up and remove the shorts from his person.  Her striking grey eyes were watching his every move and as he exposed himself to her, she took all of him in visually.  Since he had been able to do it before hand, now she was going to enjoy the fruits of her own labor.

As Foval moved back forward, Zyrao pulled herself up so that she was raised up on her elbows watching him come back to the bed.  The bedding shifted with his weight added to the mattress.  Her eyes locked onto his waiting for him to come forward to her.  As he did so, she grinned again, and then kissed him once more. Zyrao was not always forward and dominant, but often was.  Sometimes she wanted both, to be dominated and to dominate.  A bit of give and take.  Right now she was letting Foval have a chance to show her what he had, what he liked, what he wanted.  She didn't want to be in a hurry she wanted to enjoy Foval, even though this was only their first time and she had plans for so many more.

Her hands moved up his back, over his shoulders, and down his chest.  Zyrao slid down so that she could kiss along the implant on his chest.  Her lips playing with the skin around the implant her fingers brushing up and down his waist and his hips, getting a good feel for his body as lovely as it was.  Waiting for him to decide what move he wanted to make.  She hoped he didn't mind being a little bit forward at times, she would prefer if they were both the kind that could go with one another... bicker a bit, fight in the bed, roll around, wrestle, enjoy themselves.  Make being together fun every moment possible.

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[Lt. J.G Foval | Free at last | Exploring with just his lips and tongue |the game is afoot]
Attn: @BZ

Foval’s eagerness was visible as soon as the shorts came off.   Another Borg Implant was just above his left hip.    Although he knew this woman less than a few hours before, something just seemed to click, and this felt utterly right.   He was starting to feel like the real him was coming out   Not the Borg Drone, he was dead, so was the Vulcan Foval.   The diplomatic officer was his vocation, but this, naked and in the sight of the gorgeous enigma, was the real Foval.   Perhaps a little bit of them all, and yet something else entirely.  

She intertwined herself all over him, softly kissing him, and yet it was clear that he was waiting for him to make a move.   As he laid on top of her, he pushed his way down, kiissing her neck, her breasts, tracing over her figure with his lips and tongue, his beard stroking against her bare skin.      He hissed her stomach, either side of her sex, wondering if just for a second she should probe inside with his tongue.  

He put his hands against hers, interlocking their fingers together.   He rolled over onto his back, kissing t her stomach.   He placed his hands on her hips, and guided her towards his hardening shaft.  

He was curious to see what her next move would be.   It was almost a game of sorts between them, and like any good game it was important to see where ones strategies led.     
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[Zyrao Natauna | Close is Always Better | In Bed and When Fighting | A New Leaf]

There was another little pocket of 'Borg' on his hip, she liked all the little surprises that she was finding here and there as more of his clothing came off and hit the floor.  Zyrao pulled herself upwards onto her elbows so that she could enjoy the view while she had it.  Because at some point they would be so close that she knew they weren't going to see much of anything.  However, she had to admit that she very much enjoyed the view.  He was not as Borg as he could have been, she had seen some bodies that had been more implants and prosthetic than they had been flesh.  However, luckily, Foval had retained mot of his Vulcan body and just had some implants he must have been in very good health when he was assimilated. 

The longer that they spent together the more he seemed to become more of himself.  She had to admit the more comfortable he was in her presence the more he was attractive.  Zyrao most definitely appreciated a man that was confident in himself and the woman that he had chosen.  Honestly, Zyrao herself had very little self conscience, well at least concerning her body.  Truth be told, she had to admit that she had some times when she was a bit shy.  Mostly the back of scars and tattoos, and some of the things she had done in the past.  However, she knew that it was her history and her past and it was the foundation that she had built herself up on.  She had survived over two hundred years of hardship and made it through all of that so that she could become the person that she was now.

He mounted the bed again, it shifting with his weight as he did so, and her eyes followed him as he climbed up and kissed her.  Starting with her neck, one of her favorite places to be kissed.  Zyrao tilted her head to the side to give him more room to play if he wanted to.  He worked his way down to her breasts and traced over her figure with his lips and his tongue.  Enjoying the flavor of her skin, the ink beneath it was undetectable and yet he would see all the patterns and the different ways that they had been done.  Some more primitively than others but never the last, she enjoyed the way that his facial hair brushed over her skin.  A little rough, but still soft and smooth at the same time.  He didn't have much of a beard, a fact she appreciated it.  She had slept with too many Klingon to appreciate a heavy long beard when it came to the bedroom. 

He kissed downward and she wondered if he was going to take the plunge and go between her legs to taste the flavor of her excitement but he did not.  Instead, he reached up and slid his hands into her own.  Before he rolled over on his back.  Oh it's a game, is it?  She didn't know it was for certain but the fact that he pulled away before doing anything at all told her that something was afoot, and she was more than willing to rise to the challenge.

She rolled over, but unlike him she started lower.  Moving to the implant on his hip and brushing her lips across it while her grey eyes locked with his.  Then she moved over and pursed her lips over his hardened member and blew hair on it slowly as she moved upwards towards the hip.  Just to toy with him, she ran her tongue over he very tip of it before moving upwards.  Causing his member to brush against her flat stomach while she worked her way up his body.  Her lips and tongue, like his, began to explore all of the planes of his body.  Sliding up and making sure that she explored his entire body as much as she could before getting to his neck. She found his pulse point and began to suckle at it for a moment, hoping to drive him wild, to make him grip her, to make him hold her. 

Then, when she finished leaving a lovely red mark behind she worked on his lips.  Shifting up just enough to kiss him fully, to make sure it was deep and passionate and would only serve to rev him up even more.  Though, she did not lower herself on his prominent member, no, she was going to make him do it.  So instead, she hovered over him, kissing him and grinding her hips just ever so slightly into his hardness to drive him to want her to the point where he took her.

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[Lt. J.G. Foval | out with the old | Something else |Yielding the field]

Attn: @BZ

As the game went on, he felt free.  Liberated from the Borg, but liberated from the lies that he put on himself after his escape  she began to kiss her way up his body.  She softly blew against his solid shaft.  At the feeling pf her tongue against him, he unleashed a grunt of anticipation, the first sound he had made, the sensation driving him wild, unleashing real emotion within him, emotions that had been locked up within him since his assimilation, possibly even before.  Foval was becoming. 

As she  nusseled at his neck, and then kissed him fully on the mouth, there were grunts of anticipation, vocalising emotions long repressed.  Though they were still soft, there was no mistaking the meaning behind them.  His hands, firmly exploring her body, both hands were working in unison, there was no mistaking the strength of his grip, or the intensity that was continuing to build. 

She had won, in some senses she always would.  Though he would always enjoy playing the game with her.  He took her hips in both of his hands and picked her up slightly  He held guding her to what he wanted, holding his throbbing tip against her entrance.  He looked into her grey eyes, the hunger and emotion visible in his.  With another gasp, he slid his hardness into her.    He gasped, feeling her against him, one of the few places where he still felt alive even alone in the years after the crash to finally begin to share that with someone he arched his back trying to get more of himself into her.   
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[Zyrao Natauna | A Good Release | Time for Fun | A Good Match]

She knew she had won the moment she stopped fighting for control.  He no longer pushed her into the bed and wanted to fight for it, instead, he was giving it to her.  She was on top, and she was in control, and the way his hands moved over her body she knew that he wasn't going to hold off much longer.  They were gentle and yet they were firm.  Earlier when she had told him that he didn't need to be gentle was really just meaning that she didn't need him to baby her. She didn't want him to hurt her or cause her pain but she also didn't mind him being firm and going after what he wanted.  Still, maybe at some point he would grow more comfortable with such things.  Until then she would take the gentle caring touches that he was using at the moment to explore her body. 

As his hands found her hips he lifted her up slightly, and the kiss that they had been enjoying began to break.  Her eyes and his instantly found one anothers.  Her eyes were a firey grey color as she looked down at the man that had caught her interest in a surprising way.  He didn't say anything as he lowered her down onto his thick shaft and she slid herself down his length slowly, not because she needed the time to get used to him but because it would make savoring it all that much better.  As he felt completely inside her, she could feel him arching his back so that he could get any more length into her that might not be completely filling her at that moment.

She didn't mind his extra hardware, she didn't mind the Borg implants or how he thought he was still not quite himself, because to her he was Foval and she had never know another Foval than this.  This was the one that she had kissed in the bar and this was the one she had brought back to her own place.  Finally, she began to move her hips, sitting up on his body instead of leaning over so that he was hitting all the right spots.  Zyrao began to moan, her head tilted backwards at first as the first waves of sensation began to wash over her.  Zyrao continued to ride him as much as she could grunting and moaning and allowing them both to enjoy one another, her eyes looked into his, her hands and his locked together. 

After a little bit though, she wanted him to take control for her, and so she twisted rolling them so that she was on the bottom and he was on the top.  Her legs spread as wide as she could get them so that he could remain as deep as he wished.  Zyrao pulled him down so that they could kiss again, her lips suckling at his lower lip, her tongue invading his mouth, her hips grinding against his waiting for him to take his turn in how he wished to have her tonight.

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[Lt J.G Foval | Masks falling | Our Dance | My Goal]

Their dance was a different one, but it was theors  He remained confident, if not sure that there wasn’t another like theirs.  He kissed her hungrily, careful not to push too hard, but enough so that there could be little doubt as to the former Vulcan Borg’s disposition towards his companion.  This wasn’t a conquest, it was a victory over himself. 

She rolled them over again, Now on her back his green eyes locked with her grey ones  His eyes conveyed more than perhaps even words could.  They spoke of freedom, relief, maybe even joy as he cast off the twin yoke of Vulcan conditioning and Borg assimilination. 

His movements were becoming rhythmic now, as she felt her warmth around him, it felt utterly right.  He had thought that this was denied to him, that he’d be forced to be alone.  Yet now he had the gift of hope.  His pace quickened, memories of the past, doubt, , fear vanishing in clouds of pleasure.  As his pace quickened, the only other concern he had was not harming Zyrao.  This was their moment, and he was determined that it would be shared, she would not be used by him, their moments would be shared. 

His head swimming with arousal and excitement, his pace further quickened as the instnincts took over more than they had in 2 decades. 
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[Zyrao Natauna | New Leaf | Trying Again | Maybe This Time | Eventually.]

When their eyes met, there were stories, emotions, and trust flying between them.  Nonverbal communications moving between them allowing them to deepen their continuing connection while they had a chance.  She loved the way they could be together, this moment was quite special.  She was not a slow warmer, but she had tried to wait from time to time and found that only stagnated things.  That and with her last relationship as short as it was she had found that only some people could handle someone like Zyrao.  She needed someone that would be able to keep her in line but at the same time, let her stand on her own, and let her lean against when things were rough.  However, she was not used to having anyone to lean again, and so it was a learning process for her too, to be able to coexist with someone after centuries of being alone for the most part.

His movements were quicker, more passionate, and the pressure of his hands on her body was just perfect.  Neither hard enough to hurt nor too gentle.  She appreciated that he wasn't afraid to put pressure on her, she wanted to feel his touch and she did not want to be coddled, she wanted to be loved, and there would be times she would want to be ravaged, though he would probably need to be more comfortable with her before he was ready to do something like that. 

They kissed as they moved in unison together on the bed ruffling up the covers, the sheets, and testing the bed for a little bit.  Zyrao's hands were exploring his body, his back and how the muscles moved underneath the skin there, sliding down to his hips and his backside to clasp it and give it a good thrust forward for something a little harder here and there.  Zyrao was as open to him as she could be, enjoying very much how he felt inside her.  This was perfect and everything she needed today.  Together they moved, though the kissing stopped with the both of them were moving so fast working up to climax that they couldn't match their lips long enough to make the kiss worth while. 

Zyrao buried her face in his neck moaning out loudly, as they neared their climax which happened only moments later.  He buried himself deep as he could inside her giving her everything he had, and she was clenching him as much as she could to get all that she could out of him.  Both their bodies shaking in the aftermath of their time together.  As they both finished Zyrao continued to hold him against her letting them both start catching their breath.  Finally, he rolled off of her and to the side, and she rolled onto her side so that she could lay against him.  Laying her head on his chest, listening to his heart thrum heavily against her ear.  Zyrao felt her grey eyes close for a moment as she rested allowing her heart to come back to normal.  She was in very good shape, muscles and tight skin everywhere with the sheer amount of exercise she did in a day not to mention her fighting, her gifts with the Klingon who she lived with for a long time.

“That was amazing.” she said once she was capable of speech.  Sliding up on his body slightly so that she could put her head on the pillow next to his own her grey eyes were softer now.  Normally, those silver orbs were fierce and 'take no prisoners' type.  However, right now, they were open and soft, there was something about just after sex that could really open a person up though that tended to be mostly if it was something more than a quickie.  This felt like it could be more, she wanted it to be more, but that was also up to Foval because she wasn't the sort that was going to ask him to be with her.  That wasn't her way, he was going to have to prove that was what he wanted in some way.  But, she wasn't sure he was that sort.  She didn't really want another misunderstanding that destroyed a relationship like her last one.

“What is on your mind right now?” she wondered out loud.

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[Lt. JG Foval| Resting but not caged| finding the words | Looking to the next day] @BZ

As they lay there, the beast within him rested, but it wasn’t caged    This encountered had changed him.  He felt oddly free, free of Borg conditioning, or the pretence that he could return to life as a Vulcan as if nothing had happened.    The strong woman laying beside him had freed him.    As if she could read his thoughts, she asked her question. 
Her question had lots of answers, yet.  Good?  Yes, but incredibly non committal.  Weird?  Yes, however, he did not trust the universal translator to accurately convey his feelings at that particular moment without coming across an insult.  Instead, more a more detailed answer was the order of the day.   

“I am sure you have heard of the chemical ‘imbalances’ that affect my people.” Naked, drenched in sweat, not to mention having shared other bodily fluids, it was still odd for him to discuss the Ponn Farr.  “After the necessary encounters to restore balance… after sex… we feel a moment of self loathing as if we have failed in controlling the natural order.    Although my brain was scrambled when I was assimilated, and got out of the collective there was something… wrong about my encounters.  This…” he gently stroked her side as tenderly as he could imagine. “This feels right.  I don’t feel the loathing, the negativity.    For the first time I don’t feel like I am pretending to be a person.” 
“I am familiar with the concept of casual sex.” He said in a forthright Vulcan tone.  “I was compelled to take part in some on the planet.    While I would have no objection to engaging in future encounters, I’d prefer our relationship to develop.    I am not asking for your hand in marriage, I just... want to be with you.”   

He really felt that his precise Vulcan Language was totally inappropriate for what he was trying to convey. 
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[Zyrao Natauna | Changing of the Guard | Enjoying a Little Downtime | Wish it Could be More | Up For More]

She could see the thoughts racing past his face though she could not read his mind she was quite gifted at reading faces.  Though that wasn't an exact science and while she could tell he was likely fondling for the answer he wanted to give and commit to, she also knew that there was no way to know what all of the options that he had were.  So, she waited because she knew that he would come up with it when he was ready and Zyrao was a fairly patient women when it came to some things and knowing that the right words could mean the most she waited to see what he finally decided on.  True to his very Vulcan way he began to explain the very chemical changes and the differences in DNA and genes that were different.  Her grey eyes shifted up and she gave him a single nod to let him know that she was following along with his train of thought so far.

He explained to her that often after sex and all the good feelings faded away that they often had a sense of self loathing as if they were failing in their efforts to control their natural ways.  They should be able to control their bodies and their desires to not want for what they had taken.  Carnal pleasure was probably seen as a wasted thing unless in time of necessity for procreation.  His brain had been changed, she did not like the word scrambled and would have to at some point remind him to stop degrading himself so hard.  But he got a feeling that something was wrong before, but this.. he said turning his attention to her more fully his hand moving up and down her side gently. 

He confessed that it felt right.  He wasn't feeling any of the negativity that he usually associated with something, and he didn't feel like he was pretending to be a person, but instead, was actually feeling as though he was a person.  She smiled warmly at him leaning forward just enough to press her lips against the corner of his mouth so that she didn't hinder his speaking.  He told her that he was familiar with the concept of casual sex, and that he was compelled to take part of it on the planet where he and other Borg were stranded for some time.  But that he would have no objection to further physical encounters there was hope they could actually develop what they had begun into an actual and honest relationship. 

Before she could be concerned, which she wasn't, he promised that he was not asking for her hand in marriage earning a chuckle from the woman that in two hundred plus years of being herself, she had never married.  And only loved perhaps really once, maybe twice, but not all love was the nurturing and good kind.  She was hoping that she and Foval could develop something that was supportive and healthy instead of jealous and angry. 

"And I with you." she admitted.  "I find myself drawn to you.  Initially, seeing you as part Borg brought back many fears of my past, and some of the anger with it as well.  However, in speaking with you, I found myself finding you less Borg and more someone that I could understand and seemed to understand me.  I find that you and I fit well together and I am eager to see if we can develop a full relationship going forward.  I will admit that, I have not always been good at relationships.  So if you are willing to bare with me as I learn to be accepting and learn to be a partner... I would really wish to pursue something more meaningful relationship with you if you are open to that sort of thing."

Laying her head back on the pillow right beside his shoulder, her hand brushed over his chest, not minding when she found the Borg implants, and not minding when she found flesh.  All in all she found him attractive, not just in his body, but his mind as well.  "I will warn you of one thing though, I do not wish to share.  If you are into sharing, which I think regarding your earlier commentary, you are not.  Then we will not get along well, I do not wish to be shared, and I do not share.  I will admit that as old as I am, I find myself seeking something more permanent and less temporary."

Her eyes shifted to his.  "Is it the same with you as well?"

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[Lt. J.G Foval| Thinking about the future | Admitting the truth | Last hands of cards on the table} @BZ
He found himself admiring her again, not just for her form, which he found highly compelling, but her thoughts, her honesty and her forthrightness.  As a Vulcan he had always struggled with the nuances of  interaction with more emotional beings, While she was hardly plain, having someone who told him what she wanted rather than masking her true feelings, was deeply refreshing    She asked if he thought they could be together, he had no compunction in answering. 

“Yes” he replied as he kissed her head.  “I think I woud want that very much.” 

She explained her position wanting exclusivity.  He almost laughed when she said she didn’t want to share. 

“Zao, I have never told anyone this    I…”  it was difficult, he allowed himself to carres her side again, feeling as if their very touch gave him the strength to continue.  “As I mentioned, my Borg ship crashed on an empty world.  The survivors, a few hundred fell into two categories.  Those like me, who had been with the collective a relatively short time, and/or were from this part of space, and those who were from further afield, or had been assimilated as children.  Our faction wanted to wait until rescue, the other faction sought to be returned to the collective.”
He wondered if he had made a mistake.  No, I must share this. 
“Our faction had an additional problem, we had high numbers of races with an antagonistic history most notably a sizable faction of Klingons and Romulans.  The Klingon side was led by K’Margh, and the Romulan was side was led by Vissen.  There was a sense of sexual tension between them, which was impeded.  K’Margh’s reproductive organs were obstructed by a Borg exoskeleton which could not be removed safely.  In order to keep the peace, and prevent a war on two fronts, Vissen convinced me to…” 

He let go of her, “… convinced me to let K’Margh into his mind, and be a proxy for him.” 

“They both consented, nevertheless the shame of it will be something I will carry with me to my dying day.  In order to keep our faction together, I connected minds with 2 people, something that was actually outlawed amongst us, so that I could satisfy the carnal desire of a Klingon.”   

He sat up.  “I only tell you this story, because I have no desire to share  in the way that you speak.” 

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[Zyrao Natauna | Truth | Forward | Ground Zero | Starting From Scratch]

There was a bliss laying there beside him in that moment.  She had put her hopes out there, not that she would be crushed if he believed otherwise.  Truthfully, she knew that many preferred to share, or to do whatever they wished, to be untied down.  Zyrao was over two hundred years old, her playful years were over and she wished to have something with a bit more meat.  She wanted someone to build with, to grow with, and to stand beside when things got tough.  She only hoped that he could stand the fact that she would be less understanding when it came to being naked with other women.  Or women coming onto him strongly, because Zyrao had been Klingon for so long she would make sure that she asserted her female dominance publicly if necessary.

When he kissed her head softly and told her that he would wish for the same thing she did, a bit of a smile curled on her full lips.  That was all she needed really, she wasn't after someone to propose to her for marriage or anything of the sort.  Perhaps one day, but she was fine with never truly being married so long as exclusivity and growth was the name of the game.

He began to tell her of the story of him being on the planet with the other stranded Borg.  At first she did not understand the purpose of the story until he began to get deeper into it as he began to tell her that there was someone who was unable to consummate with the woman he desired.  Because of his Borg implants he was not able to be with her the way that he wished to, so instead, they had linked with Foval in order for him to have sex with the woman so that the man could actually feel it in the way that he wish.

Zyrao was appalled that something like that had happened.  To be used as such a vessel was horrific and a violation of everything that she could even imagine someone would hold dear.  She could not imagine that something like that was even possible.  She truly hoped that it was not something that would ever be repeated in his life.  He didn't deserve such treatment and he didn't deserve such horrors, in his life. 

Zyrao pulled her head off the pillow and looked at Foval with those lovely grey eyes of hers.  She shifted over and pressed a gentle kiss on his lips before laying her head on his shoulder this time in the perfect spot as though carved out for a head to be supported like a pillow.  “If I have anything to say for it you will never know such an instance again.  You will only know first hand accounts with me.” she said with a grin. 

“You are mine.  I may be jealous at times, I do not take people moving in on my territory very well, you are not territory, but it is the best word I can think of in standard that fits.” she admitted with a sigh, some words didn't translate throughout various languages perfectly.  “I hope you do not mind, I will not allow another to cut a wedge between us.  I will, however, put myself fully into growing a good relationship between us.  I do appreciate the chance to do so.”

Zyrao slid her leg up ontop of his and snuggled into him as much as she could pulling one of the twisted blankets up over their bare bodies, her eyes slid closed as she got comfortable.  “I will protect you Foval, not a single person shall dare lay a hand or force you to do a single thing while I am part of your life.” she swore to him.

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[Lt. J.G Foval | First time for everything| The Vow    | Got her back too] @BZ

It was strange for him to be so jealously protected.    Every relationship had been a logical pragmatic one there was little given to his needs.   As he laid their, her body intertwined with his, he thought about the things he could do for her.  

“Zyrao, you’re able to protect us both, but whatever I can do to keep you safe as well, it will be my main priority.”  

He meant it too.   99% of the time, he knew that he would be able to achieve that goal by doing his duty, and doing what he could do to keep the Theurgy safe.   However, if ever the goals were not mutually compatible, he was ready to choose her.   He knew that he could resist most romantic advances, but in an increasingly hostile state of affairs the Theurgy found itself in, it certainly did the Vulcan good to know there was someone on the ship who had his back.  

She wrapped herself around him, and he wrapped his arms around her in a proitective embrace.   He kissed the top of her head once more.  

“And should anyone make an unwarranted move on you, please leave me some of them after you ‘correct’ them beating, so that I may ‘explain’ their error to them further.”  
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[Zyrao Natauna | An Odd Start | Asleep Safely | Sharing a Life | Grounding]

He told her that he knew that she could take care of whatever happened.  She appreciated that he wasn't afraid to say it out loud.  So many men would start talking about they would protect her even knowing deep down she didn't need them to do so.  She didn't mind being the more physical one in the relationship, she didn't mind being stronger she had never once, in her life, wished for someone to protect her.  Though she could appreciate the fact that he would want to if that was the case.  She knew that he would stand in front of her if it was necessary just as she would do the same to him.  But, that didn't mean either one of them were weak.  They were all just people that wished to care for others. 

“I will leave you enough pieces to enjoy.” she assured him sleepily.

Her head rested on his chest and her eyes closed again her arm wrapped around his waist even more fully.  A long yawn escaped her mouth and she found herself snuggling into the warm strength of the man she had just enjoyed.  Her body relaxed more fully one leg sliding up between two of his so that they were laying entangled with one another.  Blindly she pulled a blanket up off the corner of the bed to cover their bodies and it wasn't but a few moments later that her breathing evened out and she slept peacefully on his chest.  Her lips relaxed, her face relaxed, a different side of Zyrao for sure. 

==Morning After==

The first thing that Zyrao always realized when she woke up was her surroundings.  Her eyes never opened first and she had well trained herself to keep her breathing deep and even while she figured out what was going on around her.  She could hear the beating of the heart under her ear, and the intake of breath in lungs filling and exhaling at an even pace.  She could feel the warmth of the body beside her though they had shifted slightly in their sleep they were mostly in the same position as the night before.  Though the blanket had worked it's way up around her shoulders due to the chill in the room and the lack of clothing.  She could hear the sounds of her Quarters, and knew that she was safe, which finally allowed her to know that it was safe for her to actually open her eyes.

She shifted to see that Foval was still asleep, so moving carefully, she got out of the bed leaving him covered so that he would be able to remain warm.  Dressing in a pair of loose lounge pants and a simple tank top she headed to the other side of the room where she was able to begin her morning routine.  First, was always tea.  She replicated the hot water only, everything else was all natural.  She headed over and put her morning tea into two small metal strainers, held over the cup as she poured the water slowly and carefully the aroma of her morning tea began to fill the Quarters as she worked to make sure that it was perfect and ready for their morning. 

She hoped that he wouldn't be adverse to tea, it was almost a religion to her.

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[Lt. Foval |  Floating through the Past | Washing clean |  Waking Up] attn: @BZ

Foval washed up on the shore, the darkness that was around him oused sinisterly back into the waters from which he emerged.  He turned around to see his family home.  Modern by Vulcan standards, I  his darkest moments his thoughts would often return to its walls.  He opened the doors, and the house was empty    Instead of  moving through the house, he was levitating.  It all felt so normal somehow.  His trip stopped at each room of the house.  His father’s study, gone, the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms all empty.  His dorm room from the academy empty    His quarters on the Tolstoy empty.    He mused on the many rooms in the house when he found a new set of doors.  He stepped through them, and found himself standing before a bridge.  He stood on the bridge and looked back towards the house, it was a burnt out husk, with towers of burnt out Borg technology extending from it.  The sickening green light flickered, the breeze carrying the sound of screams and accusations that he had heard for years now.  Slowly they dissolved into the night  The breeze carried a warm scent in the air.   

The hooded figure gestured towards the house.    Huge chunks of the borg tech were falling into the black river.    In its place stook a huge painting of the house as it was in his memory.    He turned to face the figure and he followed herover the bridge into. 

The smell of the dream was still there.    Like the waters from his dream, his memories of the dream began to wash away.  He vaguely remembered something of his house, the building was handed to a charity for Dominion war orphans after his parents moved to a smaller bungalow.   

He had dreamt.  For the first time in an absolute age, he had dreamt a dream, and not been haunted by nightmares.    Whatever Zyrao had done for him. 

Zyrao.  He was in her quarters.    He had slept, in someones quarters.   

“Zyrao.” He said.  He wasn’t sure if it was a question, or q request. 
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[Zyrao Natuana | Morning After | Morning Tea | Morning Routine | Different Day]

Zyrao noticed him stirring though she did not turn to look.  She could hear the slight shift of his skin against the sheets, and the way that the mattress beneath him shifted as he did trying to pull himself out of his dreams and towards the waking world again.  Zyrao dreamed often, though the only time those dreams truly affected her was when they were the nightmares of the Borg and the planet that she had lost all those decades ago. 

However, when she finished pouring the water into the cups and allowing the tea to begin to work itself into the proper color, with the right amount of caffeine for function, she heard him call her name.  She turned then, her hair slightly mussed from the fact that she had just woken.  Putting both the cups on a small black stone tray that she had brought from her apartment on Aldea, she carried them over to the bed where Foval was just now pulling himself into a sitting position.

“That would be me.” she said with a confident smirk.

Putting the tea down on the mattress close to him she turned and headed to the replicator to get some food.  Just some simple fair, the fact that she didn't really know what he liked to eat required that she wasn't replicating something complex.  Instead she settled for a fruit selection from across the galaxy so that they could each chose what they preferred the most.  Returning to the bed with the tray of fruit she placed it beside the stone tea tray and lowered herself down into a sitting position next to Foval with her legs crossed.

“I take it you slept as well as I.” she admitted as she picked up her tea, and took the first sip.  Zyrao was not all about manners but she certainly wasn't messy.  Tea was a precious beauty and she was not want to waste a single drop if she could help it.  With half the cup drank in the first couple sips she retired the cup momentarily to the tray and picked up the small fruit fork spearing a sweet but disgusting looking Klingon fruit that she had gotten attached to in her tenure with them.

“I was uncertain if you would still be present in my Quarters come light.  I am glad to see that you are, however, still here.  Last night was.. very pleasurable in many ways and on multiple levels.” she admitted before taking another bite of the fruit, her grey eyes looking over at the Vulcan-Borg that had somehow gotten himself a night with Zyrao and a possible future at her side if things continued in the same thread as they had begun.

“Do you have plans this morn?” she inquired.

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[Lt. J.G Foval |Booting up call | spot of tea | daily plans] attn @BZ

His dreams slowly receded into his mind, as his Borg systems awoke.   Of course, all of the sinister borg programming was long gone, but his implants operational systems told him, in a way he couldn’t quite explain how long he had been asleep.   While his physiological implants were fully rested his Borg implants were currently at 87% efficiency.   Problems wouldn’t present themselves until the 40% mark, but he made a note to regenerate his implants at the next opportunity.  

So, as it stood, he could get on with business… or pleasure, unobstructed for a few days yet.   He watched as she brought a platter of the fruit, and a cup of tea   As a Vulcan, the beverage was something that he was used to, the consumption of which was one of the few pleasures that were deemed acceptible by his people.   She brewed it well too, the tea provided an energy to him that had ben previously lacking.  

He watched Zyrao as she drank.   Every moved seemed to be calculate around the tea.   He found it fascinating.    She asked him what his plans were.  
E took
“I have a meeting with my department later.” He said.   “We are trying to fix things together.   There have been many upheavals at departmental and ship level.   Hopefully the new department can hit the ground running and do its part to providing a sense of continuity for the ship on its mission.”  

It was somewhat ironic, he had first contacted Zyrao the previous day to discuss work, and the reality had been quite different.   Pleasurable, but different.   

He took a piece of the plainest looking fruit on the platter and took a cautious bite.  

“And you, what does your typical day look like?”
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[Zyrao Natauna | Morning Calm | Getting Ready for Goodbyes | See You Soon | Next Time Your Place]

Tea was life.

It was everything and a constant in her life no matter what.  When she had been a slave, she had still worked hard for tea.  When she could get her hands on leaves, roots, anything she could stew into a tea she would do it because tea was not just about the drinking and hydration it was more about the comfort of the tea.  The warmth, the soothing, the scent, the art of brewing and pouring the tea.  It was an art form in a way, as well.  She sipped at her tea and speared a small sticky fruit that looked very much like a Terran pear but it wasn't, it was a Klingon fruit that she enjoyed quite a lot truthfully.  She bit into it, it was sweet and sour all in one bite and one of her favorite things to eat when she could.

He admitted that he would be working, and there was a meeting of his department later in the day that he would be forced to endure.  Of course, he probably didn't mind meetings, she used to think that she didn't but the longer she stayed on with the Theurgy the more meetings she was asked to join in on.  She didn't mind, she preferred to be consulted rather than left out of decisions, having grown used to being a fairly important part of the ship all these years on the Klingon vessel she had called home for years.  However, she also grew tired of the politics and the needless back and forth that the Theurgy seemed so hell bent on playing with every time they got together in a singular room.

“I am certain I have things to do.  The Klingon visitors will be needing some debriefing and to smooth the waters over with them, during their visits and to make sure they are still placed far enough away from the Savi that we have no true issues.  I try to be the one that escorts them on the ship as much as possible to help control that aspect.  The last thing we need is a Klingon Savi battle in Corridor six.” she chuckled spearing a small red fruit she had found she had a liking for, it had been labeled a strawberry and had been grown years ago on Earth.

“Perhaps this evening, then, after shift, we could meet up again only at your place this time?” she teased inquiringly as she nudged him with her elbow and took another sip of her tea.  Grey eyes were watching him, but she wasn't in an odd or strange mood, but instead, in just a normal and dare she say happy mood at the moment.  Things were looking up at the moment and she hoped that would stay around because she quite enjoyed Foval.  But hearts were fickle, and it would not surprise her if someone else began to seek him out to steal him away from her.  She would not hold grudges so long as it was done in earnest and properly, but she hated backstabbing bitches.

“Or perhaps a holodeck adventure.”


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