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Award Poll: Pakled Order 2019

Awarded to the main contributing writers in a humorous scene or situation that stands out way above the norm in terms of inducing laughter for the readers.

The poll will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their vote should take a few minutes to read the linked scenes first. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Pakled Order. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on your own scene.

Here are the nominations, with more information on the nominated writers & threads, which has been complemented by private nominations of additional writers in nominated threads:


Forum Name of Nominee: @BZ
Reason for Nomination: Because of different humorous contributions to the story
Motivation & Links:
1) Eun Sae Ji in Vantage Points
2) Vulcan Hand Jobs
3) The Terror of Tiran
4) Ghosts in the Machine
5) A Day in the Life of Albert Tiran
6) Cross the Sky for You
This writer has been nominated twice for her post in Vantage Points with Eun Sae Ji. The sheer nonsense she comes out with while coming round from sedation brought tears to my eyes the first time round. Coupled with her befuddled honesty about how she sees Liam Herrold, the entire post can't fail to bring a smile. Blue Tiran's reaction to Cross' debacle in Sickbay was also hillarious.

The NPC Kiki has been portrayed in few threads while Albert has had his own spotlight since he was rescued in the Versant, tied to his creator Blue Tiran. In a story as dark as ours been during the last Episode, some NPCs like these provide the necessary comic relief that allows you to bring a little light in the dark and go a little further, thinking that there are still good things in the world that are worth fighting for. In Albert's case, it also provides a wonderful rendering of an artificial creature, which is always interesting to read and, surprisingly, very amusing.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Fife & @Auctor Lucan
Reason for Nomination: For the Cross & V-Nine Un-Correction Scene
Motivation & Links:
Correction Correcting Corrections
To give cheers and luffs to amazing writers for making the site that much better and for making sure that people have things to read that are enjoyable and outside the norm. The nominator love writing with both of these fine people and truly enjoy the fact that they can write together in such spectacular fashion. If being badass writers isn't enough the hilarity at the awkwardness was carefully portrayed by both writers, and it really came through excellently through the writing!  It was a great laugh, a great situation. You can really imagine what's going on, see the scene in your mind as if you're watching it in high def and it was truly refreshing to find a thread that was just so damn awkward.  Neither of them were there for that, neither of them wanted it, and yet it happened to their mutual mortification.

Furthermore, @Fife is also nominated for the follow-up to this thread, named Vulcan Hand Jobs.


Forum Name of Nominee: @fiendfall
Reason for Nomination: Perfect characterisation of a hungover Vulcan having to deal with an Orion and his bat. Absolutely hilarious to read but still unarguably in keeping with the quirks of the species.
Motivation & Links:
Snakes and Ladders
Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
Specifically for the events of the thread 'Snakes and Ladders' but also tying into any thread that Hathev has ever existed in, the character is downright hilarious whilst remaining totally affixed to her logical disposition, which, of course, makes her even more hilarious to read. @fiendfall also does an incredible job of reacting to the antics of the Orion and his pet with the most ludicrous but also Vulcan of reactions. It is honestly amazing how well this character is written and, whilst she's an incredibly serious character, she is also downright hilarious. If you can read her posts without cracking a smile, you must be a Vulcan... The nominator recommend giving the thread a read, if only for the lines:  'You will control your rodent, Mr Zeshryr,' and 'I have no desire to touch your rodent.'

Lads Night Out
Avi has had very little time to shine in the story so far but mate, he's here to blow us all.  I could say a lot of things about him but I'm going to qualify him as the only character I've seen call a Vulcan as stuck-up as Seren "Twinkletoes" without blinking. That has its own merit.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Numen
Reason for Nomination: Seren being more hilarious than a Vulcan has any right to be, and Khorin's hilarious antics
Motivation & Links:
1) Lads Night Out
2) The More Things Change
3) Egos Emotives & Expletives
4) Far From the Tree
Numen writes Seren perfectly. He's a traditional Vulcan and never displays any emotion, and yet he is somehow also a complete and utter dork. He's written so subtly and well that even though he's telling you how logical he is, you can tell from Numen's description and wording that in reality he's an awkward dumbass. Seren trying to maintain his Prim and Proper Vulcan act while being a total doofus is genuinely delightful to read: hilarious, ridiculous, and fantastically written in its subtlety. The nominator love this Vulcan idiot immensely.

Another nominator like to nominate Numen for the Pakled award for her excellent writing of Khorin in the thread Dropspace, as well as in various other threads. Despite the seriousness of Dropspace, Numen managed to infuse humour into it with the antics of everyone's favourite loudmouth Klingon. A perfect example of this is in Reply #7 of Dropspace, where Khorin is so busy yelling insults at another character that he accidentally falls down a hole in the deck. Numen continues to write Khorin as a colourful character who's loud and boastful nature constantly gets a laugh out of me.


Forum Name of Nominee: @TWilkins
Reason for Nomination: For Y'Lev in Snakes and Ladders
Motivation & Links:
Snakes and Ladders
In general Twi is not a writer given to humor, focusing more on drama and yet the interaction between Y'Lev and Hathev is wonderful to read, hilarious and enjoyable. Enter the Vulcan too overly hangover and the spy too mischievous for his own good they created a strange dynamic but worthy of reading especially for the dadaist situation even treating a serious subject in the background. Y'Lev is another of those characters that hasn't had many chances to be written yet but has left us some unforgettable moments. Let's always remember the thong that must not be named which, although it appeared at a scene that is better not to repeat, has given us countless hours of humour in the OOC. Let us remember this situation from the best possible prism!


Forum Name of Nominee: @Triage
Reason for Nomination: The recurring joke of Cameron's clumsiness
Motivation & Links:
Welcome Aboard The Kut'luch
The nominator is particularly pointing out this post In general. @Triage provides that point of humour which is very necessary in a story like ours. Also in general her good disposition and support in the OOC and her general goofiness should be appreciated in its right measure.


Forum Name of Nominee: @Bastila
Reason for Nomination: For being able to induce a Vulcan to tell a joke
Motivation & Links:
The More Things Change...
@Bastila has been with us for relatively little time and yet the nominator have had the pleasure of sharing a thread with her. In spite of the seriousness of the subjects treated during this therapy session she has been able to perfectly balance comedy and drama making it not only a session where her character develops, but also helping the therapist (usually the passive agent of the session that functions as a wall on which the patient's reflections can be reflected) to acquire a more profound nature as a character. It is a very dynamic and natural interaction and the nominator is convinced that we will see many interesting things from this writer.

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan

Re: Award Poll: Pakled Order 2019

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This is such a hard round...
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Re: Award Poll: Pakled Order 2019

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Gonna have to echo Top Hat here, this is a tough one...

Re: Award Poll: Pakled Order 2019

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It's a four-way tie, which has never happened before. Thus, I have the pleasure of awarding no less than @BZ , @fiendfall , @Numen AND @Triage with the Pakled Order!

Congratulations to all of you!

Thank you to all the nominees for the excellent writing!


Auctor Lucan

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