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Biotechnology High School

- Biotechnology High School -

Freehold, New Jersey
07:35 a.m. 2013-04-26

Stuck in traffic, Ian Acreth had heard the First Bell chime in the distance - marking his morning defeat. With tired eyes staring across the steering wheel of his not-quite-new Prius, he cursed bitterly in his faded British accent.

Ian worked as a part time lab technician at the Biotechnology High School. He had considered it a privilege to get a position there whilst pursuing his Masters of Science Degree in Biotechnology, and not merely in the sense that the school's name rhymed well with his pursuit of knowledge.

The institution, the Biotechnology High School, was an internationally renowned program started in 2005, with two large research rooms, four state-of-the-art science labs and the possibility for the young students to earn an International Baccalaureate diploma. Being the newest member of the Monmouth County Vocational School District’s Career Academies, a mouthful to be sure, it was a highly demanding program, providing a rigorous curriculum with a thematic focus on the life sciences. Emphasis was placed on research, laboratory skills, critical thinking, problem solving, technology, and teamwork. The students majored in biomedical engineering, public health and nutrition. With a solid agreements with the New Jersey universities and working partnerships with many bio/pharmaceutical companies, it was a god-sent opportunity for him to earn a position there.

Combining his rigorous studies with a job, though, had proved to be a challenge for Ian... along with other distractions. No, he could not afford to think about that.

He pinched the bridge of his nose - shutting out the cascade of images in his head - and turned over to the left lane. He would just have to pass East Freehold Park, and turn into the first driveway. Then he'd drive through the parking lot in front of the Career Center. Almost there. Finally, he made a left onto the driveway of BTHS. He parked his car in front of the the large two story building and almost forgot his laptop in the passenger seat before he ran inside the large double doors. He dropped his glasses in the lobby while trying to close the doors behind him. They clattered against the mosaic floor, yet his mild cursing went unnoticed. It was past First Bell, and both teachers and students were in their home rooms before the first classes started. He raked back his brown hair and replaced his glasses upon his aquiline nose - hazel eyes trying to spot if the elevator was available.

On his way past the elevator doors, there was a sign with the names of all the staff at BTHS. Her name was there, among the rest. The letters stood out like a branding iron to his eyes.


Camille Morris
Carla Daniel
Dorthy Elizabeth Baxter
Derik Lance Randolph
Dewitt Stewart Santos
Emile Everett Harmon

Health & Fitness
Julianne Mercedes Weaver

Social Studies
Octavia Isabelle Simpson
Rachael Hughes
Ira Dewayne Franks
Israel Franklin Drake
Jame Guillermo Durham

Maggie Camille Henderson
Randell Zachariah Manning
Randy Ross Rhodes
Ron Ira Klein

School Nurse
Laurel Wong

Sophie Perez
Carolina Clarice Bowman
Cecile Wendy Hunt
Chasity Walton
Deana Lena Welch
Sam Kent Langley
Sammie Levine
Jefferson Efren Acosta
Ian Leopold Acreth
Jerold Nolan Leach

Shawna Alvarez
Lazaro Ryan
Lucio Cardenas
Vicente Morales

Freda Della Johnson
Gilda Zamora
Greta Lola Cooke

Admin. Assistant
Melissa Pamela Ferguson

Head Custodian
Sophie Stanton

Evening Custodians
Emilia Kathrine Lawson
Nathanael Sammie Elliott
Reginald Jackson Duke

Ian closed his eyes as he ascended the stairs, but her name remained imprinted upon his irises. Sophie Perez. She was the head of the Science team at BTHS, and moreover, his boss. He was late, and it was all her fault. Well, indirectly, of course. Ian's insomnia could not literally be blamed upon her. It was Ian's fault, for having the thoughts he had about her, for wishing to say what he wanted to say to her, or do what he wanted to do.

Having closed his eyes, Ian stumbled across the last step, completely lost his balance, and banged his head against the wall - making him drop his cursed glasses again. "Bloody hell," he groaned and tried to tug his over-sized khaki shirt straight across his wiry shoulders while also holding on to his laptop and looking for his lost spectacles.

"Mr. Acreth? Are you ok?" asked a tinkling voice behind him, making him straighten like a flagpole. It was not seemly for him to be seen coming in late by the students, even less cursing and standing out like the klutz that he was. He turned around and vaguely saw the silhouette of the speaker holding out his glasses. He took them, and the blonde young woman soon materialised out of his foggy vision.

It was Anna Tyler, nineteen years old, and while it appeared she was late too, she was also the embodiment of a breach against the Pupil Dress Code. I said 'All pupils are expected to dress appropriately for school and school functions' added with detailed paragraphs about what was 'appropriate' not not. And wile Anna did maintain a neat, clean appearance, her apparel was consistently either too tight, sheer, transparent, brief, low cut or revealing above or below the waist as to be indecent, overly provocative, distracting or disruptive to the school environment. There were halter-tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, and open-backed shirts. If she did wear t-shirts, they were either torn or contained a questionable slogan or print - be it either clearly vulgar, offensive, lewd, obscene, or actively connoting the use of alcohol and/or drugs. This, added with pants and/or shirts that exposed the midriff, sunglasses indoors and numerous other things, had caused her to be disciplined by the school administration on numerous occasions. Yet evidently, Anna's parents did not care one wit about the transgressions, and the farce was spiralling down to its pre-determined ending.

Ian did care for these transgressions, yet he was not in the position to admit this. Her appearance did not help him either, with his thoughts darting back to Sophie Perez instantly. And while Anna's full lips and big blue eyes promised a great deal every time he happened to look her way, she was but a pretty candle compared to the dawn - the bright sunrise of Sophie Perez and her damnable tailored suit. Oh, Sophie was aggressive, dominating and wore both her hair and her humour in a tight braid. Yet because of some strange reason, it only served to entice Ian further, making him hard only thinking about her.

"O-oh, my," said Anna with growing mischievous smile, her hand reaching forward, "Mr. Acreth..."

Ian yelped and covered himself with his laptop, not saying a word before he darted up the stairs. Behind him, Anna giggled like the loose little harlot that she was. She was six years younger than him, but at the BTHS and with his sore need for his part time job, it was a measurement of the abyss that he could never even consider crossing.

Eventually, after a stop at the men's room, Ian slipped into the science lab. Or rather, out of the ashes into the flame.

Ian's Apartment
01:35 a.m. 2013-04-27

Tossing and turning upon the mattress on the floor, Ian could not help but look back on a day of further embarrassments. Sophie had been furious with him, and with she being in her mid-thirties, it was almost like being lectured by his mother back in London. Yet Sophie was not his mother, and her firm body did not appear to be a year past twenty-two. Her shirt and her bra were almost two sizes too small - at least in Ian's enduring opinion - and her manicured nails... He imagined they were made to scrape along the ventral side of his manhood. Her green eyes, to stare up into his own whilst she applied her tongue against his aching desire. Her ash-blonde hair, for him to grab a hold on...

It was not until 3:00 a.m. that Ian finally fell into something resembling sleep...

OOC Plot notes: This one is more straight-forward: You harass poor Mr. Acreth in whatever way you want with whichever character you want, ranging from Sophie Perez to anyone in the list... or even Anna Tyler. Improvisation and plain old fun, with countless possibilities as to how we wish to spin this story. You could even pick to play just a student character, if you want. *smiles and shrugs*

Re: Biotechnology High School

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Anna's Home
5:25 p.m. 2013-04-26

Anna's day at school had been both as productive and yet as unproductive as she would have liked. The Biotechnology High School - truly a prestigious landmark and a chance to really aid within the scientific pursuits of the varying fields the institution had on offer, and while Anna had a legitimate interest in one very particular field of Biological sciences... The truth was; it was very hard for her to care.

"I'm hoooome~" she would call out; simply throwing aside her books and satchel to one side where she would begin nonchalantly removing her tie, allowing her shapely E cup sized breasts to become even more exposed to the air, glistening with sweat from a mixture of both humidity and her own body heat. Not a response; typical really. Being an only child in a family had its perks - but she knew the truth of it and that truth was only further reinforced upon entering the kitchen and seeing the note left upon the kitchen isle.

"We've gone out to have some fun~ Don't go causing a mess like last time. There is a meal in the microwave or you can order something; we'll be back later this evening."

Anna couldn't help but let out a disappointed sigh, even as her right hand instinctively drifted down over her stomach and flirted with the idea of delving between her legs. Biting her lip - she exhaled heavily...but her arousal was burning harder than usual tonight. The sight of Mr.Acreth's raging hard-on earlier this morning had been on her mind all day. Promptly; she took to heading upstairs so that she might strip down from her muggy school clothes and proceed with getting cleaned up for the night.

Stripped down to her birthday suit; her sumptuous figure that most men would kill for and a lot of teenagers would feel paralyzed and unable to react outside of allowing their instincts to consume them; Anna would step forth into the shower unit of the bathroom, allowing the cool water to splash and flow along her curves and even as she closed her eyes; her face would flush with desire as the image of the flustered and sexually frustrated Lab Technician played in her mind.

Even as her fingers danced and traced across her stomach and down to toy with the petals of her soaked flower; biting her lip in anticipation of experiencing very temporary relief - Anna had to confront how her path had indeed been spiralling out of her control.

She was a slut; and a good one at that. It had been very easy for her to pay off most of her bills by perfecting the 'trade' as it were, because Anna was a Hypersexual. Obsessive and compulsive; and it was the reason why she got into the field of Sexology in the first place. Everything about it fascinated her; from the science to the consequences, to the social mechanics and of course...the very act of it.

And the more taboo it was; the more it ignited her core with genuine excitement. With a light yelp of pent up desire, her legs gently shaking - her mind was made up.

She was going to seduce Mr.Acreth at any cost...she just had no idea what kind of competition she would be dealing with of course.

Biotechnology Highschool
09:00 a.m. 2013-04-27

Anna had arrived in the school a bit earlier than usual; and for her first lesson she had managed to behave. Her dress code was only marginally improved today however. While she had left her sunglasses and other more Fashionista like items at home; her uniform was still heavily leaning on the sexualized side. Her jacket clung tightly to her hour glass figure and large bust; buttons undone and tie askew so the fabric of her basic white shirt could be seen being stretched by the firmness and youth of her bountiful breasts. Her skirt stopped just at the upper thigh length and her panties were lacey and pink; a sure treat to anyone who could see them. She also had no stockings on, just socks that went up to her knees so her shapely thighs were also on display.

Much of her early morning had broken her usual routine of sucking and exploiting the more unscrupulous boys in the school; easy money was always useful to have - but instead she spent the first hour searching around the campus for Mr.Acreth hoping to ambush him just as she did yesterday and when she was unsuccessful; her impatience in trying to locate him made her twenty minutes late for her first lesson.

She had been looking for a chance to find and tease Mr.Acreth, to perchance learn more about his sexual inclinations without causing alarm - and as it so happened; the second lesson she was in was one based within a Lab, the current lesson being an in-depth study into Algae based power production and heat management within Architectural systems such as Lights or exterior panels...a subject that had no interest to her what so ever. Even as she sat her desk and idly and provocatively sucked upon a cherry lollipop; she would lazily twirl a pencil through her fingers, doing her best not to think sexy thoughts or to flirt with any of the students around her.

Her only saving graces to keep herself somewhat focused and her panties only simply damp were to keep thinking about Mr.Acreth and that her next lesson after this was one focused on Sexual Sciences and with a small groan of annoyance she folded one leg over the other.

-Where is he? He's usually here by now...- her hormone filled brain would protest and Anna simply pursed her lips in agreement. It was getting more and more tempting by the moment to give into the urges that usually controlled and dictated her life. But she steeled herself and let out a long exhale to try and steady her heart rate.

Re: Biotechnology High School

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Biotechnology Highschool
09:48 a.m. 2013-04-27
Adjusting his glasses in front of his hazel eyes, Ian Acreth cleared his throat and made his way up the stairs. Traffic had been even worse, and he expected to be called in once more - receiving a tongue-lashing from Sophie Perez and perhaps even sent to the Principal's office to explain his tendencies to be late for work. He did not care so much for the latter part, but he had a kind of morbid wish to end up in Sophie's office again, regardless the reason and the potential consequences.

Halfway up the stairs, he realised he had forgotten his laptop in his Prius. "Shit..."

Cursing under his breath, he turned around in the stairs, but in his haste.... he tripped over his own feet and fell, letting out an undignified yell. He lost all orientation after that, and his world was reduced to sudden agony and subsequently... oblivion.

Nurse's Office | Biotechnology Highschool
11:24 a.m. 2013-04-27

When Ian came to, he was underneath a blanket, and the lights of the room hurt his eyes. He had aches all over, in too many places to pinpoint right away, and muffled voices were heard from outside the room. It sounded like a woman talking on the phone with someone, but he couldn't quite make out the words. It took him a few seconds to make an educated guess as to where he was, and just when he realised it, the door opened and revealed the face of the School Nurse - Laurel Wong.

"Ah, you're awake, I am so relieved. You gave us quite a scare, Mister Acreth," she said and came to his side - the white coat she wore catching the overhead lights of the small ward he had been placed in. "How are you feeling?"

"I... don't know. I am a little bit... cold?" Ian said, realising that he wasn't wearing much underneath the blanket. Thankfully enough, he still had his boxer briefs on - something he quickly determined with his fingers underneath the thin cloth Wong had laid over him.

"I'll turn up the heat," she said with a smile and then proceeded to fill in some blanks while she looked for the remote to the AC. "You fell down the stairs in the lobby, but apparently you cried out loud enough to alert half the school. A couple of custodians found you and called for me, and by the time I got there... let's just say that a few of the students that had gathered in the lobby were taking pictures and posting it online. You've gone viral while you were out, I am afraid."

"Oh, great..." Ian said and rolled his eyes, mortified over the whole thing. "Wait, why am I not in the hospital?"

"Because you're fine. The ambulance came and left again. The paramedics even laughed after they helped carry you here on a stretcher. They told me to call them when you came to, and I was just on the phone with one of the Doctors. You'll be quite all right, but I am to check for a concussion before I let you leave. Is it okay if I do it after lunch, though? One of the students volunteered to bring you some food, and she should be here any minute now."

"Umm.. Sure, I guess," Ian said, frowning a little since he had a bit of a headache and the lighting was a bit bright. "W-Where are my clothes, though?"

"The paramedics cut them off you," Wong said with a chuckle, "so that they could make sure you had no open fractures. Reginald Duke said he'd get you some maintenance clothes from the Custodian's Office a bit later."

"Oh, Okay..." Ian sighed, and supposed he had a legitimate reason for not showing up. "Can I leave?"

"Not until I have checked you for a concussion, so rest there and I will be back after lunch. Take it easy and relax, okay?"


After Wong left him, Ian sighed, and closed his eyes - trying to ignore the minute aches and pains he felt. he sat up a bit, and when the blanket fell away, he could see the bruising all over his arms and his sides. "Geez..."

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