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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 1300 hours ]

Meanwhile, Maya was leading Lahkesis to the medical storage room near the back entrance to sickbay "Come little one, I'll show you where I have stored the Lexorin," the little Vulcan purred in her quiet mezzo-soprano voice.  "We will start Ensign Cir'Cie at two milliliters," she continued as the door to the storage room hissed open.  "That should allow her to resist her mental conditioning if she chooses without negating my presence.  We can increase the dosage if she experiences difficulty successfully resisting the conditioning," she added as she knelt in a corner and opened one of the containers mounted in the wall.  "This was supposed to last me the rest of the year," she commented as she extracted one of the little boxes she had stored in there, "but when we are finished it is unlikely there will be any of it left.  We will have to use it frugally," she said as she handed the box to the willowy redhead.

[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 07  | 1300 hours ]

"People following Lieutenant Lance, leave the rifles behind unless we run out of hand phasers. We'll be moving fast and hard. And besides, we're liable to encounter some weapons lockers along the way." Sten Covington called to the refugees assembled in 'Below Decks' on Deck Seven.  "Come on people! There's work to be done!"

"Okay, I'm going to need people who are light on their feet and know the ship well enough to find a place to hide," Tessa announced, "and I think I've got a plan for distributing these combadges throughout the ship too." 

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cinn


Breathe, Cam...just breathe. Cameron Henshaw thought to herself. She tried to keep her head together, a feat that was getting harder and harder with each passing moment on board this ship. First, the whole fiasco that started with the Harbinger; finding out that Starfleet's been compromised from within, and Ensign Sonja Acreth was one of them, those traitors. Then there was the growing unease on board the ship. Whatever it was, Henshaw figured she was probably too far below on the ladder to be included in whatever discussions were being had, which was funny, considering her duties to the crew. Either way, she was beginning to feel unwelcome, which eventually pushed her to leaving the Harbinger and transferring her duty assignment over to the Theurgy.

It didn't get better there, however. If anything, it just got worse. She lost her sister, and then she might now be losing her captain's faith in her, to say nothing of the betrayal she felt when Sjaandin Fedd compromised her position, and revealed his own duplicities. Was everything in her life a lie? Save for the losses, nothing good seemed to last, and she always pushed the pain away, glossing it over with deep passions. As she stood there in the turbolift, heading away from the bridge, she finally came to a realization that she had known all along: You can't get rid of the pain by ignoring it.

It started soft and slowly, at first. A soft whimper, compelled by a twisting sensation in her gut, and her heart thumping loudly in her own ears, a gasping sob, and then it was a dam bursting forth. For a moment she didn't care if her crying alerted the entire universe to her location. She needed this, just for a moment. After all, wasn't crying supposed to alleviate stress? If it helped, then she would do it. So, for once in her life, Henshaw allowed herself this moment to truly let out to no one in particular, everything that had been building up inside of her all this time since being branded an outlaw by Starfleet. It did not change her situation, did not bring back that which she had lost, but it did feel like it helped, if only a little.

Barely composing herself, her eyes were reddened, as was the tip of her nose, and the tear stains on her face and the uniform were strong hints of what she had been doing. But now she had a job to do. There would be time for more crying later, if she survived this, of course. First of all, she needed to see Captain Ives freed and restored to operational command. She had found herself in Deck 07, possibly a dangerous location. But then, nowhere on the Theurgy could be considered safe at the moment. So with that in mind, she snuck out of the turbolift and made her way into some hiding spot, where she might be able to compose a plan of approach. She needed to know what was going on.

Ideas were not coming to her while she hid out, running through her own mind the things she wanted to say to assure Captain Ives of where she stood with the crew of the Theurgy, and him/her. That was when she realized that she was very close to "Below Decks", where she could hear voices. In fact, the commanding one sounded familiar. She crouched low to the ground, and strained her ears to pick up on the voice of Wenn Cinn.

[ Wenn Cinn ] "Alright, sorry about that, we needed to sort some things out before we got the plan under way. Now we are going to be having the crew split up, we need to form three groups. One will go with me to the shuttle bay and work to rescue the captain and any other detained crew. The second will go with Lieutenant Lance and work to keep the mutineers distracted. The last group shall remain here, this group shall consist of anyone who is injured or unfit to enter a combat situation, those left behind shall work together to fortify the location and help anyone that is wounded recover."

Hmmm! Henshaw thought. She had found other loyalists it seemed, and they were forming a group to rescue Captain Ives. Whatever happened, she was now determined to join them, and help with the rescue of the captain.

[ Wenn Cinn ] "I will need at least one person who is familiar with the shuttle bays and the layout to come with my team. At the very least my team needs six people besides myself. One of which needs to be a trained engineer who can disable a forcefield, one needs to be familiar with transporter use and operations and the rest need to be combat trained in some degree...we need to move quickly and quietly through the ship. Anyone else who has some combat experience and doesn't mind the prospect of getting into combat situations should join up with Lieutenant Lance's team and move to deck 5 to draw attention away from the rest of us."

It seemed like it was time to announce her presence. She snuck back out to the entrance, and then made a more overt and open approach towards the popular hangout, staying out of sight of any trigger-happy individuals, and she loudly rapped on the hull walls with her knuckles, followed by slapping her palm once, making sure the group gathered in Below Decks heard the noise, and she quickly said, "Don't shoot! I am unarmed."

Raising her hands upwards in a demonstration of surrender and no armaments, she then said, "I'm coming in." And she stepped into Below Decks, moving slowly, carefully. She was certain sudden movements would be the end of her.

"Ensign Cameron Henshaw." She said, keeping her hands up, "Captain's yeoman."

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Lahkesis Saugn | Sickbay

Lahkesis stayed at her friend's side. Her uncertainty played across her face. The whole situation, both inside sickbay and in the rest of the ship caused her untold amounts of anxiety. It was difficult for her to put into words, and no she felt as if there was a risk of her losing her only friend. She knew she had the medical training to handle any situation that came about. She knew what drugs and about what doses to cause the Vulcan mind to basically 'reset'. That would be the last resort measure, mostly because it would require near direct neural stimulation and any false move could do a great deal of damage.

And then a question formed in her mind. Something Maya had said stood out. "You've been using Lexorin regularly?" she asked the concern in her voice rising. Though the drug was not overly harmful, regular usage of it could cause an increased tolerance to the drug.  It was a variable that would need to be taken into account before the meld could take place. She bit her lips nervously. "We may need to increase the dose we give you accordingly. You might be building up a tolerance."

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| Rory Callahan | Below Decks | Deck 07 | 1300 Hours]

Setting the bottle of eyedrops down when Quake seemed distracted, Rory went off to get glasses along with pitchers of water and the rations.  He hadn't said anything about using a phaser.  Hell he didn't trust himself with one but he trusted his fists and he had the advantage of being a civilian, of not being thought of as a threat, being able to use the element of surprise on one or two people at a time.  He could have taken those communicators to somewhere off the wall, leading Vasser's people somewhere and just say he found them.

But no, he was nothing.  Just like when he'd been on the Harbinger.  In the old days they used to call for every man to raise arms.  Then women were included in those ranks.  Anyone with some semblance of intelligence could be useful.  Here though, he was stripped of dignity and humanity, told to fetch water and food like a servant or even a slave.  Bringing out another couple of pitchers which he set on the bar, he determined it was probably enough for them for now so he retreated back to the one storage room so he wouldn't be underfoot.

Not for the first time since everything went to hell again, he thought of Natalie.  They had that wonderful night and she'd made him feel like a man again.  It hadn't been the intimacy, that had only been a part of it all.  It had been the fact she talked to him, encouraged him to try to find things to help the crew, but not everyone was as wonderful and understanding as Natalie.  "I hope yer okay, Darlin', that those bastards don' get t' ye," he muttered morosely.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy | 1300 Hours ]

As there cam a voice asking for fire to be held Wenn stopped his talk and turned to look to see who had just com in. As he spotted Ensign Henshaw he stopped and stared at her before turning to face the woman and crossed his arms in front of his chest. His face shifted into the beginning of a scowl as he looked at her, he knew who she was, and he did not trust her to be on the side of Captain Ives considering her position and alleged role in thins that were happening.

As she sad who she was and her position Wenn raised a hand and waved off Cameron. "I know who you are Ensign, I saw you at the meeting before this all went down. I must admit though that I did not expect you to be the one to come here to confront us." He walked towards her and stood in front of her before assuming a firm stance. "So what brings you here? Have you been sent in to give us an ultimatum? do you intend to be Vasser's mouthpiece, coming here to try and buy us out? Or were you simply sent to find out what the gathering on this deck was about?" He squinted as he looked at the young woman, he did not for a second think that the Ensign might just be there to try and join up with them.

Wenn Cinn as instantly making plans for what to do with the latest visitor...he figured that she would best be left here. He would need to leave her com badge, with all the other being taken away then the mutineers might think that they had killed her and left hr body hr while they moved out through the ship to do their plan. Of course depending on ho much she knew she might be useful in finding out the strength of the mutiny, and of course if he brought her along she might be able to gain access to the ship computers for them to exploit.But first he need to her her out though.

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[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cinn


"I guess that makes everyone on board this ship...maybe even me..." she replied casually to Cinn's remark about not expecting her of all people to come to him. She lowered her hands, folding her left hand to lightly hold on to her right arm as the imposing Bajoran approached to stand before her, and she looked away. Her eyes were still red-rimmed from all the crying she had done in the turbolift, and her nose a shade of red.

She listened to his barrage of questions that followed, and was a little disheartened. So they assumed she was working on behalf of Vasser, a man she was starting to think of less as a captain and more as a mere opportunistic, murderous pirate. In a ways though, Cinn inspired a sensation within the her heart. It felt like a twinge at first, but it quickly grew into a fire she was not even sure that she had, but her eyes were blazing now, and she lifted her head proudly to look up at Cinn.

"No ultimatums, sir." She said, "And I would be a poor mouthpiece for that fool, considering I wouldn't have the slightest clue what he would want me to say, since I am not one of his. I also was not aware of you lot until I actually drew close enough to hear voices...but now for your most valuable question, as to what brought me here; it is my intention to see Captain Jien Ives restored to command, and that bloody bitch T'Rena and the renegade Vasser brought to justice. Is that good enough?"

As she spoke, her own anger - not at Cinn, but the overall situation - rising, caused inflections of her British accent to slip into her pronounciations, and her false American was gradually bleeding away. The overall strain was getting to her, and normally she still had to concentrate to hide her accent, something which she was having a hard time doing right now, since she was standing here looking at powerful individuals, who were also armed, unlike her. Moreover, they didn't trust her, and that was getting her annoyed, since she felt this was wasting time. Time which could be spent getting over to Jien Ives sooner. At this point, she didn't care about anything else, other than seeing him/her restored to command, and also perhaps, realizing that she held little to no loyalty to Vasser any longer.

She decided that a passionate outburst was sufficient to get her point across, but now to also sell her skills and make it available to Cinn, seeing as he seemed to be the one in command here, and let him see the tactical value to having her along, even if unarmed. She glanced around at everyone present, and looked at Rory a little longer, before turning her eyes upon Cinn once more, and she lowered her hands to either side of her, her fists clenched. She had to choose her words carefully, since they already seemed on edge about her being from the Harbinger once, it would not do well to let them know she'd been listening to them prior to making her presence known.

"I have training in engineering. I can help out in that regard. I am also trained in rudimentary hand-to-hand and ranged combat, of course. I am the yeoman to Captain Jien Ives, so one way or another, I'm going to have him freed, with or without your help. I'm going, no question. And if you won't have me along, then to hell with you, I'll get him out myself."

She drew on a little psychology and common sense here. By declaring absolute determination to participate in freeing Captain Ives, meant that it would be more sound and better to coordinate with her and have her along, rather than have her going off on her own, and not having a clue what she might do along the way. Plus, the alternative left to Cinn would be to stun her, tie her up and leave her prisoner here, which would be as good as tying up and wasting resources on something valuable that would clearly be better use as help on an already dangerous venture.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Reclamation Center | Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Heather McMillan & Hylota Vojona

Too late had the darkness inside stirred and animated his limbs, given strength to the host body. Lucan had not really felt the last blows against his ribcage, but the first blows to his face and torso had struck true - sent his mind against the edge of oblivion and unconsciousness. All of the beating he had received had bruised and bloodied him, but as the darkness bled out of the abyss of his soul, it nullified the pain - cleared his head instantly.

The creature that wore Lucan like a glove regretted the years of resistance - being quenched for far too long and not yet having assumed full control. The doctor's motivations and will was too strong, besides the fact that the Câroon species and their minds were almost impenetrable. It was only through physical possession that the nameless darkness had  been able to exert a link to the doctor's mind, and after several years, it was only when the doctor's iron clutch on his semblance of sanity truly slipped that it could rise to the surface. Such an instance had come...

...and gone. The Ovri dealt with the Cadet, and the creature inside wanted to lash out in ire and quench its thirst for blood. Yet the doctor reclaimed control when the beating ceased... and Lucan sunk down on one knee. Vaguely, he felt Hylota catch him and help him away from the railing, but the agony coursing through his nervous system forced him to lie down on the deck plates - ending up on his side and raising a shaking, tattooed hand to his face. More than anything, it was his pride that hurt the worst, and the irritation of almost having lost control to the thing inside. If the darkness had claimed control, it wouldn't just have killed the Cadet. It would have struck down the women and taken its sweet time with them before throwing all three bodies into the processing pit. Nurse Vojona had no idea just how fortunate it was hat she had acted so quickly. Odd, how he came to accept the liability of the beast's will yet again...

The voices of the women reverberated in his aching head. They asked him how he fared, and urged for haste. To leave, since the Cadet had revealed their position.

"I'm here, I'm here," he grated thickly and fell over on his back. It felt like he had bit the side of his tongue, and he flexed his jaw to ease some of the throbbing ache in his face. He ran his fingers down the side of his countenance, feeling that the young man had split the skin over his cheekbone with his knuckles. It was hard to tell how his ribs had fared, but nothing felt broken. "Just remind me, next time, that I am a doctor... not some bloody commando."

Awkwardly, he got up on his hands and knees, and shook his head to clear his mind - soon getting up on his feet. He put a hand against the throbbing pain in one of his sides and spat out some blood before talking again. "Miss McMillan, would you please prepare the canisters with the anti-grav generators? We need... six of them. Nurse... could you remove his uniform jacket and his trousers? We might be able to use them to bundle up the canisters... and we could carry them to the turbolift. Yes, we have to brave the corridors, because in the condition we are in... we will be too slow and too loud... if we use the Jefferies tubes the last of the way. Go, go. Hurry."

He swallowed down the bile in his throat and went to lean heavily on the railing. He tried to assemble some order to his thoughts. "I'm no good with a rifle, but I have two good arms. With the generators attached, I could carry all the canisters if they are put into two bundles. One of you will have to watch our back and warn us if we get company. The other one have to take the rifle and take point. Quick, does either of you know how to point that thing?"

The seconds ticked away, and more mutineers would be there any moment.

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[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 07  | 1300 hours ]

Tessa found Cameron Henshaw's offer to help hard to believe.  When the pixie-cutted ginger identified herself as the captain's yeoman, the golden-eyed brunette couldn't resist asking "Which captain?"  Henshaw was a recent transfer from the Harbinger and for her not to have had a role in the current mutiny was harder to believe than Wenn Cinn coming back from the dead.

She listened carefully and watched Cinn's face to see how he reacted to Henshaw's story.  When the ginger haired ensign was finished Goldeneye had her own suggestion.

"Sir I recommend she goes with my group," Tessa smirked.  Who better to join the decoy party than the spy? 

OOC:  My personal opinion is the opposite of Tessa's.  Henshaw needs to redeem herself in front of Jien Ives if she's going to continue being his yeoman.   It's more dramatic if she has a personal role in his rescue. 

[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 07 | 1300 hours ]

"You've been using Lexorin regularly?" Lahkesis asked as she and Maya obtained a sample of the drug from the medical supply room near the back entrance to main sickbay.  The concern in the willowy redhead's voice was unmistakable, even to someone who had grown up without hearing a voice of concern.

"Only when I perform a mind touch for medical reasons," the little Vulcan assured her as they left the medical storage room and made their way back to the biobed where the unconscious Cir'Cie was waiting for them.  "My last dose was after Lieutenant Morali's operation," she admitted, remembering the near disaster that was just this morning.  That Sarresh Morali's psychical recovery was as successful as it was made it easy to believe that Wenn Cinn had returned from the dead.  The fact that superstition still existed in this day and age was surprisingly easy to accept.  "I am the only physician aboard qualified to make mental contact as a medical treatment.  It seemed prudent to procure a supply."

"Unfortunately the medication could interfere with telepathy," Maya admonished as they approached the biobed and the comatose Vulcan restrained on it.  "We will have to administer the drug after I've made contact, and even then only in small doses."

"I am ready to proceed," Maya declared as she massaged her fingers.  "Give the patient half a milliliter of Masiform D.  It should bring her to a semiconscious state that will be receptible without being overly resistant to my influence.   Now I must have quiet," she said as she placed the fingertips of her large spiderlike hands on the other Vulcan's face.  "My mind is your mind," she whispered as she closed her large hazel eyes.  "My thoughts are your thoughts..."

OOC:  Edited Maya's reply to get the ball rolling.

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[Sten Covington | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 7 | 1300 ]

Finally, work was getting under way. And Sten was busy, walking between clumps of activity even as he chewed on an emergency ration. These new ones weren't bad. Better than their previous iteration, but nowhere near as good as their predecessor. One had to wonder why they'd change such a good thing. But then again, there were always people willing to reinvent the wheel to justify their existence, or avoid being reassigned away from a cushy job.

The distraction devices his people were assembling were almost done and the two ordnance techs were just then gutting a PADD and a handful of commbadges to provide the detonator and initiation circuitry, which would set off the devices about half a second after materializing with a blinding flash and a deafening boom. Anyone within five meters or so might be showered with a bit of light shrapnel, but still the devices should not prove lethal.

And just as the Chief of the Deck encouraged his men further, an unlikely head popped in. What was her name? Henshaw? She was the Captain's yeoman, a young little thing originally from the Harbinger. And rightfully, she was viewed with a great deal of suspicions.

The grizzled Chief Warrant Officer said nothing at first, simply observing. As a forty year veteran, he had a finely honed sense for detecting bullshit and it wasn't going off. In fact, he was inclined to believe her. However, he stepped directly in front of the petite ensign, dwarfing her with his bulk and looked directly into her eyes, his pale gaze boring into hers. "Ma'am, look me in the eye and say that again."

Anyone who knew of Sten Covington or even of his reputation knew one thing for certain: lying to him was damn hard, and never a good idea. And now, he was putting the gingernut to the test.

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| Rory Callahan | Below Decks | Deck 07 | 1300 Hours]

"Face it Rory, you're worthless an' sulkin' 'bout it," he muttered to himself, digging through a few boxes and pulling out a couple of bottles of liquor.  "Might as well get drunk, jus' like ye did on tha' damn planet," he continued to grumble and then several random thoughts shot through his mind.

Stepping back to the doorway, he peeked out and saw the Starfleet crew at one of the exits, still arguing amongst each other.  Turning his head, he looked at the other exit ... clear.  A slow smile formed and he grabbed a box cutter which he stuffed into his pocket and then the two bottles.

While the others were arguing, he held his breath as he slipped out and moved naturally toward a table close to the exit.  A glance at the others proved no one was really looking his way which gave his long legs all the chance they needed to stride right out that door and away from those who only saw him good enough for a water boy.

It had been the thought of Natalie, more so the thought that the beautiful woman was being hurt, that had galvanized him and he knew she would be on the bridge.  They had planned to meet again after her shift but things were so crazy now that he had a feeling her shift wasn't going to end anytime soon ... or would end too soon.

(To Subjection Tread)

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[ Axius vel Onea | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 07 | 1300 hours ]

Heartbeats were a strange thing. They were a rhythm, a constant metronome in the symphony of life - contracting and retracting in unison to pull and push blood through your veins. Heartbeats were a reminder that even when you're out of tempo in the sea of society, you always have yourself to look in to.

Listening to one's own heartbeat was a practice Axius knew very well. He didn't truly express his emotions in the healthiest way possible, a characteristic very unique when it came to Câroon individuals. Instead of talking or crying or raging, he kept it inside a small box, tucked away in the corner of his mind, taking up space that could be used somewhere else productively. So when he did check into this little black box, Axius made sure his heart was beating, listening to the pumping inside of his chest to remind himself he was well and humble.

He needed this as he assembled the puzzle of this plan. This outrageous feat of reconquering what was taken from them and saving their commanding officer. Axius vel Onea needed to know that emotions were not going to interfere with his goal just as they were interfering with his thoughts right now.

Focus, he told himself, emerging back into reality.

Axius stood in his ridiculous surgical scrubs in lieu of his uniform, arms crossed after he had awkwardly confronted his superior officer, pack member, and friend about her disbelief in the validity of the Lieutenant Commander. He nodded along almost passionately as he preached about his whereabouts -- the struggle he had to go through after his resurrection in order to end up where he was now. When the chief looked at him with a gratuitous grin, he smiled back with a nod.

He then watched Papa Bear order Chavez to retrieve the firearms Rory had spoken about, witnessing the finicky deck sloth scramble for the phasers behind the counter of the bar.

His head darted across the room, inhaling the words spoken by the officers like much-needed air, until he realized he wasn't needed at the moment. They were making tactical decisions, which explored levels beyond his spectrum of expertise. But one thing did ring, the comment about the actual strength of the mutineers. Wenn spoke the truth -- how could they be sure that this proposed strength of a unified crew wasn't just a facade? As he just explained, Vasser was capable of manipulation, but only when he has performers to dance out his choreography for him. Maybe they were just that. Performers. Puppets. Unable to cover the actual force they are said to have.

"Isn't it possible that they aren't as loyal as they seem as well?" He gathered his own thoughts before continuing, "Fear can do a lot of things to people. In this case it might be acting as a provocation of negative allegiance. Just something to remember when it comes time to face the Harbinger crew."

He trailed off, not realizing Callahan's efforts to subdue the pain of his stinging eyes, which again placed his palms on, exerting pressure in attempt to lessen the wave of sharpness. As they opened once more, illusionary phosphenes danced before him as the world came back into focus.

At this point, he realized the extent of his usefulness. He was a fighter pilot, a non-commissioned one at that. Goldeneye has the experience of a lieutenant, and Papa with the many years of service he clocked in. Axius only knew what was taught to him by Uzamaki or crash courses. Field fighting, like the altercation in the Fighter Bay, was logic. Fire. Duck. Fire. But the art of conversion wasn't as graceful as he would like if it wasn't behind a flight jacket and white Valk hulls.

To make use of the moment, he grabbed the medkit, a reaction to the small injuries spotted on the bodies of other officers in the room. The metal case featured the human symbol of healthcare, a caduceus atop a science-division teal plate. He clicked it open, revealing the scarce inventory of medical equipment. Axius knew what the kit contained, every Starfleet officer, line or warrant, was required to know how to handle it.

The medical tricorder rang to life in his hands as he examined the officers in the room, gliding the dermal regenerator over any cuts or scrapes they had suffered in their escape from death. As he found his way to the weezing ensign sitting down, he grasped the hypospray, pre-loaded with a cocktail of six different medicines. Cordrazine for heart failure, Misinform-D, acting as a stimulant to failed systems, melenex for anesthesia, and the stapled tri-ox compound, for oxygenating damaged red blood cells. Just a push of one of the six smaller buttons would select the correct dosage and substance for the patient. In this case, he administered the standard 15 ccs of the oxygen, calming down her breathing as she panicked.

Along treating the room, he came along to Rory, finally noticing the eyedrops he had left for him. "I assume you're not injured are you?" he asked jokingly, knowing he had been safe in the tavern. He continued to say a thanks for the saline, but was interrupted by the calling of a thin, female voice. Unrecognizable, she emerged.

Cam Henshaw, the yeoman he never got to know. She was neutral to him, neither good nor bad in her reputation. Only the reaction of his crew seemed to influence his thoughts, but Axius seemed to bypass her presence as he walked, medkit over his shoulder, to Papa Bear, interrupting him to ask if he wanted his wounds treated.

OOC: My greatest apologies for my lengthy inactivity. There have been a lot of personal and work-related issues I'd rather forget than discuss, and it really made me realize what a bitch life can be sometimes. But I hope I've caught up on the posts I've missed. If I've left anything out, please let me know. Thanks.

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[ Hylota Vojona | Reclamation Center | Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & Always A Healer

Hylota wanted to do more for her commanding officer, but he was right, they had very little time so she had to act quickly. Hylota patted his back before she rushed over to the unconscious form of the cadet and she began to pull  off his uniform. It took her a a few moment to get it going, but once she got the garment moving Hylota was surprisingly efficient at working with one arm when she did not try to incorporate it back into her actions. As Hylota worked to get the cadet fully stripped before she brought the uniform back to Lucan and listened to him talk about the rifle.

"Alright, You can carry the canisters, and I mean no offence her Heather." She turned and raised her one good hand up in defense of her statement. "I would feel much safer if he woman who tripped five times in the few minutes it took to get here was not the one carrying a lethal weapon." She looked to to the rifle and she sighed. ''I am not the best with a weapon, but my arms are strong and despite what happened with the canisters I am quite efficient with one hand for many tasks." Se went and picked up the rifle and put its shoulder strap on. She took a bit of effort to get used to the carrying, but Hylota was able to get a handle on it after a while.

Looking to the door Hylota bounced the weapon in her arm and nodded as she considered the ability to carry it as she was. It was a little uneasy, but if she held it just right she could have the shoulder strap take part of the eight and she could carry the rifle easily enough. Hylota smiled as she nodded."Alright I think that this will work well enough. I might be a bit slow with this, but it is a better option than other options." She looked to Lucan an Heather before moving towards the door and looking don the hall to make sue that no one was coming for them yet.

[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy | 1300 Hours ]

Cinn listened to everyone weigh in on the situation with the yeoman and when he say Sten prepared to weigh in on weather she was telling the truth or not he decided that he should voice some matters of his own. "Listen, she will not be going with you on he distraction team, to have someone who might be a traitor in your midst while you are working on a distraction could lead you to your doom. She could give way your location and your purpose in one fell swoop." He shook his head and looked to Cameron. "No if she is honest I shall take her with me. It would be better to take her instead of someone you could use on your team."

He looked to Sten. "If she is lying we shall leave her here. And no matter that her com badge remains in this room, it will work as a good protective measure to have her here to make it look like she was abandoned, it will protect those that we have here and will likely ensure that this place is a little safer for the base that we will be setting up." He stroked his chin as he turned back to Cameron and looked at her. "And do not think I did not hear you, but thank you for being quiet while I converse with the others here. I can understand how having your motives questioned can have you a bit on edge...considering I just sorted through that a few moments before you came in."

Turning back to face the Ensign he spoke to her in a calm clean vice that was showing more respect than before. "Now if you truly man what you said just follow through with what Sten has asked from you and we can act accordingly." He pointed to her com badge. "But first I would like you to take that off and out it on the ground, I get he feeling you like so many others jut forgot about it after this all started to happen, it is not often that we are encouraged to go without our badges." Wenn Cinn was much more understanding now after he had tan a moment to step back and this about things. He also figured that if she was a traitor that the captain would be quite interested in repaying her for the favor.

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[ Heather McMillan | Reclamation Center | Waste Management | Deck 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander & Hylota Vojona


"Yes doc-..." McMillan's words died on her as she tried to help the man. Then Vojona made a comment about McMillan's proclivity for tripping over her own feet, causing the young woman to blush a little as she moved to obey the instructions given to her by Nicander. She slapped on the anti-grav generators on each of the cannisters. Now at least, it'll be like lifting a bunch of bulky featherweights. Under these conditions, even she could lift the whole bundle by herself. And she smiled tiredly at Nicander.

"All done." She said.

She nodded at Vojona who hefted the rifle, and added, since none of them appear to be truly trained for combat, "Besides, if need be, I can take it apart and use its components for other things. A rifle is more than just a weapon."

It seemed a better idea to have as many resources available for them to use as they went along. There was no telling what they might need, and McMillan preferred to be overprepared rather than the opposite. She then began to fill the cannisters into Wilkinson's clothes for Nicander to carry. When she was done, she straightened up and walked on her tip-toes to the doctor, her hair trailing behind her like wisps in the water, and settling down very slowly when she stopped moving.

They were as ready as they were ever going to be, and it was time to leave.

[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cinn, Sten Covington, Tessa May Lance & Axius vel Onea


Henshaw cast a glance at Lance, and from a quick look, it seemed like the woman did not care for a word that she had said, and the way she smirked, suggested that she may have had less than pleasant plans for Henshaw if she was forced to accompany her. Worrying or fretting over the woman's reaction would be counterproductive right now, and so she chose to simply disregard her. Trust was hard to come by at this very moment, so it was understandable. Apologies and proper trust-building can be made later, depending on who was left.

One of the officers regarded her with a look, but went on over to Cinn to speak with him, and Cinn himself was moved aside by the imposing Sten Covington, who instructed her to repeat what she had said. They were really dragging this out, but she understood, while time was of the essence, it wasn't really easy to form trust so easily when tensions were this high between two crews. There had barely been time to build friendships between the crews when Vasser pulled his coup de tat too, so...with a resigned sigh, Henshaw prepared herself to make a repeat of her statements.

She looked up quickly at Cinn when he added that she needed to take off her combadge. Oh, of course. She should have thought of that too, combadges could be tracked. And she did not want Sjaandin Fedd getting between her and her goals again, so she compliantly snapped off the badge and handed it to Cinn with a gentle nod. At least the Bajoran man was being reasonable. Cautious, but reasonable nonetheless. And from Covington's posture and demeanour, she guessed that older man was not someone to be trifled with, and presumably someone that was good at reading others. Good, she could count on him to settle the matter for her.

She was certain of her own intents and motives at the least, so while she had taken a step back, looking slightly surprised, since Cinn was already breaking her personal space, and for the other man to step even closer was unnerving, but she did not shift her overall expressions, and she stood her ground, looking into Covington's eyes as instructed, her own soft brown eyes, both gentle and yet strong. "I said, as the yeoman of Captain Jien Ives..."

She cast a look at Lance, the smirking woman, who had also been talked down by Cinn on her behalf, and pronounced Ives' name with more volume and certainty than was necessary, just to affirm to the other woman just which captain she was yeoman to, and then continued, "...I have a duty to him, and his crew. So, while it is within my capacity to do so, I will assist him and his crew in anyway possible to see order restored, and the captain restored to command in the best and swiftest way possible."

Now she shifted her position, letting her shoulders slump a little. Holding a passionate and angry stance was draining, and she was trying to save everything she had for what she suspected was going to be a hard fight to get to Ives, and proving to him/her where her loyalties lay. So she looked over at Cinn, first. The Bajoran, if nothing else, would at least give her the benefit of the doubt, and she had to make sure she took care not to disappoint or betray his trust in the slightest. In the current state of affairs, that would be tantamount to putting a phaser into her mouth with full power and pulling the trigger.

Next, she looked back at what she presumed now was the team's walking lie-detector, and gazed steadfastly at his eyes, "Sir, I won't deny that I was compromised repeatedly, and I was right there on the bridge when it all happened, I watched Helmsman Winterbourne get executed right before my eyes."

She paused and closed her eyes for a moment, unable to shake off the sight of the young fellow ensign, who, for his bravery, paid dearly with his life. The Vulcan was cold and emotionless in her execution. She used to think Vulcans could never be evil, but T'Rena was, in every sense of the word, the devil's wife. No...not his wife, his mother. The thoughts began to fuel her anger and fury once more, so when she snapped her eyes back open, she looked up determinedly at Covington. "I have been fortunate so far, and I cannot allay all suspicions on me right now, I know, but all the same, I ask to be allowed to follow whoever's going to be rescuing the captain."

She straightened up and put her back into it after that. Now awaiting the judgement of the leaders of this group. She was acutely aware of the eyes on her, and those that were preoccupied with making their own preparations. It was drawing close to the time of action. And she was going to be part of it, one way or another.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Zenozine & Triage

When everything was set, which took well under a minute when Lucan moved to assist with tying up the bundles with the clothes from the Cadet, it was long overdue to leave the area. More mutineers were inbound, and they would stand no chance fighting them. As soon as they were readied, Lucan seized the necks of the two bundles and set a grim pace out through the door in Nurse Vojona' wake. The relatively small antechamber of Waste Management lay empty, and there were no movements or sounds from the sliding doors that led to the corridor. "Hurry, we might still make it out of here before they arrive..."

It was cumbersome to move because of the size of the load he carried, but not because of the weight. When Hylota would survey the corridor outside, they were still in luck since no movements could be seen. Only a few scorch-marks on the bulkheads from phaser fire. "Towards the aft," he hissed quietly - but not unkindly - to give directions to the Nurse, since this was not her ship until two days ago. "That way."

Once they were descending the corridor, there was more room to move, and Lucan could square his shoulders and set a higher pace - even though the bundles kept hitting his chins and knees awkwardly with each step. They were motley company that sped towards the turbolifts, Lucan realised in bitter irony of the situation he had gotten himself into. An Ovri with only one usable arm that was trying to wield and assault rifle, a xenobiologist that kept tripping over her own two feet, and then himself; the careful deceiver who was all about control, instead  finding himself far out of his waters. This was not even mentioning he was the enemy of the people around him. Why did he always end up having to protect the cattle he was supposed to lead to slaughter?

The corridor to the turbolifts was curved, so there was no satisfying way to take cover before they came into view. This being the case, it might have come as a surprise to all three of them when someone stepped into view - a tall human male with an assault rifle of his own. He wore a combadge, and the face belonged to a Harbinger crewman, which both spoke for the fact that he was one of the mutineers. He saw the three of them a moment after they laid their eyes on him.

"Fire!" called Lucan and ducked to the floor, spilling a couple of canisters from one of the bundles. The Harbinger crewman opened fire against them too.

Behind them, there were noises of running feet - the echo travelling the titanium bulkheads towards them. Four people. One of the search parties. The situation was deteriorating by the moment. Mind racing, panic threatening to take hold, Lucan took a deep breath... let it out... and laid a tattooed hand against the floor. The zi'naaq inside him lit up - a vane light compared to past potency. His eyes flared white, and he drained the energy flow beneath his hand with his inborn abilities. The lights of the corridor shuddered and went out - momentarily preventing sight. Only sharp phaser beams cutting the darkness.

Yet when the lights returned, only a mere second later... he'd discern where to release the energy absorbed.

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[Sten Covington | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 7 | 1300 ]

The difference in sizes was stark between the Chief of the Deck and the Ensign. But to her credit, she did not try to backpedal and create space between the two of them. And he too stood his ground, towering over her. But he did not have to wait long for her to start talking.

She was calm but there was no denying the levels of stress beneath that. After all, she was being fairly interrogated by a man with an ability to detect bullshit from two sectors away, honed by four decades of experience dealing with officers making excuses and enlisted men trying to justify their shortcomings. And he never let either get away with it.

When she mentioned the helmsman murder on the Bridge, it was followed by the telltale signs of horror that was felt by most people who witnessed such events. No, the girl was being honest all right. And looking up from her,  he met the Lieutenant Commander's eyes.

"Sir, she's telling the truth."

And that was that. The decision wasn't his to make on this subject but the Bajoran's. He had done his part to advise him. Perhaps Goldeneye would rather have her on hand, but she was likely to be disappointed on that count. But it was a good thing. With Henshaw following Wenn, it meant Tessa would be able to focus on the task at hand and not on that slip of a girl.

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[ Wenn Cinn | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy | 1300 Hours ]

Cinn let things play out and just observed for a moment. He had been rushing headlong into his rescue plan at a pace that might put the crew at risk, he needed to stop and just take in the situation for a moment and let things unfold, if he kept going like he was bound to make a mistake and cost them lives. As he waited and listened he took in the information that Cameron had about the mutiny and he assessed what she had to say. Listening to it all he could see the shifts in her stature as she spoke about her feelings and tried to put words to what she had to express.

Wenn Cinn could tell that there was true emotion behind what Cameron was saying, and he reminded himself that this was the Theurgy, they were a family, he had already made a big deal out of convincing people that they needed to tick together and not cu off their left hand to try an move faster. He should take some of his own advice and stop being a hypocrite...that was as long as Sten said she was not lying. Granted if she as not being honest about the helmsman she as going to be getting a fist to the face first thing right off the bat.

with the news that she was not though Wenn Cinn nodded and patted the veteran on the shoulder. "Thank you Sten, I will take her with me to work the force fields, you keep that technician you were suggesting to me, I think we could put them to good use here to ensure that this area cannot be overrun on a whim." He looked from Sten to Tessa. "Now I want your tea to stick together, one large group will likely lead to them trying to contain you, if you break up I fear they might try and eliminate you by swarming over each smaller team." He crossed his arms over his chest. "But I trust your judgment here Lieutenant, keep your squad safe." He smiled slightly. "I owe you a drink when this is all over." He nodded to them both.

Turning his attention back to Cameron he got back to his game face. "Now, you are coming along with me. You will be in charge of carrying the flash charges and some basic gear to help take own the fields, to allow you to keep a hand free you will be given a standard phaser not a rifle. These mutineers have been taking great efforts to remain on the stun setting, so we shall do the same to avoid conflicts later on, I do not care if you see Vasser himself, we shoot to stun." He pointed to a table. "Be sure to leave your com badge here, we cannot risk you being tracked through the ship. Also I would like for you to to stick to the middle of the party on the way down to the shuttle bay. It will make you easier to defend, when we get into the brig you will be  the back while we clear the room. Do you understand?" His words were not done in a rude manner, Wenn was giving orders to Cameron to follow, making sure that she knew her role.

[ Hylota Vojona | USS Theurgy |Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & Triage

Hylota moved along with Lucan through the corridors making sure that she remained to the wall near wherever there was a curve or turn in the corridor was so that she would have the drop on anyone coming down after them, and Lucan would be able to jump back and not run into her. As they walked though Hylota began to be  bit worried, they had not ran into anyone, and the lack of alarms on this level had Hylota thinking that the cadet had just been an unfortunate man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Getting lucky and hearing the canister she had dropped, it was this thinking that had Hylota hoping that the others were on the deck below them and they were not on their way down to them.

As they neared the turbolift Hylota was beginning to feel like they might just be able to make it out of here without having to fire a shot. And then as if the universe was just taking a shit on her hopes a man stepped into view and shattered all hopes of a stealthy getaway. Hylota pressed herself to the wall, taking advantage of it to help stabilize her own shots, Hylota waited for Lucan to fall back before she pulled the trigger to give him some covering fire, driving back the crewman for a moment before things went black.

Hylota's dark eyes opened their secondary lid to allow more light in as her heart was pounding in her chest. Hylota saw the to bursts of light and the vivid detail of the space around her as the situation drove Hylota into fight or flight mode, her boy was running at a mile a minute as she lined her weapon up with her she had seen the first beam of light and she fired, the beam striking out and barely missed until Hylota swung the rifle across the hall, it would not likely give enough of a hit on anyone to knock them out, but it was enough to illuminate their locations and stun them for a moment.

Sloppily lining her rifle back up Hylota aimed for the closest mutineer and fired again, managing to hit them long enough to send them onto their back unconscious. But Hylota could not keep it up, her mind did not let her remain in one spot while fighting, she had to move or else she would be pinned don and taken out. in a split second decision Hylota leapt to the side, rolling over her useless arm and going onto one knee Hylota lowly began to line up her next shot an she prayed she would have enough time to get it in before one of the mutineers recovered enough to shoot back.

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[ Heather McMillan |  Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander & Hylota Vojona


"Ooph!" McMillan tripped, and fell flat on her face while trailing behind Nicander. Just as well she was out of his range or she would have bumped into him. "Clumsy me."

She kept her voice down to a whisper, and it was a good thing, since the place was eerily empty. While she seldom got out of her lab or quarters, McMillan was not used to such empty corridors. There was always somebody walking from one place to another, keeping the corridors filled with life. The sad part was that right now, the lack of life signs was a good thing.

The good thing they had going lasted a short while only, however, and too short a time at that. She barely had time to register that there was yet another hostile situation, and she squeaked in panic, and quickly fell, this time voluntarily, and then rolled into a corner, trying to stay beyond the reach of the phasers, and her eyes widened when a beam nearly struck her where she had been a split second ago.

She glanced over at Nicander and Vojona. All three of them were not soldiers or fighters, and McMillan was a pacifist.

They were in trouble.

But there was a slim chance...if she decided to make the call. This would be the final curtain, so to speak. Once she did this, there was no denying that she was not human. The only problem was she would not be able to warn Nicander and Vojona to cover their eyes first, and she would have to guide them for a while until their eyes recovered from her flaring up as bright as the sun for a few seconds. Also, she would have to do a bit of a strip show and remove her coat and sweater so that she could maximize the ability with her entire body lighting up.

She raised her hands up protectively against the phaser fire and then hesitated when things went dark. Now what? Was the Theurgy having some kind of malfunction? Lord knew that the ship was in dire need of fixing. But then the light came back on a short while later. And McMillan still was not sure what to do. She was frozen to the spot in fear. She wanted to help her new friends, but at the same time, she just wanted to get away from all this. She clenched her eyes shut, hugged the corner as tightly as she could, and felt the warmth of her own inner light seemingly pulsing. Light particles bent and formed around her, and she was, during the momentary darkness, engulfed. When the lights returned, there was no McMillan in sight.

[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cinn, Sten Covington, Tessa May Lance & Axius vel Onea


Henshaw watched as Cinn gave the orders around. He was clearly in charge and seemed to know what he was doing. So she felt glad about that at least. While she was part of tactical command so to speak, she was more psychologist and an untested engineer than anything else. He thanked Covington, and then addressed Lance promising a drink, and Henshaw silently agreed everyone should have a drink after this. Speaking of which, where was Rory? She could have sworn she had seen him somewhere at some point. But she could not see him anywhere now. Her eyes did not wander about though, while she was curious, and instead kept her eyes forward and on the Bajoran man.

He looked all serious again, and Henshaw surmised that while Covington vouched for her honesty, this only bought her enough trust from Cinn that he was willing to let her join as a teammate, but she was still under scrutiny. In other words, no screwing up in even the slightest way, or she was likely to find a hole in her chest and back. So she assumed. As it was, Captain Ives was likely to put a hole in her nonetheless, and that thought stung her, but she knew what she would have to do if that were to happen. Not that she would blame the captain. Fedd's words were damning for her.

Cinn told her that she would follow him. Good. She would carry gear and flash charges. That was fine, but in truth, she could help Cinn even without the charges. If she recalled correctly, Federation-type force fields had a curious flaw in their energy matrix which she could take advantage of. But she supposed she would get to that when the time came for it. She was given a standard phaser, which suited her just fine. He was concerned for her state of mind though, she guessed, since he stated that even if she saw Vasser himself, she was to stun him, and not kill. She nodded at that, and checked her weapon to ensure it was set to stun.

"You're holding my combadge, sir." She reminded him quietly, and again, her false-American accent appeared to have dropped. She was intrigued that she was to be defended, as she was going to carry the essential gears and equipment, from the sounds of it. But it also meant everyone could keep an eye on her. However, there was some measure of trust given too, as they would have their backs to her when they reached the brig. But then, who would be crazy enough to attack an angry bunch like this? So she nodded at all the instructions and even as she spoke, she was being handed the things Cinn said she'd be carrying; she already got the phaser. "And, I understand. Ready when you are."

That was it. She stood ready to march out with the team.

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 [ Dr. Nicander | Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Zenozine & Triage

Hylota fought back as best as she might, this Dr. Nicander could discern when the lights returned. Two mutineers, perhaps, had fallen to the floor. As Lucan cast his flaring eyes about, he could no longer see Heather, but his immediate thoughts lay upon where to release the pent up energy in his body. The first mutineer - by the turbolifts - had retreated behind the curve of the corridor, while the search party behind them was trying to find cover from Hylota's phaser beams and return fire. The split second assessment leaned heavily towards neutralising the latter mutineers, so it was towards them that Lucan turned and cast up his tattooed hands.

They became the focal point of his released energies, which coursed through his zi'naaq and then flared to life beyond his out-stretched fingers. The plasma of the ship became his fiery retort. He smote the distance with fire, and the combustion was heard like a brief roar of flames. Weak, insufficient compared to their needs, yet enough to ignite the sleeves of their uniforms. Of course, the effect was that they panicked and dropped their weapons. Which was something positive, at least. In truth, Lucan would not have had it any other way, even if the thing inside had wanted him to sear them down to their bones. It would grant Hylota the opportunity to stun them both as soon as she got them in her sights.

The vertigo hit him like a sledge-hammer. His body taking the toll for the funnelled energy.  He had raised to his feet when he lit the corridor, but now he fell to the side - leaning against the bulkhead. Fire was not his forte, and the price too high. The beating he had suffered a couple of minutes ago did not help matters in the least, and there was still one mutineer hiding down the corridor by the turbolifts.

A quick glance down that way proved his assumption wrong. The mutineer was lining up his sights to shoot them from behind their backs.

Lucan had no choice, curling his upper lip and throwing up one hand towards the returned threat. He could not conserve himself, bereft of such a choice. Wind was his strongest element, and the air of the whole corridor was set in motion when he struck out - making their clothes rustle and snap in the sudden gale. The dropped canisters rolled across the deck plates. These were just the peripheral effects, since the section further down the corridor was hit the worst. The mutineer staggered backwards and fell over - the beam from his assault rifle drawing a line across the ceiling. He struck his head, rolled over once, but did not loose the grip on his weapon.

Yet there was only so much Lucan could do, and the added strain upon his Câroon energy body after the second attack made him feel sick with weariness. He fell to his knees first, and it was more luck than anything that allowed him to cushion his fall with his forearm.

On the floor, he fought to stay concious, willed his eyes from closing. Deep breaths.... He sucked as much air as he could into his lungs, held his breath to let his blood claim the oxygen. He barely trusted himself to breathe out just yet, and hoped Hylota - or Heather, wherever she had hid - could take it from there. His hands and face felt cold and numb, and yet he remained alive and awake, and hoped to remain thus while his zi'naaq found proper balance.

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[ Tessa May Lance | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 07 ]

"Sir, she's telling the truth," Papa Bear assured Commander Cinn. 

"Thank you Sten," the burly Bajorran replied.  "I will take her with me to work the force fields, you keep that technician you were suggesting to me, I think we could put them to good use here to ensure that this area cannot be overrun on a whim."

When Cinn glanced over at Tessa, the pilot stepped forward.  "Now I want your team to stick together, one large group will likely lead to them trying to contain you, if you break up I fear they might try and eliminate you by swarming over each smaller team." He paused and crossed his arms. "But I trust your judgment here Lieutenant, keep your squad safe."  A ghost of a smile shone in his eyes.  "I owe you a drink when this is all over," he nodded.

"Yes sir," Tessa smiled back.  "I'll hold you to it,"

"You're holding my combadge, sir," Henshaw murmured.

"Oops, can't forget these," Tessa murmured as she took the collection of combadges from Cinn.  She turned to the group. "All right I'm looking for volunteers," she announced in a louder voice as she walked across the room into the crowd.  "Everybody in my group follow me.  The bad guys will be overrunning this place in minutes unless we lead them away," she added as she headed to the exit.  "Let's go, time is currency.  Let's move out people!"  She paused to check the setting on her phaser and headed out the door.   She wasn't going to get a large team with that kind of recruiting tactic, but since she was leading the decoy group, she was hoping to keep her team small.  No sense running more people through the mind field than necessary.

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[ Axius vel Onea | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 07 | 1300 hours ]

Papa Bear was busy talking, and a simple grunt let Axius know it was okay to treat his superficial wounds, but not interrupt the discussion the rescue plan. He was to be a pawn in this game, letting the higher-ranking players tell him what needed to be done. And it did, in fact, need to be done.

He brought the regenerator to life, a dull blue light emanating from the apparatus as it was run across the burly body of Sten. The scratches began to seal, and bruises began to fade at the effects of the technology. Axius wasn't sure how it worked, but he was thankful Starfleet taught him how to use it.

It was then when they had finalized their plan, and they began to assemble their parties. One team would go to shuttlebay and transport themselves onto the brig using the vessel's transporters, and another would be the distractors. Axius knew where he needed to be.

"Excuse, Miss Henshaw, Commander Wenn?" he prowled for their attention, as they had not been giving such as he stepped quietly around Below Decks. "I think that I should follow your team."

He turned to Goldeneye and Papa, giving them a look of wanted approval as he split up the pack. "We need have all phasers on hand ready to get Ives out. This is not going to be trail and error, we have one shot to make it work."

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[Sten Covington | USS Theurgy | Below Decks | Deck 7 | 1300 ]

With the matter of the yeoman settled, Papa Bear turned to the people readying themselves to move on one team or the other, or making ready to settle in for the long haul. There was no reaction to Wenn's offer for drinks once the dust settled, though. It was time to go to work.

After Tessa called out for volunteers, drawing only two volunteers, Covington's voice sounded, calling out names one after the other and detailing assignments. He might not know every crewman currently in the ship's lounge but he knew his people and whoever else fell under Ops. After all, he did head a sub-department under Natalie Stark and as such he'd become familiar with a number of them.

And so the veteran ensured there would be some of his men staying behind to hold Below Decks, while others would come with him yet leaving some available to the rescue team. As weapons were being redistributed for the last Quake approached him with a crazy notion about phasers. He might be a Master Chief, but he was so damned young. And inexperienced, obviously not seeing the whole operational picture. "Not happening. We've got better than fifteen hand phasers of various types and a half-dozen rifles. How are you planning to carry all that? And how about the rest of us? When Vasser comes for this place, how will it hold? Commander Wenn said this is our base of operations so it can't be allowed to fall; that means weapons get to stay back. And how about Lieutenant Lance's team? We will eventually become enough of a concern for them to come after us. What then? Surrender or fight them hand to hand against their phasers? You lot are going into Security. Every one in there is going to be armed. Once you stun them, you'll have weapons for everyone you're going to free and access to yet even more. One weapon each is all you need."

Once the Chief of the Deck was done addressing the pilot, he turned back to Goldeneye, where the five names he had called were ready to move. Rejoining the blonde pilot, Sten spoke one last time. "Ready to move on your word, ma'am. Let's go make some trouble."

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[ Wenn Cinn | USS Theurgy | Deck 07 | Leaving Below Decks | 1300 Hours ]

Wenn Cinn nodded a set own Cameron's com badge so it would be left behind and he looked over his assembled squad. "This is a risky mission men, but I have faith in our abilities, we will pull this mission off, we will save the captain and we will put everything right." He checked his phaser rifle and made sure it was on the right setting before he looked back over his team. "You all now your role and the mission we are on. I expect trouble on our way, but we must try and remain unseen and unreported. Only stun the mutineers, things do not seem as simple as they first appeared, and I would rather not have any blood spilt over this conflict."

"We will take the jefferies tubes to the hanger, I expect total silence from all of you on the way down there, we cannot risk to give away the mission and put the distraction team at risk." Turning to the hatch to the jefferies tube he raised one hand and motioned to it. "Squad, move out." He began to move out, taking no detours and getting into his position a the head of the squad as he would lead the way down to the shuttle bay. He knew that the mutineers were looking for them in the jefferies tubes on this deck to make sure that they did not try and discreetly slip away, but he was hoping that when the distraction team began to had off thy would raw away most if not all of the people looking around for loyal crew.

As he heard the jefferies tube close behind him Cinn looked back to make sure that his team was all there and ready for anything. He noted who was going to b his infiltration team and who as going to be left back in the shuttle to operate the controls, of course with no com badges they would have to get imaginative in the brig to get everyone out without having to hold the brig for an extended period of time. Of course if hey took a com badge off of someone int he big an out it in the center of their group they could beam out everyone in a certain radius of the they could not do that, the badge would go an then the mutineers would know exactly where they were...oh well this could be discussed later at the shuttle, he was sure there would be a way to beam people out.

[ Hylota Vojona | USS Theurgy |Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 ] Attn: Auctor Lucan & Triage

Hylota was looking like a proper commando with ho she was using the phaser rifle to combat the mutineer, but she attributed it to her skill for surgery and having a steady hand and good control with her hands to adjust her tool to perform the proper task. But the fact of the matter what agile hands were not always the strongest and she as quickly losing her ability to handle the phase rifle accurately. In her head Hylota was chastising herself and she was asking herself "Why did I think this as a good idea!? Dammit if I wanted to be a damn commando I would have joined the Fists not the Medical Guild!"

Despite hr internal struggle she still looked to be performing well...that was until she went to shoot t the last mutineer. A she fired the shot went wide and Hylota tried to bring it back, but her wrist began to ache and the shot flew up to scorch the ceiling before going out as Hylota went wide eyed as she stared down the corridor at the mutineer she had failed to hit. Her arm ached and she lost the control over her rifle, she knew that she was inn trouble and if she did not move she was going to be shot so she did the only thing that came to mind and she dropped to the ground.

As Hylota dropped as a scorching beam shot out and traced up the shoulder of Hylota's numbed arm, she did not feel the pain of the hit, but she did felt a surge of energy through her boy that made her body tighten up and convulse for a second, her jaw clenched so tight she forced her tooth bands together, her eyes tightened shut and Hylota thanked whatever forces that be for having it be her numb arm that was shot. Hylota's mind faded out for a moment as she lied there on her back in the hall and she tried to prepare herself for the next shot. Hylota was sure that she would be shot again and knocked out by the mutineer, and in her fer Hylota worried about her poor brother, he was probably worried about her as well. Oh why had she gotten tied up in all of this insanity. She should have just remained in her colony world, joined the nurse core and worked as a head nurse of some asteroid colony. Yeah a nice quiet job and not a station on a rogue ship being branded a traitor...fuck her life.

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[ Heather McMillan |  Leaving Waste Management | Deck 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lucan cin Nicander & Hylota Vojona


McMillan watched in horror as Nicander and Vojona put up an impressive resistance, but for all they were able to accomplish, it fell short in the face of trained personnel. Men and women who were trained for actual combat. Still, Nicander and Vojona worked together to take down most of the men, save for the last one. McMillan knew that Nicander was not human himself, that much was certain. Whatever he did, that was something humans couldn't do. And she found him even more intimidating now. Vojona was having problems trying to use a phaser rifle with one arm, and when she went down, the last attacker scored a direct shot to her shoulder. Nicander too appeared to be passing out.

Moving from her hiding spot, McMillan made her way hastily on all fours, and placed a frail hand on Nicander, "It's all right..." she whispered, "You've done enough. It's all right. Now allow me."

Still bending light around her, she remained invisible as she removed her coat, and then her sweater, but left her bra on. She stayed in a kneeling position near Nicander, and she shouted at the man with the phaser, "HEY!"

When the man saw nothing but air where the voice came from, McMillan dropped her concentration of holding light waves around her, becoming visible, before she began to well up with a warm feeling, as her inner light, her very soul, lit up from within, and now she allowed her light to show. Like a dazzling array of colours and lights, her skin gave way to pure light, and brighter than the ceiling illuminations, she was like a sun inside a structure, and the man looked right at her while doing this, and after looking at a Radiant directly, he was going to have a hard time seeing properly again.

He screamed and covered his eyes, but still held on to his rifle, much to her dismay. But having lighted up long enough, McMillan pulled her sweater back on, and then her coat, and she reached for the phaser rifle that Vojona used.

While her parents taught her never to use violence under any circumstance, she rationalized that her family and her people never faced a circumstance such as this, and she took aim. But her grip on the rifle was wrong, and the weapon slipped. She squeezed the trigger at the same time as the rifle barrel aimed upwards, and she exclaimed in alarm, "Oh no!"

The beam fired into one of the ceiling lights, and the support structure broke loose, the grill ramming right into the face of the man, knocking him down, and the rifle away from him at long last.

McMillan stared at damage she had wrought, and she sincerely hoped that the man was only stunned and not wounded or killed. She was horrified, and started hyperventilating, "Oh my gosh!"

Only her concern for Nicander and Vojona had her trying to calm down, and she quickly checked with them, "Are you all right?"

[ Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw | Below Decks | Deck 07 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Wenn Cinn, Sten Covington, Tessa May Lance & Axius vel Onea


There was very little else to be said. Henshaw was where she needed to be, and soon, she will find the captain, and he/she would be set free, and that was all that mattered. She checked her phaser, and made sure it was set to stun. It was highly likely she wouldn't really get a chance to use it. Her position in the team, carrying gear and a simple hand-weapon, and also being surrounded at all times by Cinn's team meant she would be the last person to get a chance to fire a shot.

Plus with a hulking Bajoran leading, she was more likely to hit him than a mutineer if she tried. So, she strapped her phaser to her belt, leaving her hands free. If they took the jefferies tube, then that meant they'd need to be careful, quick, and quiet. So free hands were a better choice to have. Henshaw trailed behind Cinn quietly, her eyes on the watch for danger every step of the way. No matter what happened, she wanted to make sure she made it to see Captain Ives freed. Then, and only then, would she relax a little.

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[ USS Theurgy | Corridors | Deck 07 ]
Attn: Wenn Cinn, Sten Covington, Axius "Quake" Onea, Tessa "Goldeneye" May Lance & Cameron Henshaw

As the two teams split up, leaving an assembly of Ives' loyalists behind to hold Below Decks, there were little words exchanged - their different purposes clear. Everyone knew that the undertaking ahead of them might mean their deaths. While the team that was going to liberate the captives in the Brig began to crawl along the Jefferies tubes with the purpose to reach the shuttle bay, the other team moved to create a distraction and draw the enemy's attention. It was a grim undertaking for both teams, where the odds for success were not entirely satisfactory.

This was when a familiar voice was heard on the intercom, which even echoed down the maintenance chutes of the ship.

[All personnel on the Theurgy, I am Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent. By now, you all know Declan Vasser and T'Rena have begun an attempt to hijack this ship by force of arms after a minimum of two sabotage attempts. I do not know the exact number of casualties at this time, but I know for certain Chief Engineer Tia Marlowe is fighting for her life, Helmsman Cale Winterbourne was murdered in front of me and Chief Tactical Officer Sjaandin Fedd was killed attempting to follow illegal orders.]

The word of Winterbourne's demise confirmed Cameron Henshaw's story, yet the death of Sjaandin Fedd would be news to everyone present. The Chief Tactical Officer had only served on the Senior Staff for a couple of days before his demise, making him the fourth officer KIA when holding the position since the Theurgy left Earth. Just like the Chief Engineering position - with Tia undergoing heart surgery - one might think a curse lay on some of the Senior Staff positions. That the cascade failure in the ship's EPS network might have been a result of sabotage was also news, and surely provoked a heated reaction among the two teams.

[They have accomplished this by planting their crew on our ship and by using mind melds and possibly other telepathic techniques to twist the perceptions of members of this crew. Vasser has also ordered the widespread brainwashing, the mind-rape, of every last person on our ship regardless of whether or not they join him.]

If their purpose had held any smidgen of doubt before Carrigan Trent began to speak, then his words would likely turn doubt to iron resolve. He was, however, not done talking...

[ USS Theurgy | Sickbay | Deck 07 ]
Attn: Sarresh Morali, Doctor Maya, Ryuan Sel, Lahkesis Saugn, Eve Jenkins, Hayden Quinn O'Connor & Vinata Vojona

The speech also continued in Sickbay, where one group had relocated to the Medical Labs in order to synthesise enough Lexorin to disperse over the whole ship with the upgraded Life Support systems. To them, the news that Vasser had utilised mind-melds to turn the two crews against Captain Ives was no news, but the contents of the next part of the speech was, however, unknown to them.

[Since Captain Ives and Commander Rez have been detained by Vasser and his cohorts, as a senior officer on the ship's rolls prior to this attack, I am assuming command as one of Captain Ives' lawful delegates under the auspices of Starfleet regulations pertaining to continuity of command. As such I will retain command of the Theurgy until such as time as I am relieved or ordered to yield command by the proper authorities or murdered on the word of the criminal Declan Vasser.]

Carrigan Trent had only come aboard after disabling Task Force Archeron, just a couple of day ago, and his loyalties had - until the speech was heard - been an unknown factor for the rest of the officers on the Theurgy. He had defected from the fleet he left adrift, opposing Starfleet and worked actively to benefit Ives' cause. Yet now, it had been made plain just how loyal he was to his new Captain. With his announcement, he set an example for how much the tenants of Starfleet mattered, even in the extreme circumstances they had found themselves in after fleeing the Alpha Quadrant.

[Now, I ask all of you to listen to me. This enemy we fight needs us, the ones aware of its existence, at each other's throat. It needs Starfleet to be riven with cracks and to lose all confidence in itself and from the Federation at large. As such, so long as we remain Starfleet, so long as we remain true to our oaths and our procedures and regulations, we are strong! Vasser promises you what? Murder? Hiding? Forsaking everything you are? Look inside you! Look around you! To this vessel, to your shipmates!]

In the Primary Surgical Suite, in the CMO's Office, former Harbinger personnel in the form of Hayden O'Connor and Vinata Vojona found themselves learning just how far their old CO had gone to further his own goals. As for the mind-meld with Cir'Cie, it was unclear how much of the speech was heard by the two Vulcans. Perhaps only Doctor Saugn, who assisted the procedure, heard the speech in full clarity as it continued...

[ USS Theurgy | Corridor | Near Turbolifts | Deck 02 ]
Attn: Hylota Vojona & Heather McMillan

As he lay there, Lucan vaguely heard Heather speaking to him, appeasing his worries. He tried to focus on her words to stay concious, having seen Hylota go down with a shot in her arm. He thought the xenobiologist had abandoned them - vanishing as suddenly as she had - but it appeared that she had not run away. How was it possible? An access point to the maintenance chutes that he had failed to notice? Either way, he tried to turn over on his side to see what was happening.

At first, he saw nothing, but then he thought he discerned a silhouette materialise in his peripheral vision. Was it a woman in the state of undress? But then, a blinding light. A light so bright is practically hurt his eyes. He quickly looked away, shielding his gaze with his tattooed hand, and as bright as things were in the corridor, he thought he might have been rendered blind if he had turned on his back. While the light lasted, the thing inside coiled in horror - something Lucan had never felt before - and even when the light was gone, he heard rather than saw Heather dress and pick up Hylota's rifle. When he finally managed to turn over and sit up on the deck, he saw Hylota dispatch the last mutineer with a rather... unorthodox way.

What just happened? Lucan could not make any sense of it, and when the woman came over him and Hylota, he was not sure what to say. "I will recover, but I do think there is more to you than meets the eyes, Miss McMillan."

That was when the speech on the intercom began, and Carrigan Trent spoke of the situation aboard. He called out Declan Vasser to be a traitor, and divulged that people had died, not to mention that the crew was under the spell of Vulcan mind-melds. While the speech lasted, Lucan got up on his feet and stepped over to Hylota - crouching down next to her in order to scan her with his medical tricorder.

[As advanced as the Theurgy is, she needs her crew!] said the Intelligence Officer on the intercom, [She needs all of you! Your friends and shipmates need you! If you are Starfleet, I ask you to remain at your posts and man your stations! I ask you to do your duty. If you are one of Vasser's accomplices, know that my first concern is to this ship and the enemy that hunts us. As such, I ask you ay least not interfere with those who choose to do their duty as Starfleet personnel. But if deep inside you remember who and what you are, your assistance will be most welcome.]

"You will be fine, but not for a while," said Lucan to Hylota, "The serum still needs to dissipate but the most of the shock of the shot you took did not ride through your central nervous system towards other parts of the body. Ironically, you are still conscious because of that serum's effect. Here..." Lucan gave his Nurse an outstretched hand to help her up while Carrigan continued to speak on the intercom.

[Those of you who choose to serve the Federation as you best know how, I am thankful for your duty and I will be honoured to command you for as long as is needed to resolve this crisis.]

"It seems the resistance has gained somewhat of a foothold aboard. It feels good to know that we are not alone in our struggles," said Lucan and turned to Heather after helping Hylota up on her feet. He took a deep breath, and with the recent discovery of Dyan Cardamone in mind, he gave the woman a lopsided smile. "Whatever species or faction you belong to, you are evidently on our side. Time is of the essence, and I fear we don't have the time to dwell on the security issues of your true identity and the consequences of you being aboard without having been completely honest about your nature."

[This is Lieutenant Commander Trent, interim commanding officer. All stations, all departments: close up and report readiness!]

"Therefore, I suggest we keep moving," said Lucan to Heather and began to tie up the xenon canisters in their bundles again, "and you can tell us about yourself on the way to the cargo hold. Both of you, take those hand phasers instead. They are not as unwieldy as the rifles. Let's go!"

OOC: Attn All - In order to read the speech in its entirety, which most people on the Theurgy will be able to hear on the intercom, you should read the paragraphs in italics in the different relevant sections in this post. I am not closing this thread, leaving you guys able to post reactions etc. There is, however, a continuation after the speech on the intercom so please do not report readiness to Carrigan Trent just yet. That should not be any problem, however, since I think everyone who hears the speech are either too busy surviving or doesn't have a combadge of their own. The continuation of the speech will be posted in the opening of the new 4 threads that will be posted before the middle of next week.

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