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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Edena/Miles]

Thread reserved for incident 002 between Edena Rez and Miles Renard. 

(OOC: I'm going with Iron's idea of Miles reporting to Rez for a briefing.  I would like a post from IronFerrox and Kurohigi, before I post the first for the MG.)

Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (Edena/Miles)

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Edena's desk had developed a small pile of PADDs from varying departments that now reported to her.  After dealing with enough frustration over keeping up, she had allowed Illya to take over control of the body for the time being.  She had the most nimble fingers, typing faster then anyone else she currently shared her body with.  Jona had made use of those skills, but in his case, the Rez symbiont had simply passed the skill down to him, rather then the more unique situation that Edena found herself dealing with.  Illya didn't have the knowledge to fill out the reports herself, which gave Edena the benefit of being the backseat driver for once, instead of having to deal with Illya being the one talking her frontal lobe off.

God, this uniform is too restricting.  Can't I undo a couple buttons?  Her request was met with a flat-out no from both Edena and Jona, both of whom stated in union that it was a violation of dress code.  Illya had never deal with such stuffy rules in her life, but she tolerated them for one simple reason.  She was the pilot of the body for one, which did wonders for curing her phantom limb syndrome.  Being aware inside Edena's mind meant wanting to move body parts she no longer had.  She only wished it was her own body.  Edena was a lovely woman, but she lacked some of Illya's more curvaceous features.

I don't need curves for my job, Edena stated, trying not to sound offended by Illya's wish for something more . . . well, more.

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Miles smiled softly to himself as he headed towards the XO's ready room.  About an hour ago he had been jolted from the almost coma inducing standard patrol he had been preforming when the shuttle had appeared on sensors.  After a standard escort and landing in the main shuttle bay he brought his fighter into the hangar and left it.  He had not bothered to change out of his flight attire aside from slipping on his jacket over it as he quickly headed to the shuttle bay to debrief Skye and inform her of her new callsign in the wolf's and his promotion to SCO as well as her position as his personal choice as his wingman.  After the quick debriefing he gathered flight logs from the shuttle and proceeded towards his quarters to compile them.

Here he was now standing at the door of his boss's ready room.  It was strange to be here as he had not been on the mission at all but as the SCO it was his duty to be the one to report to the XO the flight logs and other pertinent Tactical conn information about the mission that had just transpired.  Thankfully the tactical conn portion of the mission's results were mundane, if anything, aside from the information on the injures sustained and healed on the part of Skye.  Still that was medical logs and since the CMO was on the mission Lucan woudl have a better account of that information than Miles ever would.

Standing in front of the door now, Miles sighed to himself as he pushed the button to issue the chime to the occupant of the ready room.

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The chime of her door caught Edena's attention, as she promptly told Illya to vacate the pilot seat, and allow her to address the crewman on the other side.  Come on, are you forgetting that I was once the greatest actress on all of Trill?

You were a con artist, Illya, and trust me, I haven't forgotten.

Impersonating you would be no trouble.  I've literally been inside your head for a long time, remember?  Before protests could be mounted, Edena's voice said "come in," with the same manner of professionalism that the real deal would have used.  She folded her hands in front of her on the desk as the leader of Theurgy's fighter squadron made his presence known. 

"Lieutenant Commander Renard," she formally addressed him, already taking note of a report in his hand.  "I take it that the runabout has returned from Nimbus III?"  Illya held out Edena's hand, ready to accept the report he carried, to look over it with the same kind of furrowed brow that Edena did when she was being far too serious.

My brow does not furrow, Illya!

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Miles smiled handing her the report.  "Yes Commander Rez; it appears the mission was an overwhelming success at least from what I have gathered.  After all we seem to have gained a new crew member in a Nurse who apparently has a history with our CMO and the mission to get necessary materials was far more successful than the rumor mills of the repair crews were daring to predict."  he said cheerfully.

He noticed the way she furrowed her brow surprised at this reaction. Sure she was a bit more busy than usual with all the departments submitting reports to her at once, but from what he saw everything seemed to be good news.  Still her body language said something else it seemed to scream a degree of seriousness that seemed to scream, 'Back the fuck off, I'm having a shitty day.'  Noticing the tenseness she showed though it was not his business to ask his curiosity got the better of him as he took a seat in the chair in front of her desk. "Is there something bothering you, Miss?  Its just that you look a bit aggravated over something."  he said in a soft tone looking to her eyes his head sightly down tilting at a strange cocked angle in that way one would expect a canine to do when seeing their master behaving in an unexpected way.

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"Oh?  No, I am fine, Lt. Commander.  There is just a lot of reports to work my way through," she responded, still maintaining that distant professionalism, the kind that said she had things well in hand.  Convincing?  Illya certainly thought so!

Busted, Edena spoke in her head, prompting Illya to defensively commend her performance.  There was no way she would have been done in so easily.  Again, Edena insisted that she had committed a fatal error, and that Miles Renard, as observant as he was, would undoubtedly pick up on Illya's mistake.  You didn't correct him when he called you miss.  Forget something, Illya?  My rank is Commander.  He might have slipped, but you should have made note of it.

There was a twitch to Edena's face, as Illya's mistake was explained to her, and she looked to Miles to see that, just as Edena had predicted, he was well aware something was going on.  "Illya Rez," she introduced herself, a nervous little smirk coming across her face.  Everyone knew of Edena's condition now, how her former hosts existed as separate personalities rather then a flawless blending like normal Trill experienced.  It was, however, the first official meeting of the Tactical CONN's lead officer and the second oldest of the Rez hosts.

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He smiled softy, In a way grinning that she had fallen for his trap. "The briefings files on Edena's rare circumstances have warned me about you."  He said with a smirk. "Your body language gave you away;  My species speaks as much through the language of mannerisms as we do in our voice. She may be professional but even the most processional would have a bit of an ease and happiness in the good news.  You are an excellent actress in the voice and the words but you could use some work in researching the more subtle aspects of your character.   That aggravated furrowing of your brow was an obvious of a tell as if you had been speaking in the tones of the stereotype of a Federation admiral.  Also, Commander Rez, I hope you understand my overly familiar addressing of you.  It was merely bait to catch the confidence woman within you."

He reached a hand across the desk offering to shake hers. "By the way it's a pleasure to meet you Miss Illya."

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Illya took his hand, giving it a few shakes before she released.  It was an effeminate touch, her hand slipping from his with fingertips trailing, like she was enjoying the contact.  "Body language is such an irritation.  I can't exactly see it in here," she tapped her temple, referring to Edena's mind.  They were connected mentally, and she certainly knew how Edena felt when she was put up against tasks or challenge, but how her body physically looked when that happened was still something of a mystery.  Pretty much all she knew of Edena's body language was what was picked up whenever she was in front of a mirror, which gave very little to go by.

"I had hoped to convince Edena that I could convincingly portray her.  It's not often she lets me take over the pilot seat on her body.  I'm just lucky that my typing skills are about twice as good as any of the other Rez hosts, so Edena has me playing secretary during times like these."  A hand wave across the desk made note of the number of reports.  Eventually, edena would get caught up in her duties, and a normalization of the ship's activities would help her along, but for the time being she was burning the candle at both ends.  Jona even pitched in and kept working while Edena's mind "slept," her body having gone without a real night's sleep for a while, while the four persona within the Rez symbiont worked in shifts to handle duties expected of the Commander as well as additional ones she took upon herself.

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He wouldn't admit it vocally but he enjoyed the way her touch lingered a moment before their handshake ended.  It was a kind of softness he had missed since joining the Federation.  His own hind were much more casual in romance  but in being a member of the Federation he had always been careful in keeping that side of him deeply in check.  Sometimes it was like torture.  Of course he stereotype was he was just being a damned horny fox but that was far from the case.  What he missed the most as the almost casualness of intimately soft contact.  The subtle feel of holding hands; the near casualness of two friends finding their tongues intertwined as they found a moment to just enjoy each others company;  the affection of enjoying a hug that by Federation standards woudl be far too long for comfort, and enjoying the feel of ones body just close to the other.  It was an almost casual intimacy he missed.  An intimacy that her prolonged touch reminded him of that he couldn't help but enjoy feeling again as he more than let her touch linger.

HE couldn't help but try to suppress the mild blush that crept onto his face as he looked back to her.  He more than found his superior's body attractive and found himself at a impasse of professionalism and awkwardness at this situation.  On one hand was the being who was in the drivers seat.  Still this body was that of his commander Not that he wouldn't mind embracing it.  In fact he would jump at the chance if the mind driving it had been his commander herself.   But it wasn't  this was the mind of a host that was well documented in her seductive nature and he woudl not let her ruin the professional relationship he had with Commander Rez.  Well, Not unless his commander consented.  In that case he woudl be faced with a dream coming true before his very eyes.  Hell if he was lucky His commander herself might decide to take over for a bit.

He decided to try and hide this Fantasy playing out in his mind by trying to just continue the conversation. "I think most crew members would have been fooled it's just I happen to belong to a species that uses almost as much body language as voice to communicate.  Theirs a reason why many empathic races and my own are banned from many poker tournaments on earth.  We are too good at calling bluffs.  They just see you are lying.  My own well, a tell is as obvious as our own tails." He said hoping he didn't do anything to bruise the ego of the host who was piloting at the moment well not bruise it too much at least. despite his own obvious like of her gentle touch earlier. He knew she could use being knocked down at least a peg or two.

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"Still feels like an amateur mistake to me," Illya replied, the bruising of her ego quite apparent.  It wasn't that she was caught, but simply that it happened so easily, and she knew why.  "You know, I used to be so good I could have talked myself into a Vulcan consulate with a pair of fake ears.  Maybe I have just lost my rhythm because it's been so long since I had a body to work with.  It's been close over two hundred years since my time as the Rez host, since I had my original body.  God how I miss that body.  I spent a lot of time taking care of it.  Death is like . . . well, it would be like wrecking one of those Valkryies you guys fly.  You look after it, make it shine, and when it's destroyed, it seems like such a waste."

Illya could still picture herself like she was looking in a mirror, her wavy crimson locks and emerald eyes, the way her spots delicately graced her porcelain skin, and her curves . . . how she missed her curves.  Her body had made more then one man stupid in her lifetime, rendering some speechless while others fell under a hypnotic gaze at the sight of her well endowed chest or her firm, shapely rear.  How she wished she could have it back, even if only for a day.  The freedom that came from being the true owner of the body, not just a hitchhiker who was being allowed to borrow a body that wasn't her own.

((Taguiera, I think between this post and the one before it, the characters are ready for the Mystery god to work it's magic))

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he nodded, "I cant imagine the pain a former host must feel.  It must be like being a mere spirit only able to live vicariously through possessing another persons body." He then smirked "Don't be too prideful of that previous one you wore. To be honest I have seen images of the Illya host.  Sure you were beautiful even hat some woudl call goddess like." He then paused as directing the conversation to someone else in the room.  "But If you don't mind me saying so Commander, I find you more attractive."  He then stopped for a second  his face turning into what could best be described by an old earth term called a "deer in the headlights" look. 'What the hell? why did I just say that' he thought  to himself panicking on the inside. 

He was a professional and was talking to his XO such talk wasn't really taboo but seriously what he just said some could take as unprofessional or even mild harassment if they were offended by it.  he had been so careful to make sure he never said anything like that before even to a crew-member.  He had manufactured this professional never even romantically existing facade just to buck the stereotype of his race and here he was potentially ruining that entire ladder he had built and with his direct superior no less.

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((The wait has been too long now, so I am going to just move this forward))

Illya snickered internally as Edena was taken aback by the comments made by Miles, declaring her more attractive.  She wasn't used to those kinds of statements, especially since entering Starfleet.  The uniforms weren't very flattering to the figure, and the chain of command often frowned on relationships between officers.  "I'm feeling kind of rejected, Renard.  You're talking to a woman and saying another one is more attractive then her?  They don't teach tact on your planet?"  The grin that formed on Edena's face, spurred by the one currently controlling it, was enough to tell him she was teasing, though that smile wouldn't be visible for long.

The room was filled with a blinding white light, obscuring all view, even their own hands in front of their faces.  Edena's body dropped down into a crouch of pain, a feeling Illya could only describe as being torn apart.  When at last the light faded, she reached out to her other personalities, unable to connect with any of them.  Edena?  Jona?  Kiya?  She didn't understand.  As she stood back up, she was overwhelmed by a feeling of something . . .different, yet familiar.  She brought a hand to her face, but found not the carefully groomed fingernails of Edena Rez.  No, these were the finely crafted nails of Illya Rez, touching the face of the very same woman.

She rushed to the window, using the surface to reflect her image on the background of face.  Her same wavy red locks coming down to her shoulders, her thin, delicate nose and piercing green eyes.  She was dressed in a pair of form fitting black pants and a curve hugging white top which displayed her more ample chest with daring abandon.  She recognized the clothes as her favorite outfit from her past life.  It was enough to bring her hand back to her full, ruby red lips and cover them as she felt the urge to tremble.  This was her body, not Edena's.  And she was alone with herself for the first time since she was implanted with the Rez symbiont.

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((agreed  Besides for now all the interaction with the MG is the splitting of both characters.))

hearing her statement he couldn't help but smile, he began to speak but before he could he felt a strong pain like the same pain caused when he woudl force himself to undergo a sudden shift from one form to the other that feeling that left him out of breath for minutes like he had just finished a Kilo sprint.  In the daze he tried to get up out of the seat but found himself off balance and tripped to the ground.  Trying to regain his bearings he tried to move his ears like he would in his more furred form.  As he tried to balance himself with his tail's motion he stumbled  to the ground again as his hearing wasn't what it should be, the normal tones he heard were much well quieter.  at the same time he was seeing colors more vividly that he ever had almost as if his human form's sensory nuances were more pronounced than ever before.

With that as groggy as he was he stood up and realized why he was having so much trouble balancing.  his hand moved back to steady himself and instead of feeling the familiar fur of his tail he felt well... nothing.  "The hell?  my tails gone. "  He Then reached up and touched where his ears were "and my ears my ears aren't even pointy..."  with that he felt something as he noticed the slightly more canid teeth that filled his mouth were even more human that usual, "New teeth... that's weird."

"The heck was that light?" he said looking around having adjusted a little better to the changes though he found himself unable to even try and begin the shift back to even his natural form which to say the least worried him more than a bit.   As he loked over he saw the clothes his comander was wearing were different... no his commander herself was different  In fact from what he could tell the appearance was that of the host he was just talking to.

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"Am I dreaming?"  Illya felt the need to ask the question, despite how ridiculous it sounded.  She didn't dream.  Dreams were for people with bodies, and she hadn't possessed one in decades.  Her hands were still smoothing along er face, amazed by how it felt exactly the same as she remembered it.  There was an overwhelming need to shed tears of joy, but she couldn't exactly let herself do that, not when there were so many questions to be asked.  Where had Edena gone?  Where had all of them gone to?  They couldn't have just vanished, could they?  If they had, was it her fault for wanting this so badly?

He pressed her hand to her chest, looking for her combadge.  Gone.  She wasn't in uniform after all.  Walking over to Miles, she pressed his instead.  "Illya to Commander Rez," she spoke, hoping to find some sign of the woman.

"Illya?"  Edena sounded like she had been run over by a rogue starship, exhausted beyond recognition.  Why are you there and not in here?  Where are Jona and Kiya?  "in here" obviously referred to her mind, and from the sound of things, Jona and Kiya were missing as well.  Further conversation led to Edena saying she was in hr quarters, but would be leaving them to search for her counterparts.  They might not have combadges, but they still had life signs, and with so few Trill on-board, it wouldn't be too difficult for her to ask the computer for their location.  "Illya, just try and stay out of trouble.  I'm serious."

Stay out of trouble?  And give up a chance to enjoy her youthful body for the first time in nearly a century?  She would agree, but she had no intentions of just sitting in the XO ready room, waiting for things to reverse themselves.  "To hell with staying out of trouble.  I'm going to to the mess hall.  Do you know how long it's been since I tasted a good jumba stick?"  Illya was fixing to leave Miles behind while she went on her own little adventure, leaving him to question if he should keep an eye on her for the sake of the Commander, who wanted her to remain where she was.

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Miles sighed to himself looking around,  he didn't have much time to think about the circumstances and instead watched at he saw Illya exit the room before hitting his combadge. "Comander Rez, It isn't just you. I seem to be locked into a even more human form that my most human form is.  If you are somehow split into your previous hosts then I can assume the Non-human side of me must be out there somewhere.  Given that I am wearing my full uniform including the com-badge if there is another me then he is probably naked and without his com-badge." he said in a reporting sort of way.

He then added "I'll Keep tabs on her for ya, But you owe me for this."  he said in a somewhat playfully annoyed way.  "and don't worry I'll do my best to keep her out of trouble.  he added a little bit quieter.  "Do you think I might be able to well Distract her from other ways of getting into trouble  You've been in her head or she in yours whatever.  That is if you aren't offended by that  or whatever?  Dammit this is just confusing as hell.  Just tell me what you want me to do regarding this mess?"

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"Lt. Commander, I will do what I can to track down your other half, make certain he isn't a danger to himself and others."  If Miles other half got his more animalistic side, he might have been a threat.  Edena could only hope that even without his human side, the beast within Renard was still a reasonable being.  "If you can keep Illya from causing trouble, it would be much appreciated.  Remember that in her past life, she was a grifter.  She excels at knowing just what to say to manipulate people to get what she wants.  I'm hoping her days of tricking people out of hard-earned latinum is over, but watch over her anyway."

In the mess hall, Illya had obtained her much sought after Jumba Stick.  She had come to acquire a fondness for the sugary snack on a stick during her time on Bajor, passing herself off as a visionary of the Prophets.  It netted her a luxurious home and a great amount of contributions she was able to fence into some good money, though the Jumba Sticks started setting her back a ways as her cravings for them increased.  Now, she sat on a table, legs propped up on the chair beneath her, enjoying her rather phallic shaped treat in a way that had a number of male officers staring at her without restraint.  Maybe she was already working the room, trying to find the guy who would fall for her charms and do anything she asked of him.  After all, she was an uncommissioned civilian aboard a ship that wasn't likely to see shore leave for a while.  She must have presented quite an opportunity.

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Miles nodded to himself as he heard what she said and headed out the room to the Turbolift to head to the mess hall where he hoped she had headed to as mentioned.  "I'm checking the mess hall and if she ain't there then  Below Decks.  And if you encounter the other me He likely isnt some kind of monster just well... Probably a bit more ummm.  I guess the word I am looking for is Less inhibited.  I know even at my worst I woudl never do anything non consensual  in action but in words well...  For lack of a better term the word Man-whore comes to mind  lets just say if the information i have read on Illya is correct then if she could get past the fur then that side of me and her woudl get along perfectly.  At my worst though I still am not an idiot."

He paused for a moment, as he keyed in the information on the turbolift "What I am more worried about is there could be a third form of me running around.  If you have read my dossier it mentions the Canid animal form I can take.  If i was split into three then there is a creature much like a Terran Maned Wolf running around the corridors like a lost dog.  If I am acting like the creature on my home planet in that form Expect a shy fox like cunning with a propensity to hide and scavenge for food in a sneaky way.  Despite the size being larger than a Terran wolf in height the species is more shy than aggressive and often will only attack if threatened or backed into a corner.  the species is a fast runner so it runs away from danger instead of fighting it.  If anyone sees something that looks like a wolf sized fox but with really long legs. advise to treat with the same level of caution one would a non violent but scared stray dog.  If it runs don't try and corner it.  if it approaches try and act calmly like one would to a dog that is sniffing out a new person for the first time.  If he has any of my memories a familiar scent will probably mean friend to him. Either you or the captain thus woudl likely mean master to him if he has any of my mind in him.  The species reaction to phaser fire more severe than that of a human so setting 1 with a slightly wider dispersal should create the same effect  as setting one on a human " 

The door opened and he exited walking towards the mess hall, "I'm here at the mess hall and it appears she is there,  and you Don't even want to know what it looks like she is doing to the snack she said she was ordering."

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"If she is doing what I think she is, that's a good explanation why I don't let her out in public."  It would have been embarrassing enough if Illya was doing that sort of thing when she was Edena's responsibility.  It would be another matter entirely if it was Edena's body she was using to do it with.  "I will adjust the on-board sensors to keep an eye out for non-humanoid entities as well, Lt. Commander.  Wish me luck on my job and I'll wish you luck on your . . . babysitting assignment.  Commander Rez out."

Illya's tongue was swirling along the tip of the jumba stick, giving a seductive wink to a Vulcan Ensign who looked away from her.  Vulcans were her favorite to tease, because she was certain that deep down, no matter how much they adhered to logic, she must have been doing something to them.  There was nothing more gratifying then melting a chunk of ice with a few motions of her mouth.

With the arrival of Miles, Illya slipped down from the table, a visible bounce to her D cups as she gave a small hop while throwing a fake looking salute his way.  "Lieutenant Commander Renard," she said, though she barely kept a straight face.  Not being stuck in Edena's body, she could finally breathe, could finally have a bit of fun again.  Why did it matter how she acted?  She wasn't a member of Starfleet, didn't hold a rank of any kind.  As far as anyone was concerned, she was a civilian, and could come and go freely as she wanted in public areas like the mess hall.

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He smiled softly, to himself, If nothing else this babysitting assignment would either be a headache or quite fun.  Either way interesting was a good word for it.  He knew of her reputation and in a way that made him more than eager to help keep her out of trouble.  "Miss Illya there you are!"  he said smiling sort of falsely at her.  "I was told not to let you out of my sight by Commander Rez after all, you being sort of rare kind of guest on our ship.  I was told by the Commander that you have been scheduled to Re-assume your duties you had as a civilian aboard the Theurgy.    I mean now that the bartenders gone and his holo-toy was removed for power, Below-decks has been empty.  the commander asked me to find you and see if you woudl resume your post before we brought him aboard as Bartender and general entertainer."

There Weren't many in the mess hall at the moment and those he saw looked to be newer faces probably stationed here after Regal had became "special adviser" in below decks and as such wouldn't have a clue that the previous Bartender had not been a trill female as he was suggesting.  By the reactions he was seeming to get from those paying any attention to what he was saying to her  it seemed his lie had gone over pretty well.  Hopefully she woudl play along and like the idea of being an entertainer in the part of the ship where she would likely be able to get away with whatever entertainment she wanted to provide.  "So want your old job back Miss?"

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Illya listened to the words that Miles spoke, channeling a bit of Edena with her passive, attentive gaze.  It was only when he was finished, and she left him in a bit of suspense, that she finally grinned.  "Can I take my Jumba Stick?"  She teased him a bit more, sticking the treat in her mouth as she headed out the door, hands behind her head.  She was heading in the direction of Below Decks, indicating she had accepted his offer.

Taking the stick back out of her mouth, she continued her walk to the turbo lifts, never glancing back but knowing Miles was following her.  "She put you on babysitting detail didn't she?"  Illya was sure of it.  Edena had told him to keep tabs on her, keep her from getting up to her old games.  "I don't know why she is so worried.  How much trouble can I get into on a Starfleet vessel?  The amount of replicator rations on-board aren't worth my time.  I'd have to get every single one on the ship to make a minor payday by my standards."

Stepping into the turbolift, she waited for her sitter to get in as well before declaring "Deck seven," the location of Below Decks.  As the gentle hum of the lift in motion began, Illya let out an amused scoff.  "You must be in quite a sour mood, Lt. Commander.  All of Edena's personalities separated from from another, her all alone in her head . . . and you're stuck with me."  She wasn't going to stop teasing him for his admitted attraction to Edena, not to mention her own comment about tact.  As the lift opened, Illya added an extra sway to her hips, trying her best to making certain that Miles would be kicking himself for making Illya Rez out to be second best.

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Miles smirked, "Actually Its a nice change of pace." he said watching as she moved into the room obviously enjoy the show she was attepting to give him.  "Unlike with the commander, I don't have to be proper and professional to you now do I?   And I still don't regret what i said earlier.  he replied with a soft laugh in his voice as he took her hand and lead her over to the bar. 

"To answer your question yes it was a bit tactless, but lets face it.  Your arrogance is something that could use being knocked down a couple pegs."   he said as he seemed to analize her reactions as he spoke reaching under the bar and grabbing one of the bottles, an Earth whiskey of irish make.  In obvious reference to her scarlet locks and piercing green eyes. "From the standard view of beauty yes you surpass her.  I just find her to be more approachable and I happen to find approachable and cute, a bit more attractive than beautiful and sensual.  Besides she probably could use a bit of the confidence that being told she is more attractive than her supposedly most beautiful host was."[/b] 

He smiled softly at her. as he spoke and poured the whiskey into two shot glasses one on her side of the table and one for himself as he sat the bottle down between them  having poured it he quickly drank his shot and refilled his glass continuing as he showed only a slight wince from drinking the stiff drink.  "Besides it isn't the actual profit margin that you obviously are concerned with, its the influence that having access to the all those rations you could scam woudl give you.  You wouldn't be looking for money you thrive on the influence and the power over others it gives you."  he said matter-of-factly as he smirked "Am I close?"

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"Hmm, let's see.  You don't have to treat me proper or professionally.  I'm arrogant, need to be knocked down a couple pegs, and am power-hungry for influence over others."  She listed off everything negative he had said about her, and when all tallied up, it did sound like she had something to be offended over.  Instead, she simply grinned, downed the shot of whiskey without a second's hesitation and smoothly replied, "it's like you've known me my whole life."

Illya wander the bar, letting her fingertips graze over every surface, like she was memorizing it all by touch alone.  "You're only getting to know a small portion of me, Mile - I can call you call you Miles right?  I don't want to tie my tongue calling you 'Lieutenant Commander' all the time.  Anyway, like I was saying, that's just one side of me."  Hopping upward, Illya thrust her hands down onto a bar stool, lifting her legs up with the skill of a master gymnast.  One thing that could certainly be said about her was that she was flexible, a fact she proved by lowering one foot back to the ground and raising the other one almost 180 degrees straight upward.  "I can be a cool and logical as a Vulcan, as hot blooded as a Klingon.  Hell I could throw on a nun outfit and convince a man I was a virgin.  It all depends what they want me to be."

Standing normally again, she looked back at Miles.  "For you, I'm guessing it's a woman in Uniform, right?  Red undershirt?  Three pips on her collar?  Maybe you like a woman with authority, Renard.  Maybe that's why you're a bit hot under the collar for Edena.  No need to be ashamed of it.  You're not the first guy I would have met who liked being ordered to lick my boot."  At that point, it was hard to tell whether she was teasing him or not.

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He laughed softly, "Heh, actually I've never been that picky about those kinds of things.  To be honest the you I would most like you to play for me would be well." he smiled and pointed a finger to her touching it right to the cloth f her shirt over her chest. "The one you seem to have the most trouble playing. the one in here"

he then paused as he looked around, and laughed slight at the thought of him being in some sort of dom and sub fantasy with her.  An image that didn't really make him aroused but the sight in his mind which couldn't help but make him laugh a bit for the humor in it. "And no "licking someone's boot" is nowhere in my list of things I find appealing.  And go ahead and call me Miles.  You are a civilian that means my rank equals nothing to you. You could call me fox for all I care regarding that.  And as far as I am concerned Rez's orders were to be the security escort of a civilian guest aboard the ship.  As far as I know I am to make sure no harm comes to you."

He smiled softly quite impressed by her acrobatics. "You'd fit right in on my home world?  I forgot to mention some of the other characteristics I have gleaned from you. Passionate, Inteligent, Empathetic to a degree of making sure you suit the person you are with's needs so to speak.  Add to that And you are quite talented in your emotional reserve.  Though being clearly a passionate soul, you can hide what real emotion you feel and show what you want when you want to.  And have you considered i may have been constantly pointing out the flaws to see if you woudl try and impress me with your finer points.  After all If I'm a person's friend I'll hide things to spare their feelings or maintain the friendship.  With an antagonist why woudl you give a shit if you make them cry or piss them off."

he then added as he downed another shot. "And I started being attracted to Commander Edena when she was hiding her true job and was acting as the counselor.  The one I have it hot under the collar for is a woman with a red undershirt, three pips on the collar, and who in the past I have bore my very soul to.  I'm attracted to the first Federation female officer I ever felt comfortable not hiding my inner self to."

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"Hmm," Illya sounded, pouring up another drink as she listening to the positive traits that Miles listed off about her.  "Flattery will get you everywhere.  I'm sure no one would mind if Theurgy's new entertainer gave out a free drink."  She slid the glass down to Miles before taking her next swig out of the bottle.  Years of dealing with drunks and con-men had helped her develop a constitution far beyond her size and gender.  She drank back the mouthful without even a twitch, just a deep exhale as she breathed out the heat in her throat.  "It;'s too bad though.  I distinctly remember seeing a pair of boots in the back of Edena's closet that could have used a cleaning."

When Miles spoke of his interest in Edena, how it stemmed back to her time spent as a ship's counselor, Illya couldn't help but smile a little.  "Do you know what Edena did before she was drafted into Starfleet Intelligence?"  She poured another drink for Miles.  "She was a science officer.  Switched over to command after she was implanted with the Rez symbiont.  At which point do you think she attended Starfleet Medical to obtain the credentials to serve as a counselor?"  It was an easy question to answer.  She wouldn't have had the time.  "Part of being a good con-woman is knowing what to say to people.  You observe them, learn their mannerisms, and determine what they need to hear.  It's not all that different from being a ship's Counselor."

Illya was heavily implying it, but just to be clear, she went ahead and said it anyway.  "Edena was the one doing your sessions, but I was the one providing her the know-how to diagnose you, telling her the right things to say to maintain her cover.  In a way . . . I was the one you were baring yourself to . . . another drink?"

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He softly laughed, "You know what i like about you the most?  I can't tell if you are bullshitting me or telling me the truth, "I'll have to ask Commander Edena about that some time.  And if it was you thank you, you were an excellent listener and I cant help but admire the irony if it was you, the part of me that made me trust her so implicitly that never bore anyone else my deepest secrets.  Its why unlike other members of the crew who apparently acted betrayed to see her take the XO position upon hearing it I was happy.  I trusted her implicitly after all you must remember the secrets i told her the embarrassing facts that as a vulpinian that nearly every time I smelled those pheromones of a girl even slightly lusting after something my body tore itself apart wanting to make whatever fantasy in heir minds come true.  withthat information I could have potentialy never been even trusted to fly. Still she or you whichever saw past that, saw that I was torn but retaining every manner of control.  its because of that understanding that seeing past the obvious and seeing me that I am accepted.  I could have had my career ruined but you two didn't.  That's why I trusted her as my XO so radially.  Ironic that the one who earned my trust could be the one I was warned not to trust at all isn't it."

He said this with a wondering smile, a sort of philosophic look about him that spoke to a person that was beyond the vulpinian stereotype of the quintessential "Horn-dog." He slowly sipped at the drink as he softly smiled his mind wandering a bit as he couldn't help but admire the woman in front of him both in personality and as his eyes wandered about her body definitely physically as well.

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