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Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

[PO2 Kino Jeen | Outside Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Nimble fingers danced over the control console while her lips curled in a faint smirk, mismatched eyes darting across the screen. Kino stood, still dressed in duty uniform, weight shifting from one leg to the other, trying to make a final decision on the program she wanted. Nothing too fancy, her eyes narrowed at the scrolling list of options – most of which were places she’d never even heard of. Her nose scrunched up a bit at the delay, knowing it was already past 1700 hours, and Reika was probably wondering what the hold up was. C’mon, just pick a spot, she huffed with impatience, lips pursed as she closed her eyes to lift a finger at the screen, poking it as her natural eye cracked open.

Kloi-Natai, Elysium IV, she read, arching a brow as the details were pulled up. M Class, vast tropical regions, extensive wildlife preserves...known for pristine beaches and abundant biospheres, bio-luminescent fauna and flora colors shift with the cycles of its three moons? Interesting. Host to several medical and scientific research outposts in geo-sync orbit, blah blah blah. Yeah, that’ll do. Kino grinned, keying in the locale, then inputted the remaining program parameters she’d need for the evening, glad that she’d showed up as early as she did. “Alright, that'll work,” the Trill nodded to herself, then hit execute. As the console chimed, Kino typed out a quick message to Reika before heading in.

   Ms. Sh’laan -
Sorry for the short notice, the day got away from me. I’ve secured Holodeck 4 for a couple hours, I'm here now getting ready. Access code is Alpha-72-Sigma-56. Why don’t you join me around 1800?

Beyond the threshold, a bright sunny day awaited; Kino found herself on a narrow wooden pier, surrounded by shallow, crystal clear waters of aquamarine – white sand and small reefs visible below the surface, teeming with life. At the end of the pier, under a bright blue sky, an island of dense green jungle dominated the view. Kino grinned, one hand rising to shade her eyes from the sunlight as the gentle breeze tossed her unkempt hair. “Fuck me, this is great,” she laughed, then unzipped her duty jacket as she stepped off towards the moderate sized structures nestled just beyond the beachhead. The complex was built to resemble a private home of sorts, (loosely modeled on what Kino remembered of her parent’s summer home back on Trill), complete with a large central pool. Four corner structures each held their own rooms, lounges, baths, while a large open-aired bar/kitchen dominated the far wall of the courtyard.

Kino shrugged the duty jacket off as she walked, eager to get started before Reika showed up.

[Thirty minutes later, 1802 hrs]

She’d chosen a pair of faded cut off camo short shorts that hugged her hips and curves nicely along with a simple white halter and a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses; enjoying the warmth and gentle breeze as well as the sunlight on her pale skin while she worked. The lettuce was prepped, washed, and set aside in a large circular plate, the surrounding a small bowl of amber colored peanut sauce. Kino gave the mixture of crumbled chicken, minced garlic, diced onion and shallots a toss in the sizzling wok on the stove as she chopped up the rest of the cilantro. Off to the side, a pint of golden liquid sat on the counter well within reach; the glass sweating in the sunlight next to a smaller cocktail glass of smokey blue liquid.

Kino paused to reach over and steal a sip of beer as she cocked a hip, facing away from the entrance, when her ears picked up the subtle shwoosh of the door opening over the breeze. A dark brow arched as she smirked over her bare shoulder, drink raised in salute before returning her attention to cooking. Pretty good timing, Legs, the Trill chuckled, tossing the chicken again while she waited for the Andorian to join her.

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Reika looked into the last trunk.  There was only one item left ensconced inside.  Reaching in, she removed the thin, rectangular piece.  With one hand on each side, thumbs running over the front and the rest of her fingers firmly planted on the back of it.  She stood there, her eyes memorizing each and every minutia of detail.  Her antenna dipped just a little as she took her time.

During the time between her various meetings today, she decided to finish unpacking.  She was only three days out of stasis, but something had held her back - almost as if she wasn’t sure that she would need to finish.  What would keep her from going right back into stasis if she were injured or if the cure that they thought they had affected to stop her genetic unspooling had just delayed the progression, not actually stopped it as they had told her?

But something about this morning’s encounter reminded her that whatever her circumstances had been that there were any number of reasons - how many spots were on a Trill anyway? - that she might want to plant herself firmly physically, mentally, and maybe even emotionally in the ‘here and now’ - not in the uncertainty of ‘what may yet come.’

But the beep of a message broke into her reverie.  She took the picture of her parents and siblings and placed it on the last available shelf in her living room before making her way to her workstation to pull up the message.

   Ms. Sh’laan -
Sorry for the short notice, the day got away from me. I’ve secured Holodeck 4 for a couple hours, I'm here now getting ready. Access code is Alpha-72-Sigma-56. Why don’t you join me around 1800?

Reika read over the message and her antenna which had moments before drooped just slightly stood upright and her eyes glinted in anticipation and went from the message to the chronometer at the top of the console.  1730 - so she had 30 minutes to choose her outfit, get dressed and make her way to holodeck 4.  Thirty minutes would be just enough.

Just after 1800, Reika stood outside the holodeck in a one-shouldered stretchy (and curve-hugging)  black tank top tucked into a pair of white chino-style shorts.  On anyone else, the shorts may have fallen more than halfway down the wearer’s thighs, but with her long-lanky legs, they appeared little longer than short shorts.  Her long-white hair was half-up in one of her intricate multi-layered braids, but the rest fell halfway down her back.  Her outfit was tied in by a pair of silver knotted earrings, and a thin silver bracelet encircling her left wrist.

Reika input the code that Kino had given her and stepped inside.  As she did, many of her senses were assailed all at once.  The brightness of the sun caused her to squint as she raised her eyes to the sky.  She could hear the waves as they curved over on themselves and tumbled up the beach, and feel the warm breeze on her skin as the doors closed behind her.  The familiar, distinct, and pungent smell of her favorite ethnic cuisine lured her in even further.  She slipped out of her tennis shoes on the pier and grinned widely as she saw the raised glass of beer as she meandered up the wooden walkway.

But as soon as she saw the raised glass, she took in the shapely form of the Trill whose back still faced the Andorian, and this time there was much more to see than there had been that morning.  With her back turned, Reika felt like she could take her time noting the shapely legs, the enticingly curved hips, the slender waist, the sleek and mostly bare back, and how her body nicely curved out again as it approached her uncovered shoulders. 

 And while it felt like an eternity to Reika, in reality, it was only seconds after entering, she said, “Smells fabulous in here!” and drew up just off to the side of the Trill glancing over at face framed by silver hair.  “The view’s not half-bad either.
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
As Reika drew near, Kino beamed at her as she sprinkled the chopped cilantro into the wok, mixing it into the browned chicken with a wooden spoon. From behind her mirrored sunglasses, dark brows rose at the Andorian’s comments with a chuckle, as her eyes took in every detail of her guest – the elegant braid of platinum hair, earrings shining in the sunlight, those lovely sparkling pools of blue. Not half-bad at all, she agreed to herself with a grin, but nodded as she wiped her hands on a towel. "Well, hello, Ms. Sh'laan - pleasure to see you again," the Trill greeted.

“That would be the chicken,” Kino winked at the Andorian, extending a hand out to grasp the deep azure cocktail and hand it to her. “And it is nice isn’t it,” her free hand gestured to the sim, while her head tilted to show her eyes over the top of her shades with a smile. “Could certainly get used to it,” she agreed playfully, then gestured to the cocktail. “Didn’t know your preference, so I went with a blue coconut,” she added with a dip of her head at the mojito.

A flock of shimmering turquoise colored sea-birds decided to make themselves known then – riding the thermals overhead. Kino smirked at their caws, but kept her eyes on Reika as she took another sip of beer. Yeah, could definitely get used to this, the Trill hummed, then set her drink aside to return her attention to the food. “Have to warn ya,” she chuckled a little as the wok was lifted to pour the contents out onto the platter of lettuce wraps, around the dipping sauce. “Cooking isn’t exactly my strong suit – but fortunately for us, this particular recipe stood out as a winner from another life,” her smile faded a little as a shoulder lifted while she scooped the last few morsels out onto the plate, then turned the stove off. “Hope you enjoy it.”

Beer in one hand and platter in the other, the Trill turned to the lovely Andorian. “Shall we,” her head tilted playfully, waving the platter as she lifted her chin to the couches lining the pool. As she passed her guest, Kino arched a brow and grinned again, eyes drawn to those shapely legs. “Figured we could snack while we chat. How was your day? Getting settled in okay,” she asked over her shoulder as she padded barefoot over to the couches, setting the platter down on a small table before seating herself, legs crossed to reveal the long line of spots along one leg, running up the side of her thigh. She reclined casually, beer held aloft as her other arm draped over the top of the couch, giving Reika her full attention. 

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[Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Reika watched the long, slender fingers as they dropped ingredients into the wok and mixed them up.  Closing her eyes she leaned toward the cooking surface drinking deeply of the spicy and piquant aroma that wafted about on the ocean breeze and circulated around the area on the air currents.  Staying in that position, she turned her eyes toward the Security officer.   “Please call me, Reika.  Addressing me by my last name feels so formal - like we’re on duty and not just two women enjoying each other’s company.  And the pleasure of seeing you again is definitely mutual.

Reika reached out with her fingers to take the offered glass.  As she did her blue digits brushed across the peach ones belonging to the Trill. And when Kino tilted her head to allow Reika to look into the ice blue spheres set behind the mirrored glasses, they sparkled with the double entendre.  And it was as if Reika had offered a verbal dance around more intimate topics and with her response about getting used to the sites Kino had accepted the invitation. 

Oh, I agree,” the Operations Officer said, ”this is certainly an idyllic setting, and of course, I could definitely get used to the sites.  And thanks for the drink.  The color can certainly be alluring.”  She sipped the blue liquid taking her time, allowing the flavors to pour over her palate as she tried to discern the intricacies of its flavor profile.  Mint, coconut, rum, and the strong zing of some citrus - lime, orange, and something with a little more punch.  “Nicely mixed cocktail.  Slightly astringent.  Nice pucker to it,” she said smacking her lips once.

But Kino turned to the sitting area and confessed her inexpertness in the field of cooking.

Reika followed Kino as she maneuvered to the sitting area.  “If the smell is any indication of how it tastes, it will be amazing, and I’m sure I’ll love it.  Was this a recipe that one of Jeen’s antecedents used to make?”  Sh’laan asked.  She had taken a little time to look up some basic information about the Trill during some of her downtime today.  So she at least knew that Kino was the fourth host to the Jeen symbiont.

Oh, my day was full.  I’m not officially back onto duty until tomorrow, but I had a couple meetings,” she said as she shifted onto the couch at the opposite end from Jeen.  She sat sideways with her back against the arm of the couch.  One foot was planted on the ground, her other leg, she bent at the knee and set her bare foot flat on the couch just inches in front of her.  She rested her right wrist atop of her knee and held her mojito in that hand.  Swirling the liquid in the glass, Reika continued talking.  “My first meeting was with Commander Stark.  Later, I had another with Lieutenant Ravenholm.  Just getting everything set for tomorrow when I officially resume my duties.  In between,  I did some unpacking.  As a matter of fact, I was just finishing that up when I got your message.”  The Andorian took another sip of her cocktail and then transferred it to her other hand, leaving her right hand free to set atop of the back of the couch, her fingertips just softly brushing up against Kino’s which also rested on the back of the couch.

Reika paused as Kino responded to her description of her day.  She watched her eyes and from time to time, she took the opportunity to observe the pattern of the Security officer’s spots so clearly cataloged all along her body.  But whether or not her eyes weren’t focused on the Trill’s, the Andorian drank in the rich, soothing tone of the other woman’s voice.   At one point, she set her drink down and reached over and twisted the lettuce around some of the chicken mixture that Kino had cooked. After dipping it into the peanut sauce,  she bit off the end, and the flavor burst into her mouth.  The chunkiness of the chicken, the smoothness of the peanut butter, the tang of the onion and garlic all hit her palate at once.  She reached out and set her right hand on the Trill’s left to interrupt her for a moment.  “I know it’s not polite to butt in, but this,” she held out the lettuce wrap, “is amazing!
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Her silver head dipped with a lopsided smile at Reika’s guess at where Kino had gotten the recipe. Someone did their homework, she thought, amused and flattered that the Andorian would take the time to look her up, whether out of simple curiosity or genuine interest, the Trill couldn’t tell for sure. However, given their interaction that morning, and the subtle signals she was picking up, Kino’s instincts told her this was more than idle curiosity. She watched intently and waited, taking another sip of her beer as Reika continued to talk about her day, shifting her body unconsciously to mirror the Andorian’s. Could literally sit here and watch her all day, Kino realized, blinking at her own admission, surprised at herself. Okay, yes, she's beautiful. Keep it in your pants.

The warmth on her skin felt amazing – kept cool enough by the breeze to keep from sweating – but Kino nestled the cold glass against her neck as her head tilted back. The smile never left her face, even as she mentally fixed faces to the names mentioned: Stark, Ravenholm. She knew them by reputation, of course, like most of the senior officers aboard, yet had very little actual experience with them. Still, the non-com was able to narrow down which department Reika worked in, and the possible circles she’d be involved with. All of this deductive reasoning took place in the back of her mind, while she listened and enjoyed the sunshine; a natural, unconscious habit formed from a life of paying attention to people and details, of learning systems and how they worked in order to dismantle them – at least, that was her goal, once upon a time. Experience had changed her, drastically; that and the worm riding around in her body.

Kino nodded again, aware of the subtle brush of their fingertips; a simple thing, perhaps unintentional, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying it. She reached into it without much outward reaction, other than the smile on her face, letting pale digits circle and entwine with blue. “Sorry for sending that so late,” she winced a bit at the mention of her message, and the seemingly abrupt schedule set on the Andorian. “Four days and strait to work huh? Damn, OPS must really need you – or are you just itchin’ to get down to it,” Kino asked, brow arched over her glasses as Reika tried one of the lettuce wraps. “Can’t blame ya in that regard; its rough, coming out of the freezer,” she nodded, then took another sip of beer. “Hell, my first time out was –” she started to say, but was interrupted by the Andorian’s hand and praise, which prompted a grin and a casual salute of her glass. “Thanks. Really glad you like it. Enjoy thyself,” Kino winked at her, then set her beer down to grab her own wrap.

“Yanno, this is just the appetizer – haven’t really got a clue what we’ll have next, if you’re hungry for more. Sure we can think of something though,” a pale hand gestured at the platter, then Kino stifled a chuckle. Ehh, easy now, she told herself immediately, amused at her own innuendo. The Trill cleared her throat as she grinned again, shaking her head at herself. “What I mean is, I’m not very knowledgeable on Thai cuisine,” she arched a brow and cradled her wrap in one hand as she settled back, head tilted to the Andorian before taking a bite. “Any suggestions for a beginner?”

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Reika continued talking as the Trill’s fingers interlaced with hers.  Her creamy skin was warm to the touch and made it hard for the Andorian to really focus on what she was trying to say because she definitely would have preferred to focus on the touch - and following that touch up with others.  There’s definitely something here, she thought as she continued talking about her day for a moment longer.  From being on ice to being on fire in a matter of days.  Not bad, Reika.

As her voice trailed off and this time she listened to the Trill.  As she took a second bit of the lettuce wrap, a drop of the delectable sauce that she had dipped the wrap into settled atop of her lip.  After she finished chewing and swallowing, she ran her tongue across her lower lip slowly until she heard, “This is just an appetizer.

Reika knew then and there what the main course would be. 

Any suggestions for a beginner?

After popping the rest of the lettuce wrap into her mouth just after the Security officer asked the question.  The COO chewed slowly while studying the spots that she could make out between the edge of Kino’s eye and her ear.  Finishing the wrap off,  she smacked her lips and tilted her head slightly.  “Somehow, I can’t imagine you being a beginner at anything, but I’m sure,” she said sidling a little closer bringing their twined fingers together so that they were palm to palm and her foot sat just inside the Trills so that their knees were now next to each other touching side by side, “we could find something equally spicy and tantalizing for the main course.  After our workout this morning, I found myself getting hungrier as the day went on.  How about you?” Sh’laan asked as she watched her eyes.  “I can only imagine that working in security you work up quite an appetite.  We could do Thai, that’s always delicious, but is there something you’re particularly hungry for?
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Her head tilted as the non-com chuckled softly at Rieka’s question, the sound closer to a throaty hum. The nearly empty glass of beer was set down on the table, and as she finished chewing her wrap, Kino swiped a dab of sauce from the corner of her lips with her thumb, all too aware of the Andorian’s proximity. A brow arched as she sucked the sauce from her thumb quickly, then grinned as she bit her bottom lip. Ah, such a question, her mind purred as she pulled the mirrored aviators from her eyes, which narrowed to playful slits.

“Just ‘cause I have two centuries of experience packed into my head doesn’t make me an expert at everything,” Kino whispered, leaning close. “I’m just a grunt, Reika. Lived off field rations most of my life; but I’m always up for trying something new,” her eyes flicked from blue orbs to lips and back. “Spicy and tantalizing included.” The subtle shift in the Andorian’s eyes and posture hadn’t gone unnoticed; Kino was willing to bet another round in the ring that the beautiful OPS officer knew exactly what she wanted for the main course, judging by the look she was giving.

Hm. Decisions, decisions, Kino smirked.

The breeze picked up, as a solitary ribbon of clouds obscured the sunshine. Without thinking or hesitation, Kino’s free hand came up to tuck a few platinum strands from Reika's face behind one ear, stroking across blue skin gently to cup her cheek. Her eyes stayed locked on those sparkling glacial pools, while the hand wrapped up in blue squeezed reassuringly. Let's just put the cards on the table, the Trill decided. There really was no point in beating around the bush - even though she did enjoy the playful back and forth thus far - there was no rush, but no reason to drag things out either.

“You’ve been on my mind all day,” she confessed with a nod and a knowing smile, like she was in on a secret shared between them. “Was certainly distracting, and we seem to have some unfinished business – made me replay this morning in my head, over and over; what I’d do differently, with different circumstances. Definitely stoked my appetite,” Kino lifted her chin subtly as she bit her lip again. Her thumb brushed across the Andorian’s cheek as she spoke, and even try as she might to keep her distance, those blue pools drew her in ever closer – inescapable singularities – sucking her in. “Way I see it,” she leaned in even closer, her lips just a breath away from Reika’s ear. “Doors’re locked and its just us this time,” she breathed huskily through a grin. “So...what’ll it be? Wanna cook something up, or join me in the pool and cook something else up?”

Slowly, Kino edged away, letting her fingers trail along Reika’s jawline to let her offer settle in the Andorian’s mind; curiosity and anticipation danced in her eyes while she watched and waited to see what happened, while her body responded unconsciously. Vitals sped up, cheeks subtly flushed, flesh pebbled slightly from the breeze even in the blissful sunlight – poking out of the thin material of her halter top. Unfinished business, indeed, she grinned.

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

The Andorian didn’t move as Kino tucked errant hairs behind her ear and simultaneously squeezed her hand. Yes, it's been awhile, Reika.  Just breathe. In and out.  During her time aboard the Theurgy, before she had been frozen, Reika had stayed fairly solitary.  There had been very little disappointment in her life, but then again there had been very little life in her life then, either.  Life was meant to be lived.  Wagers were meant to be offered, and chances were meant to be taken. 

To this point, the tall, elegant woman had most often played it safe.  It was safer to say no - and she had.  It was safer to be alone - and there were prolonged times when she was.  But what is a safe life worth?  And here her thoughts paused as she earnestly searched for an answer.  Nothing.  So when Kino cupped her cheek, Reika found herself leaning her face into the warm hand, drinking in the arctic blue hues staring back at her.  Reika's thumb ran over the back of Kino's hand joined with hers.  The pale digits were smaller than hers, but not overly much.  Their joined skin - between the two of them - felt flush.   Was it mutual anticipation?  Likely.  Even the Trill's mechanical eye seemed to speak volumes of desire and perhaps even hope. 

Sh’laan wondered how those full pink lips tasted as she watched them shift position with each word, “You’ve been on my mind all day … Definitely stoked my appetite … Doors’re locked, and it’s just us this time.” 

There was no doubt in the Andorian’s mind about what she wanted.  And this time she was going to take the gamble.  She had already been saved from a nearly tragic death once.  If something happened to her, there was no guarantee that she would have that opportunity again.  This life - here and now - was her second chance, and Reika determined to seize it with both hands and hold on wherever it took her.  "I couldn't get you off of my mind either."  A smile wormed its way across her lips.  "Damned inconvenient while I was meeting with the XO."

A soft, yet hungry, smile spread across her face as Jeen drew a finger across the edge of her chin.  She turned her face to the finger and kissed its tip before lifting her free hand and setting the side of her forefinger under Kino’s chin, letting the pad of her thumb trail softly across the voluptuous lips.  Heart racing, fingers trembling ever so slightly, she leaned in and gently brought her lips against the Trill’s - just a soft kiss - just a taste before pulling back.  “I think I’d enjoy that dip in the pool while we see what we can cook up in there.” 

She shifted her weight onto her foot planted firmly on the floor and lifted herself up off of the couch.  Then releasing the Trill’s hand, Reika resettled her fingers between the pale ones in such a way that they could move together.  The Andorian’s desire for bodily contact was absolutely crushing at this moment and she didn’t want to go without it.  Something so simple and at the same time so profound and necessary as a touch.  Skin on skin - causing a heady desire to course through her entire body as it readied itself in eager anticipation. 

Once Reika drew Kino up from the couch to stand beside her, she walked around behind the Trill, releasing her hand, but her fingers reached for the lower tie of the halter top, watching for hesitancy on the part of her soon-to-be paramour.  Pinching the two ends between opposite thumbs and forefingers, blue fingers drew them apart while her lips lowered to the nape of Kino’s neck kissing softly across it as the lower ties came free.  Then trailing her fingers around the Security Officer’s exposed mid-riff until Rieka stood in front of her again, she reached her blue arms over the pale shoulders to find the ends of the ties that were done up behind her neck untying the final strand that held the halter in place while her lips descended once again to the soft pink ones opposite her.

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
There were moments in life that stood out, seared into the fabric of one’s essence. Kino had many such memories, spread across four lifetimes; each one a treasure to safeguard, a privilege to experience. Her own life – as chaotic and violent as it was, in comparison to those that came before – had its own precious moments, of course; good, bad, joyous and traumatic, woven into the tapestry that made her who she was. Often, almost always, those moments came and went in the blink of an eye without her ever realizing it until much, much later. As far as she could tell, it was a glaring difference from the previous Jeen hosts – one she never really understood, until now.

The lush tropical island, dominated by a hundred shades of green – the blue sky, decorated with the shadowy outlines of far distant moons – the idyllic beach, pristine white sands, lagoon-clear waters – all of it faded away as utterly insignificant. Her senses drank in the details of the gorgeous Andorian before her – her alone – as she drew near in the seconds before their lips touched so very gently. The sense of import grew in the Trill’s mind in a surge of realization. She knew then that – come what may – this moment would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Noses brushed together, exhalations ghosted across skin. Mismatched eyes fell closed as pink lips brushed against blue; an innocent, slightest touch – the merest taste of each other – another appetizer, no more – yet it set her pulse racing. Yet all too soon, it was gone. Reika pulled away, and Kino released the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding through parted lips, as she nodded at the Andorian’s words. The tip of her tongue drew across her bottom lip in an unconscious flick before the non-com smiled with a low hum while their hands adjusted around each other, holding on as her legs uncrossed and the pair stood. Half lidded eyes locked on blues, following her every move.

“Was hoping you’d say that,” Kino purred over a spotted shoulder, tilting her head to the side as Reika untied her top, managing to resist the urge to lean her back into the touch; her own hands reached back to brush teasing tickles up and down the Andorian’s outer thighs, thighs the non-com eagerly wished to taste. As the fabric across her bust loosened, her eyes fell closed with another throaty hum at the brushing kisses left along her neck, silvered head weaving with the movement, unconsciously offering more to Reika’s lips. Their arms briefly entangled as the Andorian moved around her flank – which combined with the teasing trail of fingernails across her abs – provoked a bubbly giggle from the Trill’s lips. “Tickles,” Kino whispered through a grin, turning her head slightly to plant a quick kiss on Reika’s wrist as her own nails trailed up the woman’s flanks.

The halter came free, discarded without a thought as their lips met again; after mumbling a playful thanks, Kino took her time, one arm snaking around Reika’s waist to pull her in even closer, while the other slowly crept up the front of her body to cup a blue cheek. Pink lips captured blue in a slow dance – alternating between top and bottom – while a pale thumb brushed across cerulean skin, punctuated by a brief, teasing flick of her tongue; just another taste of what was to come. The Trill showed no hesitation yet no urgency with her attentions, even as the hand on the Andorian’s back slid under the drape of her hair, pulling at the stretchy fabric of her top to seek the skin underneath. They were chest to chest, truly entangled, and Kino felt herself press into the embrace as her hips slowly moved with the rhythm of their kisses.

“Hmm,” Kino hummed again, as her other hand fell to tug at Reika’s shirt, pulling it up from her shorts. Silvered head tilted, and the Trill’s mouth nibbled away from the Andorian’s lips, along her jawline, down under one ear. “If I may return the favor,” she breathed between nips and kisses, while her slender fingers slowly rolled and lifted the black tank up the lovely blue body. It proved to be a challenge, however, because Kino couldn’t stop her hands from wandering back down to explore the skin revealed; eventually, several moments later, the non-com paused her mouth’s assault on Reika’s neck long enough to pull the garment up and over her lover’s head, and dropped it at their feet.

Their bodies separated only enough to allow the task before the dance continued; Kino’s hands fell to the Andorian’s hips, pulling her in as she pressed right back. She tilted her head the opposite way, taking another moment to lose herself in glacial blues with a playful smile. What is it about you, her eyes searched, as a wellspring of emotion threatened to bubble up, stealing some of the smile away. She’d been here before, and knew the risks – but they all lived with the same cruel unknowns. Stop it. We can figure that out later. In a world of unknowable futures and painful histories, the non-com blinked to refocus on the present, no where else. Her gut told her this could be the chance at something she’d lost, something she’d given up on; Kino learned to trust her gut a long time ago.

“Keep kissing like that,” her eyes tracked down Reika’s body, then back up, “and a girl could get used to it,” she whispered, as her nimble fingers traced along the top of the Andorian’s shorts from the back, over slender hips, to settle at the button and zipper at the front. The Trill bit down on her bottom lip, breathing deeply as she looked into those deep blue eyes, then popped the shorts loose and peeled the zipper open with a tug. As their lips met together again, Kino’s hands trailed across blue hips, then brushed across the line of Reika’s lower back and finally pushed under the loosened shorts to gently squeeze the flesh beneath.


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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion edion

Something … something that Reika could not put her finger on, already set this encounter apart.  Sure there had been trysts, especially growing up, and definitely a few while at the Academy.  Was it that they were all easily ignited with materials that would make a short and bright flash of fire but ones that lacked any long-burning fuel to carry them beyond a solitary night or a week at most?  This felt different.  There wasn’t an earnestness just to rip off each other’s clothes and to consummate the desire for pleasure as quickly as possible, afterward leaving two bodies laid out on a bed gasping for air because of the short, fast, burst of heat, and Reika could feel the disparity between much of what she had experienced before and this rendezvous.  This experience between the two women felt like a slow-burning, white-hot fire. 

Creating a fire to keep people warm took time.  It took skill and a modicum of tenderness.  It took a fast-burning medium quickly layered with twigs of more substance.  It took patience, nurturing, knowledge, and practice.  Finally, the real height and depth of the fire were created by large, hard, slow-burning logs.  Logs that would lend heat and warmth to those around it.  Logs that would nurture the flame that they fed, building it up, tending it, growing it into an inferno that would sustain blaze brightly as long as it was properly nurtured.  This felt much more like the latter than the former. This fire had the potential to be a long protracted conflagration.

Can I nurture it properly, she asked herself as her lips and tongue played hide and seek with Kino’s.  Soft flutters, gentle probing, tantalizing wrestling of their lips and tongues danced through various sequences extruding perspiration across the Andorian’s face and shoulders despite the breeze that should have kept her cool.  Her arms, which had been wrapped around the Trill’s neck, drew back across the naked, pale shoulders, and instead, fingers flitted up and down Kino’s sides exposed sides.

Reika’s body began to react more overtly as the noncom pulled her close with such a tender strength, torsos pressed together.  The Lieutenant could feel Kino’s breasts through her thin one-shouldered tank.  Once again, the Andorian pressed her cheek into the supple fingers that cupped her face, even if only for a moment.  Then the flick of her tongue.  “Tease,” Reika mumbled into Kino’s lips as their mouths continued to entwine and Reika’s tongue continued to explore the recesses of the Trill’s mouth and the contours of her lips before both of Kino’s hands softly tugged her tank free of her shorts.  As they did, Reika pressed her hips against Kino’s feeling their rhythmic side-to-side movement.

If I may return the favor?

Reika raised her chin just a little giving Kino more access as she moved from her lips to her jaw.  “Please do,” she whispered hotly into the Trill’s ear and moved just a centimeter or so away to give the Trill the ability to remove her shirt, but it didn’t come immediately off, by this time each woman’s hands were exploring the other’s torso.  As Kino continued to kiss and nibble across her chin, the V3 COO looked down and took in the sites, beautiful, plump, pale breasts were pressed again her chest and shirt, though the black fabric hid some of the sites until Kino finally pulled it all of the way off.  "So much better," the Andorian breathed out as the warm tropic air hit her newly exposed skin.

The physicality of their encounter paused for only a moment as each observed the other’s eyes and thoughts.  Reika could see something akin to a tender joy in her paramour's eye that was almost doused for a nanosecond.  Her brows knit together just a fraction of a centimeter and she raised a gentle hand to one of Kino’s eyes, but whatever concern or hesitation had darted across her arctic orbs was gone a second later. 

Keep kissing like that,” her eyes tracked down Reika’s body, then back up, “and a girl could get used to it,

A wily smile spread from the center of her mouth outward.  The Andorian traced Kino’s lips with the tip of her pinkie finger, as she continued to study the abyss - that Kino’s glacial blues had become.  There was nothing to do, but to continue falling down the never-ending chasm.  Do I want Kino to get used to it?  Reika thought there would be at least a moment’s hesitation, but there wasn’t - not even a split second.  Yeah. I do.  I’m gonna grasp this new life with both hands.  I’m going to take chances, and I won’t do anything in halves.

So instead of answering with words, Reika leaned down setting each of her hands alongside Kino’s jaw, she kissed her lover again with a tender fervor.  Blue and pink lips and tongues sliding across and around each other, white teeth playfully nibbling at the other’s tongue or lips, savoring the softness of each other’s mouths.  When they finally surfaced for air, Reika asked, “You mean like that?

And, as if in the answer to the OPS officer’s question - fingers traced the top of her shorts playfully titillating the exposed skin - Reika took in a quick gasp of air as that touch - though welcomed - was unexpected and playful.  But a moment later, Kino paused and looked at her again as she played with the button on Reika’s shorts.  The Andorian saw the question in the Trill’s eyes.  Her answer?  She leaned her torso back slightly giving a little better access to the button and while she did, Reika’s hands and eyes wandered Kino’s chest exploring, tickling, teasing, squeezing, but soon after, their lips found each other’s again. The Lieutenant felt warm hands slide inside her shorts, under her panties, and squeeze.  Reika moaned into the kiss.  She didn’t know what to do, to press back against the adroit fingers or to press forward against the Trill’s hips.  She opted for the former leaning back into the waiting hands, but she also had an answer for her desire to press forward.

Reika’s hands slid adeptly down Kino’s torso with a feathery softness and through only touch as their lips were still conjoined, her blue digits searched for the button to the non-com’s camo shorts.  After maneuvering the button through the hole in the fabric, Reika slowly drew the zipper down.  Her hands wrapped around the Security Officer’s waist and as they wormed their way around the Till’s back, the short slid down the well-muscled legs falling in a heap at Kino’s ankles.  Emerging from their impassioned kiss, Reika took a moment to study the woman opposite her.  Her fingers began to trace the spots that skirted the sides of her breasts, but her eyes wandered lower to the last part of her hidden from view.

Checking in with Kino, watching her eyes and smiling tenderly at her, Reka’s fingers slid under the waistband of her panties and with a painful slowness centimeter by centimeter, the Andorian maneuvered the last garment down until it simply fell to the ground. For the first time, Reika could take in the woman opposite her in all of her glory.  For that moment, she contented herself with letting her eyes drink in every centimeter of the well-maintained body.  “Damn,” she smiled, her eyes returning to Kino’s for just a moment before exploring some more, but as her eyes navigated the arousing body in front of her.  But then the Andorian noticed a decent-sized bruise brandished on the Trill’s upper thigh.  Reika’s eyes veiled with concern.  “What happened?” she asked.  “Was this from this morning?”  Her fingers moved to encircle the discolored area, but her eyes darkened as a realization hit them.  “Did I do this?

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Just like that, Kino's eyes flashed at Reika, enflamed with desire; her chest rose and fell in long, deep breaths through parted lips, pale spotted skin pressed tight into blue. Her hands plunged deeper down, tracing over the Andorian’s curved posterior to cup each cheek in a firmer grip. We keep this up much longer, Kino thought, biting her bottom lip as Reika's fingers trailed down her torso, and we won’t make it to the pool. Eyes fell closed as their lips met again, and this time she couldn’t stop the soft moan that escaped her throat. Pulse pounding in her ears, Kino’s hips swayed at the teasing touch of blue fingers along her waist – wiggled her hips instinctively as those deft digits worked their magic – until her shorts finally fell away.

Passion colored her face, pale skin alight in the midday sun, flushed with heat; yet it was the way Reika looked at her, as the Andorian’s fingers trailed down the spotted paths of Kino’s skin, that took her breath away. That look told her this wasn’t just another fling, wasn’t just another random lay with little to no meaning. Her eyes searched Reika’s, flitted from antenna to lips and back while she caught her breath; the reassuring smile on those wonderfully soft lips mirrored on her own. A slow blink, a subtle nod, and pink lips pursed as the Trill felt her panties pulled away so very slowly. Fuck, she mouthed silently, as pale hands released their hold to glide back up the smooth skin of Reika’s back. Easy, Kino, she breathed; biting down on her lip harder in an attempt to keep her urges in check, as the last barrier over her skin fell to her feet.

A corner of her lips curled at the Andorian’s smile, after wells of icy-blue eyes took in all of her. Dark brows wiggled a bit as the Trill hummed with amusement, cocking her head and one hip in opposite directions to match the smirk on her lips. She remembered the first thing Reika said to her that morning, and the smirk on her face grew into a playful grin, but the flash of concern in the Andorian’s features and tone stole it away. The bruise on her thigh was a fist-sized blotch of red, slightly tender to the touch, but more an inconvenience than anything. Kino’s eyes followed Reika’s to the injury. “Huh, oh - uhm, yeah,” Kino’s brows twitched together, glancing down at the bruise as she rotated her leg. A pale hand slid atop the blue one there, as the other trailed down her back to rest at her side.

“It’s okay,” Kino whispered, shaking her head slightly with a reassuring smile. “Looks worse than it is, promise,” her silvered head dipped as she grinned again, letting a finger trail under Reika’s chin. “Next time we spar, I’ll mind those knees better. Didn’t help that I was a little…distracted,” a shoulder rose and fell. “I was gonna swing by sickbay but ran out of time. Didn’t want to be late for this.” Her hand guided Reika’s up, away from the discolored bruise, along the taunt line of her pelvis, until finally taking the OPS officers in hers with a gentle tug – Kino took a few slow steps backward, leading her to the steps of the pool. “C’mon,” she winked, “let’s cool off for a bit. You look like you could use a dip.”

It wasn’t far. Stairs were built into every side of the pool; Kino turned and sauntered towards them – hips swaying – as she lead Reika by the hand and smiled at the fluttering in her chest. That’ll take some getting used to, the non-com bit her lip as she dipped her foot into the pool to the second step, then paused to turn back to face the Andorian – head tilted as her eyes roamed from the tips of her antennae to toes, blinking in the sunshine at the unbuttoned shorts riding low across supple hips. Those need to go, Kino smirked, closing the distance between them, before the blue beauty could step into the water. The wind had died down, and naked under the sun, she realized how warm it was; a thought occurred to her, brows pinched together briefly. Is the sunlight and heat too much for her? Even as good as it felt, the Trill had no interest in burning her skin, either. Easy fix.

“Computer,” Kino purred as her fingertips trailed up Reika’s exquisite legs, head tilted to plant a series of soft kisses along her collarbone. “Alter program time setting, forty minutes before sunset,” she spoke between feathered pecks, then looked up into the Andorian’s eyes. “May I,” her brows rose a little, hands trailing down over blue curves to rest on Reika’s hips and shorts. Once permission was given, Kino arched up on the tips of her toes, capturing a bottom lip between pink ones with a gentle suckle; slender fingers tugged shorts and panties down, one hip at a time, to slide down long shapely legs. As they hit the tiled floor around blue feet, the computer bleeped an acknowledgment and the sun blurred in an arc overhead. Colors shifted rapidly as blue sky erupted in fiery golden orange, violet and purple. Kino saw none of it, though; after pulling away from the kiss, her eyes drank in the lovely nude form before her, wearing nothing but a smile. The temperature dropped several degrees, noticeably cooler but not chilly – yet her skin and nipples pebbled with the slightest shiver.

Kino lifted her chin to gaze into Reika’s eyes that glittered with a thousand reflections of the setting sun off the water; pale hands once again wrapped up in blues before giving another gentle tug as she took a step back. “This okay,” the Trill’s head tilted with the question, wanting to ensure her comfort as they waded into the lukewarm water. As the water grew deeper, rising over her waist, then barely covering her breasts, Kino drew Reika into another close embrace. “We can drop the temperature more,” she whispered through a sly smile, “if you promise to keep me warm.”

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Yes, Reika had previously been a tactical officer, and the necessity of being ready and being able to defend her ship was very real to the Andorian, but to have hurt someone that she was sparing with and someone who she was drawing close to truly upset her at the deepest levels of her being.  Sure, Kino didn’t seem to see it that way, and it certainly didn’t bother her in the way that it gnawed at Reika.  The blue-skinned woman vowed to find a way to make it better - to make it right.

But Reika reveled in the pale fingers that slipped between her blue ones, allowing herself to be drawn toward the pool - which at the moment sounded amazing. While the breeze had helped considerably to keep her from overheating, a tropical environment was less than ideal for a woman who had grown up on an ice plain on Andor.  Granted, she had acclimated to the ship well enough, but the five to ten degrees centigrade that the program was warmer than the ship definitely squeezed out perspiration and caused her skin to flush with color.  She longed for the cool water to refresh her body.

Walking slightly behind the naked trill, Reika was able to watch her rounded, smooth, tempting backside as it swung from side to side drawing her along right behind it.  It called her name, just wanting to be explored, caressed, and kneaded.  Not long now, Reika.  Hold it together.

Today had taken her completely by surprise.  Never once would she have imagined - just days after being thawed that she would meet someone quite like the Trill who drew her along and spoke to her quite in the way that Kino did.  Sure she was ‘rough and tumble’ but she seemed to understand not just what it was to be newly thawed, but somehow she seemed to understand what it was like to have been alone - to have set yourself apart - and to want to exchange that solitude or something different - something more. 

For a security officer, despite her amazing capabilities on the mat, she was gentle - even tender - at least when it came to matters of the heart.  That was an unusual combination - and something that spoke to the Andorian.  Hard and soft - solid and tender - capable and - perhaps - even vulnerable? 

As they neared the pool, Reika knew that her remaining clothes would need to go if she weren’t to walk out of the holodeck with dripping shorts, but Kino realized the predicament just as she stepped into the water herself.   The Andorian watched as the Security officer turned - and not just looked at her - but saw her.  It was more than just eyes hungrily roaming - the Trill’s eyes seemed to drink in every detail.  To the OPS officer, it was as if she were being understood - comprehended - it was as if her soul was seen for who she was - not just that her body was being looked upon or watched.

As Kino altered the program and the sun swept across the sky which exploded in colors that shimmered off the Trill’s skin, Reika tumbled back into the warm, arctic eyes as fingers stroked up the Andorian’s thighs and a slight gasp broke the air and a shudder played down her spine bringing goosebumps across her skin.

May I?” she asked.

Reika’s eyes closed and she concentrated on the sensations she felt as Kino’s lips trailed across the lower portion of her shoulders. “I wish you would,” the V3 COO barely breathed out softly as her eyes fluttered back open, ready and needing to feel Kino’s hands play on the areas of her skin that were still covered.  A blue chest rose and fell so much quicker.  Her breath came in short bursts as she tried to contain the need that was growing inside her.  Take your time, Reika.  Enjoy the ride - every part of it.  Then she felt the gentle tug on her lower lip as her remaining clothes hit the tile.  It felt so good to be liberated from them.

And even though she cherished the kiss that ended, she relished the way that Kino looked at her naked form even more.  The look in her eyes communicated a tenderness - a desire not just to satisfy a physical urge, but to learn to please, to care for the other woman in her arms.  It was then that Reika knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this wasn’t just a one-night stand.  There seemed to be a great potential for something deeper and enduring between the two women.  Two women, very capable physically, but tender in heart who wanted something more than just physical release, but a sharing of desires, a need to care deeply for and about someone else, a need for understanding and for being understood, to see and be seen for more than a sum of breasts and butts, legs and abs. 

As Reika descended into the water alongside her paramour, words stirred her from her reverie, “This okay? We can drop the temperature more … if you promise to keep me warm.

A twinkle flashed in her eyes, even as her countenance remained playfully stoic.  “Computer,” Reika said while entwining her second hand with the Trill’s.  “Drop ambient temperature another three degrees centigrade.”

Acknowledged.  Temperature decreased three degrees centigrade,” the computer chirped.

I’m sure I can find more than one way to heat you up,” the elegant woman said drawing Kino a few centimeters deeper into the water, pulling her close with their joined hands.  Once they were settled, Reika released her hands and her blue arms enveloped the other woman.  Skin on skin pressed together while water sloshed through the crevices between the two bodies adding another layer of sensation to their experience.  One hand reached down to the pale rounded backside and while blue fingers explored, they also pressed their pelvis’s together as hers undulated side to side forward and back trying a range of sensations - soft, firm, playful, needy, tender. 

Her other hand slid up the Trill’s back and settled in the short silver hair.  Reika’s lips grazed along Kino’s spots, first across her forehead, then down the side of her face, but as she reached her ear, she suckled on the earlobe, nipping playfully at it for a moment before continuing her descent down to her shoulder where she focused for a little while, leaving several slightly reddened spots trailing over the edge of her shoulder.   As blue lips released another spot on the peach skin, she asked, "Warm enough, yet, or should we heat it up some more?"
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
As Reika altered the temperature, then drew them deeper into the pool and wrapped the Trill up in her arms, a feeling bloomed inside Kino she couldn’t easily identify. The smile never left her face – in fact, her cheeks were slightly sore from grinning like an idiot – and the Andorian’s gentle, but oh so sensual touch elicited a purr of satisfaction. Sure, there was desire there in abundance; they had both fanned the coals ignited that morning into a self-sustaining fire in only a few moments – but this feeling was something deeper, somehow more profound. It fueled her desire for Reika, adding a layer of need beyond the physical; a need she realized that had never been properly met, not once, in her entire life. In that moment, wrapped up in blue, her own limbs unconsciously mirrored around Reika; one hand explored her flank, passing over smooth and scarred skin alike, while the other arm draped over blue shoulders, fingers curling into the platinum hair just above her neck. Understanding dawned, finally, with the force of a hammer to her heart; suddenly breathless, the non-com  swallowed the sudden lump in her throat.

Safe. I feel safe, here, Kino’s brows tilted up and her lips trembled. Even as she exhaled the smallest of gasps from the hand and fingers squeezing her curves, and the other digging into her hair – their bodies pressed so deliciously close – Kino fought the overwhelming tide of emotion down as blue lips brushed along the spotted skin of her forehead and temple. Fuck, is this really happening? Is it…even possible? Her mind wondered in amazement, just before the warmth of a blue mouth and breath on her ear threatened to undo what little self-control the Trill had left. A shuddering moan, so very close to a growl, vibrated up from her chest as her entire body arched into Reika’s; veiled blue orbs rolled up as eyelids fluttered. Oh n-no, she groaned silently, as the grip on blue flesh tightened. Knees became weak as a tremble coursed up her legs; it took all the willpower she possessed to resist lifting her knee up to the Andorians searching touch, as the aching heat inside her begged for attention. N-not yet, the non-com growled silently, brows knitted in effort.

Reika wasn’t done though, and Kino wasn’t prepared for the delicious sensation of her suckling kisses. The Andorian’s objective seemed an obvious, overwhelming success; she’d aimed to stoke the flames of desire in Kino into an inferno of passion, and the Trill was powerless to resist, try as she might, if only to prolong the inevitable. A soft exhalation of need followed every sensual suckle of blue lips, as her silvered head tilted more and more to the side in surrender. Beneath the water, spotted legs parted ever so slowly, slipping between blues; hips rocked, rolled, as the two bodies slid across each other’s thighs. Kino’s hand drifted up Reika’s exquisite body, squeezing their chests together from the side, while the other hand drifted around a slender neck, her thumb teasing the Andorian’s earlobe.

The non-com was practically panting, lips parted, eyes flooded with arousal, when Reika asked yet another seemingly amused rhetorical question. Kino looked into her eyes, only for a few beats of her heart, yet willed every iota of what she felt into that gaze: yearning, hunger, acceptance, and above all, the need for the Andorian to feel the same; to feel wanted, secure, safe. She rested her forehead against Reika’s and her lips brushed over blues in a subtle side to side motion. Despite the agonizing need for satisfaction, to learn every crevice of the other woman’s body with her mouth, to see her eyes and face in blissful pleasure; Kino knew she had to play this differently. She couldn’t go through life wandering alone – couldn’t fight this war on duty alone, even with the desire to see the Jeen symbiote returned to Trill – the Andorian in her arms had unlocked something inside her that cried out for assurance, for reciprocity. She had to know if it was real; above all, she needed to tell Reika how she felt. Kino wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the past, not this time, not with Reika. She drew in a deep breath, summoning her courage and attempting to calm her racing pulse. The words in her heart lodged in her throat, but she did the best she could to say what needed to be said.

Her first love turned out to be a cruel ruse, a farce, just to exploit Kino’s talents. Years later, her second flame died without ever knowing how Kino truly felt. The occasional flings scattered between and beyond those two affairs meant little to nothing at all; random encounters, ships passing in the night, the desperate grasps of a wounded person seeking something forever beyond her reach.

No more. Not this time.

“Reika,” Kino whispered – the softest of exhalations, filled with all the barely controlled desire and emotion that threatened to burst her into flames. “I know this sounds crazy, but I… all of you – good, bad…every fucking thing in-between,” Kino continued in a confessional whisper, as her hand snaked up between their heaving chests to settle over the Andorian’s heart. “I want…this – I want…us,” the Trill’s voice dropped even lower, barely audible over the water gently sloshing with their every move. “Is that...what you want,” Kino asked softly, head tilting as her lips feathered against blues. The hand over Reika’s heart slowly drifted down between the valley of their breasts, gliding over lean muscled abs, fingers splayed, unable to stop. “Tell me, please,” Kino breathed, her hand slipped lower, past a dimpled navel, to linger on the smooth, sensitive skin of her desire’s lower abdomen, ready to plunge between blue thighs. The Trills voice held a slight tremble then – thick with vulnerability and tumultuous emotion – as she told herself that whatever Reika’s answer, this encounter meant something, and always would.
“Tell me what you want,” Kino asked breathlessly into blue lips – lips she never wanted to stop kissing – regardless what happened next.

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

As Reika worked across Kino’s forehead and down to her ear, she felt Kino’s body ark into hers. Aqua’s grip on the Andorian tightened, and the V3 COO caught the moan.  Reika knew exactly what those things together in conjunction meant - a cry for release.  But she watched Kino as she fought - for the moment - to contain that desire.  Why? 

And why for the first time since they had begin this personal, sensual, intricate dance, when Kino ran her hand along Reika’s gnarled side didn’t the Trill flinch?  Why didn’t she hesitate, or shy away? Why wouldn’t she?

But as her thoughts tried to work through the puzzle, she felt Kino’s leg slide slowly between hers and felt her hips rock back and forth.  A sound - almost a whine fell from Reika’s lips.  Her jaw fell slack,  her head tilted back, and her eyes closed as she fought to gain control over her need.  And still,  she felt Kino pull their bodies even closer, breasts pressed tightly against breasts. 

Once the Andorian had found some semblance of control over her urges,  she opened her eyes once again.  As she did, two sets of eyes locked onto each other, and immediately Reika understood the answer to her questions from the split second before.  She understood why Kino had tried to hold back her need and why her own marred skin didn’t matter to the Trill.  It was more than the fact that Kino cared - she did - and Reika could see that - or thought she could.  But she could also see there was something else.  She could be exactly who she was with this pale-skinned woman.  No pretense,  no masks,  no need to hedge her bets.

Forehead’s touched and Kino’s tender lips didn’t go in for a deep kiss though both of their bodies had began to cry for attention - for completion. The Trill, through the gentle touch of her lips, explained tenderly that there was something more important than physical release - being valued, caring and being cared for, knowing that she was safe and making a safe place for them both… Oh to be safe … after all I’ve been through to find a place of solace. 

Or was she kidding herself?  Did she want something so badly that she was reading meaning and depth into what was simply a sensual act?  Was Kino just trying to amp up her desire even more - for both of their pleasure?  Was that all this was about?  She didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t believe it, but she knew if something seemed too good to be true, most often it was.  And her heart almost leaped out of her chest in sorrow.  How could a woman she met only that morning stir such a depth of emotion in her that the thought of experiencing only physical pleasure could move her to the brink of tears.

And then while Reika’s eyes were closed, Kino breathed a soft word into the space between them.  “Reika.”

It was only her name, but something about the way that it rolled off of the Trill’s lips bolstered her hope.  The solitary word was filled with compassion, tenderness, and - dared she believe it - hope?

I know this sounds crazy, but I… – all of you – good, bad…every fucking thing in-between.”  

Reika’s eyes opened.  She was only a scant few centimeters away from the spotted face, but white brows had to look into those deep cravasses to make sure she heard the Trill correctly.  She hoped she had.  She yearned to have.

Then Kino’s hand worked it’s way between the two women to settle over Reika’s heart.  Her words were even softer this time and the Andorian had to close her eyes not to let any of the ambient sounds drown out the words she ached to hear.  

I want…this – I want…us.

Reika’s forehead lifted off of the Trill’s.  She couldn’t believe her ears, so she once again searched the chasms to make sure the words weren’t imagined.  And as she searched the deeps of those eyes, her own eyes lit up.  This was real.  It was actually happening.  Kino meant it. 

Is that...what you want?

Reika’s mind fought to maintain control over the urges that were surging through her body, but nonetheless there were some things that she just couldn’t control.  Her nipples tingled, her body pressed hard against the pale hand that crept down her midline with the slowness and inevitability of a glacier sliding toward the ice sea on Andor.  That delicious hand descended further - first between her breasts, next down her abs, then past her waist - finally it hovered so teasingly close to what could only be called bliss. 

Tell me, please.

It took fighting the sensations with everything in her, for her brain to focus all of her efforts on forming coherent sentences.  “I want to be whole,” Reika said, breathing heavily in little puffs of air between phrases as her hips unconsciously rocked forward and back with growing urgency. 

Focus, Reika.  These words are some of the most important you'll ever say. FOCUS.

In that moment, the Andorian stopped moving and stood stock still.   She pressed her eyes closed hard,  as if she were trying to read scrawled words off of the backs of her eyelids. Once her words were composed,  she opened her eyes and looked directly into Kino's.  Her hands broke free of their moorings and cupped both sides of Kino's face as if her words would have a greater verity if spoken by eyes,  hands,  and voice.  “By myself I’m only half.  I want someone … I need someone who understands me.  Consumes every part of me, my thoughts, my desires,  my hopes, my dreams,  my body.  Someone who completes me.” But despite her efforts to focus,  a heady moan escaped her mouth.  She needed the completion, it was causing every cell in her body to cry out for release, but with a tremulous breath, she exhaled, “Yes, I want us.  Complete me and let me complete you -  spirit, soul, and body.

"What do you want?"

Reika's legs slipped just slightly further apart, and she rose up on her toes a centimeter or two to give Kino better access.   "The body part of that equation right now wants you to fuck me, Kino. Spirit and soul will participate,  but they'll have to wait their turn for full attention."

And having verbally declared her thoughts and wishes,  having fully answered Kino's question, as she waited for that pale hand to descend even further,  she moved in toward that cupped face imbibing every hint of meaning communicated through those mismatched eyes.  An almost non-existant brush of her lips on the tip of the nose,  a caress across one cheek, a skim across the other.  Then with aggravating, teasing slowness, Reika's tongue traced around Kinos lips,  before slipping between them as her eyes fluttered shut.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
For Kino, time seemed to stretch out as her mind struggled to process Reika’s breathless, impassioned words; brows knit in focus, lips quivered with every shuddering breath, as the needs of body and heart grew to a crescendo within her that was almost too much to bear.

What she lacked in contextual comprehension, Kino's senses interpreted from the Andorian herself: from glacial orbs – those impossibly beautiful wells of azure, alight with untold emotions – to the way her warm hands held Kino's cheeks with a tender mix of gentle firmness. The way her blue body pressed into the teasing touch of a pale hand, and the slowly building rhythm of supple blue hips. Even the Andorian’s scent seemed to subtly shift in her perception; an intoxicating perfume, growing stronger, filling her nostrils with its presence.

Then that moan; a yearning cry for release that sent shivers of want coursing through Kino’s body. That sound alone was enough to set fire through her loins, but combined with that look of barely restrained passion? Kino’s lips parted in a silent moan of her own, as spotted hips bucked into even more desperate motion; the Trill oh so slowly ground herself up and down a blue thigh in earnest, unconsciously seeking relief from the undeniable heat.

Even when Reika grew still to wage her own brief internal war, Kino’s body cried out for her paramour’s touch in aching need – almost fiendish in intensity – but she held on, if only just barely; then her heart leapt at Reika’s words, words she had dared hope to hear but never expected. In that moment, as blue lips slowly met pink and the Trill eagerly welcomed the Andorian’s tantalizing tongue, an indescribable conviction swelled up from within – a conflagration so hot it seared into Kino’s very soul – a burning will to see Reika’s every desire made manifest. Heads tilted into the kiss, deepening it with a soft, low moan from Kino’s chest; her tongue greeted Reika’s in an unrushed, twirling dance of its own – a waltz of passion – imbibed with every ounce of unspoken emotion. Fluttering lids held closed as Kino’s mind blanked; surrendering to the moment. The hand upon her lover’s intoxicating skin slid lower, fingertips gently brushing through Reika’s soft, sensitive folds – agonizingly slow – a reconnaissance of teasing, feathered patience. Kino held it there, learning by touch alone and the way Reika’s body responded how the Andorian wished to be pleased.

The time for words alone was over. The die was cast; each of them understood what the other wanted. All that remained was to walk the path, together; two beings, drawn from utterly different lots, somehow pulled together against all reason. Kino eagerly set to the first task, the first of uncountable, unknowable steps: she would worship Reika’s body, fulfilling its every need. Her paramour’s pleasure would be her pleasure; every shuddering breath, every drawn out sigh, every yearning moan and fluttering look of desperate need. The erotic spasm of every muscle, every grimace of ecstasy, every tingling, drawn out line of blue nails across pale flesh; all of it, to learn every weakness – every special spot on Reika’s body that cried out for attention – to be kissed, licked, nibbled, sucked and touched – skirting the edge of rapture, testing it’s boundaries, again and again, only to then push beyond, and revel in sublime release.

She held the kiss until her lungs burned, and even as the hand plunged up into platinum hair tightened to gently pull Reika away, breaking the seal of their lips, Kino somehow managed to groan from the temporary loss; the Andorian’s hands pushed past her face, up into silver hair, tugging back with barely controlled desire. A gasp of air, a forceful exhalation through puffy lips – the red-and-golden light of the setting sun glittering off their water beaded bodies – then Kino’s mouth latched onto Reika’s throat in suckling, wet fervor, feasting on blue skin. The cool air around them filled with the sounds of their efforts and the slightest mist, rising from the churning water, aggravated by gyrating bodies. Kino pressed the attack, and her lips encapsulated a blue earlobe with a throaty moan; the metallic tang of Reika’s earring filled her mouth as she teased the blue lobe with rapid flicks of her tongue, then a gentle graze of teeth, and finally a tugging suckle. The fist of platinum hair was released to slide the hand down along Reika’s arching back, to settle upon a beautifully soft curve; fingers splayed in a gently increasing grip, pulling her paramour’s rear up and to the side, giving the hand between blue thighs even more to explore.

Pressed against her palm, Kino felt the hardened nub of Reika’s sex, and heard every gasping exhalation from her lover’s lips at its slightest movement. With deliberate, intentional care, Kino gently increased the pressure against those soft, tender blue folds – moving in opposition to blue hips – as her mouth released its hold on the Andorian’s earlobe with a shuddering breath. Nibbled kisses trailed down the blue neck – teasing bites, followed with a gentle suckle – before she leaned back, face flushed, eyes lidded with need; the need to see her paramour’s face, to look into her eyes as the ring and middle digits of her hand curled, ever more gradually with every gyration of blue hips, to gently tease Reika’s opening.

All the while, Kino’s hips never ceased in their movement; her own sex was aflame, a burning core of want that only grew in intensity with every twerk of her hips. Her knees trembled, giving out as her body demanded more contact, more pressure, more friction. Yet her own needs were secondary – there, but not there, in the desire-addled recesses of her mind – as mismatched eyes fluttered, struggling to stay open.

Show me. Show me I can give you what you need, Kino’s eyes and face silently pleaded – taking quick, shallow breaths through parted lips – watching Reika’s face as her slender fingertips slipped within.

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[ Lt. Reika Sh'laan | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion

Never before in Reika’s life had there ever been any kind of spoken commitment with a lover.  Oh, there was a regular paramour, Barak, during her time on USS Mustang. Their time was tender and delightful and sensuous rolled into one, but she had never asked for exclusivity, and he had never offered.  When duty transferred them apart, it was an amiable parting of ways with no promises spoken or implied.

But here with Kino, this experience was already different.  The Andorian would never have guessed how a spoken commitment could fundamentally change the nature of shared passion, the depth of eagerness to learn - to learn everything - what crevices needed a lip’s touch, what fissures yearned for nothing more than a tender vapor of Reika’s breath, what site tingled for the teasing brush of blue fingertips. 

But the Andorian’s needs went much further than that.  She ached to learn every aspect of the woman’s past, to share in Kino’s joys and triumphs as well as to step into her trials and struggles.  Reika pined to understand what forged this amazing woman who she is and to contribute to who she became in the future - all while satisfying her every bodily need and desire in every way possible.

Her chin raised, her mouth opened with panting breaths, and her eyes reduced only to slits, Reika’s eyes locked onto Kino’s.  There was an earnestness and an impecunious look that seemed to beg something of Reika.  But a flash later, the combined movement of Reika's hips and Kino’s hand and fingers continued to edge the Andorian toward the precipice of bliss.  And when two fingers breached inside, the Andorian moaned loudly, her need for completion overwhelmed her thoughts and senses. 

Instinctively Reika wanted to press into those delicious digits, but, just in time, she reminded herself, this wasn't simply about physical pleasure,  this was about exploring, about studying, about learning.  So as Reika willed herself to continue to move as she had, and to let Kino feel her way along every delicious millimeter.  In each instant - momentum, desire, tension, and need built further and further as pressure from the heel of Kino’s hand continued to exert sensuous pressure on Reika’s sex while her fingers found their purchase curling into place and massaging the enticing point which promised surrender to and relief from the heat coursing through her veins.

While the sensations surging through her body were amazing, it wasn’t easy to hold herself back from the release that was begging to be fulfilled.  Reika could easily have plunged headlong into the abyss that was this euphoria.  So a war waged between the urgency of the sensations that Kino was creating within her own body and the emotional compulsion that she felt to bring the Trill to utter satisfaction.  And while Kino had a head start, Reika knew that she couldn’t hurry.  Anytime, every time, but especially this first time, Kino needed slow, deliberate attention, not a hurried rush for gratification.

Reika needed Kino to experience the same - almost unimaginable pleasures, not at Reika’s leg, but from the Andorian’s hand.  As Kino’s hips pulled back in their cyclical movements, Reika gently slid her leg back just a fraction of a centimeter and slipped her hand into its place. As the pale hips pressed forward again, Reika’s hand began to move in conjunction with the Trill’s movement.  The knuckle on her thumb found its spot and began to draw pressured circles around Kino’s sex while teasing and delicate fingers slid down the supple skin between her legs exploring every fold, every space, every cleft until they found the chasm that they sought, slipping skillfully inside.

Reika wanted so badly to continue to explore Kino’s body with her mouth and lips, but her body began to tremble as her efforts to hold back the torrent of pleasure consumed more and more of her focus.  And finally, when no amount of countless endeavors could any longer hold the Andorian back from the precipice, waves of pleasure broke through the damn of her efforts.  Her eyes pressed shut, her head fell back, a loud combination of a guttural moan and a cry escaped her lips, and her knees almost gave out on her as swell after pleasurable swell of completion rolled over her body.  Afraid her legs would no longer support her, her arm slipped around Kino’s waist to stay upright.

But she couldn’t stop her efforts. Reika needed Kino to join her on this side of the torrent.  Her whole being cried out to let herself fall back onto the water and let it support her limp body, but she couldn’t.  She continued her ministrations.  Thumb and fingers working, deliberately, tenderly, willfully, raising Kino toward her own precipice.
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Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter

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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Yes. Just a single word. Unspoken, mouthed between impassioned breaths; yet it contained so much more than a simple affirmation. In her mind, that word – passed silently with the movement of parted lips – held every ounce of Kino's desire, her need, to please the Andorian in her arms. To show her that it was okay, that she was safe, accepted, cared for. That their journey had only begun, that this was just the opening chapter of their story; the foundation – seared into them both – of the temple to be built, one stone at a time. Half lidded, pale blue eyes fixated on glacial orbs as the tempo of their bodies built, little by little; pleading, yearning, encouraging. Dark brows tilted up as the fingers within the warm, silken apex of sapphire thighs curled and unfurled ever so slowly; Kino watched and felt, learning her lover's body –  searching, seeking the perfect spot – one slow blink at a time. The hand squeezing the curved lusciousness of Reika’s ass slid north, feeling the toned, lean muscles of her back flex, to trade one cheek for another.

“Yes.” A touch louder, barely a breathless gasp, as she watched azure features struggle, tighten, all in vain. Let go, Kino’s eyes pleaded, as her thumb traced circles on blue skin. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, aqua-hued eyes – set in a pale spotted face contorted in passion – promised wordlessly. She couldn’t manage to say it aloud, couldn’t manage to do much, other than what her body wanted; spotted hips never ceased to be in motion, hardened nipples – so incredibly sensitive – brushed and pressed into cobalt skin, lapped by the warm churning water between them.

She’d never wanted to please anyone so fiercely. There was something in Reika’s gaze; something in those frozen blues – beyond the fire of arousal, deep inside those azure wells – that called out, cried out, to Kino. A feeling, a look, recognizable only by those who’ve known something of its burden; something Kino saw in her own gaze, reflected in private moments. Something she hid from the rest of the world. Pain, loneliness, vulnerability; hidden deep, under layers and layers of slowly shredding armor – the recognition of it took her breath away. In that moment, Kino never wanted anyone more; physically, emotionally, completely. Aqua-hued orbs screwed shut, fighting the overwhelming emotions aside, along with the unimaginably powerful urge to claim Reika in every way possible.

“Yes!” A heated whisper. Something to be felt, not heard; a caress of a warm summer breeze across sunlit skin - blind to all other perception, but undeniably there. Kino’s eyes fluttered open as Reika’s thigh pulled away from the aching furnace of her sex, only to gasp at the touch of what replaced it. The Trill’s features slackened into a mask of carnal intensity as her body overruled her intentions, as her eyes fell closed and hips trembled; the pressure and movement on her clit, combined with the feeling of blue digits sliding home, filling her, forced out a moan of pure ecstasy. She wasn’t prepared for it, for how amazing it felt, as her head dipped down and to the side, lost for the briefest of moments in the blissful wave of sensation. Knees trembled, as her body lifted up on the tips of her toes – instinctually running from the selfish demands of her body. Kino bit down on her bottom lip, hard, and heard herself whimper; yet as good as it felt, she couldn’t submit. Not yet – not before she’d given what her eyes had promised, what she had promised – but then the slightest of trembles coursed through the body pressed into hers. Kino blinked rapidly, and her efforts continued; drawn back from bliss as Reika’s body told her she was close, skirting the edge.

“Yes…” A throaty purr, laced in a sighed exhalation. Just one word, yet it passed from Kino’s lips bursting with urgency, so very close to a command, yet also a plea. Her chin lifted, eyes searched Reika’s face, willing her paramour beyond the edge. The pale hand upon a blue cheek slid south, along Reika’s neck, as the most precious of sounds graced Kino’s ears. The Andorian’s moan of imminent climax sent a tingling wave of euphoric pleasure coursing through her body, and as platinum hair dipped back into the water, Kino wrapped her arm around Reika as her exquisite body tensed, quivering in rapturous release. The hand between cerulean thighs paused; slender, pale fingers held against that perfect spot within, pressing feathered pulses.

“Yes!” Kino groaned, pushed to the edge herself, carried along with Reika; legs trembled, threatening to give out, even as she pulled the Andorian into an even tighter embrace. Nose to nose, pink lips brushed across blue, as her fingers gently slipped from azure folds to clutch Reika’s hip; desperate for an anchor, as her mouth opened in a silent moan. She tried to speak, but was beyond words; eyelids fluttered, obscured orbs rolled up, pink lips crashed into midnight blue. Kino moaned into her paramour’s mouth, as she slipped beyond space and time – into shuddering orgasm.

Moments passed. Gradually, gently, Kino regained herself; wrapped up in blue, supported and offering support in turn, panting through the afterglow. She felt like laughing, giggling, crying, all at once. Pale, peach colored hands slid up to cup Reika’s face, her thumbs gently traced across blue cheeks, brushed across those lips she couldn’t stop kissing; pink lips feathered across them with tender nips, as blue filled her senses.

After all that, words didn't come easy. Kino wanted out of the pool, wanted to taste and feel every inch of the beautiful woman in her arms. She wanted to listen, and learn, and cuddle and eat ice cream, all of it, all at once. But she had to start somewhere, and she'd barely begun to explore her lover's body; there was plenty left to discover and worship. Two words then, whispered through a smile into dark blue lips between gentle kisses – a smile that held every promise of the future; every joy, every triumph, every shared pain, every awkward discovery, and of course, every glorious moment of passion. Two silly words; pulled from the memory of how they'd met.

“Round two?”

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