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PRO: S [D01|0845] Rollcall, A Time To Plan

[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Central Intelligence Suite | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife @GroundPetrel @BipSpoon

Alana paced around the room as she awaited the first official meeting of some of her new intelligence officers. Or rather, some new to her for the position she now held. It wasn't one she took lightly. Especially since in her day, she ran alone with a contact at Starfleet HQ. Now, it was a different story entirely. One she wanted to see what everyone had to offer in light of some of the new information gathered by Dr. Nicander, as well as introduce one another.

Approaching the replicator, she grabbed herself a soda from the dispenser and took a sip. The fiz and bubbles tickled her lips as she took a drink. The others began to pour inward as she looked to take the head chair at the table, before pulling up information.

"Welcome everyone. Please have a seat." She gestured to the table as she sat down as well. "As you know, we really haven't officially met since Commander Fisher's untimely and unfortunate death. That being said, with us preparing to get underway for another journey into lands we're unwanted. I felt it necessary to get to know one another as well as take a look at this situation as it unfolds and ideas for where we want to distribute our resources and personnel."

"Let's go around the table and make quick introductions before we begin. In case you haven't met me yet officially, I am Lt. Commander Alana Pierce. I recognize most of you from the previous missions." She paused and then continued. "So most of you know that we have an issue with the Romulan Empire as well as one of the infested in the Praetor. We'll have to devise what actions we'll need to do next based on the data."

Pierce looked around the table at the trusted senior staff of the intelligence department. Lt. Valyn Amarik, Lt. Jonathan Byrne, and Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le. She had the best in her opinion among her table and was ready to see what they had to offer.

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