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Day 03 [0700 hrs] Tensions Rising

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]

It was not uncommon, for issues to arise.  It happened, on any size ship.  You had thousands of people working together there was bound to be issues.  For the most part, they were short and minor and things that could be talked out with the help of a Department Head or anyone in the area that could at the very least jump in and intervene.  However, there were times that this wasn't the case.  Sometimes, fights broke out and they were nasty bloody affairs.  It didn't happen often, but when it did, she could count on at least half the time, it was on her deck.  Tempers flared, people were stressed.  They missed their families, they worked hard, and they were the sort that needed an outlet.  Sometimes it was over a job, an object, or even a person.  But, usually, they were quelled quickly.

Currently, Ji had taken over the office in the back of the Flight deck so that she could read some more on the Valravn and get some more information on it.  She sat there in her work suit with it zipped up the front.  In the office, where she was sitting, it was colder than when she was running around and working on the flightdeck.  It was the only time she was grateful for the sleeves.  She was bent over some paper work, it was mostly work orders and complete ones that had been done by the various mechanics under her care.  She flipped through and double checked that everything looked on the up and up, making new orders for things that needed to be done and assigning them to the mechanics that she wanted to work on them.

A slow roar rose from outside the office door which was closed.  She rose her brow, it wasn't the sound of one of the ships being fired up.  It was the sound of people, and cheering, jeering, and other such sounds that made her heart sink in her chest.  She felt that the deck was her family.  While she was the Chief it was like they were all her brothers, sisters, even children when they weren't behaving up to hers and Starfleet's standards.  However, she was not happy that there was something going on, and she felt that she knew what it was.

It had been brewing for days.  Snide comments.  Little nit-picking.  She had called PO1 Laurence McGetty into her office just yesterday for a comment that was made in passing that she over heard.  Apparently, McGetty's woman had slept with another man.  That man was also on the flight deck and PO1 V'rokor was not having any of it.  The half-Vulcan was all too happy to make sure that Larry knew just what had happened and that she had picked a Vulcan over the human Irishman.  Still, she had sat them both down and told them that if it escalated she was going to have their heads.

There was no doubt in her mind that this was what was happening.

“CPO Eun to Security, I need help down on the Flight deck.” she said as she rounded her desk and quickly headed for the door.  It slid open and her eyes took in the fight.  Full on fist fight. Blood was already coloring both their faces.  These weren't small people, and one of them was half-Vulcan.  She sighed as she charged into the situation.  Ji was not afraid of getting hit or hurt, it really mattered very little to her.  She could not allow he boys to put the flight deck in danger and furthermore into chaos like it was at the moment.  With people watching and trying to jeer them on, these boys got a bit stir crazy and a good fight was always nice.  When it was on the holodeck.  This right here was straight up unacceptable.  But she was not a hundred percent sure that she could stop it on her own.  Hence pinging security.

“Both of you!  Stop it!” she called out, but her voice was lost in the array of voices of the crew on the flight deck.  Sten was going to kill her for all of this, but then, it wasn't like she started the damn thing.  Ji charged into the inner ring of people standing about watching the fight.  If she could just get between them, hopefully she could make them see less red and see more of the shit storm they had just gotten themselves into.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Corridors | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Blue Zephyr

Thanks to Mr. Fok’s little stunt yesterday, Cinn was having to spend his time working on ways to better secure the numerous auxiliary craft from any future hijackings.  With so many available that meant a lot of work and the Bajorian had no one to spare at the moment.  Moving down the corridor at his massive pace, Cinn nodded in greeting to the different technicians and other crewmembers as he passed them.  One bonus to his current situation was that his intimidating presence reinforced that security is always watching, ready to intercede when necessary.

“Security Center to Commander Wenn!” The call from his combadge stopped him in his tracks, a frown already forming.  Tapping it he braced for the news.  “Go for Wenn.”

“Fighter Assault Bay just called for Security, COP Eun.  No details but there was a lot of shouting in the background.”  Cinn was already running before the report was finished.

“En route, and find the next two who are closest and send them as well.  Wenn out.”  By sheer luck he was just down the corridor from the massive hangar, so he was there in seconds.  The chaos smacked him right in the face as soon as the Bajoran stepped through the doors, the noise assaulting his eardrums hard enough that he could feel it in his d’ja pagh.  It was the classic schoolyard brawl situation, a crowd gathered around two combatants duking it out over something.  Cinn didn’t care what that was, this wasn’t a schoolyard, and there were no children on board (not that he’d let them act this way either.)

Taking a quick moment to make a plan, a new voice caught his attention.  Lost amongst the spectators was the smaller woman trying to get through to stop it herself.  “All right that’s enough!” Cinn roared, moving forward like a bulldozer, shoving anyone and anything out of his way.  Taller and broader than almost everyone in the hangar, he had a much easier time getting into the middle of things.  Neither brawler seemed to notice the stand-to orders, the red haired one too focused on kneeing the pointed-eared one in the groin hard enough to make Surak groan in pain.

Coming up from behind, the Irishman never knew Cinn was there until his massive paw was on his shoulder pulling him away and into the gathered crowd.  Stepping between the two, the dark-skinned Bajoran was nose to nose to the bloody man, eye full of fury.  “Just what in the name of the Prophets is going on here?!” he growled.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]

It was pure chaos.

Cheering and jeering kept the Chief's voice from being heard.  Normally, she could quell many of the fights on her own.  Mostly because those that knew her, knew that she was highly trained in taekwondo and that she could definitely kick a man into the next deck.  But the thing was, they couldn't hear her and it didn't help that there were so many of her mechanics that were cheering on the two fighters.  Instead of breaking them up. 

Fuck me, the paper work is going to suck today. she thought to herself as the implications of how many reprimands she was going to be handing up to Sten for just this fucking moment right here.  She would have to rewatch the footage and make sure that every single person that stood there watching and cheering had a notation on their record.  Sometimes it fucking sucks to be the Chief. she reminded herself, but she loved her job, and her boys, but that didn't mean sometimes they didn't all deserve to be taped to each other until they could get along.

She stepped through the people, some of which realized that the Chief had come and began to back up slightly.  She would still make sure they got what was coming to them.  She didn't slow down in the least, she stepped up right as McGetty was about to swing, and she pulled in, it was too late to stop the punch, but luckily, again she was well trained and pulled up an outer form block so that she could make the punch glance to the side.  It hit her shoulder, instead of her face, might bruise, but nothing more than that.  She shifted backwards, but no step was taken, her stance was wide, practiced and proper.

Suddenly, a voice cried out, and she looked over to see a large dark skinned man wading through the fighting circle and towards her and the others.  She was so distracted she missed McGetty walking around her brushing past her just slightly so that he could knee the Vulcan in the groin.  Suddenly, the dark officer was there pulling him off.  She stepped up and she grabbed the Vulcan herself.  She kept the Vulcan apart as Cinn got in the face of McGetty.

“That fucker slept with my girlfriend!” he screamed out raged. 

“She just needed better, than some human weakling.  A real man.”

“Fuck you!” McGetty screamed out lunching.

“No.. your girlfriend already did.”

“You son of a bitch!” McGetty swung wildkly even though he had not moved from Cinn's grasp.

Ji straightened her shoulders and looked at the both of them.  If looks could kill, Ji would have been taking them out in a very painful way.  She would make the pain last too.  The fire in her eyes said they had reached the limit of the woman that stood there looking at the both of them.

“You both.. will get the FUCK off my deck.. NOW!” She cried out looking at the both of them.  “Fucking children the both of you!  You need to take this shit somewhere else because on this fucking deck I'm the fucking Queen and you're both losing your fucking minds!  We are a fucking family on this fucker, and here you are at each other's throats!”

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Corridors | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

Throwing that punch was the worst possible thing Mr. Redhead could’ve done.  Even though it was in his peripheral vision, long experience had honed the Bajoran’s senses and he reacted instantly.  His right hand snapped up like a snake, the wiry forearm effectively swallowed in Cinn’s powerful grip while his left rocketed towards the ceiling smashing into the human’s elbow at warp speed.

It took the security chief several seconds to realize that the vulgar bantering from the technician had turned into horrific screams of pain, nearly enough to drown out the authoritative yelling just behind him.  It was another second before Cinn noticed that Redhead’s arm was now bent at a severely obtuse angle, the elbow extending far past 180°, clearly broken.  Letting go, Cinn just glared as Red dropped to the deck, his other arm cradling the broken one while he started whining for his mother.

“That’s enough.” Cinn growled, softly.  The ranting continued behind him, probably not hearing him.  “I said that’s ENOUGH!! he finally yelled, his deep bass overpowering everything around him.  Turning around to confront the self-proclaimed Queen of the Deck, he looked down at the diminutive woman.  “Everyone, back to your posts.  Nothing to see here any more.”  Glowering at the Vulcan, “Not you.”  Finally cowed, the crowd faded away, leaving a whimpering Irishman on the deck, a bleeding Vulcan, and two officers standing over it all.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Everything moved fast.  She was shocked that the Security officer could move that quickly.  She was a black belt in Taekwondo, and she still practiced when she had time and a holodeck to herself.  She enjoyed it, it felt good to focus and channel herself.  To go through the movements, and there was something amazingly relaxing about having a escrima stick in her hand and working it over the mats.  Her feet biting barely into the mats beneath them.  The uniform soft against her skin, belt tight around her waist, as she moved through all the forms and actions that she had learned over years of studying when she was back in Korea. 

Maybe that's where I'm headed after shift today. she thought to herself.

Then he was down, and she looked at his arm that hung from a terrible and clearly painful angle.  If the wails of pain and whimpers were anything to judge by.  She sighed softly and closed her eyes.  There had to be a better way than breaking his arm. she thought to herself as she ran a hand through her short hair for a moment trying to get herself refocused.  She really enjoyed her job, but now she was going to have to have Nicander fix the damn arm and she would be down a tech for several days while it healed.  If I have to rest my ankle because of sprain I can only imagine what the treatment for a broken bone is. she thought for a moment.

“I don't know that you needed to break the arm to get your point across.” she said to the Security officer.  Which would, likely, earn her a glare or something but she was unphased by alpha-males.  She was practically one herself just without the proper anatomy.  The man then proceeded to scream at the people that had been jeering and getting the men to fight more and more.  She looked at them all.

“You heard the man get back to your jobs I will be dealing with everyone that has a hand in this.” she said.  Some of the men blanched.  It was well known that JI could have a temper and you probably didn't want to raise it, but it happened from time to time and each time her street cred got a little bit higher.  She folded her arms across her chest and looked at the Vulcan, and the arm-broken counterpart.

“There was no where you could have found better to have a confrontation about your bedroom acitivities?” she asked quickly as she looked at the both of them.  She really felt bad for the man on the ground, not that he should have thrown the punch.  That was definitely not okay but he certainly didn't deserve a broken arm for it.  “Once we're done here, you'll go immediately to Sickbay to treat that arm, and then we will have a handy discussion in the office about your behavior, your punishment, and I will make a formal report to Covington and forward it to the Captain.” she stated as she looked at the both of them her eyes narrowing on the Vulcan.

“If you for a minute think your punishments will be less you have another thing coming.  Neither of you will forget this damn day and the punishments that you will be sent to.” she said as she looked back at the Security officer. 

“Are you planning to take them to the Brig or can we deal with this here?”

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Corridors | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] @Blue Zephyr

In truth, Cinn didn’t hear Ji at first.  While it looked like the Bajoran was still glowering at the Vulcan, green blood still trickling from where Mr. Redhead managed to cut him, he was actually zoned out, wracked with guilt that he’d lost control, if only for a moment.  When several of the technicians walked through his field of vision on their way back to work he finally came out of it, returning his focus on the diminutive Chief Petty Officer standing nearby, busy haranguing the combatants.

Cinn responded without hesitation the moment Ji asked what would happen next.  “I’m afraid a trip to Sickbay is in order before anything else.  I’ll have them assigned a guard while they’re being treated and I’ll review Thea’s visual logs to determine exactly what happened.  If those are inconclusive I’ll have to have someone, if not myself, come down to get some statements.”

Speaking of guards, the next closest security members happened to arrive just then, CPO Keyah and PO1 Rivard, both freshly healed up since their time on Starbase 84.  Waving the human and Bolian over, Commander Wenn gestured to the bloody pair.  “Escort those two to Sickbay and stay with them until they’re both healed.  Contact me afterwards, I’ll know whether to confine them to the Brig or quarters before the medics are done." Rivard nodded and Keyah gave a verbal assent then went to work, helping Redhead up with a more gentle touch than Cinn would’ve given, then walking both out the main door, dark eyes watching them the entire time.

With Cinn now effectively alone with Ji, he stepped closer so that they could talk a bit more privately for the moment.  “I am sorry about what happened with the one I injured.  I’m sure you can expect a visit or call from Commander Trent about it.  Don’t try to cover for me if you’re giving any thought to do so, I don’t need it.  I’ll be talking with him myself shortly.”

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Sickbay first, she agreed with that.  Cinn called over a couple other Security officers that had come on scene all of a sudden.  He had probably called them in earlier, but they had only just arrived.  She crossed her arms over her chest as her sharp brown eyes studied the man in front of her.  He turned to the other two and told them to take the guys down to Sickbay and stay with them.  He would know where they needed to go after he had a chance to look at the footage but before they were likely discharged from Medical.  She appreciated the one taking gentle care with her Mechanic.  He didn't have to, but it showed that the man had a heart.

Few did, it seemed.

“I will be checking on both of you boys later, be good, no more shit.  Or I swear you're cleaning the facilities here and elsewhere on the ship per my orders and you know how nasty mechanics can be.” she hissed at the two of them, and let them go.  Her eyes followed the mechanics until she couldn't see them anymore because of the deck's layout and how it was filled with things and fighters.

The man looked over at her and apologized, sort of, for the fact that he broke her man's arm.  She sighed softly and brushed a hand through her bangs in an effort to calm herself.  He was higher ranked than her and she didn't really want to have to go talk to Sten today. That wouldn't be awkward what so ever, and she just didn't need the additional baggage of a mark on her file right now.  She let out a long sigh, and looked back at the man.

“Yeah, that was a shit move and you know it.  I won't cover for you because that would be stupid.  Thea caught it all on video Im sure and so we'd both get shit for lying about it.  But hey next time maybe check yourself.  There are at least a thousand ways to stop or divert a punch without breaking a man's arm.” she said honestly as she tilted her head.

“Now would you like some replicated coffee in the office back there while we look through the footage or are you going back to Security to do that?” she asked him curiously.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Corridors | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Blue Zephyr

For someone who towered over the smaller technician, Cinn managed to be completely cowed by her chastisement.  She was right about there being far better ways to disarm a situation without literally disarming an opponent, and he had to have known close to half of them  The more he dwelled on the incident, replaying the crippling blow over and over again in his mind, Cinn just could not understand why he slipped into the pat the way he did.  During the Resistance he would’ve broken a spoonhead’s arm without a second thought, and most likely follow it up with a boot to the knee.  Those days were over though, this was Starfleet, renegade or not, and it was his job to maintain order through example.

Turning back to Ji after watching Keyah and Rivard escort the dueling pair out of the hangar, Cinn shook his head in the negative.  “Thank you but no.  I need to get to my office and file the recusal paperwork before handing this off to someone else.  It would save a bit of time if you were to write up a statement of your own though, especially with the situation still fresh in your mind.  Commander Trent will probably be the one to take up the investigation at first, but it’ll be his call if he delegates it to another officer.”

With a dejected sigh, Cinn ran his hand along his closely-shorn scalp, letting the texture help center him back to the moment.  “This is turning into one hell of a day already…”

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

He didn't want the coffee, Ji shrugged it off.

She wasn't much for letting people bother her.  Honestly, she shrugged off most things.  Men were quick to anger and quick to level insults at people.  Later, they would be fine because they had gotten it off their chest.  She was used to people not wanting to hang with her as well, it was all just part of life with people.  Sometimes they just wanted to do something else.  But still, she gave a quick nod to the man.  “Sure, your choice.”

Shoving her hands into her pockets, she listened as he told her that she needed to go into an office and make sure to type up a report while it was still fresh in her mind.  She gave another nod and stood here pretty casually while she studied the man who seemed a bit upset about his actions.  One of her hands came out of her work suit and she nudged his shoulder with a soft fist.

“Don't beat yourself up.  We all make mistakes.  I'll go file my report, then check on the boys in Sickbay.” she said as she turned and headed back to her office, but she was giving several people the evil eye as she walked.  “I want Walker, ch'Cyn, Alvarez, Zirze, and Crawford, in the office now!” she called out the names as she walked, people's back straightened.  Her tone gave not a single moment for argument, they were all in deep shit and they knew it.

Slowly, one by one, they followed Ji into the auxiliary office that she was using for the moment.


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