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Day 02 [0930 hrs.] Thorny Redemption

[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann & Lt Cmdr. Wenn Cinn | Deputy's Office | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos  
"So it is final then?" asked Ida, weary of the twists and turns of the matter set before her and Cinn. "The Captain approved?"

"Yes," rumbled the large, dark-skinned Bajoran and turned away from her desk. "Evidently, the report from the other Vulcan was conclusive, and I will be asking her to see Doctor Maya as well. Perhaps she can help shedding some light into the matter of that investigation too. I would stay, but I have been asked to deal with a matter concerning the Devoted. I realise you and him have something of a history, but let's settle the matter before anything else comes up."

"Yes, Commander," said Ida her antennae angling forward. She was looking at a small box on her desk that Cinn had left with her, and it represented - to her - how once in a while, one had to own up to mistakes. In this case, she did not feel she had erred based on what had been known at the time, but it didn't make it any less easy.

"Look at the bright side," said Cinn and glanced at her over his shoulder, "now he won't be a concern for us any more. You and I both know he did not belong here, and now, he can do what he does best."

"Agreed." Ida, picked up the box and turned it over in her hand, thinking back to what had happened before the Black Opal. It was some time after Cinn left that she spoke again.

"Thea, could you please summon Chief Nathaniel Isley to my office?"

[Yes, Deputy. At once.]

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Security center on way to deputy's office] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Nathan had been summoned too the deputy's office during a security walk, and he was almost certain he knew what this was about. He wasn't exactly what one would call calm. Rather he felt more like he was going to be sick. Having to deal with Ida was difficult on it's own, he honestly wasn't sure where the two of them stood on anything, he was still half convinced that she had stabbed him in the back on purpose, and now... Well he didn't expect an apology  from the blue skinned woman.

If he could sit through the entire meeting without saying a single spiteful thing, that was his main goal, to not be cruel or openly condescending towards someone whom he didn't really like. Security was supposed to be the fresh start, the moment where he started to step in line and play by the rules.

Instead he caused a number of infractions. Needless to say that even if he was going back to his old job, and getting his wings back after they had been stripped away from him, it needed to be a new experience he couldn't continue down the same self destructive path. Even if he believed that every single person on this ship was out to get him it didn't matter what mattered was putting all of that behind him and stepping forward with his best foot. Trying to for once in his life leave the self important attatude behind him.

So of course as he walked up to the Deputy security officers door he pushed the bell. "Chief Isley reporting as ordered."

He waited to be called in so that he could take his seat and get this all over with. Of course that was still assuming they would accept his transfer. If he was dealing with Wenn there was a good chance that it would have been refused.

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Deputy's Office | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos 
With the box in her lap, Ida sat silent after she bid her happenstance lover to enter her office. She watched as Isley entered and after she made a wordless gesture towards the chair, she saw him seating himself without making further comment. After a couple of seconds, she pursed her blue lips to speak.

"I have summoned you in regard to the re-opened investigation of the Black Opal incident, and the conclusion of it," she said, her antennae relaxed in their forward-angled position. She took a deep breath. "Because of the testimony of Doctor Maya late last night, the results of hearings conducted with the Lone Wolves that witnessed the altercation between Junior Lieutenant Rawley and Lieutenant Ravon in the Fighter Assault Bay after the battle at Starbase 84, along with the detailed report from Ensign Cir'Cie... it has come to our attention that - while you lied in order to be have Captain Ives release you from the Brig - you are innocent of killing Ensign Skye Carver. Instead, it was Doctor Maya - for reasons yet to be determined - that inoculated you with an unknown amount of hyvroxilated quint-ethyl metacetamin, making it hallucinogenic."

Having said as much, Ida took a deep breath and put the box on the desk between them. "In the light of this new evidence, and after consulting Captain Ives, you will no longer remain demoted to Non-Commissioned Officer rank, but earning the same rank you held when you came aboard the Theurgy," she said, letting Isley open the box for himself. The golden rank pip was the very same one he used to wear, but the box lacked the second rank pip that would have made him a Junior Lieutenant. "The reason why Captain Ives chose not to let you regain the rank you earned after the Niga Incident is because of your false confession - where you lied in order to be released from the brig and take up service in this department."

Having said this, she did not pause to let him protest or comment, instead picking up the PADD next to her on the desk. "Furthermore, I have processed your transfer request and cleared it with both Wenn Cinn and Thomas Ravon - the current and likely future Squadron Commanding Officer in Tactical CONN - and both have approved it. You are to report to Lieutenant Ravon immediately and get your flight gear in order. At noon, there will be a presentation of the new Lone Wolves Squadron held in the Fighter Assault Bay's briefing room, and it is expected that you will have got all the practicalities of the transfer settled before then, including returning that phaser you've been issued to the Mistress-of-Arms in the Armory, changing your uniform and stock your locker and exosuit for fighter patrol duty."

Having said this, Ida paused before she added, "Do you have any questions, Ensign?"

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Deputy's Office] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Nathan listened with eager breath and upon seeing the box part of him expected it to hold both pips. As he picked it up it felt heavy to him, it came with the realization that he had been used as a weapon in someone elses game, and that wasn't something he wanted. He wanted to be in control over his own life. To make his own choices and not be a prisoner. For a moment he thought that with his record being wiped clean that he would be completely re-instated. But upon seeing only one of the two rank pips he knew it wasn't so easy.

He still felt the weight of Skye Carvers death. He had confessed to being lazy because he had hoped to find the answers on his own, now with Ida mentioning everything and with Maya's confession he realized he was a passenger aboard this ship. Other people had cleared his name, his away mission on the battle of 84 had been a complete loss. Nathan had made no difference in anything that he had touched during his time in security. It was painful to admit that he probably hadn't deserved his junior lieutenant pip in the first place.

Hearing that Thomas Ravon would be the new commander of air group Nathan almost wanted to protest. He was a huge security risk. As far as he knew no one had tested him since his return and the man had been gone from the ship for almost a week. Plus he had built a ship out of future-scrap metal. The paranoia in the back of his mind told him that Razer was not healthy for the position, but also... that he would have rather seen Miles come back alive. After all the group had been through he had never gotten a chance to apologize to Miles for his behavior.

Actually he had hurt a lot of people with his behavior in the past. When he had come to security he wanted it to be some sort of fresh start. That start had lasted him maybe a day if he was honest it was probably about an hour. So he knew why he hadn't earned back his old rank, and some part of him was greatful for that it meant that Skye's death hadn't simply been washed clean.

He had zoned out from Ida as she had listed all of his requirements for the transfer. He looked at Ida when she asked if he had any questions for him. "Uh."

He had a few, things like what would become of Doctor Maya? his poisoner, he did feel a wealth of anger towards her, and would have loved to see her sent out an airlock, but her expertise as a doctor was something they could ill afford to loose.

What name should he take now that he was transferring back to the wolves? he hadn't given a lot of thought to it since it had seemed impossible.

When would he be meeting with Ravon? It wasn't really something he was looking forward too considering all that had happened. They weren't exactly buddy buddy after their encounter in the hanger bay, or what had happened on that ice world.

"Two actually." He sighed deciding that he should just go into the easy one to ask first since it was less sensitive and probably on the record. "During the investigation it came to light that I was half romulan. I have had a number of medical scans before back when I joined Starfleet, and even aboard this vessel. I was curious how this information came to light? it was presented by Doctor Nicander, I was curious as to where he drew this conclusion and which test was used to find something that was so thouroughly hidden even I didn't know about it?"

"The second question... Is something I would like to ask off the record."

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Deputy's Office | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos 
It seemed that Isley was given a lot to think about when she presented the results of the investigation and the approved transfer request. She sat silently while letting him think, and spoke anew when she posed his first question.

"I'm a Deputy, not a Doctor," she said quietly, her hands settled loosely on top of the armrests of her chair. "I don't presume to know the names of the tests Medical ran on you because of the investigation of the Black Opal incident, but I remember that Doctor Nicander said that your Romulan genes had been deliberately masked to appear Vulcan - which is supposedly close enough in resemblance already - and they had been masked in order to avoid easy detection. He said he too would - like you say - have missed the fact of your true heritage had it not been for the Black Opal incident, and the extent of examinations made in order to learn what could possibly have made you fly so erratically and opened fire on Ensign Carver's warp fighter."

Taking a deep breath, Ida concluded her answer with the obvious. "If it hadn't happened, I suppose we'd all remain ignorant about what you are. Besides the fact that you've been lied to about your origin, and given how the real Aidoaan was discovered to be Captain Ian Hawthorne on Starbase 84, there is no reason to suspect you had anything to do with the Romulan ship that appeared at the Black Opal either. There is no crime in what your genes may be, and all the circumstantial evidence surrounding the incident have been accounted for, so I assume that the next step for you is simply to deal with your past, or ignore it. I am sure a lot of your squadmates wishes to apologise, now that the truth is out there."

Pausing, Ida folded her hands in her lap. "In the line of duty, I preformed the investigation based on known facts, on what could be proven. I know you hold the way I preformed the investigation against me; in me choosing to make it clear that what happened between us held no significance. When I preformed the stun test on you, you made your feelings clear, but quite frankly, I don't care. If I were to conduct the investigation again, I would have done the same thing."

Having said this, Ida rose to her feet, prepared to adjourn the meeting. "As a security officer, you don't grant friends or lovers favours in any capacity, and if you have any issue with that, then Í think we both know why your transfer request was approved. You are not a security officer, Ensign Isley. That being said, for what it is worth, I am sorry that the evidence misled the investigation, and that you suffered for it. I can but hope you understand just how clear it seemed you'd erred, and especially so when you confessed to killing Ensign Carver."

Thinking that she might have anticipated whatever it was the Lone Wolf had meant to say off the record, she still gave him the chance to speak his piece before dismissing him. "Now, what did you wish to ask off the record?"

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Deputy's Office] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Nathan sat in his chair, his only real insight into his emotions being a small chuckle when she said that she was a deputy not a doctor. A lot of people seemed to use that logic, himself included. He was definetely more of a pilot than a security officer that much had been made apparent to him, even more so with how Ida continued.

Nathan had to grit his teeth hearing Ida as she broke down exactly what had led them to this situation. It was cold, logical and impersonal in a way it was everything he had come to expect from the Andorian. If there had been some part of Nathan that had wanted to repair the divide between them that his arrest had caused it died with her words. He shuddered for a moment though not with any kind of anger just regrets.

While she made her position crystal clear for the second time Nathan didn't feel he needed to be told thrice about the situation between them. It was painful to be sure, he had liked Ida, but he was starting to suspect that he had liked her for all the wrong reasons, the cold dispassion that she displayed was pretty much everything he had hated about his mother.

"Thank you Deputy for your... astute understanding." He paused for a moment after speaking. That hadn't really been his question. He stood up understanding that this meeting was almost over, and thanking the fact that he wouldn't have to see Ida for a while after this.

"I was actually going to ask about self defense." He rubbed his arm for a moment. "Considering that I was used as a weapon, and then had my mind melded with by the person who had put me into that position in the first place... It's come to my attention that... I'm not very good at reading people."

"I have considerable hand to hand training, and I was re-qualified to carry a phazer when I was transferred here, but I was going to ask about threat management, and self defense training what you would recommend." He would rather not have his feelings of victimization on the official documentation. Though there was also a part of him that was deeply considering applying to keep his weapon. The resolve crew had kept theirs before they had transferred, and he would have liked to keep something on him for self defense.

Then again if he couldn't trust a doctor to do her job without turning him into a weapon who on this ship could he trust?

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[ Lt. ThanIda zh'Wann | Deputy's Office | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos 
It seemed Ensign Isley had expected much of what Ida told him, and she was grateful that he did not chose to contest her standpoint on the investigation. She had told him she regretted what had befallen him, and that was the truth of it, just as much as she could not - in hindsight - see how she could possibly have made a different conclusion based on the known facts at the time. The personnel file on Isley had suggested his prevalent problems with authority, but it seemed that in this particular instance, he did accept her words without debate.

Instead, he asked about possible means of self defence beyond that of his marksmanship and his hand-to-hand combat training. This, Ida gave a few seconds of thought to, before she remembered something that could be worth mentioning. An observation that she had made first-hand, only she didn't remember it.

"I have been given to understand that you are familiar with the Vulcan nerve-pinch, are you not?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips. "I suppose your mother must have taught it to you, even if she is just pretending to be Vulcan, or someone of the Vulcan tutors in your youth taught it to you? Either way, the nerve-pinch is renowned for its non-lethal effectiveness. My recommendation is that you rely on using it too, aside from your conventional skills. Judging from the reports of the Niga Incident, you did not seem to have any difficulty with it, at least."

She said this with a faint smile, giving him as much considering the circumstances.

"Good luck out there, once you get your Valkyrie back. Keep us safe."

It was not said without irony, because that was what Security did as well... keeping the crew safe.

OOC: Isley used the nerve-pinch on Ida outside the turbolifts during the Niga Incident, before they met a second time and fought on the Allegiant. I believe he used it when beaming aboard a couple of shuttles with infected too, taking them out before they could jump to warp.

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Deputy's Office] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Isley blushed when she mentioned his use of the nerve pinch. It was one of those 'aha' moments of oh right I can do that. He chalked it up to the fact that a lot of things had been on his mind as of late. The trick hadn't been tought to him by his mother but rather one of his teachers on the Colony where he had grown up.

As far as defenses for the body went it was certianly one of the better techniques aviable, though his question had been more about reading threats rather than responding to them. Prediction rather than retaliation, though if he had to stand on his own two feet being reminded of a skill was certainly not the worst he could do. Walking towards the door when Ida told him to keep the crew safe he nodded, considering how he had expected this meeting to go it was better than he had anticipated. He felt he understood her a little better, and while he wouldn't really call her a friend... he did feel a little more understanding towards her.

"I don't know if still counts if I say it, and it's not something I do often, but."
He raised his hand in a traditional Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper Ida, I hope your duties leave you with a sense of fulfillment."

[ Nathaniel Isley | Security Locker room] Attn: @Nolan

His time in security may have been short, and turbulant, but it wasn't an experience he was bound to forget any time soon. Leaving Ida's office with the wooden box in hand he didn't bother adjusting his rank while he was in yellow. Walking to his locker he took a box and opened it.

Coming back into the fold as a pilot was probably gonna mean a day or so of retraining, oh and he was going to have to watch out for Rawley, she wanted him dead  the last time he had seen her and he couldn't imagine her mood improving on the subject. He also had a long way to go to patch things up with Covington. He had a dozen or so new arrivals to familiarize himself with. Suddenly not being a wing leader was a huge pressure off his back. He could focus on falling in line ditching his ego, and working out exactly what he was supposed to do to be a better version of himself.

Going through his locker, he was surprised just how much clutter had manifested it's self over the short week or two that he had been in security. "Plus I have to change my wardrobe again." He sighed pulling out his phaser, he supposed he had to return that to Sel after how much work he had done to apply for the thing that was extremely annoying.

He was also probably the oldest ensign in service. Almost thirty and busted down to a rank that some could achieve out of the academy. Than again there were some officers who graduated as a captain so... everything relative?

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[Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Security Locker Room | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

With a decisive pace the new SCO of the wolves made his way to deck 07. He had received the notification that Isley was reinstated to the flight pack and Thomas would want to welcome the pilot back. The events of the day before still fresh in his memory as Rawley had first pointed out that Isley was the man who killed Skye, be it wrongfully accused... It still caused for the newly promoted pilot to be edgy still. It wasn't that he was holding a grudge against Icarus, it was just an underlying agitation that had developed.

After asking around to a few members of security, Ravon was sent through to the locker room where he entered and sought out the Nathaniel. When he spotted him he walked over to him. Thomas was wearing his standard duty uniform and he looked Nathan over from head to toe before he leaned himself against the sides of one of the lockers. Unsure if the pilot had seen him approach, he just spoke up "Icarus huh? I certainly hope you don't have any ambitions to fly too close to a sun and burn those wings right off. Would be a shame after being reinstated. In that regard, Maverick suited you better, but who am I to judge?" he called out to the pilot. The demeanor of the SCO seemingly calm, focused yet most of all calculated. It sounded like a crack at a joke, yet everything about Thomas would indicate that he was dead serious about the matter, his eyes different from the last time Isley would've seen him.

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Security Locker room] Attn: @Nolan

"I certainly hope not, Maverick had this bad tenancy to get people killed by not following orders." Nathan said shaking his head. Yes he had been cleared of the murder of Skye Carver, but even if he wasn't the murderer he was still the murder weapon, and that had left him with a lot of guilt towards the matter. On top of that there was the ice world where Ravon had been stranded ignoring any chance they had to make a rescue in order to move forward and protect Theurgy, of course the fact that the man was back did help to alieviate that stress but it seemed like every time Maverick got into a plane he made mistakes.

Nathan stayed focused on his packing even with the new commanding officer directly behind him. "It's supposed to be a warning to myself about listening to those around me something Maverick rarely if ever did. In the story Icarus ignored the warnings of his father and sister, it wasn't that his wings didn't work but rather that he didn't read the warning labels, and fell to the ocean and drowned."

When his locker was finally clear, it's contents into the box he dropped the last item on top for Ravon to see, a picture of the various wolves from when they had all started. there were too few of the originals left now to worry about fighting between them. Nathan should have been happy in this moment he was getting to fly again, and yet as he turned to face the SCO, he was tired more than anything a little on the broken side of things. "I'm trying to get away from that, make a fresh start, I mean look." He pointed to his collar which now had the ensign pip on it. "I just want to do better than the past version of me did at this job."

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[Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Security Locker Room | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Thomas listened to the words of Icarus, his eyes trained on the man's back as he folded his arms across his chest. As the contents of the locker were emptied, the final thing that was placed on top of the stack was a picture of the old original pack. Thomas glanced over it and narrowed his eyes for a second before he scoffed a little and whispered "That's a really really old memory right there Nathan..." he said before the pilot turned around to face him.

He reached out and held him by the right shoulder, his hand giving him a squeeze as he looked into his eyes "I suppose your first action as a newly appointed pilot is to get yourself familiar with the manual of your Valkyrie." he said teasingly, joking almost about it "Plus a few sims to get your head back in the game. After that you'll be placed on combat patrol." Thomas informed the ensign. Isley pointed at his fresh demotion and told him he wanted to go for a clean slate, a fresh start. It was something Thomas could relate to and he nodded in agreement.

"I don't care that you lost your rank and I don't mean that in a condescending way. It's never fun to slide down the ladder, yet you still have the experience and skill set that make you a fine damn pilot. So show the doubters they're wrong and earn your place back in the pack. Can I count on that ensign?" Thomas asked as he let go of the pilot and folded his hands behind his back and stood in attention for him.

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Security Locker room] Attn: @Nolan

"We are old pilots we're entitled to the old memories." Considering all that they had been through and the majority they had lost not everyone got to say that. A precious few pilots actually got to live to a ripe old age let alone have been in nearly as many engagements as the two of them. There was something to be said about Razor stating that he had the experience of a veteran it wasn't something that you could just earn hap haphazardly.

When Ravon stood in front of him at attention he returned the gesture giving his new commander his full respect. In all honesty he had expected this conversation to go differently, after all that had happened, he was half expecting another near punch to his face or something. Reviewing his bird's manual was probably a good idea it's been a week or two since he had been behind the wheel. He had time for sims so he could run all of those before later afternoon. The advantage of transfers was that they usually gave you a day or so of free time. "You can count on me sir."

After the moment of respect had passed Nathan pushed his locker closed and grabbed his things ready to walk to the hanger bay locker area, and get himself a proper white uniform. "I hate freshly replicated uniforms, no matter what you do with them they always itch like crazy for like a day or two. Changing departments is not a practice I would recommend making regular. I think I managed to anger more of the security personnel than I was able to work along side them."

Hopefully his luck would change and he would be dealing with better things when it came to the pilots. "I guess we still have a lot of newbies to get used too, oh and Rawley, she's probably still going to want to stab me. Hopefully this transition won't be too painful for her and the rest of the wolves, I know... I'm not their favorite person."

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[Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Security Locker Room | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Seeing and recognizing the respect Nathaniel showed him, Thomas nodded as the pilot told him that he could count on him. He kept his eyes on him as he closed his locker and chuckled lightly when he mentioned freshly replicated uniforms always had the tendency to itch. As for the comment about stepping on toes with security staff, Thomas simply replied "Just don't step on too many toes with the flight deck and your new pilots."

"And I wouldn't exactly call them newbies. They're the best of the best. The Valravn project was hand picked from what I heard." he clenched his jaws together as Nathaniel talked about Rawley. Had he not heard through Security channels what had happened. Thomas gave it some time before reacting to it, letting the initial outburst of angers subside before he spoke calmly "Don't worry about the rest of the wolves, they'll let you back in if you do them right. As for Rawley, I'm afraid you won't be able to make amends with her. She's been placed in stasis after an incident last night." he felt the anger resurface as he told Nathaniel either way and clenched his fists once more.

"Just do her right and show her that she was wrong to distrust you. Make her proud, make everyone proud that we lost Isley. That's all I'm asking." he concluded before patting the soldier on the back "Report back to me if you have any problems."

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[ Nathaniel Isley | Security Locker room] Attn: @Nolan

Nathan felt his head sway for a moment, it felt like he had just been clocked in the head with a frying pan hearing that another one of the pilots had been lost in an incident. He wished he had been told about this, but the truth was he had been helping with the interrogation before the end of his shift, and during off hours he didn't have access to the security comm channel. his shift started with the influx of the transfer papers, and Ida had either not felt the information was relevant to him, or didn't know.

Considering Ida it was more likely the former. "My day is just getting underway, no one told me anything." He said softly looking at the ground. There was a moment of grief, but Ravon was right, he just had to focus on making his appointment back into the wolves count for one reason or another. He was back now and there was nothing more he could do when it came to Rawley he wasn't a doctor, and he had to assume that if someone had hurt one of the wolves, and he hadn't been told about it, than whoever had done this to them was themselves probably dead. "I hope you made the bastard or bastards pay for it."

"Ravon." He said stopping, and holding out his hand towards his old comrade, and trying to do better towards establishing himself under the rules. "It's good to be back, but I still need to clean up here, and hand in my weapon, I will get to the flight deck soon, but it probably won't be for a few hours. I'll see you at the next briefing, or later, but i'm sure you have more important work right now."

"It will be good to fly with you again, and... I haven't said this yet, but it's good that you didn't die on that ice world. I would have gone back for you, but there was no time, I had to choose Thea over you, I hope you understand that. Cause if our positions get reversed I expect you to make the same choice."

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[Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Security Locker Room | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Hearing from Nathan that nobody had told him about the Rawley incident made Thomas wonder if he hadn't brought the news down to the man too roughly. Than again Thomas was aiming for transparency within the new formed squadron, which sometimes meant being more blunt and direct about certain matters. He turned around to face the newly assigned pilot and he looked him in the eyes. He parted his lips as Nathan voiced out that the bastards paid for what they did. He wanted him to know everything to the details, yet he kept it short "They suffered... And got what they had coming for them."

As Isley now addressed him by his last name, Thomas looked him in the eyes. He nodded at the first part of his explanation before he shook his head and looked away from Nathan's eyes. It was a weird situation really. The last time Thomas had seen Isley, before the hangar scene. He was reporting in to Isley as he was the element leader. Now the tables seemed to be turned around.

"You did what you had to do Nathan. The ship above a single life. I get it." he answered "I don't blame you for what happened. I probably would have done the same if I were in your shoes. So no hard feelings there." he smiled a bit more gloomy "Anyway, I'll let you get back to your tidying. I'll see you on the flight deck when you get there."


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