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Day 02 [2000 hrs.] Checking Up, In, & Out

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan

Ji needed to get herself checked out.  An alert had come onto her PADD while she was dealing with a minor crisis down on the flight deck.  One of the fighters had started misfiring, some wires were causing electricity to arch to systems that weren't supposed to be on while the machine was off.  It was an odd thing, one she had never seen before.  And, since the fighter had recently been under maintenance that meant someone got their ass chewed out.  Ji didn't give a fuck who was her friend and who wasn't.  When it came to the fact that she needed to get pilots out there and back alive, she needed to make sure that all the fucking ships were worked on properly. 

She had gone through the roster to find out who had last completed maintenance on the beast and found it was one of her mechanics, a fairly new one, Jessup.  The Bajoran male was a fairly good mechanic but he had been distracted lately, and seemed to be chasing the tale of her Andorian assistant.  It was not a pretty scene, she knew, but she had dressed Jessup down hard on the flight deck. She needed to make for furck sure that he was concentrating on his job or she would go to the Captain herself and get his ass not only canned but stranded on whatever backwater planet they next landed on.

Now, her PADD had reminded her that she had an appointment with her favorite Doctor.  Nicander.  She needed to get her ankle checked out.  She had been unable to let it rest like he told her to, and she fully expected him to come down on her for it.  She wasn't much of one for sickbay.  As evident by the fact that she actually had some scars on her.  What could heal on it's own did, anything worse than that drove her to sickbay under duress.  She hated feeling weak.  She didn't like having to waste her time either. 

As she stepped into Sickbay she walked down the small hallway that lead to the waiting area and the check in desk.  She looked at the woman behind the desk and gave a bit of a wave.  “Here to see Doc Nic for a check up.  I have an appointment apparently.” she said honestly as she turned and plopped into a seat, she wasn't sure if they were ready for her and she was more than willing to wait.  The tired Chief of Propulsion was ready to hit the sack that much was for sure.  Her body though, was wired a bit tight only because she was about to see Nic.  The last time she had seen him, they had completely and totally slept together on the bank of a holographic river.  One that she didn't regret, but she wasn't sure what he thought about it.  Or if he was actually attracted to her, or not.  She had spent the evening with CJ from the pilot sector, and he was nice, but she needed to see what was going on with Nicander before she decided what to do with CJ, or not.

She waited for her turn.  She was wearing her normal work boots.  Only because that's what she always wore, but since she had been called in off duty to make sure shit wasn't going to explode down on the Flight Deck she was currently wearing her own clothes and not the flight suit that he was used to.  The white crop top and a pair of cut off jean shorts so short the pockets hung out by the leg hole.  Then there were the boots she wore to work every day laced up tight to prevent her ankle from rolling or hurting too much, but it was near the end of the day and the soreness had settled back in.  She had been elevating it at night, but she was a hard worker and slowed down for no one so she was pushing it, and she knew she was in for a lecture.

“I'm going to take you to a biobed until the Doctor can be with you.” 

Ji rose at the voice of one of the nurses and she hissed slightly, she hadn't been able to elevate her leg today so it was beyond sore at this point.  She limped twice before she got used to the pain and pushed through it as she followed the nurse.  Finding herself on a fairly secluded table she sat down pulling herself up and carefully unlacing her boots after the nurse left.  She tossed them and her socks into a nearby seat, and looked down.  Yep.  Definitely swollen.  I'm going to get it. she sighed, and waited not much she could do.  Some of the skin was still blue and purple, she had sprained it well, and it was less swollen than three days ago but was healing much slower than it probably would if she rested it properly.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 
By 2000 hrs. the quarantine that had been set in Main Sickbay had been downgraded, but not necessarily due to new victims of Virus 117. With both Battle Sickbays filled, it simply had become an impossibility to keep the area under quarantine lest lives of hurt or injured could be at risk. A judgement call had to be made in regard to the virus, and since it was only lethal for a limited number of the crew, the better choice had been to lift some of the restrictions. This, of course, meant that whatever time to spare between the infected was not spent dealing with the regular patients instead.

By the time Doctor Nicander walked down the row of biobeds in the Recovery Ward, his white lab coat was rumpled and his exotic Câroon features wore a stubble - him being unable to have shaved that morning - and even if his long hair was usually unkempt, there was no proper word for how it looked any more. On Envon, neither men nor women bothered with their hair, since the winds always dictated how they appeared. Holding the PADD with the next patient's medical journal in his tattooed hand, he did rake his free one through his hair - giving an approximation of order to it again. Seeing what the appointment was about, he could but shake his head at the ludicrous range of afflictions he had addressed that day. If it wasn't delicate spinal surgery or the replacement of limbs, there were sprained ankles and nicked fingers. What he didn't read, however, was the name of the patient he was about to see... when he stepped into the small biobed stall in the far corner of the ward, Lucan raised his pale grey eyes and meant to greet the patient in his usual way. Only this was no usual patient to him, he found, when he saw Eun Sae Ji sitting on the biobed, out of uniform and looking like there had not been a battle in-between the last time they saw each other and then.

"Chief Ji," he said, glancing down to the medical journal and verifying that indeed, he had failed to see who it was he'd see. He stepped farther into the stall, facing her, and found himself smiling as if there was naught amiss. His mannerism was like one of her fighters could be, on autopilot, even though the pilot himself was trying to sort out what to say, and what to do. Oh, but the problem lay not in her ankle, certainly, that he could treat, but the last time they had been face to face... had not been the same person behind his own features. No, the thing inside had taken advantage of the situation, enjoying using his body to its full extent in the company of the woman, and now, Lucan had to face the consequences on his own - the parasite's mind a mere shadow deep down in his soul. No amount of distance between his own self and the invader mattered when facing the Fighter Bay Ops woman, however, since she only knew him as the charming Doctor who had seduced her, sharing what they both believed could have been one last chance at intimacy before the battle at Starbase 84. Unable to find a proper thing to say, neither truth an option nor more lies aiding the situation, he let the autopilot remain active while he raked his mind for something else. Fortunately for him, there was no greater difference between the holodeck and now for Ji, who had only come to know his facade. If she want anything more of me, what should I say?

An errant thought while his face smiled warmly to the woman from the Theurgy's deck crew. "How are you today, this fine day of murderous cultists and rampant viral infections? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you came just to brighten my busy day."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 11 | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy]

He's going to be pissed. Ji thought to herself as she, for the first time today, put one ankle next to the other.  It was clear, she hadn't rested it.  Oh it was great for a doctor to order the Chief of Propulsion to rest her leg.  But she had a job to do, and sure she had assistants and other people that could help pick up the slack but there was no way that Ji was going to sit her ass in a chair all fucking day and let the others do the work.  That wasn't going to happen.  She wasn't one to do that kind of shit, she did her job herself, pushed through the pain.  Her ankle could rest when this shit fest was over.  Which would still be a while, but she would manage.  She always did.  It wasn't the first fucking time that she had been hurt and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

The one ankle was quite swollen and throbbing now that she had taken it out of the boot that had been laced up tight.  It helped restrict the blood flow so that it wouldn't swell up so much and it made it not throb so much.  Problem was, the ankle and the skin made up for the lack of early swelling by getting her back when she got back to her Quarters. 

Hearing her name, she looked up and a slight grin crossed her face as she saw Nicander coming into her stall at the end of the treatment area.  He walked in with ease about his features, but there was something in his eyes that might have been trepidation but it was hard to say.  She wasn't overly grand at reading people especially ones that she didn't know all that well and she definitely didn't know Nicander all that well.  Well, not personality wise, she had gotten very familiar with his body.  His words however, brought her back to the present where he stood there in front of her talking about cultists and how she had come just to brighten his day.

Holy shit that was cheesy.

She laughed though, because somehow she hadn't expected that kind of line to be delivered what so ever.  She grinned over at him and gave a shrug.  “That's what I am, a fucking ball of sunshine all over this ship.” she chuckled and brushed her short hair out of her face.  Sliding back on the bed she rose her legs and carefully lowered the injured one, slowly back onto the bed side by side.  She leaned against the raised back of the bed and sighed softly.

“Maybe, I came in here to give you grief, I mean, I'm known for my cursing and sarcasm, so.. maybe I came in here to give you a run for your money?  Only time will tell.” she chuckled softly with a shrug of her shoulders.  She sighed softly as she decided that being straight and shooting for the truth of what was going on was probably the best.  Plus, Ji was fairly set against lying unless it was for good reasons and being stupid about her fucking ankle still hurting wasn't going to actually get her anywhere but back in here.

“So, I haven't been able to rest it.  Like you said to.  I mean.. job to do and all... so.. it's .. actually pretty painful.  I just lace my boots up tight and keep trucking along.  Been trying to ice it at night or off duty but that's not always possible.  Been so fucking busy lately with all the shit that's going on last night I passed the fuck out soon as I laid my head down.”  She sighed softly, she wasn't sure if Nic was one of the doctors that was going to give her a stern talking to or not.

Fuuuuuuck he looks good though. she thought to herself.  She couldn't help but remember the other day, when they were enjoying one another on the bank of the holographic stream.  She wondered what he thought about it.  If he was interested in more, or less, or even if it was just a spur of the moment 'we might fucking die' tomorrow type thing.  She was studying his face, seeing if she could gather anything from it.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 
When Chief Ji said she hadn't done as asked in regard to her ankle, Lucan put the PADD with her medical journal aside on he biobed and watched her while she spoke. Off duty she was showing a lot of skin, and in the deeper recesses of his mind, the parasite stirred, animated by the memory the sight of her brought back. Lucan did his best to try and ignore it, and to figure out some way to handle the situation.

Still, he did not miss a beat when he put his hands over his cheeks in mock-astonishment. "Oh, dear! What have you done?" he exclaimed in jest and then just smiled and reached out with his hands to the bared ankle, carefully lifting it up a bit and making an ocular assessment of the swelling. He did not need a tricorder to tell how much of a bad girl she'd been in regard of taking care of it. "Now, what am I to do with you if you can't take care of yourself?"

His tone was a bit more serious when he spoke up next, fishing a tricorder out of his lab coat's pocket. "At this rate, I might as well have to keep you here overnight and make sure your ankle can rest properly. I hope you don't have anything important lined up until tomorrow?" Having said this, he began to scan her. He verified the abuse the ankle had suffered, and then proceeded to scan the rest of her while he was already at it.

The readings revealed an elevated heart rate and some increased bloodflow in certain parts of her female anatomy, and he realised she might be sexually aroused by his presence, or what he said just made her angry. Perhaps a combination? He put the tricorder away and put his tattooed hands on the edge of the biobed, leaning forward as he met her eyes, listening to what she had to say. His face was impassive, since what he told her was his professional opinion about what she truly needed, unless she did make sure to rest.

As for what his scan might have revealed, he did not know what to make of it. The dark side of him wanted to exploit it, especially if he could use her lack of care for her ankle in order to get what he wanted, but for the most part, I reckoned that the best way to avoid it was to make her angry with him for detaining her to the recovery ward. Then again... if the human female had appreciated what had happened to her on the holodeck, did he err in leaving her bereft of continued attention?

The complication might not be her... but the fact that he did not know himself any more.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan

Ji could not help but roll her eyes expressively, something that she had mastered as a teenager, and perfected when she was an adult.  Her Omma was constantly telling her she was too old to roll her eyes like a child, but honestly, there were times that the eyes spoke more than the lips and she honestly appreciated the reactions that she got from the mere act of rolling her eyes.  But she also had a smile on her face because she could tell that he wasn't being genuine but instead giving her shit.  She didn't mind it, she gave people shit on a daily basis because it was fun.  Most of the people she worked with didn't mind and took it as Ji being herself again.  Truthfully, that's exactly what it was.  The difference between giving someone a hard time and when she was angry.  Ji had a temper, and those around her knew that she spouted words, often punctuated with extreme cursing, when she was angry.

She rose her brow as he asked her what he was supposed to do with her since she couldn't take care of herself.  She gave a shrug, honestly, she tried, but her job wasn't the kind of thing she could just shuck off in the middle of a mission.  There was a fucking battle last night which meant that she had to make sure the fighters were in top notch condition.  She had just come from the fucking flight deck where there were issues with a fighter because one of her mechanics was an idiot.  Not paying attention and didn't hook up the junction boxes correctly.  So one press of a system diagnostic button, and the fucker fired up like it was about to take off.  Ji had been able to neutralize the threat but that was a prime example of why the ankle wasn't getting rest.

When he got serious, and down to business, he earned himself a pseudo death glare.  The kind that says she wasn't amused by his little commentary, but her lips quirked as he scanned her body.  “Well Doc, if you wanted to spend the night with me that fucking bad, you could have just come to my Quarters.” she winked over at him with a chuckle.  Truth was, she doubted she would be able to really sleep here just because if her boys needed her or if something happened in the night and she needed to get to the flight deck immediately she might not even know so easily here. 

He leaned in over the biobed, and put himself right in front of her face.  Ji's eyes widened slightly and she was fairly certain her pupils were playing the hokey pokey at this point.  She bit her lower lip and looked into his eyes.  Damn he's hot.  That wasn't a lie either, the man was basically a walking sex symbol and she still had no fucking idea how they ended up having sex in the holodeck just a few days ago.  She wasn't sure if it was that it meant something to him, or if it was something more along the lines of just a one off.  She needed to ask at some point, but Ji was really bad at talking about relationships.  She kind of hoped that a relationship would just practically fall into her lap at this point.

“It isn't like I don't want to rest it doc.  I don't have time.  You know my job.  That place fucking falls apart if I'm not there to make sure the engines are firing off properly.  My job is the one that makes sure that those pilots leave and come back.  Mechanically, it's literally my job to make sure they bust out of here with the utmost safety in mind.  I can't take a fucking day off.  I'd love to lay in my bed, ice my ankle, eat some ice cream and watch some Korean TV.  But that's not the job I have.  I've done my best, but I know I haven't been kind to it.”  She gave a shrug, and looked at him curious what he was going to say.  She was also fairly sure that her heart was about to break the bones in her rib cage it was beating so fast due to his close proximity.
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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr @CanadianVet 
Oh, but Chief Ji certainly didn't seem to mind the results of their past encounter on the holodeck, that much was evident. He merely gave her a rueful little smile when she suggested that he could just come visit her in her quarters if he wanted to see her that badly, but he had made no comment.

Then, an excuse he heard quite often came, where the patient claimed she was indispensable to her department and she could not - under any circumstances - take a day off. While she spoke, his smile had lingered, and he remained where he stood. His pale grey eyes had fallen down to her lip when she'd bit it, and the signs of her arousal were evident in her body language. To his eye, she was practically squirming underneath his close scrutiny. He needed no tricorder to tell she wanted him again, and the parasite inside rejoiced in the opportunity. In a way, since Heather McMillan had unwittingly suppressed its influence over his actions, she would not be in any immediate harm if he'd indulge himself again, would she?

Then again, if he let himself tread the same paths he did before, would he be any better than when he had been consumed by the thing inside? Without any immediate answer, unsure what to do, he straightened by the side of her biobed. "An impossibility, you say?" He raised a tattooed hand and splayed his fingers wide, hiking up the sleeve of his lab coat as if he was about to show her a magic trick. "Oh, but I am not so sure..."

And thus, he tapped his combadge. "Doctor Nicander to Thea. Please re-route all incoming communication from Chief Petty Officer Eun Sae Ji to her closest superior officer, Chief Warrant Officer Sten Covington. Could you please also inform Chief Covington that Chief Ji is on medical leave until tomorrow morning at 0630 hrs., and that she will be resting in her quarters until then."

[Acknowledged, Doctor. Comm-link rerouted and message sent.]

Whatever her reaction might be, he put his tattooed hands on the edge of the biobed again, leaning down to tell her how wrong she'd been. He did so while looking at her face, studying her lips and the way her pulse could be seen at the side of her neck. "You see, Chief Ji. You know how strict Captain Ives is about adhering to Starfleet protocol and regulations, so by the power vested in my position as Chief Medical Officer of this ship, I could relieve anyone from duty... should their health be at risk to others or themselves. Not even Ives hirself is exempt from that," he told her, tilting his head a bit as he studied her eyes - his own gaze unblinking.

"Look at the bright side..." he said and smiled to her, his quiet voice reverberating deep down in his chest. "Now you do get to enjoy this 'Korean' thing... and 'ice-cream.'"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy]

Oh she could feel it coming.  She could feel that the Doctor thing was bout to lower on her.  That part where she wasn't important enough that she could put her health to the side.  She knew that he wasn't necessarily wrong but that didn't make him right either.  It wasn't so much that no one else could do her job, or that she was expendable.  She knew that wasn't the case. There were many that were as well trained as her not to mention just as passionate about their jobs as she was.  But that didn't mean that she was willing to let others do her job.  It was easy enough to hand off a word order and hope that the people she was giving it to were with it enough that they were going to be able to do their shit properly. 

It was more the fact that she didn't feel right signing off on something when she hadn't actually gotten to check it out herself.  It wasn't even that she didn't trust her people, she did, but there was nothing wrong with double checking the system to make sure that everything was done very well.  It was important that everything went through another set of eyes so that any thing that might have been missed could be caught by the other.  Ji liked to do these double checks herself if at all possible.

Oh that look on his face.

The way he pulled back and pulled up the sleeves on his muscular arms.  It made her remember how she had gripped them in the throws of passion on the river bank, but she refocused as he began to talk to Thea.  Her eyes narrowed, in that glare that promised a quick and painful death if he was going to keep her from her work.  She knew that he had the same passion she did.  Work was not something you did because you had to but instead, because you loved it.  It was your passion.  The reason you breathed  Her Omma had told her so many times that eventually her reason for breathing would her husband and her children.  It was eternally driving her Omma nuts that she refused to find a man and settle down.  She worked with a bunch of men, her mother was just certain that someone would want Ji.

They probably did.

But it wasn't so much that they wanted her as she hadn't exactly found the person that she wanted.  She enjoyed her job, her friends, the men and women that she worked with.  She was very attracted to the doctor but she had a feeling that it wasn't mutual, and that was fine.  She wasn't the kind of woman that would just chase someone that didn't seem interested in her back.  She had far too much pride for that.  Right now, Ji was staring daggers into his face as he told Thea to tell Sten that she was off duty until the next morning because she was on medical leave. 

“You... “

She was cut off as he leaned down on the bed again and looked into her eyes with that smug little smile of his.  Oh she wanted to wipe it off his fucking face.  Just slap the ever loving shit out of his face until he was so shocked and his cheek read he needed a dermal regenerator before he headed for his next patient. 

Oh fuck me, he used the deep voice.

She needed to get her mind back out of the gutter, but there was something to be said about a man that could lower his voice so low.  She cleared her throat and looked away.  One, because she needed to remind herself she was not only still injured, (not that it stopped him last time) and that he hadn't sought her out again which meant he was likely not interested in anything more.  She was also trying not to punch him in the face.  Because he had just taken her off the clock.  Rerouted all her coms to her subordinates and her boss.  And now she was going to get actual sleep in her bed while she elevated her ankle and let it heal naturally.  Finally, she returned her large dark eyes to the man.

“Fine.” she stated carefully, but it was clear that she wasn't overly happy about it.  “I'll go to my Quarters and take care of my ankle, since you've won this battle.  But careful doctor, you're going to start a war at this rate.” she stated calmly as she slid to the edge of the bio bed and she shoved her boot back onto her foot, hissing slightly as it hurt, obviously but angrily she tightened the straps extremely tight and began to tie her boot taking her anger out on the laces.

“And you doctor, when is the last time you fucking went to sleep?”

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 
Oh, but Lucan felt that - through the influence of the parasite - he had already helped its kin start a war. Perhaps the only war of any great consequence. Because what was the Romulan Civil War compared to what Ian Hawthorne's parasite had begun? What was a war with Chief Ji compared to what was happening in Cardassia, or the Klingon Empire? A war, she said, and while it was not a laughing matter, it was a kind of bitter, desperate need to find some humour that made him laugh inside when she said it. What could he do but laugh, when he knew just how late they were to act?

The cycle had begun anew. Now, all they had was this forked path in the time-stream, and whatever they might do before they died.

"Admittedly, I was here until midnight before I returned to my quarters, but I did sleep for six hours before Alpha shift began today," he answered Ji while she abused her foot with her boot, making him frown at what she was doing briefly. Before she finished lacing her boot, he had he walked to the tray next to the biobed, were medical agents and a hypospray were stored. He began to add cartridges to the small machine that would help mix what he needed, and he tapped the touch display in order to tune the mix of the different components. While he worked, he spoke to her over his shoulder. "A moment, please. I want you to be able to rest properly, so I am giving you a light anaesthetic to numb the worst of the ache through the night."

While talking, he had been thinking about what events might unfold next in the current cycle... so when he realised what he was doing with the mixture in the cartridge, a cold shiver ran up his back.

Reading the display below his pale grey eyes, he saw that he had made phase nine bremelanotide. Not he, but the thing that lingered in his subconscious. The parasite remembered the holodeck, evidently, and exerted its influence to make him give her another inoculation entirely than an anaesthetic. It wanted to activate the melanocortin receptors in her brain.

Bremelanotide, once known as PT-141, underwent extensive clinical trials during Earth's 20th century in attempt to treat sexual arousal disorders and erectile dysfunction. Lucan knew that its development was suspended for some time due to a side effect of increased blood pressure, but a later discovery showed that if the drug was administered subcutaneously, the side-effects were nullified. This was three hundred years ago, and since then, bremelanotide had been refined nine times over, making it one of the most reliable aphrodisiacs available in the Federation, even if it still required a medical prescription. It was hard to trace too, since it dissolved into common proteins within thirty minutes. The black markets across the Galaxy were filled with cheap imitations of it, but Starfleet had access the genuine article's high grade chemical composition, of which a single injection would cost a small fortune of latinum.

As if that wasn't bad enough... the display said he had not prepared the regular dosage of 2 cc:s for Chief Ji. No... he would have given her as much as she could take within the safety parameters... which meant five times the ordinary degree of saturation.

What do I do now? he thought, but he had already begun making the correct dosage of anaesthetics, the small machine whirring, and he spoke to Ji as if there was nothing amiss. "You're acting as if I just sent you to the brig for insubordination, but I am merely looking after you. I hope you understand that." Beneath the surface, however, he was horrified about what kind of influence the parasite still possessed over him, but he did not let it show, smiling to Chief Ji. "We... never spoke of what happened, back when you twisted that ankle."

Why bring it up? Would added awkwardness in the situation truly help? Surely not. Clearing his throat, he loaded the cartridge into the hypospray. Thus armed, Lucan turned around and approached the scantly clad Human. "I apologise if you think less of me because of what happened. I just want you to know that it has nothing to do with putting you on medical leave. By the winds, I swear it," he told her, and he laid his tattooed hand against the side of her head. "I will inoculate you now, so be still."

Then, he pressed the cold muzzle of the hypospray against the side of her neck... and pushed the metallic button. With a sharp hiss, the potent solution entered the Chief's bloodstream. The anaesthetic would be quick, but his hand lingered at the side of her head. He looked down at her mouth, and for some reason, he found that he ran his rough thumb across her lower lip. "Just relax, and give it some time to take effect..."

Putting the hypospray aside, Lucan removed his thumb from her lip, looking into her dark eyes.

OOC: Unless you guessed it already, I leave it up to you if Lucan picked the right cartridge for the hypospray. Either he picked the anaesthetic, or the parasite made him pick the bremelanotide. Your choice entirely! :)

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 11 | Sickbay | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan


Oh he was walking a thin line with Sae Ji right now.  She watched him with those dark eyes of hers that could turn from soft pools to hard daggers within a breath.  She didn't know what he was getting at.  Yes, he was just sending her home to rest and sleep.  But she didn't like being told that she couldn't do her job.  Her job was something that was more important to her than her own well being as he was seeing.  Of course he then tells her that he had slept within the last twelve hours, and Ji, herself, could not say that. 

He was over there now, tinkering with medications as Ji put her shoes back on and laced them up.  She would take them off when she got back to her quarters.  Though she was partially wondering what would happen if she went back to work.  She could.  She could leave this room and head straight back down to the flight deck and get back to work.  But, she knew if she got caught she would have to answer to the Captain and that was something she didn't want to do.  She had never actually talked much to the Captain and she preferred to keep it that way. 

Then he dropped the bomb on her.

He remembered the holodeck and what had happened there.  Ji's face lit up in a deep blush and she looked away as she thought about what she wanted to say about that.  She didn't regret it, not in the least, though she doubted that it would ever happen again.  While she didn't mind a good roll in the sheets, she was kind of hoping that eventually someone would come along and be something far more permanent for her.  Or at leas the chance of something like that.  But, she figured that the ship was fairly limited and even more so the guy that would like a short haired, muscular, mechanic woman that had a mouth like a sailor and yet liked romance as much as any woman.

“I don't think less of you.  If I did, I sure as shit wouldn't be sitting here.  I could have seen any fucker or just not.. come in at all.” she gave a shrug of her shoulder.  “I just.. I don't know what to make of it honestly, Nic.  I don't know if it was a one time thing, or if you want more from it.  I assume it's the first one because you haven't fucking come to find me or anything.  But also, I don't really know why it happened other than just.. us being hot for each other at the same time.  Which is great.  I don't mind, I don't think shit of you or anything.  I just.. I guess I'd like to know where I actually stand with you before I move on with my life and whatever is going on.”

He came over to give her the hypo and she smiled softly as he injected her.  It was nearly immediately that she felt the medication hit her system.  The pain in her ankle which had been at a sharp throb for a little while, started to subside and she relaxed a little bit not realizing how much the pain had been bothering her and how tense she actually was.  She sighed softly rolling her shoulders as it took the edge off and would certainly allow her to get some really good sleep.  As he gave her the hypo his thumb ran over her lower lip, which stupidly.. traitorously relaxed for him and let him play with it softly.  As he pulled back and told her to give it time to take effect, she looked up at him, his thumb removed itself from her lips.

“It's uhhhh...” she fought for her words for a moment.  “... already starting to work, it's quick .. thanks Doc.” She clears her throat, and bites her lower lip just a little bit.  “Um... What do you think.. about .. about that holodeck?”


OOC:  No crazy drugs, just the normal pain killers here! 

Re: Day 02 [2000 hrs.] Checking Up, In, & Out

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 
Oh, but when Eun Sae Ji admitted that she'd come by merely for his sake, and not because of the silly injury to her ankle, it might not have been completely unexpected, but it certainly emphasised the true nature of this random meeting. An encounter not random at all, but the though little Human female coming to him in need to know where the two of the had ended up after they sought some intimacy before the battle.

In all honesty, however, it had been the parasite-infested self of Lucan who had seduced her, even if he had managed to make her feel like she had an equal part in the development. Such had always been the way he'd operated when it came to propagating his network - increasing his kin's leverage by making the subject think they hadn't been manipulated at all. This was not the first time he'd have this conversation with a woman or a man of the Theurgy crew or Starfleet Headquarters itself. And unless he didn't do something about his condition, finding a way to expel the vile spirit inside, it might not be the last time either. He cherished the opportunity Heather McMillan had given him, the means in which he could take a shot at freedom, but given what he had just found himself doing whilst preparing Ji's hypospray...

...he was not sure how much longer he could latch on to his reclaimed sanity.

He did not comment at first, giving her the inoculation, because he needed to decide what was the right thing to do. Should he deny the kin another woman affiliated with them, and thus deny Ji her wish to see him again in private? Or should he continue indulging in Ji's company because she wanted him to? All he knew was that he had no answer, and decided to give neither answer, stalling with jest and levity to take the edge of this ultimatum she had unknowingly given him.

So, he chuckled and glanced out of the stall they were in to see if they were being observed by any patients or nurses in the ward, but the holographic separation between the biobeds hid them well enough. "Well, I can't think of any better way I'd spent the eve of battle," he said and looked back into her eyes, his Câroon accent rolling off his words. He raised his free hand and raked his tattooed fingers through her hair, his hypospray at his side. "By the winds, you don't just flatter me with this visit, you also show me great respect in revisiting what happened, wishing to know where we stand when we both survived. Thank you, Eun Sae Ji, for this great regard you hold my feelings."

Saying this, the breath of his voice mixing with hers, he then kissed her - deeply and without holding back. She tasted the way he remembered her, Human, and with a touch of salt to her lips because of the labour of her duties. The parasite reacted to the taste, and even if Lucan quenched his efforts to wrest control and rape her in the wide open area of the Recovery Ward, he could not quite keep himself from hardening. It might only be seen by Ji, should she look inside his open lab coat, but when he parted from her his words did not bespeak the definitive effect she'd had on him.

"Yet you say you will move on with your life, so I will respect that, the same way you respected me. I will consider what happen the opportune touch of winds meeting in a valley, only to continue their future journey on their own. Perhaps our winds may meet again, dancing in another valley, and for that I would be grateful, but I would not presume to claim any kind of right to such a dance - merely be grateful for the opportunity. So thank you for the dance, Eun Sae Ji, and I we'll see if our winds meet again."

He removed his tattooed hand from the side of her head, yet his rueful grin remained. "There is also the fact that you are my patient, and I should not have indulged in the temptation you presented in the first place. So, I would also, like you, consider our opportune meeting to be naught more, and 'move on with my life'."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan

Oh accents. 

She knew that they drove people wild, she knew that when she spouted Korean or got really angry and her accent came out some people found it flat attractive.  But, there was something about the way that his own accent rolled off of his tongue that turned her insides to goo.  It wasn't a normal reaction for her, but perhaps it was just that they had the aformentioned history that they were kind of talking around not about.  She looked up at him with those large brown eyes.  Her eyes were one of the most expressive features.  They could be hard stones of anger, they could pierce like lasers, and they could be as soft and loving as could be.  Right now they were quite a bit surprised by the words that were coming out of his mouth. 

About how she cared to check in on him, that she showed him respect for coming to check on him after what had happened the other day and not just ignored it.  It made her wonder if others had done that to him at some point, but then she was pretty fucking certain that Nicander had no lack of lovers.  If rumors could be held as truth, then he probably had fucked many of the girls on the ship.  Though she was certain that some of those were lies only because some of those women just wanted to be in the Nights with Nicander group, others were actually in it.

Then he kissed her.  It caught her so off guard she just sat there for a moment.  Her lips didn't move, even though his did, and her hand slid up to where his was threaded into her hair gripping his hand with her own.  Sliding her fingers in between his own, softly and trying to keep up she kissed him back.  She wasn't currently dating anyone, she was a free woman, but she also was curious if she still felt things for Nicander.  If his kiss would still drive her to oblivion as it had in the holodeck that one time.  She wondered if they were real feelings or if they had just come together because shit was going down and it could have been the last time either of them could fuck.

Who the fuck knew. 

He had misunderstood what she had said earlier.  As the kiss broke and he spoke to her, she looked into his eyes and then her eyes narrowed slightly.  Just because, she had a feeling that he had completely misunderstood what she had said. 

“I didn't say I wanted to move on with my life without you.  I was asking you if that time in the holodeck was more to you than a quick fucking.  That's what I'm asking you.  I know you've been with a bunch of others, so I have a feeling that you and I were just another quick thing.  But I wouldn't feel right moving on without knowing the truth of what you thought about that time.” 

Ji rose her hands and rubbed her eyes, she was getting tired, especially now that the sharp pains in her ankle were gone and the medication that he gave her was starting to really kick in, she was going to have to leave soon if she was going to make it back to her Quarters so she could pass out there.  Which she would definitely sleep better in her bed that anywhere else.  She was thinking she could pop a quick shower, change into some Pjs and then she could just pass out.  She had already had dinner and she wasn't hungry for anything else.  Ji slid to the edge of the bed and hopped down carefully, brushing her hair out of her face as she steadied her weight on her sore ankle and looked up at Nicander with her large brown eyes.

“Thank you for taking good care of me Doc.  You're the only one I trust when I'm fucked up enough to need a doc.” she teased a little bit shoving her hands in the pockets of her tiny jean shorts and thought about what else to say.  “We should do something together, at some point, when we're both off.  Walk in a holodeck or .. lunch or something.  You should get out more Doc.  Otherwise you'll be lonely.” she winked at him as she took a careful step with her ankle to test it's strength in getting her back to her bedroom.

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[ Dr. Nicander | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr 
After regaining a modicum of sanity, whatever rumours there were about him were of lesser concern than before - when his actions were bent on furthering the goals of the enemy. Yet when Eun Sae Ji corrected him, explaining what she had truly meant, he momentarily wished to take back what he'd said, feeling that he wronged her by using her turn of phrase as a means for escape. Why? By the winds, it is the right thing to do, isn't it?

Truthfully, he was still not entirely sure he was showing her mercy or not when he wasn't fully reciprocating her wish to see him again, keeping what lay between them as a casual dalliance. She rubbed her eyes when she got up from the biobed, and it was impossible to tell whether it was because of what he said or weariness catching up on her. She seemed to want more, but how could he tell her that her life might be in danger if she continued to be exposed to the parasite within?

As for being lonely, that had been a constant since Kisane died, and he thought naught more of it. He had accepted it, even if it

"I look forward to it. Rest well," he said as she got ready to leave, "and I will check up on you soon to make sure that ankle is better. And thank you... for what happened... and I truly hope circumstances make our paths cross again, only without misunderstandings. For that, I am sorry."

Having said this, Lucan watched her leave, not sure if he just saved her life, or broke her heart.

Perhaps both... be that as it may.

Shortly, he would have to do better when meeting with Vivian Martin. He could not let himself put her at risk too.


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