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Day 01 [1930 hrs.] Fanatical Interests

Day 01 [1930 hrs.] Fanatical Interests

[ Irnashall “Shall” ch’Xinya | Stellar Cartography | Deck 15 ]

Hovering in the air above his head, Ensign ch’Xinya watched the Azure Nebula slowly spin along an arbitrary axis, the violets and blues of the visible spectrum on full display.  Inside of it, a representation of the Theurgy marked their current position along with a curved line showing their course.  Despite everything that had happened hours ago the Andorian couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of the astronomical object, even if the blues were further into the violet than he really liked.

Now that they were inside the Nebula and safe from easy discovery his job was done, so a quick verbal command shut down the hologram and returned the wrap-around screens to standback.  The short-range sensors would let the helmsman avoid pockets of sirillium gas as well as anything else that was dangerous.  For now, it was time to get a meal and try to sleep.

Dimming the lights for the coming night shift, Shall left the lab for the first time all day.  The blood from when he cut his head open on his console had dried up both on his forehead and in his white hair staining it a nice navy blue, but he didn’t care, a shower would take care of it, and the replicator had plenty of pain killers available.  “Ensign ch’Xinya!” someone called out from behind him.  Eyes screwed shut from the unwanted interruption, Shall forced his antenna to stop  drooping before turning around.  “Yes?” he asked the crewmember that was jogging towards him.

“I’m sorry to bother you sir.” the blonde human female apologized as soon as she caught up.  “Would you have a few moments to talk?”

Nodding politely, “Of course, I was on my way to my quarters, you’re more than welcome to join me.”  Holding his hands together behind his back, Shall stayed even with his junior.  “What would you like to discuss Crewman…?”

“Smith sir.  It’s about your department.”  The turbolift wasn’t too far from the lab so while waiting for it he gave her a closer look.  Operations yellow was her color, almost matching her hair.  Why would she be concerned with science?  Was there a problem with the sensor arrays again?

“What about the science department?  Are you needing to shut down systems for repairs or something?”  The turbolift hummed to a stop and the doors opened, revealing an empty car.  The pair stepped inside.  “Deck 8.”

“Probably sir, but I haven’t heard any details on the repairs yet.  It’s about your chief actually.  Scuttlebutt says that the Captain is going to install several of the Resolve’s crew as chiefs, and supposedly one of the scientists from there is a Lieutenant Commander.”

For whatever reason it took ch’Xinya a moment to get what the woman was trying to say.  Then he remembered that their current chief was a Lieutenant, and would now be out-ranked.  “Maybe so Crewman, but that’s how things work in Starfleet.  Unless the Captain has a very good reason to override, the highest ranked member of the department would be chief.”

“But the Captain does have a good reason, and a perfect person.”  Shall’s antenna turned towards her and started to wring.


“Lieutenant Morali.” she announced, completely matter-of-factly and straight faced, but Shall’s reaction was quite different.  Antenna shooting straight up, his head snapped around.

“What?  Why would you say that he’s worth the seat?  The man’s a wreck.  Captain should never have had medical do what they did…”

Smith’s eyebrows shot up in response and she took a step back.  “How can you say that?  He’s key to everything!  You have to support him, without it he won’t be able to do anything.”  Her shock morphed into something more sinister now.  “He must be supported, at any cost.”

Growing concerned, Shall’s risked a glance at the turbolift’s indicator.  Just two more decks and he was free.  “Listen Crewman Smith, Lieutenant Morali has done nothing to warrant a promotion, and even if he did it’s not my place to force them.”  Leaning forward, antenna bending towards her, “Nor would I have any inclination to.  I respect him as a fellow officer, as odd as he may be, but I won’t push for him to get promoted, even if I could.”

Instead of being cowed by the Andorian, Smith just sighed.  “It would’ve been better for you if you’d listened to reason.  Sir.”  Before he could figure out what that meant the turbolift reached Deck 8 and opened to reveal three more crewmembers waiting.  Smith looked at them and shook her head.

Without a word the three jumped into the turbolift, two grabbing Shall by the arms and hauling the surprised Andorian out while the third grabbed his hair and pulled to keep him under control.  “It looks like we’ll have to make our point the hard way.” one of them growled, and then the fists came down.

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[ Ens. Derik Veradin |  Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Thea, & nearby security perhaps?
PADD with a map of the Theurgy in hand, Derik walked the halls of Deck 8. He was still in uniform, the large crew meeting had just barely finished. He’d not wanted to sleep yet so he decided to explore this new ship he found himself on. Theurgy was so much larger than the Resolve, and he wanted to get a feel for it and note the important places. The holodecks here on Deck 8 were an important location for Derik. A working holodeck again, he was stoked. He’d need to challenge Havenborn to a game of pool again here soon.

Beyond the size of the ship, Derik was impressed with the cleanliness and repair state. Obviously they’d just been through a battle, but most of the interior corridors weren’t strewn with debris or scorched with weapons fire like much of the Resolve had been. Near the end of their trip, limping into SB84, they’d simply started running out of resources and manpower to repair everything that wasn’t essential. This crew must be resourceful, and dedicated, was Derik’s main thought as he walked along.

He looked up from his PADD towards the turbolift down the hall and saw three crewmen waiting there for it to open. He was still a decent distance from it and didn’t think anything of it. The sound of a scuffle up ahead though pulled his eyes back up and he saw now four people restraining and assaulting an Andorian crewmate. The victim looked surprised and completely caught off guard. The door to the turbolift closed as the punches started in.

Derik started sprinting towards the turbolift, reaching instinctively to his sidearm, cursing when he remembered he didn’t have it or his combat knife anymore. He didn’t know anyone specific to call but as he ran he remembered his encounter on the bridge. He knew someone that could help. “Thea, summon security to this section, lockdown the turbolift in front of me and open the door please, someone’s being assaulted!”

[Acknowledged, Ensign. Tasks now complete.]

As he approached the turbolift the door opened just in time. He yelled, “Hey!” and he tossed his PADD at the assailant that was punching the Andorian. The man turned and caught the PADD out of reflex, occupying his hands. Derik grabbed him and threw him out of the turbolift, the man rolling unceremoniously back into the corridor. He looked back to the turbolift and was met with three very surprised and angry expressions from the other assailants. Derik raised his fists in a defensive gesture and assumed a boxing stance, suddenly thanking Keval and Tancredi for all of their lessons over the past three years in self-defense. “What the fuck is going on here?”

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[ Deacon | Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Mathis, Thea, security personnel?

Following the address to the crew in the docking bay, Deacon had decided to take an impromptu tour of the ship, recognizing that he would likely still be remanded to the public areas.  Since his arrival, it seemed that he'd spent almost all of his time on a ship that was only a portion of the greater whole.  His hunt for food and solitude had taken him to the Below Decks previously, so now he elected to start on a higher floor.

He'd taken only a few minutes to stroll the halls of this particular deck when a sense of unease moved through him, settling at the pit of his stomach.  Try as he might to pass it off as having been caused by the food he'd eaten from the replicator, he knew that was likely not to blame.  The typical Starfleet design, hallways all alike, unchanging, it caused his hearts to beat faster.  He flinched at the sight of a nearby bulkhead, half-imagining a shudder moving through the ship, the smell of smoke, red lights flashing...

He stopped, his hand slamming heavily into the wall as he shook his head, eyes clenched.  No, these were just memories, nothing real.  Perhaps Below Decks was the better option, he determined, even as he struggled to bring his breathing and nerves under control once more.  Such unseemly behavior would get him laughed at back home.  This was how telepaths behaved, not Black Priests, he chastised himself.

Steady once more, he rose and continued down the hall towards the turbolift, his desire for a tour cut prematurely short in preference of the lounge.  As he rounded the corner with a purposeful stride, he saw the pile of humans struggling over what appeared to be an andorian even as a trill rushed into the fray preceded by a datapad that seemed to catch one assailant off-guard before being forced to square off with the new arrival.

"Security is required on this deck," he said out loud, expecting the computer to hear him.  That was the instruction they'd been given just minutes before, it seemed.  Was this another pride war unfolding?  It seemed the very fabric of the Federation was fraying before his eyes.  But one thing was certain, he recognized dishonorable combat when he saw it.

Certainly, he could launch himself into the battle, but that was not the kzinti way.  Bracing himself, he extended his claws and bared his fangs, roaring like the great predator beast he was, hoping it sufficient to end the conflict for favor of self-preservation.  Scream and leap.  That was the way of the hero people.  Still, idle threats were wasted threats, and so he began stalking forward, eyes focused on those piled atop the andorian who appeared to be in no position to extricate himself.

Snatching one startled crewman off the ground and holding him by the collar, feet dangling, he growled, eyes flashing fiercely.  "End this."

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[Ens. ch’Xinya | Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy]

Having been caught completely off guard, the assailants took total control of the situation in the beginning.  Unable to respond in any meaningful way, Shall could only try to block the few blows that he could see coming, but with the clamp on his long hair his ability to move was severely hampered.  Blow after blow hammered his torso, one even went for a few head shots, probably not realizing that Andorians don’t have glass jaws, but they still hurt.  The cut on his forehead reopened, cerulean blood running down his face for the second time today.

Despair starting to set in like asphyxiation, Shall wondered if this was it.  Legs starting to give out, he slumped towards the ground, pulling the one holding his hair with him thanks to his weight.  Hitting his knees hard, his neck was now completely exposed, the hair pulling yanking his head back.  Antenna pressed back against his skull, his despair started to turn to rage, and he started to look for any way to lash out.

He got it.  Someone yelled something, and a moment later they let go of his hair as some object flew past, followed quickly by someone rushing in and tossing them clear over Shall’s head and to the deck in front of him.  Blinking rapidly to clear the blood out of his eye, Shall shifted his weight to lunge at the floored crewman, but before he could do so the entire corridor echoed with what sounded like an animal roar.  Everything stopped, and before he knew it the assailant had been picked up off of the floor and was getting snarled at by a black beast.

Scrambling to his feet, Shall took up position at the first defender’s back, holding up his own hands in a fighting stance in case the other three tried something.  “Sweet merciful Saresh, don’t kill him!” Smith started to plead from the turbolift door.

“It might be too late for that…” Shall growled, his patience for this nonsense already done with.

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[ Deacon | Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Mathis, Auctor Lucan, security personnel?

Deacon was feeling particularly low on patience and wished nothing more than to be rid of this situation so that he could return below decks for some privacy, but every corner of this ship seemed to be lacking in discipline and needed to be brought into line.  Was this the reason that the Fanged God had delivered him into the monkeys' midst?  To discipline them?  The thought did have a momentary appeal, but he dismissed it, as it was unlikely the regimented Starfleet would want a rogue Black Priest conducting a one-kzin crusade through the bowels of the ship.

"Sweet merciful Saresh, don't kill him!" one of the crewmen cried from turbolift door as the Andorian was scrambling into a more defensive position, prompting Deacon to straighten himself to his full height which, while hardly impressive among other kzinti, still towered over most humans.

"That depends entirely on you," he growled back at the petitioner, still holding his own captive high off the floor.  "If you wish to conduct pridewars, then do it with honor and not piled four onto one in some anonymous corridor."  His golden eyes narrowed dangerously.  "Now step out of the turbolift and submit yourself to custody.  If you are wise and compliant, then perhaps your punishment will be lenient."  He flashed a predatory gleam back towards the others, "But if you wish to push me, I remind you... none of you are stronger than I am, none of you are faster than I am, and kzinti are not averse to eating their prey."

He lowered his captive to the ground, indicating to all the attackers that they should sit by the wall without protest, his muscles tensed, his fur bristling with irritation, tail pensive. 

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[ Ens. Derik Veradin |  Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Thea, & nearby security perhaps?
The tension held in Derik’s fighting stance started to relax as he saw that the fight had mostly drained out of the attackers. He was under no illusion that this had very little to do with his arrival, which would have at most slowed down the ass-kicking, hopefully in time for security to arrive at least, but with the arrival of the tall and imposing feline male. Was it a Kzinti? He wasn’t sure, he seemed different than the Caitians that he’d met.

Derik grinned arrogantly and gratefully at the situation he found himself in now. He gestured to those still in the turbolift. “You three, out here by the wall, hands where we can see them. Security should be here any second to take care of the four of you.” He waited with an expectant look on his face, having echoed what his new feline friend had said as well. They seemed compliant and began to move as they’d been told. He nodded appreciatively to Deacon, “Thanks for your help, friend, your timing was perfect.” He let Deacon keep an eye on the four attackers now standing in the hallway up against the wall, well three not counting the one Deacon still held off the ground.

He walked over by the turbolift entrance to the Andorian standing inside. “You okay?” He was going to offer the man a hand out of the lift, but he was already standing of his own accord so hopefully he hadn’t been too injured. “Nothing broken, I hope.”

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Blinking rapidly in a vain attempt to get the blood out of his eye, Shall stared down the remaining three, Smith and her two goons.  The one that the Kzinti (“Where in the name of Lor’vela did he come from?” he thought) let down was as pale as a ghost and was all too willing to press himself against the bulkhead.  Smith’s eyes were just as wide, but she seemed to have some fight in her left.  One of the goons stepped out of the turbolift and leaned his head against the bulkhead without a word, his hands soon going to the back of his head.

The fourth though, judging from the way his jaw was twitching and a vein throbbed on his temple it looked like he wanted to keep up the fight.  Getting ready for it, Shall tensed and shifted his weight to the balls of his feet, ready to move as soon as he did, but before anyone could do so Smith put her hand on his shoulder.  “Not now.  The message was given, it’s up to them now.”  The stress melted off of the man’s face and Smith led him by the hand to the bulkhead, lining up next to the other two.

Exhaling at last, the Andorian finally relaxed, hands dropping to to his sides with obvious fatigue.  He stood in the doorway for a moment, collecting his thoughts and getting his anger into check only looking up when his first new friend spoke up.  “Yeah, I’ll be fine.  Takes more than that to break an Andorian.”  Leaning against the doorframe, Shall wiped the blood out of his eye and rubbed it with the back of his hand.  “Still hurts though.  Thanks for the help too.  Both of you.”  It was hard to figure out who to stare at more, the chiseled Trill right in front of him, or the enormous black cat filing up half the corridor.

Thankfully, security finally came running from somewhere else on the deck.  Waving the Kzinti aside so that they can pass, Shall just motioned towards the four against the wall.  “They’re the ones you want.”

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Corridor | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Steelphoenix, Mathis & ch'Xinya
Ida was decidedly not impressed with the development aboard since the ship picked up so many new crewmates and passengers during the battle. She had thought, when she was beamed back and Thea jumped to warp, that they would be able to rest. She had thought the Simulcast successful, and that the retreat towards the Azure Nebula had been a precaution to keep Admiral Sankolov from destroying the ship, but she could not possibly have been more mistaken.

Since she got back, fresh from the fight and after having literally traded punches with the infected Base Commander, had she been given any kind of respite? No, not even in the slightest. A second crew from the Resolve, all carrying arms as if they were ragtag Maquis army, had roamed the public areas. The fact that the Simulcast wasn't sent and the personal logs meant for friends and kin had been deleted had almost caused a riot, which certainly wasn't advisable given how much weaponry had been in circulation.

Thankfully, the Senior Staff had soon remedied that, at least, by confiscating it all into the transporter buffers when the briefing in the Fighter Assault Bay had been held. A briefing which she had witnessed from the back of the crowd, on call with dozens of other security guards if a riot had finally sprung. The peace had been kept there, but there were reports coming in from her and Cinn's teams about the Devoted using the state of the ship to their advantage. The bloody cult was the last thing they needed to deal with right then, and they knew it. The past couple of hours, however, had been the first time they had become violent. It was as if the security guard who had shot Edena Rez had emboldened the Devoted beyond rhyme and reason.

Edena, thought Ida as she ran, with two guards taking her lead, and memories from the past couple of months came unbidden to the Andorian. She remembered her distrust towards Rez when she'd been released from the brig before the Niga Incident, and she remembered that time by the Thermal Springs on Theta Eridani IV, but in the end... it seemed she'd been right about her. Indeed, once more, she'd proved that her unpopular opinion about Rez had come true, and that there had been merit to her threat. For while Edena, Kiya and Illya - whom she knew intimately - had remained innocent, it was Commander Jona Rez that had ended up showing the Rez symbiont's true colours. Never had Ida hated being right more. It had cost them victory in the battle, and the whole Federation believed they were Romulan traitors even more.

So when she drew to a halt by the gathering, her stare was uncompromising when she looked at the ones rounded up against the bulkhead. Her hand rested upon the handle of her sidearm, a pulse phase pistol,and the guards behind her assumed a similar posture. Ida's eyes and her antennae moved between their faces - took note of whom they were - before she looked at Ensign ch'Xinya. Between the three not by the bulkhead, he was the one she recognised, and who looked the most hurt. She could but assume he'd been the one attacked. Any other Andorian might have been stirred by the fact that one of her own people had been attacked, but not her - an exile from her Keth for too many years. He was equal to the rest of the crew she had sworn to protect. Instead, her eyes and her antennae shifted to the two unknown.

"I am Deputy zh'Wann," she said quietly, barely winded. The size of the felnoid did not intimidate her when she met his golden eyes, even though she did make another threat assessment when she looked at him. Then she looked towards the spotted pinkskin - the Trill - and recognised him from a brief about the Resolve's officers. Their helmsman. "What happened here?"

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As soon as he saw who from security had responded to the call, Shall’s antenna drooped in shame.  Why did it have to be her? he whined in his head.  It was bad enough that he’d have to admit to being ambushed, but to have to admit it to a fellow Andorian?  He will never live this down.

Pointing to Smith, the lone female leaning against the wall, “This one approached me as I left the Stellar Cartography Lab wanting to talk about the my department.  At first I thought it would be about upcoming repairs but she desired to talk about me supporting Lt. Morali as a new Chief instead.  I made it known that I had no intention of doing so as it is not my place while we were in the turbolift, and when we arrived on this deck those three,“ he motioned to the other three lined up next to Smith, “were waiting and she signaled them somehow.  I got hauled out and they started to assault me.”

Sighing, Shall stepped over to where Derek and Deacon were standing, waiting patiently.  “These two happened across me and did what they could to break it up.  If they hadn’t come along when they did things would be far worse.”

His resolve starting to falter, the Andorian’s antenna drooped some more and he reached up to touch his throbbing temple while fighting the urge to sway or lean against the other bulkhead.  He couldn’t stop the small groan that came with the effort though.  Lowering his voice in the hope that only Ida could hear him, “What is going on with this focus on Morali? This is twice now they’ve attacked someone over him."

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[ Deacon | Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Mathis, Auctor Lucan

Deacon moved aside as the security personnel finally made their presence known, mentally chastising them for their seeming delinquency in handling the matter.  In light of the briefing the entire crew had just received, it seemed to him that the security forces aboard the vessel, even if stretched thin, would be on higher alert.  He regarded the female andorian who appeared to be in charge as she appeared to size him up as a potential threat of his own -- something he secretly applauded her for considering though he'd no intention of risking his place to sleep for the night.

The male andorian, the one the attackers had set upon, winced inwardly it seemed.  Deacon wondered if it was the weight of his wounds or something else that caused him discomfort.  The female, perhaps?  An unsuccessful mating, he wondered.  He wasn't familiar enough with andorian culture to say, but there did seem to be a certain ill ease in the male and a air of frigidity about the female.  A failed coupling seemed reasonable.

He listened quietly as the male gave his explanation of the events leading up to the assault, founding more and more dishonor in the tactics that were used by his assailants. 

"What is going on with this focus on Morali? This is twice now they've attacked someone over him," the wounded male whispered to the female, likely hoping to remain unheard but clearly not accounting for someone with keen kzinti senses. 

Morali? The captain had mentioned some sort of 'temporal affairs officer' by that name.  Was he somehow mixed up in this group? He made special note to be wary of this individual and those in his company so that he might better advise the captain should opportunity arise.  If he was tied up in the midst of all this time travel business, that made him most unsavory.  The Fanged God did not look kindly upon those cheating fate through so called knowledge of the future.  Even advanced preparation was sometimes met with disfavor.  But time travel... that, he was certain, would displease the god of all kzinti most the most.

Clearing his throat, he motioned to the prisoners lined against the wall.  "Dishonorable tactics aside, once they realized the gravity of the situation, they ceased their assault willingly," he stated.  There was no intent to curry favor with the attackers, it was merely a fact that should be considered.

"If there are no other questions," he added, turning his golden eyes from the group before him towards the open turbolift, "I would prefer to return to Below Decks."

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[ Ens. Derik Veradin |  Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: chXinya, Thea, & nearby security perhaps?
Derik finally started to relax a bit as the security team arrived, not realizing how much tension he’d been holding in his back and neck until it finally released. He had no doubt that the three of them, well mostly the very large feline male, could have handled the situation, this would be official and no one else would need to get hurt. He looked to the attacking group. They were cowed but still defiant in a way.

Derik listened to Shall explain what had happened and Deacon added a few extra tidbits. Shall seemed… ashamed? Especially throughout talking to the lead Andorian woman, Deputy zh’Wann. Maybe he felt weak in front of her? He wasn’t sure. The security officer looked back to him when the other two seemed finished, eyebrows raising expectantly when he didn’t speak.

“Oh, right, sorry. I was walking along the corridor, trying to get acquainted with the ship when I heard the sounds of a fight up ahead. I ran up, telling Thea to call security as I did, and pulled this one off of him. He was the one doing most of the punching while the others held him,” he motioned to the crewman he’d thrown into the hallway. “Our friend here,” motioning to Deacon, “arrived and put a rather arresting stop, pardon the pun, to the rest of the fight and then it was only moments later that you arrived.”

He looked around and noticed that Shall was definitely not doing well. He looked like it was all he could do to not collapse, but he only noticed because he was standing so close to Derik. Being this close Derik couldn't help but notice the Andorian's handsome features, he put an arm out to Shall for support, “Do you need any more information? Certainly Thea can corroborate our story with internal sensor logs, and I think Shall definitely needs to see a medic.” He looked at the deputy, hoping she wouldn’t keep them or take them all into custody for questioning for the assault.

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Corridor | Deck 08 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @steelphoenix , @Mathis  & @chXinya
Listening to the accounts of the three that were not standing by the bulkhead, Ida's foul mood soured more when she learned that it was the Devoted that had made a move again. This time, it seemed it was in regards to Morali's position in the Science department, and it was appalling to her that some Starfleet officers aboard had gone so far as to attack others because of some misguided adoration for the former Ash'reem from the Relativity. Crew morale had degraded over the course of the past months, but she had never thought the crew she had sworn to protect would turn on each other for reasons so obscure as misguided faith.

It would seem she had to protect them even from themselves, but that made her duties far more complicated.

"Take them away," she ordered her officers before she answered Ensign ch'Xinya, the look she gave the Devoted unmistakable in what she thought of their fool ways. They had ceased to be a nuisance the moment they made their first attack, and instead become an internal threat. With so many new officers from the Resolve and the Orcus aboard, their timing could not have been worse either. Instead of contributing to an easy integration of the new crew, they were putting everyone on edge. Disarming the Resolve crew was, perhaps, not the best idea in regard to the Devoted - none of the new ones knowing whom Morali even was - but more phasers in circulation meant a higher risk that the Devoted could arm themselves.

Having turned back to Shall, she heard his question, but waited with answering since the large felnoid spoke up, followed by the helmsman. Having heard their accounts, and with the Trill coming to assist the injured Chan, Ida answered the question for all their benefits. It was just as well that all three of them - regardless how much they knew about the Devoted - heard her answer.

"It is a way for them to cope with this mission," she said, unsmiling and her opinion clear. "They seek answers where there are none, their fate misplaced in a mere male of the Ash'reem people. They see him as a tragic hero, having lost his mate and had to be turned into a human in order to be treated for his injuries, yet more importantly, they seem to think that he knows the future ahead. He has become some kind of symbol because he is here, because they think he wouldn't if we are all about to die. In reality, he is no more divine than the rest of us, prohibited to know anything from his time on the Relativity unless there is a temporal breach, and his memory engrams are triggered. Some kind of Memory Engram Manipulation treatment, or whatever it was called. The more desperate the fight, the more desperate and dangerous these Devoted will become. Make sure you report all their activities to Security if you spot them."

Then, she turned to look at the tall, furry figure in the corridor. He seemed polite enough, and since he had acted in defence of Ensign ch'Xinya, she saw no reason to question him merely based on which species he might be. "Proceed, and thank you for your aid."

Looking at Shall and the Trill, she inclined her head to them, addressing the latter. "Thank you as well, and if you can take him to Sickbay, that will be most appreciated." For Shall, she only had a short comment, still not trusting people of her own kind, even if he had proven himself harmless. "I am sure you would have handled yourself better if you had both your antennae, Ensign. Make sure you keep up your training to compensate for it."

With those words, she turned to follow her officers - leaving the three behind.

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[Ens. Irnashall ch’Xinya | Corridor Outside Turbolift | Deck 08| USS Theurgy]

Held up by the Trill, Shall watched as the rest of Lt. zh’Wann’s team led the Devoted off, unable to stave off a shiver when Crewman Smith gave him a harsh glare as she walked past.  Hearing the other Andorian explain why these “Devoted” seemed to care so much about Lt. Morali and his position on the ship, he could only shake his head in disbelief and feel his antenna lash around against his scalp, unable to keep his emotions in check at this point.  “You can’t be serious!” he bellows.  “That is so beyond sanity, there’s got to be another reason!”

The battered Andorian tried to pull himself free from Derik’s support, but he only succeeded in staggering and almost dropping to his knees.  Unable to continue, he looked up at Ida as she seemed to ignore his outburst, simply dismissing the three of them to go on their way.  Her next words though…he wished she’d just added to the beating the Devoted had given them, it would’ve hurt less.  Did she not hear him explain how he’d been ambushed?  Not even one of her vaunted guardsmen could’ve stopped it, much less come out on top.  Before he could fire back, the zhen turned and marched off, leaving anything Shall would’ve said stuck in his head.

Completely beaten now, Shall could only sigh as the aches began anew.  “Damn that woman…” he breathes, not really caring if anyone heard that or not.  Looking up towards Derik and Deacon, he tried to smile to show his appreciation.  “Thanks again, drinks on me tomorrow?” Pulling himself to his feet with help, Shall tried to wipe some of his hair out of his face and regain some sort of composure.  “I guess it’s time for Sickbay.”


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