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Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 5: And so it begins [ Day 1 | 1355 ]
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[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Med Bay | USS Allegiant | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] | ATTN: @Ellen Fitz @Dree @Griff @Dumedion @P.C. Haring @chXinya @UltimaImperatrixia [Show/Hide]

Pierce heard the intercom going off and sat in the med bay as she had just gotten her prosthetic ears attached and temporary genetic modifications at least to mask the typical genetic scans. She felt the tips and they were more or less numb but it was an interesting sensation as she glanced in the mirror. Wearing her Romulan garb, pointed ears, and pointed eyebrows, she was interested to see how well this played out on the surface with her hopefully blending in.

When the notification came through about this particular mission, she knew she had to be present for it. Studying up on her Romulan dialect as well since the last time she'd used any of it was in the 23rd century and with a deeper voice. Most of her experience was with the Klingons but since this was a primarily Romulan mission, she wanted to experience the homeworld for herself.

Reaching her fingers up, she felt the Romulan fabric brushing against her skin softly. She touched the brows and they felt very real which gave her an odd feeling as she found herself admiring her alien appearance. Brushing the hair off of her ears she looked again and held a very regal, Romulan pose before moving away from the mirror and walking towards the door. She'd have to get used to wearing these aesthetics for a time as they were more or less grafted to her for the near future. Hopefully, she didn't get shot or the so-called Romulan would be displaying very different blood types.

As the doors swished open, she headed to the lounge to get herself a glass of something to calm her nerves. She was ready but something about this mission had her on edge. Granted, the last time that there was a mission of this magnitude, Fisher died and she was left in charge of the department. Not that she foresaw the same fate for herself, she couldn't help but think this mission was going to change them all in some manner and that feeling didn't sit right with her.

Partway through her thought, she decided it would be best to get her Romulan uniform gathered up and prepped for wear first. Walking down the hallway she climbed the stairs to the 2nd deck of the small vessel. Cozy in a way but not unlike an old 23rd-century vessel in it's spacing and size in some areas. Passing the restroom she could have sworn she heard someone losing their lunch and the remainder of their innards. She hesitated momentarily before making a decision. She heard a familiar Romulan curse from the room and decided to knock hearing the sound of hurling continue.

"Are you okay in there? Did you need any help?"

She leaned against the wall nearby and waited.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by P.C. Haring -
Hi all!   I’m back!   Thanks for putting up with my absence the past two weeks or so.  I’ll be working to catch up on posts over the coming days.  Looking forward to touching base with everyone and getting my parts in the chapters written up

@rae the art on the new FCs is fantastic!
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 10 [1326] Chaos in the Clouds of Qo'Nos
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[ Lt. JG Callax Valin | Mekro'vak Region | Qo'noS ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz
“I wonder… Do your parents respect this trait? Are there others like you who likewise wish to find their own…uncultivated Ardana set to be conquered and tamed by their skills and invested time?”

Cal considered Enyd’s words as he traversed a slight dip in the terrain. His mind flashed back ten years to his graduation ceremony from the Stratos Institute...

Commencement had just concluded and the students were ushered into a large reception hall where friends and family awaited. Nestled in one corner, a group of adults were standing around one cocktail table sharing friendly conversation. Even from across the expansive hall, the young graduate could make them out clearly.

On the right were his parents: an unlikely pairing to a casual observer. His father, towering over the others in his military dress uniform, had a deep voice that roared in laughter. His mother wore a neutral colored dress that clung tightly to her lithe body. Her face was calm serenity as she listened to the conversation. The consummate politician.

On the other side of the table stood Jarik Vorain, High Advisor of the Plutocracy of Ardana, a longtime family friend looking as aged and outdated as his political views. One of the “Old Guard’, he had complied with the reintegration orders and policies of the Federation Bureau of Industrialization, but only just. No more than was necessary to avoid a Federation audit.

Unfortunately for the Old Guard, Vorain was in his final term of office and if the polls were to be believed, his more moderate successor was standing across the table from him now beaming a warm smile in Cal’s direction.

“There is my firstborn,” she said with motherly pride, placing her flute glass on the table before opening her arms to embrace her son and kiss him on his cheek. “We are so proud of you.” Once his mother had released him, his father placed a hand on his shoulder before pulling him in for a hug and ruffling his hair. “Well done, my boy.”

“Congratulations, Callax,” Vorain said with a warm smile, raising his glass in a slight salute to the graduate. “You know, every High Advisor Ardana ever had was a Stratos Institute graduate.”

Cal beamed with pride at the comment. “Thank you, Jarik. An honorable legacy I will live up to.”

An aide approached the table and whispered something into the High Advisor’s ear. “Excuse me,” Vorain said with an apologetic tone to the trio. “I must return to the office and I suspect it may take me some time to escape the hall.” Cal had not noticed it at first, but on the perimeter of what was considered a polite distance, a group of families looked to be waiting to speak with the High Advisor. “Congratulations again, Callax. We will be watching your career with great interest.”

As Vorain departed, Cal’s father placed a hand on his shoulder. “Now that my firstborn is a proper adult, have you given any thought as to what you will do next? There is always a place for you in the officer corps of the defense forces, you know.”

“As well as in the High Advisor’s office. Jarik was just informing me that there was an internship available and he was none too shy in indicating that it was yours if you wanted it,” his mother added, a hopeful glint in her eye. Of course, if she was elected High Advisor then he would then be her intern. To be kept close and safe as was ever her goal.

“Actually,” Callax began somewhat nervously as he withdrew a PADD from his graduation robes. He extended it towards his parents to take. “I was accepted into Starfleet Academy. I just received the news this morning.”

The young man waited anxiously to see the reaction of his parents. Both had focused and unreadable expressions as they reviewed the acceptance letter on the PADD. The silence seemed to last longer than the few seconds of reality.

His father was the first to speak.

“My boy…” he began with a mischievous grin, a grin he had apparently inherited. “Not content chasing down pirates and arresting smugglers, eh?” He let out a deep laugh, clapping Cal’s shoulder. “Off to explore the universe then. How exciting. Oh if only I was a few decades younger I would have joined you. You will be incredible.”

“Thank you, father,” Cal said with gratitude and a bit of relief. In truth, his father was the parent he was least concerned with telling. His mother had still not looked up from the PADD, seemingly deep in contemplation. When she finally looked up from the device she was smiling, but Cal knew her well enough to know hidden in that smile was worry. Worry, concern, and disappointment.

“Well, I am impressed you were able to apply and gain sponsorship without us knowing.” A comment as much a compliment as it was a criticism. “If this is what you really want then we will not stop you.” She seemed about to add ‘be careful’ but she knew her son. He was careful in some things, others not so much. It was a quality he had gotten from his father and one she knew she could not change in him nor more than she could change in her husband. Another few seconds passed before her expression warmed significantly, seemingly having come to a new realization. “My firstborn. President of the United Federation of Planets. First Ardanan to hold the office!”

Callax laughed as a wave of relief washed away his anxiety. “Mother… I have not even graduated from the Academy!”

“Yes, well, nobody ever said the Federation Council was full of the universe’s best and brightest,” she said off-handedly, pulling him into another hug. “They will come to their senses.”

“I am not sure that is how that works,” Cal said with a smothered tone as his father joined the embrace, pressing his face into his father’s uniform.

Finally his father spoke. “Come! We have dinner guests due to arrive in an hour and I could do with a drink or two before entertaining the Sarins.”

Cal blinked and he returned to the present, suddenly aware of his own nakedness in absence of warm graduation robes. To his chagrin, he also became aware of his aches and pains.

“They were… accepting of my decisions. Most of the time,” he said neutrally. “My father more than my mother. Much of my intrepid nature I inherited from him. There was never a doubt about my parentage.” He chuckled and realized how similar even his laugh was.

“What did your parents think about your… everything? Starfleet and the lot. I have not heard you mention them much, if at all. From Earth, yes?”

They progressed on, the terrain growing worse before it got better. Everything on this planet seemed to want to kill or challenge them. No wonder the Klingons were so moody.

“You know, Cal. If you like chaos so much, it’s a good thing you and I found each other. Chaos seems to love me and –“

Cal watched in surprise as Enyd was lifted into the sky by a native avian. This woman truly was chaos incarnate, he thought to himself as her legs began to flail in resistance. Without a weapon in hand, instinct kicked in and using a fallen log, he propelled himself upwards into the air, just high enough for his hands to form a solid hold on her ankles.

He hoped their combined weight would be enough to bring the avian to the ground but he was wrong. Both of them were now ascending quickly towards the forest canopy. Trying as he might with his legs, Cal could not find purchase on a tree to pull them back down. Instead, his efforts were met with an assault on his nuts by every passing branch.

Looking up towards his companion in chaos, the view of the woman’s intimate parts would normally have been a welcome sight, especially if his face had been the intended seat for them. Alas, the sight of the vile looking avian ruined the thought and image as it pulled them ever higher.

At this point they were too high for either Starfleet officer to let go and he had no intention of dying by falling. At least, not without a say in the matter. All he could do was hold onto Enyd’s ankles and the avian finally began to descend again towards the treetop canopy. Releasing them, they both fell into what appeared to be a large nest at the top of an expansive tree. There was room to roll about, maybe about 5x5 paces, but not much else. Devoid of leaf coverage too, the breeze was chilling despite it being a volcanic planet.

“Well… Chaos is not finished with us yet, it would seem,” he mused, looking for something to tend Enyd’s shoulder injuries with. “How badly are you hurt?”

Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 1: Outside Looking In [ Day 1 | 1345 ]
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[ Lieutenant Valyn Amarik | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Stegro88  @RyeTanker   @Sqweloookle  @Dree @Number6  @Nesota Kynnovan  @P.C. Haring
Valyn Amarik had spent practically the entire day ensuring that everything was prepared, at least…to the best of her ability. She’d served on plenty of missions, both for the Romulans and the Federation- during war and peacetime both, and yet none of them had brought her so tangibly close to Shinzon since her time with him during the war. Before he’d betrayed her. Her skills were widely applicable ranging from ‘obtaining’ data from enemy computers to simple wetwork, and those ops never gave her pause of even the slightest hint of trepidation as to what was to come.

Until word had come of where exactly she was going, and what they were going to do.

Over the past days she’d caught herself staring at members of the operations department that would be attending with her, two in particular. Both were rookies, and both chomping at the bit to get a bit more action and to see her ‘Romulan Moves’ as they’d put it. No matter how much she tried to express the severity and seriousness of their task, they’d taken the optimists side. It was such a…human thing to do. All odds are against you, your back is the wall, and still the situation is faced with damned unyielding optimism.

She arrived promptly to the Aerodrome, already in her operations gear. Her hair was pulled back into a high-and-tight ponytail, and she’d donned the Intelligence jumpsuit for the occasion, strapping a pulse phaser pistol to her hip, her Tal Shiar knife to her other hip, and a type-III rifle in a sling, attached at one point to the rifle and two to her jumpsuit. She stood off the the side, taking a headcount to ensure everyone was there, and making sure to look each of her subordinates in the eye, trying to get a read on where they were mentally. For herself, she stood tall and unyielding. It wasn’t the first time she’d marched into battle, and it wouldn’t be the last. There would be casualties. She knew that, accepted it even. It didn’t make it any easier though.

She was flanked by two junior operatives from the intelligence department, each of them kitted out in a similar fashion with minor variations, each to their own liking. Once she’d gotten a full count, she looked over the crowd and cleared her throat.

“Alright.” Her southern twang rang out, voice carrying over the assembled members of her crew. Her eyes fell to the deck for a moment as she thought of what to say. She’d come a long way in Starfleet. Never before would she have thought about being open about her past, but in this situation, it was for the best. “Listen up-” For an instant, a look of anxiety crossed her face, but quickly vanished as she straightened her neck, “We’re hittin’ a research facility. You’ve all seen the briefing-” She waved a PADD in the air before setting it back down on a weapons crate at her side. “It’s no bullshit. It’s a Tal Shiar facility.” Again, her eyes moved from person to person, “They’ll be using disruptors, there ain’t a stun setting. They will be gunning to kill you if you are spotted. Not stun, possibly capture, but eventually, they most certainly want to kill you. From bith they have been told that YOU-” She pointed at a random crewmember, “Are their enemy and that you are coming for their home and culture. Sounds like a crock of shit, might think that there’s no way a whole facility believes that but these are the Tal Shiar. They are the hardliner, diehard patriots of the Romulan Empire. I know this-” She bit her tongue for a moment before finally coming out with it, “Because I was one of ‘em, raised from birth for their ranks. Don’t hesitate to defend yourselves and don’t waste time tryin’ to be the hero. Their life's purpose is to end yours. They try to kill you…you kill them first.” She knew that was likely not to be a popular statement, but she wanted minimal casualties, though she knew full well there would be some. “Aside from that, I knew Shinzon personally so this mission is a bit personal for me on another level as well, and I just want to be clear and honest with you all before we head off. My head is clear, but if I’ve learned anything about the Federation is that honesty usually goes a long way. My life is in your hands, and your lives are mine.” For a Romulan, particularly one of her…history, it was a huge step. Exhibiting that amount of trust was a monumental achievement for Valyn, but she wasn’t here for herself.

“We’re likely to not only run into Romulans but my guess is there’ll be a fair few Reman shock troops as well, they’ll try and throw them at us in hordes.” Their cannon fodder. “So let's keep our heads low until we have to. Stealth Op. We’re there to get data, not kick the hornet's nest.”

“Now. Any questions about our plan, the op, suggestions, anything is fair game for the next twelve minutes.” She stood tall, and surveyed the gathered crew. Her hand brushed against the holster to her pistol, while the weapon served her fine, she’d had given anything to have a Romulan disruptor at her side.  “One last thing…we’re going to be brushing elbows with some of the most dangerous tech in the quadrant would be my guess so be careful what you touch, we’re messin’ with not only Thalaron radiation but gods know what else. Suits stay on, don’t care if the air seems breathable or not.”

[ Lieutenant Amelya Rez ]
Amy was wearing a EV suit, helmet off as she went through her medical equipment, checking that each and every item was in place. She was no combat medic, certainly. Nor was she much good at combat in general. She could fire a phaser, though not particularly accurately. She was there in case things went ass end up. Jona, stood at her side, for once not harrassing her. Of course, he was entirely invisible to anyone else, though for Amy he was very real. She could hear him, touch him, and even smell him when he stood close enough.

He'd become a daily annoyance to deal with, and in truth, a dangerous one. However, her remaining alive, meant he stayed alive. He'd actually be helpful in helping her with her gear, telling her the best ways to secure certain items, all based on his field experience.

'Who put a fuckin' Romulan in charge?' He whispered to Amy, causing her to go red, as though she imagined everyone else heard it. She chose to ignore him, and raised a hand, "I have an inoculation, a temporary one, that ought to protect from at least the garden variety neurotoxin but...I don't know if it'll be effective on whatever bioweapons they're developing." She started to set up a small station to innoculate crew members as they passed on the way to the Allegiant.

[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw  ]
Cam stood towards the back of the grouping of gathered crew, a type-I on her right hip but no suit. She was mostly just documenting the mission, but she'd also be trying to keep track of the rest of the group from the Allegiant, doing her best to map the facility as they moved so she could help them backtrack in an emergency, or try to guide them if the need arose.  She was also on standby to make sure that the data they obtained, was sent, or the whole op was for not. If anyone was staying behind with her though, she wasn't sure. She didn't know if ops had any spook hackers or anything sticking behind. She however, had no questions. Not yet.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [1700 hrs.] Allegiant Amicability
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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Griff
It was an average day for the young yeoman, she’d woken by 0600, dropped breakfast off in the brig for her ‘friend’, and gotten straight to it. Most of the day was spent organizing crew schedules to be approved, with everything coming up, they couldn’t afford to waste any of their resources, most important of which was manpower. Besides that, she saw her crewmates all moving around her at top speed and her work was just…different to a degree. She certainly appreciated the reprieve from tactically analyzing battles across her holo-console, but she wanted to do more. To be more useful. So that evening after her own shift had ended, she’d volunteered to do some basic maintenance on the Allegiant, purging overdue buffers, ensure the EPS relays were solid…in other words, work a cadet could do.

To her surprise when she arrived however, the ship was already occupied. “Hmm.” She arched a brow as she headed inside. Lights were on, but the place was empty and silent as a tomb. Creepy as one too. A grimace formed across her soft features before she made her way for the bridge, humming a soft tune under her breath. As she worked her way up towards the bridge though, she noticed that because the ship was so silent, and so empty it carried her voice. “Hmmm” She hummed a note, and listened to the echo reverberate up the hall and somehow, even further. Perhaps through jeffries tubes or a computer glitch picking up and carrying her voice through the comms system. Her subconscious pulled at her though, reminding her of tales of horror and haunt that her parents- both sets of parents, had filled her mind with. Not to mention, the actual horror that she’d experienced firsthand.

When she reached the bridge, she’d been so lost in her own thoughts, humming away and reminiscing on the theoretical horrors of the ship, and the very real ones of the past few months. Within those horrors though, there was a light, one that she’d found and planned to hold tight to, consequences be damned. Ives knew. Nobody else though.


The door slid open and Cam was greeted not with an empty bridge, but with Lillee. Sheer shock took over as Cam dropped the toolkit, eyes wide…and let out a terrified scream, cutting herself off when she realized who it was.

“Lillee!” She sighed, breathlessly, her face slowly curling into a smile as her heart rate slowed.
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: Chapter 5: And so it begins [ Day 1 | 1355 ]
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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu| Bathroom | Deck 1 | USS Allegiant | Aerodrome of the Erudite ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Dree @Pierce @Dumedion @P.C. Haring @chXinya @UltimaImperatrixia


"Crewmen of the Apache..."

While the announcement reverberated throughout the Allegiant, Petty Officer Lillee t'Jellaieu was busy with a very important task: kneeling on the deck and vomiting violenty into a toilet. In that moment, she was a far cry from her usual self. Her long blonde hair was a mess, she'd stripped to a vest and underwear, she was sweating profusely and her face was flushed a sickly dark green. After a particularly painful bout of throwing up, Lillee sat back on the deck, panting, then groaned at the announcement's mention of the Allegiant.

The ship that she was supposed to fly in two hours. Truly, the Elements have a sense of humour, she thought sourly to herself. Upon a sudden realisation, she glanced at the door then sighed in relief; locked. There was another head on Deck 2, so nobody would be inconvenienced. It was unlikely that anyone would bother her anyway; they had only left the Theurgy shortly beforehand, after all. That, at least, was a relief. She didn't want anyone to see her like this, especially with such a dangerous mission...

With another groan, Lillee returned to the toilet and threw up again, her stomach aching at the retching. If anyone did see her, they'd assume that she was ill, or hungover. That at least was partially true. She had drunk some wine the previous night before Anh-Le had displayed some enthusiastic bedroom gymnastics, leaving both women exhausted. That wasn't quite the cause of Lillee's condition, however.

The simple truth was that she was terrified: terrified of returning to Romulus, terrified of her children losing their mother, terrified of an excruciating torturous death if she was captured, terrified of the Infested monster just a deck below her, terrified...just...terrified.

Federation types couldn't understand. Likely that was why nobody had thought twice about assigning Lillee to the mission, or asked for her input. She was the only person aboard with formal training on flying a cloaked vessel, the only person aboard with in-depth knowledge of Romulus's defences and traffic patterns. Without her, the mission would almost certainly fail before they even made orbit. If the mission failed, the Empire, already wracked by civil war and an external war against the Federation, was surely doomed.

Lillee was necessary.

Naturally, the thought made her retch even more, tears stinging her eyes. Necessary.

"Fvadta," Lillee swore under her breath.

fvadta - a strong Romulan curse, comparable to "fuck"

Deck plan of the USS Allegiant:

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter
Last post by Dumedion -
[PO2 Kino Jeen | Reika’s Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
“Ha, no judgement here,” Kino smiled, tucking the PADD up under her arm. “One of my guys reads tentacle comics – the other is into super cheesy horror holos. Everyone has their thing, hon,” Kino added with a grin. “It sounds entertaining,” the corner of her lips pulled to the side as a brow raised. “Been awhile since I read anything other than reports.”

The mention of Reika’s ‘paint night’ prompted another lift of her brows in surprise. That's a first – who knew? Although, with everything going on, it shouldn’t have been that surprising. Well, minus the naked model, but then again…not surprising either, she smirked. With another nose wrinkled grin, Kino's eyes returned to the painting with a chuckle at Reika’s question. On one hand, she did want it just because it was something Reika had made, while on the other, Kino wasn’t sure if she really liked it or would enjoy seeing it every day. Never was into art much, the non-com chewed her lip in thought for a moment then shook her head with a shrug.

“I'd rather have one of you, or us,” Kino admitted with a tilt of her head, as her eyes followed the leggy Andorian’s movements with a smile. “There’s some nice locations on the ship we could use, or the holodeck,” the painting was set down with the others, as Reika passed to set up her blade collection on a shelf. Kino scooped up a pile of clothes from the tote, then tilted her head at the Andorian’s question, brows elevated in interest while examining them on the shelf with a subtle ‘ooh’.

She’d seen plenty of knives – nothing quite like these. Dark brows pinched together in confusion at first, as Kino wondered how they were supposed to be held and utilized properly, then remembered the bundle of clothes in her arms. She turned to set those on the bed quickly.

“Are these practical or ceremonial,” she asked with a gesture; to her eyes they all looked perfectly serviceable – if unwieldy; admittedly, Kino wasn’t that great with blades. A brow quirked at Reika, as Kino remembered their spar; if she handled them with the same grace and proficiency as her lovely blue body…damn.

“What about them,” she asked with a side-nod, as her eyes lingered on a group photo of four Andorians and a human. The more she looked, the more Kino recognized the obvious similarities; they were Reika’s family…there were dozens of pictures of them, spread across the room and the sitting room beyond. Not knowing how they are must be eating her up, Kino frowned at the thought, then turned to meet the Andorians eyes  – features softened as she took a blue hand in hers. “The resemblance is pretty obvious,” she nodded with a small smile. “I hope I get to meet them all someday.”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)
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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | NCO Quarters, Deck 11, Vector 01 | USS Theurgy  ATTN:  @Griff  @Stegro88

Anh-Le lay there for a moment, breath coming sharp and fast, then rolled over and buried her face in a pillow.  Her legs kicked up and down, and a muffled squeal made its way past the fabric.  Help, she's so charming!!! 

She rolled over again, and stared at the ceiling with a sigh and a blissed-out smile.  OK, so the situation was still pretty screwed.  Qo'noS had gone from a potential disaster to a major win, but the greater enemy still had the upper hand, at least from what she knew. 

But Anh-Le had a girlfriend, who was sweet and charming and gentle and badass and fierce and...well, generally awesome, but more importantly she made Anh-Le feel wonderful.  (and Mom and Dad would probably approve)

They could do this.  Anh-Le would help figure out a solution. 

She grudgingly got up with a groan as her sore muscles complained, then shrugged on a bathrobe and stumbled through the doorway to the replicator.  "Cà phê sữa đá, double sugar, whipped cream top," she half-rasped.  The replicator beeped, and the drink materialized.  "There we go.  C'mere, my diabetes-in-a-cup...

Right.  She had her coffee.  Breakfast...

Might as well stick with something simple.  Anh-Le replicated two portions of scrambled eggs and toast, then balanced them with her coffee as she hunched over to sip the sugary concoction.  She set the breakfast supplies down on the ledge next to the bed, and considered the rumpled sheets as she quickly finished her coffee for the pick-me up.  We probably don't have time...wait, what time IS it, anyway?

The Orion tapped the bedside ledge's touchpad, seeking the clock...then swore in three languages and straightened, setting aside the dregs of her drink.  SEVEN?  Shit, shit, shit!  There was a meeting!  She was late

"Goddamn it...briefing, gotta...uniform..."  Anh-Le grabbed the first set of uniform pants she could find from the pile on the floor, hopped awkwardly into them (were they too short?  Nope, no time, gotta move), found a top that had the right pips and colors (no time for the undershirt), swore again as she discovered that her bra's hooks were broken (having a girlfriend who was strong enough to casually tear clothing in an act of passion was hot, but there were certain inconveniences to that), discarded the robe, shrugged on her uniform top, stuffed a piece of toast into her mouth...

...and tripped as her feet got tangled in someone's panties from last night (probably not hers, Lillee had torn Anh-Le's off last night in an act of passion), sending her sprawling to the floor in the middle of the doorway to the crew quarters' common room in a pile of yelping, windmilling arms and legs. 

Just as doors opened in front of and behind her at once. 
OOC: apologies for the delay, had oral comps.  Have fun with this comic misadventure.  :)
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0645] Bonjour mes amis! Service de chambre!
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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Enyd Madsen's Quarters | Deck 10 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Griff @Ellen Fitz

It was easy for Zark to keep plunging herself on the double dildo attached her lovers leg as the aromas of hormones, enticement of the mystery oil, and the loud groans and yells of join pleasure filled the cabin.   Holding on tight to the sweaty human, Zark gleefully rubbed their smooth skin together and inhaled deeply as she yelled louder with each thrust.  While the Enyd of past had been somewhat reluctant, the Zhen was thoroughly enjoying the newly discovered, or re-awakened sexuality in her friend and to be honest, it turned her on massively.  This added to the sensual halo of the encounter and if Zark had been able to, she'd probably have drenched Enyd's leg in her own liquids.

All that that didn't matter though as the animalistic need to climax took over and the Andorian let go of Enyd so she could use her arms as one went for a now exposed and sensitive nipple while another dove for her clit as her breathing became louder and heavier. "Ohhh fuuuuccck!  Enyd!  I'm gonna......I'm gonnnna........................."  was all she managed to get out as the new sensations Zark inflicted on herself crashed and drove the blue woman mad for just a moment as she threw her head back and taut blue body arched as she let out a yell of raw delight that reverberated through the room and possibly into the hallway. 

Zark floated up there as her body moved of its own accord, pumping the toys inside her in a desperate effort to keep the pleasurable high going.  It wouldn't last, never did, but she liked doing it anyway as she gently bobbed on top of the also orgasming and quivering human.  Closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation further, Zark sighed and moaned loudly in pleasure before slowing down as she felt herself begin to float back down to reality while the endorphin induced haze wore off.

When she came to, Zark simply smiled happily at Enyd and Alistair, then giggled as she took a moment to pull herself off Enyd's leg with a quiet sigh.  Leaning over Enyd's shoulder, Zark gently gripped Alistair's chin and gave him a deep look that projected an Andorian's passions and love before closing in on his ear. "Thank you Alistair, you were magnificent."  She whispered into his ear before pulling back and planting a soft kiss on his lips.  Pulling back, Zark took one look at the her goofy lover and grinned.  It was a warm grin, but also one that any Betazoid would have recognized.  In fact, several of them had seen it from its owner.  "Thank you love."  was all Zark said as her hands cupped Enyd's delicate jawline and she closed her eyes to plant an oxygen sucking kiss on the woman's lips.  Zark knew Enyd well enough to know where the limits here, but she couldn't really help but run her tongue over the portion of the human's lips.  A more intimate gentle caress that didn't try to force herself upon its recipient.  Too much at any rate. 

When the happy Zhen let go, she used the stuck human's bodies to push herself up, then stood up and stretched, reaching for the ceiling and letting out the contented groan of a person working out their kinks.  Looking up and down Enyd and Alistair, the Zhen smiled and arched a shapely eyebrow as she saw that Enyd had pretty much drenched Alistair's cock with her own cum. Mentally shrugging, she pondered getting on her knees to the exposed cock with all the liquid on it.  Instead though, the Andorian shook her head as she stifled a laugh before bending over to gather up her discarded underwear and began dressing. "That was certainly an exciting way to start the day.  Though I have to wonder what time it is."  Zark asked idly as she pulled her panties up long bare blue legs.
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