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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 17 [0425hrs] Thick Skull, Soft Heart
Last post by Nolan -
[ Lt Cmdr. Thomas Ravon | Upper Gymnasium | D. 6 | V. 1 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Ellen Fitz

Enyd seemed to go more into a defensive stance and Thomas began to work on the continuous assault of punches. Most of them getting deflected as Enyd certainly seemed to have her guard up. In time, she spoke about her history with Victor and Thomas was surprised to hear that the both of them had been engaged prior. The backpack she and Victor carried had been more than extensive to say the least. In turn, Thomas did receive a few hits, though they were more or less like a reminder to stay focused on the task at hand.

That focus came just in time when Enyd unleashed a flurry of attacks on him. It pushed Thomas fully into the defensive and even while so, more hits were starting to prove as hits. While she went all out, Thomas let out a few groans and sighs as he tried to block off as much as he could. "Damn... It sounds like you two... Wasn't it weird to see one another again aboard Theurgy? I mean... It has to lead to some awkward situations?" he asked her with minor fatigue shining through his voice.

As quick and sudden as Enyd's assault began, it came to a stop. Enyd's own fatigue had seemed to set in as Thomas could notice her heavier breathing. His eyes peered into hers for a second as he felt like he could push the offensive now. He didn't though and remained in the press she had initiated. He kept listening to the continuation of story, only when she was done talking did he initiate the escape out of the press they were in. He could sense that Enyd didn't put up much if not anything of a fight. She seemed to be through her energy, perhaps even her reserves.

For a moment it looked like he would finish this session off with an assault of his own. Though the tale seemed to had hit a few strings inside the pilot. He lowered his fists and gave a light bow to her. "I think we can call the sparring session to an end here." he smiled faintly to her as he avoided her gaze for a few seconds. He wasn't sure which part of the story exactly had struck a nerve, or if it was perhaps the entirety of it. Changing his mind or at least attempting todo so, he glanced back towards Enyd "You know, that flurry is quite an unexpecting surprise if you'd use it in an actual fight... A bit off an all in kind of move though." he chuckled.

In the meantime he started to loosen up his own taping, biting to loosen it up at his wrist before starting to unwind it at his own pace. He had developed a bit of a sweat, though it wouldn't be enough for him to call himself exerted. The punching bag might have to serve for that purpose as he eyed it up. Though he wondered how Enyd was feeling, tired enough to leave him for now or would she linger?
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 13 [ 0900 hrs.] Heeding Her Summons
Last post by Pierce -
[ Lt. Commander Alana Pierce | Holodeck 02 |  Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] | ATTN: @Ellen Fitz [Show/Hide]

Alana felt at home here. On this ship. Despite her current future and image, this was where she knew she wanted to be, but that was a time she could never live again. Or go back to with her physical form. She refocused on Hirek's comments about Donatra and the Tal Shiar. "That's true I suppose."

She chuckled as she saw him attempting to place the liquid drink in his hands. "It's an old Earth recipe and one I rather still like the taste of surprisingly. Small favors I guess. But it's been known to go with various alcoholic drinks on Earth too. Occasionally I partake of it but not since my change. I prefer Romulan Ale if I'm going to drink something real. Or wines for that matter."

Taking a swig of her own drink, she swished the glass as she looked at the pristine mug with the USS Eagle's information blazoned on the side. She saluted Hirek back as they took another drink.

Pierce about choked on it however when he didn't grasp the concept she'd used. Despite how crude it sounded. "Sorry, it's an old slang expression. Pop the cherry means to lose one’s virginity or do something one has never done before." Turning slightly red of embarrassment for the comment she hid it with her palm as she took a deep breath. Her chest heaving in and out in the tight uniform before she resettled.

"I merely meant to say, we're in interesting waters here." Finishing her drink, she stood up and walked over to the counter to place it back. "Care to finish the tour before we get back on duty?"
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 17 [2100 hrs] Its gettin' hot in here...
Last post by Pierce -
[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa giggled as she caught the comment Shadow made about meeting Scruffy sometime. "Well...he did help me fix the ship first, and then we rocked it if you catch my drift." She said with an elbow to Shadow's right breast, gently tapping the flesh.

Smiling she nodded. "Taking oneself too seriously can be detrimental to your health. Especially when dealing with this place day in and day out. I've seen enough friends come and go in my time to realize that."

Thinking back to the times when she wasn't as in tune with herself, she was a wreck. Almost like a child in mental state but that was the past. Now she was ready for the future despite the recent traumas of lost friends. Almost everyone she'd gotten to know recently was either in stasis or dead. Well, besides Lauren, Scruffy and Shadow, or the other fighters for that matter.

She shrugged as she let the thoughts drift in silence before she heard the comment about how hot it'd gotten in the room. "Ffft. It's not that bad. But I get it. I just spend a lot of time in heated areas if I can stand it." Pondering the thoughts briefly, she nodded. "I'd love to go get a bite. I am soooo hungry!" She sparked up brightly at the mention of food.

"What did you have in mind?" Tessa said as she reached for the door, covering her waist with the towel as she let her breasts flow freely in the warm air before opening the door to a gust of normal air temperature. Causing her nipples to harden briefly as she wrapped her arms around her chest. "Bit nipply out here." She laughed.

Slowly she made her way to her locker and began to dry herself off before grabbing her off-duty clothes to throw on. She glanced at Shadow as the thought escaped her already that her comrade had no clothes in her locker since Tessa cleaned it out prior to going into the sauna. Tossing her towel aside she noted she had extra clothes in her own locker that might be fun to offer even if they might be a bit small for the other woman. But she decided to see how this played out.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 20 [2122 hrs.] And then the Gods created war, death, and space lasers...
Last post by Dree -
[ Lt Reika Sh’laan  | Holodeck 3 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy Attn: @tongieboi  @rae  @Dumedion  @Ellen Fitz  @RyeTanker @ob2lander961  and All

Reika, heart aflutter from the unexpected nature of the simulation, was still brushing herself off from the clods of dirt and dust which hung in the air from the onslaught of nearby mortars that had shaken the earth around and underneath her feet when a Trill with distinctively silver hair and dark eyebrows barely avoided running into her.

And the Andorian’s face which had been drawn in from the loudness of the bombardment and spray of the dirt, opened up into a surprised and wide grin.  And as her eyes took in the cigar and the whole outfit that Kino was - or wasn’t as the case may be - wearing her eyes lit up in an amused twinkle.  Her hands balled into two fists and found their way onto her hips hidden by the bulkiness of her costume.

Goin’ my way, beautiful?

Reika loved the playful and yet gentle tone in which her paramour spoke and her heart fluttered all the more - but this time for an entirely pleasurable reason.  “I’d follow you anywhere,” she said breathlessly just before she saw another figure rush into view.  Her hand flew to the hilt of her pistol.

But apparently, this bushy eye-browed man was with Kino.  Removing the heel of her hand from the pistol, instead, she nodded at the human at Kino’s introduction.  “Nice to meet ya, Joe,” she said in answer to his wave.

Joe preceded the women down the trench, and after he turned, Reika kissed the air in Kino’s direction, understanding the look she had cast toward the Andorian.

[Squad Rally Point]

By the time they made it into the submerged meeting room which would have easily come down on their heads with a direct hit from a mortar, Reika was starting to heat up. 

Wherever this, “Africa” was, it was hot and under the multiple layers of costume, the Andorian was starting to feel the affects of both the internal and external heat.  She shed the large brown coat and the green uniform jacket as well as the leather hat, but she decided to keep the white scarf as she found it rather fetching.

Discovering a nook, she tucked them inside, in case she would need them later.  She grasped the first button that she had done up on the white shirt pulling it away from her body and back toward it for ten to twenty seconds creating some airflow underneath the shirt.  Spots of perspiration were already starting to make some areas on the white shirt appear more translucent than others.

Once that was done, she needed to get her bearings on who was there - who did she know.  She knew Zark and Via.  That should be interesting.  Joe Adams, and of course Kino.  There was a redheaded trill with whom Reika was not yet acquainted, and then there was an unfamiliar female human female facing the Andorian with a tall slender male facing away from Reika, but it only took a moment - even from the back - for her to identify Hirek and her stomach tied itself in knots.

While his intentions toward Reika at the beginning of the night several days before were absolutely honorable, his exhibition and the subsequent prattle which had made the Andorian very uncomfortable - despite ‘acting’ her way out of it, didn’t sit well with her.  And how many people here would have heard the rumors … and then there was Kino.

It was all innocent and she really did think that Kino would understand, but there likely wouldn’t be time to explain things here.  And if Hirek decides to continue the charade … I don’t even want to think about it.

But her thoughts were interrupted by, “Hey, you okay?

Reika looked up and opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out for several seconds.  “I’ll be okay.  Just had a run-in with the Romulan,” Reika inclined her head toward Hirek’s back, “a couple of days ago.  He was trying to help, but …”  Her voice trailed off not sure how to explain things both quickly and thoroughly.  “I’ll tell you about it later, okay?” she smiled a consoling smile at the Trill.  “It’ll be fine,” she said as much to herself as to Kino, brushing her fingers reassuringly across Kino’s hand.  "I'm looking forward to this," she said with a wink.
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
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Hi All -

Just a quick note that Im going to be out of town from April 3 through April 8.  We'll be coming home and going right into Easter festivities so I won't realistically be posting again until Monday the 10th. 

I WILL be taking my laptop with me while we're out of town, but I can't promise posts.  Based on my current posting queue here's what I'm looking at - 

My one on one threads with @Pierce @rae @ob2lander961 @Tae and @Griff will be updated before I leave town.

My group thread with @rae @Pierce and @RyeTanker  will also be updated before I leave town

My one on one threads with @Nero @Ellen Fitz and @RyeTanker‍   as well the Ensemble thread  "Upon Waking"  with @Dree , @Auctor Lucan  and others (all of which I've previously tagged)  will not be updated before I leave, but I'm taking it with me  so I can work on them offline as time allows. 

See you on the flip side y'all!
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 18 [1945 hours] A Single for Couple's Night
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[Lt Reika Sh’laan] Arboretum | Deck 20 | Vector 3 | USS Theurgy attn @Ellen Fitz

Reika continued to paint while inhaling deeper and deeper with each breath.  This helped her heart rate begin to return to normal. When she was in a firefight as a tactical officer, how she could feel completely in control of every part of her body despite her heightened sense of awareness, and yet currently feel completely discombobulated when attention of this nature was focused on her, she didn’t know.  But ignoring everyone around her, the fluid movements of the brush combined with the deep breathing settled her spirit. 

As it did, Hirek began to speak again.  His tone took on a methodical and ataractic timbre as if he sensed her unease.  And truly, the description that he gave of his world could have made anyone feel relaxed, helped anyone let down their guard.  At that moment,  Reika decided that she would play the part for the night and play it convincingly, like the time at her advanced Tactical training where she was sent undercover.  That's what she'd do. Laugh as if she didn't care. Smile as if she knew all along, dote over Hirek as if he were her desire,  because he also knew that this was a ruse.

And after his apology, Reika tilted her head his direction. “No, it’s not tiresome."  Truthfully, she said, " I can imagine how much you miss your home.  At least your voice seems to say that you miss your home and your people.  How long has it been since you’ve been around other Romulans?

The miniscule brush strokes continued gliding over various spots on the painting as the Andorian tried to finish up the composition as she listened to his answer.  “The Star Empire hasn’t given much opportunity for Starfleet or its officers in general to get to know your people on a personal level.  I can see how misconceptions could easily be commonplace.  I wouldn’t mind hearing more about your home …"

But her further words were cut off by “ All those who want their artwork judged should bring them forward.  The judging will begin in less than five minutes.

Reika’s mouth closed as the announcement was broadcast throughout the arboretum. With a light laugh,  she said,  “I might as well throw my hook into the sea, and see if I get any bites.”  She wrapped her fingers around the edge of the canvas and turned to make her way to the front, but paused.  “You coming?  I mean these pictures are of you.  Who better to give his opinion?” she queried with a demure grin.

Carrying her canvas, the tall blue-skinned woman made her way back to the area near where they entered.  There was a queue of nearly twenty people who were eager - or at least willing - to have their works judged.  But it didn’t take long for all of them to set the paintings up.

The judges began the process of critiquing each of the pieces.  Reika went to get another glass of wine - this time a blush instead of burgundy, but returned to Hirek’s side.  “So how does it feel to see yourself - or a representation of yourself on the canvas?
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 6 [ 1710hrs. ] If He Only Had a Brain
Last post by Juzzie -
Lt. Rhys Williams | Counselling Offices| Deck 09 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Ellen Fitz

Hirek again asked a question that made Rhys wonder which of them had really been trained to be a counsellor. He though about his relationship with touch through out his life. There had definitely been some changes. He wondered how much to share with Hirek. “It’s only been recently that I’ve become more open to touch.” It was an answer that the counsellor in Rhys would have found interesting coming from one of his patients. It was clear avoidance. The truth was that there was a small feeling of embarrassment attached to the answer and a sense that giving a full answer might require too much emotional and verbal effort.

He remembered how the death of his mother had led to a death of another relationship. The one he had had with father had been appalling there after. His father had displayed naked contempt for him. That coupled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder had created a young many who had yearned for physical contact and affection just as strongly as he was afraid of it.

Rhys felt Hirek’s eyes on him again. His cheeks pinkened, there was a curious mix of discomfort about being so obviously admired and delight as well. The ambivalence was always hard to reconcile. Then of course Hirek made the comment about eating him, and Rhys raised the uniform he was holding to his face so only his eyes were showing hiding a little. Again, he didn’t really answer the question after all they didn’t know each other to well. “I don’t think I am so tempting.” He simply said his voice momentarily muffled by the material of his uniform.

Rhys felt happy that Hirek was aiming to expand his social circle by getting involved in the morale efforts on board. It would surely endear him to the crew. Though he was obviously doing this for less than beneficent reasons, Rhys knew that the more he interacted the more there was a chance the crew’s ways would rub off on him to. Rhys did not say this as he hated to imagine what sexual connotations Hirek would take with the term ‘rub off’. He shivered a little and smiled at the fingertip touches to his cheek.

Finally, Hirek asked if Rhys was available at the present time. In truth he was, Hirek was his last appointment, but worryingly for Rhys there was the sense that he would find it hard to tell the handsome older man no to anything. “I am happy to spend more time with you. You were my last appointment of the day anyway.” He said smiling shyly, as he busied himself dressing and hiding his slightly blushing face.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 19 [1800 hrs] A Spicy Encounter
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[PO2 Kino Jeen | Holodeck 04 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dree
Yes. Just a single word. Unspoken, mouthed between impassioned breaths; yet it contained so much more than a simple affirmation. In her mind, that word – passed silently with the movement of parted lips – held every ounce of Kino's desire, her need, to please the Andorian in her arms. To show her that it was okay, that she was safe, accepted, cared for. That their journey had only begun, that this was just the opening chapter of their story; the foundation – seared into them both – of the temple to be built, one stone at a time. Half lidded, pale blue eyes fixated on glacial orbs as the tempo of their bodies built, little by little; pleading, yearning, encouraging. Dark brows tilted up as the fingers within the warm, silken apex of sapphire thighs curled and unfurled ever so slowly; Kino watched and felt, learning her lover's body –  searching, seeking the perfect spot – one slow blink at a time. The hand squeezing the curved lusciousness of Reika’s ass slid north, feeling the toned, lean muscles of her back flex, to trade one cheek for another.

“Yes.” A touch louder, barely a breathless gasp, as she watched azure features struggle, tighten, all in vain. Let go, Kino’s eyes pleaded, as her thumb traced circles on blue skin. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, aqua-hued eyes – set in a pale spotted face contorted in passion – promised wordlessly. She couldn’t manage to say it aloud, couldn’t manage to do much, other than what her body wanted; spotted hips never ceased to be in motion, hardened nipples – so incredibly sensitive – brushed and pressed into cobalt skin, lapped by the warm churning water between them.

She’d never wanted to please anyone so fiercely. There was something in Reika’s gaze; something in those frozen blues – beyond the fire of arousal, deep inside those azure wells – that called out, cried out, to Kino. A feeling, a look, recognizable only by those who’ve known something of its burden; something Kino saw in her own gaze, reflected in private moments. Something she hid from the rest of the world. Pain, loneliness, vulnerability; hidden deep, under layers and layers of slowly shredding armor – the recognition of it took her breath away. In that moment, Kino never wanted anyone more; physically, emotionally, completely. Aqua-hued orbs screwed shut, fighting the overwhelming emotions aside, along with the unimaginably powerful urge to claim Reika in every way possible.

“Yes!” A heated whisper. Something to be felt, not heard; a caress of a warm summer breeze across sunlit skin - blind to all other perception, but undeniably there. Kino’s eyes fluttered open as Reika’s thigh pulled away from the aching furnace of her sex, only to gasp at the touch of what replaced it. The Trill’s features slackened into a mask of carnal intensity as her body overruled her intentions, as her eyes fell closed and hips trembled; the pressure and movement on her clit, combined with the feeling of blue digits sliding home, filling her, forced out a moan of pure ecstasy. She wasn’t prepared for it, for how amazing it felt, as her head dipped down and to the side, lost for the briefest of moments in the blissful wave of sensation. Knees trembled, as her body lifted up on the tips of her toes – instinctually running from the selfish demands of her body. Kino bit down on her bottom lip, hard, and heard herself whimper; yet as good as it felt, she couldn’t submit. Not yet – not before she’d given what her eyes had promised, what she had promised – but then the slightest of trembles coursed through the body pressed into hers. Kino blinked rapidly, and her efforts continued; drawn back from bliss as Reika’s body told her she was close, skirting the edge.

“Yes…” A throaty purr, laced in a sighed exhalation. Just one word, yet it passed from Kino’s lips bursting with urgency, so very close to a command, yet also a plea. Her chin lifted, eyes searched Reika’s face, willing her paramour beyond the edge. The pale hand upon a blue cheek slid south, along Reika’s neck, as the most precious of sounds graced Kino’s ears. The Andorian’s moan of imminent climax sent a tingling wave of euphoric pleasure coursing through her body, and as platinum hair dipped back into the water, Kino wrapped her arm around Reika as her exquisite body tensed, quivering in rapturous release. The hand between cerulean thighs paused; slender, pale fingers held against that perfect spot within, pressing feathered pulses.

“Yes!” Kino groaned, pushed to the edge herself, carried along with Reika; legs trembled, threatening to give out, even as she pulled the Andorian into an even tighter embrace. Nose to nose, pink lips brushed across blue, as her fingers gently slipped from azure folds to clutch Reika’s hip; desperate for an anchor, as her mouth opened in a silent moan. She tried to speak, but was beyond words; eyelids fluttered, obscured orbs rolled up, pink lips crashed into midnight blue. Kino moaned into her paramour’s mouth, as she slipped beyond space and time – into shuddering orgasm.

Moments passed. Gradually, gently, Kino regained herself; wrapped up in blue, supported and offering support in turn, panting through the afterglow. She felt like laughing, giggling, crying, all at once. Pale, peach colored hands slid up to cup Reika’s face, her thumbs gently traced across blue cheeks, brushed across those lips she couldn’t stop kissing; pink lips feathered across them with tender nips, as blue filled her senses.

After all that, words didn't come easy. Kino wanted out of the pool, wanted to taste and feel every inch of the beautiful woman in her arms. She wanted to listen, and learn, and cuddle and eat ice cream, all of it, all at once. But she had to start somewhere, and she'd barely begun to explore her lover's body; there was plenty left to discover and worship. Two words then, whispered through a smile into dark blue lips between gentle kisses – a smile that held every promise of the future; every joy, every triumph, every shared pain, every awkward discovery, and of course, every glorious moment of passion. Two silly words; pulled from the memory of how they'd met.

“Round two?”
Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative / Re: PRO: S [D01|0630] Meandering Mind of Mia
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams| Counsellors Offices | Deck 09 | Vector 02] attn: @Eirual

There was a lot going on in Mia’s head that was clear from the get-go. There were intense feelings of desperation connected to her inability to provide more direct help. Counselling was useful there was no doubt about that, but because its effects were often indirect Rhys often felt the way Mia felt like he wasn’t achieving or helping much himself. He wondered how he could alleviate that feeling for her, especially on an area he knew very little about. Perhaps it was better on that matter to just let her vent. In the end all he said was “Don’t give up hope everyone is grappling with something we don’t fully understand. You may yet come up with something.”

The feeling of not fitting in was much more in Rhys’ wheelhouse of understanding. It was quite a common with people suffering from depression, anxiety or other conditions. Rhys felt it a lot. Then she mentioned the birthday party and the food tour. He blushed clearly and obviously. Neither were events he would look back on with unrestrained pleasure.

“I don’t remember either of those events being caused by you. We were all in them for better or worse.” The tone of his voice demonstrated that he clearly though his involvement had been for the worse. “I know how you feel, fitting in is difficult for the more…socially awkward among us.” He looked up at the ceiling for a moment as he tried to gather his thoughts. “What is your social life like? Do you have friends you spend off time with?” He knew from experience how easy it was to end up isolating yourself when you felt like you didn’t fit in.

When she expressed her fears about the scaring and how she didn’t feel like herself anymore. Rhys began to wonder if some disassociation was taking place. He paused again and let her express her distress. He did think of suggesting to her that she was not the only person to have suffered these kinds of injuries on board, but he worried that it might appear insensitive. “This may be a slightly awkward question, if you don’t feel comfortable answering that’s fine.” He said heavily caveating what he was about to say. “Has it affected your… intimate relationship with Tyreke?” He knew this was a personal question that she was likely not going to like, but he needed to understand how deep the trauma around her injuries went.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [2345 hrs] Antennae and Intuition
Last post by Juzzie -
[Lt. Rhys Williams | Rhys Williams' Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 01| USS Theurgy] attn: @RyeTanker

Rhys wasn’t entirely sure what Zark was up to at first. The way she moved him highlighted to him how strong she was and how much stronger than him she probably was. Some men might have bene bothered by that, but Rhys wasn’t. It was fair to say he did not have much of an ego to bruise. Plus he had wanted to do something for her and if she had a good idea of how she wanted to proceed he would continue in the way she wanted.

Soon her ass was on his chest, and she was asking him to back up in a voice that made his manhood twitch. Rhys was more than happy with this chain of events. He had wanted to return the favour by attending to her with his mouth as she had with him, it had never occurred him that they could take care of each other.

Rhys let out a breath through his teeth as he felt her mouth descend on him. It distracted him for a brief moment from what he had been intending to do. His lips kissed along her inner thigh slowly before his tongue flicked out over the slit of her. It was here that he noticed a similarity both of them seemed to favour slower teasing actions on their partners. His fingers slipped inside her as his tongue slowly circled the nub of her clit. His manhood stiffened at the sounds of her moaning as well as the way she gripped and touched him.
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