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Lt. Vanya | 0745 | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | Department Head Quarters | attn: @Tae

Thaleron Radiation.  Vanya hoped that it would be months, years, if ever she heard that particular form of radiation mentioned again.  It had cost the life of her mentor as an Android, and it had been the cause of her last mission, that had resulted in death and injury.  She flicked through the notes.  The formulae were familiar, and from what she could tell there were some interesting starting ooints, but at the end of the day, it was just too dangerous. 

And yet

With the danger that they were facing, the hidden foe, Vanya knew that it didn't hurt to have some help. 

"I am afraid that If we were still part of Starfleet, at least if Starfleet wasn't under the control of dangerous parasites, I would either have to report this now and clap you in irons or..."  she paused as she closed the binder "...or I would be under arrest myself."  She gestured for the crewman to enter the room.  She eased herself down on the couch and  set the closed folder down.   She rested her long fingertips on the folder and tented them above it. 

"Fortunately for you we are not exactly Starfleet.  The day may come when we are.  And there will be some Admiral, or Senator, annoyed that we are looking like heroes, and while they might be innocent of the crimes of the enemy, they are butt hurt that their law and order failed, and will want to come down on us.  Just having this research could give them ammunition. "

Vanya looked up at the crewman stood at attention.  Her age, her bearing and her presentation suggested that she could have been a peer of Vanya's.  Everything except for the black stylised recantagle on the collar, where Vanya had two gold circles. 

And yet.   

"Crewman, we aren't entirely different.  I'm an android, a Romulan Android, a Romulan Android that was designed to kill people the Tal'Shiar didn't like.    I was given free will by my creator, and when the project that I was part of was um, discontinued, she sent me to Federation space.  Once I proved I wasn't the worst infiltration scheme in history, I chose to join Starfleet" 

Her full red lips twitched at the discussion of her difficult days at the Academy.  "Despite graduating near the top of my class, no one trust me  I was appointed as a data analyst on the Morsaka Array.  I had to live with things for a long while."

She picked up the binder.  "This will be your chance  At the moment I am still getting a handle on my predecessors work.  Until then I will need you to support the rest of the team.    I will discuss this with the Captain - if and only if - they agree, I will discuss your research with them.  Until then I am going to keep this sealed up, if anyone tries to access it, the work will be destroyed.  And I must ask you not to recreate it.  Can you do that? "
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 07 [0800] We Have The Technology
Last post by Griffinsummoner -
[ PO1 Scruffy LeBlanc | Fighter Maintenance Bay 01 | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Swift  @uytrereee  @Auctor Lucan  @Tae

Scruffy made his way from the corridor into the bay, focused on the PADD in his hand, barely looking past his feet.  He was wearing a heavy-duty version of his uniform, with reinforced padding on the elbows and knees, designed just for crawling around tight spaces.  He had been surprised when he got the Chief's invite to help repair the Intel drone, as he was currently in the middle of supervising the repairs of Tessa's, Lt. Lance's, fighter.  It had been going smoothly, as smoothly as a reconstruction could, and he had been learning a lot about the specific demands of small-sized crafts while he looked for ways to optimize it for her needs.  He hoped some of that familiarity would come in handy on this project, or vice versa, even if all he was doing was following the established schematics.

Speaking of, he was taking a close look at what he could get of the Tovarek schematics, original or modified.  Earlier he had made notes of the mission reports of the Jackrabbit, making notes on how it had been used.  He had been comparing those notes to the schematics he had access to, looking for places it had fallen short or had been used in ways unintended by her designers.  His mind was already spinning with slight adjustments that could be made, depending on the extent of the damage, or suggestions he could make on a descendant-model craft.

Scruffy looked up as he passed the drone, scanning over it briefly before his gaze drifted to the table that had been set up.  Only then did he look at the others who had gathered, noting the Chief and the fighter specialists... and then he stopped, briefly, when he saw Lt. Commander Fisher.  Scruffy hadn't seen Fisher since they had been separated aboard Gorka's ship.  Scruffy knew that Fisher had been successfully rescued, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to properly approach him and make amends for leaving him behind.  Still, this wasn't the time for that. 

He resumed his stride and walked up to Chief Arnold.  "I brought a little something to help the discussion, Chief."  Reaching to his belt, he pulled a small holo-emitter off and slid it onto the desk.  "It has been pre-programmed with the Jackrabbit's schematics, a fully manipulatable scale-model that can be accessed physically, verbally, or remotely via PADD, for those of a more visual mindset.  It can be updated with the current state of the drone once a comprehensive scan is uploaded.  Especially useful for previewing changes we wish to make before committing to them."
[Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @P.C. Haring @stardust @Juzzie

When she'd first received Lieutenant Commander Hathev's invitation to an informal meeting of the Counseling Department, Amanda was a little surprised. While her first impression of the Vulcan Chief Counselor was rather positive and the blonde-haired Martian considered the older woman to be highly professional and a reliable potential mentor, she never expected that her direct superior was even capable of processing the words 'informal' and 'meeting' in the same context; let alone in her private quarters and especially not less than a week after having met her for the first time. Amanda had been dating Krat for months before he finally invited her to Vulcan to meet his parents, and she remembered only too well how... interesting it had been to spend two weeks with Straal and T'Kol.

Then again, that experience with her parents-in-law had taught Amanda that informal Vulcan affairs were often much more complicated than formal meetings, at least to those unfamiliar with the Vulcan culture. Their concept of an informal meeting came with an entirely new set of unspoken rules and subtle customs other species would never associate with informality, and which would mostly be learned through either trial-and-error, the doting patience of a Vulcan spouse, or extensive diplomatic assistance. In Amanda's case, she had needed all of the above and, even then, only barely managed to avoid offending T'Kol to the point of making an enemy for life.

Was it because of that experience that Amanda was standing in the corridor, just beyond the corner of Lieutenant Commander Hathev's door, while continuously looking at the small chronometer in the upper-right corner of her PADD? Pretty much so. Intent on making a good impression, she had even polished her boots and replicated a brand new uniform just for the occasion because, even though she'd only been aboard the USS Theurgy for less than a week and the recent events had genuinely made her feel more like a Medical Officer than an actual Psychiatrist, the blonde-haired Martian really looked forward to the meeting. After all, thus far she'd only met Lieutenant Commander Hathev and, even though her office was right next door to Lieutenant Foster's, she had yet to meet him or any of the other Counselors aboard.

Thus, when the chronometer on her PADD displayed 1830, Amanda quickly came around the corner and crossed the short distance to the Chief Counselor's door within seconds before pressing the door chime. 
[ Brigadier Zentai Natauna | Federation Embassy Atrium | First City | Qo'noS ]  Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @Ellen Fitz @Tae

Zy took in a deep breath and held it, momentarily closing her eyes so that she could roll them back without anyone noticing. Within the amount of time it took to blink she opened them again and stared directly at Crewman V'Qol. It looks like peeling out of this very tight leather uniform would be a highly anticipated event that would have to wait. Zy already began to calculate where and when her quickest opportune time would be and who would be there when it happened. Perhaps Foval, Lillee, or Sera.

Snapping back to the situation at hand. "bI!" she commanded with a gesture to a nearby warrior. "bI!" she commanded another and gestured for them both to come to her side.  "Crewman, you will lead us to this covert operation center. Should you try to deceive us, know that your fate is in the hands of the Klingon Empire, not the Federation." The fact covert operations were being conducted on Qo'noS without knowledge of the High Council put an already tenuous Alliance in further jeopardy.  Imperial Intelligence tended to be ahead of the curve in countering anything Starfleet and the Federation attempted. But on occasion, they were surprised.

Zy's thoughts soften when Ida joined her side but quickly hardened again at the approach of the Oneida's Security Chief. He smelled different from other humans. Perhaps it was his Iberian heritage. Zy had read a few Terran classics and Klingon Opera had adapted one such Terran classic entitled Don Giovanni. She became curious what musk gland on a human would release such a scent to drive a female to swoon so.

"Brigadier, excuse my candor but I didn't expect a non-Klingon to be a flag officer in the Defense Force. The Klingons must have high regard for you." Rivera remarks upon reaching Ida and Zy.

Zy response only with a smirk of a smile leaving Rivera's curiosity hanging.

The security team followed V'Qol into a nearby turbolift. "Access to the lower levels is highly restricted. It takes a retina scan plus voice and palm print verification." V'Qol explained as he responded to the computer AI's requests to verify his identity. As soon as it granted V'Qol access the turbolift began to descend into the lower levels of the Embassy.

Zy pulled her Klingon PADD/Tricorder device from her belt and began to scan the area and compare the results with the building schematics on file in the Defense Force's database. What was the Federation hiding on Qo'noS and who were these two unaccounted for individuals who lacked the courage to show themselves when summoned?
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 20 [1900 hrs.] Diving Deeper
Last post by Brutus -
[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Ens. Eloi-Danvers Quarters (Diplomatic Attache Suite | Deck 10 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 

Sweet, sweet victory, Faye thought to herself as the sturdier Klingon came hard for the slender diplomat. Even if she wasn't a telepath all the tell tale signs were there. The sudden tensing of Mickayla's body; the way the woman's core clamped down on Faye's probing digits, squeezing almost tight enough to cause discomfort, but one that Faye was willing to bear. The sudden slickness pooling against her lips as Faye parted her mouth, clamped down and hummed, swallowing against the Chief's swollen clit. Her face was going to be a mess (again) and Faye couldn't be happier.

Of course, being telepathic had its advantages in such a situation, and Faye could feel her own legs growing slick with the wet warmth trickling down as she allowed herself to bask in the emotional sensations roiling about within Mickayla. When the woman came, Faye got a psychic backlash of it, causing her body to flush with warmth and need. Her ass bobbed up and down as she clenched tight and moaned - a noise utterly smothered by the Klingon's own tortured twat. Given how much Mickayla had given herself to the moment here, how those fingers, curled inside of her, had sent the other woman over the edge, Faye wondered to herself just what she might have accomplished if she had been wearing a toy strapped to her loins.

There's a happy thought... Faye purred at the notion of having her strong, fearsome friend pinned under her. Though like as not, Mickayla would be pinning Faye down sooner or later. Pulling away from her friends cunt, the Betazoid licked her lips and took a moment to catch her breathing. Much to her surprise, it was as if Mickayla had been reading Faye's mind, instead of the other way around. Her eyebrows shot up briefly, and then a sly smile passed over her lips as she leaned backward, her butt planted against her heels. She was still catching her breath, and her toned form was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Even though she wasn't the one that just had an orgasm, she was panting and breathless. 

Then again, eating someone out can take your breath away.

"I Can do that," she noted, rolling up onto her feet in a fairly fluid motion. She managed not to topple over as she padded past Mickayla. Her lips still shown with the juices from the other woman as she moved to the collection of toys that had been created. A spread of dildos lay before her, and she tapped her fingers across each. In the end she settled on the middle-sized one - not a small starter toy, and not as large or oddly shaped as the third option. Faye glanced back at her friend, seeing that plug still nestled in the girls ass and purred. It was certainly a bit thicker than she might have gone with had they not been so warmed up. And since Mickayla hadn't used the words 'double ended' she'd leave those for later. This one had a nice little curve to it, and bumps all up and down the mid section, flared at the front. Vaguely human shaped with just a few extras. All in all it was a great toy and Faye was pleased that her friend had selected it from the catalog. Or well, perhaps it had been Thea? Thinking back, Mickayla had left it up to the computer....That set her into a fit of utter giggles as she turned and made her way back to her friend.

Smacking the toy into her hand she stood before Mickayla again with an impish grin on her face. "Think this will work?" Again, she popped it against her hand, and then gave it a firm little squeeze, wagging her eyebrows.
Aldea Prime / Re: Day 17 [1800 hrs.] Come Sail Away
Last post by Brutus -
 [Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Down River | Small Sail Boat | Aldea Prime ]Attn: @Number6  

Truly Natalie felt as if she were going to burst. Her head was awash in an ocean of pleasure, swimming to maintain any kind of focus in the moment. She wanted to make this feeling last as long as she could - selfishly, she liked feeling good, a shock she supposed - but at the same time the pressure was building and building, and she craved a release. It would not be the first orgasm that Natalie had ever had. She'd brought herself to completion more than once (quite a few times more). Nor would it be the first time someone (or something, she would have to reluctantly admit) had given her that desperate release. This would however be the first time such a thing had come at the fingers and lips of a woman. Never mind at the talented efforts of her oldest friend.

If Natalie had any doubts about if Vanya happened to be enjoying herself  (as if the way her tongue kept darting in and out of Natalie's damp core hadn't been a clue) the noises that Vanya made washed those concerns away. Nat knew what Vanya sounded like when she was having a good time. Hearing that laced with deep veins of desire, all muffled by her own snatch was just about too much for the human native of Mars. In that moment, though Vanya's focus was entirely on her, Nat swore to herself that she'd make sure Vanya made just as much noise because of her.

But in that moment there was nothing else that Natalie could do in the position that she was in than sink her hand tighter into Vanya's hair and pull hard. Her fingertips ran over those artfully pointed ears, and she managed to crack one eye open as she grit her teeth. Looking down her body, past her heaving chest, Nat could see Vanya there, face buried between her thighs, looking back at Nat. It was too much, and the brunette's head snapped away, toward the console beneath her as her back arched. "Va-va-vaanya..!"

The cry was sharp, and prolonged, echoing out over the water as Natalie began to buck uncontrollably. Her legs tightened against Vanya's head, squeezing (not that the Romulan Android was in any risk of being hurt), and her ass lifted up off the console she'd been braced against as she bent backward. The building pressure releases, head radiating out from her core, her folds slick and puffy, her channel clamping down on itself. She shook and shook, gripping tight, moaning and gasping as that climax left her dazed, draped across the ship controls and utterly at her friends mercy. Every though in Nat's head could be boiled down and condenses into one sentiment: Fuck, but that felt good.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 03 [0830 hrs.] Contact and Negotiation
Last post by Brutus -
 [Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Swift @BipSpoon @stardust @Stegro88 @Griff @Lathaniel @Number6  

Telepresence holography was not a new technology. Starfleet had toyed around with it here and there, and was giving it considerable through for any sort of in depth conference where interactions between all parites might be benificial. Usually that involved the pariters in questions setting up within the confines of Holodecks on their own starships or starbases, and then joining what amounted to a subspace conference call, in a simulated shared room. Given the Theurgy's unique design quirks, an evolution upon the set up of the Prometheus class, with holo emitters in every room and corridor, such projection became much easier. 

To Natalie's knowledge it had hardly ever been leveraged. She had no knowledge that it would be put to use in this meeting at all. Thus the arrival of another Romulan Tal Shiar agent caught Natalie flat footed. Not the best sort of look for the ships First Officer. To her credit, she quickly realized that this individual was at the very least expected by one person in the room, the ships Chief Diplomat, whom had been carrying the burden of running the Intelligence department along with her own Department, while Lt. Commander Fisher healed from the extensive ordeal he had suffered through. 

Natalie was going to have to have a word with Rutherford and Fisher about leaving her out of the loop when it came to visiting...dignitaries. 

The tension in the room had been bad enough when Lorad and Samala arrived. As much as Natalie might have otherwise wished, she knew that some of the Romulans in the room were going to have deep long standing prejudices against the Reman crew members. No amount of goodwill on her part would change that. She was tempted to remind everyone in the room that they were all Starfleet and would behave themselves accordingly, save that this wasn't quite true. Even as the Remans hunkered down by Lt. Commander Rutherford, Natalie could feel all the attention in the room focusing on the holographic visitor. There were now two Tal'Shair operatives in the room, and that would leave almost everyone else present chilled. Tugging her shirt down, Natalie inclined her head to Captain Alarak and offered a thin smile, following up on Rutherford's comment about manners.

"Lt. Commander Fisher does have a way of pulling surprises out of his magical hat." Had someone snorted? She wasn't sure, but wouldn't comment. " Nevertheless, I welcome your presence and participation in this...conference, Captain Alarak. As for introductions, I'll have everyone introduce themselves. For myself, I am Commander Natalie Stark, first officer of the Theurgy. I have the pleasure of trying to run herd on everyone here." Stark allowed herself a small, self-deprecating smile as she drew strength from those around her, the small gestures she'd received from Rutherford earlier, and the welcome arrival of Vanya, late to the party as it were, though nothing had really started yet. And perhaps, just a bit, give a little reminder to everyone in the room to behave.

"Very well, Lieutenant. Hopefully the experiments have gone well. Please feel free to grab a drink and pull up a seat. We're just getting started here. You just missed a most informative entrance from Captain Alark, of the Tal Shiar." Nat wasn't about to leave Vanya out of the loop. She was tempted to reach out and grab the other woman's hand when she moved past, but resisted the urge, as pleasing as that contact might be. No need to telegraph that to the Tal Shiar agents, even if they were 'allies' of the moment.

But her focus was needed elsewhere as she allowed herself to sink back into her chair, lacing her fingers together and listening to the visiting Major as the woman raised concerns. Natalie would have felt better about addressing those concerns had she been informed ahead of time by Lt. Commander Fisher - or his stand in, Rutherford. Alas she had to wing this one, and with a glance to Sam, addressed Situka. 

"You raise a valid concern, Major. Captain," she faced the hologram again, "It would have been most convenient for those of us present if we could have greeted you in person. I presume that isnt an option, given your choice of communication. Lieutenant Commander Fisher has invited you however so I shall defer to his wisdom in this matter and that of his current stand in. Lt. Commander Rutherford, have you anything to add?"

She wasn't quite throwing Sam under the bus, but was trusting that - given how calm the other woman was - Fisher had at least clued her in and would have provide some form of evidence worthy to vouch for the other man. Already this was going to devolve into a pissing match. Nat could sense it happening, and she reached out, pulling her coffee mug back in like the life preserver that it was, as she let her eyes drift across everyone present. She allowed the other woman her say, then made her opening salvo to the room.

"I feel I should reiterate that we are all here with a common cause; to prevent the further corruption and destruction of our homes, whatever they may be, by the infestation currently plaughing the highest echelons of both the Federation and the Romulan Empire. We are all going to have to put our heads together to figure out how to undermine the current efforts that are about to drive this entire quadrant back into another bloody war that neither of our respective peoples need. Never mind how that will further prevent our effots to expose the threat that hides behind the faces of our former colleagues.

"This is bigger than our own grievances. So let's do our best, shall we?"
Main OOC Board / Re: Main OOC Thread
Last post by Auctor Lucan -


Hello again Theurgists! :)

Thank you to those who took their time to make nominations in the Blaze of Glory and Golden Chevron categories. The two polls have been posted, one for each award category:

The Blaze of Glory Award Poll 2021

The Golden Chevron Award Poll 2021

The polls will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their votes should take a few minutes to read any linked scenes first. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Blaze of Glory or Golden Chevron respectively. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on yourself, but you are free to vote on your fellow competitors.

Thank you in advance for your voting in these award categories! :)

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Main OOC Board / Award Poll: The Golden Chevron 2021
Last post by Auctor Lucan -

This award is nominated by anyone, but only handed out once every second year to the most outstanding writers in the sim.

The poll will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their vote should always take their time to read the linked scenes first. The award should be based on the award criteria and not because you personally like the nominee(s) overall. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Golden Chevron. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on yourself.

Here are the nominations, with more information on the nominated writers & threads:


Forum Name of Nominee: @P.C. Haring
Reason for Nomination: "For being a great writer and an even better bloke."
Motivation & Links (by nominator):
"It seems like so much longer than a year since P.C joined us here aboard the Theurgy. And it certainly hasn't been an easy year, as all of us can attest too. And yet, throughout it all, P.C, from the moment of his arrival and adoption of Hathev, and written to a standard, and maintained that standard, that we should all aspire too. His efforts over the past 365 days are, by the very definition of the word, OUTSTANDING! "


Forum Name of Nominee: @stardust
Reason for Nomination: "For bringing so much to Theurgy that it's hard to quantify." Additionally: "For acting as an inspiration and incentive for her writing partners to want to improve their own contributions."
Motivation & Links (by nominator):
"I think it's clear that my estimation of Stardust as a writer is unparalleled, and that I genuinely believe her stewardship of the written English language to be beyond the measure of any of us. Her use of often-times poetic description to affect a profound visualization in whatever scene or interaction she is writing is truly uncanny, and really lends itself to the story being told. You find yourself lost in the words as you're reading them and awe-struck by how they so effectively encapsulate the scenery and emotionality of the moment. I find myself learning new and intriguing symbolism whenever I read her writing, which in turn inspires me to want to discover and create my own unique symbolism for whatever it is I'm in turn writing. I've seen a similar effect as I read the posts that her various partners have made, wherein you can see how the wheels are turning on their end to try and experiment and explore the depths of their own mind and vocabulary. It's awesome! It's the kind of presence that you absolutely have to have in a SIM of any kind, and I'm forever grateful that I've had an opportunity to write opposite her in a number of threads, just as I think many others are. But the effect that Stardust has on this SIM goes way beyond the profundity of her writing, for instance the characters she's brought to bear; each very unique and fulfilling a very different but important role. I can't even imagine where or how the story of the previous episode would've ended up without her willingness to at times direct it in a meaningful direction with the use of Samantha Rutherford; and Stellan, he's the sort of pseudo-villain that will be paying dividends for years thanks to the manner in which he's paired with other characters, I can only hope we will someday get to see the ultimate pay-off that he represents. But again, Stardust's contributions go even further; her creation of an intricate design of the interior of a Type-10 Shuttle, the illustration of a number of characters in images she herself has made and contributed, the always fun presence she provides on the Discord server. She's an asset to the SIM worth mention, and well worth the recognition of being nominated, if not awarded the Golden Chevron.

Seriously, just take a few minutes look through Samantha Rutherford, Stellan Foster, or the backlog of Discord."

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan
Main OOC Board / Award Poll: Blaze of Glory Award 2021
Last post by Auctor Lucan -

Often we see the completion of a character's life; yet this character's story has a beginning, a middle, and an ending. The writer not only willingly self-terminated their character, but did so in a dramatic and/or endearing way. The ending must be in "a blaze of glory" with superior epic or poetic quality.

The poll will run for 3 days, in which those who cast their vote should always take their time to read the linked scenes first. The award should be based on the award criteria and not because you personally like the nominee(s) overall. The nominee(s) who get the most votes will receive the Blaze of Glory Award. If you are a Nominee, you may not vote on yourself.

Here are the nominations, with more information on the nominated writers & threads:


Forum Name of Nominee: @Auctor Lucan
Reason for Nomination: "A lack of notable deaths."
Motivation & Links (by nominator):
Epilogue: Inverse Soul
"My nomination for Lucan is for the death of the NPC Sonja Acreth. When I first came across this post, I was cataloguing "death" posts for the Memorial wall page, and it struck me in the reading how helpless the character was in those final moments, knowing that she had held the future in her hands but had lost it and so doomed the galaxy to a repeated loop once again. My hat is off to you Auctor for your prose."


Forum Name of Nominee: @Nolan
Reason for Nomination: "A lack of notable deaths."
Motivation & Links (by nominator):
Chapter 07: Cost of Truth
"Nolan, where to begin. You and Brutus make up the old guard of writers that are still present with the sim even coming up on 10 years later. And though her death was quiet, Edena's passing allowed for the birth of another character, Amelya Rez, nee Duv. What better meaning behind death than to bring about new life from it."


Forum Name of Nominee: @Ellen Fitz
Reason for Nomination: "I'm always a fan of Ellen's writing, and having her kill off a Cold War era cross was fascinating to me."
Motivation & Links (by nominator):
For the love of Alice
"For the love of Alice while being an AU thread is very much worth of this award. sure, it doesn't have main story implications, but I do adore the way in which it was done. And due to the dearth of *actual* deaths, hey, why not right? I think it was very well done, and it was an enjoyable piece of writing. Read it, you'll all love it."

Thank you in advance for your voting in this award category!

Best Regards,

Auctor Lucan