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Topic: Wolves Training (Read 845 times) previous topic - next topic

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Wolves Training
Had the idea of a thread where the Wolves run a training simm based on some of the new information provided by Director Andersson.  Based on some of the training scenes in the Rogue Squadron books (pre-Disney era Star Wars EU) it'd be a red vs blue type scenario, one group of Wolves flying in opposition to another.  I have some mission scenario ideas in mind that I can pick from, and I'm envisioning this could be a way for the Wolves to bond via competition while also learning some new tricks, preparing for the battles to come against an ever-evolving Parasite threat, and maybe even some leadership training for the Alphas.

This would primarily be for the pilots, Selena would appear every so often as a "mission control" at most, maybe even just a scenario observer along with mission ops.  Would this be something our Wolves would be interested in?  It can be set anytime after Ives returns from the remote meeting so I don't have any specific day in mind.

Re: Wolves Training
Reply #1
I'd definitely be interested, depending on character availability and timing.

As an addition to your idea, perhaps multiple smaller threads might be better suited, say by flight?
You could also potentially base it on the holodeck or in training simulators if you don't get enough pilots for an actual live mission. (Or you want to alter the environment or opponents. Yes I see you Borleias, wait, sorry Blackmoon.

But yeah, I'm in.
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Re: Wolves Training
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Oh it's very definitely holodeck based.  Can't have the Wolves actually shooting at each other, we don't need another Dyson vs Bowman incident:

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Re: Wolves Training
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I'm in as well.