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CH07: S [D03|1840] A Battered Welcome


STARDATE 57655.07
APRIL 18, 2381
1840 HRS

[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Luciain @Tae

“Sorry to trouble you again Nurse Vojona. I've been waiting for those supplies for about thirty minutes now.” A young female enlisted officer, one of the ward clerks for the Sickbay area sheepishly interrupted Vinata, who was tiredly occupied with an array of several different PADDs on the Head Nurses’ station within Sickbay. “Just wanted to check in…”

Vinata had found it increasingly difficult to focus on his tasks, several times now he had attempted to stay on top of an ever growing amount of tasks on his ‘to-do’ list. This was very unusual for him, usually the Ovri was quite organized in his approach when it came to his duties. He would have likely not have been selected to lead the nursing and support staff of the medical department on Theurgy otherwise.

“Oh… Yes…” The Ovri’s voice seemed on edge as he acknowledged the reminder. “I am sorry, Crewman Bentley. I…” The Ovri paused for a moment before accessing his control panel. A rather sad chirp had been expelled as Vinata realised he had simply forgotten to push the supply requisition request off to logistical support. “I will get to that with haste. My apologies once more.”

Crewman Bentley nodded and chose to not make anything more of it. She could see how visibly disturbed the new Head Nurse appeared to be. She did not know Vinata all that well, but enough that she knew forgetfulness certainly did seem out of character for him. “Thank you.” She offered the Ovri a genuine smile before making her own way to help ensure the ongoing cleanup was progressing nicely in the Surgical Suite.

Vinata pushed the supply requisition through and sighed. This was -not- good. He needed to pull himself together. Part of him wondered where Kate was off too, he had last seen her visiting with her friend Tessa. The Ovri was pleased she had done well and was on the road to recovery.

[Head Nurse Vojona. There are incoming medical personnel, direct transfers from the Oneida. Estimated arrival within the next three minutes. They will be beamed directly into the Main Sickbay area.] The voice of Thea echoed from his desk-station. Doctor Kobol  had left Theurgy to partake in an away mission, and with other Physicians tied up in duties, he could only stipulate that Thea had discerned that he was the available party to welcome the transfers to Sickbay.

“Thank you Thea.” Vinata replied calmly and rose from his seat. His tunic and skirt uniform were still stained in blood. Had he not even taken a brief moment to change since the earlier battle? No - Vinata had carried on with his duties as best as possible since the terrible events of earlier had taken place. Rather he forgot how disheveled he appeared although given the state of those around him, he certainly was not alone in that. The state of Sickbay was rather embarrassing. The area had taken heavy damage during the battle and due to the insurgence of Klingons and their ravaging-Gorn beasts.

“Relief staff… Yes… This is good news.” He nodded to himself as he spoke, trying to find some silver lining in their current situation. News of the Oneida’s arrival had travelled down to the bowels of Sickbay, with a welcomed reply from everyone. The medical staff on board Theurgy had taken a hard hit during this last battle, many had died, those left behind had to bear the scars of the horrific events. Vinata himself could barely manage to keep up on things, despite his best efforts.

They needed help. It was most welcome.

The Ovri straightened out his bloodied uniform before making way to the beam-in site to welcome those who would join the crew-of-the-damned. Vinata did his best to smile and put on some facade of calmness.

OOC: @Auctor Lucan Feel free to adjust our time if you feel it does not align properly. We gave our best estimate.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: CH07: S [D03|1840] A Battered Welcome

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Lt. Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN @Aharon @Luciain

Arven materialized in the beam-in site of the Theurgy's sickbay. However, taking a breath that should have smelled of disinfectant and clean recycled air wasn't what he got. Both phasers and Klingon disruptors caused the unique smell left behind by the frying air. There was the metallic scent of blood, Iron for humans and Klingons, copper for Vulcanoids, and then a few scents that he wasn't quite so familiar to him. There weren't any fecal scents of death, but the aroma of sweat and blood hung heavy on the air for the Trill.

His eyes go wide unconsciously as his memory flashes back to the scents and oppressive heat of the Prison camp. The smooth breath was turning into a gasp that triggers a cough. That powerful fear of the Cardassians and Dominion gripping his heart for the briefest of moments. But for a few seconds, his composure was broken by the memories before he could re-establish that control. Arven brings an arm up to his mouth the very moment he does to cover the cough giving himself a moment or two to recover.  By the time he was, he'd managed to plaster a smile on his face, and offers his left hand to Vojona.

"Doctor Arven Leux at your service. It looks like the medical staff really does need us, where can we be of assistance?" He smiles politely, gesturing to Nurse Locke, who had transported in with him. "If It helps at all, I am quite skilled in dealing with traumatic injuries. You could almost call me a specialist with them." There was a calm professional tone to his voice, even if his eyes were still wide from the initial shock of the memories and the general state of Sickbay.

Arven didn't have much with him, only a small duffle bag. He could deal with his quarter's assignment later, and this had took precedence, besides Arven traveled light anyway. All of his belongings that couldn't just be recycled fit into one bag.

He smiles politely then, remembering the proper procedure for boarding the ship. "Permission to come aboard Ensign?" between himself and Katie, he was the senior of the two officers, so the formality fell to him.

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[Ens. Katie Locke | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Tae @Aharon

There was a smell that was unique to a medical ward in the aftermath of a major emergency, the smell of blood that hadn't had a chance to diffuse, to dissipate and the disinfectant that showed that an emergency wasn't happening right this moment. It was one that had become all too familiar to the young nurse during her residency on earth, she knew that given time the smells would fade away and the more common scents of the ward would reassert themselves. It was the cycle of things, the pulse that made a hospital seem like a living organism. Breathing and growing, each different ward moving to its own pace and its own beat.

She'd just gotten used to the Onieda, to the pulse of the hospital and crew and now she found herself uprooted and cast into a new ship, a new hospital. Her grandmother had warned her this was a possibility of life in Starfleet, and if she were honest there was a part of her that was looking forward to it, if there was one thing her vast experience had taught her it was that it would always have some kind of twist, some kind of issue that would come out of left field. It was just the nature of the job.

Which was why Arven's reaction caught her off guard, that moment of shock and uncertainty from the normally composed doctor was something that she had never seen from him during their service together. He normally seemed so solid, so dependable, a rock in the middle of the medical ward helping to direct the flow of staff and patients to where they needed to go. Large brown eyes flitted around the ward for a moment, wondering what could have set him off before settling on his face, a hint of worry showing before she caught herself and pulled her attention back to the Ovri greeting them. It had only taken Arven a moment to gather himself and return to the dependable doctor she'd gotten used to, or at least close enough to it to allay the brunette's worry. At least for now as she took her cue from him.

"Ensign Katherine Locke reporting for duty."

Just like that, a new ship, a new adventure.

"Where do you need me? I'm more of a generalist but I'm happy to help wherever you need."

The young woman had left her bags behind, trusting on the logistics team to have them deposited in her quarters. Easier to trust them and hope that some slight clerical error didn't leave her clothes transported to the middle of the bridge or the captains quarters. That would...not be the first impression she'd hope to make on her new crew.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Luciain @Tae

As Vinata processed the sight of the two officers materializing in the space in front of him, he felt himself breathe a little easier. They were both a very welcomed addition to the Theurgy medical team.

The Ovri took in the sight of a tall, slim but well toned Trill with the rank of Lieutenant - the man was by all accounts quite physically attractive as far as Vinata was concerned, his eyes a striking and intriguing violet colour. He found himself staring for an impolite amount of time at Arven and quickly shifted his view to the strikingly shorter female officer, who held the rank of Ensign. There was a humorous juxtaposition in the heights of the two personnel. The young female had beautifully styled brunette hair and a generous bust, Vinata found her to be quite physically appealing too.

“Permission granted. You are both most welcome here, Doctor Arvin and Nurse Locke.” Vinata extended his hands outwards palm-up and bowed slightly, he offered a greeting of welcome and respect among his own people to both of them. “I am Head Nurse, Ensign Vinata Vojona. I wish I could be welcoming you to our team in less dire circumstances.” While offering them a verbal greeting as well, Vinata had taken into consideration both of their introductions - already thinking in his mind where their respective skill-sets would be best utilized within the department.

“There is certainly no shortage of work here at the moment. May I give you a brief tour to orientate you to the space before offloading working assignments?” Vinata’s eyes glimmered and blinked several times as he gave both of his colleagues an inquisitive and curious look. He felt it both polite but also useful to give the officers a general orientation to the space before throwing them into the rotation - he certainly did not doubt their ability to practice in an environment different from their own within the Oneida’s, he hoped it would not come off as such.

As the group traversed the main sickback area, Vinata made introductions to those officers and staff who had a free moment to interact with them. It would be clear to the group that the medical staff were busy, tired, and currently well worked. It would also be clear, visibly to Arven and Katie, that there had been a massacre of sorts in the department. Carpets, walls, stations in several different areas had still been blood stained.

Repair crews had to use their time wisely, Vinata knew this. Sadly - the space was functioning for the most part and aesthetics would come secondary or tertiary to other priorities. “As you can see, we have been through a great ordeal in this space. The entire ship has been. Sadly, our department was especially hit during the invasion by enemy forces….” Up until now Vinata had been quite chatty, that was until the group entered the surgical suite area. Flashbacks of the events earlier in the day came to the forefront of his mind and caused him to stammer a bit.

There was an awkward silence now, Vinata had fallen quiet and his front of confidence had been hampered. Thoughts of nearly losing his dear friend Kate, Lieutenant Lance - the patient they had worked hard to save and his own life flashed through his mind. The screams of those who had been murdered by the Klingons, staff and colleagues he had worked with who were no more. His chest tightened and it was as if with every flashback, more breath had been stolen from him.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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Lt. Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN @Aharon @Luciain

Arven smiled politely to Vinata. he wasn't quite used to Ovri, and he'd met very few during his time in Starfleet. Vinata was the first that he'd encountered. But he knew who he was going to be meeting when he reported to the Theurgy. And he'd read the short dossier that he'd had access to. So Arven wasn't sure if Ovri were sexually dimorphic like humans if he was trans, or something entirely different. But the choice of gender that Vinata preferred was noted, so he smiles politely and bows politely at the waist to Vinata.

"A pleasure to meet you then, Sir, and glad to be aboard." he'd recovered relatively well from his flashbacks to the camps, specifically that day that some of his fellow prisoners had attempted an escape. The smell of scorched materials from weapons fire, and the slight strange gaseous smell that high energy particles left behind.

Arven moved slowly behind Vinata, keeping a pace that paired well with him. So he notices the shortening of breath when Vinata speaks about the invasion. He was by no means schooled in how Ovri reacted, but he'd seen enough fear responses in the POW camp and the mirror every morning that he recognized the signs. Arven frowns slightly and reaches out, placing a strong hand on Vinata's shoulder. Giving a polite squeeze to Vinata's shoulder, he smiles softly, nodding to the much shorter man.

"If you want to talk later, we can. I understand." Sure, Arven was taking a chance, but he hoped that Vinata would understand what he was talking about right now. His own eyes were flicking to the various phaser and disruptor burns that marred the walls and floor.

"Anyway, call me Arven. My specialty is Internal medicine, if you're not aware. I'm also a fair hand with trauma and other combat-related injuries, especially on patients that are..." he pauses, getting that thousand-yard stare again. His entire demeanor seemed to shift and withdraw slightly on him, and It was clear that Arven had baggage of his own.  "Patients that are not in ideal condition."

Looking around Sickbay, he sighs heavily and looks to Vinata then, giving a significant look, after noting the condition of the staff that was still hanging around. "It might not be my place to suggest this yet Sir, Sickbay is still yours. But I'd suggest that everyone finish with their current patients and get some rest. You've all been through hell. It's time to step out of that fire and have as many people hit their bunks as possible. We don't know how much more we're going to see before the day is over. So if everyone's stable, it's time for the current shift to rest." Arven's concern for the sickbay staff was obvious, just as clearly as he was concerned for the rest of the crew.  Arven knew that he could go for most of the remainder of the shift himself, and he looks over to Katie, hoping that she'd have his back on this one. He'd built his career on being an excellent administrator, efficient, and caring as much for his staff as he did the patients.

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[Ens. Katie Locke | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Tae @Aharon

There was a sense of tension in the air of the medbay, a sense of breaths being held, of people waiting for the other shoe to drop. Katie had seen it before, had been through that herself, it was the feeling of a hospital right after an emergency after a catastrophe. That sense of exhaustion, of not being sure it was over, that another wave of patients wouldn’t come streaming through the door. You might intellectually know that it was over but…that didn’t mean that you had accepted that emotionally. It was the shadow lurking behind the eyes of the staff, from the nurse in the corner to the clerk hunched over his screen.

It was a tension that would ebb away, would settle in time but that didn’t mean they couldn’t help it along.

The petite brunette took a half-step forward hand reaching out to the Ovri’s shouler for a moment before she caught herself, unsure of how they’d take the gesture. Instead she emulated Vinata, dipping into a bow of her own.

“We’d be happy to help out however you need us to.”

Soft brown eyes flicked around, taking in the patients around the room, the state of the other members of the team before she glanced back at her superior, a bright smile lighting up her face.

“You seem to have everyone well taken care of and there’s no better way for us to get used to how you run your medical bay than rolling up our sleeves and diving in.”

The young woman glanced over at Arven, catching his eye before nodding at him. Managing the staff, the sickbay was still something that was still far above her paygrade but…these were her future colleagues, her future friends. If she could help out if they could relieve some of the stress and pressure, then why wouldn’t they?

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Tae @Luciain

If it was at all possible for an Ovri to blush, Vinata’s cheeks felt flushed at the Doctor referring to him as Sir. It was what the Nurse could only think as an expression of respect but certainly not something that he had been used to hearing, being an Ensign and all.

“Please, Doctor. You do not need to call me Sir. Nurse Vojona or Vinata will do just fine.” If anything, Vinata should have been calling him Sir. Sickbay however - traditionally was not the most formal of postings within a vessel to play on rank though. Each of the officers here had their roles and that is what mattered more than pips on a collar.

Vinata had enough insight into himself to know that he had let some of his cards show, in terms of his current condition and how he was processing things. The Ovri had chosen ignorance thus far in acknowledging the signs and symptoms of acute post-traumatic stress - he could sense and understand the change in tone and body language from Arven especially. It was both empathy and awareness on Leux’s part - this both set Vinata to ease while still stirring up feelings of nervous swirls in his abdomen. 

The Ovri bowed his head politely to Doctor Leux. He was able to understand the Trill’s meaning, and was certain his expression and gesture confirmed for the young doctor that he did indeed understand and appreciate. Vinata, however, was just not at a point to fully acknowledge what he was dealing with. At least not yet. His new colleagues' offer would be tucked away for now - and would possibly be cashed in down the road.

Doctor Leux’s counterpart, the Nurse Practitioner Katie Locke seemed most sweet and genuine too. Both of them would make welcome and fine additions to the Theurgy Medical team. It was clear to the new Head Nurse that both of them were eager to contribute and take some of the workload off of the exhausted medical personnel.

“Thank you both for your willingness to help out. I cannot express how grateful we are to have you here. I am certain my words will not do that justice. I will put you both into the roster immediately…” The Ovri led the two away from the area they were in, he certainly felt some relief upon exiting the surgical bay where the gorn assault had taken place.

Not even ten seconds upon the group nearing the Head Nurses’ desk, the doors to the Intensive Care Unit swished open and a young junior nurse ran out to them. “We need some backup in here. Bed three is crashing, I can’t maintain their blood pressure.” There was a panicked look in the exhausted face of the over-tired and overworked officer.

Vinata did little to hide back a sigh. While most had recovered or were on their way to recovery, a few of the victims from the Klingon/Gorn assault were still riding a fine line in critical condition. The Ovri looked to Katie and Arven both, words not coming out of his mouth but his face certainly showing a shared plea and ask of Will you help?.
Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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Lt. Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN @Aharon @Luciain

Arven nodded politely to back up Nurse Locke on her statement, Katie was right. The two of them were here to assist as part of the medical crew of the Theurgy. Even though Arven might eventually take an assistant CMO role, his first duty was to the patients, not what his service jacket said. So his career could wait, especially now. He gave a polite nod to Vinata, giving him a polite enough smile. "Very well, Vinata, though you'll pardon me if I slip up though and..."

And that was when the young Nurse came out of the ICU and let them know that a patient was crashing. Arven sighed then and shook his head. Yep, just his luck set foot in sickbay, and someone starts going down.  The moment Vinata asks if they'd help, an eyebrow rises rather swiftly as he moves over to a station to sanitize before entering the ICU. "Of course, we'll help, Vinata. This is why we're here." That being said, and his hands sanitized, Arven steps into the ICU and follows the junior Nurse over to the crashing patient.

Arven looks at the patient's chart rather quickly since he had been tended to. "Hmm, wounds from a bat'leth, blunt force trauma, lacerations, four broken ribs, and internal bleeding... This is pleasant. It looks like most of it was tended to.." Arven trails off as she takes a look at the new tricorder scans, and he doesn't immediately see anything? Maybe he was missing something, and he probably was, had to be. The trill chews on his bottom lip for a moment and looks over to Katie and Vinata. "Looks like Crewman Steinbrenner is still a bit of a mess inside. I hope that either of you can spot it, because I don't see a reason on the scans for why he's starting to crash." He didn't want to begin cutting or anything that could jeopardize the Crewman's life. This wasn't an active battlefield, and it wasn't the prison camp. Right now, finding the source of the bleeding and stopping it was the primary issue at hand.

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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Tae @Luciain

Vinata was very thankful to have the help - clearly Crewman Steinbrenner had moved away from this state of stability. Something was wrong. Being the well run machine that they were in the Theurgy sickbay, one of the staff had already grabbed a second plasma infusion generator and had begun hooking the crewman up.

It would at least help buy them some time to figure out what was wrong exactly. The Crewman’s blood pressure did elevate somewhat from the extra support. Vinata could see both Arven and Katie thinking furiously about the case in front of them -- truth be told, based on the scans available, the root cause of the bleeding was not obvious.

Within a few moments though - Vinata could tell that both Arven and Katie had managed to ascertain the cause and fell into tandem with one another to address the situation. It only helped further alleviate Vinata’s stress. They were even more grateful to have the new and clearly skilled members of their medical team.

The Ovri gave both of them a sincere look of thanks before he stepped away - hoping to catch a moment's rest. That moment would not come however - as more work awaited them all.

Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

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