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CH06: S [D03|1450] Detour

[Zyrao Natauna – Klingon Liaison | Up for Air | A Quick Hit | Slight Detour]

Her bridge duty was done.

Things had been rough, the battle had been no joke, and there were times she had almost thought it was going to be the end of her lifetime.  She wasn't fearful of the end, as some might be, though she knew that she would fight tooth and nail to make it one more second.  That was just her nature, fear didn't settle well in her stomach, but that didn't mean she would die easily.  That was most certainly against her very being. 

They had made it, however, the hull was likely pockmarked with burns and varying arrays of weaponry that impacted the ship while they fought against the Klingon desperate to get as many on Martok's or at least off of Gorka's side.  For a long moment, post battle, Zyrao had leaned against the console she had been using and thrust a hand up into her short hair leaving it there as she forced her mind to come back down off the battle-high.  It was something that didn't just go away, the blood lust, the need and desire to protect, defend, and harm was not something you could just swipe away when it was what made the blood in your veins pump.  She had gotten better control of it over the years of her life, and yet the come-down still took a mental toll.

When she had been able to stand sturdy on her knees and her heart rate had returned to more normalcy she had stepped from the Bridge allowing someone else to utilize her console.  Afterall, she would not be needed right away and truthfully she could use the break after her long tenures along the bridge while helping against the battle for dominance.  Stepping off the Bridge also helped her mind set.  To see the simple expanses of the corridor beyond, to know that she could step away and the fear of some mis-step in the battle while she was off duty was almost non-existant.

A deep breath exhaled from her lungs, as the tattooed woman unzipped the jacket she had been wearing on the Bridge and chucked it at the nearest replicator allowing it to de-replicate.  Her arms and tattoos on full display, the rigid muscles of her arms only making the massive amount of tattoos show more beautifully.  She felt like she could breathe better with the less restrictive clothing of a tank top instead of the jacket.  For a moment, Zyrao shoved her hands deep into her pockets and began to prowl down the corridor, hell bent on her Quarters, a shower, a nap, and probably some food before she was due back on Bridge duty. 

Quarters sounded nice.  A place where she could be herself, where she didn't have to make in the moment decisions that could turn the tide of the battle before her.  She thrived on such things, but the come-down of the actions on the Bridge always exhausted her.  When endorphins left the body had quite the let down.  Using so many resources before to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep moving forward wore the body out and Zyrao was the kind that probably could us a small pick me up.

Company could be nicer...

The thought stopped Zyrao in her tracks nearly causing a support officer to collide with her backside but decades strong dodge tactics stepped in and Zyrao side stepped to avoid the collision.  Looking up at the nearby signage to designate her current location Zyrao altered her course in the hopes of finding Foval where she expected he might be.  As a Diplomat he would likely be with the others, or in his Quarters, but as duty had only just ended she hoped that her escape from the Bridge preceeded his escape from his station.  It wasn't the longest walk, and she moved there with more energy than she swore she would have had moments ago. 

Familiar with the area anyway due to her own Liaison work and the times she had to step in for the Klingon she had no trouble finding the location.  As she rounded the bend to his location she saw him just having left the Diplomatic offices, likely to seek his own solitude and rest.  But, she had other plans for him.  Grabbing him by the back of his robes, she gave him not even a second to respond in any other way but surprise as she pushed him up against the corridor wall and in moments he felt her entire body pressing against him from the front. 

A familiar smirk crossed her face.  “Just the man I was looking for.” she stated as she lowered her lips to his in a very unchaste kiss here in the corridor.

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[Lt. Foval | Waiting | A Suprise| To be wanted] @BZ

The funny thing about being a diplomatic officer is that when the phasers start bouncing, and the ever growing amount of torpedos start to fly, people in Foval’s position have failed, or at least, the situation is long past anything useful he can bring to the problem, except for the chief diplomatic officers right to exclaim “I told you so” which Rutherford may be exercising this very minute.  All he can do in these circumstances  is batten down the hatches and be ready if one of his secondary specialisms  are needed because someone his hurt in one of the other departments.

With the danger apparently passed Foval was about to go and check that he was needed in the Diplomatic Council.    Wearing ceremonial robes he had taken to wear over his uniform, things seemed (mostly) under control. 

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt himself grabbed from behind.  Before he could accumulate to the new set of circumstances, he was turned around and had a very welcome, and very familiar form pressed up against him. 

“And hello to you too.”  The kiss they shared was liberating.  The Daamaq mission had been anything but smooth, and he did wonder how effective the mission had been in raising support for Martok, would the mission had been more successful if he had been better at his job?  Yet with Zy pressing against his lips, his concerns became secondary   

“And what can I help you with today?” 
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[Zyrao Natauna - Klingon Liaison | Good Moments are Hard to Find | Just a Little Time | Life is too Crazy for More]

The kiss was certainly one that had officers stopping or at the very least staring at the open display of the two.  She assumed, that a lot of it had to do with whom was kissing whom.  Firstly, there was a former borg holding onto a woman.  She knew the stigma that surrounded Foval and all that his past had entailed.  She herself had thought many similar thoughts initially.  However, she had been around long enough in life that she was not about to let herself be swayed by something as simple minded as prejudice.  It was completely out of his control that he had been assimilated and those that judged Foval had no idea what he had been through in his life.  She was glad, that she had taken that time initially to have a drink with him and get to know him a little bit better, able to see past the Borg implants and into the man that had come through it all.  Secondly, there was the Klingon Liaison with more ink than flesh on her skin.  She was harsh, sarcastic, and certainly keeping the crew of the Theurgy on their toes.  There was no denying her centuries of experience, but the way she carried herself rubbed people the wrong way.  She was all confidence and that had come from all of her years, all she had over come, not one single person on this ship knew even enough about her past to understand the truth of who Zyrao Natauna was.  Not even Martok.

As the kiss ended, she immediately felt more centered.  It wasn't as if she was the sort of woman that wished to lean on a man or any other really.  Since coming on board the Theurgy she had dallied with a couple women, had a short relationship with Thomas Ravon, which had ended after she punched his co-worker and nearly drowned her... but that was besides the point.  It was more that Zyrao wanted to have someone that had her back, that she could talk to, open up to, and perhaps Foval could be that person.  They both came to the relationship with complicated pasts filled with pain and discomfort.  Both of them had memories that they would both rather not talk about and yet both in one way or another would likely need to talk about them.  It was hard to find the right person for that sort of thing, but, perhaps finally. 

Only time would tell.

"Well, since we have a couple hours or so, I'd really like you and me... someone's Quarters.  Food and companionship." she admitted.  Zyrao was not the sort to beat around the bush.  While she would and could hands down go for some bedroom time, what she really wanted after such a long period of battle tactics, space strategies, and attacks was some quiet companionship at the moment.  That didn't mean they wouldn't Christen someone's floor, couch, table, wall.. by the end of it.  First though, she wanted to re-center herself.

"What do you say?  Or are you busy?  I know your job is demanding." she admitted, putting a little space between them and shoving her hands in her pockets, a habit she had developed a long time ago when she had nothing better to do with them. 

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[Lt. Foval| Getting used to this| Take a picture | My place?] @BZ

Perhaps, somewhere in Foval’s subconscious there was a trace of the Vulcan who would have been vehemently against such an illogical display.    However that Vulcan died when he was assimilated into the collective.  The creature that emerged had the high analytical skills of his people, yet no longer felt bound by the devotion to logic. 

Her kiss was both soothing and energizing.    Relaxing and invigorating.    Although he had accepted his emotions, he was not completely cognisant of emotional subtlety.  While he had given his duties his full attention, there was some small part of him that was worried that he had misjudged the situation with her, or that he had been somehow inadequate  To have her return so actively was a relief to him.  He barely registered the stares, they almost seemed longer this time, and that in tern inspired another emotion in Foval, dare he say, excitement at the disapproval he was generating. 

He thought about the growing list of PADDS on his desk, and missives in his database.  “I have been quite busy, I expect if I look hard enough there will be plenty to keep me busy, however in this moment, here, now, I have no obligations.    My time is your time.”  He held out his arm and looked at her marvelling at her strong beauty.    “ We haven’t been to my quarters.” He continued.  “There isn’t much to them, but I am beginning to understand it is the company, not the environment that makes a place.” 
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[Zyrao Natauna | Taking Advantage of Time | Screw Paperwork | Work Later- Fun Now]

He seemed to enjoy the kiss and even more so, she noticed that he visibly relaxed once it was over and they were just left standing there in one another's arms.  It was nice to have someone to seek out, if this would last forever, she had no idea, but for the moment she had to admit that the thrill and excitement about finding him exactly where she thought he would be had been nice.  Zyrao knew that they were an odd match but that didn't bother her in the least.  She had always been an oddity anyway, with her tattoos, her scars, her past, and her age.  Her race was another aspect of oddity and so she was fully used to standing out and being the center of everyone's attention; not necessarily in good ways.

Foval admitted that he had been very busy and if he looked hard enough he could find things to do.  Zyrao rose her brow, wondering where this was going.  If he was busy, that was fine, she would shower and seek a nap for herself.  However, her first thought had been to see if he was available for companionship.  The battle had been grueling and between tactics of assistance and her own job between the Klingon and Starfleet her mind and body were tired.  When he admitted that he didn't have any obligations at the moment and his time was her time the smile brightened on her face as she gave a nice small nod.

Holding out his arm to her, Zyrao gave a bit of a smile and slid her arm in his.  She was old enough to appreciate a gesture like that.  He told her that his Quarters didn't have much to them, but he was eager to take her there today. It was his turn, though he had come to realize that it was the company within and not the items that made the room. 

“I couldn't agree more, lead the way.” she said as they walked side by side.  “I think we could possibly have something to eat, and relax.” she stated thinking about what they could do. Zyrao wasn't game for the things she normally would.  If she had enough energy she might have hit the gym before coming to find Foval or let him continue his work while she worked out.  But, she didn't have that kind of energy at the moment and was looking forward to a relaxing experience if they could manage one.  Not that she wasn't interested in other stuff, almost anything that wasn't strenuous was still on the table but she also didn't know enough about Foval to know what he did in his spare time. 

“What would you like to do in our short break time?” she asked as they walked, she letting him take the lead.

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[Lt. JG Foval | When is a cabin a home | The shelves are bare| What now?!] @BZ

As they walked, Foval was taken aback by her question.  He didn’t have much in the way of things to pass the time.    After he was presumed dead, his personal items that weren’t on the Tolstoy when it was destroyed were either given to relatives or put into storage.  Not that he could have brought anything across anyway, as he travelled light when Anderson sent him to meet the ship. 

“I must confess” Foval said as they arrived at the turbolift.  “I did not have the opportunity to bring what few possessions I have left.    My replicator is at your disposal.  I daresay it’s much the same as your replicator just in my quarters.” 

The turbolift took them through the bowels of the mighty ship, with little to no visible to sign to the ocupants that the small car was taking them at break neck speeds.  “Do not expect too much, and you may be pleasantly surprised.” 

Whereas Zyrao’s quarters had almost in a sense been like stepping off the ship, Foval’s were practically like stepping into another room of the ship, albeit one configured for Vulcans.  The head and light were adjusted to represent his homeworld, but the gravity was still set to normal, to prevent Foval from having to overly adjust when he moved between the threshold. 

The quarters were of course immaculate.    A single PADD was neatly set on his desk if he wished to read on his bed, or out of the ship.  The nooks behind his desk that usually held photos or brickabrak from officers lives were all bare. 
In fact, the only non standard piece of furniture was a single clothing rail on wheels.  It contained four immaculately pressed and clean uniforms, along with a set of dress whites that were wrapped in a see through over.  The base of the rack appeared to have compartments for socks and underwear, and another pair of boots rested atop it.   

A flood of uncertainty washed over Foval.  Just what should he do now.  He started to reel off questions as they hit him.  “Are the heat and light appropriate?  Can I get you a drink?    Would you like something to eat?”  He gestured towards the small sofa and coffee table.  “Would you like to take a seat?” 

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[Zyrao Natauna | Surprises | Finding Common Ground | Learning of One Another]

Zyrao could see the surprise that crossed his face as she asked him what he liked to do with his down time, what he might plan.  He admitted that he had brought no personal effects from his old posting here after being a Borg and so he had nothing that he really fell back on in times of need.  She could most certainly understand embarking on a new life without the most precious of things.  Zyrao had long ago given up caring deeply for things as simple as possessions.  Honestly, she had lost everything important to her long ago.  She collected books and she collected tea, but those had been destroyed on the Klingon ship she had recently been a member of.  Some of her more ancient books had been left on Aldea, the next best thing to a home she had, and she had picked up enough to fill her book case.  The tea she had bought from various shops on Aldea but the collection was minute and she wished to fill it more throughout travels, however, right now it would have to do. 

Replicated tea was blasphemy.

“I believe we will occupy ourselves with certainty.” she told him as they moved through the decks inside the turbolift.

His room was very much the average Starfleet room.  It's greige walls, and it's simple carpets.  The bed was exactly where hers had been before she moved it, and much of the room was devoid of much of anything.  Hers was quite similar except for the aforementioned books and tea.  The lighting was different, and she had a feeling that it must be more comfortable for him, but she hadn't any real idea as she had never been to Vulcan nor really researched it's environment either.  Perhaps at some point she would ask him about it, but for now, she was just taking in everything that she could about the way that he had set up his environment, his home.  As her grey eyes shifted around the room, she took in all the details, or really lack there of.  She was glad that she wasn't wearing the sleeves to her flight suit because the likelihood was, she would be sweating.  It was warmer than she was used to, not uncomfortable mind you, she had slept and lived in worse places.  It would be hard to find something that truly made her uncomfortable.

“They're fine.” she stated when he asked, unsuredly, about them.  Her eyes finding his as he asked if she would prefer a drink.  She felt the word 'tea' forming on her lips but knew that replicated tea would only ruin the entire evening a fact that she was not keen on realizing at this time.  “Just chilled water, would be fine, I'd like something stronger but, that might get me in trouble.” she admitted as she crossed to the sofa while he inquired after food. 

Pausing in a half-seated position thinking about her answer to what she might want to eat.  “I have heard of a concoction that several officers swear by and yet I have not yet partaken.  Predominately because the size is too large for one person and detest waste.” she admitted lowering herself finally onto the cushions of the couch and looking over at him.  “It is called pizza, it is greasy, and cheesy, and there are meats on top, but I have heard it is good to eat.  I am not much of one for carbohydrates and yet, after today, it's either those or booze.” she shrugged a singular shoulder.

She crossed one leg over the other, her eyes following Foval as he moved over to the replicator.  She really ought to get up and help him, but she was tired, his couch was comfortable, and that meant it was nap inducing.  No, she could not destroy a perfectly good time together, rare as they might be, to take a nap.  Forcing her tired eyes open she brushed a hand through her hair.  This was going to take some actual assistance.  Getting up as he turned with food and drinks she passed him and used his replicator to make a 3D chess set for them.  She carried it back to the table and set it up so they could play while they ate.  This would allow her to keep her mind moving and sharp so that she could stay awake.  Though what she really wanted to do was eat her fill, rest her head on his shoulder, and take a nap in the safety of his arms. 

“Care for a game while we eat?” she asked looking at him with a playful smile on her face.

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[Lt. Foval | Doesn't everyone?| She's at home| The game is afoot] @BZ

Foval went to the replicator and brought up a pizza menu.  From his days in the academy, he knew that the specific configuration of the dish could cause heated discussion at the selection stage  Individual preferences, dietary requirements, and from what he understood, debate even raged about weather the terran Pineapple fruit was a suitable topping, to say nothing of the various alien flora and fauna that were had been trialled as topping by alien chefs since Earth arrived in the stars. 

“Do you have any objection to meat?” asked Foval.  “In general liket most of my people I  do not eat food that has been killed unless there is no alternative.  However, it was necessary to eat meat when I was castaway.”  He patted the replicator.  “And of course, this creates approximations of meat that were never alive” 

He looked over at Zyao, and felt a tinge of gratification that she had made herself at home so quickly.  His profound connection still caught him off guard.  Meat, even replicated was still taboo to most Vulcans as they would argue that at some point an animal died to created the original genome.  To admit his views to her was a sign of great trust.   

“Computer 1 pizza, ham, Chicago style.”  There was a chirp of acknowledgement, and within seconds, a flash of light was quickly replaced by a piping hot pizza on a tray 

He watched as she got up and passed him, for a second he thought she was going to help him, instead she moved over to the replocator and brought back a 3D Chess set. 

“I am not the best player.” He confirmed as he set the plates of food down,  the smell of offerings  taunting  his senses.  “However, I am always up for fun.” 
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[Zyrao Natauna | Strategies of the Strategist | Positions of Trust | Familiarity]

An objection to meat, was not a question she often got.  However, it wasn't often that she actually ate carbohydrates, it was even less so that she consumed sugar.  It was not so much about the fact that she felt the body was a temple or any other analogies that people liked to bandy about.  She had grown up eating lean protein and vegetation to hone her body just right for the El-Aurian Defense Force.  It was not something to easily join and the peak condition was always sought after.  Zy had wanted to be one of the top if not the top.  She had not achieved the top ranking but she had been in the top ten percent of her graduating class and was glad for the discipline it had instilled in her.  Years and years of being a slave and forced to work for the most meager of disgusting meals, had made her cherish the good meals from back home and yearn for their hearty flavors and tender meat.  Once she was back in civilized society where she was allowed to chose her own food choices she found herself settling back into the familiar foods of her home when it was possible, but for the most part it was not.  If she could eat Klingon cuisine she could stomach just about anything.  She had yearned for real food, especially El-Aurian food, but it was hard to come across and even harder to teach a replicator how to make as many of their kind were extinct and not enough were around to teach it.  Though she had made sure some of her favorite recipes were in the system, what she could remember, anyway.

“I have no objections,” she stated, she actually would prefer more meat, than bread.  “Perhaps the bread part could be less, bread?  Thinner than a normal pizza.” she added after a moment.

He had explained that he did not generally eat food that had to be killed unless he had no alternative.  However, when he was a castaway he was forced to consume things outside his comfort one.  He was also comfortable with meat from a replicator because it was never once alive, only an approximation of meat, not the real deal. 

“It is amazing, is it not, the things we will change in ourselves to survive.” she commented as he continued to press buttons on the machine to make their order just the way they wanted it.  “I too, kept in captivity was forced to consume things I would rather not recall.  Klingon cuisine is palatable but no one would call it delicious, as well.” she added on a hint of smile in her voice as she looked over her shoulder at him while he ordered the pizza for them from the replicator.

When she came back with the chess set after he had sat down with the pizza, she smirked as he told her that he wasn't very good at the game.  There was that classic smirk on her face.  “I do not expect you to win, but I enjoy a good game.” she said softly as she set up the game board for the both of them since he might not know how.  She was excited to play, and she didn't get to have fun that often nor did she have someone to play with very often.  She didn't even mind if it was easy, though she had a feeling that Foval would make it at least worth her time to play.  Once she made her first move she leaned over and picked up her first piece of pizza piled high with meat and beautiful cheese.

“Your move.” she stated before taking her first bite and chewing.  Once his move was made she took her turn again.  “What did you do during the mission?  I spent my time on the Bridge speaking to and through Martok about the situation with the Klingon.  There are many hard feelings on the ship due to the lounge.  Not to mention what happened in Engineering.” she sighed softly.  “I do wonder if peace can ever fully be achieved, and yet, I already know the answer.”

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[Lt J.G Foval| Keeping it on the board | staying behind | Musings on peace]
Foval was a competent chess player.  Give him a computer, he might win two out of 3 times.  Give him a Vulcan, it was 50/50  However, despite the apparent contradiction, emotional beings were most difficult for him to predict.  So, even before the start of the game, where Zyao said that she didn’t expect him to win.  He raised an eye brow. 

“In our love-making, I have shown you an a side of myself no one has ever seen.£ he said.  “Perhaps that is enough to understand my potential at this game.  However, I must also this may be a case of what humans refer to as the physch-out in which an opponent is tricked into second guessing potential stragems, and fail to perform at peak performance.”  He hesitated a second before moving his knight.

She asked him about the mission.  “I must confess that my contribution to the mission came with trying to recruit house Daa’maq to Martok’s banner.  It almost got, ‘messy’.”  He didn’t want to go into further detail but continued.  “It sounds like you had quite the adventure.  I must confess I was somewhat envious.” 

He thought on her comment about piece.  “Unfortunately, it is inherent in all lifeforms to measure themselves against others.    As beings we talk about peace as an affluent and noble concept, but ultimately it is simply when the alternative to war is more lucarative.  Take the Klingons as a race.  From the earliest meetings with Johnathan Archer, Klingons were measuring themselves against Human targets.    Federation territory or at least, potential Federation territory became a prize to fight for.  Although the Organians stepped in and put an end to all out war, there were always little battles with Starfleet to test their resolve, if ever the Organians decided to take their eyes off the situation, or another race stepped into the breach.  But Praxis exploded.  It was better to peace and deal with the mess, rather than fight these skirmishes, and manage a natural disaster.  Then, less than a hundred years later, and admiedtly under the influence of a changeling, the Klingons decided that taking, and holding Cardassia was more valuable than carrying on the alliance.  And in turn they decided it was more profitable to build peace with the Federation to face the unified Dominion.  Ultimately peace only ever needs to be more profitable than war.” 

He raised his water and moved his next piece  “Here’s to peace.”
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[Zyrao Natauna | Stress Relief | Pizza is Actually Good | A Vulcan-A Borg-An El-Aurian Play Chest | Sounds Like a Bad Joke]

His face pleasantly showed the surprise of her bravado concerning the game.  Watching him was like a fine game, psyching out an opponent was definitely part of the game.  It was worth it to give it a shot and see what she was able to do.  She knew that Foval had been through a lot but this kind of mental limbo was not going to harm him in any way but instead just make the game that much more fun.  Foval, it seemed, also knew the art of the come-back and one she was glad to see.  Zyrao would not find herself entertained with a spineless male for any length of time, she needed someone that could stand up with her, beside her, and give her back what she gave.  It was important that there was a heavy balance between two partners in a relationship.  Foval and Zyrao were still getting to know each other and she had to admit to actually enjoying this part.  They had already gone to bed together but the rest of the relationship still needed to be built up.

He explained that no one had ever seen the side of him that he had shown during love making.  This made Zyrao's brow rise to match his own.  Inwardly, she wondered who he had slept with before, if he was stepping outside his usual box now, with her, clearly there was something interesting going on in his mind.  She wasn't sure that she deserved all of his trust in that way but she certainly felt the need to earn it. 

Foval wondered out loud if she was trying to psyche him out so that he would concentrate more on the moves that she was making than her own. Almost proving her right when he hesitated before making his move.  She had decided what her second move would be based on the likelihood of one of three most common moves she had narrowed down for his personality.  You could learn a lot from someone when you played games with them.  “A psyche out would just be an amateur move, I only stated my confidence in triumph so that you would not feel surprised at the end.  Some men can be such sore losers.”  Again, she was playing with him, but again her tone was completely serious as she moved without hesitation to move her Bishop to it's new home a bit of humor dancing in her eyes.

As he began to talk about work, they traded various moves.  He told her that his sole mission was to get the house Daa'maq over to Martok's side and it had almost ended messily.  She could only imagine with Klingon being the way that they were, it could get messy rather quickly.  She was glad that he was already, she would hate to have to beat some Klingon faces in because they had taken a disliking to Foval.  She knew that it was hard for him, being partially Borg, it wasn't easy for him to make friends and even more so to be a diplomat in the way that he would probably like.  Were he solely Vulcan he would be able to do his job much more easily. There was a great deal of fear for the Borg in the universe, and fear bred a great deal of anger, and anger turned into hatred and unfortunately he could not hide his Borg parts from the people he would be seeing.  Few probably realized just how brave the man sharing a pizza with her was.

He began to dive into the Klingon psyche.  Her brow rose as she listened to an outsider begin to describe things she had lived through and with for over a decade.  Having actually been made an honorary Klingon was not easy, they didn't just adopt anyone into their fold and see them as a less ridged version of themselves.  It took guts, pride, honor, and a lot of work.  But still, she didn't stop him from talking about it in his own way.  He told her about how the Klingon measured themselves up against every race that they came against.  Peace only came when it was more lucrative a solution for various reasons than battling.  She smiled softly and grabbed another slice of pizza after moving her next piece into position claiming one of his.

“To peace.” she stated simply as she rose her pizza to answer his toast watching him move his piece.  “To be fair, you're right.  The Klingon measure their existence among those in the universe because pride and honor are above all else.  Having spent over a decade in their presence as their official strategist on the Hakkarl it isn't something easily done.  The Klingon, and many other races, want to assert their dominance.  Even before they were discovered by various Federation starships and possibly even earlier, by other space worthy races, they would fight among themselves to be the best fighter, the one with the most pride, most honor, most blood spilled on his hands in strength.  Now that the Klingon can turn those desires outward, a new sense of purpose has instilled in their very culture.  More than being the top among themselves they desire to be the top period.”

Moving another piece she picked up her water and gave it a swallow.

“My own race was not quite as power hungry.  We did not wish to be at the top of the food chain in those regards.  We were collectors of knowledge, the listeners of the universe.  Even now, unless I am entirely comfortable with someone, I say little.  I prefer to listen, to absorb, to learn.  I know many things I should not merely for being in the right place at the right time and taking it all in.  That is one of my talents I suppose.”

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Foval arched an eyebrow at the use of the term sore losers.   In his experience, the phenomena was not limited to one gender.    He wasn’t sure if this was an appropriate come back to the conversation, instead he simply added.   “I am not aware of any variant of this game that causes inflammation or discomfort.    He held up a knight as he made his next move.   “In extreme cases, ut may be that the pieces themselves are made from allegens or other material with an irritant effect."

He listened to her speak about Klingons and for a moment he became worried that he had engaged in something that the humans had called “mansplaining” pontificating on the Klingons to someone who had probably more experience in them then he thought.  

“The El-Aurian history is an interesting one.” He said as she described her own people.   “I believe the ‘exception that proves the rule’.  Nevertheless, I am sure that there are El Aurains who compete in different ways.   Perhaps in some ancient era, your people may have been split into tribal states according to species and land that made war on each other in much the same way until you decided against continuing that path.   If true, it would certainly be earlier than Vulcans.  

Whe watched her move as he spoke.   Each movement was fascinating to him.   She was a paradox to him   A source of comfort, yet still something of a mystery.   He was worried that he was staring, and decided to ask another question.  

“If I may be so bold, where did you learn this game?   You do indeed play a g
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Of course, her Vulcan took the term Sore Losers in the most literal of senses.  She grinned, she supposed she should have expected it, and yet, it surprised her still somehow.  It took a moment for it to register what she had meant by her Vulcan.  Was he really hers?  She supposed in some sense of the word she had claimed him, though unlikely as their union would seem to anyone external she found herself devoid of care.  There was no one on this ship she had to answer to her for her life choices aside from Ives.  And if things went down the wrong path, Martok.  But, so far she had been able to keep her betrayal of the Klingon kind out of the lime light and keep moving forward.  She still stood by the fact that she had made the right decision.  It had not been to her benefit only but in the fact that Drex was wrong and since he would not listen and was about to instigate a war, she had to make the right move to protect the Klingon against such events.  Unfortunately, the Moon Base and seen the end of his life and his ship, a reaction that she had not anticipated and carried around a modicum of guilt over with her.

“You are correct, there are many different El-Aurians, just like I am certain not every Vulcan believes that logic is paramount.  I was never one for books and listening, I do listen, it's in my nature I attain the best information by people forgetting I exist, and that I matter.  It's easy to fly under the radar much of the time.” she admitted as she moved another piece on the board.  “I was always more physical, I enjoyed and thrilled in action, activity, and strategy.  I would spend a great deal of time watching vids of old battles, of space and land alike.  I knew from a young age I was not going to travel the universe and collect more stories, I wanted to make those stories.”

Of course, she had started and lost many journals in her life.  Hand written in elegant El-Aurian, some were in digital, but all of them had been lost when she had to run, escape, or liberate.  She could not always take things with her but she hoped that one day, eventually, someone would read her scripts and it would carry on the history of her path.  She had been alive a long time, and always left her name, and a symbol in which she used to mark herself, it was actually one of her tattoos.  If across the vast universe, where Zyrao had traveled, if anyone ever was able to put her texts together they would know it was the same person who wrote it all.

He asked where she had learned to play, Zyrao leaned forward to make another move.  “Various places across the universe.  I did participate in a lot of Klingon games and battles to the death when I was with them.  Battles for honor, privilege, and other things.  I played many things over the course of my movement around the galaxy.  This specific game I learned from my time with the Breen.  We didn't have much down time, and certainly didn't have much extra energy to play, but many of the prisioners there worked together to find things to keep our brains moving forward on those off days that we could.  There were many of us that taught each other games from our homelands.  There was a Lieutenant Crysler who taught me this game, he died three months later, but we enjoyed our games” she admitted drinking another sip of her drink.

“What was your childhood like?” she asked Foval in response since they were getting into some deep questions.

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Foval felt a pang of guilt as Zyrao outlined her time on the Breen camp, and yet, there was much he could relate to.    Back on the colony, what little downtime that wasn’t spent running from the self proclaimed faction of returners left little in the way of entertainment.    Lt. Sinclair, one of the few humans regaled the younger crew with stories from his childhood about a gender fluid being that lived in a blue box.    Foval himself had fashioned a chess set out of Borg wreckage   It was probably on that planet now, he mused, weather or not the returners had returned, it was just parts again.  

Perhaps the parallels that existed between them were what were bringing them together   Her questioning about his past took him off guard.   “There is not much to tell.”   Foval said  taking a moment    The images filled his mind like a broken viewscreen superimposed onto his vision.    The emotional links to his past had been cut out of his brain   He wasn’t sure that he would ever get them back.  

“I was an only child.   My parents were keen adepts of the IDIC philosophy, and applied it to our off time.    We undertook expiiditions across the Federation, historical, cultural, scientific, and technological.”  

He could see a memory of him sat in the cockpit of passenger shuttle.   He remembered a 0 fascination with the pilots.    

“The common theme of all these places was the travel, that was the constant.   I spent so much time on shuttle craft, perhaps this is where I developed my interest in becoming a pilot.”   The warm memories went dry     “After discussing things with my parents, I was encouraged to apply to the academy.   The felt that the all round education cadets get would benefit me, and if I did not decide to go down the route of another discipline, my interest in flight operations would be satisfied.  The rest of my childhood was spent in the contemplation of logic, and attending to household chores.”

On his face there was a flicker of a sheepish expression, there was something abobut her, again, because they had been together, he didn’t feel the need to pretend as much.  “If my life had not taken the turns it has taken I would probably be someone very different now.”    He would probably be married for a start…

The game would continue until its inevitable end, in which one of them lost their king.

The question was if the Klingon Empire was about to loose its Chancellor, or if they could keep it as an ally?

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