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Day 18 [1700 hrs.] Holodeck Practice

[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] @Masorin
The Theurgy was giving off the telltale hum that Cameron had come to associate with Starfleet ships; with home. She was off shift and had reserved some holodeck time for herself to unwind. The week before she’d been browsing through some old Terran music files in her quarters and come across a piece that she’d really enjoyed and for the first time in a really long time, she’d felt the urge to actually make some music. So she was going to scratch the itch.

She stood in the holodeck, which was still merely the empty grid that sat in wait until a program was selected. She was still however, wearing a uniform. What else was she supposed to wear? Anything else just felt...strange, at least on board the ship. At least until she was in the holodeck. Once she was inside? She could wear whatever she wanted, or didn’t want to. She tapped a few buttons to create an old-Earth bar. It was a cozy one, that looked like it was tucked up in some snowy mountains. A fire was lit in the center and the place was bustling. At the front of the bar, there was a stage with a piano and a microphone.

Cam wandered first to the bar, “Tequila, bottle.” The holographic bartender obliged, handing it over. She took it over to the piano and began to unbutton her jacket slowly. She was certainly no pro, and with any luck the computer would pick up on that and give her an assist with that. Once her jacket was off, she gently laid it over the other side of the bench, leaving herself only in an undershirt, which she undid the top two buttons of. She pulled the cork of the tequila and took a drink, straight from the bottle.

She pressed her fingers down and played a chord, but it was off. She wasn’t a pianist. She could sing a bit, but piano? Not a chance. One of the holograms who’d been sitting alone and watching the stage wandered up and laughed a bit, “You uh-need help?” He smiled and quirked his head politely.

“Oh...yes, that’d be great actually I’m trying to play this.” She handed a PADD from her jacket to the hologram and he flipped through it once, really only needing to see the title, given he was tied right into the computer after all. “Will do.” He sat down next to her jacket, and played the first chord of the song, but Cameron sighed and looked over the big crowd, “Computer delete crowd.” They vanished. She instead moved over towards the Hologram and stuck to what she knew, close and comfy. As she played, she tried to feel out the emotion his music gave off, and feed it with her words. She was praying she was at least slightly on key, and she was. Her voice was good, it was definitely one that should be paired with an acoustic guitar, meant for folk music or gentle rock. Unpracticed and entirely imperfect but full of emotion.

“Moon river, wider than a mile”

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[ Salem Martin | Holodeck 2| Deck 8] attn: @BipSpoon

Salem rarely had time off, he tried to keep himself working as much as possible tried to keep his hands busy so he wouldn't actually notice the slight shake they have had. He kept hoping it was just nerves because of the tense situations they had been through lately, but now he had some time, and so he had scheduled some holodeck time to try and do something other than work, but still keep his mind busy. The only issue he had scheduled holodeck 1, and was still trying to figure out where he was on this ship. Not thinking the computer informed that a program was already in progress, probably someone who was using the holodeck before him.

Wanting to make sure he could have something to work on, Salem had replicated an old instrument, a violin. His parents had made sure that both he and his twin had learned to play instruments when they were kids, and the violin had been his labor of choice, though he was rusty, his two years in a labor camp had made touching music difficult, and his hands shivered against the touch of the replicated wood and strings, he hoped they would hold together for this practice.

He opened the door, and entered their program thinking that he was in the right to turn it off and send them on their way, until he heard the old terran music, he paused for a moment, the program wasn't exactly the venue he had intended to use, but the intention it seemed had been the same to eliminate the crowd and play the music. As the door disappeared and he stayed in the holodeck he looked at Cameron for a moment, originally he was going to ask her to get out and deal with his time, but now he was slightly curious.

Maybe he would let her stay. He held up his string instrument. "May I join you?" He asked unsure how the offer would be taken.

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 ] Attn: @Masorin
Cam was in the music entirely. It wasn’t often that she let go of everything else around her and just allowed herself to exist within something else. For just a moment though, she did, and it was liberating. The soft, glossy feel of the piano keys beneath the pads of her fingers felt familiar, like a soft security blanket that she’d been waiting to brush her flesh up against. She matched the chords of the hologram beside her with some less advanced ones of her own.

The man beside her was older, with a salt and pepper beard and some somewhat unruly hair, with what looked like a workmans jacket. A curious choice for a pianist by the computer, at least by Cam’s standards. He was good though. She hadn’t even realized that she’d run over her time slot. She continued the song but cut off about half-way through when she heard the voice. She looked over at the man and cleared her throat, “Uh-I-” She looked towards a shot of tequila that was sitting on the piano and kicked it back. “Be my guest.” She ushered him up, “What’s your drink?” Given she’d deleted the bar staff, she went to the bar herself to find a bottle of whatever he liked. “I have tequila but if you like something else-” She gave him a sideways look from the bar, biting her lower lip for a brief second before she broke her attention away.

“I’m Cam. Ensign Henshaw.” She introduced herself more clearly to him from her spot at the bar, watching him from where she stood. She noticed the time after a moment, “Sorry, am I running into your time?” She looked a bit disappointed in the idea of having to leave though, so she didn’t make any motion to do so, instead she just waited for a drink order, and to hear his name. “I deleted the crowd, I uhm…” She looked down and took a brief pause, “I kinda like the quiet.” She looked over towards the sole remaining hologram, “Besides Joel here, he gives me a hand with the piano, I’m still learning.”

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[ Salem Martin | Holodeck 2| Deck 8] attn: @BipSpoon

When she offered him a drink he waved his hand dismissing the offer not because it wasn't a welcome offer or something he took offense too. "Sorry, I can't drink, medical reasons." He said softly nodding to her. It wasn't something he enjoyed talking about, but it was the simplist way to turn down a kind offer of something he had once enjoyed, but now it was a risk because it interacted poorly with his condition and his medicine. It was best to just avoid alchohol in it's entirety. "If you have any orange juice back there i'll take a glass of that."

He gave a smile. looking around the room when she explained that she prefered the silence to the cheer of a crowd. "Oh I do the same thing. Performing in front of a holographic audience is way too nerve destroying. Besides I am far too rusty to put myself in that position." He held up his violin as a gesture of good faith that he was here to play music.

"I think you are on my time, this is holodeck two right? but honestly it seems like we have the same goal, and I'd rather have someone to play with." Assuring her that he wasn't about to send her away. "Salem, Lieutenant Martin." He said

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 |  USS Theurgy ] @Masorin
Cam gave Salem a slight smirk, “Can’t drink?” She gave him an exaggerated grimace. “Yikes. I don’t know how I’d survive.” She took the bottle of tequila and took a swig straight from the bottle. She didn’t pry though, she knew medical conditions were often things people liked to stay private. She set the bottle down quickly and tried to find some orange juice, which she was able to locate in the little bar fridge, pouring a cup for him. She slid it across the smooth-topped bar and jumped up on top of it, sitting atop the bar like it was her own personal stool, legs hanging down and kicking back and forth as she cradled the bottle of booze in her lap.

“Usually if I have enough of this, I can stand the crowd but, not really feeling that just yet.” She set it down next to her and studied him for a good moment, looking over the violin. “How long have you been playing?” She herself really wasn’t a master musician by any means, which was why she kept it to the holodeck, usually with a sealed door. She’d apparently forgotten that bit today, but it had led to this.

“Am I?” She looked panicked for a moment. “Sorry, must have lost track of the time but, if you’d have me I’d love to.” She smiled at him. “Cameron Henshaw, Ensign.” She used her rank last, keeping it informal given the setting. “I’m the Yeoman. Pleasure.”

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[ Salem Martin | Holodeck 2| Deck 8] attn: @BipSpoon
Salem's eyebrows climbed a bit, only now realising who the woman was. "The Captain's Yeoman? Don't you also serve on the bridge in Mission Ops too?" he asked, realising why he hadn't been able to shake the subtle feeling that he'd seen her before. He knew the Yeoman served a dual role, having been informed of the fact, but he hadn't set foot on the bridge for over two weeks since Thea was in drydock. It had just dawned on him right then, that they had served on the bridge together, only ever so briefly.

"That's right! you were there during the battle against the Borg. I thought you looked familiar! You were hurt and left the bridge. I served at the Tactical station, but I'd just come aboard from the Cayuga, and there were so many new faces around me."

He realised how that might sound, and cleared his throat. "I mean, I don't mean to say you didn't leave any impression on me. That your face would somehow be forgettable," he said and chuckled, shaking his head. "You must realise how I basically knew no one on the bridge save for perhaps Lieutenant Vanya, who also came aboard from the Cayuga."

Realising that he may have made a fool of himself, he glanced towards the doors as if to excuse himself. "My apologies, Ensign Henshaw, if I have caused offence."

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Cam gave Salem a quick grin. “I do. The big holotable.” She held her hands out as if she was handling some of the tactile controls right in that moment, tossing some ships side to side. Then she laughed, picked up the bottle, and took a drink. She set the bottle down again with a thud and slid down the bar to be a bit closer to her non-drinking, drinking buddy. She gave him a quick once over before she opened her mouth to say something, but shut it as soon as he spoke up again.

“I was!” She showed him some teeth with her next smile. “I remember. I didn’t remember your name or, even if I’d heard it but, I remember your face.” She reached forward to point, though she wasn’t able to reach far enough to actually touch his nose, as was clearly her intention. “I can understand that. The sensory overload of it all. It’s easy to forget just how big she is.” She motioned around the false bar, talking about the Theurgy in that instance.

When he started to correct himself about not leaving an impression she grinned, clearly enjoying herself. The holographic streets outside were busy and some music had kicked up. It was some sort of street jazz. The holoprogram was very well made, and something Cam had brought from home. One of the few things she really treasured was this bar. She took a deep breath and jumped down from the bar. “Well, now you know me. This is Eli’s. I used to go to a place just like it.” She smiled. She motioned around the place and looked at the stage for a minute. She had no intention of getting back up there.

As he looked back towards the door she made to stop him, placing a hand on his shoulder, “I’m on your time, don’t even think about it. What uh-” She paused for a moment, “What kind of place do you like to practice?” She dipped her head to one side as she grabbed her tequila, the only thing that she needed to pick up before she herself would leave. She grabbed her uniform jacket and hid the bottle with it.

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[ Salem Martin | Holodeck 2| Deck 8] attn: @BipSpoon
The Yeoman presented the establishment as 'Eli's', and Salem nodded as he looked around. It seemed to be a nice place, and he certainly didn't mind the setting in the slightest. She'd have to recommend the program to his twin sister Vivan next he spoke with her, and finally, his orange juice showed up.

'Thank you," he said out of common courtesy, or reflex, to the holographic bartender, and then he gave Cameron his undivided attention. She truly seemed to be enjoying herself, and he really couldn't blame her for it. They all needed an outlet. A distraction. With a mission so dire as the Theurgy's, places like Eli's was godsent.

She asked him, hiding a bottle under her jacket as if she meant to leave, where he prefered to practise his violin, and he smiled with half his face. "Lately, I have been playing for members of my old crew on the Cayuga. Observation lounge, back towards the stars. Captain Ziegler would be there, along with the rest, lost and still at large here on the Theurgy. It's... a homage, to the ship I considered my home, up until the Borg set it adrift in the Azure Nebula."

Not keen on lingering on that bitter-sweet note, he looked at her.

"Have you lost anyone in all of this madness we're going though?" he asked, and little did he know...

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[ Ensign Cameron Henshaw | Holodeck 2 | Deck 8 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
Cam was having a good time. It was certainly helped along by the bottle of tequila that she’d smuggled into the holodeck but she was still having a really good time in any case, and probably would be without the booze. She studied Salem for a long moment though, with those counselors eyes, trying to read him, how he stood. He he moved. He he spoke. She took the bottle out from under the uniform jacket and tossed the jacket over the bar as she again, uncorked the bottle and took a swig straight from the source.

She walked towards him and, in typical Cam fashion, she reached out for him. Just for his hand. It was an entirely platonic gesture. With how things had been, they all needed a little support, now more than ever, and a gesture as simple as taking someone's hand could help, at least she hoped it could. “I’m sorry you lost your home." She picked the bottle up in her free hand, intending to clink the side up against the side of his orange juice. “To the Cayuga.”

The question made her retract her hand, and her whole person away from him, as if he’d slapped her. She tried to save face however and took another drink. “Yes. I have. I’ve lost-” She paused and her throat seemed to swell as she started to speak, and her eyes grew glossy. “I’ve lost plenty.” She’d saved face, a well practiced gesture. “A lot of us have though. That question is a slippery slope.” She picked up her jacket again. “I lost the man who was basically my father back on Starbase 84. That’s the one that stung the most. It wasn’t the only one though.” She gave him a weak smile, “Listen, if you ever want to practice with someone, let me know. I’m not exactly great or anything but, we could all use friends, now more than ever. I won’t use up your time any more though.” Again, she walked to the bar, and grabbed her coat, covering the contraband bottle of alcohol.

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Lt JG Salem Martin | Holodeck 2| Deck 8] attn: @BipSpoon

Salem smiled at Cam. She was young, but not to be underestimated. Those youthful eyes held wisdom and secrets, like all of ours did. Theurgy's crew all held their losses, their disappointments and they always could be seen in their eyes. He knew it all too well from his own past. "To the Cayuga indeed." he said, nodding in acknowledgment to her toast.

Though he didn't know her well, or at all quite honestly, playing his violin with her felt good, it felt like a way to funnel his emotions into music and share something with someone. He didn't feel anything romantic towards her, but there was certainly a connection when they played. Music had that effect, bringing people together. He was just about to ask for one more song, when his communicator got his attention calling him to Ops.

He shrugged and bowed in a faux-chivalrous manner. "Well, my lady, I am summoned, I shall have to bid you adieu this day" he said in a fake accent, laughing a little. "Thanks for today" he said, rather seriously now. "I needed that. Let's do it again sometime." he finished before turning and exiting the holodeck, smiling as he walked away.


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