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EPI: S [D05|1200] A Friend Among The Wary

Epilogue: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1200 hrs. ] A Friend Among The Wary

[Ensign Six | Cargo Bay 1 | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

Six was surprised at the summons. She certainly didn't expect to be summoned by a guest.

It had been a few hours after the Allegiant launched. She had provided some course bearings thanks to the directions provided from the voices in her head, the call of the Collective, and she was currently meditating. It helped to ensure what directions she was going...where the Allegiant needed to go.

She was currently in the upper cargo bay. It was the best place she can find, to spend some time in isolation and to not bother any of the crew, or rather, so the crew wouldn't walk in on her and bother her. That way, she'd be left alone, she'd leave the crew alone without getting in the way, and, because the bridge was a short distance away, it wouldn't take long to reach if something came up.

So, she was surprised to hear a summons. Particularly from Lieutenant Salem Martin of the Cayuga.

Lieutenant Martin was co-leading the mission on the Allegiant with Masuda (calling him Lieutenant Yukimura was a mouthful to Six, so she referred to him as Masuda, or simply "Lieutenant," when she was addressing him on duty), so naturally, Six wondered what was wrong. Did the coordinates seem erroneous or something? Or could it be possible that he wanted to thank her for her part in saving the Cayuga, when he didn't have the chance before?

Six braced herself, but decided to accept his offer nonetheless.

"This is Ensign Six. I acknowledge, Lieutenant Martin. Where do you wish to meet me?"

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

In all honesty this mission gave Salem a bit of a chill. The Borg was not something he had any prior experience with. A good part of any recon mission was to learn more about the enemy. In this they had an advantage a former Borg drone, a lot of the crew had felt uneasy about her. The fact that she heard some voices calling to her and that they were now plotting a course based on the headings she had provided was less than ideal for a lot of the peoples nerves. People were nervous, and even he hadn't really helped at the onset of this mission.

When he heard Ensign Six contact him he had to pick a room. "Can you meet me in the ready room" For right now it was the best room that he had access too for a meeting like this. It was one of the only ones in this ship with a table that could could be used for a meeting. He had set up a small interview table, and even put a board for the game go. Taking his seat he waited for Six to arrive.

When she did he offered her a seat. "Would you like anything to drink?" He said allowing a more casual atmosphere. "I would like to start this meeting with an apology, earlier in the corridor I referred o assimilation as the A-word, and forbid it's use. A lot of the team is afraid right now, and I played into that. I shouldn't have done that. I would like to have a bit of an open conversation with you, and how you are feeling at the moment."

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

Six nodded at the polite gesture Lieutenant Martin made. As he talked, she was taken in by how…gorgeous he looked. He had a handsome look about him, an air of confidence. For a brief moment, Six was smitten. Then she cast those feelings aside. She didn’t know him that well, and in any case, he was a dozen or so years her senior. She was still a child.

A child. The way Ejek was stern at her…

Six brushed the thought aside and went to business.

“I can understand your fear,” she answered, ignoring the call of the Collective as well as the feelings of how…hot he looked. “The inevitability of meeting the Borg is a high possibility. I, too, feel the same way.”

She paused a moment, choosing her words carefully; she still recalled her therapy session with Ejek, but at the moment, she needed a friend. Someone to turn to. Not only was Lieutenant Martin a superior, he seemed friendly enough to take into confidence. It was a pity they served on different ships.

“This may be strictly between us, Lieutenant,” she said. “I more than just hear the call of the Collective. I recall nightmares. I see myself as a drone, a fully assimilated drone. The sight of the full Borg me…I’m a monster. And I have good reason to be afraid. Lieutenant Ejek wouldn’t want me to express so, but who else can I turn to?

“As for how the crew feels about me,” she added, “it’s added feelings of uncertainty. How can I get along with people who don’t trust me? How can I feel confident when they have no confidence, but rather wariness, at me?”

She hoped she wasn’t scaring Lieutenant Martin with what she mentioned, but she felt that he was not only confident, he was tough.

“And don’t question why I’m fit for duty,” she added, forestalling the question. “I’m in no way compromised, and in any case, I’m a necessary asset for the mission. Besides, I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen my contributions in saving the Cayuga.”

Again, she chose her words carefully. She didn’t want to sound like she was boasting; she didn’t save the Cayuga all by herself. The tactics of the crews and Ensign Mariner’s daring contributed to turning the battle in their favor.

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

Salem was not a counselor, but he had plenty of experience with being counselled. He sat in his chair leaning forward and listening to Six as she talked about Nightmares, and tried to defend the fact that she was fit for duty. He smiled a bit to try and ease her mind nodding. "Your fitness for duty is not in question here. You have been assigned to the mission by your ship's captain and while we are working together we have to trust that we can all fulfill our duties."

In truth he had heard the same kind of words come out of his own mouth before. When he had been on the mission to negiotiate peace with the Cardassian Union. He had been there during the last push over Cardassia, and while he had never set foot on the world, he had been one of the voices saying that the world should be burned to ash. That had not exactly earned him any favors in the long run.

"Nightmares are common when someone has suffered a traumatic experience." Salem poured himself a glass of water, he could tell he was going to need it for this meeting. "The important thing is not to let that fear cloud your judgement. As for the rest of the crew it is likely that they will take some time, but your actions will eventually put them at ease. You are not a threat."

At least not one that he could see. He looked her over, and found a mostly attractive young woman. The metal didn't bother him, rather it was the length of her hair, a touch too short in his honest opinion. Aside from that she was attractive, but then again this was Starfleet, it was full of beautiful people. "You don't have to justify your placement on this mission, but I do have a question about the voices you are hearing. You said you can hear the whispers of the collective, can they hear you?"

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

“Can they hear me?” said Six. “It’s another thing that worries me. Sometimes I fear that they’re hearing me. It concerns me whenever I try to pinpoint their position. I almost wonder why they wouldn’t be catching up to me. Then again, one person is practically a speck of dust to the collective.”

She noticed Martin look her over and make a glint in his eyes when he looked at her hair. She instinctively put a hand to her hair, realizing how short it was. Was it possible that he found longer hair attractive? Maybe a touch short. Would there be something to accelerate hair to the right length…?

She was getting carried away in her infatuation again. She focused again on Martin, to the business at hand.

“Perhaps I may not be a threat,” Six added, “but I can still calculate the probabilities of who may kill me if the Collective takes me. It adds to my doubts of my trustworthiness.”

She was stuttering a little as she said it. Was she nervous? Was it the child she had grown from impeding her judgement, her intellect?

Sighing sharply, she went to the replicator for a drink.

“One cup of the Neelix Special,” she requested. She knew easily what it was, and it had been a blend of cocoa that had risen to popularity since Voyager’s return. It was something Neelix concocted on Voyager, “even better than coffee substitute,” as Kathryn Janeway had referred to it. While the materials to even make it were a long way from the Federation, once programmed into the replicators, it proved to be highly popular. Six drank it whenever she could, since the Academy, mostly out of nostalgia; a little bit of home, in a way, but particularly on days like this, days when she felt insecure or without confidence.

She smiled a little at drinking it. Definitely a little bit of home.

Six sat back in front of the desk to face Martin. With a pang, she realized, a ready room like this being in the captain’s yacht, she wondered if she would be seeing Captain Ives or Commander Trent at that desk instead. Someday, maybe, if and when the vectors reunited and Ives was back.

If and when.

“I hope the crew will come to trust me. The question is, what’s your opinion? You seem friendly enough, as it is, and you seem to be the least intimidated.”

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

There was a slightly sharp inhale as Six made whatever it was she was drinking. The smell, was citric and the look of the stuff was semi solid. Whom ever this Neelix was, Salem was sure he wouldn't have survived it's cooking. The smell aside he stayed focused on the conversation at hand with Six.

Salem knew that there was some danger of Six turning on his crew. Heck she was a member of the theurgy crew forget betraying them she had already betrayed the Federation. The only reason he was inclined to help this crew of disbarred officers was because his sister was apparently their chief science officer. Vivian may be a mad scientist at times, but a traitor was a damn hard sell, and he was sure he wanted to get the story from her the next time he could meet her.

"To be fair, the same could be said about any officer on a ship. The punishment for mutiny can be extreme in most cases." There was a reason that security officers carried weapons, and it wasn't just for the Borg. "Make no attempt at unlawful seizure of my vessel and you will live to tell the story of the mission."

He tried to play it off like a joke, that no one here would mean Six any harm. "In all seriousness, if you do feel you are being threatened Ensign Six, please bring it to my attention, and I will have a talk with the offending crew member. We are all on the same team for the duration of the trip."

He paused for a moment when she said that he seemed the least intimidated. He supposed that was true, he was usually the calm collected one. He could sweat under pressure a bit, but it was up to him to make sure that the ship's guns fired straight. "Officially on the record Ensign I haven't made up my mind yet about you. I have yet to see you perform any duties personally so I can't speak to your work ethic, or your ability to take orders. If you want to speak candidly off the record than that's another matter for a time when we are not both on duty."

"I will tell you that the Borg do not frighten me, not really. the ship is small, we have no new technology here that the Borg would not have a million times over. To my understanding they only move on technology and ships that they view as worth the effort. While some called this a suicide mission, I'd say that we are more likely to blow ourselves in the nebula or spring a radiation leak than we are to be assimilated." He tapped his chin. "I've been through my own share of traumatic experiences, it's left me with stronger nerves. In a way I suppose assimilation would just be another prison, and I've gotten good at breaking out of those."

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

Six detected the joking tone on his voice, but she felt offended nonetheless.

“Seize the Cayuga, my butt,” she muttered. “I helped save the Cayuga. And I may look like a traitor to the Federation, along with whoever joins the Theurgy, but one has to consider the levels of corruption and injustice.

“However, I am grateful for your advise, and I will talk to you about any officer who bothers me,” she added. “And you have a point, assimilation would be another prison; it’s a matter of willpower.”

She took another sip of the caffeine taste “even better than the coffee substitute.” She studied Martin a moment.

“I understand if you haven’t seen my duties. I’m primarily a forensics officer, but I’m quite a skilled hacker. Those skills have been beneficial several times, like in the recent battle. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the peculiar behavior striking one or two of the attacking Asurian ships?”

She was referring to when she used her skills as a hacker against some of the Asurian ships.

“Don’t think I was reducing the odds single-handedly; many of the crew contributed to saving the Cayuga, as I mentioned earlier. Ensign Mariner had a hand in stopping a boarding party if I remember.”

As she spoke, something occurred to her. She was still a forensics officer, but what if that area extended into Tactical? Perhaps Tactical had a place for her skills as a hacker?

“I have to ask: would I be ideal for the Tactical department, with my skills?”

OOC: As a note to outside readers, the blend of coffee Six is drinking, the coffee "even better than coffee substitute," is a drink concoted by Neelix in a Voyager episode. It's another nod to Voyager and the fact that it's a reminder to Six of home.

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

"Again Ensign Six I can't give you an evaluation of where you fit into one spot or another. I simply don't know you enough to give any kind of review or speak on your behalf." Salem gave a soft shrug of empathy towards Six, he understood it could be frustrating to not feel like you fit in with the surrounding crew. Heck he even knew what it felt like to be outperformed by another person and feel inadequacy in your work.  But since he didn't know anything about Six before she had walked into the office than he didn't really know if he could give her any real recommendation.

"In terms of the math and mapping I can assume that you would be fine there, but that is a very small part of my job. Telling a torpedo who to shoot at, and what trajectory of the gun to take is a very simple line of commands, and in truth the firing computer does the majority of the work for us. There is of course a manual firing mechanism on every ship that every tactical officer must know how to use, but I can count on hand the number of times I have had to manually fire a torpedo." When it came to gunnery the ship would practically fire it's self. Heck with MVAM on a ship like the Theurgy he was pretty sure that it would. He had seen the Prometheus in dry dock a few times taken tours of it. The MVAM was designed to work with simple verbal commands of one captain in most situations while the other bridges could be crewed they can also function completely independently unlike a galaxy classes saucer separation.

"The truth is the majority of a tactical officers work is maintenance. Inventory listing, ordinance operations, at any given time I need to know exactly how many torpedoes we have. A lot of it is looking at lists and resource management. Cleaning too, tactical officers are responsible for keeping the torpedoes launch bay clean and operational. We are also versed in ground tactics, any away team will have at least one tactical officer on it."  Listing off his duties was like a mental list of 'what the heck have I been doing.' "The truth is sitting at my station and pushing buttons is a quarter of my over all work day. And a good day for me won't involve pushing those buttons."

"I want my shift to pass with me doing absolutely nothing, at best I want to scan some planet or launch some probes cause a bored tactical officer at the controls means a safe ship. So when you take the job that puts you in red, it's not a glamorous position, 90% of the work is boring, and mundane. Followed by ten percent of horrific fear. When you are in that fire fight and the entire safety of the ship is in your hands, you need to have sturdy hands and a good instinct cause every hit matters."

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

Six hung onto Martin’s every word. Inwardly, she was surprised. Apparently, she knew very little about the Tactical department, but she was, after all, an ensign, and an ensign would have to be ignorant about certain aspects at the current level. Other than that, mapping, mathematics and maintenance she wouldn’t mind; as a former drone, Six was always up to boring tasks.

She had no idea how many tasks in the Tactical department involved the ship’s weaponry.

“Maybe I was asking about the wrong department,” she decided. “And you don’t know me well enough, as you said, so I understand that feeling. Maybe I have been thinking of another department in red, like Intelligence.”

She shrugged and decided to change the subject.

“I don’t know whether or not you’ve seen my hacking skills in action, but I’d have to ask if you’ve seen, at one point during the battle with the Asurians, when two saucers were chasing the Theurgy, but one of them went into a collision course with a saucer that was dead in the water? Well, it was me. There was an…impounded saucer in that vector’s shuttle bay…for want of a better word…and I was able to hack into its systems to access the others and unleash viruses to mess up certain systems. Like, say, inserting a false set of coordinates into the helm.

“However, I’d rather not regard myself as a dangerous hacker. I would never, ever, for instance, trigger a self-destruct sequence because, for one thing, it’s overkill; for another, I’m not that heartless; and thirdly, such a detonation would’ve ignited a pocket of sirilium. Would’ve taken not just the saucers out, but also the Theurgy and the Cayuga. As skilled a hacker as I am, I’d like to think I’m a benevolent, honest one.

“And I’ve used those skills before. I helped evacuate the crew of the starship Resolve; I’ve used them to keep the warp core from detonating so as to allow the crew to evacuate.”

She breathed and took another sip, hoping she didn’t get carried away. And she didn’t want to elaborate further about the Resolve, and about her old post. That would only bring up thoughts about Hi’Jak…and those thoughts would only lead her to think about how she lost the only friend she ever had.

“What else do you wish to know about me?” she asked.

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

"Hard to say if I saw that or not, in tactical you tend to have to worry about things directly affecting your ship, I was busy at that moment shooting various other targets from both the Cayuga, and the Aerowing shuttle after that." Salem shrugged, but it did sound impressive the feat of hacking.

"Security must love you, your file has you listed as a forensic's officer? I can only imagine the amount of chaos you can choose to inflict upon the internal sensors or the amount of percision for which you can target your job. Not to mention how useful such a skill is in boarding actions. Often times seizing control over a ships computer is task one when you board an enemy vessel, you could gain access to their lines of communication faster than most seasoned officers." He gave a shrug. It was an impressive resume and he supposed that at least part of that was due to the complex machinery that was still in her head.

"If I may ask Ensign Six why the sudden interest in command?" He looked at her a little curious. "That is why you want to be in red right? Your skills would be valued in any area that you put them to, but your focusing on the division color which means your looking at bridge positions command, conn, officer status. Why the interest? Why not communications considering you probably can speak in every language ever assimilated by the collective."

"With a mind like yours that has the archived knowledge of a thousand worlds you could go into science, you could help the crew in blue with research and development of new technology turn the archive of stolen data into new innovations on old Borg ideas. You could go into medicine your body's adjusted synaptic responses means your hands don't shake and you have the biological information of every race ever assimilated your nanobots could be used to cure diseases. You would be a modern miracle worker in blue."

"and at one point you chose security a place where your heightened strength and logical mind would help break down any task and problem handed too you. Where your cybernetic implants would be able to see details that others would miss." Salem leaned in against the table looking at Six.

"Your cup has run over with options but you can't bounce infinitely from position to position. There is an old saying a jack of all trades is a master of none, so the question of your career isn't about where you would do good six, it's about where do you want to be?"

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

Six blinked. Martin must’ve been impressed, and the fact that security must love her?

“I…I had assumed Tactical would’ve been more useful for my hacking skills,” she said. “I must be wrong. Then again, I’m still new in Starfleet, in a way; I’m still an ensign, I haven’t been gone from the Academy long.

“It probably must be stemming from the uncertainty I’m feeling as of late, being among a crew who doesn’t trust me.

“Now that I think on it, I think Security must definitely be right for me. You did have a point that a lot of what I can do would be useful in Security, although I’ll still have to think about science, but Security seems fine for the time being. And, you’re correct, it all boils down to my implants, they’ve been highly useful in my skills. I even have a database in my head. Literally.”

She tapped her finger against her head, smiling, warming up to the Lieutenant. Perhaps it was being around Lieutenant Martin was making feel better, feeling confident. Maybe it was because of his being nice, maybe it was the logical terms he had. She definitely must’ve been feeling uncertain about her department in her overall uncertainty; the environment around here, added to the crew’s mistrust of her, was making her feel thus.

“I understand if you didn’t see me,” she said, understanding what Martin was doing during the battle. “And what I did was merely a fraction of what helped win the battle, or rather, lean the odds more into our favor. Ensign Mariner, Petty Officer t’Jellieau, even Lieutenant Yukimura can attest to how they contributed to making the odds better.

“I should also bring this up: I wasn’t originally from the Alpha Quadrant as a whole. Voyager picked me up as a child, and I’ve stuck around for their journey through the Delta Quadrant since. I was raised on Voyager; it was my home as a child. Now that I’ve grown up, and finding a post and a home of my own…I may be new to the Theurgy, but I feel I belong there, and whatever I can do to help bring their innocence to light I can gladly contribute. I understand we’re from different ships, but, with all due respect, Lieutenant…I like you. You’re a nice man and all. I thank you for the tips. Depending on where the Cayuga goes, I may likely miss you.”

It was somewhat true. However new Six was on the Theurgy, however known she was didn’t matter. She belonged there. And now that she thought of her position, after Martin’s recommendations, she felt she belonged in security. She may still think about a transfer to a different department, but as Martin said, it depended on where she wanted to be, not where she’d be good in.

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

Salem was glad to hear her land on solid ground planting her feet and choosing her path. That was probably the hardest part for the majority of people.  Choosing a place where you felt belonged even when the crew didn't really think you deserved it would be difficult for anyone to deal with. He listened to her story about being on the rather famous Starship Voyager.  He didn't have a ton of knowledge or experience when it came to that ship, at least not past what was in the public record anyway.

She also brought up the question of what he was going to be up too after all things had settled down. He wasn't really sure what the plan was on that front. Staying with the Cayuga seemed like a good idea, but without an arrest of the theurgy crew the case could be made for aiding and abeting terrorists. Which of course brought him back to the fact that his sister was somehow their chief science officer.

"I don't know what I plan on doing but for now it seems me and the rest of the Cayuga crew are a touch trapped in terms of options. There is also the fact that my sister somehow is involved with this ship, and I tend to trust Vivian's judgement. She may be a touch crazy, but it would be a hard sell to tell me that Vivian is a full on traitor to everything she ever worked for. If nothing else I feel I need to hear her side of things." Salem gave a small sigh as he leaned back into his chair.

Was there anything else the two really needed to talk about?  He had gotten answers to almost every question he had wanted to ask, and felt mostly reassured about what Six was capable of and the mission. "Six, Can I ask a more personal question? I think the official business of our meeting is done, you are dismissed if you desire to go, but on a more personal note I have some other things I'd like to talk about."

"Did you have a name before your time with the collective? Calling you by a number seems... kind of awkward." Salem brushed his chin for a moment, unsure if he should ask something like that, but he was now geniunly curious she had mentioned that she had been assimilated as a child so he wondered if she had any memories of what came before the collective.

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

“As a matter of fact, I do,” said Six. “My name was Noor. It still is my name. I call myself Six in honor of my mentor, Seven of Nine, or if you find numbers in place of names awkward, she’s also known as Annika Hansen.”

She felt a spasm of nostalgia before she continued.

“As I mentioned before, I used to live aboard Voyager,” she said. “I got to know many great people. Captain Janeway, Chakotay, Tom Paris and Harry Kim. Even Neelix, who’s good with kids and is just as good a cook and brewer; the Neelix Special is a favorite blend of coffee of Janeway’s, by the way. Little bit of home.

“All those on Voyager I consider them my friends as well as Seven, who I learned a great many things from. I’m sure there’s plenty of people from Voyager who’d like people from the Theurgy once they got to know them. I think Petty Officer t’Jellieau and the Allegiant itself would give Tom Paris and his Delta Flyer a run for their money,” she added with a smile.

“It took me aback at first, when I was at the Academy. On Voyager, people accepted me because of Seven’s established place. I think I understand how much apprehension Seven went through on her first months on Voyager. It’s a little harder for me, since I’ve been going from place to place. First from the Academy, then to Starbase 84. And now on to the Theurgy.

“I understand if anybody brands anybody joining the Theurgy as traitors. It’s the misguided misinformation laid by Theurgy’s persecutors. And I understand if you wish to hear things from your sister’s perspective. I don’t know her very well, given I’m still new to the Theurgy. Then again, I’ve been absent for the most part, missed the action leading up to the separation of the vectors; I’ve been busy setting up my forensics lab and my alcove for regeneration.

“On the subject of an alcove, I never set one up here in the Allegiant. I run on a power supply to keep me going for days. Besides, I’m bound to come back to the third vector.”

She felt like she was telling her life story, but she didn’t care. For once, she had met a friendly face, and it was good of her to make a friend, even if she had yet to make a friend at least with someone from the Theurgy. More than just Ejek, no, someone who had been with the Theurgy from the beginning. The closest person was Natalie Stark, unless the Allegiant came across another vector.

And she had given Stark’s relationship with Captain Zeigler some more thorough thought: if she was Stark’s superior…well, she went through a list copied onto her database of previous first officers of the Theurgy and discovered Zeigler used to be one. Her level of respect for Zeigler rose, but respect or not, she knew where she belonged.

After all, she was no longer a child, even if a bit of it remained in her heart, young as she was. Voyager was where she was raised; Theurgy seemed like a good ship to mature to a beauty.

“I’m sure I’m bound to meet your sister someday, whenever all three vectors reunite,” she said with a smile. “I realize I’ve grown up. I know where I belong, daddy-o,” she added with a cocky grin. “Theurgy is a good home for me, a good place for me to mature, find my own place. All the better place to go for a distrusted outcast, to go among outcasts themselves, but I can accept it will take time for them to trust me.”

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado

"Please never call me that again."  Salem was for his part glad that she had seemingly figured out where she belonged, but her words and the name she called him gave him an odd shiver. Who taught this woman about intimacy? Where did she get that weird language choice from? He sighed it wasn't his place to ask those questions they stuck out awkwardly mind you.

"We are only going to be out here for about eight hours in accordance with our mission, maybe ten, not long enough to sleep." That said it was getting late in the day. Salem had to wonder exactly when was the last time he slept maybe he should get some very real coffee from the replicators.

"Well then I look forward to seeing your progress as we go forward, and remember if you feel you need anything remember to approach me or another member of the senior staff, especially if you feel someone is acting out against you." Salem said with a small nod.

"It was nice meeting you Noor, I have to get to work, but if you wish to talk outside of professional time feel free to look me up should I be staying with the Theurgy crew after the Cayuga finds some way to depart, though considering the state the ship is in, that may not be an option." Salem tapped his chin he may be stuck with the Theurgy crew for a bit, having a friend was not a bad idea.

"If you will I have some reports to get onto now." He said dismissing her.

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[Ensign Six | Ready Room | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Masorin

“My apologies, Lieutenant,” she said when she told him no. She chided herself for it; it was again the child in her, that sense of childish cockiness. She’ll have to learn; she’s going to have to mature at some point.

“It was good to get to know you as well, Lieutenant,” she said. She stood and had barely moved to the door when she heard it again: The Call of the Collective.

“They’re calling again; I need a moment, determine where they’re coming from.”

She breathed, calmly, and after a moment, determined the new bearing.

“My apologies if I scared you there,” she said meekly. “I just determined a new set of coordinates. I better report to Lieutenant Yukimura. I’m sure you’ll know where to find me.”

She left with a friendly smile; she didn’t want to irk Lieutenant Martin. Besides, she never felt this happy around anybody since Hi’Jak. However, it’d be best to regard Lieutenant Martin as a friend. He was somewhat older. And Hi’Jak was…very different.

Hopefully, if she ever saw him again, she’ll have to make sure he never leaves her again.

She entered the Allegiant’s corridor and made for the bridge. Even if Masuda wasn’t there, it seemed as good as place as any to look for him for the new bearings.

Re: Epilogue: Supplemental [ Day 05 | 1200 hrs. ] A Friend Among The Wary

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JG LT Salem Martin | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Multificionado @chXinya @Auctor Lucan

As Six got another whisper from the collective, Salem observed her. He watched her with a steady gaze, but wasn't really afraid of her as she may have expected, he did however decide to be rather quiet in his approach. He watched Six leave, and had the door close after she left.

"Computer, open a letter set to transmit to the Theurgy's Chief Security when in range." The computer gave him an affirmative and listed that Wenn Cinn was the name of the officer in question. Salem sat back composing his thoughts for a moment. "Text only. Transcribe." The computer chirped another affirmative.

"Greetings, My name is Salem Martin, I am the acting chief tactical officer... no that doesn't work, computer scrap introduction." Salem sighed it was always awkward composing these letters.

"I am acting Chief Tactical Officer of the Cayuga Lieutenant Junior Grade Salem Martin. I have been assigned to work with the rest of your crew during an away mission to investigate Borg transmissions picked up by Ensign Six. I have just conducted a rather informal interview with Six, and I have some concerns I'd like to bring to your attention. Six is worried that she may be being treated unfairly due to her Borg enhancements, I'd like to forward those concerns onto you as you are her commanding officer and will be in more of a position to watch for prejudiced and discrimination, she gave no names, and the only examples I have are of a tense crew on a stressful mission. I don't believe there has been any serious occasions of this yet."

He paused for a moment. "Six was also uncertain of her placement, she seemed unsure of what position and career path she wanted to pursue. Of course considering the Theurgy crew is considered outlaws I'm not entirely sure how to advise anyone about career advancement given the singular nature of the ship, and no ability to transfer to other vessels."

"Six made a good impression with me, and has been very open about the voices of the collective that she has been hearing, but I do have one concern. When I asked Six if the Borg could hear her, if the connection was two ways the answer I got back was that she believed the collective too large to hear one discordant voice, an old human saying is that the nail which sticks out is the one that gets hammered down. I worry that since Six no longer speaks with the voice of the hive mind, that her words may carry louder than she believes. That said I do not believe she is a security threat at her current clearance."

"Computer end transcription." For now Salem would treat the Theurgy like it was any other Federation vessel the crew for it's part seemed to stay together like a proper crew so he would file his reports like a proper officer. Funny when ever he pictured mutineers in the past he had always envisioned a rowdy pirate crew with eye patches, disheveled uniforms and fancy hats. Compared to that image The Theurgy crew were disarmingly boring.

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