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240 Words to Describe Someone’s Tone/Voice


"X," she said, Y in her tone.
"X," said Douglas in an Y voice.
Y in hir voice, she said "X"

   1.         Abrasive      showing little concern for the feelings of others; harsh    
   2.         Absurd      wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate   
   3.         Accusatory      suggesting someone has done something wrong, complaining   
   4.         Acerbic      sharp and forthright   
   5.         Acidic      harsh or critical    
   6.         Admiring      approving; think highly of; respectful; praising   
   7.         Aggressive      hostile; determined; forceful; argumentative   
   8.         Aggrieved       angry and sad because you think you have been unfairly treated   
   9.         Airy       giving an impression of being unconcerned or not serious   
   10.      Ambivalent      having mixed feelings; uncertain; in a dilemma; undecided   
   11.      Amused      pleasantly; entertain or divert in an enjoyable or cheerful manner   
   12.      Angry      incensed or enraged; threatening or menacing   
   13.      Animated      full of life or excitement; lively; spirited; impassioned; vibrant   
   14.      Anxious       typically with a feeling of unease   
   15.      Apathetic      showing little interest; lacking concern; indifferent; unemotional   
   16.      Apologetic      full of regret; repentant; remorseful; acknowledging failure   
   17.      Appreciative      grateful; thankful; showing pleasure; enthusiastic   
   18.      Ardent      enthusiastic; passionate   
   19.      Arrogant      pompous; disdainful; overbearing; condescending; vain; scoffing   
   20.      Assertive      self-confident; strong-willed; authoritative; insistent   
   21.      Authoritative      commanding and self-confident   
   22.      Awestruck      amazed, filled with wonder/awe; reverential   
   23.      Barbed      deliberately hurtful   
   24.      Barking      utter a command or question abruptly or aggressively   
   25.      Belligerent      hostile; aggressive; combatant   
   26.      Benevolent      sympathetic; tolerant; generous; caring; well meaning   
   27.      Bitter      angry; acrimonious; antagonistic; spiteful; nasty   
   28.      Blasé      unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before    
   29.      Bleak      without hope or encouragement; depressing; dreary   
   30.      Bombastic      high-sounding but with little meaning; inflated   
   31.      Booming      loud, deep, and resonant   
   32.      Bored      to tire or make weary by being dull, repetitious, or uninteresting   
   33.      Brash      self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way   
   34.      Braying      speak or laugh loudly and harshly   
   35.      Breathy      producing or causing an audible sound of breathing, physical exertion or strong feelings   
   36.      Breezy      appearing relaxed, informal, and cheerily brisk   
   37.      Brittle      lacking warmth, sensitivity, or compassion; aloof   
   38.      Bubbly      full of cheerful high spirits   
   39.      Burbling      speak in an unintelligible or silly way, typically at unnecessary length   
   40.      Callous      cruel disregard; unfeeling; uncaring; indifferent; ruthless   
   41.      Candid      truthful, straightforward; honest; unreserved   
   42.      Caustic      making biting, corrosive comments; critical   
   43.      Cautionary      gives warning; raises awareness; reminding   
   44.      Celebratory      praising; pay tribute to; glorify; honour   
   45.      Chatty      informal; lively; conversational; familiar   
   46.      Cheery      happy and optimistic   
   47.      Childish      silly and immature   
   48.      Chirping      say something in a lively and cheerful way   
   49.      Clipped      speech that is fast, that uses short sounds and few words, and that is often unfriendly or rude   
   50.      Cloying      disgust or sicken (someone) with an excess of sweetness, richness, or sentiment   
   51.      Coarse      rude, crude, or vulgar   
   52.      Colloquial      familiar; everyday language; informal; colloquial; casual   
   53.      Comic      humorous; witty; entertaining; diverting   
   54.      Compassionate      sympathetic; empathetic; warm-hearted; tolerant; kind   
   55.      Complex      having many varying characteristics; complicated   
   56.      Compliant      agree or obey rules; acquiescent; flexible; submissive   
   57.      Concerned      worried; anxious; apprehensive   
   58.      Conciliatory      intended to placate or pacify; appeasing   
   59.      Condescending      stooping to the level of one’s inferiors; patronising   
   60.      Confused      unable to think clearly; bewildered; vague   
   61.      Contemptuous      showing contempt; scornful; insolent; mocking   
   62.      Crisp      briskly decisive and matter-of-fact, without hesitation or unnecessary detail   
   63.      Critical      finding fault; disapproving; scathing; criticizing   
   64.      Croaking      a characteristic deep hoarse sound   
   65.      Cruel      causing pain and suffering; unkind; spiteful; severe   
   66.      Curious      wanting to find out more; inquisitive; questioning   
   67.      Curt      rudely brief   
   68.      Cynical      scornful of motives/virtues of others; mocking; sneering   
   69.      Defensive      defending a position; shielding; guarding; watchful   
   70.      Defiant      obstinate; argumentative; defiant; contentious   
   71.      Demeaning      disrespectful; undignified   
   72.      Depressing      sad, melancholic; discouraging; pessimistic   
   73.      Derisive      snide; sarcastic; mocking; dismissive; scornful   
   74.      Detached      aloof; objective; unfeeling; distant   
   75.      Dignified      serious; respectful; formal; proper   
   76.      Diplomatic      tactful; subtle; sensitive; thoughtful   
   77.      Disapproving      displeased; critical; condemnatory   
   78.      Disheartening      discouraging; demoralising; undermining; depressing   
   79.      Disparaging      dismissive; critical; scornful   
   80.      Direct      straightforward; honest   
   81.      Disappointed      discouraged; unhappy because something has gone wrong   
   82.      Discordant      harsh and jarring because of a lack of harmony   
   83.      Dispassionate      impartial; indifferent; unsentimental; cold; unsympathetic   
   84.      Dispirited      having lost enthusiasm and hope; disheartened    
   85.      Distressing      heart-breaking; sad; troubling   
   86.      Docile      compliant; submissive; deferential; accommodating   
   87.      Drawling      speak in a slow, lazy way with prolonged vowel sounds   
   88.      Dulcet      sweet and soothing   
   89.      Dull      lacking interest or excitement   
   90.      Earnest      showing deep sincerity or feeling; serious   
   91.      Egotistical      self-absorbed; selfish; conceited; boastful   
   92.      Empathetic      understanding; kind; sensitive   
   93.      Encouraging      optimistic; supportive   
   94.      Enthusiastic      excited; energetic   
   95.      Evasive      ambiguous; cryptic; unclear   
   96.      Excited      emotionally aroused; stirred   
   97.      Facetious      inappropriate; flippant   
   98.      Farcical      ludicrous; absurd; mocking; humorous and highly improbable   
   99.      Feathery      extremely light and soft or delicate   
   100.    Flippant      superficial; glib; shallow; thoughtless; frivolous   
   101.    Forceful      powerful; energetic; confident; assertive   
   102.    Formal      respectful; stilted; factual; following accepted styles/rules   
   103.    Frank      honest; direct; plain; matter-of-fact   
   104.    Fretful      expressing distress or irritation   
   105.    Frustrated      annoyed; discouraged   
   106.    Gentle      kind; considerate; mild; soft   
   107.    Ghoulish      delighting in the revolting or the loathsome   
   108.    Glum      dejected; morose   
   109.    Goofy      foolish; harmlessly eccentric   
   110.    Grating      harsh and unpleasant   
   111.    Gravelly      deep and rough-sounding   
   112.    Grim      serious; gloomy; depressing; lacking humour;macabre   
   113.    Growling      low grating voice, typically in a threatening manner   
   114.    Gruff      rough and low in pitch   
   115.    Gullible      naive; innocent; ignorant   
   116.    Guttural      produced in the throat; harsh-sounding   
   117.    Hard      unfeeling; hard-hearted; unyielding   
   118.    Harsh      cruel or severe   
   119.    Hearty      loudly vigorous and cheerful   
   120.    Hoarse      sounding rough and harsh, typically as the result of a sore throat or of shouting   
   121.    Honeyed      soothing, soft, and intended to please or flatter   
   122.    Humble      deferential; modest   
   123.    Humorous      amusing; entertaining; playful   
   124.    Husky      sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse   
   125.    Hypercritical      unreasonably critical; hair splitting; nitpicking   
   126.    Impartial      unbiased; neutral; objective   
   127.    Impassioned      filled with emotion; ardent   
   128.    Imploring      pleading; begging   
   129.    Impressionable      trusting; child-like   
   130.    Inane      silly; foolish; stupid; nonsensical   
   131.    Incensed      enraged   
   132.    Incredulous      disbelieving; unconvinced; questioning; suspicious   
   133.    Indifferent      having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned   
   134.    Indignant      annoyed; angry; dissatisfied   
   135.    Informative      instructive; factual; educational   
   136.    Insinuating      suggest or hint in an indirect and unpleasant way   
   137.    Inspirational      encouraging; reassuring   
   138.    Intense      earnest; passionate; concentrated; deeply felt   
   139.    Intimate      familiar; informal; confidential; confessional   
   140.    Ironic      the opposite of what is meant   
   141.    Irreverent      lacking respect for things that are generally taken seriously   
   142.    Jaded      bored; having had too much of the same thing; lack enthusiasm   
   143.    Joyful      positive; optimistic; cheerful; elated   
   144.    Jubilant      expressing great happiness and triumph   
   145.    Judgmental      critical; finding fault; disparaging   
   146.    Laudatory      praising; recommending   
   147.    Lifeless      lacking vigor, vitality, or excitement   
   148.    Light-Hearted      carefree; relaxed; chatty; humorous   
   149.    Lively      full of life and energy; active and outgoing   
   150.    Loving      affectionate; showing intense, deep concern   
   151.    Macabre      gruesome; horrifying; frightening   
   152.    Malicious      desiring to harm others or to see others suffer; ill-willed; spiteful   
   153.    Matter-of-fact      unemotional and practical   
   154.    Mean-Spirited      inconsiderate; unsympathetic   
   155.    Mellifluous      sweet or musical; pleasant to hear   
   156.    Melodious      pleasant-sounding   
   157.    Mocking      scornful; ridiculing; making fun of someone   
   158.    Monotonous      lacking in variation in tone or pitch   
   159.    Mourning      grieving; lamenting; woeful   
   160.    Muffled      not loud because of being obstructed in some way; muted   
   161.    Naive      innocent; unsophisticated; immature   
   162.    Narcissistic      self-admiring; selfish; boastful; self-pitying   
   163.    Nasty      unpleasant; unkind; disagreeable; abusive   
   164.    Negative      unhappy, pessimistic   
   165.    Nonchalant      casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm   
   166.    Nostalgic      thinking about the past; wishing for something from the past   
   167.    Objective      without prejudice; without discrimination; fair; based on fact   
   168.    Obsequious      overly obedient and/or submissive; fawning; grovelling   
   169.    Oily      unpleasantly smooth and ingratiating   
   170.    Optimistic      hopeful; cheerful   
   171.    Outraged      angered and resentful; furious; extremely angered   
   172.    Outspoken      frank; candid; spoken without reserv   
   173.    Pathetic      expressing pity, sympathy, tenderness   
   174.    Patronizing      condescending; scornful; pompous   
   175.    Pensive      reflective; introspective; philosophical; contemplative   
   176.    Persuasive      convincing; eloquent; influential; plausible   
   177.    Pessimistic      seeing the negative side of things   
   178.    Philosophical      theoretical; analytical; rational; logical   
   179.    Piping      high-pitched.   
   180.    Playful      full of fun and good spirits; humorous; jesting   
   181.    Pragmatic      realistic; sensible   
   182.    Pretentious      affected; artificial; grandiose; rhetorical; flashy   
   183.    Quavering      shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion   
   184.    Querulous      complaining in a petulant or whining manner   
   185.    Rasping      harsh-sounding and unpleasant; grating   
   186.    Reedy      high and thin in tone   
   187.    Refined       elegant; cultured   
   188.    Regretful      apologetic; remorseful   
   189.    Resentful      aggrieved; offended; displeased; bitter   
   190.    Resigned      accepting; unhappy   
   191.    Restrained      controlled; quiet; unemotional   
   192.    Reverent      showing deep respect and esteem   
   193.    Righteous      morally right and just; guiltless; pious; god-fearing   
   194.    Robust      strong and healthy; vigorous   
   195.    Saccharine      excessively sweet or sentimental   
   196.    Satirical      making fun to show a weakness; ridiculing; derisive   
   197.    Sarcastic      scornful; mocking; ridiculing   
   198.    Scathing      critical; stinging; unsparing; harsh   
   199.    Scornful      expressing contempt or derision; scathing; dismissive   
   200.    Scratchy      rough; grating   
   201.    Sensationalist      provocative; inaccurate; distasteful   
   202.    Sentimental      thinking about feelings, especially when remembering the past   
   203.    Shrill      high-pitched and piercing   
   204.    Silvery      gentle, clear, and melodious   
   205.    Sincere      honest; truthful; earnest   
   206.    Skeptical      disbelieving; unconvinced; doubting   
   207.    Smarmy       excessively or unctuously flattering; ingratiating; servile   
   208.    Smoky      a raspy, coarse and tone of quality that is deeper than usual   
   209.    Snide      derogatory or mocking in an indirect way   
   210.    Solemn      not funny; in earnest; serious   
   211.    Somber      oppressively solemn or sober in mood; grave   
   212.    Sonorous      imposingly deep and full   
   213.    Sour      resentment, disappointment, or anger   
   214.    Steely      coldly determined; hard   
   215.    Strident      loud and harsh; grating   
   216.    Stony      not having or showing feeling or sympathy   
   217.    Suave      charming, confident, and elegant   
   218.    Subjective      prejudiced; biased   
   219.    Submissive      compliant; passive; accommodating; obedient   
   220.    Sulking      bad-tempered; grumpy; resentful; sullen   
   221.    Surly      bad-tempered and unfriendly   
   222.    Sympathetic      compassionate; understanding of how someone feels   
   223.    Thoughtful      reflective; serious; absorbed   
   224.    Throaty      deep and rasping   
   225.    Tolerant      open-minded; charitable; patient; sympathetic; lenient   
   226.    Tragic      disastrous; calamitous   
   227.    Tremulous      shaking or quivering slightly   
   228.    Unassuming      modest; self-effacing; restrained   
   229.    Unctuous      excessive piousness; excessively smooth, suave, or smug   
   230.    Uneasy      worried; uncomfortable; edgy; nervous   
   231.    Urgent      insistent; saying something must be done soon   
   232.    Velvety      soft; smooth   
   233.    Vindictive      vengeful; spiteful; bitter; unforgiving   
   234.    Virtuous      lawful; righteous; moral; upstanding   
   235.    Whimsical      quaint; playful; mischievous; offbeat   
   236.    Witty      clever; quick-witted; entertaining   
   237.    Wonder      awe-struck; admiring; fascinating   
   238.    World-Weary      bored; cynical; tired   
   239.    Worried      anxious; stressed; fearful   
   240.    Wretched      miserable; despairing; sorrowful; distressed   

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